The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1931
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Served by the United Press XTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOnTHEABJr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION v V<;L,. XXVJI—NO. 2S8 BI,VT1IKV11.1,K, ARKANSAS, TIIL'KSDAY. JANUAKY in. I9»l SINGLE COPIES FIVE .CENTS Ford Puts 75,000 Men to Work Finishmq Put on I $45,000,000 Reliefl Measure Today. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (UP)— Congress put the finishing touches on the S45,&00.003 drouth relief bill tcday. Speaker I.ougworth of (he. house signed the enjroswd copy 'of the bill shortly after the house met today. The measures was then sent (o the senate for Vice President Curtis' signature. j. It will go to the White .HtKfsi for sisnuliire minus the 315,000,000! senate amendment for human food loans. This amendment was u'lim- inalcd yesterday following decision of senate Democrats lu permit the SlS.fJOO.COO appropriation ' in s° through rather than delay (i indefinitely by disagreement in conference. KJsrlit Will Continue The fight over loans for human f r od is not to be dropped, however- Late yesterday S?nator Robinson, Democrat, Arkansas minority leader, proiwsed an amendment 10 the agricultural department appropriations bill appropriating $25,- i.OG.KO to te used by the Red Cress to purcase and distribute food supplies in any part of the country .where there is need. ' Robinson gave notice if this; amendment failed it would be at- ; (ached to the deficiency approprla-' ttcns bill and kept before congress j indefinitely even at tl:e risk of anj . extra session. I c ~ \71 it is to be presumed president | ocreen otar Vehement on Hoover would have no aUernaTiii o, j r\t i. D 11 than to call an extra; session it; otand; rlan to Kecall Where Friends Bowed In Sorrow Would Require Surety Rends to Protect Funds; Auto Bills Presented. lilTTLE ROCK. Jim. 15 (UP) — Business In both houses ol the leu- hjlatmc moved swllily loclny us a deluge of prouoscd legislation was Introduced. .• Atlcmi>n of (lie lawiiMklnit bodies Bijaiii wns dr:uui lu tank legislation through tin- Introduction of 11 bill by 'Senator John M. Quarles designed lo insure bank deposits. . 'Ihe bill would require every sttite bank 1 within the n | Iv.vlve months ntljr adaption of 11 he bill to iryike, execute and file purely bonds guaranteeing deposits, with • a further provision lhat th Institutions pay depositors In (nil at least ao dnys prior • 10 ciosiiv:. It was referred lo the bunking Detroit's industrial army, idle for a long tlrhe while automobile production lagged, .returned to the firing line when leading factories announced resumption of production schedules. 'This pholograp'.i j committee. shows lhe main body of the returning workers at the Ford Motor Co. plant nt Hirer Rouge. Thou-j Tivo bllls (lraflKl to cm ' b tu '. l °bands of men stood for hours in a hea\y show, storm, waiting for the g:ites to open; eventually more'""*" 0 acddcnls WI) ' C olrercl1 - Sc "than 75,000 had been given jobs, for which' the pay roll •be SGCO.OOO a day. Other took on workers, and a total of '200,000 ineri are estimated- to have obtained work In the Detroit industrial aiti. ate bill number 3D. introduced by factories nlso Senator Fletcher McElhannon MTELISQF 'S THEFT either of ticn bills these would major 'appreprla- 5e held, up after Mi,. ITllSS Nu Limitation Sought _.. _ . .--!•' LOS'" ANGELES, 'Jan. 15. ;UP) — The S25,COO,OCO proposal of ROB--Rex Bell, one of the men v.