The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1927 · Page 1
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1927
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AURRENT VOMMENT THE WEATHER I'm-tJy cloudy tonight. Thursday Incrctuing cloudiness. Not mucli change in temperature. Although the Presidential nominations are more than n year away It Is R eottled conviction In our mind that Calvin Coolidge will be the next Republican nominee of Ids party find in nil likelihood will be elected ta succeed himself, AVe base this opinion on the predicate that he is the sole choice ol the Invisible Government (better known R3 the-money power), because.there is no wing of the Republican party sufficiently strong to nominate anyone else and because the ineptitude of tiie Democratic party Till contribute much to this consummation. *THE PAPER THAT GOES INTO THE HOMES* ^-^··MtaM^MI F INAL E D I T I HI6H WATER MARK 23,171 Flood Destruction Spreads as New Owners of Local Water Company Announce Improved Service and No Change In Rates or Personnel! Aalust this plan the third-term argument will be negligible, its being R matter of doubt that thla would Constitute »uch a term, what is known an Mr, Coolldge'a "first term" being merely his service as President for the remainder ot the Hard- Ijig term, which was Interrupted by .the death of the incumbent. I GALLED Ai to the Democratic nonilnatlon we do not think it will go to Al Smith. And if It should, there la great likelihood of a Democratic bolt. Were it possible that tha Democratic party should nominate Smith and adopt a dry platform, the very Inconsistency of that combination would be fatal. Smith could not become dry without complete stultification. If he remained silent his rec- oid shows .that he is against the principle of prohibition and that he is a foe of both the Eighteenth amendment and the Volstead act. Those who oppose Smith on religions grounds would use his wet him and the what Governor Parker or any other distlngulsh- predllections to bolt ticket. Regardless o"f (By MEMPHIS, Press) April 27. -- Destructive flood waters ot the Mississippi river today moved on towards the sea bringing additiojial_ tales of death and distress. Prom Arkansas came repoits of acute suffering both from high waters and disease: From Southern Illinois came reports that flood waters ·were creeping over a large acreage through a new levee break. From Louisiana came reports that St. Bernard Parish was to be flooded through the necessity of dynamiting a levee in order to save New Orleans. Askansas City Is said to be under from seven to 14 feet of water. Fully JG.OOO people are homeless. The Red Cross is making every effort to bring about relief. Ten additional airplanes have been requested Southern Democrat may say, the ed to carry relief to 'the hornless Democratic rank and file of the while medical supplies are being South would gag at Smith and sec- rushed to Arkansas. rally would rather see a Republican in tha White House than the present Governor of New York. \Vo may belie the religious issue as much as we like, but we cannot Continued on pa^e Tour SPARKS CIRCUS SHOWS CONNELLSVILLE TODAY NEW ORLEANS, April 27.--Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover, and his party assigned by President Coolidge to survey the .flood situation along the Mississippi, arrived- ed here by special train today. The secretary plans to remain here two days looking over the Louisiana flood area and then return to Ticks- burg to take up the work he left There will be no increase in water superintendent for Uniontown and price for Uniontown and no change In the managing personnel of the local unit of the Pennsylvania State Water Corporation, the News Standard was told in an interview with members of the new board of directors before they left for New York at 5:05 yesterday after completing the transfer here yesterday by depositing a check for ? 7 C O , 0 0 0 In the Fayette Title Trust company for stockholders of the Uniontown Water companj'. Ira Seaton will bo the present staff of employes will remain unchanged. Initial step toward Improving both supply and service was taken yesterday when a pitomo- ter survey of the Uniontown water system was ordered. This will be made in the immediate future by continued as data already nt hand is believed bet- Actual transfer of the Uuiomown ter supplied than any other city in · Water company yesterday morning Western Pennsylvania. The present! in the direct.