The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1931 BF.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEPIV1 City Cage Loop Re-Organized; New Start Tonight SPLIT SCHEDULE BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer Four Games Each Thurs-l day Night; Teams Limited to Ten iVlcu. The City Cage League, which j ••iarlud its schedule two w?eks ago; v.ltli six teams in the circuit, Iras been re-organized lo include eight loams and a new sclicdn'? nrrang-; cd for the basketball enthusiasts. • Cliarles T. Kramer, in charge of, iraskelball activities at the new | Armory, and representatives of the: various teams in the league liave i Mrccd to stait tliL- schedule'again.' Til? circuit has been cnlarpid, new nilcs liave been node ancl a new ti:hcdu!c prepared. The eight teams will enter upon llic new schedule tonight at the armory. The first name will start promptly at 7:Ii> o'clock and lour games will be played tonight as on > each following Thursday night.. The season has be.?n divided into two halves, following the split- teason idea. Each team will participate >n seven games during each half of the reason, playing Ihe remaining seven teams of flic circuit dice during each half. The first imlf will end on Feb. 20th and the rtconcl half April IGth. Win- ncis of file first and second half race will meet In the championship battle to determine the league championsip and tile cellar teams fcr each half 'will play a consolation c;amc. Huleu o! the IragVi? as agreed u;>-n by managers and officials - nre: 1. Each team shall bs composed cf 10 players. 2. The teams ploying must bs on the ficor when th? game is called The team Sailing to be on time fcrfeits game. 3. Members of each team must have suits similar in color-' •1. Players may be substituted in games at will, but are net eligible until S2vcn days notice have been given all managers. 5. A player can bo only eligible for another team when he is released by the team originally played on. He must then secure agreement of all managers before he Is permitted to join another. 0. Any jjlay?r may be barred fronf'fllW by reason 'of conduct.'.' 7. No player may receive money for liis 'playing. B. All members of teams must be residents of Blytheville, Annorel Yarbrc. D.-11. Gcsnell or Burdelte. 9. League teams may play games out cf town providing they use i.?gnlnr league team players. 10. Season shall be split. First half ending Fcb 20th, second half April -3rd. 11. Amateur basket ball rules govern. 12. Referee will pick goals starting Mines lo save time. 1'cvsniin?! Announced Members cf the eight teams in the circuit as nnounced by otfi- inls of the league are as follows: Hubbard — Henry, Kinniiigham, Grimes. Matthews, Blankcnship, Carpenter, Burgc, Elliott, Wnkc- !!CM, Hall. Company M-Wright, J. McHcn- ry, K. MrtTonry, McCarty, Krutz, Dakcr, Sanders, Wiggins, Todd. Frisco — Carlork, Chapin. Mc- llaffey, Ealon. Holland, Sccoy. Osborne Santy, Wimberly. Mcfdey. Dixie Fliers—Bible. Kimiingham, Ganskc, England, Smith, Gossett. Ccx. Gas Kcuuti-.' --- Burnett. Rayfcr, Van Omian, Elkins. Christian. Eadcs. Chamber, Wilson. Taylor, Parker. Harris team — Harris. Tyron;. Clinch N. Bunch, Blackard. White. Smith team -A. Smith, Kcdinon, Adams. Rossi, C. Ellis. T. Ellis, King, S. Ha!'. Stevens, Greaves, Allen. Logan Scam—M- Logan, Robm- ECII, Kinc. Cavelte. Fealherslone, Osb'ornc, "Wilson. Garrigan, J:nes. First lialf Jan. 15—Company M vs. Hubtard; Frisco vs. Dixie I-'liers: Harris team vs. Gas Hounds: Smitr. team vs. Logan team. Jan. 22—Gas Hounds vs. Log.n: :am; Hnbbard vs. Dixie Fliers: Karri? team vs. Smith team: Company M vs. Frisco. Jan. 29—Harris team vs. Lojan tsani; Hubbard vs. Frisco: Com- SO SAYS THE BARD: Scointng al] Imchtrous feuj mxl deadly 'Pic Juk siikllo and ihe Jcaiiljr knife, \Ve licasl a science spfung JICJTI manly pt'n!t A r.otle pa«lm>c, void of vai The fine c!d English ail of fK'V 1>f «*v-^j;«7 J • "<60%<$W0tj Collegmle Jimmy