The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1934
Page 8
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PAOR EIGHT BI.YTHEVILM5. (ARK.) COURlEIt NEWS FRIDAY, APRJL Track and Field Squad Clash In Dual Meet Al Jonesboro Fodav The Blythovillc high irack an H t>!tl icnin will un to Jonr&boro to<lay lo o:ig.i<re the llunicam 1 £:ii':»l in a dual ;rfick mm. 'l)i" NlyilK'Villc rni'erc mot i. 1 : a ditni niri't \Vfdnt'. i; (l:iy tine bit. With Jonciboro reputed l<: li'ivc 1 oiK 1 of the ln-hl I rack squads lunU'd oul dmilCCS UVai un'.y boy.s :i A SENATORIAL QUESTION - By Krenz 1', ha.s C!::Ck-, Tl:r> Jimrsl: ;:;j;:l(i ;i!iorti o (!:'• schmlls' .viir.e uuliiailon a^ chiiiicf.s in the d!s- Hooks end Slides Bill Braucher Vou Take Ihc Others K*l>eHs art 1 ll.ishlng the news that .several noble tee-gees have been iingiiinaicd lo obtain ihe -lurf t-rown which pcrcticil so Jauntily bit yenr on Ihe brow of Ki You can have ihcm. I'll Imvc to liihe When midsummer TOtues. the snii of Pi-imam-Su'ln?- sui$ will come swinstn^ do\vn the lane again. You ill kiui\v then ',h:U HIP old clnnnplcm still has Inl u lakes. Journalistic druiiuucr boys lite :bunding the loin-loms hi behalf 01 i\ IID.-.S nnmeu Ijinnnnyn. Freddie Hopkins, who used lu ready up U'quinoto for the rni-t'S. Is now in Li'.iirGe of tins animated hlili 1 uiul lii-a.s lo ri'iiurl th;tl when old Ekky comes back lo (he run's in Maryland Ihis year, Lnrrnmi<gn will u? Ihere to break Ins heart. Hi- He Can lie Wrons Now Hopkins happens lo lie pretty lair conditioner ol hosse.s and his predictions usually have not been far wrong. He can look al a hoss i\iv\ lo.ll vatum Uvo-nf'.Hs of a second how he'll run (he mile. He was wron' 0r i\ couple of filths 'the year Twenty Grant! made' the others in the Derby look like Clydesdales, but he had the rlglil s'.ced even though his proj- i.oslication anent the time twhich was 2:01 4-5) wns a 'bit jic.sslinl.stli:. Any forecast, however, which gives Larrininya n heat, over Mrs. .Swinging's stalwart son seems to me to be - c o much salami, T<x> of- ton have 1 teen Ekky com? from back there in the stretch and kick elods inlo these country horses' faces. Freddie or r.o Freddie, my 5-rent mind bet aocs Miiack-dau on that Whitnfiy hoss's prolwscls. A. meeting between the two hns been Inevitable since Larranaga headed home first in the Cuban Orand National, a S5Q.OCO fixture al Havana. He Is lit Bowie now and his name is on the line for tile biy handicaps. A month's I mining has brought him to razor- edge form. • * * In Share Equipoise 1ms spent the winter fit Lexinglon, where winters are jiist cold enough to keep the blood llowlnj. i;e VWJMAnT.... rVT WAS FAILED O VJifJ IJJ THE \WORi-D 7XK1" AUBlTiOM 6 Fc«E'filiAJ6 IK CASMT «r-iGnc VEAR5 Knichel Meets I ,a wo; Lawrence Taekles .Welch in years liH till:v no'. bnyhl shies A_c tress* 'Caveman' Story Hitlerites and Foes Clash in New York Win Tiihlc Tennis Crowns Freddie Knichel nnd Tony t.nwo vlll inei'l In the feature match nn Mondny ni^hl's card at Ihc armory, always bring him back despiu' Hoy Welch, who has yel lo be l>calcii here exci'tit t)y Ihc fnn] unite, will lake on Speedy Law- nice, ihe clinklnij "artist" who :i]>- •enred last week. Knichel won over Ralph Smith leie t'uily this week In one of tin' •IcnncM matches a-en here In a img time. Knichel Is an aul.siFind- ii'j loenl favorite. I.awo, who like Kntahcl halls trom Memphis, Is a rougher nctor limn Knichel and Is ,i!:;o fast and strong. Tho opener should prove a roir/.h and ready nlfalr. Welch, while a|i- parenlly lucking the knowledge of •ips displayed" hy s-.otne other n'.