The Herald and Torch Light from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 17, 1892 · Page 4
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The Herald and Torch Light from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1892
Page 4
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H »nd ^otch ffcJfe HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1892. BUBGUR, JLL'S TOUR, Virginians Greet the Typical Democrat with Enthusiasm. "HE LOOKS LIKE A PRESIDENT." Crowds at Ronnoke, Rndforcl Salom, 1'ul- askl aiirt Klaewnere--One Ovation Suc- reeili Aiiollier--Receptions on » 1'ullnian Car--Arrival at Bristol. [Special to tue HKHAI.D.] ROAXOKE, VA., March 14.--Senator Hill arrived here at 9.10 o'clock this morning. There were several thousand people at the station, and a hrass band played "Hail to the chief" as the train drew up. A committee representing the citizens of Roanoke had gone down the road to meet the train and to act as the Senators escort. The crowd in the station collected about the platform and loudly called for the- Senator. When he appeared on the rear platform of the Pullman car they cheered him loudly. The Senator spoke for about 15 minutes. At the conclusion of his speech which was loudly applauded, the Senator retired to the drawing room of the car, where he shook hands with a number of the leading eiti/.eus ot Roanoke, who passed through tht car. K.MH-'ORli, V A . . March 1t.-- Senator Hill and hi* party arrived here at 11 a. in. There wa- a crowd of se-vera hundred people at the station. Lieut. C-tov. Tyler welcomed the Senator es corted him to the platform and introduced him to the assemblage. Tin Senatorf-poke brielly. He was receive* with great enthusiasm. Or LAP Si'iuxcv, V.v., March 14.--The wt-re pleasantly exciting incidents ot the t i i p all through the morning. At S.ilem. Alleghany Springs and othei station* along the road there wert c r o w d s on the platform ready to cheer t i n - t h e s i g h t of the Senator's face at the vvimlow. The speech at Koanoke had cut off all chance of breakfast there and it wa- after ten o'clock when Senator Hill and General Hooker sat down to a light breakfast served from the buffet of the car. A n u m b e r of Roanoke people rode for a short distance w i t h the Senator and other good Virginia Democrats joined him trom time to time and kept company with him for a short distance on his journey. At Pulaski there was a crowd on the station platform which cried Hill ! Hill! until the Senator went out and thanked them for their greeting. "He looks like a President, don't he?'' cried some enthusiast, as the Senator returned to the drawing room of the Car. At Wytheville the Senator had to go ont on the platform to acknowledge an enthusiastic greeting. Some one in the crowd handed a paper tiv to him. He found after the train started that it contained an assurance from one of the Democrats ol Wvtheville that the delegation to Chicago would be for him and the suggestion that if he ever got tiret of being Governor or Senator in Tew York, Virginia would be glad to elect him to either oflice. At Marion then was quite a good crowd or the platform calling for the Senator. At Marion and A l u n ^ d o n , there were crowds on the platform*. Sena tor Hill arrived in Bristol at 2:40 this afternoon. There was a large crowt in the station. He was welcomed b\ a local committee and escorted to platform in the station where hi spoke briefly. I m p o r t a n t A c q u i s i t i o n by tin- Sugiu Trust. [Special t t h e Heiald.l P H I L v p K M ' u i v, PA., March I t . -The persistent reticence of the mem hers 1 of t t i e (inn of ilurrNon Fra/.iei Co., proprietors of the F r a n k l i i sugar refinery, in ref renco to thb rumors that t h e y have been boughl out by t'ne sugar trti'st, causes it to bi generally believed that such is the case. Heretofore they have been verj prompt to d e n y any statements ti this elTect. but now they m a i n t a i n ;i Sphinx l i k e silence Mr. l'Y;i/.K-r \\ her seen today state.I t h a t t h e y did nol t a l k for publication. If such is tin ease, the acquisition is a most import a n t one, as the V r a n k l i n refinery is one of the largest equipped in tin, c o u n t r y . I t has a daily capacity ot 10.000 barrels of r e f i n e d sugar, and is valued at V10.000.000. This w i l l leave 'lulls Spreckles and 10. (J. Knight Co.. the only independent refiners ir the coxmtry, and the former will bt the largest independent plant in tht world. Miss I'ruiirr Suffers the Death Slio Stroii to A \ e r t from a Child. (-V'cLil to the HEII u,t.] E v A N n v i L L K , Ixp., March 14.--A Pcllville, Ky., yesterday morning Miss Jennie Primer, aged 19 years was sitting in the. dining room at hei home watching two small children play. One of them, while rumiin near the lire place, stumbled anil came near falling into the fire. Miss Primer jumped to save the. child, am: as she turned from the grate a gust o wind caught her dross, blowing it into the fire. In an instant the flames were all over her, and she ran scream ing from the house and fell upon the ground in an unconscious condition every stitch of her clothing beinj burned off. Almost every inch of he skin was burned to a crisp. She dice this morning. Senator M o r r l l l a Very Siek Man. [Special to the HF.UAI.D.I WASHINGTON", March, 14.