The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 14, 1934
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Served,by the United VOL. XXXI—NO. 2<1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHTtA BT AUKANSAB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Bl> Jally New niytheville Courier Vallex Leader Blylhevllle Herald BLYTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, SATUKDAY, AI'KIL l-i, 193-I SINGLE COPIES FIVE GEM'S BANK'<tAD BILL NEAR FINAL PASSAGE Former Army Pilot and Bride Killed in Crash 'DYESSEWNS AKRON, O., Apr. 14 (UP)—The r bodies of a young foriner army ilr I pilot ami ills KO-year-old bride, J whose lives were snuffed out in n plane crash two days before '.he couple's lirst wedding anniversary, iivero brought here today. The victims were Lester King. j T-V i A i * • . .• 12-1. a diMiartmi'nt<ii export with a Pclroleiim Administration nlbucr company here, and his wife, ' formerly Miss Virp'nln Allor of \ Ml. Clemens, Mich. " The couple met death lasi night | lear Hinckiey. O., west of here, while flying from Cleveland, where [hoy failed lo negotiate lor the sale of the ora.shed. Liner Carrying Insull to America Will Will loihable Wage Scales Rehabilitation Is Goal Director Says at • Osccola Meeting FLIES DM SI, WASHINGTON. Apr. 14 (tip) — Tlm-iii of nn oil workers' strike apparcnily was removed today '.vhen Ihe petroleum adminisira- tion said it wnuid recommend disapproval ,of regional wage dif- Tl'.e announcemenl was made by William Lciccrson chairman of the lalior policy board of the udmin- islrnlion. who said he would rcc- ommeml dlsapnroval of wage differentials advanced by Ihe industry's planning and coordination committee. The strike threat w-as made previously by Harvey C. Freming. preside-in of Ihe international oil workers union. - Addressing labor spokesmen and oil ooeraiors ai the close of the oil hearing, Leicerson said lie con- sidcied tin; planning and coordln-1 destroyed 'by fire of unknown ori- atlon commiuee liad been workin? 6'" early this morning. Members "uiulor a misapprehension" and in-I of the family awoke to find the ' stead ot outlining differentials had . 11Q1 s - rapidlv tilling with smoke "altempted to fix minimum wag-1 and escaped with only a few ORCEOLA. Art.,— A more tlior- .cujjli examination of a;iplica:it; plane in which they | u, an | ln!l ),,..„ ( i, c custom In either cf the prec'cdins government relief or works programs will b? matie as a part, of the new Industrial and runil rohabllltatlon ITOgram. perord'ng lo W. R. Dyess -|«tp I'dminhlralor, who spoke here Thursday ni?bt to' mor^ thnn 5"C | federal en\ployes and others from •his and adjoinini counties In norlhrasl Arkansas. i Industrial workers ill tlie program <;r nnrl 1 vvnl(h a l : !>''" onlv to niytheville sr., anu ln lliis countj . w|11 b , cmploycd ramily Escape Wiln ""'y " fler rl s w invcsiigation proves ' !hat they are unable to lind em- rloyment elsewhere, and all rural rchahklvtatioi) will be extended as Mrs. !. W. With Only a Few Clothes The home of Mrs. J. W. Adams r. 803 Main streel. was practically a loan which the recipient will bo expected lo repay. Direct will tx avaitiibh only lo v. ho Eire eligible for ;wo o'hr-r programs relief those one of tlie but because clothes. The labor policy board, Leicer- ton emphasized, feels that its only duly is to fix the relationship between jobs as existing on September 2 when the oil code, became effective and to determine an equitable differential between common labor and skilled. "We will ask Administrator Ickes lo throw, this whole business out," Maid Leicerson. Previously Freming had rejected Ihe differentials and warned that . _i[_.liei'_' were adopted workers. .'he total loss was estimated at $5.500 by Fire Chief Roy Head. He said his estimate inducted damage to Ihc house and furniture. The ,'oss was partially covered by in- According to. reports, a passerby ncliced smoke seeping out of the roof abouL 2:30 o'clock in the morning. He altempted to arouse occupants of the house. Failing in (his he ran to another house in the neighborhood and had the fire'.reported. jjg' r " Occupants of the house throitghont the nation would called upon to strike within 48 hours. Such a strike, Fremlng claimed, would close scores of refineries., '1 litre tire about, 215,000 oil work- 1 Atl; ™s' youngest entry were awakened.