-.TM 1 room of th 0 Kayeue supply will be increased, pressure i Title Trust company was a very water engineers and consists ot an instrument check on the entire reservoir and pipe line system during which any and all leaks will be discovered and repairs made. Uuiontown is serviced from six big reservoirs located on the west slope on the Atlantic seaboard and Central i raised and quality maintained by the I big thing for this ,city.~ the payment! new owner company through the pitometer survey and resultant repairs, it was stated. Incidentally eastern water experts are of the-opinion that Uniontown has been more fortuiiaio than it possibly knows in the splendid quality of its water of 5760,000 at that time making u : total of $775.000 turned over i n ; cash, all of it coming to local people : to remain here. With the surrender , of all Uniontown stock the actual i transfer was made when one cenifi- i cate for 10,000 shares was made to j supply. Its analyses show it super- A. D. Nelines of the Seaboard Trust i ior to the water ot 49 out of 50 cities i company. New York, and he tendered of the mountain watershed and from Bright eyes and smiling lips adorned a few spots in West "Main street yesterday when a talented carpenter made that shopworn gag, "Sure, this is pre-war stuff" come true. Fact. Charlie Yin ton Chisholm working for Lyons in making altera- An Interrupted Burglar Chats With Son of House A night raider attempted to loot |not fear that"; and asking which The big Sparks circus passed through Uniontown this morning shortly before dawn on its way to Connell. vllle where it will give two perform; nces today. Yesterday it showed at Fairmont, W. Va. Bruce Chesterman, advance, agent of the circus, is in town today making final arrangements for the performances here tomorrow and assures local patrons that the show is better than ever this season. The two big sections that passed through this city early this morning are of complete steel equipment, the cars being 70 feet long. Special Today! --AT-CITIZENS CAFETERIA Unheard of Values ! In depenaaWe Used Cars. See big adivt. on page 6. Oldsmobile-Unioa- town Company. Novelty Prize Dance H. C. Hall, Wedneiday, April 27. Gents 75c. Good Music. Ladles 25c. 42621 P. Craft Hardware Company "Everything in Hardware" 101'WEST MAIN ST. BABY CHICKS GARDEN SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS 4 26 St N O T I C E All traffic will be shut off on Ilic Continental No. 2-Ifigh House road and High House lo Wooclside road starting April iT. Georges Construction Co. ' 4-25-3t FAYETTE MEN DRAWN IN FEDERAL JURIES ^(Special to The News Standard.) PITTSBURGH, April 27.--Federal court will convene next week for an abbreviated session of weeks necessitated by the lack of funds to conduct a full session of court. F. M. Semans of Uniontown is drawn as one of the grand jurors, while the following are drawn on the petit drug^eTmaking 7i trip t i l f i r - T ' r* TMnn n-» ,,* f i_ - *·* c tions in the old McClelland House for the J. C. Penny Company found sealed tip in an old brick Avail a half pint bottle (full of real stuff) wrapped in a News Standard dated Sept. IS, 1902. The paper was wet and soggy and if there had been more than a half pint some of the neighbors would soon have been the same way. .Some,of our old residents claim that George Titlow hid that bottle,. but if he did he missed a bet not-! being on hand when the wreckers started to work. George and his brother Henry and Orville Fry are reported to have been proprietors o f ) the hotel when the brick wall wasj built. - | The paper wrapped around the] bottle told of the showing here o f j Sam T. Jack's Creoles, of Bob Pattl- son and Vance McCormick attending a Democratic here and about Bill Borland, a clerk' in Huston's the home of Mrs. Ella Rush of Phillippi avenue, Miller Terrace, last night but his efforts were interrupted by the appearance of Duane, son of Mrs. Rush, shortly after 2 o'clock. Mr. Rush had entered his home at the side entrance