The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 4
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"' PAGE FOlJR 'BLYtliEVILLE, (ARK.) COU1UEK NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COUR1RR NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDDURY, Editor SAMUEL ~F. NORRIij, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies. Inc., New York, Chicago, Dc- Iroll, St. louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second elass matter al llic post- olficc at Blytlieville, Arkansas, undo act of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By currier In Hie City of Blytlieville, 15c per week, or' 65c per mutith. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles. $3.00 per year, $L50 for six months, 76c for three months, by mall hi postal zones two to six inclusive, SO.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 I>cr, payable in advance. Irreverent. Peasants There is something pompous about Die all-cleinniiiling, all-emlirat'ing, nll- absot'biiig aspect of n fox'iil military machine. The god of nuliliimm grows swiftly so great as lo dcniiind almost reverence from mere civilians. That is why it is just a little funny lo raid'Hint Polish peasants aloiiff the German frond'er have developed almost into a sport the practice of siiealdnjj; over (he border, snipping barbed wire ' from German entanglements, and taking it back home lo fence gardens and chicken-coops. Technically, one supposes it is criminal, surely a misdemeanor. Hut nobody can doubt that the wire is being more productively employed, and nobody can quite miss (he humorous touch of the irreverent peasants, sneaking out, from under flic very nose of the Great God \Vt\r a little wire to fence a garden. But even the potential chuckle in such n situation is squelched by the thought that out of some such r nonsensical incident as this might come . the spark that would set a world •ablaze. War Chinese in America naturally, fuel strongly about the war in China, and their efforts to back up their countrymen in resisting the Japanese invasion '.•arc in general admirable. •But in Cleveland a Chinese has been found iiitmlcral. Others liitve .. ; 'com- ; plained tliat they irorc taken before "co'u'rts," "tricti," and boa Ion when their contributions to "the cause" fell brf. Whether these things resulted from war zeal is not yet shown. But it. seems clear that general application of any such tactics will alienate good feeling toward the Chinese cause. It is true that such tactics remind one of what happened to Americans who were suspected of being .slow to buy Liberty Bonds in 1018, but nevertheless it is true lhat even the best cause suffers by abuse in pursuing it. It Is-difficult to believe that first, reports of the Cleveland cases arc not exaggerated. But if they are not, it seems certain that so philosophical a people as the Chinese will remember was their Mencius who said, "When one subdues men by force, they do nol submit to him in heart but because not strong enough to resist." ; Excuse me, while I throw n reek-Polite Cleveland policeman, talking to reporter during i-isli- er Body riot. OUT OUR WAY View* Publication In Uils column of editorials from other newspapers docs not necc&sarjly mean endorsement but ii an acknowlcdjovent o/ Interest In the subjects discussed. Refunding, Now and in llic Futuvc The Supreme Couil'K decision against Ihc cmeruency clause of the highway rcfundins act means (hat under no cimimstnncrs can any- ilihii; more he done about refunding during llie flO-d:\y period ending Novcinbei- 3, and Dial if referendum prtllioiis arc filed on or before No- vrailjci 1 3. notlilng more can lie done nnlll after (he people liavc votrd on the measure at the (jenr-ial election in November, ia-10, almost 15 months licncr. Hut even if the people ratllled :U the jiolls (lie refunding bill passed by the legislature would llie financial gram now ready lo lend Arknn- sas SMO,C3C,oilO l)c ready mid willing to vp Iliroiigli wllli llic transaction? This (jrotui ml'ftil net hold tosjither. The Kcnei-al level uf interest rales mishl rise. There might be war in Europe. The