The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on June 12, 1971 · Page 5
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 5

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1971
Page 5
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Ths Summit County 1 1 FLEA MARKET SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. PERKINS MANSION 550 Copley Rd., comer S. Portage Path FREE PARKING AT FIVE POINjS SHOPPING CENTER 1 SPORTSMAn SfocT I WEVERY SATURDAY NIGHT ,iEt7, M ( !lJARBERTON SPEEDWAY 7 II -'V" - " :...:: ,,!. Visit lacominf durQkg June , , . take advantage of our Sun- day Specials features below. We are still in the process of giving our interior a facelift . 7 you'll find the atmosphere inviting. Don't Forget Monday Might is Italian Sight ! ,. t ii , SUNDAY ' .r fA also visit 111 112:30 to 3:30 8' WIDE i 1 I CANNED 1 JpfJJJp t(?Ov? J I PER CASE Several varieties I 1 '.H?P to choose from Vr '. riimit 2 Coses; POOL Steel wall supports, vi dri FOLDING I ARLINGTON PLAZA 1420 South Arlington i unm- M nun I Ul Grcenwicr& Cleve.-Mass. Rd. Charge It with a If esge Historic?! Society's TIQUE TO OUR PATRONS AS WE CELEBRATE OUR 40th YEAR! P SPAGHETTI All You Can tall Indudn breads salad. - Akron ' First Family of Fine Food 321 W. Exchange St., Akron (Wst frchonpe Street is Opened at Urban Renewal Conlinim) 1 Joe'S Pub. O 666-8881 While Quantities Last! 20" DEEP bool, with 6 yl liner with in. A" portable, chrome-plated, 4" wheels. Charge card... Reg. 15J88 GNU. Maniac! Jo By WILLIAM HERSHEY It took a jury of 11 women and one man less than two hours to convict Michael Hamad, 25,, of selling marijuana and opium to Gene L. Chi-1 coine, former sheriff's undercover agent. A Beacon Journal poll revealed, however, that two of the jurors at first held out against signing the verdicts. One hold-out said she signed "regretfully" after re-examining the evidence with the other jurors. "THE BOY (Hamad) was New Ownership HOLIDAY LOUNGE and Rtttiwant 370HikBhAyt.(EIM) LUNCHES & BRUNCHES SERVED DAILY. Nick Rognh o CHICKEN Includes potato salad, more. 1 $275 Children's Chicken Portion 1.75 reservations . . , 535-4111 Bath WOMEN'S BLOUSE ALUMINUM FOLDING CHAIR.- ALUMINUM FOLDING I CUYAHOGA FALLS State Rd. Shopping Center TfrSTOW ' 4301 Kent Rd., Stow ...and we honor BankAmericard, too! guilty. But also on the law's side, there were many questions unanswered, many questions evaded b y Chicoine," said one juror. "He (Chicoine) is not totally innocent. He should" answer a few questions. Why didn't he bring his records to court?" she asked. The only records Chicoine produced were two typewrit-' ten sheets each summarizing ore of the charges against Hamad. HAMAD contended that he was entrapped by Chicoine and sold him the drugs out of fear for his own life and for the life of his cousin, John LaHood, a former sheriff's deputy. (tonight 5 to 9 SUNDAY j 11:30 to 8 SPECIAL REGULAR 54.25 YOU SAVE $1.27 Children Under 12, $1.39 Just Post Fairtawn Plesa 2875 W. MARKET ST. Phone 864-3833 Also Regular Menu Served J 12:30 . flo 5:30 998 (to AND SCOOTER OUTFIT f I i -j i 'I - , i f! IS MICHAEL HAMAD Hamad claimed that L a-Hood and Mark Reagle, a former Sheriff's informant, aided Chicoine in the entrapment. .. Common Pleas Judge Evan. J. Reed instructed the jurors that under Ohio law entrapment is permitted as- a de-1 fense if police plant the original intent to commit a crime in the defendant's mind. "If in . committing the crime, the defendant even In part carries out his own pur-p o s e, then it's not entrapment," Judge Reed said. ' - EVEN THE jurors who questioned Chicoine's method of operation agreed that Hamad had a part in planning the drug sales. "To be entrapped you have to be lily white to start with. I .think Mike trapped himself," r said one juror. , ; .' . She added however: 1 -Lb. Plus U.S. Choice T-BONES & ALASKA KING CRAB LEGS FOR 2 2 T-BOIMES. . . FOR 2 CRAB LEGS. . . FOR 2 LASAGNA ..FOR 2 POTATO ... FOR 2 RICE ITALIAN.. FOR 2 SALAD ... FOR 2 'SOUP... FOR 2 SAUTEEO FRESH MUSHROOMS . .FOR 2 Steak-Fried ONIONS For 2 (tf you like) . THURS., FRI. & SAT. m sn nc for FOR U.UJ TWO 1 -Lb. Alaska King CRAB LEGS Dinner...... s350 Soup, Salad, Potato legumes Italiano TONIGHT ciriello's ; tavern & restaurant 2467 slate rd. cuy. falls ' phone 929-2022 SLs EiIsEilaBlBlBLsLsEiE run i nA i ircw al UbUAUUN TREAT YOUR LOVED ONES WITH MANDARIN HOUSE DINNERS: Includinc Volcano Ka Pa ppcuzrr and deliciou Mandarin : 1 1 j ..... npniinji prrparea juti lor Cou byourchrl 1 RESTAURANT FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE AiR.rnuniTinucn torrsrvfww IjUMt-Uni 2419 STATE RD.. RT. 8. Cuyahoga Falls a e e e! g1 g gD a e e1 ill gQ e NOW SHOWING llruPilrW IMIrW PLUS Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward --"nitlQCJG" A T "I do think it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. She said Chicoine was the "pot" and Hamad the "kettle" in her allegory. "The . pot wasn't on trial," this juror added. HAMAD and another defense witness told the jury that Chicoine bought more than $2,000 worth of marijuana from them , that has not been accounted for. ' - Five of. the 10 jurors who agreed 'to discuss the case were emphatic . in saying that . Chicoine "did a good job" in his undercover role. i "He did the best he could with what he , was f ightirig. : There's always a tendency to go against the police. I like to believe the police," said one juror. "With any undercover man there's always some entrap-', ment. But there was none here in the eyes of the law. Chicoine did what was expect-, ed of him as a policeman," said another. HAMAD, facing '20-40 year . sentence on each charge, is in Summit County Jail. Judge Reed deferred sentencing, pending a request from Hamad's attorneys for a new trial and other motions. . A. hearing, is. set at 1:30 p. m. , Monday in Ninth Dis-tirct Court of Appeals on a motion that would free Hamad on bond from the Summit County jail, pending appeals. Labor Count Due In Area The Census Bureau will conduct an employment survey in the Akron area next week, ac- . cording to Robert G. Mc-William,- acting director of the bureau's regional office in Detroit. ' Census takers will visit a cross-section of area homes to determine unemployment percentages for the Labor Department. Family information will be kept confidential, ' he said. ' Questioners also will ask the number of children in a family to aid demographers in making projections on population growth,- " sinori's FAMILY LIGHTS EVERY MON. andTUES. . v f.iy'oy On of Simon t Fi:izDi::i:zns Faturmg Genwous Portion .. ' "bfUS.ChoicBfandths ' ' Firrast in Sea Foods " ATK!K3SEAT " FCXFSE! ""Choice of Chicken, Spaghetti or Fish 491 F. Waterloo Rd. 724 3277 OUR dishr full Count LUNCHEONS from $125 . Complttt Full CourM DINNERS fromSIM OPEN 7 SAYS WEEK Thuft 11 30 to -10 Dm. Frf 11 30lo 12 o m. Sat I 3010 1 im., Sun 12to10om ALPORT 9:15-1:53 WINNING (a 1 1:50 G Mt IMHWWtr D r Won ; ' i Saturday, June 12, 1971 ACTION LINE solves problems, cuts red tape, gets answers, investigates complaints and stands op for jour rights. Call 373-8080 from 1 to 9 p. m. Monday through Friday or write ACTION LINE, Beacon Journal, Akron, 0. 14309. , Mother used to recite things she'd memorized years ago from the "McGuffey Reader" in school at Burbank. Her memory is fading now. Could I get a copy ef her old school book for her 76th birthday Sunday? Mrs. T. H., Akron. Like-new copies-sell for $100' or so. But ACTION LINE found for your mom used copies of" McGuffey's fifth and sixth ' grade "Eclectic Reader." Both are about 70 years old. The pages are rounded. The covers are partially gone, But the poems, stories and sermons on virtue and true love and the evils of whisky are all there. Tattered McGuffeys sometimes - turn up in old book shops 'for a dollar or two. ' What happened to the Tokyo theater opened after World War II as a memorial to the late war correspondent Ernie Pyle? P. M., Akron. The former "Toho" 2,800-seat theater taken over by the' Eighth Army in 1946 was returned to its Japanese owners in 1953. It is now known as the "Takarazuka" and shows X-rat- GIs LINE UP FOR MOVIE CALL IN TOKYO ... hurry and wait at Ernie Pyle Theater ed all-girl reviews. The Ernie ' Pyle Theater was on Avenue "A" opposite the back entrance of the Imperial. Hotel and , near the Emperor's palace. There is no monument in Tokyo to Ernie. There is a simple monument on Ie Shima,' small island off Okinawa where sniper iire killed Ernie. His grave is the "Punchbowl," national cemetery at Honolulu. - ".'