--abwiti;'the time city firemen reachc'd "thi scene. They escaped with only a few personal belongings and -Mrs. i-.ra in Ihe United States, 100,000 of them members of the Tnlernn- lional Association of Oil Piel-J. Refinery Workers Gas Well and of America Demanding higher wages, a 30 who was asleep on the second floor, said he was siifled by smoke as he hurried downsiairs. Members of Ihe family were " | handicapped in gathering their - cIothM ^ausc the lighting sys- horn- week, and ultimate return to 1923 salaries, Freming flung his challenge lo Ihe planning and co- lem went out of commission about the time they awoke. The origin of the fire, in the attic, led iiie- firdinalion committee, ITOlicy board, the oil executives from all sections of the country "It these differentials or anv that even approach lliem are tlie labor | cn to beUcve tha t defective wlr- | ing might have been responsible lor Ihe blaze. riremen remained at the for abcul two hours, the adopted, iheti watch out—it mcaii.^ j t' an i-'eouounc \vnr and you are go- ' ing to get it." lit—it mean.-, i r ' ravin = stnbbor " despite the Closinu Stock Prices A. T. and T 120 1-2 Anaconda Copper 16 3-4 Belh.ehem Steel 43 1-4 Chrysler 54 Cities Service 27-8 cot-i Cola 119 1-2 utiHTiil American Tank -10 V-8 (.ieneial Eclciric 223-4 General Motors 38 1-8 International Harvester 41 3-4 ^.ddlcwesi Ulililics — Nioijigcmery Ward 31 1-2 New York Central 36 K-iocard 5 1'hillips Petroleum 2u 1-B 1-c.uio 83-8 i,mimom Beds 20 j-B fal. Louis-San Francisco 4 btanuara oi N. J 45 1-2 'le.,»b Co 'n U. S Steel at 3-8 U. S. Smelling 1*7 x-cls of three streams of wat,'i Anti-Nazi Churchmen Receive Concession LeachviDe Physician Acquitted on Appeal Dr. II. U. no'jln 1 ;!)!!. Lo.uhvlllo physician, \vus uctiullicd of u elnirso of public drmiknir.i'ss by n clrcull court jury yesterday. Dr. Kohhisnn hir.l ii]i]H>aled from a municipal com; conviction. He h:ul Ij'Tti linril $10 In the lower t'oiui. The physician hail been nc- ru.'cd of Intoxication while itn- roule lo [mil from u farm home ii'nr Leachrllle to ullend the birth of u child. Tlie mother died a short lime afler (he physician lefl the lions. 1 . The only testimony us to the physician's mcdlchl tri'iit- nu-ni for (he woman was hl.s .slale- menl lhal he nuve only the usual and piom'r medicine In such cus- Coo|>er represented Dr. Claude V. Jlublnson. Action Means . Measure Will Go to Rooieyejt^or f(\ Approval WiWil STUDM BILL V I Measure Sent to White House Before Its Return to Lower House of limitations of the programs are not able to benefit by thorn, and elief in such cases will consist if commodities end not cash. Leans for Farmers Mr. Dycss said that . farmers low on the relief rolls who meet he requirements, who ov/n their and. mules and tools, will be ecoinmended for loans to the production credit corporations, with ho loan underwritten by the government relief agency; the same The American Export Line steamer E'xilonii weighed nnclior at Smyrna, Turkey, last night to commence ilan Mill apply to applicants not|n lc journey thai will bring Samuel Insull, fugitive Chicago uilllilrs mnn. back lo Ihe United stales for ' ~ WASHINGTON, Apr. 14 (UP)— The new tax hill, many times revised by the senate, before It was passed lust t, was submitted :o President Rooscvell today before the house had been given lire opportunity of considering the senate amendments. The procedure v.'as considered measure, with WASHINGTON, / The senate today, conference report on '-the&SftjjjUi- lloiinry Bnnkhcail cotton ."control' bill und sent the measure lo the house for flul uclion. -. • - •,. . .vj>| The conference report acceplsal-: Jf most completely the house ...bill v> provisions and Ihc 1 measure prob-, i* ably will go to PresldspWRoose-' '"' veil early next week. '"'.'