The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTMKVMJ.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 25,1949 Arkansas Journal of Education Devotes Article to Blytheville School Needs, Plans for Future Blythf ville't school problems, subject to a forum sponsored last week by ft committee of the Chnmber of Commerce, also Is the subject of nn 6rtide appearing in the current issue of the Journnl of Arknnsns Education. It was written by Miss Emma Scott, editor, following a survey or conditions here. The article, which deals with accomplishments in spile of limited facilities, follows: * • The Blytheville School District has a problem. It Is outgrowing itself. It is bursting at the scams. It needs new buildings, additional equipment, and more teachers. Located in the heart of the rich farm 'lanes of Mississtl>l>l County with the c'rty ot Blythevillu located well in the southwest corner, it stretches over nn area o! 79 square miles and counts an enumeration of 4.335 scnool aged children. Two high schools, one Junior hlsl 1 .. nnd H elementary schools take care, of children in the area. Even before the recent re-oreant- zalion brought into the Blytheville district the neighboring one of Oar Lake, Number Nine, Promised Land Lone Oak. Flat Like ami Reece, the Blytheville schools were taking care of most of the tn^ti .school children in those districts on a tuition basis, so thai when the re-orgf.nizatlon came, the increase in high school enrollment which resulle'd was not considerable, only. 13 to be exact. And since no elementary schools Included in the rc-ornniilzntlon have been abandoned, the wholfl change Is rather one of ( ralive and financial structure than in anything else. Reorganization hns. however, in r Blytheville as In other school districts, sharpened and brought into rooms. Mi.-^s Winnie Virgil Tinner, elementary .school supervisor, and Mi.v. n<isa Hardy, supervisor of junior and senior high schools, working witli (h>, -superintendent, principals, and teachers, arc engaged In the tn;:k o! curriculum revision, '.lie scri'O'.^np of new educational aids and procedures, the planning nnd . conmie'lnp "f fnculty meetings, and I lie ulvlnc of cla.woom aid when it is caller' for or needed by individual te;uher.:. Limitation of space raid lack of e(|iii|»n< nt have not Ix-cn used as excuses lo deprive Blytheville children of (hr- beiu'fit.s of some of the neuer developments ill educational pr.Ti'lircs. All the elementary rooms have Ir.fir reading cenler.s fnrni- shod with taste nnd originality by irto .service hammer, saw. Dog Rescued From Pipe Frank llayvvard, 8. lifts his pet black and white wire-haired terrier Spotty, fr<;m the \viitn main in which the cloR was trapped 29 hours at Lakeside. Calif. .Spnlty was freed by the combined ellort of three public works crews. The d»R became trapped after he clia.sctl a rabbit Into the nnils. n-'tl pain! on whatever pack- | pl]>e. IAI' Wliephoto.) in? crates atlic contents, or dis- ; .. i-aroVd luniltnrc might be at hand j pi n u( brerdlni! and nnlmal hus- The re.sults are cluiriniiig, anil the ; | ); ,| U (,. V w ||(i.|, would bviiiR profit pr()t)rlelar>- pride of tlie children | il]u | iK-jielit to the whole cunnnun- who hcliied In the creating of the | j|y book corners Is quite obvious- Also I Recognizing thai while Blythe- obvioils. according to MIS.S Turner. • \-i]] e \ K pi'cdominantly aKritullural. is Ihe Increased Interest in reading. • it is not wholly so, liie school also clearer focus needs and shortcomings of the present school program; and l t has as well brought lo light the inherent strengths nnd potcn- tialltie. 1 : of the school set up which will fulfill and counteract those needs ?nrt shortcomings. On the needs side of the ledger there are first of n11 Uvo ncw llisn school buildings. Tlie crowded conditions and lack ol space in the bull- dings now being used by Blytheville's higli school population arc definite blocks toward the attainment of the goals which any high school .sets for Itself. Auditorium study halls, poorly equipped labor- [ ( .. atorie5, crowded library space, in' adequate locker facilities, auditorium seating capacity too small to accommodate the student body, and : corridors that fairly bulge at Ihe • sldea eich time the bell rings for ' classes to pass: all of these arc eloquent testimonials to even the mosl casual observer that Blytheville must have new high schools. Blythevilc can point to a well- planned, cooperatively administered. , instructional program which con^ cerns itself not only with what lake,! - placo In the classrooms but also 1 with the In-service training and consistent upgrading, of the tcach- «rs who preside over those class- which carries over into Ihe summer !)