The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Judges Nominated FORREST CITY, Ark.,'April 14. (W)—Two.Marlanna attorneys will BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.Y COURIER NEW8 be suggested (o Gov. ncn Ltmcy us a successor to the Inle Judge E. M. Pipkin of *,hc First Judicial Circuit. Tile two iiu'ii. t>. N, Durkc, Sr,, nncl Davis plvmiirtci 1 , wci'C noinm:U- cd by Hie bur association of tlie district. Judge Pipkin died lissl week. Copyright by Pen' Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, THE STOKVl After n Itfedme •f AaullHf (be world, the croat vau l£jrk coium lllllu Maine ron»t W14ow of nn Intcrnnllontil 'fcwker, Bke bad Hvcd comfort• blr UM Ike Itlvlt'ra unlit Ike fcrmr. !• fcer parly are Victoria Jvuklna, : krr Kranii-daughter, •»*. Marcel I'4'rrault, an elderly JKrMchMan who 1» kcr purfralt E 1»t*r. S!r < 1 b: l rlc, Mnddcri, 4am«'« litiftrr, nu'vttt (bL'Ul ut the Goone NVi'k Mntluu, II lR CHARLES had driven to the i*^'station in Madame's car, In |which there was scarcely room for 'three additional passengers and |t|ie baggage. H was decided to flteve him and Marcel to bring the jthings, while Madame and Victoria went along with Clarence Kathaway. .Without asking, Clarence set hts taxi on the road to the point ;md the old Peabody place near the lighthouse. 1 Everyone in Goose KTeek, Clarence first of nil, hud kiiovm of the transaction on the day Madame van Eyck bought Mrs. Peabody's house; they had known the hour of the butler's arrival a month ago, with all the crates and boxes, the bales, barrels, trunks, the cases antl carloads of treasures and trifles which made ijp the worldly effects of the great ; As the taxi toiled along the dirt roid that ran around.the promontory;; of Goose Neck, farmhouses gave way to the biff summer places Where prominent families ot Portland and Boston had spent three months of every year for gcnera- .Thc last time Sophie had driven along this road it was in her father's cari; but the hedges locked much the sanf today, as (three ct them—appeared together jon : tho'plattorm. >, ,f- Thcy were the only ch'air-car passengers getting ofl at Goose first to reach the cinders, waving a greeting to Sir Charles, was Victoria Jenkins, IMadame's granddaughter, .1 girl in her early 20s, delicately boned •nd with hair the color of palten ihowing under a moss-green bonnet that matched her coat. She turned back to help the ppiter With the,elderly lady following, whose skirts v;erc dragging the •oot off the car steps. .After the lady came the third Riember of the party, Monsieur Mircel Perrault, a small man, elderly, with a black mustache under his insignificant nose, •nd a beret pulled on sidewise ibpve a monkeyish face. • He was an odd^figure, lost in the folds of an ancient cape that Hid once been black; yet he might have-been odder still without attracting much attention in the company he kept/ For the elderly lady, a head tailor than he and built on the heroic scale, was more noticeable in every way, Afte^a* tifetinie "of dazzling flic world, Sophie van Eyck had come home. , — ' ' ;-;*? * * « JT was a strange chance of the ., -European upheaval that had upirooted her from her pink villa in/ the perfumed air of southern France and landed her here on the cold New England coast. Whci the Nazis began to make life unpleasant in Europe many people sctirrie'd away from the French Pjviera, rushing ofl the sunny locks in a fright to resettle thcm- elsewhere. One of these MONDAY, APRII, 19.17 ' Sophie clasped her hands and closed her eyes, I>r£.it!i5ji(» deeply of a familiar fr.iRrance. Dear, wonderful clutter, where each ash tray hail a history, each footstool its place in her memory. , maid liired by Sir diaries in Boston. Clarence, ready to drive oil, took his foot from (he slaiier antl leaned forward to inpcct them. The maid was Bridget, a stout, l>lcnsnnt-faccd Irish woman who looked about forty. Behind her, \vild-cye<l and unlkiy of hail', was when