The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1930
Page 3
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f ' WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1980 BLYTHEVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Farrell Stars in 'Liliom' Judge Futrell Disuses of Number oi Cases in Briel Term Ending Tuesday. Chancell:r J. M. Fillrc-ll dls- jio.sed of a number of during the lenn of chancery ccurt, •AJilch began Monday and closed Tuesday. Final decrees v;ere grunted and officially entered .in but a lew divorce cases. However decrees v.e're actually handed dou-n by Chancellor Pulrell in u number of other divorce fictions which have not' yet been entered on the chancery court record. Federal Intermediate Credit bank of St. Louis vs. J. w. Bader and Miriam Dader. Decree for pbintiif. L. H. Mor>re vs. Margaret J. Maulson. ct al. Uismitseil on mo- lion of plaintilf. Clyde Nickolson vs. H. M. Nickolson. Decree for plaintiff. F. P. Molt, trustee, el al. vs. Henry Perdue, et al. Sale coiiHtined. 51. N. Essary vs. n. L. Williford, et al. Hale confirmed. East Arkansas Lumber company vsv James T. Hall. Decroo for plaintiff. American Bklg. and Loan vs. W. A. llntchinson, el al. Sale confirmed. ,M. E. Singleton, et al. vs. J. A. Tejlin, et al. Sale confirmed. Citizens BUlg. and Loan vs. William McFarlrmd. Sale confirmed. fiank of Osccoia vs. J. A. Bass, et' al. Decree for plaintiff. Sewer Improvement Districi No. 1 vs. W. J. Short, el Eil. Repor: sale. Paving District Nos. 2 and 3 vs. Robert Black, et al. Report sale. Mattie M. Knight, ct al. vs. Town of Leachvilte, et al. Pcrma-. iisnL injunction granted. J. C. Thurmond vs. L, M. ItoSj. et nl. Sale confirmed. John T. Halten. et al. vs. J. E. 'lillman, ct al. Sale confirmed. MlssLsslppi County Bldg. and Loan Association vs. J. C. Gibson. ct at. Sale confirmed. Sub' Disl. No. 3 lo Drainage Disl. No. 9 vs. J. N. Thomasson, et al. Sale confirmed. SSb. Disl. No. 4 to Drain. Dist. No. 9 vs. W. II. Anderson, et al. Sale confirmed. Orussy Lake and Tyronza Drainage Dist. No"! 9 vs. J. R. Rose, et al. Sale confirmed. Julia A. Owallney vs. William A. Gwallney. Decree tor plaintiff. The Federal Land Bank of St. Louis vs. F. W. i.ucy, el al. Decree for plaint ill. , . . Peoples -Bldg. and Loan assn. vs. Er'ivln Walker, et al. Decree for plaintiff. • peoples Bldg. and Loan Assn. vs. Oliver Wicker, et al. Decree for P A" G .Douglass vs. Aubva.Allei^ Ryan et nl. Decree for plaintiff. Drainage Dist. No. 1C vs. Cer- . tain Lands and Nora Malloy, el al Decree for plaintiff. Alma Peters, et nl, vs. o. u. Deen, et nl. Decree for iilamWI Franklin Bond and Mortgage Co vs. C. M. Baxter, el al. Decree CliarleE Karrcll and ltdsc Ifu Irail in a scene from "I.llllnm." Good Films on Way as Movio • Industry Stirs From Slump Lumber company vsC'Ellza Bryant, el al. Decree for "fed Campbell 'vs Geneva Campbell. Decree for plaintm. Union Savings Bldg. and Loan Aisii. vs. L. E. Hainner. et al. Decree for plaint ill- Alma McGee vs. Glenn McGce. Dfcrce for plaintiff. C D. Matlhews jr.. vs. H. O. Ktiappenbergcr. Default decree. St Louis Union Trust Co. vs. K. S." Harris., ct al. Decree tor plam- 1 Mary E. Wells Cady et al, vs. L. L. McKay, el al. Decree for pltiin- U The Uninn Central Life Insurance Co. vs. Lawrence M. Ross, e. a, Decree lor plaintill. E Harper, et al. vs. Drainage- Dislrict No. 17. Removed lo federal "First National Bank of Blythe ville vs. F. A. Robinson, et