--Senato Morrell, of Vermont who is lying very ill at his home in this city with attacks of congestion of the lungs, is reported a little better this morning. The aged Senator is considered very ill, and his great ago is against him. At noon, Senator Mori-ill was reported somewhat better. He is showing great vitality and his friends hope and believe lie w i l l overmaster the disease from which ho is suffering. One IUIIK is badly congested, the other is in good condition, and it is believed the danger from pneumonia is not nearly so great as it was yesterday. AVASHIN'UTON", 1). C. March 1". 1. a. in.--At midnight there was no change in Senator Morrell's condition. Caiimla \Vi-*ln« to ConciHtate the United States. [Special to the Herald.] OTTAWA, OUT., March 14.--Inside information hero goes to show that the Government does not intend to renew last year's order in council discriminating against American ports in the matter of Canal tolls. They feel that in view of the necessity at present of conciliating the Americans as far » possible, they cannot afford to re-enact what the Americans gen- regard tu a hostile order. A MUKDEROt'S FIENI ARRESTED. te Marie Unprovoked Assaults \VHli a Kitlfc Vpoii Pnssors-J5y, fSpeeial to the TlEKALD.l N K W YORK, March 14.--Two men vere slashed yesterday morning in he Fourth ward in very much the same way that slasher Dowd did his work recently in the same neighbor- lood, and it is believed that another slasher has been checked in his mur- lerous work. John O'Neill, an old resident of the Fourth ward, was walking down Roosevelt street street about 8 o'clock yesterday morning when a man, who ipd been standing on a street corner, larted at him as he passed and struck him a powerful blow on the head with i knife. Mr. O'Neill fell to the ground \v ith a gash three or four inches long in his head, from which the blood flowed freely. A policeman happened to see the assault and quickly disarmed and arrested the slasher despite the vigorous resistance made by him. The slasher, at the station house, gave the name of Thomas Langdon. He is a villainous-looking brute. He ottered 110 explanation for his unprovoked uUaok on Dr. O'Neill. A few minutes after Jjuugdon had been locked in a cell a man called at the station house, and reported that a friend of his had been cut by a mys- terous stranger a few hours before. The injured man, he said, was being cared for at his home. He gaye a description of the man making the attack, and it tallied in e ery partic- ,ir \ \ i t l i that of Lnngdon. A « i r i O i . ON 1 UK i S I - X ' H SHOT. 'I'll*' I inetl ttould-'x- M u r d e r e r Hail Ue hy I l l s \ u-!im I f c ' K f l - l . l l t» t i l * . l l K K A l . D . I Ll.vcoi.X, iSKli., M n i c h !.--Aa attempt wus made to kill Acting Police Jiulyo Uor-jolot about- 10 oVlot'k m o r n i n g w h i l e 1'olice Court 4 was in SOS-MOIL Charles Warner, a man about 0.3 yeats of ago, w a l k e d into the court room, and up to the ilok whevo Judge Borfjelot sat w r i t i n g ; drawing a revolver he lired two shots at the j u d g e in rapid Mu-eesbiou. Tlie first shot took effect in the region of the heart, but w a s t u r n e d from it-, course by borne article in hi^ vest pocket. The second bullet s t r u c k tho judge over the l e f t eye and ploughed through the ile^li in an u p w a r d direction. Warner was s-ei/.rd and held after a severe struggle. Judge Borgelet was removed to his home. The extent of his injuries are not known at this hour, but it is not believed that his w o u n d s w i l l prove fatal. Warner was fined by the judge ast Saturday for stealing a pair of pantaloons f r o m a Lincoln merchant and has since t h a t t i m e been inakiii t h r e a t e n i n g remarks c o n c e r n i n g the judge. I'orgeries on an Ktten-,1* e Soaie. [ f c p C L - i . l l t O t h e I I I R U D.I Li M \, Ohio. March 1 i.--A gang of forgers have worked the forged draft scheme on a large number of banks in this part of the country. The work was discovered S a t u r d a y when the bank of "New York telegraphed the Commercial bank ol Celina, asking if t h e y had issued d r a f t s c u l l i n g for $2,6*00, !?1,"500 ant :j.2,oOO respectivelv. The d r a f t s huvt the signature ot Cashier M i l l i g a n , and bore the d a t e of February 2J. 2s'o such d r a f t s had been issued to the person named. The a n s w e r u ceived t n / i n tlie {'ha^e people.' sa\.san immense n u m b e r 01 the^o d r a f t s are ailoat in ilittV. rent parts of the country. Cm-bed B.-iu atli a l^illin:* i : i e \ a t o r . [S[coi il to tho llt:u\r J D.] ST. Louts, ilo., March 14.