Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on March 5, 1842 · Page 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1842
Page 2
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. - - - - - - - ' . - , »nd nays wvir unlem! -i«i ll* uiutiuu U*. wcoa- 1 1 / t i r V Wllir \ T\£n / Y I T T P T I / P - «"ler.^After some conversion the vote w« DAI la U ttJ 'I AJYU tUU ttl lUW^eri and the House refuiedJlb-reconsider^ » ?4, nays'106. ' ^-- * " ·if v -Mr. Ofcgooc to reconsTder the vote S A T U R D A Y , M A R C H 6, 1842. Weekly The: weather has been, mild all the wci'k. Some dars have been q-jite summer-like. We have had copious**- .iprd shoiccrs" and to all ap- lovr tJiat the. buf'i should salute .the liU'iiMe i sleepers twee wifh th*»i| tluiljttlg'morning hymn ; th"t thy _7utlu;ire\. lfi of a" summer's evejung n^ihejr w*»'Btlq tbrpsfh the ti»cs, should siifftiv Otgood of Portlan*, called up tho "motion-l-rajquieni'-jf th4jrf»pirt»d n ^F-olian strains; »nd 'iisTder the vote on the ""Seboomook ^u^i t that the qnsullied snow should spread its mantle lion. The yens and nays were ordered and the \ over virtues as unsullied. They combine all the House ryfysc-d to reconsider.' Yeas 82. Nays !tti. j beautiful embellishments of the country, as This vote prevents the subject from being acted | though out of nature's own unrivalled materials on m iU is no" iirobab; e prevents t e s u e c t r o m e n g o u o n a u r e s own u n r v a m present shipe again this winter and there j they would build thi palaces of-the dead. babilll v TTwill be ucntated m any other ; What an eloquent t r i b u t e is this to the * ~ . « . ! « _ » - 1 . 1 . i 1 1 _ · _ _ / » cellent health." fqini, Resolve '.u favor of Mars Hill Roadc came strong nay", 1 have reason to tharik you ; for words of yours first opened my eyes to my own foolish and wicked course. Mv wife and children were half naTted and'half starved, only this lime last year. · Look at them, if you please, "now for uuntentetHooksj^ind decent clothes, I'll attractions and the matchless glories of rur;il i match thorn with any uian-'s wrfe and children, loin I 8c'e««»y and life ! How happy'would it be' for | And now, madam, 1 tell you, as you told a friend The iee business that a week since prom'ood'so flirty, h*« / bocn.'«lopped, au'd ice in our river i* fast being prepared"for a speedy exit. On Monday evening the Washingtoaians had a public ·ni?etirrg-at the Hammond Street Church. The ik^o was delivered by their brotljei, Mr. Ryder, and elicited genera]jjraise. Several of our citizens went forward and signed the pledge, amoag them some t h a t mudc the heart leap_for concurred. Read and tomorrow aligned . i i * on I to those impulses, and seek the c o u n t r y early for Resolv« auth- | the l i v i n g as they now seek it late for the dead. | pearances tho spring is a month in advance. t j i c s^^ mrl.-l'uietly postponed and tl^ House i thousands in oui citiesif they 'would yield earlier ] of yours one day lasr/year, 'tis "the fools' pence The fool's pence ! 1 ought rather to say, the pnc5"parneil"b/"honest industry; and spent so Road from the Aioosrook to the bt. Johns Kiver ) succ«s^ has blessed witli the means, if after ac-1 that we can *i»k. the blessing of God upon -the Hciolve iivfavor of Joel Wellington --.An Act | q u i f m g more than vnnugh, they "would q u i t the ' pence." additional to Ihe several la\vs new in force re- : slavery arid drudgery of b'OSmess, so often de-| Mrs. Crowder never recovered ihe customer cling tlie Police Court in Bangor - An Act {basing to-the rmad and sometimes almost the ' she had lost ' extinction of tbe man, and find a rich enjoyment in the- embellishment of t h e c o o n t r y tor t h e common and grateful delijrht of all w h o see i t ; am} toread ng :ing-the s u r r e n d e r o f t h w charter of tlie St. A_a Act to incorporate the Eaatport ' nnd Prrrv Bridge Coinpaii-y. -- --- ·-· The Act concerning Rail Roods which" wos , . i ass'fl'iii : "l-'"r lo rf7iy wan t h e n t n k r n u p Spvrral joy,- imd-cauaed- the silent but -earnest prayer to ] a m « M , m c t t t e nad -fr cen umde - tb lhs b ' m tn ^ be offered that the^might be kept fiom temrUir- ; Senate and tin.