The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 9
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FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS nri Skill Pnrfeds Modem Klomcnls; Are You're urilii-!. tn he Mirpri.'.ed v/ltf-ii you find how fnM the tirw eleetrlc riHIgl';; n.'llly :l |e! Tllftn-'s M-ranl-1nv:ikln 1 > speed in tlic rimK- cs of isri8! Comrasi Die dull i;low of Ibe rjii-ra.sbl/jiu'd cuitoii )>till> v/IUi i he liiir-jiKi- brilliance of the modern Mav.ila lamp-elfclrle ra nK- r-.s, loo. liM'i- kepi (he pace of mod- crn dec 1 1 lea 1 progress. For electric heat. today Is fust! Then.-'.-; lii.siiml, Surging lirtil Ilio minute yon simp ilin switch. ll's controlled lical. loo! There's hl(jh rooking he.'il for .seai'lug, or med- inni heal. for French frying or siinteiiiH, or there's very low heal, that Is so mve-.ssary In (IIP rooking of drlicaie custards and suites. The in-w elect™ runee heuLhin elements. perfected through eerint; icsenrch in our groat electrical .laboratories. make this instant high heal possible. New metals » nil alloys, new principles of lira! concentration itiul conservii- tion Hive j-oii electric iiniLs Hint Bivc you cooking lieat as soon as the curreiil is liinicd on. A large par! of Die electric lieat of surface units is transferred by direct conduction to HIP cooking utensils— the. mast rapid and effective means (•( speed conking. These new units not only heat Quickly — they conserve lieat us well, OFF may be actually considered one of the cooking positions of (lie 1938 electric ranges! Following hiijli heat, units maintain cooking heal a long time after the. electricity has ten turned on". This mean:-, real economy in the kitchen. The IIPIV lieatiiii! units are designed to he practically indestructible, 'too. They are easily cleaned. and ure imdistrnrbca by boil-overs' or spilled food. Spillage is just. another incident in (he tiny to these sturdy, efficient new units. Removable plnies or drip pans benenlh the units contribute to easy cleanins of (lie stove. On none or the electric healing units Is there any name, or combustion. ro there is no dirt or soot. Utensils siuy gleaning, need no odious scouring. let you out of many Ureil minutes standing over the sink— lilvi: you more fref: lime. Klecnic rooking is fast also he- cause «f Hie small amount of water . required In cook foods electrically A cno and a half- of water is sufficient for most whole vegetables and shredded vegetable:; require only iivo lables|HWnftil5. Most roasts, and leafy vegetables like spinach. lake tittle or no water. This not only means fast, cooking, and conservation of electric energy l/ut belier-lflstlrig food. Necessary vidimus are retained by the food — ond so are the attractive, bright colors of regetatili-s— no more noniint; the rich vitamins down Ihe rJnk. Tiie ovens of the new electric ranges have received m.irked attention from (lie hands of engil)- eers. Thermostats have been perfected to give accurate control of temperatures, so that when you set the control for— say 450 degrees —you can be sure (list Hie temperature of Hie oven will be just that. Electrical heat does not vary. It always Ihe same. Moreover, very hleh temperatures are readied so quickly in the new ovens that the ruH-lempermnre Indicator pops on almost before you succeed in mixing a batch of biscuits. New ways have hi-fn found lo distribute oven neat evenly. The most delicate or rakes come out perfectly browned — beautifully linked. And the new grills! After your first trilled electric meal you'll be tempted to eat nothing but grilled food afterwards— until you lasle a slew that, has come from one of I the new deep well-cookers— or hot potato salad and weincrs cooked together the economical, low-temperature way. In some of the new ranges, this unit is removable, so. that you ran take It with you and enjoy a hot meal In some distant. tcenlc, olT-the-bcaten-path spot. Oilier electric oven improvements ore swinging oven doors. Brills that swing nutivnnl. Brills nt waist height for comfortable cooking. and lights that pop on when you open I he oven door. i like automobiles, are becoming more beautiful, more efficient. more