The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1949
Page 5
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' MONDAY, JULY 25, BLYTHEVTLLE (ABK.y COURIER NEWS Mrs. FDR Denies Prelate's Charge 'Anti-Catholicism' Attitude Is Refuted In School Aid Row PAGE PrVB NEW YORK. JUly 25. W;—Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, answering charges of Francis Cardinal Spell- mnn that sue has a "record of anti-Catholicism," said today she had supported Alfred E. Smith, a Catholic, in every campaign thai he rnade. 4p>[> made the comment in her copyrighted column "My Day" published In the World Telegram. "I want freedom of religion to prevail in this country," she wrote. She said that in campaigning for Smith for president she was shocked "l>y the extent of wlial J considered bigotry against the Roman Catholic Church, and I certainly do not wish to encourage anything of that kind." Cardinal Spellman in a letter to Mrs. Roosevelt last Thursday criticized her for her opposition to Jed- em! funds (or parochial and private schools. He said that "your record of anti-Catholicism stands for all to see- a record which you yourself wrote, on the pages of history which cannot be recalled documents of discrimination unworthy of an American mother. I'lione Kept Busy Mrs. Roosevelt wrote that hei Hyde Park telephone number supposed to be private, but it rang every feu' minutes after the letter was made public by Cardinal Spellman last Friday morning.. She sai< mail does not reach there until between 11 a.m. and 12 noon and at fii-st her secretary was cumplelel} mystified "and I had lo tell her lo say there was no comment, -since Ambassador Douglat Undergoes Operation LONDON, July 26. if)— U. S. Ambassador Lewis w. Douglas underwent a majci .peration today In Ihe hope oJ saving the sight of his left eye, The operation look place in Middlesex Hospital, where a specialist removed a cataract which formed after Douglas snagged his eye with a fish-hook April 4. Dr. Maurice Whiting, who performed (he operation, would give no immediate report on the results. Truman to Take Time 'n Naming New Justice WASHINGTON, July 25. (/J>j— The iVhite House said today that President Truman will take his time In electing a new member of the Supreme Court. Charles G. Ross, the President's press secretary, told reporters lie could assure them there will be no appointment this week. The vacancy was created by the death of Associate Justice Prank Murphy. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. July 25. l.'Pj—(USDAl—Hogs 12,500', market fairly active; barrows and iilts steady to -Jo higher than Fri- cents ur more: bulk good arid choice 180-240 Uj S 22.00-25; top 22.50 for about two loads; 240-210 Ibs mostly 21.00-22.00; 270-290 Ibs 20.00-21.25-, 140-110 UK 19,50-21.75; 100-130 Ib pigs mostly H.50-19.75: good sows TALKS FKOM TOWEK I'KKCII—Raymond Julita, 35. sits on strut of 1110-foot water tower at the Lima, Ohio, State Hi> pilal for lire Criminal Insane. Julita came down to the lower strut talk to reporters after he scaled up the lower when trapped by guards in an escape attempt. Julita, of murder. (AP Wirephoto). of Warren, Ohio, had been convicted 400 Ibs down 10.15-18.25; few 18.50; BJ o A u heavier weights 12.50-16.50; mostly, r " one Kate Hearing 12.75 up; stags 10.50-13.00. Cattle 6500; calves 1700; choice 818 Ib mixed yearlings 27.50 and 735 Ib heifers 27.00; other good heifers and mixed yearlings largely 25.0026.50; cows slow: some canners a could nardly comment on something cutters about steady from 11.00- which 1 had not yel seen. 11 ' " "Now that f have had time to read the letter carefully." .she said. "I shall, of course, ansv.'er the carr 15.00. personally ranvevcr. since f and consider detail. portam that there should be as little bitter-ness as possible engendered among the Protestant, Catholic and Jcwisir groups, or uny other religious groups m our nation, T shall rrot discuss this question any further on a personal basis with Cardinal Spellman. One's basic beliefs must be .staled on matters which we think important, but. that can be done as citizens arid not as members of any particular religious faith. Wants Religious Freedom "1 want freedom of religion tt prevail in this country. I warrt no religious prejudice and T want absolute freedom of worship and religious teaching; but at the same time I believe in separation of | church and slate. I want good will j among people of all religions, no' matter what their differences may [ be on matter's which are strictly ! ciueslions to be settled objectively '• on the basis of what is best for: the citizens of our country as n r whole. ; "I have always made plain my j opinion that spiritual and temporal ! power must not be confused. But ill what I have written 1 have tried to include broad general principles and lor thai reason I have not