- question was on adopting them tion and a snare On Wednesday the- women I in concuitenco, OBQ of the amendments was for ( .,ed"a';.Vor/A/.. W n ,hi��«jrtn to'ir/y of"abouU ad °P led wiTKout opposition. Tbe_other bain* . . . , - * . . * " fa very important one affecting as it was said the one ..hundred, members, at. the first roeetmg. -| Ve8te d nghu of a RA.,! Road-"Corporation pre- Much good is aaticipated, from their influence, j vously granted by the Stak was debated at While they hive the c a u s p i n ch.irge, it cannot'. length. Mr. Bradtniry and Mr, Otis in favor of PatriotiAin And Eloqueucei , Tho following is an extract from the. Speech the earth, for the · of Thomas F. Marshall, of Ky., on the Tariff. true pnrtinn nf thf» j it jesei ves to'be read by .every American t -multitude, who'are fed ftt this common j "Oh !" exclaimed Mr. M., if I should live to · - fColman's Fourth Report, [gee the day when all things that are needed for human use and comfort shall be produced, and m i m p r o v i n g th« eultare of Kii3tp|i»rx-e and comfort nf Vast table. . ·" [Col die. -On Friday evening the Washiagtohiuns held-» pnhjic meeting at the City. Iralh The adoption and Messrs Abbott, L v m a n and Washburn againts. The .House adjourned w i t h o u t losing, tjie question -on the amendment, Mr. The Fools 3 Peace.-[Abridged for the S6uthcrn Literary Messenger, 'from a small pamphlet published in .London.] In the year lt£}-, in a handsomely furnished parlor which opened out of that noted London gin-shop called 'The Punch Bowl,' eat-ita mis- ! bought and snld-jyithin thc-.w U n ited States | wlieu all our mines shall have been opened, all ! our r4oh mountains explored and covered with | sheep walks, for the use of our own manufac- t u r i n g establishments when every American citizen, let him eat, and wear, and consume, and use whatever he desires to make him happy, , . , . _ . _ . . . j j , .1. . - '-,,, ,^- ^ , , , ,, « , . T L I C O O , uic v u u u n v uiuoo*.-u i'iio. \^i room and gjllery were \towded and Ule meeting \\ a^hburn y i e l d i n g the floor for au adjournme.ut, I , ng W l t n n n obseqluous neighbor. One or much interest. On Tuesday e v e n - j ing the Lyceum listened to an able lecture by f" Henry Warren Esq. on the progress-of Societal in wfitcirne'iriciaVntally "but with muotT power i ^ ^ 11 1 Borne 'portions of the lecture of Kre'sT. 7 53D~57,~ tiess, tlie gaudily dressed Mrs. Crowder conveis-1 shall find it all here here upon our .own soil, within our own boundaries then, though enta who never spent twenty ur their families, would ·ands to reclaim a S on o norantly « n d. thoughtlessly 0 _ fiood Old Times, IVK " ° L , D T I * E S . the days of V or -vn. TM W ° rk W " no d| sgrace, When g, rL . could help th eK ir« And keep the tilings m place. Fair daughters then could" learn to D ~; _ To c h u r n and make a P 10 scour the floor and rub thu tin And Jcani it all wiQi ease. ' To mend the clothes, to weave"and They never were ashamed ; j Mrs. Crowdei, I really must say you ' wrath of God should be let looosc upon have tilings in the first style papering ! what noble chairs ! -tirf W h a t what a elegant pair of the the H ,*W-4 M dcjut Wocris; Our public schools hav.e been ex-.L}«'ice and Monday assigned, A resolve iu rela- ainineddiM-ingtlie week, fiiKl we have" only time. 1 ^'f to the distribution of tho A n n u a l School ·«A motJ t i ^ ^=^^\-.i i .u » .1 i i Fund, u.