The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1931
Page 3
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, J ANU AUy_K>, 1031 W.YTIIKV1U.E. (ARK.) COUKIKil NKWS Doomed Slayer Writes Loiters lo Mother Four Generations In Famous Family Ahove is John AValker . . . b:- low, Claude Jlay Hit Ii'fil, and Andrew HaJliJuy. . Boston Police Given ! Fraud Equipment. \ iiosros. tui'i—i the L-.-ltxdon of Irauilt ilud loi«- tries In imlimies and works of art be.'ii pu-senlcd I:H. lUb.-u police department liy loral birlr.?ss nii'ii :\s ii icwurd tuv ojias ;ni" nickels licr . Utlore it wns detected the ruek- I'l c.'sl loral turn sosm- SUtD.CJO. part of which \uis returned thru fOlK-e Kilfc. • William C. Loring, Hack Day ml denier. Informed llic iwllce <V>i>iul- mem llial iillhou-jh London :iuit PnrU pollse us* similar equipment the liwloii department will V; the in Hie United Stairs lo mi- ploy it. WK'I POHKCAST KOU MliMl'IIIS MEMPHIS. till 1 )—A fcri'r-i'.s 1 . 01 coiusiferuble rain for Memphis nnd ;nis dmliii! January, February and March was made here recently by !•'. w. Urlsl. government ' meteorologist, after announcing that 1930 was an nlmumully dry year nnd linn 103 (lays of drought In the .summer set a new I'CvOi'd. "®JEX loTrMJOKM '•^^ WU Moo/ Have'you passed^ the noonday of Life ? Tliim rri n/Mi thn ilmcn road happy fi.V keeping: your utri'iitfth and health. An unfailing learning of'it ninilim-n rmttlitlon is lite iliniimsliliij; of the rwl-litooil-cdlt. Condemned Bank Roboer j I (opes lo Keep News of j Execution i-'rom Mother. : 1 his striking pholo=rap!i shows four generations in the faintly of youthful Mr. Charlss Augustus Lindbergh. Jr., ihe infant, son of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh. Tnkeu in New York, the picture ' .shcv.'s Mrs. D'.vight Morrow, the youngster's urcndP-iothor, at the left. Seated in the center, holding ter hour in Ihe^Colorado'nate'p'.'is- i lhc Lind '' E ''B tl '"by, is Ills great-grandmother. Mrs. chillies Long Cutter ot Cleveland, At the risjlit on licre in a strange race to com- '. is his mother. Mrs. Anna Morrow Lindbergh. By NEA Service CANON CITY. Colo.—A murderer scratches- r.ivav hour :if- i plele the writing of 132 letters t:- fore l:e goes to tlie eallows during the week ending Jim. 31. The writer is John Walker. 42. one of three men doomed lo die' in a triple execution for killing. a .deputy sherifl near Bads, Colo.. | after n bank robbery last Marcn.: Tile others are Claude Ray. 24, i and Andrew Halliday. 22. i Ray and Halliday smoke and iJli away their last days, but not Walk- , er. Seated on the edge ct Ins bunk , and bending over a soap box for a I desk, he is determined to complete the letters before he dies. Every one of Ihem 1=5 addressed i lo his '70-year-o!d motr.or. Mr? Julia Rhodes, of Joplin, Mo. Bin . each lelter carries a dilferent iiu!e. j There is one for each month of llu | next 11'years. That, is why there] arc 132 of Ihem. j The letters are to be entrusted j to a friend in Canon Oily, wiu I will mail one to the mother each I month for tlie next 11 years. In, that way she wi!l'b3 misled inta | telicving her son still^ is alive—j that he merely is serving a 20-year | prison sentence, a semcnee *riat can be completed in U years with good behavior. By tills deception, Walker hopes ! to save Ihe life of his m:ther, for • she is seriously ill. \Vhrn her son ; was sentenced lo hang, si:e was told ] he had received only a 20-year sen- j tence. as dcclcrs say announcement of her son's fnte would be fatal to her. She Ls not 'psrinitt-j:! to read newspapers. Then came Ihe supreme court decision that the slayers must di2. How then could the deception bo continued as the mother would ex- ! peel letters from her sail. So he | decided to write enough Ijlters tc last 11 years. The crime lor which the Iris must die took place while t h :> y | were fleeins after robbing the ter (Kan.) State Bank. Speeding wfsL' into Colorado, they v.