--Three men were crushed to death underneath an elevator, which f e l l from the second story to the m a i n floor in Horhan Brothers' boiler factory this morning, and two men engaged in loading the elevator were f a t a l l y i n j u r e d by the fall. Tho accident was caused by the breaking of a rope. T w o o t h e r w o r k m e n were seriously a n d s e s e r a l more s l i g h t l y wounded, The elevator had buen recently repaired and the rope was comparatively new. Tho apparatus was inspected a few weeks ago and pronounced in good condition. .Scene*, at Hie Miners* I'l Ilei to the U r n ^ i i | B u r n -Ki.s ir.-uvli 14.--The scene of the fatal mine explosion at Auderlues continues to be the centre of attract i o n for people of Helgium. llany t h o u s a n d s from Brussels and elsewhere attended tho f u n e r a l of tho v i c t i m s \ e s t e r d a y and large sums w e r e given in alms to the s u r v i v i n relatives. Women and chileren kissed the coffins of t h e i r dead at tin graveyard and the scene w a s altogether most heartrending. The church f u n e r a l service was held today. fin-:\\s\ H.D: I.KTTKH. B u r i u l o f Ms. I t i n e h a r t -- K e r o v erinj; froir 11 sirlcness--Other Items' C l l K w ' S V i M . E , March !), 1802. Mrs. Ella llinehart, w i f e ot Mr. Henry B. R i n e l m r t , died very .suddenly about f o u r o'clock this morning, from heart f a i l u r e , surroundei only by her husband and youngest child, Nettie. Death came with such ease and so suddenly that her h u s band and daughter could scarcely real- i/.e that her l i t e had ended. She had been in a declining condition for tht past several yearn, and although unexpected at "the time, it was not a surprise to those who knew- her af- f l i c t i o n , heart trouble. A husband, Mr. Henry llinehart and five children, David H. and Lewis K., of this place; John, of Smithsburg; Mr. Dellie Hartle, w i f e of Col. John H. Hartlo a n t Miss Nettie, who is at home. The funeral took place Friday afternoon at one o'clock. Services at the house, by Rev. Victor Miller; interment in Rose Hill Cemetery. She was about 03 years old. Mrs. llinehart was al- wa\ s a kind and loving wife, a devoted and painstaking mother, always endeavoring to make tor hei family a homo, comfortable and cheerful, and all who met her were glad to become one of her friends; never known to be other than friendly and charitable to everyone. The loss of her life is great, both to her relatives and the community, and all join in offering sympathy and condolence to the family and relatives in this t i m e of sorrow and bereavement. Miss Mamie Hartle has just recov^ ered from a most serious illness ol about a month, which first began with measles and then came on an attack of pneumonia which held her l i f e in a balance for some time, so critical was her condition. Her numerous friends will all be grutilied to hear of her total recovery. John H. Harp, Esq., is now busily engaged in baling his large crop ol hay for the city market. When through he will have about 200 tons, all for market, about his average crop, besides using a large amount for feed. Mr. Harp's success as a practical farmer is too well known to allotv of newspaper discussion, and we can only say, his departure at any time would produce an irreparable loss to our neighborhood--may this never occur. Mr. Henry Poffenberger has been granted a government pension of six dollars per month, with about $100 back pay, through the efforts of Mr. Mandel Sener. Mr. Barry M. Hartle has been on the sick list recently, probably the result of exposure during the bad weather. BOURGEOIS. OUK HOONSBOKO LETTER. Personal Items anil General News From the South Mountain District. BOONSBORO, March 8. The post master of Pleasant Walk, , Ridenour, a little village 4 miles east ' f this place, in Frederick county ias resigned. This office received its jnail from Myersville. He made no recommendation of any one to nil the position. A singular coincidence occurred at the sale of C. M. Reedy on March 3rd. When the clerk footed the amount of sales in the evening, as far as could be carried out at the time, it footed up $909.99. A very singular coincidence. When the fat steers, hogs, hay c are weighed, it will swell the total to about $1,700. The sale of the real estate of the late Adam Hutzelltook place in front of the Commercial Hotel in this place on Saturday last, March 5th. by auctioneer Newcomer. The "Home Farm "half mile from town on the Sharpsburg pike, containing208 acres was bought by Marietta Hutzell, widow of the deceased, for $02 per acre, which is $38.75 per acre lessthan the deceased paid for it some years ago. The other farm at Smoketown, adjoining the Hagerstown and Sharps burg pike, containing 112 acres was knocked down to Jacob Hutzell, but it is understood was for the widow also, brought 70 per acre. The family of Frank P. Brininsr, in the coffin factory at West Urove, Pa., have moved back to Boonsboro. Reason--didn't like the place. Mary Shoemaker, formerly Mary Gabe, daughter of our C. A. fcrabe, who, with her husband went west shortly after their marriage, some six years " ago, arrived here with her two children on the evening of March Oth on a visit. It was a surprise party--an unexpected coming, no notice having been given of net- coming. The Commercial hotel is without a