-ho wot? ins n »nd Black would place no!stirring love notes to Clara Bow. limitation upon ore of the money I neither discharged' nor succeeded by the Hcd Cross. ; Daisy Devoe as her secretary. Miss It reads: i Bow wants the world to know. "There is hereby appropriated.' With tears for. which she apclc- ilie sum of 525,000.000 lo be ex-: gizcd .to friends In lhe crowded prmlcd by 'he Red Cress for the j courtroom, and a vehemence . fj- piir?o:« <-> supplying fcod to pcr-| which slie apologized to nD~ cne sons otherwise unable to procure,Miss Bow testified yesterday at f-.e the same." Urinl of Miss Devoe, former secretary whom she charges \vlth "robbing her right and left." Attorneys for the defense plan to .recall Miss Devoe to the stand to hear more of her story of Miss Bow's boy friends, her love nel«. Earlh Tremors Strike Mexico City Wednesday ' MEXICO CITY, Jan. 15 (UP) — . . . .... .... A strong earthcma*-.?, continuing: of tlie $3oO.COO she sp;nt in 18 for two minutes In Mexico City,'months and articles the secretary! ^^ v, as recorded In several sections ol|is charged with having oppropriat- t'T.ior Women Suo Him Would prohibit drivers from operating an automobile lor a year after conviction lor driving while Intoxicated. A second would require automobile drivers lo demon- ;trute their aUllty to operate a car S issued an auto 11- strute tefcre cenre. A bill by Representative Walter Rnney of Woodruff county lor consolidation of the three Judicial districts in tlial county was passed by the lower house without, a dissenting vote after Mr. nancy had explained thai he was elected. on a consolidation program and that „ • ... in anticipation of elimination of Uovetnor Says Everythiriif' ltt '° ° r tho co""'?' 5 llire * county D -Ll D • ^ V^.-iP.'jsats'the-,quorum .court.'..aid,, ap- !„,.,...,,- u ii__._..-_ prop^t^j.^my ono -. ha ii'.the-usual P 'Ll J.OSSIDle Relieve Un-Employment ' lhc c °"" ly - LITTLE ROCK,-Jan. 15 Colonel J. F. Lucey's Charge that (he Arkansas unemployment- sllu- aiion.partially is due to lack of co-j ordination one! .leadership of state' officials has created a stir In ofr , ficial circles here. ! Colonel Lucey, who Is n member • of President Hoover's unemploy- ELECT The Impressive scene In the dim vastncss of the Cathedral of Nolro Dame during funeral services lor Marshal Joseph Jollre Is pictured here. Fa mom military men and government lender:!, savants -mid lepiesentnllves of many countries gathered to pay honor to the urcnt Keneral's memory. Note HID Immense dais ot block and silver hung from the roof. Beneath It was the catalalciue, on each step of which burned a pyramid of candles. i Wil'.i Mayor Rccd Virtually Certain To'Be Candidate Ccnlesl, Looms. A for th? office; of mayor at the municipal election In April was virtually assured today with the anonnccmenl lint A. J3. Pair-' . field, ' prominent lllylhcvlllc business msin and owtier of ths Uly- Iliuvlllc steam laundry, win bo a, candidate for the office.' Although fcfaycr Ni-lll Koed has not as yet made any official announcement. It; Is resided ns csrtnln In political' circles Hint he will bo n candidate^ lor reelection, . . • • Friends of Mr F.ilrlleld ann-iincr ed today thai, lie had agreed to enter the race and-iuilhoible tlicin , (» inter VUu'nnmo.on the baltet' i for Ihc municipal election. Accord- llnu lo hl3 supporhrs a pctlti'ii ask-. ing (lie election commission to. • ilace. his name on the. ballot lias been signed by more than 100 cltl- '• was and is rcndy (or filing. Tho Wltlon is salil to be signed by U'e of the six members • of the council. .. Mr. Falrlleld lias been a resident of this city for. more than 17'years saving moved here In 1013. when • ic became tho ojjerator and owner' • of the OlcncoD hotel. Although never ii public offtclnl Mr. Fair- Held was actively associated with Ihe city covernincnl during the dru years alter. K charter was E.OFC.11L tiranled the city. He — •or Ui * IcalUUIJl IlWVCi & UUempJUJ- rp I" 1 > A ' ' |iuent ccnunitteB, representing