The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, AimiL 25, BLYTHKVTI..LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE THE NATION TODAY National Health Program Heads For Much in Way of Debate Witfi Little Prospect of Early Action ™ By James Marlow WASHINGTON, April 25. IJl'i— At this moment In American l)lslor> a national health program seems little more Ulan something for debute Congress is unlikely to pass such a program Uiis session, even thoiiel President Trutnan dumped it iti Congress' lap once more in ft spccia ^romoted at U of A It's Spring at the Zoo, But Stubborn Animals Are Giving Cupid a Bad Time message yesterday. f He's been urging such a program 1 for years anil lie watits it paid for out of money taken from people's pay. In other words, a Lax. Bui his opponents call that compulsory health insurance and they're against compulsion, they say. They even call it socialism, Some of them suggest, Instead, various programs in which the federal government would pay money to the stales to help them do more medically. That money, of course, would come out of taxes, too, althou-h it vroudn'l be a direct tax lor medical care. Mr, Truman and his supporters say the govcrnment-aid-to-the states (eda doesn't solve the health problem. And that, in a nutshell, is wher the argument stands aiul where i is likely to stand the rest of th session of Congress. Room for Argument This argument has been going o: ^L->r years now and the printc material giving both sides— matei ial you can pick up around th capital — makes a big armful no\ A bill carrying out- the ideas Mr. Truman and his advisors \va offered early in this session b Senator Murray, Montana Demo crat, and others. Bills carrying out the other ide move or less, have been introcluc< by Senator Tail, Ohio Republica Senator Morse, Oregon Republica ocial Security fax Benefits Are Explained "Judging from Inquiries received ally by our office, nnny workers on't know what they are buying ith their social sccurky taxes." ,cm E. Bradford, manager of the onesboi'O Social Security Admin- stration office, said today. "Some continue to confuse old-age ml survivors insurance with old- ige assistance." Bradford conllnucd. Others contuse old-age and surv- vors Insurance with unemploy- ncnt compensation. All workers covered by social ...airily should realize Ilia I the jenny taken out, of each dollar of wages pays premiums for old-ny,c •uid survivors insurance; which is in effect, a combined life insurance and retirement annuity policy. The plan provides monthly retirement payments to workers and their families. It also provides monthly benefits to families of workers who have died. Eleibilily and the amount of benefits hinge on the wages the worker has earned in jobs covered by social sccurilv. Senator Hill, and others. Alabama Democra CHICAGO, April IS. m — It's spimg at the lirookflcld Zoo, too. but some of the linlmals and birds are giving Cupid n hard lime. Take Bubbles, the two-year old ilppnpotninus (a mere 1,801) HHinds). Bubbles Is one of elRhl Hebe and Tolo In bubles born la he Brookflcld Zoo and officials cooked up a mulch for her with ?cle, a handsome hlp]>o at the Columbus Zoo. nubbles is playing hard to l'\jr two days. «» workers have used every conceivable bull te line her Into the "carriage" \ hich Is supposed to transp it her to Pete. The workers even showed her n photo- elect snorted and rolled over for a mp. And In the aquatic binlliouse, Cupid Struck out. Far seven years he ins been trying to match Pole and Pansy, the pair of Humboldt penguins. Pete laid an egg yesterday. Karl I'lalh. curator of birds, said lie was Just as surprised n« Cupid. North Dakota Veterans To Get Bonus June 29 BISMAflK. N. D., April 25—W(— June 29 will be "U" (for Ixmus) clay (or an estimated 80,000 North Dakota veterans of World War II. Brig. Ocn. H. L. Edwards, stnle New Drug Brings Effective Relief to Dropsy Victims DETIIOIT, April 25-</T)-A new tlniK brings ssifo nurt effective relief from Dropsy, three New York srlcnlixlx report. Tlie drug Is mimed thlnmerln. 11 Is u new ono of the mercury ilruus thut muke the kidneys secrete more wuti-r. Tills In turn nets to pull Die collections of wivter In tlie body tissues fonck Into the. ulonrt- itream. Dropsy, the wnlery swelling of nrms, le«s or nnkles, sometimes comes with Itcnrl nml kidney diseases unit nlso pregnancy and some other i'oiiilllloii:i. 'I'hlmneiln ran he Injected Into tlie blood, wild Dis, ItoherL 0. llat- terman, David Unterrrmn and Arthur 0. DeOraff of the New York University College of Medicine. Tests on many patients thowed thloiperlu Is as effective M other mercury diuretics, they told the Federation of American SoclHlc* for Expei Imantal Biology. muke the iinynieiils, snld (lint tlntr had been set for receipt of applications, llomiscs nre expected to avcr- HRC H50 nt the r«te of $17.60 per month for foreign service and $1250 for stateside service between Jan. 1 of Pete. The hippo bride- adjutant, general whose office will 1 1041 and Jan. 1, 19*8. Appointment of Dr. Virgil \V. Ad kisson ;is dean of tlie University of Graduate School, effec- t'vr Ju'.v 1, has been nnmionced by Piesidenl Lewis Webster Jones In j.,,yelteviite. Dr. ,vlki.sson, now professor niul head o, the deimrtment of matlie- nmtiir, will succeed Dr. John Clark Jtrda-i who has served us dean of I he Or.idual? dcliool since it vvns tiunii-d in 1327. Dea.i Jordim, who Is nlso » former clean o. the Cnllcgl of Arls and ftiences. Is tnkini! the emeritus rank :ui June 30 after 31 years of vlce to the Unlveristy. "Old-age assistance, on the other hand, is paid to people who are in need. The payments vary with the need for each applicant. Unemployment compensation provides workers with some income when they So right there Is the evidence that the thinking in the Senate is split wide open. But this week a new bill—a kind of cover-all bill that wraps up all the ideas Mr. Truman expressed in his message Friday—probably will be introduced in the Senate. This bill would gather together a number ot ideas about a health program that have been offered in Congress separately or linked together. New Bill Outlined The new bill will take the place of the oue offered earlier by Scn- .^tor Murray. In his message Mr. ,^1'Truman outlined this kind of program: 1. A nation - wide compulsory health insurance system, as described above, paid tor out ot taxes 2, Federal help for medical schools. 3. More federal aid for building hospitals and other things needed for medical care. 4. More federal help with monej to the state and local governments for preventing and controlling dis ease, and other health steps. How nnicii would it cost? Mr Trumn didn't say. Cost of the Mur- are out a job. The employers. . this stale pays Hie full cost of the prograol." Bradford slieResled who has a question that anyone about social security may secure the needed information from his olticc in Joncs- boro. Next to water, whirl ts the greatest natural force In the process ol erosion. .ay program—which was until now Mr. Truman's program—has been stimated at 55,000,000,000 a year or nore. Tlie Taft program would cost the government, some of its supporters say, around $2,000,000,000 for a live year period. Slither plan, or any plan, will cost money. So there are a couple of questions connected with any plan offered: cost? Will it the nation's health? Although the arguments have beer batted around for years now. there'll be plenty more of them. 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