federal gavcrnmcvu might abolish the. tax exemption lhat hliilo bonds now enjoy. Other things mlfilil. happen. It would be nn cxlraonllnnry .situntlon If a iiimncinl proiiosl- tioii oll'i'ml to Hie .sliite iioiv were found waiting lor ncn'pliince in November, Ifl40. When it struck down (he emergency claitsi! of Act •! of the special session on the ground lhat this rclnmllng measure created a "vested right," the Supreme Court sel up n principle that would apply to any refunding law that mlSjhl be passed in the fulure. The clftct of this ruling will be to deprive tlic Arkansas legislature of power lo authorize any refunding bond Issue lhat niicht not have lo wait for approval by Ihc people at the next, general election, and In any case wail 00 days before it could lake olfecl. Tlml is a situation for some sober thinking over by those who before mid during mid sines llie spccinl session contended Unit Arkansas- could or might as well wait until refunding was made ii'npcralivc by the. approach of the IQ'H "hump" of $11,50(1,000 In principal and interest payments or even the 1949 "hump" of $47,500,000. Under the Supreme Court decision state must be prepared to let "20 months elapse l>e- Iwecn the nulliorixbig: .of n refunding issue at » regular session nnd the necessary ratification of tliij legislature's action by popular vote. The public should understand that the Supreme Court passed on legnl questions and not on the merits of the objections nnd the doubts which agitated Ihe legislature anil the people while the special si'ssion was at work on the refunding bili. If Inlcresl rales had been fixed nl 2 per cent; If the last bond had been made lo mature 10 or 15 years hence instead of 38 years; if the bonds hud been made callable; if "B" bonds, bearing no Interest, were, uot to have been replaced by interest bearing bonds; if the bill had not provided that, gasoline nnd license (axes could not be reduced until htgh- wny revenues exceeded $15,OCO,COO for three consecutive years, the court, would have handed down the same decision that it hns now handed down. —Arkansas Gazette. • SO THEY SAY 1 was ni'iltc surprised h> sec n balloon in my back yard.—Ucmarkablc unrici'.stalenieut of British hpusciviJo. during a - test of London's balloon barrage nil- defense. We c.iiri. ' understand Hint North Carolina fellow. Let's send him back home and gel somebody who can speak English— Maryland tobacco grower, commenting on the auctioneer at an Upper Marlboro auction. The brightest spot, of an otherwise drni) situation Is the couruje am) determination O f youiu today.—Aubrey w. Williams, National Youili administrator. If the American people want blind conservatism, they can always find il made to order In Hie nc|>nlilic»n parly.—Young Democrats, In convention assembled. THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939 | SIDE GLANCES by Calbraith • SERIAL STORY ' WAR AND A WOMAN BY BETTY WALLACE , 1939, NEA SERVICE. INC. "I rather cxpco.tcd this. I've spent my life fclliiu; von to J •wear more clothes—now look tU your own dimg'lilcv!" THIS CURIOUS V/ORLD BFye 3 0anm fie. U>6ATH£R WELL* WHEN THE BAROMETER. | WHEN! TH1E BAROMETER &/S/^S-/ ITS "^BREATHING " CAN BE HEARD owv£o&y,n.t}.s,;i#s. CDfB. Igjg fly Htl SCfmCC. lac! HAD THE FIRST •GREENHORNS "f.. PERSONS WHO WERE /WADE TO WEAR GREEN, HORN-SHAPED CAPS INDICATING BANKCUPTCy ANSWER; Litira, Ihc seventh sign, mc;minfi a balance, or scnlts I he other II signs arc represented by living things, eilher real or NEXT: DOES that never are seen alont Ohio PciCeant Of * I scene.-, (nl:cn from the life of each n -J T n 'Ohio-horn i'residcnl. Presidents 10 Be otagcd, It has been decided thiit tin pageant would he held lony before the national conventions of the Democratic and Republican par- CINCINNATI, O. (UP)—Ohio's fame us the "Mother of Presidents" will be honored next spring with a huge pageant, entitled llie "Parade of Presidents" lo he .staged here. A newly organized civic comreit- lee, headed by Mayor .Tunics G. i Stewart, is planning the event, which wonlrt consist of notable ties. Outstanriiti!; candidates foi the presidential nominations v;oiilci be invited to speak. Seven Presidents have come froir Ohio—Uly.sscs S. Grant, Rutherford Hire-hard Hayes, James Abraham Garlield. Benjamin Harrison William McKhiley. William How aril Tail anrt Warren G. Harding. By J. R. Williams OUB BOARDING HOUSE wiih Major Iloople US7EM, BLOSSOM -- WHEM TH' MISSUS COMES mv>E CO,M'7 SOU TELL HSR WE A-U5M' HER MACHINE I MD, DOM'T \ I EVER LEAVE 1 V THIS GIT -^ \OJT< REPAIR tl-AKi&WD WVECOWfr C SEW ul Hip ali-jiiirl. JIi: Kiniifllt .vtvi <lnl}'. lio'i-c^nlnn, liojihi;; til CJIM.