-iKsedto be engrossed in concurrence, to mat* the gen^l remark - t h a t thry appeared [-L^V of Absence granted to'Mr. Muzzy o'f exceedingly well. On Friday Mr. Ro,we at Ed- : Bangor, fbr'the remainder of t h e Session from dingtqn cought at tlie_B_encl;of the River above i and ailer Friday nxt. . . _._ this city a fine Salmon which was served u p ! W r - P m g r y of Smyrna, withdrew the order ,t - j . ., . . . respecting taxing household furniture, and tlie the saiue day to a company of .earnest-friends! ~, e -», 3 - - , · j -,4,,n · . - i ^ ' J -=«"«r»i »F^tiRi» [order was altered so as to read $400 instead by vVoodard of the Bungor House in his excel- : of $300 and the owler passed. lent style of doing up tho aoreoable matter of a ' Atr. Washburn resumed his remarks on the f i n e dinner ------ - - -·--fact'CuiitiJiiiTrtg-Roll .Ri5Sdsr''-«e"was"foHowed '.by Messrs. Eastmaa of WesleyrMorse"of Bath, '" some othrrs in opposition to the amend- A F T E R N O O S S E S S I O N . _ _ ii'he Act concerniug Rail Roads, was laid on the'tftble fiir.-aihiY-UiuineiiN, mid the following business was disposed of:" ..... -- , ,, . . a n ( j ^essa tax pf $201,- cleg-ant stenecopings to your wmdows.and those the mighty deep, and we remain so unmoved, ,j 8 .Stated r««d ' b e a u t i f u l French w i n d o w frames! And ,you j so sell-supplied, as not to feel the loss this, nations of the old world though Europe-should and tremble beneath its blows, jele 8houl4--£ dtw : n O f - t |,j been sending your daughters to the gen- | this would be to me, the. very realization of teelest boarding school. Your shop is the best! American Independence and prosperity r But furnished, and yoin- cellars are tlie best filled, in ^ this country is not, and never can be truly inde- .^,,_,-- part of Lunniin. Where can you"~find i pendent, so long us our own labor arid our'own Dear capital, are left unprotected. Never, so long ns it is the darling object of our pwn Government, the needful for all these giand'thing's. 7 Mis. Crowder, how do y.ou manage r- · i ' - , . . , . ny M r n d a y bewg the anniversary ,of the b u r n m g V a n d- Mrs. C. simpered, and caata -look of smiling contempt through the half-open door, intojihe shop, filled with tlrouthy customers.---'" fool's pence ! 'tis THE FOOL'S I'ENCE dees it for us,' she said. A n d her voice -more shnil and loud titan- 4wuuly wtth tltc umph she felt. - to crush the industry and dash down all the enterprise of those- it should protect and foster. The! If to hoU Vlufc, Â¥\ ftivjotihw^ a, that tariff,.I can't help it no, I can't help it. I f l rose, ' "iQ a sinner, 1 am at least a bold sinner. If to tri-« foci-the glow of one common - nation in m y I bosom if to hold that the man who resides at ment. Mr. Osgood of Portland, wns in favor of the of fbe foundry, machine shop, ;. owned by D. B; Hinckley and others, at the Mills, the workmen in the new and splendid establishment I j-nendmeut, arid made a kngtlTy 'argument in i luvor ol the amenoment. fl f tlie fire, thought they t-'rected upon the must observe the anniversary a«i well. a« christen the new establishment. They accoidi.ii.jly. invited tteir friends, illuminated the large building in every pwt; gave a fine collation* and tnded in a^ery comfortable dance. ~~ Interesting T-«\v- Case. li'hc Washington Correspondent of the Boston A(Ja« says that an interesting case is now on trial in the Supreme Court, arising out of the following facts : A gentleman residing in Maryland had allowed an oged pair of his slaves substantial though .not legj\l freedom iw ipvaral i years. "" ·It is now afler d-itk, the debate is" still going on, and is neccs^nry I slrould make up report before tlie closing of the mail, 1 cannot wait the taking of the question Passed to be enacted An A-f-t concerning JPasswnaqaoddy imliane a» act to set off Na- thnniel-tiorson from Raymond to Casco. Finally passed-. Resolve in favor of Oliver j Frost; Resolve m a k i n g an appropriation for the Houlton and Baring load.. tn Senate, papers from the Senate disposed of in concurrence. Her words reached the ears of one customer,; We extreme North is as much my brother-as George Manly, the r-.nrpeuter, who stood near i the cotton-planter