The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 19S4 BLYTBBV1LLB, (AMLT OOUBm IIWI PAGE SEVEN SECTION -• CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor cwnsecu- t',v« Insertions: (Five average words to a une) One time per llnu lOo Two times per line per day .. Oifc '.Three times per lin ! per day .. We Six times per line per day .. 06c youth rate per line <0c Minimum rhtrge 50c Ads ordered ro: tnree or ti/nes and stopped before explra- fou will be chargcc tor the nuni' ber of tlmos the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copi b'lbimued by penxvis residing out s.'de of the city urust be accorn puiied by cash. Rates may be computed from above table. 'URN18HED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardin alter 4 '. M. lc ktl ROOM & BOAKP BMB» with or h«t natfr, ttUMuMc 234, Rile Friee Gr». 28c M-29 AUTOMOTIVE Start A S»Ttot» Accewt With lit O» rerrtUnc f«r th« A»tiMi Hvktard Ww, AitMMtl» DtfC Pbooe «« ~ Ant* All Kin4» The Aik-K* €•. ioc kt-io BATTERIES Idea* RefvdHf 2 Gems WASHINGTON (UP)—Two bci- •ntlsls at the SmlthMOian Insli- utton have exploded okt-fosliion- '<t 'humbuti" regar*o» pearls and >paU. Dr. Paul Bartuleri, curator of require contact with liiunan skin once a year to preserve Uidr beauty. Every penrl, he . asserted, erentually loses its • latter, no matter h«» r prescn'cd. However, Dr. Uaitiusch continued, a pearl hay have HJ beauty restored by B slmpl* "operation." A layer of nacre removed by the delicate Instruments molluscs and authority on pearls, disproved the tluorjr that pearls »' "> expert doea the work. Hided onili-x, the lire dtei', iind.Ur. Beeii pearls, he iiclded, often are cheaply, "operated upon" aim soW , IKV. "Humbug," exclalinMl Dr. James wn, ItVjUtutloti KtolopLst, hi exploding the belief that ovals, soaked In water will retain their flrc. O[)»k, he disclosed, nn: 40 IKT «nt wnter. As. the wnter OUR BOARDING HOUSE Uv Aheru MO responsibility will be 10: more than one incorrect iu- serUon of any cla&il&d ad. Adveuisinf ordeifd lor irreuu- .ur insertions lake the one tuue tatc. New ftrd BaUerk* Kenlal - Bechuiioc ."1 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 2Sc k4-2o REAL ESTATE Farms for sale—20% down ' Balance like rent Eiliel Thompson, Ciiruthersville. Mo. ll-pk-5-11 JiUSLNESS D1RECTOUY WANTED TO BUY IIO.MK HErAIKS: Steps, floors, strecns, wall paper, p;iinl, etc. AN1IMITE for Termite control E. C. UOBINSOS LUMBER CO. PHONE']** L. G. MOSS Blytlieville's Cut Rate Undertaker 10-ck-5-10 WEAR-EVER aluminum is better and costs no more. Sola exclusively at Hubbard Hardware Co. 5o k5-5 We sp*cialiie in Floor Sweep Special fcinds Icr special flo«r» Hubbard Hardware Co. Mrs. J. J. Davfa, Phone 421 Spencer CorseOere 2tic k4-26 We buy Chlckent and Exf£, hich est prices paid. Rite Price Grocery, Phone 234, 111 E. Main. 9o k5-9 We Pay 12 per ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hlaes, Srass, copper, lead, etc. Wolf Allan, Phone 176, 128 E. Main. . 26ck4-26 Frenchman Got Post PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Georges Dengler, FYench architect, will li! professor of design in the School of Pine Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Dengler now is studying at the Villa Mcciici in Rctne. He will start his \vork here in the fall. Among other awards, he has won the prix Redou and the Grand Prize of Rome. EXPERT Typewriter and Addinc MUcliiiw licpairios. V. S. Blank eoshlp, 116 E. Rose. Cill 1S5-J. ajckl-22 FOR SALE Read Courier News Want Ads. Child Kidnaper's Fate Is Problem 1 Large I'op Cora and Peanut I Roaster in perfect, condition anil j as" B«K! as new. Very cheap. Phone 63, Huyti, Missouri. Gilbert's Grocery & .Market. 