specifically spoken for or against any Begins in Missouri JEFFERSON CITY, Mu., July 25. ti'i —Southwestern Bell Telephone ^0- Company began testimony Uxiay in_"" | tended to show it rreeds $5.000,000 a year more 'or its Missouri operations. The hearing before Ihe Missouri Public Service Commission Is for a second round rate increase. Shunted lo the .supreme court i.s Bell's 1947 request for rate increases designed to bring in $3,400,- Srarts Relief Study MEMPHIS. July 25. M',—Dr. R Paul Caudill, chairman of the Bap list World Relief Alliance, left b; plane today for a 12-day trip ti Germany. He will discuss rclie problems with a committee of rep rescntatives from ten nations Stuttgart Wednesday. Caudill is pastor of First Baptb Church here. parlieular bill I 000 more a year. The state utility "1 have no til feeling toward any ' religion or toward any people of high or low estate because they belong to any religious group. I am sure the cardinal has written in regulating body granted the increase last January. The decision i was appealed by Missouri cities j xvhich opposed the increase. what to him seems a Christian and kindly manner and I wish to do Pastor /s Transferred LOUISVILLE. Ky.. July 25. </!>)The Rev. W. B. Tatuin, assist ant to the President of the Soutl The first slcel rail road bridge was buiit in 1845. crn Baptist Theological Scminai heie. will become pastor of tt First Baplisl Church at Pino Blnf rolled | Ark.. Sept. 1, It has been announced here. 'our Arkantans Die /iolently on Weekend By The Associated Prtu Four persons met, death by accl- ent or violence in Arkansas over ie wekend. Mishaps involving automobiles ook two of the lives. George W. Autry. 60, of Atlanta, •as killed Sunday when the auto- lic In which lie was riding left he highway and overturned near Benton. Steve Koutouinaunos, 34. was klll- d when his "hot rod" racing cur rashed Into a grandstand at rack north of Little Rock Saturday light. The body of a middle-aged man fas found in a stream near Harrl- on Sunday. His pockets contained lapers bearing identification of Kericrick/Alcorn, 55. General Do- ivery. Harrison. Officers arc in- 'C.sttgallLlR. The fourth death was an nppa cut suicide. ills huiuelf. Of the $1,«0,000,000 which the proposed law would lot Mr. 'JVu- nau spend, Ihc booklet says mast would go to Western Kuropo "an area whose Imjxu-ltmcc U> our se- NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the ridel-signed has filed willi Ihc Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell •uid dispense beer at ictail on the ireiniscs described as S. lllway No. 01, Blythcville. Mississippi Coiinly. The undersigned states that he Is -\ ol Arkansas, o! good m<mil nm-ter, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involviiij: moral turpitude; lha[ no license lo sell beer- by the undersigned lias been revoked within live years last past; and thai the 1111- dersieiu-d has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any Dther state, relative to the je of alcoholic liquors Application is for permit lo lie issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of Oct. 1949, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1950, Mrs. C. Abraham Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23 riaj of July 1048. Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public; My Commission expires: 3953. 7,25-26;49 ARMS Continued from Page 1. Ihe administration. Only broad as- .signmenLs of authority would l>c i!iven (he President along with responsibility for carrying out the cle- Maybe you don't own a pony... bill here's the world's most useful car! curily has been demonstrated In two world wans." Tlelng the military nwLslancc proposal directly lo Hie North Atlantic Treaty, the State Department, said the program would 'complement" the treaty by carrying out its principals of "self help and mutual aid." Of the appeal Unarms made by Western European members of Ihe treaty KCWI-U! months I\KO. the department added: "Their defense is our defense and will continue to be ot deep concern to us u.s long as Urelr military weakness invites aggression." Western Europe, would receive W38.450.000 worth of arms, technical assistance and training .services together with $155.000,000 to be- u«i'd in stepping up military output Tins would leave only S300.580.000 tor military help to other frieiidlj nations including Ciroecc and Turkey, .since $45.000.000 I.s earmarks or an smi'riH-iicy fund and $10,910,- >QO tor administrative costs. No .\-lloinbs filveii Other major provisions of the e^-islation as prepared by the Stale OeparlmeiH: 1. "Nothing In this act shall »1- cr. am* rid. revoke, icpcal, or otherwise alien the prm'hions of the \tomic Encray Act of 1010." (That icl bar.-, (be Rovernmcnt from re- ensin^' atomic explosives. Hence his sevlion mentis the President •ould not give other rounlrres atomic bombs.) 