tenant, closed up. Mr. Fritz, the landlord for the past two years, pronounced his valediction on March 2nd, and returned from whence he came--Westminster. It will soon be reopened under the auspices of Silas Neikirk. The election for corporation om- cers for the ensuing year was held on Monday, March 7th. More than usual interest was manifested in the contest, the result of which as as follows : Matthew fcr. Brien, Burgess; P. S. Newcomer, assistant burgess; Frank M. Smith, John Riepsomer, H. S. Bomberger, Win. H. Knode, John Miller, commissioners. They organ- i/ed 011 the evening of the 8th by the election of Josiah Knodle, of the old board, clerk, Kate Carson, of Indiana, who, in by-gone years taught school in this town, was here recently on a visit to Mary Jjuie Gilbert and other old friends. John Clark, George Wallick, Joseph Smith, George Hoffman and McClelland StoulTer were recently elected trustees of Mt. Lena U. S. church at Smoketown. Smilliluirg Summary. S.MITHUURG, March 9. A branch of the "National Budding and Loan Association of Washington County," has been formed in Smithburg; also an agency for the Northwestern M u t u a l Insurance Company, of Milwaukee. Considerable building is likely to go on with the opening of spring. Messrs. llohrer Adam have in view the erection of a commodious dwelling near their warehouse. Smithburg Corporation has been asleep, and while men slept the water has been at work on streets, removing many dollars' worth of costly macadamized street. A stitch in time by way of keeping the hillside pikes from forming gutters in their middles, would save niiiet. There should be a popular uprising- in favor of economy, arid in favor of street lamps and in favor of a decent walk from the Corporation limits to theschoolhouse. The Lutheran church has hud Mr. Bellman to put in more steam coil for the heating of the basement. Pastor Keller is observing Lent by special Wednesday evening services. The agonies incident to a felon's life are great. Such is the verdict of Mr. Vogel in the time of approaching old age. He had a lively or deadly felon on one of his fingers days and nights, too numerous for detail. Grippe and measles have been busy in Smithburg. Mr. Bell's little granddaughter had a severe attack of the former and then of the latter, with much teething meanwhile into the bargain. In the family of Mr. Weller a similar experience was had, with a severe case of pneumonia after. Mrs. Frisby Stouffer has been obliged to go to a hospital in Baltimore for surgical treatment. Her sister-in-law, Mrs. Garver, an efficient and intelligent iinrse, is with her. The prayers of the church were offered up last Sabbath in her behalf. Hens seem to be considered when the Lentou season comes in. I. B. Brenner, of Smithburg, we are told, had fifteen hundred dozen (18,000) eggs for shipment last Monday evening and tnat is not an unusual num her for our dealer. The Stevens egg carrier is a great invention--so simple and so useful. Practically, it does the counting and the packing and the safe carrying w i t h i n the least possible space. Sluirpsburg .Summary. Sii viiPMJURCr, MD., March 8, '92. Mr. Samuel HoiTmastor, a prominent farmer of our district, died on Sunday last after great suffering. Mr. II off master was a great sufferer, being troubled with a cancer of the eye, for many years. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss. His funeral took place today at 10 o'clock interment in Mountain V i e w Cemetery. Mrs. Joseph Lewis, living near Mountain Lock, died on Sunday last. Mrs. Lewis leaves many friends to mourn her loss. Mr. Gill Thomas gave an excellent musical entertainment on Tuesday evening to a large house. Mr. Thomas performed on six instruments at one time. Mr. Thos. Staubs, formerly of this place, but now of Washington, D. C., buried his youngest child here today. The Masons will present a drama in the town hall in April. R. T. S. Newspapers Endorse, "Educators are certainly the greatest benefactors of the race; and after reading Dr. Franklin Miles' popular works, cannot help declaring him to be among the most entertaining and educating authors." -New York Daily. He it, not a stranger to our readers, as his adyertisemeuts appear in our columns in every issue, calling: attention to the fact that his elegant work on Xervous and heart Diseases is distributed free by our enterprising druggist, Blew Lucas. Trial Bottles of Dr. Miles' Nervine are given away, also Book of Testimonials showing that it is unequalled for Nervous Pi ostratiou, Headache, Poor Memory, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, Neuralgia, Hysteria. lits, Epilepsy. Good looks are more than skin deep, depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a Bilious look, if j o u r stomach is disordered you have a Dyspeptic Look and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and you will have good looks. Electric Bitters is the great alterat ive and Tonic acts directly on those vital organs. Cures Pimples, Blotches, Boils and gives a good complexion. Sold at Blew Lucas Drug Store, 50c. per bottle. 