Decree for plainlif!. Allie Meda Silmon vs. Frank M Silnion. Decree for plaintifl. Fred Norwood vs. Made Norwood Decree for plaintiff. Travelers Bldg. and Loan Assn vs W M. Hall, et al. Decree foi a I. Cherry vs. Pearl Cherry Decree for plaintiff. Mollic Benoit vs. A. W. Bonoil. Decree for plaintifl. Will Glover vs. Roxic Glover. Decree for plaintiff. Grace H. James vs. James James Decree for plaintill". East Ark. Lumber company Enoch Chapel, A. M. for plaintill. Carrie F. Rhodes ct al vs. Gus Smith, et al. Decree tor plnlnliU Fidelity Savings and Loan Assn vs. .diaries Santy, ct al. G. G. Caudill named receiver. Tiger-Levine Co. vs. J. H. Stanfield. Re«d Threlkeld named --- ceiver. Statistics say Ihar. the average American eats 25 pints of Ice cream ami 25 pickles a year. The shortest navigable route from San Francisco to Manila. P. I is 7.1C-1 miles. vs. Decree twccn them from t> standpoint 01 Hitality. Jimmy handles the comedy alons v;ltii Harry Sweet, another imparlation from the stage. Am! Marjorie is grnntl rts the brokcn- c'oivn cafe queen. VE rot) You can throw a glamorous effect over a simple evening gown by tlie addition of a drop bcrlh'a. in scintillating material. IvTake a circular bsrtha of span- By DAN THOMAS NEA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD—The motion plc- ure industry s:ems lo be having an awakening—at leasl the product of the gigantic slcdios scallered around here is of a much higher calibre llian il was a few momh- ago. For a aoou many weeks it seemed that fllni executives and directors ivere striving to see who could make the worst piclures. Business fell off. 'fhen things stalled to hum ind out of this re- i e w c d act ivity came a number of nrelly good and a f e w very good films. One of the most important, if 1101 the outstanding, films scheduled for fall, release the screen version of Franz Mo'.mr'i singe play. "LUi- orn." w h i c h. ilrnnge lo say. will go cut under In? same title. "Liliom" is outstanding for four reason? its original tlieme. the direction, the performances and the treatment. This is Ihe picture lhal Janet Gaynor went chasing olt to Honolulu to escape, which was too bad, because her winsome appeal really I Eles. beaded was needed. Rose Hobart. recruit- I lc( «, in gold or silver or in the ed from lite New York stage, does j co ' or ot y° ur 'gown. Have it reach r.oniL 1 mighty (me work, but she I fr °m one shoulder strap in front lacks a certain something with ] across the back and around the which Janet is well Minplicd. 1 other arm to fasten to the other diaries Parrell is the star of HIP j sh °uliter strap in front. A neat picture and many are of the opinion ! Wil >' lo aUnch it Is by using foil Ural he gives the best performance ?" n l> 3 ' lm > '" flon t and two be of liis entire reer. not excepting! his work in "Seventh Heaven." And Estelle Taylor (Iocs such fine work that she makes a mediocre role ot vital importance. The story is that of Liliom, a conceited Hungarian carnival barker, who is loved by two women — a sinner and a saint. He finds that both women appeal to him. They Influence his life. He Well Trained and Stable Teaching Corps Is Vital (Continued from pase onel town teachers for the high school work because cf the disciplinary prrbli'ins lluil invariably develop, thus affecting the efficiency of such teuclwis. The local syclem does not hnvo n j ||navision or tick leave, olhcr than that the teacher provide u sub- I slllute ut his ov:n cxpcny.?. Ills ! salary (joes on lor the full Him: | liowuver, Many sy.sti-ins have ten i diiy >.lfk leave provisions, which lire iK'iwflda! to the teacher. The ! local .