-r- fonners, has nlways mnnagod to polish off his opponents with Ills rouBh tactics. Two or three limes he has been dLsuunliflfd for Mis lactic.*; but the Cnniullnn Is such n draw-Ins; curd that the promoters In a preliminary match threat.'! of -a'speii-ilon voiced every once In awhile. Lawrence appeared here early I his week and was disqualified for his choXing ladies agtilnst, Paul Uazelle. Fnns were so lusty in ihi'lr opiwsltlon lo Lawrence llrni ]'.<• and Welch, who likewise arouws ire of local fans to a liitfi pitch, should ttulher a big audience for Ihelr affair. This clash should have n decidedly Canadian linRc with Lawrence billed elsewhere as "claimant to the Canadian light heavyweight Ullc," and Welch termed Ihe "Camidian wildcat" by iiroinolcrs for a long time. Ifuiiriy Ilinvlini;. sermon dancer, aLtivc, ihrcfLiniied her with a KIIM and trhMl 10 force her to iriiiiry Ijlm, InildiiiK lie" nrltiouer in a Vuina, Ariz,, hotel, Marjorio (Jrawfunl, Him actress, clmrgoil. LOB Ai!3c!9e nuiliorltlcs filed accusation of assault with a deadly w^:i|ioh avalnsl Dowllut;, wh9 denies coercion. Antarctic Ruler WAIT UNTIL BODY IS IN ' POSITION — TIIKN HIT I Many golfers make their first mistake at the start, ol the downswing. They try to hit immediately 1 instead of walling until the body Is In the proper posllinn. Stnrt the downswing slowly sn TVvj new king nnd qwcn of table tennis, crowned at the finish of the national lournamcnl at Cleveland, Ohio, are .limmy McCJlurc, Indianapolis store clerk, and Knlh Aarons of New York. The Iwo new lillc holders an: shown abnvc after winning tholr trophies. They unsealed Jimmy Jacobson of New York and Miss Jny IMrves of IX's IMaines, III Basketball Started Kansas Star Miler On Track Career UufTalo ricks Van Bibber BUFFALO, N. Y. i UP)—George Van Bibber, one of the greatest tackles ;ver turned out at Purdue, has been cussed to coach the 1034 University ol Buflulo football team. Van Bibber, an almost imlvcml nil- American croice (hiring his intercollegiate gridiron competition, suc- ocrils jimmy Wilson, who uas let out ct the clos: of the 1933 SMSOII. f She Makes Max Grin V Baer It INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. <UP> — Bnskelbnll started Glenn Cvmm'ng- hnm, world's fastosl indoor mile on his career ns n Irack star, he revealed here. ] Cunningham became interested in basketball in his high school days nl Elkhart. Kan., when he first entered sports. From that fast game It was a natural slcp into running, and then Into (Vis- lance running, he explained. The Kansas flash was here for the Butler relays. He fiukil lo break his record lor the indoor mile ns hf had hoped to do. but placed first In the event. The previous week he had set Ihe new Iti.'U April "born at Virginia, of Erie Cosial Alttmy to Lake T?:ne or<a<sr6i A wilil [tain a ,s;;oul turk'.-y, "volpliininv," can ; . of a mile a minute '"• When more Ulan 9.000 Nazi sympathizers met in New York lo :i N'azi anti-boycott numerous brawls anil fist rights resulted of whlcn | Hie one pictured here is typical. Thn most ser : lifter the meeting in Ridgewood Grove arena whrn marching troapcrs, singing Nav.i .songs, and shouilng "Hell Hilier", clashed in :\ general uielsc with a group of men reported to lie C'Oinmiinlsti, ROXY I£IL13 J13IUH.U VJ1 HIIIVI. ™»s disorder occurred | « yj whrn marching storm i a French prl?2 captured by a Con- | nccticnt frigale and private dotia-, lions were poobj with L'e lattery receipts to eicet t'.ie builtihig. he | oldest on the campus. i Kri-ak Artidtnl Fatal CDESTVIEW, rla. iVI'!