••• Over $I,OM,M* fnr'j'MK'ilsslplrf County ' ' LITTLE ROCK, April 14, (UP) —A lolal of.^npproximalcly $8.832.- DS)2 in rchiil payments will" bD iimdii this summer and full to 88,- M5 .4rkansus fanners who ore participating In the A. A. A. cotton acreage reduction program by withholding from production 1,335,000 acres of land formerly planted to colton, T. Roy Rc(d, assistant, extension director, announced hera tcday after the state . board- of cvlew officially completed "" ils of contracts' frfi ' tics unusual. The $500.000,000 :s' and, who :iav? neither-will, be established on small tracts of land rented by the government. 'These persons will be supplied with Ivuses, land, work slock, feed. M-cd and the necessary equlp ; i i..r.nt to make themselves self Eustnlnlng. In return they must produce, and preserve by canning or otherwise, sufficient, produce to carry ihem through next winter ~ trhl1 ' Tllc EX "° na ls l>lcUll ' ctl " nb ° vc ' '' L ' r comnll>IKlcr . <-'aplnli) Wenzel Habcl (lower right) and the - - cabin iMinl occupies (lower. left), . ;.. . WILL TWINSULL ON U.S. Crawford Files Pledge for Representative Kace Major Ivy W. Crawford, local attorney, today filed his parly pledge with Bruce Ivy, secretary of tlie Democratic central commit- without. recoi-se to relief funds,' I | ( ;i; t ; »/i 17..,,.. p rn ^ (fc ' **> il eaiulidatc for Mississippi anrt ihoir mmiuc rnnimnriiMpi: Ullllllt,b ividll I dLCs i lusc- county n'OTeseniaiivc In the state and their surplus commodities the administration will purchase, applying the price as a credit on their individual loans. Land owners whose acres are used In the rural rehabilitation r.^otjram will be comijcnsatcd i in vep^ir to bo.isos. the l:\iildin cution for Use of Mails to Defraud CHICAGO, Apr. 14 tUP)—Unil- cd States District Attorney Dwit'hl H. Green, whose relentless drive August primary. r Crawford declined to discuss his candidacy at this lime other than to say that he Imd definitely decided to make tlie race. fences, opening cf ditcLirs. etc.; (o llav( , t he fugitive- Samuel Insull. which the fed.-rnl agency will find ron ,, er mnities promoter, returned necessary to cave for recipients of the rehabilitation plan's benefit. Rolls Will Be to the United Stales, is finally meeting success, prepared today to bring him to an Immediate BERLIN, Apr. H (UP) — The Nazi ministry of the Evangelical church today made an important concession to opposition elements by abrogating a law which permitted punishment' for any opposi- 'ion lo nazilication of the church. A supercedlng law was approved which provided punishment of only fnch opponent. 1 ! ol imification as combined political with doctrinal opposition. strictly Mr. Dycss stressed thai th? re- trial on mail fnmd charges. lief rolls would be rigidly investi- Green pushed the federal gov- gated befoie Ojieninj the new pro-lernmenfs own charges against the CULLS TROOPS 10 HAT TH 5lfi« taxes tin large Incomes nnd lower taxes on small Incomes, has passed both houses. It provide;! for publicity on tax returns and for heavy levies on Inheritances. '•Usually after trie senate adopts a, tax bill U goes'bade" to tho house, but the present bill will not go back until Mr. Roos?velt has slvcn hK opinion on changes originated by Republican independent senators which almost doubled the I of potential revenue ask- thc mlmlnistratlon. MifslsslppI- county,". 