The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUU1EH NEWS Come Out of Kitchen —The Range Will Watch ItseU ^_ fJV V£HNA BOWKN The sniicm Kilclicu Bureau Time out of the Kitchen !il Hie time you waul 11- most^tlml's your reward w)ien-,y.ou jilaii whole meals fqr your electric oven to cook. Time to linger longer at your favorite shop . . . Unic to relax and primp iii comfort, .bsl'orc 'A cool company meal lime lo a\) as u grnclous hostess to uflcnioon bridge gu?sts, wftilc a hearts' 'Jinner for (lie .family is unobtrusively .cookinj in your electric range oven. Time after tlnie, this before-dinner freedom can save the day for better tilings. Once you discover .the utfcr luxury of walking out on your diiuier, nud coining backlioui?; later to a cod kitchen where thai dinner is \vuiLing--liol. appetizing. rcjidy to serve— well, tin; dunces are (.list you'il let yo.itr electric oven 1 ,rio the worfc of meal -getting several times every week. Thfire arc three typos of oven meals, each popular for its spcchi! virtues. TYPE 1 gives you from three to eight hours of before-dinner freedom. You j;ut the meal In the oven when you're ready to .leave the kitchen, set the lime nml .Ic'mpcrjilwc controls — and come tack wlmri dinner Is ready. If the nicfll is to wait at cold oven '.0111- peraturc (or llnx-c or four hours, select a roast or otiicr large piece of meat that has. been thoroughly chilled In :the electric rcfrigcralor. Avoid .foods nintle with large tiiiiiu- litics .of milk and eggs, itvoid also necessary, 'llie iiiolsl-coulrolted heal of Hie electric wcu Urowiis nicals to a delicious IUM -without steal- Ing their Juices. Gel ncQiminted with your electric oven! You'll find it to h« one of your most hcljifiil frieuJs. Here are mcDiis for tyj>cs of oven .meals: OVEN l)JNNi:it FOR AftKK Till! CIAIB liccf Itine filled with Carrol SliijK Baked i'olaloes OrocJi Salatl I'rune mid Aprlrul Upside-Down Cake , A TYPE I inc:il which can wait In llie .oven 2 lo 'i hours liclore cooking. TIME: I haw, fifteen minutes, cold oven .sturt. Tcmnaralurc: 35(1 degrees !•'. DIRECTIONS: Prepare kcd ring ami iilncc on bottom racl; In oven. I'ut a lo 10 carrots, cut in tliiu xli-ins, iulo u Ib-quart taking illsli, add salt, pepper, and enough water lo barely cci-er boUom of dish; cover unc'l pluoe diagonally in [rant of meat, place potatoes, scrubbed and fjfeas- cd, on ii|j|ier rack. Prepare cuke ami place on upper ruck. Set llnic and tcinpeialiii'C cunlrols, snap on eur- reul—leave-. TYI'i; II OVt:N HINNKK I'OJ! A 1H1SY DAY FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1938 A STUFFIN'-for CHICKEN a:" ** . fpods Hint i color -upon con(he air, TYPE II gives you from one lo three hours .of kitchen freedom, allows you to use small pieces of meat ami mure perishable foods. You put the meal into the oven just, before c'cqklng time, .set. (he tiinc and temperature controls, sriap on the current, ami come back When dinner Is raid; 1 . •TYPE n I calls j on into the kitchen once or twice during cooking time, but widens your .choice of foods. The foods go into the oven :it different limes, so that you can bake breads, cookies, pastry 1 uliclls. biscuits, shortcakes, or .custards during the 'first or -last hnlf of the oven cooking period. This is relay cooking — and is a veal economy, as well as a lime-saver. ~ And what about the m'cais and vegetables tliat- go into :thc making of th.ese mqtleru clectrically-cooKcd meals. Are special .recipes, special .instructions necessary.? .Not at nil. Prepare the food.-, as 'you 'would In any method. " Shallow meat pans should .be used for is" . I irpnsts-WnncI this s: no jratcr or'.tasting; is Oven-i'YIcd 1'otHtne.s Hultcrnl llccls Crcuiny Klce I'uddln; t'elery Hc-arls' I'ieklc llelish A TyPK II meal which Marts coaklni; 'us soun us it goe.s Inlo the oven. 