- .Jill '.II I,is ,-,,^;l t ;,.|,,i HI I,, Jliirfl.,, I" U'l Hill llr.uil... Inn,- ii ,-l,,, nl .|. "Irll lifr. III! |H, B » |,|||Jil (I) ni.-trrj- iilrn. ClIAPTF-UXir Jj'KDA STORM'S senses were swirnmlni; away from bcr In the suddenly incrcililjle thrill ot Jimmy's strong, hungry arms iironnd her. His voice in her o;ir, Dlcnrling, "Marry me, dicrling," drowned out (he voice of conscience, (he sound of cverydiinu else she had hccn listening to, within her own nihul. For an otidless moment Ihcy clung lo- (jclhov, two people alone in a miraculous world of Ihcir own. "I love you so," he was whispering. ( 'I (It'ojim of you, and think of you all day long. I love yon so." "I love yon, too," she confessed brokenly. "Jimmy, Jimmy!" Bnl after (hut one, revealing lass, she forced hcrsc-lt to push him away. Sternly, she hold Inst lo lo£k' and rejJlily. When his lip;; U'ero oa hezv;, il had alt paled into insignificance. But sitting up straight brought il bad;. "We cnn'l be married, Jimmy. We can't. Not now—or ever—" "Linda, don'l s;jy that! I won't listen to it. We've got to be married. You Unow lhat as well as 1 do." "LiElen, Jimmy." The red monlh WHS a light lino, ;md (lie wide golden eyes were brave and sure. "You know the meaning oC duly. No one knows il heller. My duly is hero, with Daddy. While he's alive, 1 couldn't possibly Marry you. Kol so much on Mar- ciu's account ;is because of your \vork. Oh, don'l say anything, please! I've gone over Ibis in my mind thousands of limes, and I know. You're nol the kind of man I could ask lo give up his work, cither. You know thai. We'd both be miserable if I took you away from flying. Even from the Navy. You could be a commercial pilot, with your training. But you don't want to be. You needn't tell me. I'm sure of il. Slowly, day by day, you'd begin to halo me for taking you away from Ihe life you've been brought up to. We must accept that." 'TWERE was a silliness. Jimmy's face was strained, waiting for her lo continue. "That's your side of if. My side of it is flic'incontrovertible fact dial it would kill me to know that you're working every day, learning every d;iy, how (o make war more horrible. Every lime I picked uj> a 'newspaper, I'd die a little bit, fearing the inevitable moment when you are ordered out to put that knowledge into use. Think ot diving low over n cily, Jimmy. Think ot bombs killing women and children. It's murder! Bui you'd have to do it. Don't you s-ce? Ami (hen there's Daddy. And Jfarcia. Am! George. No, we e.'in'f. We can't." "We can. There Isn't going lo be n war while we're alive, Linda. They're bluffing, all.of fhem. This country's so strong it doesn't have to fight. All we need to do is lo be prepared nnd show them we could fight." . "There you go again," she said wearily. "We're differenl. Lei's nol argue any more. Go back to Washington, Jimmy. Gel on the Ranger, forgel me. Some day you'll marry Marcia. Even if it fakes 5-011 a while lo forgel me. . . ." Her voice broke. "I'll forget you. I'll make myself for«el!" "You can't do il. This thing is stronger than \vc are." "But there's no solution, Jimmy." His hand closed over her arm, rough, nnd yet gentle. "Promise m? you'll break your engagement. After that, I can wait as long as you say." "What you really mean is that you can wait until Daddy—until— " "Until you're ready, no matter how long it lakes." "I'll never be ready while you're in the armed service, Jimmy." Her bauds were lightly clasped in her lap. She turned her face away from him, looked out of the window. The taxi was passing the university now. The familiar ivy-covered buildings blurred