'tHt' ..largest . cotton producing courtly lii.; tii3 country, with overiili.QOd.OOO In . ental payment-! and 92,620'acres rented, leads all counties inarhbun^ of rentals.", Crlttenden county ranks second with 60,121' acres • rentnd and M83.974.05 In payment's. Jeilerjon county Is third wllh 53,030 acres. In addition to rental payments, which will be made In two equal IraMllmenta, cooperating farmers In. the stale will receive .approximately 1 ' $2,250,000 In parity payments the latter part of lO'll or early in 1935. eoie Ojiennj te new pro-ernmenfs own charges against te T , , • r , and would be purged ot all (ormer power magnate while I Unemployed Uather On "" " ' '" ' Coincidentally Nnzi Reiclisbishop NSueller. head of the church, urged cooperation, peace, and brotherhood among all church elements. persons able to support themselves wholly or in part from oilier sources, and in the very few cases where direct relief would be ex-! tended It would be based on the ii.cjvulualY, personal standard of living. Tlis aim of rehabilitation is self support, Mr. Dyess said. He also reiterated lhal persons belonging in the unemployable class must revert lo local agencies as their specific charge. The nc*' federal program provides no means fcr caring for this class. State's Attorney Thomas J. Court- c. . . ney, as formidable a prosecutor as i JlieLlb dl Green, held hLs own charges In pj an "Hunger" March ro.s4?rvp. (inurrtipv K enea^rtl In D prosecuting Insult's brother. Martin, who was extradited from Canada after a long fight. New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 14. Cotton closed steady. 0|Kii high low lltH 1188 1101 1194 12CO 1192 li(/l 1212 1204 121G 1223 1216 1223 1223 1221 1232 1233 1231 May jniy Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Bishop Cannon's Trial Adjourns for Week End WASHINGTON, Apr. H (UP)— Trial of Bislwp James Cannon jr.. and Miss Ada L. Borroughs adjourned ovc ' wl- reserve. Courtney is engaged Governor Murray of Okla, homa Orders Guardsmen lo Eleven Counties OKLAHOMA CITY, April 14. lUI'i—dov. \V. II. Murray ordered Ihe Oklahoma national guard out today for duty In eleven counties Monday morning lo prevent land sales by county treasurers. , The land in question belongs to the state school land department which has foreclosed n-.ortgages on it, tut which treasurers havt advertised they will sell for taxes due from holders. The governor's order for troops followed a warning two days ago tlmi such sales must not be held Prison. Sentences Given 14 at Recent Court Term STUTTOART. Ark.. April 14. UPv—More than ICO unemployed persons had signed a jietillou hero I his tiflernoon which was addressed lo county ' officers demanding food or work, preferably work." The unemployed talked of ho!d— • ling a ••hunger march." They Four white men, one youth, and banded togelhcr on the streets thLi nine negroes, senlenced to pris» j afternoon and Tim McFall. Stult- terms at the session of circuit «art. leader of th-> group, said court ending here yesterday will they hoprd to have 500 names on be removed to state institutions, the petition by Monday, when It tomorrow. j will be presented to Ihe county Three Services Sunday in 1 Connection Wilh Presbyterian Revival Three special services will be held at the First Presbyterian church tomorrow In the fourth day of the evangelistic meeting being conducted by the Rev. W. Moore Scott D. D., of Little Rock, and his party of workers, Flan Farm Record Campaign LITTLE ROCK, April 14. (OP) —A series of 14 sectional conferences for county agents, to .begin April 17 and. continue through April 2fl, for tho purpose of discussing plans for farm record week, to be held In, Arkansas the week of May 7 to 12, were announced today by District Agents J. C. Barnett, C. C. Randall and J. L. Wright of the University of Arkansas extension service, who II lie In charge of the conference. Every county agent in the state ill allend one of the conferences make plans for dlstribullng'TO.- 30 farm record bcoks lo nil .fajm- In tlie state who have signed otton. corn, hog. or rlce""cqn- acts. T.T The schedule o! meetings and ates includes: Ciunden, April 11; Stuttgart, prll 25; Paragould, April . 