— James I-'. Howcll. OS. was killed by a "freak" accident here. Howell was carrying a fruit, jar when he trip- "Ctl over the tongue of u cultivator. The fruit J5r broke and the • '. glass cut his throat. He was able to cry oul only onte. His sou carried him into liis house and lie died 15 minutes later. WRESTLING PRKDDIE KNICHEI, TONY""I,A\VO HOY WELCH srrcKDY J!A\VRE-:NC'K AR.MORY, MONDAY MTI-: © hat the clubtiead lie arc and the brenk loo soon. ' >unch and power s struck. Make the first will RO inside wrist will no wasting the! before the bal acllon of ttv world record of 4L08.4, at. Madlsoi Square Garden. Only three nighl before th Butler event. Cunningham cllppe two seconds from the Canndlm record for the 1,000-yard run. H «Iso holds the world indoor 1.500 meter record of 3:52.2. Cunningham, n junior in t) University of Kansas, has been racing six years. He is 5 feet. 0 inches lull, wolglis 165 ixnmrts nnd is more compactly built than the average distance runner. He adheres to training rules, but. has no special diet. Tile champion Is scheduled for track competition nearly every week (his season. downswing a body acllon. By tha I mean return the left heel to th ground to allow Ihe weight to g to the led loot. ail nf ihe [irst "Kovrrnmriil" to (m iin-il at the bottom nf f's fill Is l*r. 'I'lltjlua^ C^. T. l*o«Hi r ln-VH". i.ciiMilis'. whom Admiral yi-il IMS rhoson 10 rule "llio riy i^ of l.itile America" ilnrinK HyiJ i:x|ic<lilion'j slay lii'tho A mari'ti.' otteries Used In 1747 To Raise College Funds NE\v HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—Why -o much ado about lollevics? Back In 1717. when Yale univer- Ity needed funds lo construct Con- xccticui Hall. uT.ich housed such llnsirtotis men as Nathan Hale. Eli Whitney aiiil Horace Biishnell, a ottery wa.5 authorized by the General Assembly. Money received from the sale of Saturday Only MAT. and Nile— Klc - 25r ItEX BELL in "Rainbow Ranch " SERIAL - - CAIITOON Last Time, Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25e Nile 6:45. iri-35c SPRNCKIJ TRACY, "PAT'i PATTERSON nnd JOHN j BOUOS in ! "BOTTOMS Mat. 2:.'iO, ]()-25c Nite S:-15. Ifl-25c •'•C-'# : '"W^'"-••^"^ :.i^*$! • is&^x^iys^iL, You'll thrill ond shud der os you try to solv this most unusual ro monlic odvenlurel Musical Cnmcilv "Jailbirds in l':iratlise" Cartoon "!5utl(\y antl Ttniscr"! SUNDAY and MONDAY MATINEE AND NIGHT—lOc - ,'i5c REVIEW Lutes And Tigers To Meet On Training Game John Smith's Blythevlllc Tigers and Lutes' club will meet in a "practice" game at Haley Field Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Welch In Win Over Lawrence At Cap CAPE CnRAHDEAU. Mo. — Ro Welch. Canadian now living at Mayfleld. Ky.. pinned Speedy Lawrence "ii?ht h:nvy\vei^hl rham- plon of Canada" in HID main mnlrh at Houhk Field House Wednesday night. In Ihe uurlnln-ralser Tony Lawo of Memphis defeated Gus Vonllne. a Gorman. The first match left the crowd of l.OH perFons calm nnd collected Inn llic main go consislcd of Ihrce roueh and colorful falls. ., ..... v . 15 ' '" *""" The Tie( , rs have held a couple The Yanks will Icy a v.-.ilwe ex- D( workouts nnrt nrc beginning to perimrnt in t.'e inliold ihU year rol[n(i huo forrn Recording lo —breakin? in t\vo rockifs side by s m nh v \ ta i, as bright plnns for his s:dc al second bass an-i -.diort. On: t H dcrmdcnt nagrcgation this yenr. Huye Frail Cake to Customers QUINCY, Masj. (UPI —All customers were invited to lake a piece of a massr.