Hopes lo Ddlirouci Greek Ji:n- my, Rassle King. 11V CI.AIUK lll![«:KY NKA Srrvlrr Spnrls Writer NEW YORK, Jan. 15-CrcilH for H' iiiiitlal K'liini to favor of the 1'iis.slljiy Industry may be laid 10 I imniiployinenl, lack of a heavy 1 UI-IBCH Uempsey ur to tl:,: c-cccn- jlilrltics of the New York Alhlcltc Commission nlnny-hiuiimeif. Still some ot us nilKlii h:i7.nrd the; BIIC.V that the Biapiilers Ilieinjolves im lo blame for their Increased pop- ulailty. Anyhnw, one racket is down and the other is up nnd the commoi belief is that tlio Inlliiuice of a collegiste element among Hie head Icckers, butteis and Hying lack lers may have bc.?u responsible. Gus Sonni'tibcrg, formerly of De j troll nnd Darlmuiilli, is part o tills element. Everett Marshall, I Colorado collegian, Is another. So is Don George, Ihc Michigan gvail- iiinte, ns well as Earl McCieady. 'one-time Oklahoma Aanles student. SonncnberB, Maisluill anil Geaige are members of tha same raisllug pyiHllcale, \vhilc McCrcatly, so far as I know, Is a free lance k'rappler. But this Is about. Jim McMillan, Faces Tough Proposition JIM McMIU.AN other night put him in line for Hie pi emotion. 1021. zup doubled the rcpntalloi UK! bade lilrn go oul nnd rawle for ear old Illinois. Jim wenf—«p4 horlly returned with the Big Ten leavywclght crown. .' '• Footbul! at Illinois may ni'yt bten free oi over-emphasis In the fall of 1022 but Ihs fact remains hat it was a popular sport, so. McMillan offered himself. The IC keen glance from Zuppfce which diagnosed his status a year biitore now divined a potential All- America euartl. There was much ejolclng by nil hands, In as much . is a hlplcss hnllback In the person of lied Grnngei ulso appeared on '.i scene. To make the story only a little longer, McMillan became n star . footballer, inssler and captain ot the llllnl eleven, ilo Introduced football ladies lo the mat 'and demonstrated body slams to rival lfbacta. Commencement day found lilin ns a cons'.ructlonal en- iccr caKcr to K\mu a river, tunnel nuclei 1 a mountain or erect a scrar^r. That was at commencement ilnic, but fall found him back in moleskins wljh the Chicago Ucars and black lights with tlic professional rasslers. Jim McVilllnn lound the apprentice) rasslor's life . slrenuous. Often ho played football In the afternoon and va.sslcd at night. But leaving the apprentice group, he drew with Slilkal and tossed. Garibaldi. At SI he still could.return to coh- Etrucllonal engineering — but not with a Loiiclcs match for the championship just around the coiner. after one practice, but being anil McMillan does his i-ussllng for! Hoy llui(e r Somionberg pnpu- kindly sjrl of a niilchmnn Coacl another i-yiulicnu. He performs on larl/e-d tlio llyins lackle but His 1 .He!) prcvnlieJ it|icin thci youth I the Lonclos-Sliikiil-lloluban.Ciiul. Jim copyrighted the trick 10>; sue Paul I'rehu. Lho wres'Jliii' ; Ija'.di circuit. c:rtlliccl by thu New'uyo nt l!i; lJiilv«»ily of Illinois.i toucher. i York nnd I'cnnsylvnnla i-cininis- wlierc iN^Mlllan became a rnssler l'j.?hn hai! emerged ;ro;ii the ^ u- I Bions. However, I ask you to over- by nnHest. • m:rs!i(!lng business only a year or * ' * two before and v:as iitllck lo b;u A football reputation won at n iitcspcct In the Oruys Lar? lad. look that, for he Is slated to win the ehamplonsinp from Lontlos within a very lew. weeks. A quick] Grays Lake. III., prompted McMll- He showed him ahold or two. Ill- victory over Garibaldi here the I Ian to report to Hob Zupnkc In I tod him In a pair of bluck lights George Stmpjon. Ohio State sprinter; Harlow Kothert, Stanford shot-putter, and Rufus Kiser, University of Washington milcr, are do^vn in Australia for a series of track meets ... A freshman high jumpar at Michigan did G feet 3 iiichea the other day in trials and Coach Hoyt thinks lie will break sorno records . . . The name is Mol- sisio. . . Used to jump in high school at Hartford, Cann. . . . The seat sale already has