-jr^ '; ):i:rsU2d by UndershorifT Coral A. ll'Ckman. whom they shot. After a sensational chass h; wMch 10 airplanes Saved by Death Sc | LONDON. (UP)—"I don't reat whaL I work at," a woman descrlb 'Journal Says Research ! Will Find Business Cure ed as a "liiMc-folder," fined fo drunkenness, told the mijflstraU; WASHINGTON, (UP)—Scientific n '"° asl:ed i( 5ne kncw wnat tn 1 research wi! disclose correctives Dlble 5nlct nbollt :trlnlt • for the present business depression "Industrial and Engineering Chcin- i istry." ihe j:urnal of the American j Cliemicnl Society, cays in surveying . \vcrld advances in scienco last year. \ oC\ - ; v $• i Ciitmislry's cryanized attack on. \Y&v S.'- 1 '^ \.'Jy i tiio \irobleins of industry and pub-. \y\^X-•<! ^ ! tin health continued .uninterrupted- '. OVERti'MILLIOli jf - ly ni!d despite unfavorable business - — i cor.dillcnsi research staffs were in " ' '"" ' general intact, the report said. ~^~~~~'^~~~~* Colds Best tteAtKi without —Jiuictubon '1IHFK MOTOK1STS fL'NISHMIl DETROIT. lUl'l —Only Ihrcc notorlsls vrie pimlbluxl In Dctroll lining 1030 for 111? 3« denths re- .uUiiii; from motor accidents (inr- ng (lie year. Tivo are icrvlni! |irli- on .sentences for negllifciil homicide nnd one paid n 5100 fine for esii driving. FAY O.DAVIS I'lninrs Ml nr 4U A DEFICIENCY of vert-cells in t!u' l.loiul Is usually followed l>y pliyai^al L-xlimistion, KISS of nndcr- rlit, nervoua- aml pimples anil boils. When y o u r rcd-bloort- cclls urc only S0% you n ro NOT liWr.d'li'ul'' J'OUl'SBlf—C0% 13 Common :;c:ise minnesls Unit (very jwa-ililu step bo tnken to twri'i'cl siioli n tonilltioii. Taku ' Ix'foro cin-li meal, It will ImlM up and enrich your blood. 1 Kivo you new life mid vitality'" Yo>ir nppclUe will pick up—-you • will feel like yourself u^um! Kcp]>' Ilic down road bright by keeping your rcd-blood-cclla lighting for, you. Get the largo size. At nil- drug stores. Builds Sturdy Health A GOOD YEAR FOK BEES < SYRACUSE, N. Y. (UP)—It was a good year for bees, according to Edward W. 'Emmons, veteran apiarist. He reported that in 1D3U hn 40 swarms turned in nn average ICO ' pounds of. honey. He 1ms abaut ' 150.CCO bees. Aii Investiuent • in Qipod Performance $1.00 ; Ns\v Medicine Stomach Trouhle And Ncu- rifis — Kx Marine And ^';ir Veteran Gives I'niisc. .Marooned in De.nih Valley for two days and two nights when her ~t\:, broke do 1 .™, Madnleine Hen- c'oison, 23. University of Nevada coed, above, was rescued by the faintus Death Valley Scotty who bloDdhounds j Danced upon her in the desert and a poise of 250 took part the j J ust as hcr supply of water was tfio ivas captured .it Je:more. Kan.l' 1 ' 11 ' exhaustion. Scotty towed "It's hard to think up things! ; llcr car G5 miles lo a California In advance, lo out into lc!- : says Walker. "Bi't m^'h;-1 some duplication. I years tcrs." will not mind I'm dcii-.g my bcrt." 7en Million Year Old Palm Trunk Found town where repairs were made and tioai there she continued on, via El Paso, Tex., to her home in Akron, O. Pile Sufferers MR. WIM.IAM R. FRY rfATCHlTOCHES. I.r, (UP)_A fillcifled palm trunk, between five i nnd icn million years rid has been! fsund rear n!-.l Mont.-cse <efle- i-icnt by Prcfefsor Georje William-' ton of th; Louisiana state Normal j Scirol. The fossil, in almost per- End Your Misery Without Salves or Cutting I 'I have been crippled for nearly ! twelve y?ars \vit'n rheumatism and •neuritis." snid Mr. William R. Fry, ! former United States Marino, liv- , External treatments cannot per. 