and had just turned on the kitchen light and was starting for the dmiug room when he was startled by a voice saying "stop." The burglar pointed his gun. Mr. Rush began to question the man who was well dressed, wearing a neat brown suit, and bearing a good appearance. The visitor told j Duane that "he was down and out, and just had to do something." He was then asked if he didn't think it a poor business he was following and the intruder replied, "he could not help it." He also tokl Duane that "he would not shoot him, he need door he should leave the house from. Duane replied, "go out the side door, it is unlocked." Still pointing, the gun the visitor backed out the side entrance and finally asking Duaiie "is the door locked" and after the reply from Rush "yes," he departed. After the visitor had departed a check up was made and from the buffet in the dining room there was about $3 in change missing and a number of trading stamps. Just before the burglar passed out the doorway he handed Duane the trading stamps, saying, "he had no use for them". A call was sent to the police station and a squad of five bluecoats rushed to the district where they made a careful search but at noon today had not been successful in even rounding up a suspect. jury: J.-_ C. Blaney, of Smock; George Bombrey, of Everson; Frank Coffroth, of Brier Hill; Nathaniel Murphy, of Uniontown; F. S. Opper- burgh. A waiting list as long as the hon- II. A. Molton. principal of the Gallatiu school here, was elected last evening to the prinuipalshlp of the Gallatiu school of Georges township man, of Connellsville; and Robert I f er red to jn case they find anv morel the coming vear uatson, of Uniontown, as well as O f Tit's caches. C. Evans of Waynesburg. and -:· ·:· * Frank Huston of Carmichaels. MEXICAN REBELS ARE KILLED BY FEDERAL^ (By United Press) MEXICO CITY, April 27.--Federal troops have killed 102 rebels'in engagements in the few days, President Calles said today. Siity rebels, who carried loot stolen from Guadalajara train -which was wrecked and burned last week with a loss of more than GO lives, were killed in a battle near La Penuela mountain, the president said. Ten rebels were killed when a band attacked a troop train at aL Sales, Guanajuato, thinking it was a!. passenger train. The firemen of .the train and one soldier were killed. I Fifteen rebels and one Federal was killed at Los Lobos, state of Jalisco.) and 17 rebels fell before. Foclerai guns near Lucast Cuevas. state Guerrero. roll at the courthouse has been at the regular session of the school filed with Vinton Lyons to be re-i.directors for election of teachers for Marlin E. Hilty, of the Monongahela City, Pa., Junior high school, was elected supervising · * j principal and succeeds L. L. Moser. "·'(Other teachers and employees elect- -·*! ed at the regular session last evening * : °! are as follows; £ j Collier: Leoua M. Hughes. Ethel j.jSpeer, Anna Vrska. Elizabeth Col- _!_ilicr, Leona D. Stewart, Auges J^i Greaves, J. A. Deffenbaugh. ,;.i Deyarmon: William McCuskfr. .;.; Dry Knob: Eleanore Patterson. t f \ D u n n : Harry Swaney. .! Gallatin: Edna I. Harvey, H e l e n . -:.JM. Glover, Emma Kenuisdu, E v e l y n ' ···j Continued on fage Fire. THK WEATHER RECKttlU -Maximum temperature a.t Burgess . Field for the past 24 hours occurred at 3:40 p. TO. yesterday with mercury standing at C4.1 degrees. Low temperature of 43.C degrees, occurred at 3:50 a. rn. today. Temperature at noon was 5S.9 degrees. Humidity was 81, barometric pressure 2S.244 with tendency of falling. Indications according to Meteorologist L. Avera are for cloudy and probable light showers this afternoon and tonight, partly cloudy tomor- rpw. Radio reports cloudy and rain west, rain east. (By INDIANA, April Pi-ess) 27.-- Albert J. Beveridge, Republican, former United States senator from Indiana, and In regard to the Clean-Up and and Paint-Up campaign to be inaugurated in Unhmtuwn week of May 1 to May George Litman of the (l».v UuiunV Prf-ss) W ORLEANS. April 27.--New ! Orleans is to pay $2.000.000 to ?3,! 