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I Off · ACS $3.OO lliuid.*ewed shoe, best ··CICIIC9 Dongola, very stylish; equalsFre Imported shoes costing from $4.00 to $6.00. Ktadiea* t£.5O, 2.OU nnd $1.75 shoe for Misses are the best fine Dongola. Stylish and durable Caution*--See that W. L. Douglas' name ou price are stomped on the bottom of each shoe. »»-TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE..^ Insist on local advertised dealers supplying yon. W. 1" UOUCJIjAS, Brockton* Mass*, Sold by McCardell Bros. jan!2-5m. Studibato Farm Wagons All sizes for one to six horses. Guar anteed superior to any on the market Oliver Chilled Plows and genuine repairs. Be sure when you buy your Oliver repairs that tht name OLIVJSli is stamped on them Cow Chains, Plow Traces and al kinds of Chains of the very best make SPecial Sale of 300 Homemade Leather Halters li, made here in Hagerstown for 55 CENTS EACH. This special sale will last only two weeks. Double and Single Tree Clips, Single Trees Complete, 40 cents Largest assortment of HORSE COLLARS In the City. And wo make a specialty of thes Goods and are confident we eaii sell you cheaper than elsewhere. Building Hardware a specialty. SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to ordering repairs for all kind of machinery. Thanking out- patrons for past lavors. J. S, Em inert Son, HAllDWAUE AND AGT-..TMT'. DTCALKKS, WEST WASHINGTON ST., TWO DOORS EAST OK COURT HOUSE. Jan. 1, '92 dw. IFor SL Christmas Present you should see our assortment of Pictures, Easels, Japanese Goods --AND-Davis Sewing Machines All of which are pronounced the best in the city. Call and see our large variety as we cannot tell all we have. HARRY E. STOVER, 12 North Jonathan St. Oct.l.'91-dw. For the Holidays. A FINE DISPLAY OF DINNER SETS, 120 PIECES. TEA SETS, a PIECES, TOILET SETS. Also a full line of Decorated Fruit Saucers, Decorated Cups and Saucers, Decorated China Plates, Decorated Cuspadors, Children's Tea Sets, Children's Decorated Cups and Saucers, a flue display of Glassware. Engraved and Plain Tumblers, Wine Sets, Water Sets, c. HANGING LAMPS,, HALL LAMPS. PIANO LAMPS, T ' AMPS - O.l and see them befor JOHN GASSMAN. 84 N. Potomac street, Haaerstowu, Md. E\ 01 j foody ·uunt's mono',. S.IKCS and wi-c men t j om Sohmmn ».km n. crll n^ t h a t reono- 111} l-s t l l l ' l M M S O l W C M l l l l . Tin- C u - 0 | r i ! l I I M - plan %M- l m \ o adii|1i'd, l u c ira-n n i l intoie'-tL'il in n ^ inn u» ph-aso 0111-1 us- toinci s, and *-.n in^ ' ho cti-^t ol l i n t » ! bitlubinon. i';i« n'ado n-i tin- I/r,AD- L l t b OK LOW P H I U E S . Our immeose lew Fall and Winter Stock NONA/ OPEN. Goods in all the Silks in Latest T r i m m i n g s in Dress Novel lies in Dress iS r (. west Efl'ofts. K l a u k and Colored Designs. Velvets, Braids and Paris .Novelties. E v e r y t h i n g New In Mourning 3 oods. Blankets at Lowest Prices offered. Underwear in all (j rades and Sixes very cheap. Our New Line of Ladies' Coat;Lowest Prices. at We aim to pl-ti«u our cu«l"meis b.\ -.riling good goody at lj\v t-bt Pi ices. Call anil see us. J. C. HOEFMAN SONS. Oct.l-elw. Rose's Shoe Found Wouldn't 1)0 elide rent from any other ii made in t h e same way. We know that our SPUING SHOES OXFORDS are better, easier, strongeraiul lor this reason have that they are different from others. Wo know how to sell shoes that wear. There's no secret about it, either, good leather and plenty of it does it. Mrs. A. Rose Daughter, O R I G I N A T O R S O F . L O W K S T JMIICK-!. All kinds of Plow Shoes--Oxford Ties ])ri?ss Shoes--are here for Spring, at lower prices than ever before. Rose's. OclJ Bad for the Cow. When CSoor^c Stcjl»on!on nppliotl to T.irha- mont lor the ri^ht to build tho tirst viuhwiy in tho United K i n g d o m , a question ^\tis prt)- poundc'l t» liini whu*h iniiny person^ t h o u g h t woultl ^ i \ c tlit i dctitli blow to his jiront plans. "Wlmt would happen U' u cow got i n t h e way of your engine '(" The people looked grave. There could be onl 0110 result: I m n i f n b l o o \ o r t h r o w o l the engine, with great Joss ol ]roiei't.\ and hie. J l u i Wtephen^on's ansvvor \\as- "It \ \ o u l d b o bad ior tho cow." Now how does this apply to I h e Slo\ c. Kan^-o and Hot air Furnaco businessi 1 A V h e r e does it touch you, my i r i c n d V Kiyht liere. Jly c l i n g i n g to our old st. les and makes of Sto\es, Jtaiig*es and J l o t A i r Fin-imces j o u are itandiiiK iii the \ v a y o J l*ro- sr*ss. Dou*t do it. Just let us tallj t l i o m a l t c r o \ c r toyrotlior; we'Jl j n i t do^vii a lew H g u r o s on paper and you \\ i l l see matters in a diilerent IiMlit. Kbtmmtes u h c o i l u l l M i \ e n . G I V E US A CAJ.L. PKICES TO SUIT A L L . ALBERT HEARD, No. 5, NOKTH POTOMAC ST. I I A G E U S T O W N , MD. Plumbing, Tinning and Gas Fitting A SPECIALTY. Oot.l-diw. AND A QUARTER CAPITAL. Tlio American Security and Titibl Com pany: P ays interest upon deposits. Acts as Executor, Trustee, c. Acts as Guardian c. Acts as ass-ignco and Recci\ er. Manages Estates, c. C'ollects income. Kents sale boxes at $10, ?J5 and $SO. Furnishes good investments. Loans money. Acts as Treasurer or Agent. Keeps wills Irce. Drop us a hue and tret a copy of the little book, containing a detailed statement of the vaiious brunches of our business. A. T. Britton ................. President. C. J. Boil .......... First Vice President. A. A. Thomas.. Second Vice President, Percy It. Met/wcr ............ Treasurer. George E. Emmoiis .......... Secretary. Directors : BARGAINS IN loves and Tinware L. D. N. MIDDLEKAUFF, I) K A L E IIP IN STOVES, RANG1CS, T I N W A R E , OLIAMTE I K O N WARE, -- A N D -H O U S E H O L D F U R N I S H I N G GOODS. Plumbing and Steam Fitting wo make ;i »pculalitj. ROOFING A N D 81'OUTJNd done on slio) t notiee and in the best workman like miitmer. Please grivc us n call. NO. 2(1 SOUTH POTOMAC STREET. Martin Stover Exhibit lit then new and Imndsomostoie-room in the Public square a larjje mid admirable eleetion oi Tin-Ware, G r a n i t e Waie, Manufactures of American Tin Plate, at foi incr pi ices, Mrs. Potts'Told Handle 11 on.s, b e a u t i f u l OIK n Fire-Place Grates, and e\ ory desenption of woods of tlie latest and most t U b t e l u l dcM^-nd in then I n a n c h ol b'lsiuo-'. They make a sueeiaJty ol O u r '-tock of Spi n and il o u need a pk-if-o 3 on b c t a u s e \\ ca\ os in t!ic l a t ( st them to on at ] n u hold. Clinic hi'r th Ki coin-, ;rootK m y a t l O c i ' n t - ijj Die--- C oo-l- is no\\ open dic^s \\ c | ] i ' l i r \ c u i t an \ \ c lia\ e a i l t h e - IM \\i---t sliiidt-s, and \\ i- \\ i l l *'-ll ·- t c a n n o t tie u n » u i l i l . u k Hem K - l l . i w e - ' H .11 to which they (mo prompt attention. MARTIN STOVER, Southeast corner Public Square, Oct.1.'!)] ilw. HaKerstowu. Mil. --GO TO-J. N. Flynn, The Jeweler and Optician, 43 W. Washington street, and select your Christmas presents. Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and an assortment of Ladies' Garter Buckles of the latest designs. Buy your Papa and Mama a pair of Gold Glasses for a Christmas present. I w i l l guarantee a perfect fit. Yours Respectfully, J. N. FLYNN, Jeweler and Optician, 43 W. Washington St. iiov28, ,01 dw. w o . - t l i J.I.IHI. I of- o l I P M U N l l h u - K l i i ' - - dood--. N i \v %v ,i- riMt \ a i n - M P n - t t \ l l o d l . n I t i . . N e w t i n n y 1 - in Hroeailc r - . t t i u i - i l l l t i h a n i ' - in ^ \ . H H ' M . Jli^: b . n ^ . t i p ^ i C o u n t e r p a n e - . M e M i i e l o s e e t h e m I x l u i on Imy. Laee ( 'in l.inis in m \s a i i ' l ! u n l - u n i design;,' \ el \ he.ip Some \ erj spe ( i h i p o-, i n Corsets ]iM n - f e i \ e l . n \ o u m t t - i m l o - mestles j o u \ \ i l l l i t n l o u r l i n e i oil! pleie a n d o u r iiriccs the !o\\esi. Al) N\ i n n i dooils M, a» ItianKeH', I ndei \ \ e u i , OloM"- Jn 1 ., at a -.1 " N E W S P R I N G COATS j » - t i v i o i M \\ e « i l l s f i l tin-in i heap. Y O I I I S lies|ie t l u l U «. W. K \ K K L Y S05. Oct. Till d\w. C-O-M-L! ons, Cusiiwa ALL KINDS U N D E R COVER FULL W K 1 U H T ! PROMPT J)i: L I V E Lillys Careful Attention to All Orders If you h s i v e not lionjilit. e.ill b t o e K and jjt l o n r j u le Do not W n i l t i l l Coal t Buy or you will rt'trrot it. I I A G r l O ' l D W N , M I Telephone Nu. Jan. 0 '(«. Fahrney Bros. Ajjain call especial a t t e n t i o n (if vomit: folks.who c o n t e m p l a t e p ) i n ^ to hou-e- kepphiir, to t h e i r numerous and complete stock of goods, Mich as t h e y \ \ i l l need. We h a \ e the prices rij,'ht, none below ns, many higher, t h i s is one ol themost important leamrcs when b u y - ing. If we can sae o u money and y i v e yon as {root! ,if not bc-iter, floods lor the money - w h y not call on us. We have the 'largest stock of the k i n d in the City. Come and e x a m i n e our stock. If you do not buy \ o a c a i i a t least post yourself on pritvs. FAHRNEY BROS. 11 NOHTH POTOMAC K T K n K T , HAGKHSTOWN, MI). Oetl '!'! d i w t t . The Woller Hagerstown Organ Hat M.iny Sl'l'MilOK Ad \antat--es and pro\ eraontp. Anvperponilo- « i i n i s ol ]ur- rhiiMnjr an orjran hhouhl sco llic MoiU-r iniin o\ cl OIUiA.N boloio inu our orpans. Oet.2.'»1 cl W. L. litm»nM --DEALERS IN- Time Tried and Fire Tested INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENCY -OF-H. A. McComas Co. THE OLDEST I N S U R A N C E A G E N C Y IN WESTEHN M A R Y L A N D . ESTABLISHED 1805. Insures nil kinds of propel ty, against fire or lifilitnliiK. Ht'presentniK nouo but tirst-class companies. Vaim property and dwelling, are injured at low rates, lor a term of years, and no assessment. Losses aro promptly adjusted and paid at ourotlicc. Property bonglit and sold and Hunts col- lootecl by us, at low rates ol commission. H. A. McComas Co. Hasrerstown. Md. Oct.l.'M.lildw. HARDWARE, At T ice Hammond's Oil S-'taml opposite ihe BaM\\in Hous(. BUILDERS' HARDWARE. CARPENTERS' TOOLS. A. T. Uritton, U- J. Bell, M. W- Beveridffe, Henry F. Blount, Wiliara M. Coatcs, Robert Dornon, John R. McLean, Caleb J. Milue, Martin F. Morris, Crosby S. Noyes, M. M. Parker, Charles Porter, J.C. DAYHOFF. J. C. YESSLEH. J. C. DAYHOFF