• y!.t«m has: never been nble to | inaugurate a similar plan because jcf lack nf finance. Salaries Arc Nut Hlj-h I A dcfinlt.? salary schedule, Brant- Ing regular Increases for training and experience, placing all lencli- ers en Ihe samp .basis wos adopted u yi'ur a<jO, bul hail to be abandon- ml because of lack of finances. II i would have ullimaiely provided for the mini 1 salaries for Ihc teachers with the same training and experience rallvr than making each ''janitor's salary an individual matter. The average salary of all teach- I T.S and principals last year was ! 512O. Out of this sal-.n-y the tench-' [ c-r must provide nil of hlr. expenses, ] unle:<i he can supplement it In the summer, although sonic time must be reserved for summer school. At tlv! present time th-sc teachers v.'ho board pay an average of Sll per month tor board and room. Aikl to this a reasonable amount j for laundry, toilet articles, clothing. ! medical attention, life Insurance. ! literature, and organisation and I church dues, and it will te seen !hat there is only a small margin' for luxuries, savings, and ft reserve for summer schools. Several suite:; have retirement funds for ll'oir leathers, which allow them to retire after certain -dL nf service. The local teacher mi:*! make her plans for the future at tltt present, saving enough tor a rainy day If possible. - A well trained efficient corps of teachers means much to a com- | uninily nnd there Is an inestimable less bolh lo the c'mmunity nnd to the pupils Ir.eimelvcs when a faculty must IK disbanded, to be sun- plemontetl by younger and less experienced instructors. Il will mean much to Blylhcvil!,; nol to have .to undergo such a metamorphosis. THREF •V?. SISTER MARY'S KITCH I1Y SISTKIt MARY NKA Si-rdiB VVrltu- The quliu'e Miy^i'.sts d.^lli-ious ]Ki.-:iuiliiii.s In tli? way of Jellies, pio-uves and relishes, but aside fri in llirse lists compiii-.itively few cix.ks u'alixe Its worth. A cuusSn ol the :ii>])tc, u may be cooked in almost any way In which the applp is cooki-d. Its adaptability and deli- ciu'.is flavor make It dcsei vinu of u hliih ]>lace amom! our fruits There are many delectable st'ii.s usually ns.'oclated with iip- plts Dial am eiiually |jo(xl nuide with iiuiuces. liakcd quince dump- HIIKS. :|ii|nce rolo-|K)ly. c]Uincc,larls <liiii:tf whip and bnkcd t|iihirc;; arc a fi•»• .'i-asunal desserts. tjuinci- Kiiuce serves us (hi; loiin- d.i!i'n for various dets;rts or may Li^ iw«.-(l ulone as a .simple di's'H-ri. net, bugles, or pail- Ill 20.000.000 wired homes In the j p ]nyln _ Jnitod Staler, surveys show That j K ^{ ml .^ finally marries the saint and is harassed into beating her. After a robbery in which he takes part, he stabs himself to death. Then follows a redemption brought about by a trip to heaven and return lo earth in which the faithful love of his wife is vindicated and they are made happy. This was a most difficult subject to handle on the screen but S. N. Behnnan. .who adapted the slory. and Director Frank Borzigc treated it perfectly. Another picture which is destined to be a hit Is "Her Man," by Pathe, the same studio that turned out "Holiday." A few more picture.; of this calibre and Pathe will be attracting a lille notice once more It Is difficult lo place the cr«dil