'J'lMH; 1 hour, 20 mlnnles. in n preheated oven, Temperature: 35S degrees V. DIRECTIONS: Place 3 llis. lialitut in greased baking dish; sprinkle with bread crumbs, lay strips "I bacon over lop; place iiiirovcrcd on botloni rack In oven. Peel 1 Ib. beets, ami shred eonrscly. Put in i'..j-(|l. e-asserolc wilh jusl enough salted wator to barely rover bottom. Uol with miller; rover. Place on nick near fell. Peel ami cut 5 or li jiotiitoes a,s lor l'Veni:h trying; tli'y Uioronghly and dip in melted liiillei' or margarine; place in shallow baklni; disli on upper rack in sudi ix way that II is not directly above either fish or beds. Prepare pudding and place on np- licr rack. T-VI'E III It Gives an EXTRA Good Flavor To That Noble Bird By Dorothy Greig I N curly'colonlal d»y»"wh0B"coiii- [>Miy van expected lor dinner, our (oremothcrB used lo »»y lo our lorofollicrH, "John, go out and gel mo a turkey or a couple, of ducka". And John took down bin .trusted blunderbuss and obediently tared forth, nii & good fiUBband ibould, to return a tow hours fclcr with a wild turkey, or pheasants, ducks or gcoae (dung triumphantly over his Hhouldcr. Then (treat w«n thq fonsllng: . . . Jf all accounts that havo como down to u« are true. Our forefatlierg and mnlhcrs K»VO good food Itio full reaped thai la Us due. To Ihls day, chicken, goose, lur- koy and duck arc "company" dinners and long may Jl bo no. For Ihcrols nothing finer lo set before a giiesl tlmn roust bird, golden brown, Hhmip-clioslod ami lender, filled with spicy stuffing. The Blumrjp IB Important. 'Soma llko » dry sluffing. Sorao prefer a molat one. Wo Imvo our favorite, loo. Wo llko II first hecniiHo If h«ip» keep (lie meat, nwtst and tcinlor; and second, becauno the flavor from lite chicken permeates tho dressing and adds to ita already tlelculabjo finvor. It la n dressing wilh aavor. Rice Stuffing for Rout Chicken ?i cup sliced .onion 3 tablespoons minced green roppcr I (alilcspoon fat 1 can condensed tomalo' soup ',<i cup water 2 wliolo clovos .,; 1 smntl bay leaf ' '• n cupft salted cookc'l vlco f 4-pound ronsllng chicken 1 Cook tho onions nncl Breeu popper Small Sausages '' "Iii Overcoats" Make Fancy Dish I-! M»IS. UAYNOlt MADDUX N'KA Service Stan" Writer A rose may smell as sweet, by any other name, but how will a raws-age Instc when called a Piccadilly Duinty? It's woiili inves- 1'ici-adilly Daiii (Serves 6) Tweiily-foui 1 small breakfast sautuBcs, 'J cups flour, 1 cup .shortening I teaspoon sail, 1-2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 1-2 «oi mere) cups iviiler. I'nntlmc skin ol Ihose c'llc 'it- lie sausages. Bake them in a hoi rvoi dC-a degrees F.) until done Ilicn sland on sheets of brown paper to cool. Make short pic criist of Hour, .shortening, sail and tatk- inj[ powder and moisten wilh ter. Hough must not be luo sofi Doll out thin on Kuured Uofird, en into ctlong little overcoa'.s for llie cold sailsuseUe.i. Wran 1111 racl What is Youi- Daily Mileage Around Kitchen? Kce Stuffing'for 'thicken is 'difiertnt 'and delicious. In the hot melted fat until tender. Then add 1 can of condensed toma- lo soup, >b cup waler, 2 cloves and bay leaf. Simmer for 15 mfn- uto«. Remove the clovea and bay leaf.' Add the Halted cooked rice and mix thoroughly. Stuff (he chicken with this mixture. Now for tho actual roasting'of the chicken. Tho limo-lionbre'd way to roast is flrfll to scar at high heat and then turn down the flame for the balance of Iho roasting. That is sill! a good way. It browns the bird nicely but II does have a tendency lo dry out (ho meat. For tliat rca- aon, the last year or two, cooking exnor.ts havo boon suggesting this newer way: Roast for a longer time at ouo' oven lower Icmnerniurc tliroiigliout. This gives a meat llnil Is gloriously moist and lender, fiul —and goodness, Iiow many buta thero aro In Uiio world—It docs not brown quito BO much as when a first high-scaring temperature Is used, You "lakes your pick", as llio Bay- iuff IB, 1—Ev.on Temperature Method: : Put the chicken into u 350-cIiv' srco ovoa and allow 20-30 minutes per pound. 