the Iwenty 01 Z4 Associations Represented. at Conference Here. :: bcutluvest. division, intimated that [he country late yesterday. The quake ivas ths strongest Jclt. here in several years. One child died of injuries and a| score of lionsese were demolished in i various parts of the capital. A re- pcrt to the newspaper Universal! from the city of Oaxaca near [In center of the disturbance said- six persons were known to be deatl ed to her own use. /Yrfcnnms leaders''are not doing alll »| in I heir power t.q relieve condl-, i tions in this state! and that Gov- j '•ci nor F.irnell should request tte| ; resisnatlcn of T. H. Barton, of El' 1 Dorado, as cliainriaji of the stile, associations in Mississippi county one! B. R. Picrson, above, for-' unemployment, committee.' Twenty of the 21 i > arent-Ti?acher Little Rock Man, Missing New Boad of Directors Sinca November, Surrend- Will Hold Organization ers on Theft Charges. Meeting. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 15 (UP)— officers of lhe Blyllicvillo cliam- Jor.eph J. McGrath, 41, was freed bcr of commerce for 1031 will prob- -n bond today after his voluntary n ijiy be elected at a special meot- surrendcr to officers on charges in8 of tno ncw bonr(1 ot Mnc , a - s of grand larceny and embeizle- MoIu iQy n lght. -The organlzallni ment Mm hxvlng disappeared (|l , g W(ls scncduled fobr tcll , !lt _ over ft month ago. IM was postponcd because of f.u McCfath, foi'iiior assistant sec-• ni n( >5j o f E D FerEUson lhc ire- retary in charge of collections for ,. , ' ' ' ' lhe cl-sed American Exchange ... ' lhe group of business men active In securing lhe churter which was granted in 191V During .the \\ti- ministration of "fatty" Crohnm, . the first mayor at ' lllylheville at-, ter It was made a city of the first' class, Mr. Falrfleld was familiarly ^known ns. the ''unofficial mayor",. i*'Kf«£"'flfl''-»ttlvc'"lntcrEit ; Un'.*fhs*.*'; co'nduct of dty affairs especially. a"Hcr Mayor Graham became lax 111 attendance upon tile meetings, of lhc dty. council. -' • • Mr. Fnlrfleld was Interested.' .In the operation cf the Gltncuc hotel, for ten years. Uefore relinquishing his Interest In the hotel lie sc- L-urcu the controlling interest In the Blythevllle steam launury and since has been the active head Exchange Trust company, Is charged with! and Feisal Store | at Cardwell Destroyed 0 j 3: J m! ^ torney m'er western plainsman and asso- j Governor Parnell denied the^ coullc11 meeting here tcday wlion c.iue 01 Buti'alo Bill, • has teen ] thurges declaring everything pos- Mrs. Prank Dodge of Little Kock, ^ lcacic r In women's acUvlties, was principal speaker. There were were represented at the county I defalcations amounting to $19,259. ,","" " inl "oW-ovc Wh ,° members will u . , turges ecarng everyng sued for $75,000 by Vera Redpatli slble \vas being done. He said j.iKf.t-rmc Miller, both of Chi- Barton had wired his resignation '• - CARDWELL. Mo.—The Himrw end Feisal d'ry goods store here '• milned ear];. Wednesday morning,! and nine seriously injured as re-i lrcm a fire>..of unknown origin. The suit of the quake. ! " r c was discovered about 3:15 a. m. " ! ll 'f fire began in the northeast, MEXICO CITY Jan 15. (UP)-i con1Er of lhe building and al the A higher death toll than was I,. ^ °^^-^\^T"^ ings, with part says counsel for trta wo- are married." frm Neiv York a mek ago because: 13 at lnc all day meeting at the of the pressure of private affairs.; First Presbyterlnn church. The accused man called Sheriff f. u , rln « lh « > c f;, ™ rc "nnounc^ Williams yesterday saying he de-. " s m " n '"B Blowing .canvas ol sired to furnish bond. ! " lc volc .