The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on October 3, 1977 · Page 10
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 10

Akron, Ohio
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Monday, October 3, 1977
Page 10
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A2 Akron Beacon Journal Monday, October 3, 1977 1 "mm w: 1 f ' m t ' . . . and faces I k, i Names I .4 . ' .a 45 years in pulpit Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, 82, says he thinks there Is "more religion to the square inch In this country today than there was 50 years ago." Al though church attendance is not as great as it used to be, Dr. Peale says people are becoming part of "a human and social movement to make the teachings of Jesus integrated in human society." About 2,000 worshipers, including former astronaut Frank Borman, attended Dr. Peale's 45th U amuvciaaijr otri vice ounuay ai me Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, where he has been it pastor since 1932. t' I World heavyweight boxine Dr. Peale champion Muhammad All and social scientist Kenneth Clark have been awarded honorary degrees at New Hampshire's Franconia College. Ali is touring New England with his wife, Veronica, and their 14-month-old daughter. President Carter's mother, Lillian Carter, will join 250 Iowans on a goodwill flight to Dublin, Ireland, Nov. 8 under the Friendship Force program. Participants will stay in the homes of Dublin residents for four days, then will have the choice of traveling or staying in a second host home. On the rocks Apricot nectar spilled over a blue-white clump of ice perched in a punch bowl as Prince Mohammed Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia toasted an iceberg that cost him $7,500 to bring to Ames, Iowa. The prince is cosponsor of the First International Conference on Iceberg Utilization and has donated $50,000 to support the meeting in Ames. "We wanted people to touch it and see a real iceberg," said conference chairman Dr. Daniel Zaffarano. Jordan's King Hussein has chosen a doctor to be his fourth wife, according to the Beirut newspaper As Safir. The newspaper said the king will marry Dr. Lana Badreddln in a few days. Two of Hussein's marriages have ended in divorce. His third wife, Alia Toqan, died in a helicopter crash last February. Singer Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon, who stars in the TV series "Hee Haw," were married Sunday in a private ceremony at Rogers' Los Angeles home. The Rev. James Davidson, father of singer John Davidson, performed the ceremony. It is the second marriage for Rogers, 39, and Miss Gordon, 33. Better late than never Pearl Yeater found a 20-year-old Oklahoma City garbage bill in her desk and decided she'd better pay the $6. Mrs. Yeater, now of Fort Worth, Tex., said she and her husband, Eugene, felt "a moral obligation to pay the bill. We have to meet our maker someday." Rebecca Ann King, who won the Miss America title in 1974, has passed the Colorado bar exam and is planning a career in law and perhaps politics. Miss King said she is "pretty tired of using my physical attributes" to make a living and she wants to "start using my brains." f . IP King Hussein Rebecca Ann King Lillian Carter Today in history On this date in 1944, during World War II, U. S. troops cracked the Siegfried Line north of Aachen, Germany. In 1952, the British exploded their first atomic bomb in a test off the coast of Australia. In 1964, Hurricane Hilda left more than 30 dead as it roared across a coastal area west of New Orleans. Writer Gore Vldal is 52 today. Orchestra conductor Stanislaw Skrowaczewski is 54. Thought for today: "But words once spoke can never be recalled." Wentworth Dillon, English poet. I Jsj s4 iMi'v v - 1 -Vj t !, - a-' V- -5 After storm Scattered debris is all that is left of two houses after a tornado and severe thunderstorm swept through the Cincinnati area Saturday. U.S. Rep. Thomas A. Lu-ken (D-Ohio) wants an investigation into why the U.S. Weather Service was unable to give more than a 10-minute warning. The tornado hit the northwest suburb of Monfort Heights, destroying 12 houses and injuring 13 persons. CP) Terrorists, 19 hostages head jetliner toward North Africa seeking asylum BEIRUT OP) Five Japanese terrorists who hijacked a Japanese airliner over India five days ago headed for North Africa today with 19 hostages and six other terrorists looking for asylum. As the Japan Air Lines DC8 started across the Mediterranean from Syria, it radioed the Cyprus air traffic control center that it was going to Algeria. One American was among the captives still on board. Just before leaving Damascus, the hijackers told the control tower the rest of the hostages would be released at their final destination. But they did not disclose where that would be. THERE was speculation that if Algeria refused to give the terrorists refuge, they would turn to Libya or South Yemen, two Arab countries with radical governments which have accepted hijackers and other terrorists in the past. The hijackers are members