of Georgia if this is hostility the counter. " Ti'i-ning'hts eyes -upon those a- · to the South, then I am her enemy !" jouud hiiijr, he saw pale, sunken cheeks, i n f l a a v : ' ed eyes, and rngffrd garments. He then turned | CompRrative_ Value of the Cotton Crop. them upon the "stately aparlme.nt.: he looked i n In the address reported at the Connecticut through the door into the parlor, and saw look--. i . ! ' _ i .1 _ : . i - _ - i e _ _ $".WJ, wte£* not ih the street e er wished they to be farn'd And tbey could wash and do it neat And iron well in haste- And then Uieir puddings howcomplei Exactly to the taste then there's the beans and nice And butter pure and good The table all so cleanly spread With right andjvhoiesome food..._ Then there w« health and sweet Then plenty did abound, No money, uselessly was spent For articles of sound. All, those"were days" when folks Were happy too, beside, iNot then wus lieajd the bankrupt .. None set up then with pride. That golden time with candor rife How quick-h-is set its sun " Trj choose a husband er a wife no gietti:"risk to runT : tcras] Ah,pod old times, the good old time, 1 he good old times of yore If I could hear your merry chimes, 1 d s'op I say no mire. M A RINK INTRLLIGEM i State Convention of the friends of Protection ing-gfasses, and pictures, and gilding, and fine to American Industry, on the 17th ult., are in-! Arr at FraoUfnrt Marclf 2 K i fui-mture, and a rich caipet, ana Miss Lucy in a i troduced some curious facts, contrndting the j. Boston ; Pall»«, StL'lcs do''(J silk gown, at her piano; and he thought to him-.; cotton crop with that of other productions of the j Prospect, to load for ei " Uru self, how sirange it is! how curioim, lliat all this [ country. It is here stated,-thftt the total a n n u a l , . wretchedness on my left hand should be made \ value of the productions of the ignited States to turn into all this rich finery on my r i g h t ! | are, at least, 1600 m i l l i o n s of dollars. Reckon-1 ' W e l l sir, and what's tor y o u ? ' said the I in £ cotton at ten cents .a pound, which is ruore shrill voice which had made the fools' pence.! ( ' nn '' ts present average value, after j broughno the cities for exportation, we have ! "7yO7,275 " " " ears. Leave to withdraw ' A glass of gin, ma'am, is what I was waiting^ ' ' ; P. C h a n d l e r ; of John Sawyer, et als; 'of M*ry Carleton Peter K n i g h t et als; Charles Heath j e t als; of B. Spaulding. Legislation .inexpedient On an order in re,L v · j , . , · iTatJoh to Staff cfficeis of t h e ' M i l i t i a ; on an tbus living,., daughter was. born , order nn relatioh to the iwr of -j^ ticc3 - of to them, who grew up.m the same liberty, until , Courts, where their towns i she maitied a free negro and went with him to ] °rdcr in relation to debtor reside in PenngyLv^nja. They had several chil- ! ca ^-' 8 - Order of notice to next Legislature, on the petition of sundry citizens of Portland, prajirlg t h a t - a d d i t i o n a l powers may be granted to that ' * . _ _ . . e* ~r r i /*»^ 11 . i ^ t . On petitions of Charles ' for i b u l - 1 t h i n l i I ' v e paid the last fools' pence. · -· - - that I shall put down on this counter for a long Hay.' Manly hastened home. His wife and his-two little girls' were seated at work. They were thin j and p;de, really for want of food. The bouds in certain to a Referred to the next Legislature- an act to extend a wharf in Hucksport; an act-to-sct off-'j the town of Ho'pe, and annex the same to Ap-' of John Martin. dren, and lived unmolested until the owner dithL when^his heir attempted to regain th*m ; but tuXmagistrate before whom they were ' c ''y r of L. H. Chandler et als, m relation brought decideXthat he bad no jurisdiction in ne i? P roba . ts District in Ljhcoln County. the cisc. The owaer seized the woman and herehildrcn in the- night, and carried them to Maryland, for which : he Ni^as indicted and de- nmnded by