automatic every year. You'll see Hie beauty of Hie rler- liic ranges of 1838 at a glance. Rut only by watching a demonstration. by trying one of these new ranees for yourself, will yon discover the amazing performance and economy underneath that gleaming beauty. Go lo your favorite electrical dealer or power company! Piud out what electric ranges will do! Tliey mean less work for you (Ills year -any year. They will be as modern tomorrow as they are today, They wilt give long years of faithful, efficient service. In them you will find increased Joy in cook- Ing, Increased cleanliness In Hie kitchen, belter food for your fnm- •ilv, greater heallhfulncss, far more leisure for yourself! Modern All-Elecrric; Kitchen Of Your Dream* PAGE NINE mis (l Mciins Spollcss Kilohons Willuml Dnul^cry, More lisiif I'oi 1 ^^^£~^"^^ HH':i:Err!~™=~~& Blind Girl Cooks Meal ICkrtrir ( iVIcans Success Id All Your Efforts Summer will be here before iitf- the senson when fruits nre cheapest, most delicious. Many n housewife will think of the pica- sure of having u iMiilryfnll of luscious home-canned fruits for wib- ter lime—nnil Ihen do nothing more Ihnn Ihink about it, becunse of Hie heat thnt must be siif- ed svllli old-fashioned canning lint modern electrical canning is a far cry from tile old wnshboll- ' work electrically! er method of bollinj! runs and iitr;; in water—ol slumling, stlr- ;iiiK-.-|)W)ii In liiuid. over u seetli- Iti'! lull kettle of fnill or VI-BO- laijli'ji. With eli'cdlc canning, (lie mod- i rn housewife pucks her fruits In jars and Ihen proeesse.s llti-in In iier eleclilc oven, lit this constant - temperature, moisture- controlled, fully Insulated oven she cooks fruits, preserves, and frull butlers, while on Hie .speeds' surface units she makes linn, shimmering jellies. tilcrlllxliiK Jnrs and glasses lit (lie roomy deep cooker ol her elect flc. rtiiiKc. Canning ul home leiu'i'.i you cool us a cucumber sshen yon do the Housewives—Sec Our Display of .'ear-liver E'XTJ?'A HARD, THICK' SHEET ALUMINUM AT THE COOKING SCHOOL AT THE CITY HALL MONDAY AND TUESDAY CHICAGO. . ro< ' tet °, ..... ' Hrt '"' l heie daily hy Mi wi .i)l.-e blrlli. Ahrays dltich a complele meal umy be ru "*'' wHI'OHl (he use ol sijjhi is UemoiislratPd Ml* f,ril[ 1: ;. Mks.Criffls bus IKCII blind almost desirou, of HHny n f assistiince lit ihe work of Her home, she was liundlcupped uiillt Her mother bou^lii im -leetric muse. Now Miss C.rilfis peifuims all types of surface and oven cook- i'iy n.s ivell ns (lie prepnintiou of broiler-cooked foods 'Ilie timer clock enables Mlsx Gritfis lo lime cooki.u; oi>crnllon.s accurately imd lit. alKOlnle nnlforinily and safety of eledric lienl makes 11, B eleclric Electric Broiler Meals Are Called 'Tuple Sensation' ll's (lie flavor of eleclrlcally troiled meals- Hut. make.s them a miiiltiine sensation, 'iliey pamper tin |>nlale us sediK'tlvrly us tbosi- famous charcoal-broiled foodx 'I hey gutnper the i ook. l.«>. be- cnrsi' electric heal is fast., clean mid convenient. And your digestion? Ves. that's right, Dleliliniis praise electric broiliiij; [or Its ite;;Hliftilness. With nil this expert enthusiasm, it's easy to understand why so many women insist (hat the hroil- er is the star nllr.iction cf the clcclvtc range. Meat for broiling shotild be tender, but. it needn't be expensive. The glowing lieat of your electric broiler gives that delectable grilled flinor lo chopped beef or lamb, ffch fillets, sausages, frankfurters, corned teef hash, sliced or ground -ovi'r meat. mn!l pieces of meal on skews called 'en 'Inoehette" when you're freling fmicy) arc tit tractive. Favored meats for broiling tire bce.f tenderloins or stenks. iamb chops or stenks. diced ham. calves liver. .Wfelbreuds. lobster, oyr.lers and chicken. And new comes I IIP fun of selecting fruits and vegetables lo turn your meal course Into n so- |ihistiealt'd mixed grill. You can give (magination free rein In rom- liinng foods ilvnl will excite tin- eye iis well us the n»petite. 