started for the Memorial Day race at Indianapolis, says Steve Hannagan . . . and a crowd that will break last year's record of 175,000 is expected . . . Connie Mack and Tom 3hibe are almost due to renew their series of golf battles at Mount Plymouth, Fia. . . . When Jim Corbett lifted up Choynski after knocking him do\sn in the 25th round of their battle on the barge, he wasn't b3ing kind to Joe ... "I just wanted tc get another sock at him while be \vas still dizzy," says Jim. pany M vs. Dixie Fliers; Gas Hounds vs. Smith team. Mar. 2G—Hubbard vs. Oas Hounds; • Frisco vs. Smith team; .Dixie Fliers vs. Logan team; Company XI vs. Harris learn. April 2—Dixie Fliers vs. Smith tsam Frisco vs. Logan team; Companj M vs. Gas Hounds; Hubbard vs Harris team. Who says fighters become "punch drunk" and "walk oh their heels" after they've been through a bunch of battles?- •• " | I passed through Phoenix. Ariz., this summer, and made inquiry about ( Jim Flynn, the Pueblo fireman who made a lot. of trouble for 'all the big fellows. Flynn's in the taxi business at Phoenix, They-lpld me tols one about Jim: . •'.•••' One night twe> undercover prohibition agents steppedvpn. the train, carrying small sample cases. They got into Jim's cab. .'..'. ; "Which hotel, gentlemen?" asked Fiynn as he started hfs motor. "Listen, driver," one whispered in Flynn's ear, "can you take us some place where we can get a drink first? Then we'll go to a hotel." "Sure, T know where yon can get a drink—lots of drinks," Flynn replied. "you're a live-wire, driver," said tii'e agent, "Take us there." "Anything to please my customers," said Flynn. Then -he slartcd driving. They went through Ihe Phoenix business districts, through the resi- April "9—Frisco vs. Gas Hounds' • dentlnl scctlons . ° 11 '- through the suburbs and into the desert country. ' ' in half an hour or so, tiie prohis became a bit concerned. "Where are you taking us for this drink?" they asked. "Over the border and into Mexico, where its legal," *ai the retort. "It's only 100 miles to the line." The dry agents looked at In emetcr, which already registered over 15 miles. Then dejectedly, they ordered Flynn to drive back lo town and a hotel. They figured, probably, that they'd spent enough of Uncle S.nn's j cash for one night. We have joined with to again bring you Tires at LOWEST PRICES in HISTORY Firestone's great buying power of rubber and cotton at unprecedented low prices—and their efficient manufacturing and distributing system direct to their dealers and stores—places them and us in a position to give, you these great values in Firestone Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Brake Lining, Rims and Accessories ^ ^ ^ Company M. vs. Smith team; : Hubbard vs. Logan team; Dixie f Fliers vs. Harris team. April 16—Frisco vs. Harris team; [ Dixie Fliers vs. Gas Hounds; ! Company M vs.Logan team; Hubbard vs. Smith team. pany M vs. 'Dixie Filers; Hounds vs. Smith team. Gas Fob. 5-Hubbard vs. Gas Hounds; Frisco v.-,. Smith team; nixie Filers vs. Lcgan team; Company M v:,. Harris team. Feb. Il-Duci: Filers \s. Smith team; Frisco vs. Logan ler.r.i: Company M v.= . Gas Hounds; Hubbard is. Harris team. Feb. 10—Frisco vs. Hcunds; Company M vs. Smith tram; Hnbtai'd vs. I.ognn (cam; Dixie Fliers vs. Harris team. f:b. 26—Frisco VE. Harris team: Dixie Fiicr^ vs. Gas Hounds: Company M vs. Logan team; Hi:bbi'.\1 vs. Smith team. Second Half Mar. 5—Company M vs. Hu'olarcl: Frisco vs. Dixie Fliers: Harri.- tc.ii'.i vs. Gas Hounds; Smith team vs. Lcgan team. ji ar . i2_Gas Hounds vs. Losan tram: Hubbard vs. Dixie Fliers; Kar.'is team vs. Smith;|thc north, blrrkine is Company M vs. Fiis~o. -a high dcprfr, aTovrlnip Msr. 19—Harris tc.i:n vs. Lo-anjdorn. But. the rule lv>ik- team; Hubbard vs. Frlwo; Com-i "A ulave'' "h.