!<• lonn of regiihuly mcetlns book c'libr and readillR reconls. At Ihe Yarbro School, wlicru Miss Minnie Foster is principal, the children have become almost specialists on the subject of one children's writer, Lois Lcnskt. It all grew out of their enjoyment and appreciation ot her Newbcrry Prize-Winning book. "Strawberry Girl." They wrote her a letter In praise of the story and suggested that she come to Mississippi county lo write a book about a "cotton land child." She evidently considered the suggestion a good one, for she came and lived in the area scvcial months, visiting in (He homes and schools, and gathering material for her Ixjok which Is soon to be published. In the book comer at Yaibro School there is a special Lenskl McMath to Hold Conferences on Highway Repairs offers such coi.rses as distributive education, diversiiied iH-uipalinns. I,idle Rock. April 2S. l,Vi— Cover and column-rial snbjn ts. as well as : not McMalli hopes lo pick up Ihe usual academic cuuisr.s lending' toward piepiirLition for college. Along with Us excclleni instructional proRiam Blytheville has an- j wl ',j,""'•£,'(,, 'hj' B | uv 'ay employes other very Important Item on the | sis ,n. sll .jcls, beginning Tuesday gned has been revoked within five cars last past,; and that the un- crslgncd hits never been convicted f violating the laws ol this state, any other state, relative to the ale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be sued for operation tocn'nning on lie 1st day ol July. 1049. and (a ex- ili'C on the 30 day of lutic, 1950 J. Stanley Gresley, Applicant Sub.icrlbed and sworn to before nc this 23rd day of April. 1049. Cllznheti) Mason. SEALI Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-'28-50. Wade Furniture Co., Ine Pltf. Vs. NO. 2059 J. O. Greene .. Defendant WAKNING OHOER The defendant, J. O. Greene. Is hereby warned to appear in tills count within thirty days and answer the coi iplaint of the plaintiff, Wade Furniture Company.. Inc., and upon failure so to do. said complaint will be taken as confessed. WITNESS my hand at clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Blytheville, Arkans •>. and the seal of said court, this 16th jay ol April, 1949. (SEAL) W. f. MAUN, Clerk Arthur S. Harrison, Atty. for Pltf. 4I18-25-S2-S POISON OAK or SUMAC Stopitchinu.drjup islcrsquickly.tifcly. IVY-DRY Notice is hereby given (hat the mclmlgncd lins filed with tlie Com- nlbsioner of Revenues ol the State ol Arkansns for permit to sell and dispense bcei at retell on the premises described as W. Hlway No.'18, Blytheville, Mississippi County. I'lic undersigne-i states that he Is a citizen ot Arkansas, ol good moral character, that lie has never been convicted of a felony or otlier crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beei by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and lliat the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws ol this state. 01 any otlier state, relative to the sale ol atcohouc liquors Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st dny of July. 194i>. and to expire on ihc 30 day of June. 1950 Frank Gammons, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23 day of April, 194D. Mrs Marshall Blacbarcl. (SEAL! Notary Public My Commission expires: 3-9-53. ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SEED SOYBEANS Re- clcaned, Tested ami TiiBged. PRICE $2.75 Per Jitishcl. 