9j)-k5-9 F«ds, Flour, Groceries & Meats at Best Prices. We Deliver, rhone 231, Bite Price tirwery. 9c k5-9 POULTKY & EGGS BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wcanesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Cofle Ccr. No. 86 FEEDS \Ve spet-ialitc in seed corn. Farmers Cash Feed and Seed Co. I'hene 127. 19p M For Sale: OOKN delivered to you. \V. T. Rilcy, New Madrid, Mo. 21-pi-J-19 FOR RENT Nicirly lurnbliecl cool bedroom, 1045 \v. Walnut. Phone in ad-k-a-4 INGRAM apartment, heat, water furnished. Apply I. n. ParV- luirsl. lOclttf BEDROOM (or 1 or 2 gentlemen, SOI W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6c k Jlaffling prolilem o£ punisliment (or George Itogilski, 13, wbose kidnap (ictlui, 2 - year - old Dorette Zietlow. died from ei- posurc, confroDti Chicago &u- tliorltles. The lad, shown hero smiling at police questioners, will be given • eanitr teat. II found sane, he will'face a murder trial and possibly electrocution. • contended, all the coaklng In [lie world won't bring the I low b»ek. TieBtiin Consul Rtackei M*$cow With Menagerie MOSCOW. (Ui>) — All (uilnml Le*Kue of Nations accompanied An- I. Ward, tlw United Stiles cpii- »ul at Tientsin, »nd his »IIc, wlwni they arrived here. It consist^ o( a Slmncsc cat, an cut, «n Afe»IUii shepherd dog, and a betu'dcd Knreun lien. The pets slmrcd « single sleep- Ing cur comportment, with the Wards throughout, llio la-clay r«ll Journey ;roni Tientsin lo Moscow. Tlic dotf, Kanpel. which is Chi-- ne»« for "Bottoms up," lived 1 Uiroitglwut the trip on BO raw eggs.! The Wurds and th«lr pels a two-room suite ul Savoy Hotel. arc the Read Courier ALLEY OOP HU1UY THE THIKTEBNTH! Want, Ads. By Hanlin , M«0,TrtE UST FEW 1 HMJ BtEN WAS TAKEN VERY ILL, WHEN CNERWEATO TALX1N6 ABOUT 6ETTWO, TUt WOULD WAVE GONE TO HOSPITAL, "RECALLED MEDICINE IN rV\Y TRUNK ,<S\VEN N\E BY THE "BLONb INDIANA OF W^^AZ-ON-A 1R\BAL SECRET, AND ONt TEASPOONFUL COKED ME I THE AND LIKE BOUPteOW WOODWORK CLEANED •— ANt> W.CCNECED H\S VAEAUH WWEN CSASOM STAWTET3 THE •SOB/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES y wfcv\.,*io- I . lBt&UN WORV. OKS V\ VET CW«!&OT,W»WT I CWIT v* Tnwx o? rc.wi WKKZt WtVt GOMH* , VM-~ OKAV . TOOW OECWKO OUT ttt — GEORGE SCARBO SEITY 6f?<soti, NIECE dSEa. SANTER, LOOKS UKF STUCK 11 HXieEsJ.TY PINS CM «£ COiT— PCPULAg vJiTH THE KH5.} 500 SONSS A YKEK f&H MffeuRS St WASH TUBBS STUMPED! TIME.7HE 6M6R1FF ANP1WO DEPUTIES HOPM6TO HEAD THE BAK1DITG OFF AT THE MEMCAM BORDER. VEfOJWHlue, WftVH ftND EftSV HAVE U)ST THE TRAIL. SANOt THE BLASTED COVERED UP THEIR TRACKS I 'S A CH4CH 1HEV WEttt UPTHrSGNP By Craa I'M'WOT so SURE, POPNER. TfiEN'RE NOT IN SIGHT AW LOM6ER, AMD THERE'S SO CflN>/OWS _ THEV MI6HT 0' \TURMEO UP. SALESMAN SAM ft HE CANT UK BOTHKKKD! By SmliJ CARESS r^ AM- t^e f«»uJ wtcKeuTix BLOiu PER. CftMDV' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS EL* SCUTT'.C LEFT SHADYSIDE IN A HURRY.' HE SEEMED HIGHLY AGITATEP... BUT DOES THE NEXT TRAIN BACK FROM DANFORTK, IN PORT TOCKTbKl. IM TIME TO COWNECT WITH \VELL,I WANT TO MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH A STEAMER... AND I DONT WANT TD 8£ DELAYED.' WHY, KISTAH,..YOU SHOULDA TAKEW A LOCAL FROM SHAPYSIDE PORT ITS ONLY P(VE MINUTES '.' AH REALLY DON' KNOW ir (V3U IS ONLY \VASTlM' TIME.GoitJ' CLEAR LPTD KN BACK- A 80AT..., LOOXS TO. ME LlkE 'riXJ .HAS INVEMTED A NEY/ WAY O' GETTIN' NOWHERE }V(EU-,BOSS,TH' (DIBECJbes.TH' STATK3N- /MASIER.TH' SOJAtMAM. \TH' GUARD,TVT ENCINI EER A V J' MAH£l;LF THINKS SO...Oirrs!CE O'THAT, rSJOT

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