for this really fine production. Tay Garnctt, one of Hollywood's younger directors, proves with it tha' when given half a chance he does not have to lake ills hat off lo anybody. Helen Twclvctrces does by far lb/ best work of her career—which 1- saying quite a lot since Helen's performances in her last few plclurer. anything to scoff nl Unik CO per cent have electric machines. Om of the crllest papular nov- rls, "D:h Quixote," Is the longest. II contains 461,000 words. I nuiiuci, who has been coming tc ironing U)[ , [orc R0 T!if]ay during the pasi few months. Phil plays the rols of 1 a hard-boiled but and it's a Every year .England loses by erosion a tract, of land Ihe size of Gibraltar. romantic sailoi in our mind whether he Is better at fighting or 1 making love. ' •'.;• Next In line for honors arc James Gleason and Marjorie Rambeau. Altliough their work Is entirely dlf- .fffrtnti Hwrc in HttH to clvx><» tjr. hind. Till: IIKTTCK HALF HUSBAND The potatoes are only half ccoketl. BRIDE. Thin eat the half that is cooked.—Enen Humor, Madrid New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 24 IUD— Colon closed sicady. Open High Low Close Oct (old) 1058 1011 1052 1052 105C I06C 198C IMS 1078 1087 1090 1093 1087 1037 11U UK 1123 1131 1137 1148 Oct (new) Dec <ohll Dec (new) Jan <oldi Jan (new) Mar May Jul 1051 1083 1075 10SO 1C85 1103 1121 1137 105U 1038 1075 NMG 103! 1103 1123 1139 Spots closed quiet at 1055. Otf 10. New Or lean fi CoUun NEW OHLEANS. Sept..24 (UP) — Cotton clawed steady. Or/in lll«h Low Close Oct 1057 IOG8 1053 10S3 Roc 1030 1088 1075 1078 Jan 1031 1003 1081 1087 ar 1)08 HIS 1103 1103 ay 1123 1123 1121 1122 l 1143 1H9 1138 1133 Spot cloed teady al 1034, off G. Itihen Won't CLASSIFIED mi/ (liiliicit.. Vl'an', core and •(inuliT trull nnd took In bollinc h.iter to coi-c-i- mull tender. Let cook away a:; much us pus- <ibk'. nub fruit Ihrongh cnlandov or rlccr nnd odd suunr "lo tasV>." One o»p of iugnr Id two cups of makes n pleasantly swept '•mice. Adding siifar nficr the lnilt Is cooked makes n more delicately lluvcrcd sauc,3 tlmn cooklnt; tin: ipnr v:llh the fruit. Quince whip uses Hit 1 whites ot Uvo eyiv; for (wo cups of svvi'Olen- od ijiiinco MIUIC. ttlilir;; svllh i< vvlilsk iinlil i:tif[ nnd dry unit fold Into samv. Chill nnd M-nr with or without plnln or whipped . T|u> ivlilp on. ill-/] lie j.-.rv- td with n cuMiird sauce mii'.li: witii (lip yoll-.s of UK' ritijs. Qinnci' linnry I-, ilolti-lniir, M|I|I I'U'um chci'ro In sund'A'U he-; or, of I'ourso, It is |j(,od with [o:ist or Inn lolls for tiny meal. • » * Qiiliirr Honey- . t Six law [[Uinci's, (j pounds sit- eur. 2 I-a ciins water. Part', <|imrler nnd cur."! (|ii(|ioo.s. Grate or put llmmnli tine knlfo o( |H:H! vlinpiic-r, I'ul snpr ::nd via- ter In'.;) pii'Mjrvhi" keltic atul cool: ten iiilnut'. 11 ;. Add milnces niul cook 30 minutes lonv :L pan Intii .Utrll- 1/eil Jelly irlsi'ti'.'M and, tuvcr wlili p:irnlln v.ln.'ii cold. QiiliH'i! li'iiicy Is nlso n-cd In iKiniy dr;;:cils. H|iicnd lady lln- KITS v.ltli the honey rnd mian'j! In ii mold r.r bowl. I'uiir over b-il- ril ciisturd to cover and lr; Klan-J in lei' bus over nlutil Serve with whipped crram. .'iji'iiiRR rake- good spread with quince nnd sewed «ltli whipped cream, llallv Menu imi.'AKFAST-Hnkcd poors served with weal nnd crcnin, French lo;i:l .syrup, milk, collec. I.UNaiKON .-nakvU E(|il:ish. lei- liii.'! hiimltt'lflws, brown liolty with h:ird ;.,iu<-!'