2 Arms could tic supplied lo all nations which have joined with (his L-ountry in "collective defense" ar- ranwmi nts providing for ".self help ami mutual aid." (This would apply to latin .can countries under '.he so-called Rio TYcaty—a Western Hemisphere defensive alliance.) The President also would be authorized to aid other- nations "meaning Greece, Turkey on) "whose Increase;! ability to de- "cml themselves jigaiiut aBBro.^ion s important to (lie national interest of the United stales." 3. The ('resident could obtain equipment lor the did program by lAi taking it out of cnvernn'.cnt stocks (B) buying it nnw and <C) lielpiiiB the other nations to pro- ;lnce Ij themselves •t The 1'iesldcnt also could ac- rept materials from other Kovern- inenl.s "as a condition of or in connection with" the American hc-lp. 'I'hLs follows Ihe general principle of wartime "reverse lend-lcase." S. The t;coil.s to be given out by ilie United Slales would liave some string attached. AIM Is Cnmllllcmal Receiving connlricw would hnve lo agm. to use the assistance to build np their own .slrunglh ;tf;n! agiire&sloti; they couUI not transfer Ihe inntcri;ils without the Pnv,i- di'iit'i consent and the chief executive could suspend Hie Kiarus to an.v country it he decided thul con- /Cool-Aid onci-r consistent with MIR national intnrests of (he Unilcci Ktale.s." 6 The whole operation would MV<1 to In: "con.siMent" with the United Nation* diurtcr u m l the i'ftsidPiil would IK- required to ; hut off help (o iiny country ugaiiisL which !|\r U.N. tocik action. To Ret the program underway aith.t! for : ,n ;u;tiinl iq>- )>r- »pi hit ion by Cttns I'oxs, t he Re - I'on struct ion Fiiiiinco Coijx>rallon would he emu-weird to advance the President S125.COO.OOO. In addition to tlu; Sl.-l.iO.Oon.- (KX) appropriation, the act winild penult the 1 I're.sidcnl—actually the annecl f-jrers— to buy and sell ariti.s under foreign aid conhiict.s up Lo a maximum ot S10D.OCO.OCO. This pmviMon Is do,^i«nfd prnnarlly lo help I.atiti Amcritun connlile.s buy imhtiirv .suinihc.s in lliis country. 9. Tlii; Pre.sidcnl covild sot up whatever orcnniKilfon he considers ncc'e.s-iiry to run the program- He- could hire onn olliclul ;tt a .saliuy ol SI(j.ot)0 i! year and thret; others nt siiiiiries of $15,000. Radio Repair \ll work done by a licensed {iulio-Tclcplioue expert — Cvery job guaranteed. Why lay more for less? Piano Tuning .lone with the famous 'Strohoscope" — Exclusive to this area. Why lake less lh:in perfect tuning when Ihc best is available? Sheet Music - Records Supplies-Repairs PIANOS New and Used Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Main Tel. 811 A BOUQUET IN SILVER Inwrc,! by > dccor.tivr (5$, Windsor C '<> Sterling at Sr»t R Only the finest tolid silver coulrl of detail. And only WaUDn'* n and distinction for your table. We «r»le for inch lovely Sveilinz. FITZPATRICK JEWELERS 122 West Main lilylhevillc, Ark. Your Aullioi'izeri Dealer for \Vatson Storling, Duncan .Miller and Tiffin Crystal, and Franciscan China "It Takes Only 3 Minutes to Open a Charge Account." The big, beautiful 2-cars-in-one... Traveler BRAND B. F. Goodrich TIRES • Hythmic-flexinj cord eonitrudion • llfttlmi gynrautt* • Othtr il»i at law prlcM, tot 1.00 DOWN 1.25 A WEEK . Goodrich ' -lK More Mileage, Safety, Comfort For TrnrrlingSrilanicH: Big. 10 Foot Inng cargo linlrl lias ample rorjin (or bulky samples; 12:i',i" wlieclbase enils "sliurl car fatigue." t-ttr Ffirincrx: Kniser Traveler is world's only Suml.iy-K'vto-mceting, Mondar-go-lD-woik car. Ih.l.I is steel-shod for rugged Mar. t'nr Itntailrr*: Smarlcsl-tonliing delivery car in lown! Powerful Kaitrr 'I'liunilcrlicad engine saves gas with 7.3-to-l high coni|rrc*sion ratio. Tor Sum// llu*incs.imen: Cargo capacity of Kaiser Traielcr: 130 clinic fret, \villi 3 passcMReis, Converts in just 10 second? into a sni.irl six- passenger family sedan, willi 10'-l',i" of roomy, com(uruble -eating s|>ace. h'nr I'acnliiiiiKrt: Ample rnntn for all tlie family's liiptagc and sports gear. At niglit, betnmcs a roomy double bed, sniig nrnl '!T>- always. Fnr Snlnirlmnilfs: To change from smart sedan In car«o ciuiscr, (old down liack seal, dip open hatch, lower tail-gate. \o Innk no Indts. /•or trcryone wliri uanl= Ihe inrsligc of owning a bis, beautiful, luxurious seiian, but needs a tar can also earn il- own way. >9.95 DOWN '1.25 A WEEK HUMS WAS II Kit action f W»w-/yp* ivf+ty ~*tfing*r finittt Your Battery Win Welcome this Service • Here's what we do: • SVientifiiMliy tret each bat- lcr>- ccli. • Kill earh ccH with certified pure water. • Remove corrosion and lubri- rrttc toriinnal.i. • Inspect ignition wiring. • Tighten bntton* ho!<i (iown Ash your neighborly Kaiser-Frazcr dealer for a deiuonslralion ! 61 MOTOR COMPANY MJK1H HI\VAV SI IHATHKVILI.E. ARK.

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