.. I have a 5-year-old boy I'd like to enroll in swimming lessons this Summer. The Red Cross, Summer program has age 9 as a minimum. Is there a program, for my boy? Mrs. M. L., Akron. ' ......... , . You'll have an official "guppy" in the family if you enroll your, son in the Akron YW's swimming . program starting June 21. Instruction for 4-and-5-year-oId boys and girls will be given - twice, a week for five weeks. Cost is $8 plus a $2 .membership1 that's good for a year. Send ypur son's name ' "and' a check to: Swimming Department, YWCA, 146 S. High St., Akron 44308. "' " : . '. ' " My daughter in Tucson is expecting my first grandchild. , I'm ' buying a hew pickup track: for my camperback. I'D be making several trips West this Summer. Could I get a canis- ter air conditioner for my truck? J. S., Uniontown. I ' ' ' ' They're scarce, pop. The little units which force humid aif into the passenger compartment don't work well unless ' the humidity is very low. Because of irrigation ' work, the I Southwest is no longer so dry. But we found a'Tucson truck parts dealer who will , lend you his. If you like it, you can have it for $35. Better still, pay $300-plus for factory-installed "air" in your pickup. And get a ceiling exhaust fan for the ; camperback. ;; i Was WGAR disk jockey Don Imus faking it when he tele- phoned the Ohio attorney general "on the air"? J. M., Kent. -Not at all. That was William J. Brown, Ohio's new young attorney general-live and unrehearsed. In , fact, anyone can call Brown at 1-216-469-3376. Imus invited Brown to "join the swing-in', swirlin' world of show biz." Brown responded, "Maybe later we'll give it some thought." Imus usually tapes his celebrity inter- -.views as he broadcasts. The best get re-played Saturday mornings. His classic is a call to a drive-in restaurant for 4,000 hamburgers to go for the National Guard. Last November I sent $17 to a mail order firm for two sets of small china dishes with bird paintings on them. Since , ,' then I've received flocks of post cards assuring me my order " would arrive soon. But no birds! B. L., Akron. 1 The company's computer went aflutter. Your check was' received with a Doylestown address on it and your order J; came in with an Akron address. We suggested to the comput- , er that it wing the birds our way instead. They arrived ;: undamaged within a week of our inquiry. - Uteader Me-ACTHI The Water Department should respond more quickly to ' z reports of water line leaks. I understand the city must pay": i thousands to repair damage to Kling st. because a leaky line' T. unrepaired several days undermined the street. MRS.- DOROTHY MARTZ, 1300 Dietz av. ; ; ACTION LINE (June 7) got shoes and clothing for a three-year-old boy who lost everything in a fire. I am sending 'you a complete baseball uniform, cap, glove and ball for that child. LINC HACKIM, President, American Amateur ; Baseball Congress, 2855 W. Market st. (Ed's Note - Thanks! The boy was delighted.) ' - . The Twinsburg Headstart thanks ACTION LINE (June 6) and "Big Bunny" for the huge quantity of donated candy. We ' shared our blessing with the Twinsburg Heights Community ; Center and the Elementary School where we are located. FA YE BARBEE, director, Twinsburg Headstart. ' - : While my husband is serving in Vietnam, the government -expects me and my two children to live on the $145 it sends ; me each month. It's terrible that the government can take ; my husband away to- do its dirty work and then let his wife : and children starve. - DEMOCRACY DOUBTER. - - AkfOH BS3C0I1 Journal A 5 ' 06 I s v;i L Ml i WGAR'S DON DIUS -... from Arizona".

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