000.000 ransom to the Mississippi river to save itself from one of the worst threatened floods in history. It will-cost the city this amount to cut the levee at Poydras, 14 miles south of here and relieve the flood | pressure from New Orleans. Genera] I Edgar Jadwin. chief of army sngin- | eers. estimates. . In addition the city must care for 3,000 persons to he evacuated from St. Bernard Parish and return them to their homes after the waters recede. Within a few minutes after his arrival ia the city. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, generalissimo of the flood relief work, was in con- Fire during the j Terence with Governor 0. H. Simp- Fire Chief | son. New Orleans officials. General U u i o n t o w u ' Jadwin and James L. Feiser. TRY THE NEXT ONE Department stated this morn-j chairman of the American Hed ing that he approves the proposed j Cross. campaign and that it has his nn-| Full co-operation of the Federal tlorsement. He states that while' government and lied Cross was prom- Uuiontown was successful in being r ised. declared one of the contest winners j in the National Fire Waste Contest: held throughout the United States' last roar, it will he able to secure a i much higher rating in this years' contest if all citizens of Uniontown! will cooperate in the annual Clean-! Up week and make it au occasion to} remove'all Ore hazards"'from their! properties. Mr. Litman a t t r i b a L t s the reduction in fir.; losses in Uiiio'itoivn during the past seveinl y^srs prln»J;;ai:y to the annual clean up campaigns, and Elated ilu.t tlu n:.;u-.ber of r irt3 can further he reduced by the removal of ilre hazards which still exist in 1. a national figure in political history, tllat died today. The former senator diet! luue at !!:30 a. in. but his death- was not ily. Death was due to bean disease. members of the family said. In recent months he has been confined to his home. CHAMBER PLANS TALK BY NOTED SPEAKER tho city. He stated that a large percentage of local Tires are In private homes and .ire directly traceable to the accumulation of rubbish. The fire chief cautious against permitting old furniture, old articles of clothing, old bedding, old mattresses and uther refuse to accumu- Clnan-Lp week is an opportune to get rid of all trash. He f u r t h e r suggests that during t h e ! week, a thorough inspection o? every! store ;sna business concern, be made! with the irlea ,of making all business properties as nearly free from fire hazards as possible. From tbe interest being shown, there is every indication that this year's Clean-Up. Paiut-L'p anJ Plant- Up week will be highly successful stated Mr. Litman. KADJO A\ hat is television? -\Ylio is known as "Tbe Lark" of the Capitol Theater "Fami ily?" ^ ~\ noted radio impressario started his career as a showman by exhibiting films in a barroom on Sundays? Js there a station at Hot Springs. Ark.? "What is considered an effective remedy for static. TVhere are tha following stations: (a) WGE, (b) KGO, (c) TVBBJI. (d) CFCF? Who is "The Red Headed Music Maker" and where did he get bis start? What prominent radio manufacturer for two years has sponsored programs by world famous artists over a big chain ol stations? 9. What prominent radio manufacturer has come to be known ns "Tbe Henry Ford of Ha- rtio?" 0. What artist has opened everv series of Victor radio concerts? (See Classified Ia sc for Answers.) C. S. CONTRIBUTIONS LAG FOR FLOOD RELIEF Colviii B. Brown, head of the Organization Service Bureau of tho United States Chamber of Commerce,T : ' Washington, D. C., will be'a guest I* of Uniontowu on Monday. May !,!"·* when he motors here to address tho]*'' i luncheon Stock Closes Today AT THE DIXIE I Chamber of Commerce at meeting of the entire membership at!""' (he White Swan hotel. Tiie local or- "·" Kanization has been communicating with Mr. Brown for the past several! weeks, endeavoring to have him pay I, CIRCUS STUrtlv JJOY Uniontown police are asked to Less than $-100 In contributions for ! L'niontown a visit, and this morning the Mississippi Valley flood sufferers j a . telegram confirming his intended The Gay Stock Company gives l«-oi l l a d been received at noon today by visit^was received by Secretary \Val- '· | performance today of their very ex-' (!