the Governor of "Fennsylvania of the Maryland -Executive. A correspondence en- distribution of-c'eitain" documents;-to the Col- sued, which nnajly brought the case into the So- leges, and Mechanic Institutions in this State; preme Court. in favor of David Strout ;^jf lijpencer G. Bowers; of William W. Q/imby -jMi^aut jn nddi- tion to an act to incorporate the Penobscot Boom Corporation; an act to incorporate tbe Wash- jncrCon Hall A'ssociatTo'fi; an act to' correct the liaTibn of trie" town ot Wluting, and tor~cbr- the-Sute and County tax in said town. Passed to be engrossed An act additional, in relation to the distribution of the Annual School F u n d . \ Drowned at Poughkeepsie, on Friday a mjorr the «5th" ? of of 'February, Henry " derhilT,- a pupil of the Poushkeepsie Collegiate School, ftom Peosacola, Florida, in the 14th year of his age. This interesting youth, in violation of one of the express rules of the institution, immediately after the close of the school, | *eave of Absence granted to Mr. Bodwell, «» (K« ,,·,,,..,,,,,,, (· *u . j ' · j i " L i for the remaindeKof the st-ssion, from and after on the .flernoon of rhatday, repaired to a neigh-J Monday n e j c t _ ^ - - .' c i j pond to si^te, and the Jce being poor »nd fl r No Mail frombeyond Augusta to-day."- A very uncommon occurrence^nd-strongly indicates unparalleled bad .traveling\pr the destruction of Pridgot v o IDS. of cotton, at ten cents, jjp/9,047, '·-'*'', whicli-is Ifss than one-twentieth partjof the nany. whole a n n u a l productions of the United States. " 'If the whole cotton-crop were struck out of ex NO'l'If^l^ Quarterly Meetfc of' the Yoi ' · 7'emperance Asiociatilvn, vrill be cuy iuii, oov'f.u \ESDA! marchyi IMPOKTAN'r TO MILLERS ·ir tne wimie cotto-n-crop were struck out of ex- GRIMES' P V TEN T S istence nineteen-Uventirths of the annual in- j | lO R which the Mew York | come of the Lmted States would^reniain . to the j ·' Society awarded a people.- ' ' ' | lars, is simple, and permanent in constTM 'I he free population of the -States of South | 'us Uie." reputation, in the itate Carolina. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louis-i being superior lo aoy other machine; ' ' ' ' ' -soiutty-wlieat. For «kle by - - · HI.NCKLEV T001TI looked very-chccrk;ss,Bnd their fire was so small as-hardly to be fcR; yet the dullest observer, \voiildhavebeenslruclt~by the neatness tharp a n a and-Arkunsas; where 'cotton' is "the para- reigned. . . ' I mount interest, according t o t h e last census, It was a joyful ifl^nrlse to thenvhis returning-:-^ 8 - J,457,060 while the population of the so early that night, ajid returning sober, and in . twenty States where cotton, is not .the para- good hunwr, - j mount intf real, is 13,055,578. Thus the States, ' Y o u r eyes- arf Wetvk to-night, wife,' said Ceorge,'·or else yVu Irave been«rj ing. J'm afraid you work too rni'f'h by candle light. ....His..wife.smilod.and..said, .'.'.WQrkLng_d(xa jlhe interests of this hurt my eyes;" and she beckoned to her little ; should be sacrificed boy-fWh was standing apart, in a corner evi- duutly a- a culprit. "Why, John, what's this I seer" suid liis ' manufactures, to the great injury, i father. ''Come, and tell me what yoirhave been i r P i r i °f tlie non-slaveholdjng btates ! doing." "_ | £ '' e Journal.. John WH* a plain spoken boy, and had a I strange forward- way. He came up to his father, i and looked full in his face, and said, "The baker - · y 9 r- he broke through, and oefore a«sistjmce could be rendered tlie sspnrk had fled. State Hou»t, A U ^ L Mitch si,. ETES«I»CI 8L» a io.i, H O U S E . ' Mr. Biadhury of Calfeis moved a reconsideration of the vote whereby leave was given to withdraw on the petition uf Jeremiah O. Nichols in concnrrenr-e, and trie subject was recornmit- t^d. 'Mr. Abbot-moved a reconsi^ration of the vote pining to ^ er\£ro*«ed An Act to extent dit . time for closing tfie concern* of the Globe Bank of Bngor. to be enacted A n A x t t o reduce -I cannot quit the - privileged-imd county of MidHlpsex, w i t h o u t adverting to t .beauUfuL.reir.