^ n s ! lf)c!nl "mmlltee. MGrath Jiad teen employed by! Thc ««»' directors nre C. W. Aff li:k. the American Exchange Trust. c - R: Babcock, U. S: Branson, company continuously for 21 years Roscoc Oration, A. B. F.itrncld, Jo: of lhc business. Mr. Falrfleld has served three terms as president ol tne Blyihe- ville chamber of commerce ani a number of terms as a director of thai body. He U. Rlso u member-of 1 lhe Rotary club. Mr. Falrfleld stated this afternoon that h3 was making lhe race nt the request,of hia frijnds liud had not prepared any platform for Ills candidacy. ;"' c . reported was indicated tcday in th>,f' carl ,^ ati , w05 "' '" ra ' lt5 ™ bui earthquake which shook Mexlci City and a large part of the surrounding country last night. At least 12 persons were seriously injured and scores suffered mm- or injuries a: Oaxaca which Is i:. the state of tr.c ssme name on t-33 Pacific coast In southern Mexico. j Bandits Employ Convincing And Novel Methods Hih , withdrawal from the commltice I Mrs. T. E. Tale of Armorcl, pros- untn tllc tlmc or ,,J S d | 5n p lx .nrancc- l£aacs - E - B - NoWe . |,r.s rot been accepted. Parnell s^ilJ. j Ident, was In charge of the busl-j tnrcc dflys aflcr ,,,,, bnnk C]( , SC (| | and Cecil Shane. They , _ Cd LlC?3 Eessien this morning and Miss i as[ Novemt-jr _, \ Willie A, Lawson , as program bCVenty ] chairman, resided at the afternoon Families Around Cooler| °"F O H" wine Hold Tenant HOXIE, Ark., Jan. 15 (UP) — Novel but terrifying tactics were applied when two bandits robbed '•'.e Pipes, lilling station operator, here yesterday. Upon their demands Pipes re- fustd io give the men money. The ^ Hie meeting of the', • I rj-.-ciitivc ccmmit'.ec and the board j —-^ rCOTEP.. Mo—Seventy destitute of managers, the meeting formally i M JSVfTlt*!* families in this vicinity are recciv-. r.pened with reports from commit-: *• tlillJlVxi Ins Aid through the lied Cress, tees and local units. Mrs. M L.' • hi ?h if: P v itpplementing 1112 gimuiers. of Osceola. v;as the so:-ak- Town Relief work. ! er of the morning on the theme These who receive Red Cross'"Tlie Peace Pact." blanks indorsed by Rev. E. G. Stc-1 Luncheon was served by circle 5 i..i>.iiiOii, Iccal repiesenlallve of the-of the Woman's auxiliary o i. Rei-J will succeed J. L. Cherry, Marcus EvrarJ. E. D. Ferguson, Harry Hatnr> Charles S. Lemcns, A. G. Little, n. , A. Lynch, C. G. Smith and B. H. ; Terry, who under t:ic rules of the j organization were not eligible t; i reelection. Hold-over members of I the board arc J. A. Leech, 1. J. iV. S: and Dr. H. S. Davis. Keiser Bank Collects mo r . f i tho north - Bnd U / rer Lent 01 Loans I wic mm- ciuo, OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan. 15.—Ninety-seven per cent of the loans i ( : -ivncd by Hill. Biower n'nd Hall. Tlie entire stock and fixtures ol he store were destroyed and the building was almost a complete ; j .'oss. The building adjoining the store on the south, occupied by the | Model Grocery & Market, was ! somewhat damaged. The upper !;l, < !. ry «°rri, thC .S"" d ™uDiprt ll h 1 v nS th" oline.'when 'he robbers threat- within Ihe'city limits. Thus, sev:' me ";^ since"the program was tn-lng bul was arrested a few hours! Cjrf, 24, for whcse ransom Isaac »ii/% «H ) n" cncd to Ignite his salurated clolh- c ,,.y i am iii ES representing npprox-| ougurated and these accomplish-, later by depnlv sheriffs Frank Ccrf, millionaire Corsicana aiso sngiuiy .„_ „ ,., ,,,„„ „.,. ,„ ,„ flml , m! , t( ,. i .. ., 3(/ ))C .,p lc ar( . un( . c[ . ih.5: mcn t s v .- crc illustrated with a dls-1 Anders and Hale Jackson, whon he president paid $15,000, was ihcltcrinj wings of the Red Crrss. 