2—Scaring Method: Put tho chicken into a 500-ilc- BVCO oven for llio first 15 minutes and then turn down lo 350 degrees .anil allow 15-20 miuulca per pound from Ilieu OH. saiisngeUe.i. Wrap up £ftn:ia(;c and brush \vi(li bealei egg, mixed wilh smalt amount o water. Place in evcnswl pan and 'iakc in moderate oven nso deuces F.i for 15 or 20 minutes. Tliat, genllc cooks, is wlmi Ihey -ervc on special ne:usions at the Piccadilly Hotel in Nev yoife. J'lie chef i.s ccslatie nboul llicm. He goes even finf.,er and oflers (o show us how lo make Hoavon- ly Hash dessert. Are yon enmc'i Heavenly Uasli (Serves 5) One nip diced bananas, i tup diced oranges, li diced marslnnal- 1-2 «i|) sliix-lrlcJ Irtfli connul, 1 cup whipped cream. Thin cream slightly wilh a llltlc orange juice. Fo:<l in Inul r,n<| niarshinallow;;, jilajc :n dish and sprinkle cocoanut on top. Chill until needed. A feu- maraschino cherry halves will add color. OVEN KOAST Koast Shuulilcr (if ftlinl Jelly I'iusley l'»l,itocs Scallupcd Tflinatocs .\vilh Corn Cabbage and I'incaytjilc Salad Steamed Sour Milk I'mliliii'i' FOODS FOli NfiXT IMV:" Extra potatoes, app.'e sauce A TYPE HI «iei\f. with fowls that ga into the oven ill different limiw. TIME: 2 hours, 30 minutes. Cold oven start. Trmpor.itm-e: aso <le.- greci; P. DIRECTIONS: Sprinkle 4 Ib. shoulder of lamb which lisv, been boned mid rolled, salt and pepper and place in shallow uncovered pan on lower rack of oven. Pare and slice 1 quart of apples and )nil In I'.'i-.cit'. bakiuj cllsli with v cup ol gnnuilnlcsl augur. Vi cup of -wnlnr, and .1 tablespoon o.f .lemon juice, cover und pliice.oii top rack. Bake I Jir. Re- .movc apple siwce from oven. In front of lamu, in cover/id pan. p.'a:e 8 to 10 medium pared potatoes, .cut-in half, -with 1-y cup boiling water ami 1 Iciicpoon salt. On lop rack place scalloped tomalocs with corn, and slcaincd sour mill; )>u:l(llng. I lluof Itlitj; 2 Its. ground beef 1 Ib. ground pork 1-1 cup minced onion 1 Isp. prepared mustard 2 CSBS l-H cup horseradish 1-2 cup loinato kolclmp 1 Isp. HUH 1-B Isp. pepper Mix togctncv meals, seasoning, itud ct»s. Pom kctcluip Into bottom of \vell-urcnscvl ring pun. Bake ns director! un:lcr clcclri-: oven dinner. Turn out of mold, side covered wilh red kelchu|> uppmmost. and lilt center of with canol Tnniiitoc.s with t.'inn 1 enn tomatoes, or two cups freshly slewed (omaloes 1 1-2 ciiiK strained eunnedcgin l-'J onion, minced I 1-a tblsp. sugar 1-8 tsp. pepper J (blsp. moiled butlci- a cups .cubed stale bvca;l Combine -Ihc (omaloes and corn In « biitlered casserole, and ud;l, iPoiir tlic incllc;! butt cubes on lop of corn and tomato ipixlure. Bake uncovered wilh electric oven dinner, as directed. Creamy Kicc 1'udiliiig 2 c SB s - 1-a iai]) 1-2 Isp. salt li :l-2 cups milk 1 Isp. vanilla 2 ciips cooked rice I'cw gniius nutmeg Ucat egg yolks, add sugar, still, milk, vanilla, mid rice. Fold in stiffly bculcu egg whiles. Pour into r.i- i|l. baking dish: sprinkle with iinl- incg. Bake as directed under oven dinner. h'Oami'd Smir Miik i'liildini; 2 cups bread crumbs 1 Isp. bo;la 2 (.•BUS 1 cup sugar 1 cup sour milk l-2i cup sliorleiiin^ 1 :c'up raisins I. cup flour 1 Isp. .cinnamon 1-4 l-sp. salt 1 cnii intts 1-n Isp. nulmcg 1 l.sp. vanilla Add soda lo milk, I lion ;idd bread ciciuning shortening sugar From four and one-half to live miles per day—that's how far Die average housewife waits in llie preparation of llircc meals a day in the old-fnshioncd poorly arranucd kite-lien! A recent Connecticut survey brought, out tiiis amazing fact, showed too (hut not only did the homomakcr in tills kilcbcn walk u mile and a half in llie preparation of one meal, but- thai her steps cross and recross In a veritable maze ol wasle motion. Modernization of the particular kitchen in which the survey was made, arranging it in production- line pattern, spacing range, refrigerator, and sink at llie iioint.s of n (rlaiigle, and building standardized shelving and work tables between them cut the housewife's mileage lo three quarters of a mile per meal—jusl about half of what it was. Electrical equipment hel|K<i •educe motions in preparing food 0 a minimum and fatigue ol the iqvsewlfe was cut Iremcndously by he Improvements-. What was clone in tills home is possible anywhere. The rearrange-neat cf 8 badly lujdiout kilt'lien, modernised wilh useful electrical equipment, will save weary miles 01 useless walking, reduce lost motion, give many more houis of leisure, Increase (he efficiency of kitchen work. I Even Child Can Cook Safely With Electricity "No! No! Mustn't touch!" i.s going out of the lives of thousands ot children, and the pleasures of llie mixing bowl ami oven arc no lomj- cr forbidden lo even tho very youny. With an electric range in tlie house there is no reason why youngsters cannot get ofT to a fly.