(;*t t \vlncli owes..all \\s n a t u r a l an^ local attraclious to its rural embellishments. 1 confess I am drawn to it by still stronger ties, for there sleep under its green banks and its I waving boughs, those who were as dear to me as | anything this side Heaven ; and there, too, side j by side with thc.n, it is my consolation to t h i n k , | l"sha'll, myself, repose, when"rny days' hiflffble. work is done, aad 1 fall Lke thi; leaf by the autumnal bla^t. ---= - ,. . - , . , ,, , , . . , _ T ,, I This cemetery, embracing now more than a Cap.t,l Stock of t h r G e r o m i Inwranc, Cow-j h u n d r e d 4 l o r ( , 9 O f lluid of nfawst vat|ed 6urj - acc P»"3T An Act to regular the t a k i n g of Salmon d ^ WM or , emall i n t e n d e d u n d e r the anrt-bhad in the Machra. River An Act to set I au8Dlceg of th e Massachusetts Horticultural So"B iJrtl Denmark ' a ? d an - nex "' e same ^jciety.for an experimental garden as well as 'I 11" - i n i l . * ..." "'I burymg-place; but it is now exclusively de«Qt»d r mally y yd, R*i«l«e. in fr'Ot-pf Henry j.^he f agt object It oboundl! W l t b e | e gan/ mo- VVi'itn m tavor o f Ale»nder G . Turner ' J . , . . = . , came for his money to-night, and would not leave th'e" loaves Without it;"but thoUjjh he was cross and rough, he said that mother was" ."not lo blame, and tr)(u he was sure yfiu hxxl been drinking away all the money ; anri when he was gone, mother cried over her work, but she did not say any thing. ! did not know she WPS ciying, till I saw her tears dropping on her hands; and then I said bad words : and mother scat ioe to stand in the corner." : '·Tell me .what your bad words were, John," said his f a t h e r ; "not swearing, 1 hope ?" "No," said John, coloring, "I.said you were a bad man ! I said, bad father!" "And they.were tad words, I am sure,"~said lu»moih/r "butyou ar« forgiven ; eonow bring me some Crfftl'ftom the'box." George Iooki-J al ttie lace uf Ins wTle ; and as he uietthelender g"aze otjhe.- mild eyes now turned to-liuu^ie felt tbo teaFS-r-iee-to his own-. : where cotton planting is the pmamount interest, i contamirw a fract'on moje than one-tenth of the j free population of the United States, claim that overwhelming majority to the interests of the minority that cotton should be exported to Great Britain, and sold in exchange for her if not the Mercan- The Horse The horse kribweth his owner, and he knows i . . . . . . ' !) £( RFJHOVAL. fr CO. would infoiui. t] tomcrs, and the public of the remov: StocJe of JEWELRY and FANCY comer of Main and Broad streets, where cim.lje purlused at very low NaricE. CITY or B.*xc( Februarv 25, 13-tJ of much more. 1 verily believe he knows more -than rnany--of the tvvu--tegged--anirnds " who "ride on horsr-hack, uud I nm quite sure there Is "more" of the spirit of Christianity In Ino 'piactidc U»a»i is to be found in many of the bipeds aforesaid ; for the hor»e_j especially the carman's, rests on the Sabbath, whereas his rider often works harder for the devil on t h a t day than he does for food to keeg his soul and body together en any day t" in the week. Besides the horse will cares* the hand that feeds him ; but thousands of his r i d ^ i i thank not God,-in whom they live r and move, and have their being. To illustrate my position let me give a few annecdote.s of this beautiful aod friendly animal. Of a two horse team be- r to the Fi\rl r)f ^ ., ,. n c n r Qvfujd, one. u-n* vci^ -vitiuus,' the other quite ttie reverse, in the nUli-iK-xt to the gciitte liDlie, »toX)ll une that was blind. I n . the mo/ning when the horses 4 _about. t w e n i y "f them.were tm-red o»t to notice to all interested, that their last · he consideration of Claims against said th« present Munieip'hl year, will be held denoen's Hoom, on MONDAY, the tevei March next, at nine o.'clock, A