'play. A vocal solo was given by' entered the house of Mosc Webb. An average of thirty men and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, accompanied. He is now in the Osceola jail Arrest Four Suspects ' 1 In Hot Springs Holdups HOT SPRIKQS, Jan. !5. (UP)— A series of holdups which occurred here recently are believed ID have been cleared up by the arrest ot four youths who, according to oitors. have made complete confe3sicii3 concerning the rcbb^rijj. The four ., ,,, , f | Manan _ j j D ., lyi Jessc Ta y lo: ! arrested yesterday are Roy Majlo, VV IIC'. E - B - ' LUXORA. Ark.—Tuesday afwr- the]noon Frank Crawford age twenty-: „.- „_. _ Crcis. must first work out the First Presbyterian church. I eight years, a tenant on E. E.' MU f UUU KansOHl raid pccifled sum rf the order either! Mis- While V:rgil Turner, conn-1 Brill's farm, shol and killed his in Improving lhe streets of the | iy superviscr, spoke on "Art In'v.lfe Ora. Jealousy is supposed to Lyman, Frank C. Doughs, C I 21, Clyde Ward and E:ij:n? Ble'd- feibaugh, John A. WiU«rmi» [see. both 20, and Frod Dates, 10. Tho ycuths are beiicv?d t3 havo worked together bul all of thrai have net b;> ^Implicated in each robbery. for Dallas Boy's Release | n bandits became angry, tied him to Town or on -scirj private. Job, be- j Mississippi County School 1 !" In: hove prompted the killing. Craw- a post nnd dashed him with gas- i ;ir done by some individual living, which she told of the accomplish-i ford flrd frfrn lhc scene of the kill-1 DALLAS, Jan. 15 (UP)—Rotcrl Car Phv'gcs IOC'Feet VTK Bt«> ^HuhnG cncd to '8 nlte his salurated clolh- d,m. K ed Tho dry^gooS 'stte's "'= »»« toW them rt!rc l ° fin< ' stock and fixtures ^vcre covered by Insurance, as was the building. mode Ui farmers by the Bank ol The fiM department at Koiscr last year were collected In "^ called: but due to delay in full, according to a report made at I starting and the condition of the the annual stockholders' mcetlnjl road, the Iccal department had yesterday, when substantial earn-' the fire under contrrl by the time Officers had found lhc bandits today. no trace of . boys working daily on the strcols, by Margarrt Merrltt. ings fcr the year were pas'Jd to cd profits, raisin • the tolal to SC.- Ljaclivi'.le department arrived. the account of surplus and undivld- The fire department at Senath was alec called, . but for some OCO. The instiltilion is capitalized! they failed lo arrive. at $25,000. i This was the first fire In the Officers were elected as follows: > bu ircss dlitricl here In a number R. E. Lee Wilion Sr., president; J'. ;ejrs. F. A. Gillctt, first vice president; 1 1 R. H. Robinson, second vice pres-l • ,. c ii TV .1 I accompanied Went; J. K. ChlMs, cashier. Be-1 nVCShgale il'ddei! Death 2 nian sides the' cf fleers, other members' of the directorate eVcted are R. E.: Lee Wilfon Jr.. Dr. N- B. Ellis, and i 1J. R. Moore ! and Italian Flyers Arrive at Rio RIO DE JANEIRO. Jan. IS <UPi —Tlie Ilallan seaplane squadron icci ay Air Minister Ualo r.vcd at 3:58 p. m. fday. completing a flight of about 6.000 miles :rcm Italy. I'.allan planes vere and private jobs, who are earning; 'The subject Of Mrs. Lwdge's ad- 1 Red Cro-s blanks, are bcir."; given' it | re ss was "Parents, Thc Great 1 free dinner by lhe Ladies' A'.d So-. Sculplors." '. charged with flrsl murder. PI i Mump Ot Off i?. 3 ad; One Silled bank ki;l-: WALNUT RIDGE, Ark., Jan.'is- naped en a Corsicniia street Dec-. lUP)—One man was dead and an- cmber 10. iwlicc here revealed to--oilier seriously Injured tcdiy fol- Sichfield Oil Company j Placed i,i Receivership] LOS ANGELES. Cal. Jan. 16. (OP)—The Richfield Oil Com.m'. Tank Blast I Rocks Chemical Plant ncSTON. (UP' may go down in financial history •i a dark year for business, but it ' tlenrcsslon npparently failed lo penetrate the walls of Massachusetts Lutheran Pastor to Talk on "The Holy Spirit" ,T Klchuiienst, pstor, will speak on "T:-e H~!y Spirit." This Is th; fci :th pt a series of weekly lectures Sh:n .it his iiMiie, 1130 W?st Ash u, Coast Business Man Sj I Guana LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15 (UP)— preached Tlie sudden dealh of Charles J. _HAV ,is uie Ross, vice president of the II C A, the capital Photophone company of New Yorlc' ._! will be investigated today by pol- •-ay. ' losing a ICO foot plungo from a A man in an. nutcmobile drew' trldgc roar here late yesterday, up to Ihe curb and offered Cerf The duaa man is Ed Fiertz. -!9, a ride, o!t;cers worp Informed.