191!) Soybean Support Price 90';^ I'urity. In tlie MunU'tpii) riiurt, City Jllythcvllle, Arkansas. ( . il)|( , a|K , no olhcr bo()ks n ,_ lowed on it. The niythcvllle high schools through, their cunlcuinr oflerhlgs re giving to Ihc and other services BI boys and girls of the area lhc Jearn- hic; experiences which will fit them •cither for further study in collide or for immediate occupational adjustment in the community. Vocational agriculture, since Biytheville has been a Iradi tionnl Ly farming lanlaUon area, has iv large follow- ig among -.tlic students, ami Mr Nicholson envisions nn even In rye jart for that department to play Ie would like to see the .school h liarge of fifty acres of frtrmlruid where vocational agriculture students could conduct experiments In 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6228 Evening! FARMERS LOANS Tractors, Trucks & Cars and Farm Equipment to responsible people. Also Ron I Estaie Loans and on Farm Lands UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY First & Main— Ingram Hide "Friendly Service" Our Insurance Bales Are Low slrenyth si tic of the I pel tic r— tho collent M-Uool-community I'dntion- ! ship which oxisl.s In DIP town. A ood many Ihhips Imvc cont rib- it od In this wholr.somp relnlionship —the oonpmUlon which thr- town ins linci from the school in thp mater of program services fi'oin their llnnl biuitl nnd choral Ri'onps incler the directictn re.spei'tivelv of loljct't I.ipscniiib and Mrs. Carolvn icnvy; tlie pride whlcl they hnvc clt in tht-h athletic teams under he coaching of Russell Moslcy; and he snt is fact ion rnul service which niythrville business men have haci from the placement bureau wliich is maintained by Miss Effic Lee Terrell n-s u purl of Ihc guidance serv Ice. and which sends out as workers into (he community boys aitd girls whose training in Ihc various departments of the school has fitted them as contributing, workinp members of the town. In the ionp road which lies ahead in innkiiiR thr Ellytheville schools n more nctcquntc In.strumenL for the efhicntion of the boys nnd plrls of the area, thai Road school-community vehitionsbip is KOIIIR to be a mighty factor in securing the community support, fhmncml nnd otherwise, needed to see the thing through. few pointers on highway mainte-!' mince this svcek. \\ McMath uill hold conferences 11 in : i tol Frmliu-e more soyheuns per acre by planting Uurtchsoy No. », highest yielder in 1948 yield contest. Seed For Sme By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main I'hone 856-857 FLASH! R«m«mbar Th« Big .. cii.scsiss summer repair woyk. | McMntli said the repairs will be made in hnpes of keeping highways oprn next ulnier. His lirsl .sloj) will be at Pine Bluff. Tuesday at 8:31) ti.m. Wednesday lie will go to Csimdcn and Hope. On Thursday lie will he nt Russell- vlllc at 1C a.m.. and Fort Smith •) p.m. Friday lie will he In Harrison. McMath will meet district em- ployes In Wynne, Batesville and 1'imiyimilci nc.\(, month. The first record of skating In RiiKlnn:! was in the 12tli century, when skalo.s were maclc from the brisket born- of an ox nnd fastened by temps to the sole of the skater's boot. NOTICK Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has .lied with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for perml* to sell and dispense bee]- at retail on the premises described a.s Hcitel Noble. Blylheville, Mississippi County. The LllldersiRlied states that he Is a rii.i/er o 1 . Arkansas, ol good moral t-haractor. that he never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no i license to sell beer by the under- FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 inch to «a inch, plain or reenlorccd ALso Concrete Bnllding Blocks cheaper than lumber for barm chlrkcn houses, pump houses, (enant houses, tool sheds \\> deliver Call as for free estimate phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. i BABY I CHICKS I .J 4A Quality ij ! • Order Yours Now • «' I L K. ASHCRAFT CO. • ' Chem & Raltroiil. Phone 4493 ! i—- i CAR INSPECTION SERVICE For all Chevrolet Owners. We are offering a complete car inspection free of chargel Good orsiy during April. Our expert me- chanics will completely check the inside and outside of your car. No obligation, no delay. Bring Your Chevrolet to Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 \Vhen You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN 32 Years Experience • Otil'onl Paints • Imperial Wallpaper I'liime -1291 New Brief SHORTHAND Reduction Learning Approximately Hookkecping ana Accounting Courses BLYTHEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 2091/2 West Main; I'hone 2115 PENNEY1 ! SARY «i****iS VAT-DYED COLORS! FINE BROADCLOTH! SANFORIZED* TOO! Sunday May 1st Blytheville Air Base BOYS*SPORT SHIRTS Summer sport shirts ... just $1.00! 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