M. I!y order of tbe Commiilce, JA11ES CR'OSBY'. Hi " fet25 - W G OT.D M I A I 4 T U DKNMsON . Curner'of Main and Broad 7 "LAUIES' C O M P ilOR March Knickerbocker, for do Magazine, A:c. received at t m a r c h 4 SMITH . FEi He rose up ; ajid into her hands, ' P a " t "re, this good-tempered creature constantly ^«,said. "There are my week's wages. Come, I t n o * his blind frioiKl under Ins protection. When __ hold-out botli hands, for you have not got ' le stra y t ' c ' 'rorn his companions, his kind friend all yet Lay it out for the best, as you always wou ' d . ru - n neighing after and smell around him, dp. I hope this will be a beginning of better a n d w n e n CECiiffni.sed they would walk side by doings on my part, and happier days on yours." I s ' dc until the b l i n d frrend was led to the best (^(.orce told his Wife after the cliildieu were gone t o o o d , tha~f when ~he saw whit the pence of the poor could do towards keepintr up a fine _ ° - 'neck with t h u n d e r ? He mocketh at fear, and js not affrighted ; neather turneth he back from the sword." Shortly after that mighty battle which until the b l i n d frrend was led in tbe fit-Id. house v and dressing ontith^ landlord's wife-nnd daughters, and when, he thought of his own bard working, uncompU-ning Susan, and his children _ _ . _ . . . . [ *-"-"*' "Baking to Job, n'sks" him : " Hast thou ' ?' ven ^ le horse strength ? Hast thou clothed his of over of P«,. r ;tO J»y outt- lot directing the distribution i«torn». The resolig-in-ftvor of PilWbnry and Webster, -),~A, *«Tfe 4^gned fojr discussion this evening, ·w»i th e ;i_{a'led u p , and a very warm and «t times, sorn«what jrraonal debai»en»aed ; which umenta of ta«te and torching ^testimonials of afifection ; and wi the charms of floral wildness of nature. ^ ilri singular beauty inlermmgfe ral c u l t u r e w i t h the untraine ;les iivd Its silent walks, its shaded in want, and almott in rage, .while he was sitting d r i n k i n g , night after night, destroying his health and strength ; he WUH so struck wi'h sorrow and'uharne, Lhtt he seemed to coin* to himself at l««t.' lie determined, from that kour, never again to put «he intoxicating gla«i t^ hj« lips. More than a year afterwards, one Sundav afternoon, as Mrs. Crowder, of the Punch Bowl, retreats, its calm waters arc all sacred to tender | was walking jyith her daughters to the tea gard- and reverential sentiments; its monuments, from . en« v ihey were overtaken by a violent shower of the simple roughi tone to the marble, chiselled by the touches of exquisite art, are all eloquent; and r a i n ; aafl had become al fcaft hftlf drenched, when they entered a comfortable home, distin- the caj-eer of Bonaparte, and at the dis banding of part of the British irmy, the remain* of a troop ot horse belonging to the Scotch Greyg, were brought to the hammer. The Captain being rich and a man of feeling, was loth to see these noble fellow's turned into butcher, beker, or " FOR MAR I A U V £5 Companion Ladies' Book J Magazine; American Magazine ; bocker; Parley's Magazine; Hint's A Magazine ; ? received 8t luAitL 9 - · DLG WIN'T^K OH GALLS, of Pure Winter Oil, for sale very low 0. W. 1000 -inai ch 3 Nays 62. The unanimity which is naidby the Augusta Correspondent of the Belfast Jourual, t i prpvail IBUlir Loco party m the Legislature, wag nol very «pp»n?nt in this debate. The Speakers, all of whom were of-tbe fjv/i party, with the exception of Mr. Moi»c, wboifid tfew wotds. stcmcd to be a\wA of an opportunity- to · f e . . L l k . L _ : ^ - - . A t .1 - i t ' ' tfjrii th» knife is ·" /« eaf^.oth·^, and by inwnu- j retort*, did not f»il to ·'^ut uoini- C. . _iU»c Hooic, A .!»«», T H D R S D A T , Mtreh 3, 1842 J fa. 1 * _t* ; V"|» )»·« eve riin£ »n favor of vote »nrl T, ·«} the jn* the heart to that idol, w h i c h Heaven, in iu mercy to our weakness, permits us to sdore, the precious memory of the beloved and revered ! way "the ram-drops "and mud-splashes froui the - - r , It shows, too, most emphatically, that strong'' fine silk guwns, all draggled »n/l soiled, l u | venng w i t h anxiety like the leaf of the poplar . . · i' VL. 1 U n n . i t . T «r l \ is* li t K r t C^ rtt f .