25; intesville, April 26. . • • . because they would cloud titles. I At the morning hour the Rev. His executive order to Adjt. Ocn.lrrank Q. Smith D. O., of Omaha, Barrrit directed Ihe guardsmen be j Neb., will preach, ns Is his cuslom morning. j when he visits In Blytheville as the going to be any'8»w>t of his daughter, Mrs. R. F, lands sold in this'.KIrshner. and family. Mate Monday or any other lime! In Hie afternoon there will be by county treasurers for taxes,'' " Booster band service, especially called out Monday "There's not foreclosed school Murrav said. Policeman and Insurance Agent Shot in Holdup Thow who w|U m!ikc [hc (rlp BOSTON Apr 14 <UP)_A. pol- Whe " the P f>nltcm!ar >' "u'W 1 " iceman was shot and seriously ycflr; Harvey Tanner, two years; I as saying, -we will go to Little i ercnlngs in CVancery court here IfflllTlrfrwl OIlH on inc,.rnn/.n nnnnr . _ J " t ' " J • . Jo- o tvv..... D j offlcus. i for Ihe young people, at 3 o'clock The Rev. Mr. Scott will conduct the evening service'at V:45 o'clock. The evangelistic services will be Iheld dally through next week fit OH Local Hotel Notes 3 HO and T.K p. m., with no af- Itcrnoon service on next Saturday Mrs. Mattlc Noble, widow, and Th « c «»' ** «"' ltes thls cvc " Seek New Depository 'If the county cannot, do any- Crawford Noble, son, of the late nln S thing for us," McFall was quoted E. B. Noble have instituted pro-' • ' (UP) — close 1187 mo 12/3 1238 closed steady at 1210. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April U. (UP) —Colton closed steady. open high low close May ... 1187 1101 1185 1190 July ... 1192 11J9 1192 1197 Oil. ..- '205 1213 1204 1212 Dec. ... 1216 1224 1215 1222 Jan. ... 1223 1228 1223 1228 Mnr. ••• 1230U 1237b Spots clofr-d quiet at 1204. unchanged. ourned over the week end today!"" 5 . uu "" uu "' " e Ie * u rtriie a federal attorney flew to bant11 f **? engineered a ^o.-ida to cross-examine an im- ayro11 holdl ' p in Dorches _' wounded and an insurance agenl p. F.'Bramletl. year: Andrew Jones'.! neck and' present Ihe pclillon to i to have: fl^^.T 0 ™^ '" , g y ^ l^ar: Raymond Wells, three years the governor. If he cannot help, | [ration n ' Hlnr41le H-Vin Avinlnonvw^ n *1 QT> ' ' J ' .. ° ... .... ^ . . . . ... Scott and his party, w th Hcv SU«t Salmon pastor Flo. portant witness. The trial of the Methodist Episcopal churchman and his onetime secretary on charges of conspiring to violate the corrupt prac- liccs act in their 1928 campaign to defeat Alfred E. Sinllli will be resumed Monday. ster to- ay. The patrolman was E. P. Reid. Tlie agenl was Harry Hubenstcin. They were entering the Melropoli- an Insurance company's office when confronted by tlie rio. , , . , a , $1 f 2 .hi reform school, and the follow- then we will go to Washington: n .anccry court cre; - n-w depository orre»i'-t of ltle c»»jreh, v sited the fou agent nppoisted lo receive srade schools and the high schoo 29 Hens Stolen From Lester Craig's Home Twenty-nine hens were stolen from a chicken house at the home of Lester Craig last night, a report to police stated this morning The chicken thief scaled a hlgl board fence and made away with to capllves without arousing the family. A bicycle, stolen from Western Union Telegraph company, has been recovered. Chicago Wheat open high Mny 84 1-2 85 July 85 low close 84 1-2 84 5-8 big negroes: Willie Morrison, three I years; Charles Lewis, ycnr; B. T.! Walker, year; John Boyd. year; 1 Floyd Spates, year; Bcnnle n!\on. vear; D. N. Norwood, year: Robert \ Against Five Dismissed at Hot bre 'pvjwvtu W * CXVil G " — n . i J and disunite payments on notes|X*le >*«*• ,P r -,, nScol . t n l^ e ... Issued when the Noble hotel here:"" 1 " 15 aml lhc "Booster Band' 1 was constructed. The equity proceedings states that the Lafayeltc-South Side Bank of st. Louts, MO., originally j Miane and Bar ham-'Will other activities for boys and girl; were explained. Legion to Meet Monday at City Auditorium The Dud Cason post of the American Legion will have a meeting Monday evening. 