The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •AT, l\lew& Pat MulJins, Society Editor Phoae 4461 Dinner Party ' Given for Friends At Hotel Noble Mrs. Crawford Noble was hostess Tuesday evening with n format waled dinner and cocktnil party nt Holel Noble. The hostess' bar, where the cocktail hour was spent, M'ns decorated with Christmas greens .Interspersed with shiny colored balls, lights, and other holiday ornaments. A pale blue Christmas tree winch was decorated with a collection of ornaments stood in one of the en- tertaining.rooms, while other rooms carried out the green, white and red festive color scheme. For the occasion, the hostess was gowned in. an accordlan-plealed emerald green chiffon original. Centering the long table, from which the seven-course meal was served was a runner formed of sliver compotes and dresden ornaments in pale colors. Holly anrt other greens formed a French scroll completely around the table, nnd was linked together by a beaded chain and colored balls. Floral decorations were red rosebuds and white Gladioli. Place, cards bore the Noble' crest and each held a tiny ornament tn the Christmas theme. The evening, following dinner was cpent In dancing. 17th Annual Party Given by Littles Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Little entertained more than 100 guests yesterday at their nth annual morn- Ruth It's So Slimming- 8712! 10-20 By Sue Burnett Just. Bbout the most attractive iiock you'll see for your drees-up wardrobe. A , sltm-as-R-pencIl style that subtrncls the Inches, has clever capelet effect nnrt requires a minimum of fabric. Pattern No. 8712 Is a sew-rtte perforated pattern In sizes 1Q ; 12, 14. 16 18, 20. Size 12, 3H yards of 39-Inch. For this pattern, eend 30c in COINS, your'name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Courier News, 315 Qrincy St., Chicago 6, III. Ready for you now—Baste FASHION for '52. Fall and \^lliter. This new issue Is filied with* ideas for smart, practical sewing for a new fisason; gift pattern printed Inside the book, 25c/ Working Wife Has Problems He Doesn't Know Here is a letter from a man who thinks his wife isn't playing fair with him. When they were married It was agreed trnt the wife would continue working for "as long as necessary," After two years of marrlngc the wife keeps talking About want- Ing to onlt her Job and while they could get by on his salary alone, the husband doesn't seem to want the full responsibility for supporting a family thrust on him suddenly. He snys he can't undcrtnnd why his wife Is trying to buck out on her part of "the bargain. 9 ' Evidently thnt "as long as necessary" was too vngue and has different meanings for husband Find wife. But since the original understanding was vnguc, lei's look at the present iitimtlon. The wife may have any of n number of good reasons for wanting to quit work Holding down two Jobs may have turned out to be more difficult .han she expected ami she feels :hnt she could be n far better iiomc-mnker If she could devote her full time to that job. Or, perhaps, the husband Isn't sharing the Job of homemnklng with her, ns she expected him to. Maybe the fnn of helping with the dishes, etc., hns worn off after two rears of marriage and he expects .o sit back and relax when he gets ome from work like a man whose wife has bad the whole day to do [he housework. Or may lie the wife's intuition tells her that If she doesn't quit work now she'll never be able to. She may have seen examples In her o wn of I Ice of cou p les wh o n eve r find Just .the right time to decide they can -get by' on one Income. Or it that the. wife is )ust tired of working nnd thinks no\s that she has got her husband she doesn't have to follow through on her .promise to hold down a job t'tks tonK'Bs necessary.' 