CO,, Manufacturers and Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Pickets, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Frames, Turnings, Paints, Oils, Glass, Slate, c., c. \Vu lia\ e the latest improved machinery aud are prepared to do ail kiudb ol manulactured work at short notice NEAR Chiia. C. Duncanson, James G. Paj no. Daniel Donovan, Matthew G. Emeiy, James E. Fitch, John E. Herrell, John N. Hutchinson, Alan H. Reed, S. S. Sharp, W. S. Thompson, A. A. Thomas, illiam Vernor, John 8. Jenks, Harry F. V cat, Houry S. Loueliheim, Henry A. Willard, Benjamin H. Warder. Oct,0.'91-dw. Worn in the shoes or boots, they proven* cold foot, protect the system Irom dampness, mpart a thrill of magnetism to tho whole ystora, and are of greatest value. B O. R. R Spades, Shovels, Rakc.«, Hoes, Plow Shovels, Bull Tongues, Hames, Traces, Breast Chains, Spreaders, Line, Fifth and Jockey Sticks, Chains, Poultry Netting, Barbed Wire, Pure White Lend, Pure Linseed Oil, Coach Colors, Varnishes, Hard Oil Finihh, Dryers, Whitewash, Paints, Varnish, Brushes, Pure Neatsf'ootOil Pure Lard Oil, Cylinder Oil, Harvester Oil, Engine Oil, WireFencing, c. Black Oil, Ac. Rubber, Soap Stone and Asbestos Packing, Leather Belting, Lace Leather and Cut Lacers. .Inly,188ft,4-lT Haltimore and Ohio Railroad. Takes Effect Nov. 15, 1891. LEAVE HAOEHSTOWN. 0.30 A. M. Arrive Frederjck 8.35 a. m. Wash ington n.20 a. m. naltimoro a. in. Philadelphia 12.55 p. m. Nesv York 3 p. m. Charlestown 8.24 a. m. Winchester 9.13 a. m. Cumberland 13.05 a. m. Harrigonbura 12.26 p. m. Staunton 1.411 a.m. 1.10A.M. Frederick 1.55 p. m. Washingtot 2.10 p. m. Haltimore 3.15 p. m. Pblla- delpnia fl.15 p. m. New York 8.52 p. m. Charleetown 1.39 p. m. Winches- 2.39 p. m. Harrisonburg 5.40 p. m. Stuuutor. (5.51 p. m. Cumberland 3.DC .1. m. Pittsburg: 8.30 p. m., all points West via Chicago 11.55 a m. 2.15P.M. Frederick 6.50 p. m. Washinptoi- 4.45 p. m. Baltimore 6.45 p. m. Phila del phia 8.13. N. Y.10.40,CumberlanO T.44 p. m., aud all points West via Cincinnati, Ohio. 5.15 P M. Charlestowii 8.19 p. m. Winchester i* 1. m. Washington 8.40 p. m. Haiti more 10.00 p. m. aud all points West 'v fa Cincinnati aud Chicago. A K H I V E AT llAOEnSTOWN. 8.40 A. M. From ltoltimoro4.COa. a. Frederick H.1U u. m. Winchester B.OO a. m. 'harlestown 6.56 a. m. 2,00 1. M. From New York 12.15. Philadelphia Mo a. m. liallimorc 10.20 a m. Wash inirton 11.30 a. m. Frederick 10.50 in. Wini-liester 11 a. m. S.10 I. M. From New York 11.30 a. m. Phi la deluliia 1 35 p. m. Haltimore 4.15 p. in. NV u.shingrtou 5.30 p. m. Frederick (i.120 p. m. ·iulies Effect Dec. 0, 18(11. I.KAVK H A O K I t s T O W X D A I L Y . i*.'10 \. M.-- Through M a i l for Hoanoke ana intermeciuiiesi.itions and for Had- lord, Pulaski anil Hriiol, connect- nilf at lUdlord for Bluelleld and Pocahontus. I'lillmuii hleepcr from N e w Y o i k to Memphis without i-lmiiirc, \ i a Kno.\»ille uud Cbatta- IIOOKII. U M i l A . M . l-oi- Hoanoke, Kadford. Pulaski, I t i i s t o ) , and all poniLs .Ninth and S n i i t l i w i - s t . Connects at liadlord. Bluelleld, I'oeahontas, Klkhnrn, all M a i u u i e t l i i i r h Valley Unisiou, and lor i.ouis\ille and .suitions L. N K. it.. \ la .Norton. Pullman sleeper. to N e w Oilcans w i t h o u t change and to Memphis ^ ).i Iviiovulle and t h.itumooim. Connectfc at Itoanoki \\ i t h t hrou^h sleepi-r to Louib\ ille \ la Hadlord and N o t t o n . 4 . t n P. M. I/K-al .\L-coinod.uion between Ha ( j i i M i m n u n d Shenandoali. No eon l i c i t ion be\ond. (-.00A.M. K I V i : I I A l i l ' H S T O W X U A 1 I . Y . i:\in-ess 1mm Bristol and thf l.'.ul I'. M. Aei-oinniodation between Sheiian doah and )t.-t^etto\\ n. (i.Vi P. M. Pioin liri-tol. Uuanoke and the Eolith. 5v Kor tu-Uei-., time oards and all informa lion a p p l j to 'licUet AtctMit Norfolk aud \S *_^tern lailroad. C. M. FL'TTKKEU, 1'a^senjrcr Ay:ent, Ha}.or^lown, Md. \v. I!. 11EV1LL. ( Piixtteiiuvr Afcont. n ofliee-^, Koanoke \'a. Ciinilerluii«l Valli-y Itailr»u1. ' i:t!ei-t Tiio-daj, Deei-mber 1, 1891. i I:AVK IIM;EK.VIO\VN. b . ! " ) A . M . " A t l a n t i c Kxpress 1 ' uirivo f»l l l a i r i - l i u i n ' a t Id.-Joa.m., Philade' plini l.lii l). m. New York 3.:W p. ill. s..;o A. M. Mail daily, a i r i \ o in llarrisburn ll.irt.i. in. 1'hiladelpida 3.15 p. m. N e ^ ^'01 U 5.50 p. m. 0.00 A. M. Kor "\Vineliebter arri\iug at ,V*..J*. a. in. 10.45 A. M. Mail i'oi Winchebter, arrive at 12.1.1 p. m. I'MK P. M. I)ay "r.vpiv-"." Arrive in Han-is biirii-3.0.* p. in. rinl.ideljihia 7.05 p 111. N - « \ o r k !l.;i." J). in. 1.1.0 P. M. A i - L o m n i o d a t i o n . A r r i v e in Harris bin vo..V p. in. Philadelphia 10.55 p in. ,cu } 01 k ;{.."0a. m. li..{0 I*. \l. 1 or \ iiielie*-tt-r. I i l . d i I 1 . M. . N i « h t i;\pu'-«, daily. A r r u o In 1 lai i i ^ l n i i g 1L'/A» a. m. Pblladelplna at 4.:!."a. in. New York 7.10 a. m. A l t l l l V K A T H A G K K S T O V S N . )- 0"i A. M. N. O. e\|i ess d a i l y iunii N. Y i - . l o A . 5 l . 1 a^i M . n M i n m Wimlie-ter. l u . 4 ^ . \ . M . M o t n i n ^ .Mail ( t o r n I f a r r i ^ h l l i :;.!.) I'. M. D i i i l j 1.