7 o'clock, at the city auditorium because the armory -is being repaired. Wilson, year; Charlie Wilson, two KQT EPR1NGS Aprll H , UP) |nnmcd as depository and regls-j -Chnrges of "attempted robbery,"! tration agent, now being defunct,, S. F Boling. convicted of man--1, 0(l d5 ., MlIlsl nvc mcn nrrcsted is unable to act in that capacity.] slaughter and given a sentence of Seek Tax Ajreemen ROCK, Ark. - Oec It sets forth that at the time Tlie lio-.el property was conveyed 41, Iluutsvlllc Ark.; S. F. Mont 85 84 1-2 84 5-81 May 47 8S 1-4 84 3-4 84 3-41 July 48 7-i Chicago Corn open high low close 47 47 1-4 46 1-2 46 3-4 8 SO 49 3-8 49 5-8 CHICAGO (UPl-Ofliclals of the A Century cl Progress have ex- prersed confidence tint morc^'an 5,000.000 tickets to the exposition will tc sold before the gates oiicn May 20. Ezra Hampton Cleared Ezra Hampton, well known nc gro. was cleared of a charge of receiving stolen property by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham Chamber of Commerce here have to Crawford Noble by his parents n 1932 but Mrs. Noble is a '>la'n- Blll H. Thome, 42. Dcmmlng. N.M. liff with her son because of her Chief of Delccllves Herbert Ak- personal liability on the indcbt- trs said the men were arrested odness. ' when Frank Cumnock. Dudley and Barrett, Jonesboro a Lake Catherine camp, became law rirnli represents the Nobles In Petrified Forest a Monument SEATTLE (UP)—Trustees of the usrirlous th?t two of inrm wer, i confidence men. Cumnock failed to ap^i/ar in iourl taday lo pr^so- cute. proceediRj. Thursday. j voted to ask President Roosevelt Ed Roberts, Ed Haliburton and to designate more than 2,000 acres Anderson Thompson, negroes, of petrified forest in the vlcln'tv were cleared of charges of grand lin Klttlta* County Ihc Gtngko N»larceny. llonal Monument. ail Inmate Fails to Collect Witness Fees An effort by an Inmate in Jthc ounly jail here to collect witness ccs for seven days in the trial-of fellow prisoner failed recently. Raymond Wells, the witness, ought through a relative to claim ttendance for the period 'after avlng been called last week a? a vitness in tlie case of Jesse Wll- iiiis. charged with robber)'. The deputy clerk, who received Veils' claim, after conferring with he court, disallowed ^he claim. Vitnesses who had been forced to ntiend court day after day awalt- ng trial of the case were given credit for' their total time. In the case of the jail witness, however, t was decided that since he was not in actual attendance but was held safely In the county jail. It. was not necessary to ado* 1 h.m fees. WIH Flower Authority ARMPTKAD. Mont rI]pl_M'<. receiver of Drainage District No. 11, Mississippi county, as a committee to obtain an agreement on assessment difficulties involving lands In the Pecan Point and OoWen Lake areas of the district. The Pecan Point nrea was eliminated from district assessments In 1030, two years after building of a new levee that cut off tlie lands from Mississippi river flood protection. The Oolden Lake nrea was drained In 1928 a"nd land own. Mystery Message Asks Help for Craft at Sea DAYTON A BEACH, Fla., Apr. 14 tup>—Authorities today sought o Identify the craft "Manie II." und "Captain J. J. Kern," after a distress message signed by the ship's captain was picked up on the beach here last night. The message faid: "S. O. S. April 2, 1934. Manle II. caught in storm, rudder broken. Drifting north 45 miles off coast of Jacksonville." WEATHER ^,..,,w ^..«,... „ ... w - — .... - . Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness. as the world's largest halibut port.'.^Idcred to be Montana s K'eui jvlerty received no benefits from the .wanner tonight. Sunday cloud/ hw\t.« A n >~/.n..r1* fft,. ...^./ilnl,. *\r lit ,MT o-nl-nrllu nil ivflH flntf*r<l 'Hfetrlrt Hfhpr lonrf na-npr. 1 ; in the find Unsettled. SEATTT K IUPI— Seattle, known ' J. W. Scolt of Armstead la con- ers have claimed that their prop- broke all records for receipts of rr.i'.horliy on wild flowers.'distrlct. Other land owners in the and unsettled. Hsh during March 11 to 24, when The °lC-year-okl woman has cbl-ldlstrlct have refused to pay taxes | Memphis and vicinity — Cloudv 62 vessels brought in n total of leclcd more than 6.000 blooms] pending settlement ot the tax sit- (tonight^ possibly showers tooifht 1.462,000 pounds valued at ?87,6<H). j from all pirls of Ihe state. uallon In the disputed areas, or Sunday,

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