she was barely twenty, Ma- lame had never changed her citizenship. Even when she murricd Uax Bcrnheim, l jhe international ranker, and retired lo his pink villa in the sun, she did not adopt lis nationality. So she had been •<blo to got to Lisbon with a reasonable degree ot comfort, and sailed for America without Max— who had died on the dny Germany marched into Poland—but with his fortune antl her furnishings and Monsieur Perraull, who was her portrait painter; and with Sir Charles Madden and Madamc's own enchanting granddaughter, Victoria Jenkins. CIR CHARLES now stepped ^ haughtily over a rail, bowed lo Madame, palled Victoria arrcction- ately and lent a hand with the alarming amount of heterogeneous baggage belonging to the three passengers. =1 ., "How is it, Sir Charles?" asked Victoria eagerly. "Do you like it? Is it really right on tho ocean, just like the house at Antibcs? Is everything settled?" „! Monsieur Pcrrnult, pulling his cape around him, shivered and s'aid willi a strong French, accent he" had not lost in half a century of traveling with Sophie, "Is so cold! Never in my Jifo was I so cold!" . - „It was, in fact, cold. Although the sun moved high across an almost cloudless sky, there was fresh, strong wind antl u feeling in the air ot being close to the northern seas. . | "I like it," said Victoria. "Well, come along, Granny, We'll have to find someone to help with all this junk." "I'm afraid there isn't anyone,' said Sir Charles doubtfully. "Mar- met Mrs. Dagol's buller yd? Next door." He jerked his head In the direction of the big white clapboard house that stood behind an evergreen hedge between Gray Shingles and the grounds oi the lighthouse. "I don't Ijelicve," saitl Madame novc uolnblo than the manner in 'liifli she had Jcrt Goose Keck lifelimc ago. , ,r Nevertheless, she began walk- ig ulung Ibe cinders as if Uie^ were a, red carpet, i.^a^,-,, ' 2OPIIIE sought tiic station agent, •^ Iici- obsolete sealskin cape sweeping the platform, her out- noded turban carried like a crown on her white hair. "Is there a ;jorter here?" she demanded. . "Nope." -'• ~' • "Can someone help us with our wgfiage?" She spoke with authority, but softly. Then, letting the man have the effect of her diapason, she looked do\vn on him and said in full voice, "I am Sophie van Eyck." The slationmasler, n! :>ld man like a gray siiuiiinl, cocked his head to peer up at her under his cycshade. "That so7" he said. "Clarence llnlhaway's cab is out there. Ho maybe can help with your tilings." Turning, iie called along the platform, "Hey, Clarence, you busy? This here's Miss van Eyck." :: : Clarence, as he ambled up, stared with an expression of awed curiosity 'very gratifying to Madame. Here, at any rate, was the recognition of fam if not exactly its due homago. Here — as in like villages o£ the Old World— the name of Sophie van Eyck was a name to make the aged pause at their spinning and the young at their play. Nearly any actress might expect recognition in the cities of the world, but lo be a household word in farmhouse;; and villages one had to have been the greatest actress of them all. One had to have Wt>j (To Be Co been Preparedness Plea is Voiced By Wainwright LITTLE HOCK, April 14. <IJ{>)_ On. Jniullinu M. WiilnwriuUt y<><-- tcriluy uppeiilcd for ))iib)ie support of 1111 87J>,000-mnn nrmcd force and :i program of universal military liuining. Sprakiiifj nt n luncheon In connection with "Army Week," the hero of lintnnn .said that until « rational world can provide u rulrrc unclouded by threats, "we c.imioi Ignore uur duty lo ourselves nncl lo other freedom-loving peoples." The General asked for .support of the regular Army, the rejuvenated Nsitiomil Guard and tlic-Oruun- i/c<l Reserves. He also m-gcci con- SjressloiiiU approval of u tralnltv program untlcf which frays would l)e trained for six mouths after leaving high school. "Any future war will conn with devastating suddenness," he dc- tiiirctl. "The statement