- and Harry Gray is in a lc:3l hos- Voung Ccrf accepted. A fcv; blocks pital wlh slight chances to recover, later two nrre men got In, blind-: physicians said, folded him, and he saw nothing The car proceeded ab-ut 100 Nmeteen-thirty m cre until placed In a farm house feet across the brld;,? when it stid: '-ar Dallas. - cienly skidded and" plunged thru The same day a well worded, the .guard roll. Both were L/'l.-cwritlen no;c was Ihrown on unconscious when found la:et by 'h" porch ot the ycung man's fa- passing molorisu. Ihe.r's home. Tl-j note to!d Ihe and rxiv OXE Fao:>; WALES LONDON,(UP)-Out of -14 mcm- b:.. 11 '.'lii,-; Wcl.-ii Guards tand here only one was born in Wales and the Ihe remainder are Engin-'i nnd Sects. aviafrs ?es Law Modification Approved by President P.imodel OHices for A-k-Mo Power Company', !( . OE dovvs within several blocks and on-made goods will save money.: On Dry Law Achievements; caused damages estimated at SICO.- Prices are being reduced 15 to 25' • 000. • per cent In line with the state In celebration of the 56th biri'-- WEATHER 'policy of telling prison products as dny of the Woman's Christian T?:n- ARKANSAS—Clouuv r\nd warmer TAX BILL FOU AliTOISTS WASHINGTON. (UP)— Automo- The former offices of Harrison bile owners In the United States WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. (UP)- smith and Taylor, an! U. 3. !!".'.- paid a tax bill of S 1.651.WOM In fls , levels to *l">l«alc mar- Union Friday lhe local ::•-' tonight and Friday. ganlzatlon has announced that r.r. C f ;| 10 c | ty have fc?:n he attended a party at .„,._., the apartment rf a friend hero and President Hoover today signed the son in the Farmers' Bank tuil.1 "he investigation was ordered. Stobbs bill moderating the Jones are being remodeled for t'-o m Ro-s arrived,irk Los Angeles, last law providing heavy penalties for the general Mondav with his-wife. They had prohibition law violations. Thc Missouri Po' planrcd to spehij a vacation In stobbs bill softens the provisions of completed this" firm wilt" use the S13D,000,000 In southern California. | the Jones law in some regards. , entire second floor over the bank, taxes. BELOIT, Wls, (UP)—A piece c!' e s)«,(j to Ineluds some aceonvr Upeslry, woven by Mrs. Aashild 19SO. aocordinc: to a statement of Feroy before she came,to thSscoun- According lo tha official irathor observer, Charles Pfiilllps, th? m'.'.i- of the 18th amendment 1- Imum temperaiuro from vwurday their Sunday ssrmons. morning unt'.l 7 o'cllck trf.;y modeled for the u;' tithe American'Autamoblb Assocla- t ry ] ess than a .year 01:0. won frr The chic ('activity of flu Eti;: • IS .degrees and the mixir-arn ?9 office of the Ar':.inr,-.--' lion ihis ti.»l :;w c-.-s'it?i of her a first prize In & national rx- group iri tVie : past year was that -.' degrees; pnrtlv ckiidy. On !'-e?ans 'xer company. WM-. ; tOJO.fXHJ.OOO in special taxei and hlbitlon Bt Bergen, Norway, in 1928 putting Bible reading in f day a year ago the nilnlmu*\ t"ii- Jiis firm wilt use. the S13D,000,000 In personal property and a medal presented by the king schools, according to Mr;. C 2 peralure was 27 degrrs ani the d floor over the bank, taxes. himself. Crlsjcr. W. C. T. U. ludjr. maximum. 52 decrees. i

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