\pie-~- I i oin I'lnladolphia. ;(.*)!'. M . A t - i - » t n i n i ( » d a l i o n ( n u n NVinenestei (.X'T I*. M. I'.iM L i n e I i oin I M n l a d e l n l i i a . b..!li 1'. M. I'l0111 \\ nii'liiXi'i. Hf.u" 1*. M. l-"i oin A\ i i K - l i e t e i . l^..i."i I". M. I'a^t I.iiK- I i o m N e w York. Western I:ir.vlainl Kailroad. Takes r.lleel Get. 4th, 18ftl. M. Accommodatio n lor Shippensburg Pa. 7.:ii .V. M. K x p i e s s t o r Ilaltimore. A r r i \ u a l 11 10i,. in. 11.10 A. M. A c u o m i n o d a l i o n for ^hipiielisblil-H 1'a. 4.20 P. M. 1- ast M a i l , dally for Baltimore. A i 1 1\ e at 7.1 s p. »n. 2.00 P. M. M a i l lor Baltin.ol e. A r i i v e at 5.5J p. in. 7.00 P. M. A c c o m m o d a t i o n ior Shippcn«bnrg. 1'a. ] \ r Willi.inii.port. 8.30 a. m., 12.15 p. m., 8.05 p. in.. o.O) j). in.. 6.10 11. m. d a i l y cicepl Sunday A U U I V i ; A T I I A O K H S T O W N . 7.:iTiA. M. 1'iom lialliniore, daily at C. V. Million. . ..PI A. M. l-'iom Mnppen-slnirir. 1'a. I'M'i 1'. M. I ' l o m B a l t i m o i e ·l.u'i P. M. F i u i n Mnppi-iisburir. (1.10 P. M. l-'ioin S h i i i p c n - b u i g . .s.(i."i I 1 , M. I ' l o n l I t a l t iniore. Pi om \ \ i l l i a n i s p o r t at 6.40, 7.32 anil 11.00 a. m 2.00 p. in. 7.0011.111. d a i h e.\ceit Snndav, STAKUFACTUKERS OF Doors, M Blinds and Mouldings of al! Ji-eci Wo i-. ktii'!» B U I L D I N G M A T K B I A L of i K ROOFINCJ l i i t t f l i l f . I' A i'ENT K K N C I J a r*u purponws. Lumber of all Kinds in Stock Hi prices to mort oonipt tlttnn. Call an i H,-L- 1.8 lH'f,,ic Ic'iiMUn your orders elocwbori). Beck Delamarter, Corner Frauklln «cd Walnnt Sts. Apll6.86-ly. 0AO1B8TOWN W. 10 Fun/. J O H N Kt:i.l»iAN. Real Estate aod iDSDrice, 108 West Washington Street, HAGBRSTOWN, MD. Collections and Loans. M. T_,, L5YKX1S, DRL'GGIHT, Cor. Public Square awl Washington Ste. ^ and varied 'Jffen to 1)16 friondn and the (nil)H. MPurtment of TO PROPERTY OWNERS, Telephone Oct. 6.' DR. WISHARD, SOUTH JONATHAN ST., NEAR B. t O. DEPOT, All branches of Dentistry carefully and properlv attended to, with satisfaction sruar- antced to all who entrust their teeth to his care All patients treated with courtesy aud respect. Most difficult teeth extracted. Gold tilling a specialty. Beautiful Sets of Teeth made from the best material at tho lowest possible cost. Having attended the class of 187!M)Oin the Baltimore College of Dental Sur- irerv be is conlidcnt of giving satisfaction at ttrst trial to all who favor him with their pa- I n euro yonr property w i l h the oldest anil Birone* eat home compunT. No fire claim ev.r co; tested Bincodato ol organization I n 1H5 Honest lonei-H paid directly .A-ISHS^ESflSt #132,000. NO ASSESSMENTS! The Mutual Insurance Co., OF WASHINGTON COUNTY.; M. S. BABBEK, PrenHi-ut WM H. ABMSTBONG, Bee DIBECTOBS-- Alexander Neil!, H. II. Keoily, Lewis Schindol.D P Fahrney, G.-i 1) Ui-walit.P. A Hi ii«tb A D Bennett, S. S.Cunnit'Bh'MD, S. B. Lou»«-,'l. B. Cu»nwa, John H Kausler, W rn Gumro.iu ABM8TUONO * CO.. Afiontp Oflice 106 Went H'ailiinitlou Strxit. A p r S . l S S C . BageiBtown, MJ. tlrst trial b tronage. ' Best families referred to. oct.i.' M -d*w. SEND BOOK. C. U. HOKE, 35O N. 6th St., Reading, Pa. WTTT nw AT THE BALDWIN HOUSE, TUESDAY EVENING. BELTS, c., sent free to all ^Sto^ upon receipt - o f i5.00 and waist measurement. _ 1ani 93 OA88MAN. The Bubj-'sComBart. Tho Mother"* Friend, Dr. Fahrney's TEETHING SYRUP For all baby ailments; prevents Cholera Infan- tnm; pleasant to take and perfectly harmless, 25cts.,atr Oot.o.'ei-dw. WELL BORING. Best Tools and Quickest VVork Thirteen Years Experience n Steam Well Boring and D" ang. Willilarlfrom anrface or froDlboctom of uld w«lli or abaft". Aro prepared to enter into contra cuto drill well* for cities, townn, »ill»Ke«, breweries, hotels farmn,ore banka, manufactories pi-irate roei- nancel railroad", and for gas or oil; mineral pros D ' ^ PBICKS BBYOND COMPETITION . TEXAS, MEXICO. IJ Special semi moDtlily Tourist Partiev, oT.r the gSuthern Pacific Company's San Set and Ogden Routes^ Cheap rates. _ Apply to ion Iiollolt c*rr«p» n «««»- Huron Huyett, ~ H^entown, Md. myctt, 0okU4l. * Qo. lUr W. Drugs and M adicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty, o., o. AH of tho Popular Patent Medicines, I"runnt fi, Sponges, Perfumery, Pooket Books, Toilet Articles, Wax Flowoi Material, Artiit'i Colon aud Material A full line of SLICES. Black Pepper and Flax Seed Ground by oaraftlTea »ud warranted ·Iwolately par* JftD.l,1888-4P Real Estate Agents. SCHINDEL CO., No. 6 Court Place, HAGERSTOWN, MD. --AGENTS FOR TDK-- Hagerstown Manufacturing, Mining and Land Imp. Co, Bank, Sncoad Lann :--Hagerstown Bank, First National National Bank, Hoffman, Bawy A O«-l«S-tf JACOB ROESSNER, Baker and Confectioner Pnblic 8qn»re. Hagentown, Bid. Fresh Bread, Bolls and Cakes dally. Families supplied In any part of the oitj. Candles, Fruit* M* S«ts, wholesale and retail. Marll-lj E XTRA PBUIT JAR OCM8, (or Haao* ud all kinds Jars ior sale bjr IN EV SPA PERI IN EV SPA PERI

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