. milk. li-u. DlN'NWt Gleam i'l corn Hiup, limited. l.initi c|io]x>, scuUoprd po- laii:rs. biiuu'cd beets. stuffed eel•-"•••;. pi-irii roljljliT, milk, coff.-c. sands of years to reach" the "earth! "'• LADY: Yes, but the stars only; . shine at night; otherwise It would" tinea got ncrc quicner —Nagels Lus-,, tlgc Welt, Berlin. ' • K : , K : ;•;(;, --!'. *'• -•"'••'• llidil ihcr niubli'. You M ny tiir.L.ind a bi stu;(;i-:s'noN I.ATJY iwlio liar. Icotal ilni! ill I hi- Oh <l;-ar. dil ihcru':; nultilns i[»itu I want to i;lvc suiprke on iil'j Cl.niK il-'d up>: Then why ir. ;ili! l:r|:!nd Iho door and sliuu; 'I!..'.!" .H him? The llumorlsl. Vi:.S, VKS! I'lloriMsoki Yon ran roallw tin- malt dihlnnce cl this slur linm Hi" i:uili when you i-enslf'.M that thi' ll^lil lo:jk • :iovti al then- YOU SAVE IN BUYING KC BAKING POWDER You savt In'uiinj " KC.UK LESS Uun oJ-' m'sti priced buridi, ; ! IT'S DOUILt ACTIHO MULIONSOF POUNDS USfP BV OUR C'OVFRNMCHT NOTHING TO FKAK In a drawing-room a famous composer met n. lady finger who loved lo display her talent. "Will you bo gocd enough to sing us somelhing?" "Oh, I'm so frightened, sir; thorc are sr. many people . . ." "Wlin: libout it " answered the master, 'nssuringly. "No one's Us-, trains!"—'iiie. Charleroi. UNDECIDED RASTUS: H»ahs 'dat two-bits I ilone borrowed from yuh las' year. SAMBO: You done keep it so lonpr rial I dcr.n knon- if it's v.'iiff ivhilc for im> to change mah opinion of you.- -Tit-Bits. The 'Presidential salute nf 21 Sims us fired to salul,? heads of foreign governments coming to the UJiiled States. Would You Believe These Pictures Were Taken 6 Years Apart? Tanlac Made Him Well Then and Has Kept Him Well Ever Since What lie said in 1924 John F,. Jones, 520 1'rcdonia Strfct, Muakogcc, Okla., wrote us on I February 16, 192V: . | While principal of ihc Lincoln High I School of Arkansas I hccameso bajly ! rundown that ihc end of iheday found me completely figged out. 1 had heard of Tanljc as a fine medicine and so I tried it. Tjnhc certainly did wonders in relieving that rircd feeling, gjve me »So«ippiiit .ndtontd up my»hol?i T s. " n d,?,o*r 0 o£" lh>rJ " l *' IU '""'" What he said in 1930 On August 22, 1930, thi* »»me ninn C X C /, s , intcc Tanl »c fixed me up in 1 92-«, I have been in first class hcalih. lanlacisareal mcdicinefor rundown, nervous stomach sufferers and let me Ml jou when one's stomich ii in xoodoiiltr ~k- pr k" >P *"", °', BOoJ kMhl1 - 1 li»e ' nolhmj bus voids of pnisc for Tin] ac. If ynn nrc nervous, rumlown nnd c«n t Bleep, if gnu anil iioins in I stomach nml Imwrls caus« niiwry, : vou nrcd Tanlnc. Just tr> a iMittlc. ] It must help you or your druggist ' will refund your money. I FOR WEAK STOMACH ANDNERVES IT'S AS RASY and natural to enjoy (lie fragrant mildness-of a Camel Cigarette as it is to admire beauty when you see it. Camels are made, and always have been made, for discriminating smokers—the people whoso keen judgment unerringly selects liic best. But that doesn't mean you have to he an expert to enjoy Camels! The delicate, mellow fragrance of those choice sun-ripened tobaccos is something that anybody can appreciate. Camels are naturally smooth and mild — never parched nor insipid. Why is there such a swing to Camels? Because more and more smok- crs are learning the difference between true mildness and mere flatness. Give yourself the luxury o£ a cigarette that's always pleasant smoking. CAME

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