before her eyes. And then, as they rolled down the tree-shaded strcetj she saw a figure walking slowly. A familiar figure, a little sloopecl, a trifle heavy. She clutched at Jimmy's sleeve. "There's George! He must have spent ihe morning in his Lib. I—I think he recognized me—" "What if he dirt?" Jimmy was deep in some coniUct'of. his own. "He doesn't count." a * » TJUT Linda had a swift, dreadful vision of George mentioning this to Daddy, nnd fear laid its icy : fingers on her rVeart. ; She must be frank with George. She must exact a promise from him Together, for a little while, they could play act lor Daddy's benefit. "The ship I've Hot to catch back leaves in half an hour." Jimmy was sayini: urgently. "Linda, for God's sakcs, promise me you'll— you'll come lo San njogo." "I can't promise you anythinij," Where did (his sudden slrpnp,th come from, she wondered tmvard- ly? To sil hero hcside him, (o love him a.s utterly Jim] ownplctoly as this, and slill to have Ihe power lo deny thai love—were nil women made; like this? Was this what Miss Rourke hud lived through, loo, in the five years she had waited (o marry lier doctor? And Marchi—was her waitim; as exquisitely painful'; Her leller had been light, but Hie postponed wedding must hurt deeply. Kor ., (lift fust time, !.ind;i .Storm fully '• understood everything siio harl done lo Marcb King. Out of her pily for thai oilier girl, she faiil finally, "It's got to be goodly, Jimmy 7 ." She lapped Ihc driver on tin shoulder. "Stop, please." Before Jimmy could move to prevent her, she had opened the door and was jumping out. she reached homo, alter stumbling, confused minutes, she found George silting on the front sleps, his brief case across his lap. "I was waiting for you," he said. "U was yoll j s;lw jn jj. c cab, wasn't it ?" "Yes." Her head ached horribly. She sal ilown beside him. Jimmy musl be at the airport now. Another big silver ship was Inking him 'away as speedily as he had come. "Who was the man \vilh you, Linda?" "I don't have to Answer thai, George." "I think you do. I have a right to know." "I'll never see him again," she said quietly. "What difference does it make?" "Linda, we can't go on wilhoul trust. You're my promised wife, yon wear my ring. I asked you yesterday what it was that was so important you'd have no lime for me, and you stooped to n subterfuge in order not to answer." He was talking slowly and deliberately, without passion. As if he had thought over carefully how best to present this lo her, Ihe whole while he sat here, wailing. She wanted to laugh, suddenly. George, the typical professor, who must have everything orderly and classified. "Here's your ring," she was saying, while that horrible laughter and choking, difficult tears fought in her voice. "Now I'm not your promised wife. I won't tell you anything!" (To Be Continued) THE FAMILY DOCTOR V. M. ***. W. «. Mt*. Body Breaks Down, Like the 'One-Boss SIuiy,' al Its Weakest Point 11V 1)!!. MOKK1S F1SIWE1N •:ditnr. .limrnal of the American M c iH c a 1 Association, anil of IFygi'ia. the Health Magazine There is plenty of evidence that every animal species is calculated .o live a certain length of time. Hie experts call this the "biologic life c-.c!c." Prof. A. J. Carlson, dis- .insiiisliixl physicltgist, says there Is also evidence Urat this hereditary time-clock of the peak of living varies considerably in the different ;rgiins of our Indies. Since all crg.ins are more or ess :ier.<j;:;ary for life, the weakest organ'>mc.s in the chain cf ft has hccn pointed out that- we do not yet know what is the optimum amount of mental and physical work in relationship to prolonging life. If a person does not work at all, he gets fat, and his tissues break dcwn. If he works t:o hard, his tissues are exhausted and they Ijreafc down. However, the body is built with great, factors of safety, and apparently will recover from slight excess cf work mere easily than from complete absence of work. Human beings have learned lo enjoy a great maly poiscns, anil the weakest link 1 the body can take care cf these in life, and thus de-1 moderation. But they have serious icrmincs how long the individual' eflccts when iruiuglcd in to excess, will live. Even if all of us had a | Alcohcl. "mcolinc, arsenic, exhaust AM iDEA-^-THIS TOiMT AMD ITS H&vLP-BUCK BOTTLES C3C5T MS DOWU LIKE A 1936 BATTERY /LET'S BE IMTELLIG'SMT FCTC A CHASX3S AM' MOVE. IM OM TH' rt\AJOR BEFORE jASOkl TELLS HI^A JASOW'S BULLEfTW DM TH 1 MAXTOR BS1M 1 IU MB6HgC«HOOD IB THE WORST Uews I'VE HFARD SIUCE MY BROKER REQUESTEP MY (JUESKWEAR IM 1919 ! JASOM IS A CiWCH TO PEHP HEAD? WE'LL gos^ow IT AMD WHEU THE ,V\.