-r a Anm * J * - . . - · .· . . . · i. I . ^ _ . . * C ' ' .. "1 rt* m H I m / * i « * l . . . L . . . » · . · f t . » . 1 f ers near it. Its gdod-oature'd mistress and h«r two girls did n i l they could to dry and wipe a- passion for ruftil beauty which the Creator «eems md to repair, as far a« po««ibl«, every mischiet' lo have rnade instinctive in the heart; and that ; done to their dresses and persons. spoirUneous acknowledgment of-the cbtfms ofl When all had been done that*-conlf be done, the country, which the ieep absorption of busi- ! » n d, «t MjȤ Lucv said, l-hey "began to loo^ ne« or fre d;*-ip«Uon»-of city Jife cannot extin- j themselves agajn, Mrs. Crowdet, who w«i bl-. guisb, nor eren §o far a u te, out th»t tbe mind , ling in alatge arm chair, aod amusing h^rsflf by reverts to tS*i ··-the mctl f*vored «l«roenu in a s » r e « t e v e r y one and ever? thing, in th« room, iu»n's earthly condition, and vainly ^thinks^ '»at'. guddenly sUtud forward, and addrtsiing hereslf ' ' J - - L -· ' \t\e hot"";, whf*e Bible and caught hei '"eye. ir Why, my good man,'we at* old friends ! I know your f _ t l - _ · . · · · . ! · 1 J ilof life ia^o*«n, « h e sle«pof death f t o the m««ter of th peseefut Ai 'be iuiH»t of tnt, ul . \ W Q OB - face had"jr«*t ' after the will k^, aioie , They lu*e to see tbe sweeUst fl«wers blooming upon the gr»ves of thost faKr flower., which pcr'b^u) wi*h/*t ».at»rin*tfc*»f fruit; ot shed- dm|; their fi»pr«nee«T«r the re whc«e virtues still j brnith* B dirmc p^rfufhe to the hP'art They racf, J'm certain "I use health," xaid ·till tberejs some change in 'f*' Mi to he in rtgged clothes and out of George MnnTy, k m i l i n g ; "now, house drags, after helping "to d r i v e the French from Spam. He therefore bought the whole lot, and «et them loose in one of his fine grass parks, to wear away their old age in peace. One warm summer evening, when it wa« just dark enough to render light visible, a vivid flash was followed by a l o u d report of thunder. At this moment the seeing *he h1»t» and h e a n n g l f f e report, they thought a battle had i! S c n t l n a m i n u t e * n e.y were in the center of the field, all drawn up m line.their beautiful ears treinblmg in the breer*, listening for the word of the rider to Icsd them to the charge. My infor- msnt, who »M an eye-vitness of this wonderful scene, told iue he h«l often ««en thesa bor^s. A child beginninr to read bovMnes delighted with a newspaper, because he reads of n»mes and things thst sr* f«milisr, A newtpsp»r in one year, says Mr. Weeks, is worth · »}osrter's schooling to a child, tnd every father must xf · aider thtt..«ubst*nt-l information is ooo««ct*i with this n!vtjic«n«ntr -j"ii« u«*h«r of the one of its beads tnd btrin* a mo»« charge of children, ought t« V indel- PLANK ^APPLICATION Court, und er the fiankrupt A c genuine, printed under the dirtcu 'Court.) ALSO, the Bankrupt Act, with forms cecdinrs for s»l«^by march 2 . ' _ SMlflI.«t._f. W A G O N TITO RatJG A LOT nf Wagon- Thorou _ -- -- ravnufaetured of oak «(i»n£d L f "JTMV llie Iow P rice of ^ * s e t j -f?» On Con»ijrnmenl %fl A lot of splendid WAliONS W§ by ASA SA B«ngor, March 2, 1842. A' NOTICE.. r i l H E copartnership heretofore existing · .fir.-»«f HOAC 4..CuRaiER, u thisd; ed by m u t u a l consent. All persons pcconnts wih the above firm are request* sent the «?i«e for Mttlerncnt. Y ,_ AARO.N 110 L. F. CURK Bangor,.M»rch 1, 1842. -P CASK'S HOBEHOUND CA G W- I.Ann I... i*«tri«eired · I . of PeW« Horehound Candy M.rch I Glassi %% f ftoleBnle or Ketni ««»ornjent of M»hojk»nyj LOOKING '- cb ar · No. 66 Main Street. J.^10. 1842. {NEWSPAPER! EWS'PAPER!

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