- ing starl in the art of cookery. The new electric ranges arc sale lor children to work wilh—and so simple to operate thai even a child can cook successfully—and safely •—"•ilh one of them. (o Read Qouner New« W«i>t AOi Ci-rnm shorlenfng, add siignv yriul ually. Ucal until light, tlien ad: llie eggs one at a lime, bcatiim wcl aim- ciioli addilion. Ad;l sifted dr Ingrcdlcnls alternately with milk mixture. Add llie chopped mils and misins. Pour in a greased casserole nml cover wilh Ikl. Bake wilh elec- liic oven dinner .as directed. Serve hot wilb fruit sauce. I'runc and Apricot Upsidc-HoMiii Cake 1-4 cup butter 2-3 cup sugar 1-2 cup brown sugar 1-2 Isp. lemon rind atcwcd aprlcoL halves Blcwetl prune halves 5 tblsp. slioi'lciiing 1 egu. boalen 1 run milk. 2 1-4 cujxs tiow " isn. baling powder i-'i kp. salt Blend llie butler and brown s»- sar; add lemon rind: spread in bottom of cake pan 8" square and 2" deep. Arrange apricot and prune halves to form a design on top of . sugar iiiLxturc in cake pan. Cream I shortening, add sugar gradually. I then cyg; beat well. Add milk alternately with flour, baking powder and salt silled together. Mix thoroughly. Pour batter cave-fully over fruit in pan; bake as directed under electric oven dinner. Turn J onto serving platter, upside-clown. YOU'LL LIKE FOUR LEAF COFFEE lluy a Package TODAY U.SK1) IN DBMONSTKA TIONS AT THE COOKING SCUOO], Monday and Tuesday over I he cubed bread. Ful buttered crumbs and allow' lo .stand while | at the FREE COOKING SCHOOL * 'See lite New Frigidaire Klcclric Kanc/c the New Frigidaire Koom Condilwiicr and the N.eip 1938 Frigidaire Refrigerator COME JNi tlSTEN '<> '»* MIW SILEHT METER-MISER Ui«t to Unle turranl-You ton hnr<)l)f h»ar rt runt S«v«i up to 1S£ MORE on cparatino <o&M Meet the simplest refrigerating mechanism ctcr built! Saves up to 25% MORE on clectriciiy than even (he current-saving Meier-Miser of 1937.' Completely sealed. Automatically oiled and cooled. Comes with 5-Ycar Protection Plan backed by GENERAL MOTORS. RIGIMIRE N W «SIIENT METER-MISER SAVES MORE ON CURRENT...FOOD...ICt...UPKEEP! IS A NATURAL PARTNER OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT ... IT BELONGS IN YOUR ICEBOX AT HOME SAYS BONNIE DUKE famous of llic Conner News Cooking School HEW "DOUBLE-EftSY" QUtCKUBE TRAYS 1, Release cubes instantry-S«ve 30% more feel All-metal for fasur, chcjpct freezing! No wasteful nich- ing under faucet! 2. Trtys conte*ree al finger • toci c h with exclusive TrigiJiire Automate T:iy Release. Every tcay, in every model, a OuicVulieTrjy! Nooihcc b'kc it( J-ct us show yw> PROOF! ONIY fRIOIOAIRE HAS tHWi: or you may not ffm at a/// ». SAVl MORI ON CUR«NT 2. SAVE WOKI ON IOOB 3, SAVE MORt ON ICI 1. SAVI MORI ON UPKHP • It will payyou \nn Jsomtly lo see our Vrigid-iirc -f-VFay Swing Demonstration before choosing nwj'tertigcrator. llctc you'll sec how it is possible for some refrigerators 10 lose through a single "hidden extravagance" what they m. ly 5a vc in one, two oc ihrce other ways! That's why you must be careful to get PROOF of sav. ings in All •! ir'rrjj ... on current .. . food ... ice ... upkeep. Conic in. S"i do\v Frigidairc gives you this PROOF. Sec the New Silent Mclcr.jMiscr (hat sliaucrs all savings records. Try, coo, die marvelous ncn- usability of Frisidairc's txcfuiii-t Nr.W "Oouhls-liasy" Oiiickuhc Trays...NEW Moisture-Scaled Hydrators. .. 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COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO Pliunc oGG

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