· S. Harah. treasurer of the Fayette ! t c r *'' Schenck. of Icellcr.t political drama "Should Wives I County Red Cross chapter ivhicii is! Tlle s P eclal luncheon meeting is 'Tell Their Husbands." for the last i seeking ? ] . S O O for the countv relief ! boins arran eetl to which the entire times. The company will be rcor-j ,,,,,,,,,. O f this sum almost one-half i lncill!)ersl »J °f ^ Chamber of Corn- be reorganized and return for a summer run Quota. on the lookout for Angelo Lombarda, 14-year-old California. Pa., boy, who j starting the first part of June. The e · Dixie will present the world's sensation. "The Man They Could Not Hang" this week, Thursday, Friday and Satran away from home a feiv clays ago urday, and nest week etart a policy ' ~~ believed to be with Sparks | ot musical comedy tabloids for four and is circus. The lad's father, Joe Lombarda, describes him as four feet six inches tall, brown eyes dressed in a blue suit and with trousers and wearing black shoos. hair, long sale TODAY ! Attend t b e b i g Used C a r t _ . Olrtsmobile-Uniontown Company.. See 'Friday night. May 20th. Please send or five weeks, opening with Al. Bar ; low's Rainbow Revue with 18 people and the best dancing show on the circuit, Marshall Walker will follow May 9th for a big two weeks' engagement. The next "Amateur Contest" will take place Friday night, May Cth. Then one more contest May 13th and the grand final for all 15 winners, for cash prizes of $20.00, $10.00 and $5.00 big advt. on page C. came Monday In the splendid contribution of $17D from the Third Presbyterian church. With promptness in giving stressed as a prime necessity, Fayette county seems to have forgotten the wonderful record of war time drives as i local people lag in tbe contributions to this imperative need. Hourly the flood disaster grows throughout the lower river valley and once more today the call for money help is broadcast. Contributions should be made .to tho Red Cross.cither to local headquarters or to Mr. Harah at the 1 be iuvited as well as any especially interested in of Commerce work. Mr. Brown is an a u t h o r i t y on tho work, and his visit and address is being anticipated by local members. Invitations to the membership will be sent out within a few days and reservations for the affair requested. Details of the Electing will bo announced later. in names early for next two contests. Second National bank. WALL PAPER SALE Special Room Lots, 75c per room up. Blymyer's 4 27 If dKOUS SCHEDULES Miiton D. Proctor, superintendent of school, announces the following /circus schedule: Thursday morning, all the schools of the city will be dismissed at 31 a. m., in order thai the students may see the big parade of the Sparks show. Sessions jwill be resumed in the afternoon as usual. On Friday, however, a half holiday will be declared, the schools dismissing at noon, to recess nntil Mondav. TAXPAYERS NOTICE Taxpayers of Wharton Township _ who owe 192G taxes are notified to set- ··'jtle on or before May 26. If statement ·-· is mislaid, send for another. ·:· ESTELLA H. O'LEAKY. · | 4 2 7 1 t * Farmington. Pa * -*i Beginning Classes j; j New classes will be formed in *;" j bookkeeping, shorthand, typewriting * and secretarial studies on Monday, *l May 2nd. Those desiring to join these ·:·! classes should enroll at once. .;. DOUGLAS BUSINESS COLLEGE . : . 96 E. Fayette St. -- Unioutown. Pa ...I 427283031" USED TIRES CITY TAX NOTICE Just received a larere ship- One per cent discount allowed on | ment of S°° d tires - A11 | all 1927 City Taxes paid BEFORE g makes and sizes. The best i May 1, 1927. Office, second floor, City | ~ Hall. Open evenings of April 28 29 and SO. 4 2 6 »t A. E. BAILY. City Treasurer. WALL PAPER SALE Nearly all our big stock going at cost of less. Blymyer's 4 2 7 t f See Page 6 for big values in Used Autos Oldsmobile-llniontown Company, at I've ever offered for sale. § We will also take your old tires in on Goodrich Silver- I town and Radio Cords. 1 MACK'S PLACEI § Bceson Blvd. Phone 1877-.T | 4 26 St I Sparks Circus Here Tomorrow Parade 11 a.m. ONLY ONE OF THE SEASON. Matinee 2 o'clock. Night 8 o'clock. Doors open one hour earlier. Prices : ChfloVca under 10--35; Adults 75c. Tickets on sale at Levy's store t«B»T- f , same price as at grounds. Reagan-Lynch Lot, N. CiBiHIAf*. ,, row ,,AA»*«*fA?ll)l,

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