of the ultra-leftist Japanese Red Army which works closely with the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The jetliner flew to the Middle East Sunday after a 4V-day siege at the airport in Bangladesh, Dacca, and refueled at Kuwait and Damascus. The takeoff from the Syrian capital was delayed while Japanese and Syrian officials tried to get more hostages released, but the hijackers refused. The terrorists seized control of the Paris-to-Tokyo plane early Wednesday after it took off from Bombay. The hijackers freed 115 of their hostages in Dacca, seven more in Kuwait and 10 in Damascus. This left 12 captive passengers and the crew of seven aboard along with the five hijackers and six terrorists freed from Japanese prisons in response to the hijackers' demands. The Japanese government also paid a ransom of $6 million. TWELVE Americans were aboard the plane when it was hijacked, the airline said. Nine were freed in Dacca and two in Damascus, leaving one Eric Weiss, 30, of San Francisco still aboard today. Two other Californians, William D. McLean, 46, of Alamo, and Thomas P. Phalen, 29, of San Francisco, were freed along with eight Japanese passengers in Damascus. McLean is executive vice president of a tugboat and barge company and Phalen is a State Department employe. The airline sent a plane from Tokyo to Dacca today to fly the freed hostages to Bangkok en route to Tokyo. The hijackers were believed to have boarded he plane in Bombay and were armed with automatic weapons, grenades and plastic explosives. ONE FREED hostage, a Japanese woman, said the terrorists did not hurt any of the passengers. But an American missionary, Jenabe Caldwell, 51, of Anchorage, Alaska, said he saw the hijackers pistol-whip a Saudi Arabian passenger twice and club others on the head. Caldwell and California banker John Gabriel, 60, were hospitalized in Dacca, but both were released after treatment. Caldwell said he was suffering from acute constipation and a painful back ailment while Gabriel had an infection of the urinary tract. "Very bad time," said one of the freed Japanese hostages. "Very, very bad time, but we very lucky too." Carter studying tax on oil imports Continued from page A-l comments, said the question is not so much over the tax itself but what to do with the revenue it would produce. "The fight will be over how do we spend the money and anytime you get $12 billion or $15 billion in a pot before the Senate you will get 12 or 15 different suggestions as to how it should be spent," Jackson said. Jackson was interviewed on Meet the Press on NBC-TV. MEANWHILE two liberal senators filibustering to keep natural gas under federal control say they are within two votes of victory as the Senate deadlock enters its third week. Although two tests have demonstrated that supporters of natural gas deregulation have the votes to win, Democratic Sens. James Abourezk of South Dakota and Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio are vowing to continue their filibuster in the name of lower home heating costs. "We are good for another 10 days or two weeks," Abourezk said after a rare weekend Senate session. Abourezk and Metzenbaum are pinning their hopes on a tie floor vote. Vice President Walter F. Mon-dale would then have to break the deadlock by voting for the Carter administration's plan to continue controls. IN AN important vote last week, supporters of deregulation won 50 to 44. But for a potential parliamentary advantage, Abourezk voted with his opponents, meaning the true vote was 49 to 45. With Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N. M.) willing to switch and vote Akron Blacon Joiknal N. 141, llfltiVMr Published daily and Sunday by the Beacon Journal Publishing Co. The Beacon Journat'i telephone number j& (216) 37S-8II1. The mailing address is 44 E. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio USJ& Second-class postage paid al AKron, O., daily. Subscription rates: Daily Beacon Journal )Sc. Sunday Beacon Journal 50c. Home delivered daily 90c per wee. Home delivered daily and Sunday 1 40 per week By mail for 52 weeks in advance in Zones 1-S daily $56 16, Sunaavs 13120 Wall orders not acceoted trom localities served by delivery agents Oulside Ohio, Zones Si, Seven and Eignl: Daily 168 64, Sundays JJ432 ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES: Knighl-Ridder Newspaper Sales, Inc., offices in principal cities. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news pubiisned in this newspaper at well as all AP news. for the federal controls if his vote would make the difference, that leaves a two-vote margin to reach a tie. Predicting that some minds would be changed over the weekend, Abourezk said he thinks "the momentum is in our direction." Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd said he expected the issue to be decided by Wednesday. But as long as the filibustering senators refuse to agree to a time for a vote, there is little Byrd can do to force the issue. THE CARTER administration originally had proposed raising the price celling on natural gas to $1.75 per thousand cubic feet, but the President has since agreed to a compromise of $2.03. The President's allies argue that while gas producers may need higher prices to provide enough incentive to find new reserves, gas does not need to be deregulated. And a final congressional decision must await action by a House-Senate conference committee. Because the House has approved Carter's $1.75 ceiling, Senate supporters of deregulation quietly acknowledge they anticipate a joint committee will vote a higher ceiling than $1.75, but will not approve deregulation. AS THE SENATE resumed the seemingly endless natural gas debate that has blocked almost all other business, the House scheduled work on a comprehensive proposal to make it easier for labor unions to organize. The measure would punish recalcitrant companies that illegally block union recruiting efforts, speed procedures for joining unions and require immediate reinstatement of any worker fired for union activity. Republican House members were expected to make a fervent effort to block consideration of the bill, which has the Carter administration's support. Labor leaders say the bill is needed to offset the delaying tactics of companies that use loopholes in the National Labor Relations Act to repeatedly block their employes from joining unions. One of the few non-energy issues getting any attention in the Senate is the new Panama Canal treaty. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds its third and final week of hearings on the treaty this week, with former President Gerald R. Ford, ex-California Gov. Ronald Reagan and former Secretaries of State Dean Rusk and Henry A. Kissinger invited to testify. A ratification vote is not expected until next year, however. Area weather Showers likely tonight. Low around 42. Partly cloudy Tuesday. High around 64. Chance of rain 60 percent tonight and 20 percent Tuesday. Winds tonight northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. Area climatic dak Temperatures: Sunday high, 54 at 2 p.m. Low, 43 at 9 p.m. Mean temperature, 49, 10 below normal. A year ago today: High 71; low, 43. Records for today: 87 in 1898; 29 in 1908. Precipitation: Sunday, .04; .65 this month; 20.19 this year; 2.22 above normal. Sunset today: 7:05. Sunrise Tuesday: 7:25. Lake conditions Northwest to north winds 20 to 30 knots today and 15 to 25 knots tonight. Waves five to eight feet. Today's pollution index: 34 (excellent). noon 51 11 on. 45 1 pm. 51 midnight 41 2 P.m. 54 1 e m. 46 3 p m. 53 2 a m. 46 4 p m. 50 3 a.m. 46 5 pm. 49 4 a.m. 46 6 p m. 50 5 a m. 45 7 p m. 47 6 em 46 I p m. 46 7 am. 46 V p m. 43 I a m. 46 10 p m. 43 Huim's uf the Moon FIRST OU. FULL LAST QU. NEW nxTi I III I ( Showers Miami Forecast until Tuesday Sept. 20 Sept.27 Oct. 5 Oct.12 Showers were forecast today for portions of the Rockies, the Great Plains and portions of Texas and New Mexico. Warm temperatures were expected for much of the West Coast with cool weather elsewhere. On the road Sunny and warmer Tuesday in Kentucky, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Cool in other nearby states. Showers likely Wednesday through Friday in Michigan and Tennessee. Fair Wednesday in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania but showers likely on Thursday. Ohio outlook Cloudy and cool with showers likely today. High in the low 60s. Showers likely in the Northeast tonight with a chance of frost in the Northwest. Lows tonight 35 to 45. Highs Tuesday in the 60s. Partly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday. Chance of showers Thursday and fair Friday. Cool through Friday. Cincinnati Cleveland High 64 62 Low 40 42 Columbus Dayton High 62 Tomorrow's forecast High Low Albuaueraue-pt. cloudy 72 51 Atianta-sunny 72 43 Atlantic City-sunny 65 48 Baltimore-sunny 64 4b Birmingham-sunny 70 42 BismarcK-clouoy 57 39 Boise-sunny 67 3V Boston-tair 58 4 7 Buttaio-cioudy 58 40 Burlington, Vt.-drlnle 48 40 Cnaneston $ C.-sunny 74 49 Charleston W. Va -tunny 60 38 Charlotte, N.C.-sunny 65 42 Cheyenne-pt. cloudy 59 38 Chicago-sunny 63 44 Daiias-fair 79 55 Denver-pt. cloudy 69 42 Dei Moines-cioudy 67 -j Detroit-sunny 59 36 Harttoro-tair 58 40 Heiena-partv cloudy 50 28 Houston-pt. cloudy 86 63 Indianapolis-sunny 63 38 JacKson, Wisi.-Sunny 75 47 Jacksonville-sunny 75 55 Juneau-ctoudy 51 36 Kansas City-Cloudy 66 49 Las Vegas-sunny Little RocK-tair Los Angeies-pt. cldv Louisviiie-sunnv Miami Ueach-pt. cldy Milwaukee-sunny Mmneapoiis-pt.. cldy Nasnyiiie-tair New Orieans-fair New York-tair Omaha-pt cldy Oriarido-sunny Pnnaoeipnia-sunny Phoenin-pt. cidv Pmsourgn-pt. cldy Portland, Ve.-tair Portland, Ore -fair Provioence-faif Reno-sunny Richmond-sunny St. Louis-pt. cloudy St. Petersburg-sunny Salt Lake City-tair San Franclsco-sunny Seattle-fair Wasnington-sunny yyicniia-ciouay High 89 73 78 60 86 63 64 68 77 63 70 80 65 93 57 58 61 58 72 67 70 84 76 69 63 66 73 Low 42 42 Low 62 45 63 41 74 38 39 42 60 45 49 64 45 71 38 41 46 43 32 44 40 64 48 55 43 48 53

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