tlias pre- liaredness will lead to war (,s fallacy." UMItuiTlglit left for San Antonio Tex., following a two-day visU to Little Reek. No Cradle Robber SOUTH HEND, Ind.. April H (UP)—"Uuclc Dan" Young, who has been a bachelor for 103 years, said today that, he planned to slay thai way. When ho celebrated liis 103rd birthday a week ago, Young said he might net married if he could find someone his own ase. He added that he was "not interested in any young women of B5 or !)0," For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/.c ami large tracts. No extras. Full repayment privilege. SICE US FOR QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS For Hut hi in!; or ltcpiiirhi(, r . Also Auto Truck and I'riictor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store HlylheviHe, Ark. fie Sure/ INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER Qjifr Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams ARMISTICE, MV OLD I JOCKEY; LATELY ?•*•— L'O { TP.K.E COUNJS&L> v\ CONCERsllNS A CERTAIN t>ERBY DARli "r-THB WORD VJA.9 PASSED TO M6 IKJ STRICTEST 'SECRECY AT -1AE- O\NL=> CLUB L.IXST NVGKT .' '6CUSE ME.M1STAH MMOR.BOT APUISTIC6 COLL1DSD \v!lPA >- V«irtOLE GANCb OB HARD LOCK .' ^LL.T^AE HOS56S HC GIB ME LAS' VjEEti Rf^M CABOOSE/ BE some EASIER WAV TO RING D6M. 3W BELLS OB PROSPERITY/ X& BEST ~ HAN!DlCAPPERS BOOT ON5E OCCAS1ONSAL.L.V— co^^E BACK HERE, VOU TWO-I \VAWT TO SHOW -;OU £^DME- THIMG / H,\H-H A H.' THE PUWCH IW \ (HER GAG i& GOME.' SHE ^> f HATES 'EM PIMCHIM' GROCERY ( BAGS, ANJP THEY CIDM'T \ feVEM NOTICE THE \ LESSOM SHE RIG<3ED v -—, UP—AMP IS SHE WHY MOTHERS VIC FLINT "Warn all my folks nir^ horse thief in thfi f- ','.' • ••:'.~'\ there was a pirate or '•"kids about'em!" M ANY BLACK SEARS AND SOME MEMBERS BI& BROWH BEAR &ROUP ARE COAL BLACK SURVIVE . THE WINTER/ ARE ALMOST AND AWNY HOWES WERE. SAVED DURIN6 THE EAI5THQUAKE BECAUSE WERE BUILT OF BECAUSE THET ANSWER: They go deep into the ground and cluster together. ~"^ NEXT: What fa » "loefc pichtrette"» : ^" FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at State Lino I'hoiic Blyllicville 714 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cnccc Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pont iocs * Fords * Chevrolets * Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery \Ve I'ay Top Dollar for Clean Laic Model Cars j BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Franklin and Main St. Phone 2037 Cor. Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade 'A 7 D. & P. L. No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sticks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED ffOft PER SUPPLY ^lOU TON Also Ogden and Ruyai Soy Beans $4 50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas „ WASH TUBB8 Si>me Porth iej Mutvane and Nellie passed) Ifarrot's stalled car without seeing 'Irirm. But Parrot had overheard them. *• '—i No Answer w 'THEY MENTIONED [ CMIlt. THEY S»!0 CHiU P WAS CONVINCED THAT k TftCKY WOUIO WALK,.' . THAT'S CHILI ' J THEY OWE I OUT OF THIS : k HOUSE.' HY DOORBELL, CHILI. PROB'tY SOMEBODY WANTS TO BUY ONC OF YOUR FANCY HATS. J O'MAI.I.KY :vhtl KAI,PH"l,"ANB anwhile, I tried to phon Chili that tibby and I were corr mg o^r with some fee cream 11, u3 TRIES 1M VftIM TO BMTER PO1V.M THE HEWV POOR.,.. THERE'S (ff LfftST TWO 0' THEW...9ROSASW AFTER UN'S FORMULAS! THM PKONY LOOSER WAS WITH ME-. LERI.IF TTJRNBS HED RYDER Double Plav BY V. T. HAMUN ALLBY OOP Gab nn I UNOERSI'ANO VOUR \ VOUR MONEV"i Ii NEED FOR n;,MDS IN I MV SftFE.-.VOU PIRATKWATERS.BUT / CAN HAVE IT / OH) VOI! IIAVC TO / WHEN WE~MAKE I VOU'Lt NOT NEED IT IF WE DON'T. 1 THINK OF THAT WHEN THEMSILK-PANTI6D SWABS TRV TO BOARD US' Riit lines V. T. HAM UN V'KNOW.I HOPE THEM FIKATESSHOW UP...I'D LIKE A BIT OF \CTION! SAINTS FORBID! THEV'RE A S BROOD AN 1 NO JOKE- 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "T Tmem's Orflcrs BY EDGAU MARTIN ». 5. PAT, pi r."

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