-e fruit cake, placed in one nf tlic bank windows, whi'ii the Quincy Tru.-t Company observed its DSlh anniversary recently. Here's a prellj- miss who brave .is well, for ?ho pur-licd Max Baer, nlglil club and urize rhift headllrier, right out of Ihc spotlight and nude him like it. Rlic'i. liis sister, lieatrice.'anil Max will be or.£ of the "seconds" al her wedding, acllug ns lest n;an to James Young, Cxlitflrntt rancher, when tli« bapcf p«ir wed this nioatlk young- is Don of s l e t s Hcffncr. who'll play the keystone sack beside j Red Rolfc. a ther rook'.?. Ileffnor comes up from Baltimore with a reputation for Hurt Aiding; Injure ilHjn QUINCY. Masr iUP>—A^sislinj an injured rann to a hoMv.tal. Har- The Lutes nine is annually one i ry Sullivan. 33, of Dorchester, suf- of the best of the numerous conn-1 ferert an ankle injury wllcn ;;-.e car Iry ball clubs in this section. [in whlc.-. he was rldiu; ^v.l^ in a collision. [Two Temple Track Men Pronw* To Be Stars PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — Tivo men on Temple University's Iresh- man trnck team give promise of being one ol the being championship material, smoothest fielders; Al Thrradglll. a high jumper, to don a glove. He lied with Murphy of Noire Dame is expected to be and Woodbury of Dartmouth In the defensive slur the Knighls.ot Columbus gnmcs In iirnni-1- of t^e green duo, New York City. He jumped 6 feet •hlle Kolfc is figured to shine with 5 inches nl tl'.'at time, but has t;one he willow. two inches higher in practice tries Don Is only 23. but he has b?en • Enlace PeacocX. broad jumprr ilaying ball lor several years. Th? and sprinter, hns been limed at Pennsylvania boy started his pro rcconds for the 220-yard dash career right after finis'Ins nilli- and consistently covers 100 yards more Poly in 1929. He went to the in 9.8 seconds. He won tile A.A.U. Orioles In 1930 from ew Haven, pcntalhalon championship last nnd slucl! ilirre until Ihe Yanto summer, while ft student al Union bought him Ino full: . Cll.v, N .t.. hifth • Daring was in Mi blood the victor belonged the ipoils Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 7m "THESE THIRTY YEARS" A picture filled with excitement, delightful romance, thrills anc! fun. Presented by the Ford Motor Company. ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY, APRIL 17th Malince and Night ALSO 2 RBKI, COMEDY AND KGAD HACK Complimcntai'v Tickets al Phillips Motor Co. Authorized FortS Dealer GUAKANTIiEI) Nciv and Ojnp'.ele Une of Hoiuie Paints. New and Cu:u;:lelc Line, of Fishing Tackle. Genuine Aladilen Lamp Parts 30c BUHKK HARDWAKECO. AOOLPHE FRIHGES ORAKE wilh NIGEL BRUCE HEATHER ANGEL VICTOR JORY From the r.ovtl by John W. VandtTOcV A Fox Piclure Novelty Hoc! (!ns Shy Comedy Sunday - Monday] MAT. & NITK—NIC - 2f>c '.!| RIPPED FROM TH SECRET DIARY OF WOMAN'S GUILT!! Directed by STEPHEN ROBERTS A Poraraount Picfure PARAMOUNT NEWS - - ALL STAR COMKDY M1D-N1TK SHOW WEDNESDAY, Al'UH, IS MAT. iintl NITE - THURSDAY antl FRIDAY The Mightiest Amusement Under the Stint 'WONDER BAR* 10 GREAT STARS ROCKETING TRIUMPH TO A1.1.-TIJ1K Kay Francis - Oick I'nvvell - Al .Inkon - Dolores Del Rin - Ricarrio Corlcz - Hill l.cHoy • (iuy Ivilie t . Herbert - Fifi D'Orsay - Kulh Donnelly Xovclty Keel (.'(linedy "Piirilnn My

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