\oQP. STARTS MT, W5 ! U_SHCVe IT IU HIS TEMT AVp GROWL. LIXS CU£ OP "THg GUSSTS OVER HIS BILL' ' TVS' CX.O SOY Will. us E GUSTO TPMJ A MOSQ01TO CRASUNG perfect diet, ideal conditions Kr living and v/ork, find were able to avoid infccliiui- diseases nnd accidents. we would still grow old :>ncl die. Frcm time' to time various scientists have declared that the glands arc Ihe imjiorlant structure lor de- lerminms i.t,e Icivglli cf life; still others will say Hal. il, 1:< the heart or the- nervous system. I'roi. A. J. Carlson also r.uys that pr. wanly tlic sex glands, on' v.hlch most, c.[ the attention has been (ccmcd relative lo increasing the length of life and rejuvenating the elderly, are one ot Hie least important tissues concerned in tlic life gases, and other chemicals affect human tissue and thus arc ccn- cerncd ivilh length of life. Down Memory Lane yo-yo championship cf Arkansas with a record of 17)o spins of the tiny toy In 26 minutes for an aver- aye of 6G spins per minute. Five Years Agr In a beauty ccntest held at the nil/. Theatre last night judge 1 ; selected Miss Polly Ann Buck as worthy of the title "Miss Blythe- villc". She is '(o compete with other beauties throughout the mtd- scuth area fcr the title of "Miss Mid South" at Memphis. One Year 'Ago Miss Alyce Nelson. jnalhcmalic. < > teacher in the city high school, has been appointed local director cf the Gill Sctut organization of Little Rock nnd will leave Fridiv lo assume the duties of her new position. Diphtheria has been a trouble some disease since al Ica.U the Homeric era in Greece. Nli-WA Laundry-Oieaners Phone 180 F''«r I'rompl Laundry and Cleaning -Service Most imp: riant :>erh.i|!s would lie the heart and. the circiilnllon. In Ihc majorit.j- o! |>eo|>l» who live teyond 60 <lr 70. the heart, nnrl circulation have alieatly begun to fail. No cr.c knows hoiv much oi this failure ot the heart is due t» oki 350 and the wearing ail of the machine, and how mu:h of it Is due to Infectious dls;a5es. lo vvrTn:* diet, to ovcr,\:rk aud over-' strain. We do know, however, lliat all of those facts are important in relationship ID the ability of Ihe heart to carry en Us work. In Ihe exceptional people who live to be 100 years old, il is fcmid that, the heart has done its work- well nnd Is still in fairly gr.od condition at the lime of death. In such people, 11. is usually Ihe ncrv:ti s system o: Ihe lungs which tail. Inasmuch as ii w ], e , ir ( t s rc _ j sponstblc for pumping • the blood and carrying nourishment to every other tissue m the body, me heart I Is especially vital. IR V'car.s Ag n J. A. I.ccch. C. A. AJfllck, W. H. Tanner and II. N. Ware are spending a few days In Helena playing grlf. . . , Mr. and Mrs. Ucn Lincoln, formerly of Uils city, now ot Rl.son, ArV... are Here tor the week-end a:, nuesl.'i of Mrs. K. F,. Alexander nrd liimlly. i>. !fiiinin:cf!, tl[le:« employee of llie G'ldi;ai{t> Mill and l,timlwr .corporation, loday Inld .claim to the Dr. M. L. Skaller ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OP !tm HEW CLINIC ON' THE 2n<\ Floor of The Ut. Nut). Hunk (inlng lit tlip. MifN tin a FREE TICKET! Trade here and get free tickets to either tiiiis cir Rosy 111caIres at our expense. SIO in Trade Adult Tich.-l S5 In Trade — Junior Tickei RITE PRICE STORES 11) E. Slain 320 U'. M.iiii BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! ['IRES, TfJHKS, RADIOS, I'AUTS, URPAIKS, BODY & FKNDEU WOKK, ANU PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT ' BUY NOW - PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phcine 653 Altays Opsa

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