-"" ••<•' '': ' Somethin Fashions sr.ould be done aboul straightening out a myriad or so baskstball fashions. The game is a little different in each section of the country in wiiich it Is played. Xfaytc while Heir Professor Einstein is here ho ought to do some-thing about it. Everett Dran. basketball Cjjci'i' for Incli..r..i University, say.- iji^j east plays a ro'.'.:.v.^r tiaio, 1 T : -,:J south, but ti:M "li'.i 1 :nir!.!l.' i \v!.t;; j.Hays a slain-iians IMIIV nf n\p! rouahest sort '><itn louls r,i!l.>ri nilv I lor modified mayhem and mnn- j slaueliter. i It's All Vrry Vil^linp j Mundorff t.iys lhat. o.iMrrn bn^-l kctbalt is ,ns mflrii'iit. frmn Hi. 1 ! soiithern game as the smith's is.imj | is from the ' ^>t'5 Arrprriirc toj pciicnL cimpede the progress of a plnycr wlm has not ttie talli" Tr.p .'outh re^ds as blocking any arm-waving: cr motions of r. dr-frndiiisr plavrr with his back t. (lie hall Yr-i. in Ihc north. Mun- rtortl says they play the man-to ivan «yli>. blocking and picking oft "•hllr tnrv rrlercfs watch in silence OITrnstvr Action Cnai-li rvan of Indiana says tlu niiririlpwestern scylc of play. will. ofTensp developed to a high degree, nrovWes thrills anrt ;c;:on not s^er. »• HIP camp as It is played hi ccr- otnrr MmifinrlT pnys that in 10 yean t]i^ j-ame un:r- Mundorir. nils nisisili gcst weaknrfs in Hirvadini: game i. 1 dicap. Thus, in 'ho lf X'li.j. of the rnnntrv lcK tin- w ; -. mp i ne 'i' • team u 1 an in;pr=rr' ; under uxi wurii nf n iip>-. in tiwili'K iy|X' oi game," he "'vhir.i sfrif'.ly tollows till '•r-oi,- will hp tiie fashion (ha, .1 -i; mirr'ertinnnl pames havi 4 in 'iio Micccvift:! standard>• oC fmthall flylc. 50 Ihcs. >. '! A Ml hoi;, liafkriball. ano lie i-o'ri qi the coache: i". Andre?!, ijas'tictball coac'r. Cardwell Cagfrs in Wins Over Rector CARDWELL, J to.—The Cardwell High School boys and girls basketball teams met ant).defeated the teams from. Rector High School at! Cardwell on Tuesday evening. The ;nmcs were said by many to be :e most interesting of the season. It was the first dcfca'rf for Rrctor: this season. Earlier in he trasonj Cardwell played Rector at Hector, j Lino-upj. Girls. Cardwell p C f. Kc-ctcr I F. Higgs F •' Dcnv:iis5 ! L> Hli>?sley I. McCoy S. Bishop I. Blakeney G. Bishop M. Arnold G. North OLDFIEI.n TYPE 4.40-21 $ 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-20 5.25-JH 5.25-21 6.00-20 If. 1). I'riro Ecch 4.98 5.69 6.65 7.10 7.90 *.S7 11.50 IMca ptr Pair $ 9.60 11.10 12,90 13.30 15.50 16.70 22.30 II. D. TRI €K TIRES 30x5 $17.95 $34.90 32x6 29.75 57.90 All Otktr Si>ri Piltri rropotll.n.l.Iy Low COURIER TYPE Ptite 30x3i/o $3.97 31x4 6.98 4.40-21 4.55 4.50-21 5.15 5.25-21 7.75 Prlcj ixr 1'iir $7.^/4 13.58 8.80 9,96 15.00 BATTERIES We fell nml .•=«• rvife ihc complete Hnn nf I : irrMono Binaries—Come in nnd ?rn ilin EXTRA VALUE we five you. We makr >ou an allowance for your old ANCHOR TYPE Super Heavy Staty 4.50-20! $ 8.55 4.50-21 4.75-19 4.75-20 5.00-20 5.25-21 5.50-20. 6.00-20 6.50-20 ,., 7.00-21 8.75 9.70 10.25 11.25 11.95 13.7» 15.20 17.15 26.15 $16.70 16.96 18.9O 19.90 21.90 2540 26.70 29.50 3340 39.10 An OtlMT 8i>» PitcW Fnt"tl».Wr L»» F c c c G G G P Frets: '1 ::or Clay The nnmc Firestone is on every lire Firestone mokes. They do not malsetircs under Spocui. Biimd iimnrs 'j0£ mailonlrrhvusi's orollmr distributers. Siichtires iircniwic by some miJmomn manufacturer and foUl wider, • name that doc* rol identify him to the public, usually because he bu:!;!s his firtl lino Urct under, his otcn name. . I';. o nf »!«. rl-r r'.' i'!>lnt.s iiil evilf ot the which the a"in.i..(l Is that nearly riil Boys. W. Whit son F P. Kllliilll p J. Cunningham F O. North c U. Hardtn G O Mm, G !• Stewart G Betnrec: Floyd Pierce. Cool'nrn School. Murbic I'rrts! lo«.i«ili I xtcKcii; M. Claj'i !!. Clay principal ( I Ti,< point after touchc!o«n if :lc- I '.'.^.'A i" Kn'ith America with a hand ctonarlp. 777 TIRE & BATf EEY PHILLIPS Call 777, 810/811 Come in "and compare tire sections for QUALITY and CONSTRTJGnON that you can see for yourself the. EXTRA VALUES we give

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