'ing at R. F. D. N'o. 3. Ola. Arkin- j nanently ci'.d i'rlfs. Nor docs sas. "I telieve thai I c:titr.i::.':'! CHiHns remove the cause. i[ i;sc ailments durin; my ci^hl—n ! Tl.c cause !s—tart cir-; months service in the Miriir , , .,... , . —• -- , <=i!l?.tioii of the blood in the lower i Corps during the War. Mv le?s hu.-L feet condition, has been lying bar-! towel. The v?i:is arc Hahby-thp: m * frightfully and my anM- b'- ed for many years in front of an'tcwe! wjlls wcak-the parts almost l^me Sei" lo t»ic "thcr narni-i ancient farm-hous?. Natives'fiend. To quickly and safely rid tnougnt it a "hickory- stuaip." i joiirscji of pll;s nn Internal Fragments of the Palmoxylon. or' i-cUirinc rm:=t be :::•«( In heal and f ssil palm weed, have reached s'.renr ; t! the affcclcd parts. Professor Williamion before, nndi i;r." J. S. Lcc;i::ardt, a specialist, lie decided lo institute ft search lor after years of studv dk.covered a . a woll-prcserved siwclmen in !ho -.oa: intprnal Pile remedy. He w crld ot good. After twolv; bottloi. sparsely wttlcd southern section of :;sm«l his piesrri-ition HEM-UOID ' lilc swelling In my limbs dlsnp- Naichrtochc's Parish, hardly hop- _ n .j pnscrihed it'fur 1000 patients, pcarcd. 1 am free from pain i.i my ing to find anything so important '.xitli the mnrvelcus record of sue- arms. back, and llmhs, nnd no lon^- as"a complete lower stutnu. ..TIS in MO cases, and then decided cr need a cane. I have pained • cvp-v Pile sufleier fhould be able i twelve iwunds In weight. T give to set HEM-ROID from their own^Konjola all the credit for my n;« druggist. . . ! health." Dcn't v.-iist; lime on external i Taken over r. iwriod of fr^m fli j"TiHdi.s or thiiik of l]:e pain jind to eignt weeks. Konjola can do lor is a doclor's Prescription for ,.Xj;cnrc of an operation until you you Just what it. did for Mr. Fry. Colds and Headaches i^V^ IIEM - ROID - KIRBY a'«»>nioi. a trw. IT is THE MOST SPEEHV • s:ze . My kliecs wcrc ;0 5tlrr ani .tA-ollen that T had to walk v;itii a cane. My stsmticli troubled mr> tn; • I lost weight and strength. "In eight weeks Kotijola ri:d mo a Cfifi REMEDY KNOWN. ALSO IN TAHLKTS. lDRUG STORES wm sup piy. you Konjola Is sold In Blythcvllte, and guarantee money-back if It I Ark., at Klrby Drug Stores, and by does net end all Pile misery. [all the best druggists in all towns —Adv. 2 throughout this entire section. Adv. OILING AMP LUBRICATION Be good to your Ford and it will he good to you. For t'ood performance it asks just this— "Please chnnge the oil and lubrieatcavcry 500 miles." It doesn't cost much— just ?1—but that small investment will pay you hi;; dividends in reliability and long life. Bring your Ford to us and be sure the job is clone right. We use "Moda" oil and we chcclc and double check to see that no part is overlooked. You'll really see the difference in the way your car runs. 3..RT now is the timef Call 810 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY niythevlllc, Arkansas SUNSHINE MELLOWS ( Heat Purifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows —that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos — the Cream of-the). Crop-THEN -"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING"-that extra, secret process — removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. TV physician is: Keep but of doors, in the open air, breuthe deeply; take plenty of cxcr-' cisc in the mellow ishine, «ml haw a ifttic chfck-iip on. tliclitalih ofyawbody. Your Throofr Protection TO agamst irritation —against cough . i ®Hil, The Ar-.trltm Tobicce Co , Mfts.

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