'Ihe fruil family offers taiifinns, raw apple rings, orange or gm|x'- tinit halves or .section';, mid" canned pineapple, peaches, apricots, lieurs, or plums. Vegetnble.s? Try these, raw: tomatoes, thick slices of onion, mush rooms, hnlved summer squash, shred white ixitnloe,';. And Ilic.w. first parboiled: carrots, sweet potatoes, js'litle potatoes, parsnips, whole union;;, spiced replant ru''i|fto\UT llowerels r,'i«.Yi.-:c rnili.s mul vegetables (lint. can cook ns long ax the meat, or iusl half us idiisj so (liey can \», l»il on the r.ick when (he meal is teaily to be turned Gel acquainted with ihe broiler on your electric range—and wnleli ihe faces of your family brighten ssilh zest nnd appetite when Hint grilled food comes lo the Inble. MIXt:i> OI111J. FOR I.UN'CHKON Tine-anile and Ham Kolls Candied Sweet Potatoes llidtereil Broccoli TIME: Hi minutes with preheated broiling unit. Swllcli set for BROILING. nillECTfONS: Scrub 2 or 3 sweet potatoes nnd cook tn salted water until almost tender; about 15 minutes. Remove tough stalks and coarse leaves from 1 bunch broccoli; wash thoroughly in cold \sater; steam until tender but not broken; about 20 minutes. Drnln 1 can long pineapple sticks. Use iihout 3-4 Ib. .sliced boiled ham. Uiy one stick pineapple In each slice of ham. noil ham. nnd skewer wllh toothpicks. Drain SftVei. iwluloes, pee), and slice nboiil. 1-2 inch thick. Drain broccoli; place In broiler pan; sprinkle with sail and pepper and dol with butter; place broiler rack over broccoli In pan. Arrange ham roll nnd sweet potato slice on tack, .Sprinkle (MMtocs v.-it!> suit, j pc;>pc.v, and brown sugar; dot with butter. Place broiler pan 3 Inches >»Mo«' glowing broiler unit and broil 8 minutes. Torn ham roils lo broil on other side and broil S minutes longer. Remove from broiler and arrange on large serving platter, EXTRA FRYPANS WINDSORSET Eslrn deep Alumimnu fry pans. Cook better because they heal, belter ami evenly. Easy hold wood handles; ai- uiclied by special weliilni: proces. 1 ;. . Three popular sizes.' Note the smooth bottoms; the round ciixy-clenn comers, the siniirt Ihl beaded edges. Two )Miir- Inn lips Streamlined handles. PERCOLATORS /V/IIME-SWR "Triple tested" by the Stan- dim) Cup Test by Wear-Ever kitchens and bj' typical housewives. Naturally makes delicious rofTco evciy time. An entirely nciv Idea in Tea Kettles; new shape, new design made for maximum efficiency on all ranges. Broad flat bottom exactly fiUs large, electric healing unit, noils water 25 to 3.VJ (nslcr. fjoml utensils are necessary f or (rood rooking results. There is tin question about, the quality of Wear-Ever aluminum." says Miss nonnlf DuVp, foml p.\|!?rl romlurtliiK Hie rooklnf .vrliool. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PHONE ;!2 It) Years of Service anil Square Dealing'ky the woman who owns un '•'iK'lric KiUife! Her kitchen [.lay: eleiin nnd r.lie May.s :;erene. lln I'liiitntlon us 11>hi(/ niur- i'1-l Krows without, end. 'rhe i'1-iisons li»r iiiim/lnt! rlenn- II in 1 !..': nl eleclili' cookliit It: nut iind lu tind. It lies In Ihn (net Hint iheiv Is nn conibnsllon ol luel. It's Just as clean nnd con- M'liK'iil us liirnliiif oil your ebvirie I H K 1.I rots iiiul inns stAy brlnht anil slilliy. Vdll i-uilld Hi'tlliilly pick! Ihvin nil' the slove nnd jiowdi'r your nose In ihem If you wished. .'(criiljl)lii(! nnd a-(jurlni5 an- I'ltiled forever. 'I'he bliu'k spectre ul soul Is Kone-and tjooil riddance. Ulcnslb n ix- not. nil thnl be.nelll, by the cli'iuillness of electrli; iwiik- liiB. Wulls slny brlfjht and atlrac- llve. Good, hunt cash Is saved be- I'unse Ihe need for reilecorntlon nnd ri'imlntlnit Is shoved away oil Into lln> future. Cnrlulns remain fresh iiud prim, spollcssly elenn. The electric lillcli- i'h always luis (hat newly Inuu- dered look. H Is (Misy to see how Ihe clean- line;; ni 1 electric cooklnn not only saves an untold amount, of kitchen drudgery, bill, also n Rood deal of i.'imeeessiti y expense, Kiully Cl.-.uu-il Owners insist, that an cle'drle range Is ii.s easy to kee|i clean as It is to use. This is nil IhiH hns lo be done. ... Turn (ill switches oil. Wush April <';ni;iie| Hurts with warm, soapy suds, rinse nnd dry. KUKI.'ACK UNITft: Pond spiling will mil injure MID hcnllng nulls, roods spilled over, i-ilher fall or drl|i Ihioui'h ID rlrlp pun under null nnil lire cdslly cltantd. Siinlncc nulls an: easily ivinov- nhle. iiml niiy l,,in r ii muiiTlui ,..,„ IK' niiini'iil liv !,lial:lni{ over n nteii- nl iKipi'r. TIM'; OV| ; :N: Turn swlli'.hr-a nil. Tiiki nni. die i-ii:;lly H'liim'ulHV \nA- Inn rucks. In at dislrlliiuor, lunl "Vi'n l,iikin (; nun-,, wi|ie 'Altli cluth Wllilljl llVlin ; ;oa|jy VJlltci'. Wl|li> g(V '.nUiii! link:, and lieiil dhlilbiUuj'. Tin- nil porcelain uveii h. in e : i;,y to clean ui. u china ili;.li. Wipe mil Hi,, well svllll u ciutll U'lijni' 11,1111 sunpy \vaiirr, ll.i-n wipe (hy. l.ill Hi, 1 well |,i ,.|,. ; ,u Di,. You'll iniu Hint in nil ',',uyi i'Ur- trlcllv ijivrs von .Inexpensively and i-imsvnicntly Hie woild's chfnicM way In ci.i.k Cooking Solved l^y New Stoves ItV NOKMit NKWTON '!'he tlilni; 1 like alraill electric I'aiiRe.H l.i that while they nre KVIUIC! loklnit. they nre ei'en better iictlng. And to my mind lliey act. their prellle.M l n .sinniner. Tiike Ihe nmllcr or ovens. You don't, need n very lonp. memory lo recall the lime when ovens were, pincllcjilly spmliliiK, "sewed up lor the slimmer." We used them only under stern compulsion, lint In more forlitimte ilnys, we use the oven of electric jiisL us freely In summer fl.s wo do In winter. l/ila (>t wntlt .lias ffono Into making ovens more iisablis In summer -liiMiintion 10 kcfp the Iieat In ilie. oven whi-ic It belongs, and liuie und Iciiipr-rntiiri. controls that take over ihe burden r,f watching. Ami tlira» m.,.v ([eveloiiments In ihe I'divitriirUoii of nveiis have led In niMh-i- wuya | O u .. ( . ,| lc ., n Por iii;laiii.'c, mid wen meals, which :iem to mi! tlic perfect ancv/cr to tin! hoi-fiiiKl-eool-cook problem, ''e Limply c-rillrc meiilr, (hat are. ai'cd one at a time in n c.olO oven. 'Hie :,\viich la tlitn tnriU'd to the "Ixike" |x)sillon, (he U-niiiernture control uutl lime clock property ul, nnd iije oven antomallcally df,«-s (lie rest. it b di-nmicly cooling merely io know your mind und body are free '» all responsibility lm llt time'to M-t the table. Of course., Ihcrmostat'i, or heat c/Jiitrols, ii«y,. inked t] JO guesswork. out ol nil torla of baking. With llieriiKKtatle control und exact ami h'l'el iiioiistireineiils, the most ain- iilciir conk can lie fairly certain or nnifminly i;ood results each time .•lie iiKiifiVuiy certain recipe. And with a kitchen that stays cool even \vllh (ho oven going full till for hours, dreaded summer bak- iiii'.s become iirctly easy. It's a l.lcnsnre to broil und bake. In the .summer—lc the range. Is electric. An electric range means that the food broils ana bnkcs—not you. (liirileiitng l'nys $1.2!> ah Hour COLUMBIA, Mo, I'OP) — A Mis- M:IH'|(III ivlio works In his garden l:i making $1.25 an hour. J. W. C. Anderson, extension specialist In lioitlcultiire, sold that the average pixillt over a Ihreo year period sjicnl, in working n Missouri garden wa-; Unit iniiminl. "S'nuw \Vlilte" Creales Jolis , •JOLEOO fUI>>—Snow Whltoaiicl the fieven Dwarfs tiro putting Toledo workers back on the- job. 'Inmblers bcnrlng pictures .of the fit nnm-Dlsney characters nre boom- tnx the Rliiss business, The colors lire applied by 1111 nnnciillng pro> cess. '***** 'T'HERE'S NO BETTER TIME than A righi now to buy your new G-K Rcfngejator. The need for dependable refrigeration is j'uit about as great in winter as in summer, for remember it's summertime in the kitchen, Be Ready for Higher Prices Food prices are going UPI Help your budget meet the rising prices hy being able to buy in larger quantities ami eliminating the waste of spoilage. Von can buy a big new General Electric Triple-Thrill Refrigerator and save three ways: on price, on turrcnt cost and op upkeep. Big, roomy cabinets have every advanced feature for greater economy and convenience. Autornatic THRIFT UNIT Seoled-tn-Stael in all G-E Modets This famous cold making mechanism has Oil Cooling and Forced- Feed Lubrication that assure quieter operation, less current con- sumpiion, longer life. On Display at the Cooking School CITY HALL AUDITORIUM Monday and Tuesday, April 25 and 26 1938 Hubbard Furniture Co. GK Triple-Thrift Refrigerator GE Hot Water Heater GK KlecMc Range

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