1 -•-, *? - If her real reason Is the the husband .may have R right to feel resentment. But If he woulc rather feel like a man, no matter what her reason for xvantlng lo qull work, he ought to agree to It without protest, so long as they can manage to get by somehow on hi salary. A wife's working because she wants to Is one thing. A wife's working because her husband expects her to Is something entirely different. Ing Christmas pnrty held at their plantation home, "FalrfLolda." Greeting his guesu at the front gallery at the home was Mr. Little. The front door was gnrlandcd with greenery, which formed a flnt Christmas tree nnd was decorated with many brightly colored orna mcnts. Mrs. Little received In the living room, while Mrs. J. Louis Cherry presided at the table. Mr. Cherry and Rodney Banister assisted with entertaining in the rten. A profusion of Christmas ornaments were used in decorating the Bits of News ll/oiltij Tl Dry Shampoo To Be Used For Travel or Convalescence home, with polled polnscUins being seen throughout tbe entertaining rooms. The tnble, from which guests were served, was overlaid with an Imported Venetian lace cloth, with study in ^rcen flocked bells nnd satin bows, with giant red tapers ant fresh holly forming the centerpiece Among the (wests were many fron out of town. Included were Mr. ami Mrs. Max Woolen of Memphis, who were house guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Churchill Buck; Mrs. Jennie Kinzell of Galesburg, III., and Mr. and Mrs. Will Norman of Mayfielcl. Ky.. guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Leech; John Marrow of St. Louis, who is a guest of Mr, nnd Mrs, C. A. Cunningham; Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles Afflick of Slcele, and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Jnrligan of Mnrtford, Conn., guests )f Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Afflick. Others were MK and Mrs. O'Dell Snnriers of Charleston, Miss., guests if Mrs. M- O. Usrey; Mrs. Mark Riclmnls of Brlston, Tenn,, guest of Mrs. M. A. Isaacs, and Or. nnd Mrs. Thomas K. Mahan of rrant! Junction, Colo. E. n. Gee, Jr., made movies of the group ns they left the event. hristmas Party Given for Child Mrs. J. C. Crlner entertained Tuesday nflcrnoon nt her home on Hose Street for Betty Miller with a Christmas party. Those assisting her In entertaining were Kay Wilson and Dnn Wnlker. Polnscltlas nnd a Christinas iron helped to carry out the theme or the holiday season. _ Jlie MnAnital& baby, KlyLricvltlc Hosjiiln! DIr.missedr Horncn Lukcr, City Whitney Morgan, Jr., City Mrs. Leonard A1 lord nnrt 'Cooler ' '"' Mrs. W. L. Neal. Holland Luther Glfford, Toinnto Walls Hospital Baby Giles, City Joe Bombalaski, C!ty Mrs. C. B. Bennett and baby, Holland Sgt, and Mrs. John Haynes arrived Wednesday from San Antonio, Tex., to spend Christmas holidays with their families, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hayncs and Mr. and Mre. Irving Alexander. Mrs. Harvey Kldd, Sr. of Memphis spent Christmas with her son. the Rev, and Mrs. Harvey T. Kidd, Jr., and family here. Mr. and Mrs. Robert JonLx and family of Memphis arrived Christ mas Day to be with Mr. Jontz's mother, Mrs. J. M. JonU ,and his brother, Bill Jontz and family. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Edwards of Kansas City, Mo., are here a.s the guests of Mrs. Edwards' mother Mrs. John Stevens of Dell, and of Mr. Edwards' sister, Mrs. H. T. KSdd Mrs. M. PttzAlmmons Ls spending the holidays with relatives in Memphis. Miss Virginia ' Swearengen of Memphis arrived Wednesday to spend Christmas with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Swearengen anc family. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Smith of Ba:on Rouge, La,, arrived Wednesday lo spend the holidays with Mr. anc Mrs. Harry Wecdman and family. Quests of Mr. and Mrs. R. V Mallory nnd daughters over the holiday were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Woodard and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Gaston Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Burl Cast man, Mr. and Mrs Vcrnon Woodard and daughters anc BUI Buck. Mr. n'nd Mrs. Van Wrighi will arrive today* to spend the wee» end. i Miss Delores Parker of Urnana 111., Is spending the holidays wltl her parents. .Mf- &"d Mrs. Oaklei Cummins. Major and Mrs. W. H. Pease o Chicago nre the holiday guests *o her mother, Mrs, H^nry Layson, ani family. • ' Dr. and Mrs. J. E- Heasley an daughter. Molly Jo. have gone t Fort Meyers. Fla., due to the lllne*. ol Mrs, Thomas E. ZJeasIey, who i Dr. Density's mother. Mr, and Mrs. C. F. Tucker-wer called to Maud, Miss., because of th death of Mrs. Tucker's sister, Mrs Hattie Johnson. They will be Join ed today by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Af flick for thfe rites to be hclri thl afternoon. Mrs. Afflick is "a daugh tcr of Mrs. Martin Dykes of Memphis Is th guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch, Mr. and Airs, John Bailey children. Barbara, Marcla, an Becky of Portngevllle. and Mrs. He Vlnyard of Cape Girardenu spen yesterday with Mr, and Mrs. E. .Gee. and son. , Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McKenzIe San Francisco, Calif., spent th week with Mr. and Mrs. C. Crlggcr, Jr., Lt. and Mrs. Crlggc Marriage Licenses The followtilg couples huve obtained mnrringc licenses from the oTfice of the County Clerk. Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: John N. Frank mitl Margaret A. Tyson, both of St. Louis; Frnnk Maxwell and Glcnda Williams, both of Blythcvlllc; Eugene Battles, Hcr- mondale, Wo., and Joyce Stecle, Blythevllle; J. C. Casey and BUI Swindles, both of Blytlieville; Doyle Tipping, Corsicana, Tex., and Betty Jo Yarbrough, Blythevillc. This convalescent girl knows the way to get her hair clean without even stepping out of bed. She shakes some dry shampoo powder Into saucer (above left). She Is equipped with a small stiff- bristled brush which she dips into the powder and brushes through her hair, section by section, i from scalp to end (above right). When each section has been done, she uses her regular hair brush and vigorously whisks out the last traces of powder. She is now ready for guests. Her hair is combed into place, free from dirt and excessive oil (above center). Had thu girl been still too sick (o do tbe job herself, her nurse could easily have given her the dry shampoo HI about 10 minutes. Sick or well, dry shampoo is a practical product for you to keep among your beauty aids. It* is a good traveler, is good tor grooming between wet shampoos, and is especially kind to hair that has been dried out from too frequent shampoos and permanent^. i Johnston and son of Dallas, Tex., nre the guests of their mother, Mrs. J. E. Crook, and brother, Barney Crook, and family. John Pill has bet-fi removed to Kennedy General Hospital in Memphis following a stroke he suffered Wednesday. His condition remains serious. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McOwens nnd daughter, Sheila, of Memphis Eire the guests of Mrs. McOwcn's parents, y.Mr. nnd Mrs, H, K, Duncan nnd family, and her aunt, Mrs. C. E. Parks and son. Mrs. Martha Duncan of Essex, Mo,, Is spending the holiday week end with her son, H. R. Duncan nnd family, and daughter, Mrs. C. E. Parks and son. Mr, And Mrs, Lynn Nichols nnd daughter, Sandra of Katamazoo, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bunting and daughter. Donna Kay, and son, Cliff. Jr., of West Memphis are spending several days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stiles. Max Smotherman and son, Mickey, of Jonesboro returned to their home after spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Davis. .Mr. and Mrs. lulas Davis nnd children, Reba' Gail and Rickey, of Sikeston, Mo., spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. E, Da- Vl! Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hood of Memphis have returned to their home after spending Christmas with, her mother, Mrs. John Buchanan. Mrs. Alice Simmons and her son, weeks with friends and relatives. . Mr. and Mrs, .R. D. Hughes, Jr., lave announced the birth of a daughter, who was born yesterday at \VlchiU Falls, Tex,, where Lt. Hughes Js stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base. The child, their first ins been named Ellen. Lt. Hughes to receive his discharge next month. Miss Sunshine Swift has been ill at her home since Saturday. Ill, of Fort Banning, Ga,, who have Dee Simmons, visited their daugh- 'also spent the week, plan to leave Monday. The McKenxles are parents of the latter Mrs. Crigger. Mi&s Anne Crook of Houston, ter and sister, Mrs- Robert, Scott and Mr. Scott In Memphis yesterday. Miss Barbara Monaghan left to Tex,, and Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles R. I day for Louisville, Ky., to spend two Teens Should Wear Neat Flats; Sloppy Shoes No Longer Smart Hotel Noble Scene of Dance Hotel Noble's Mirror Room, \vas the scene of a Christmas Dance given lasb ni^ht, with more than ICO people. Including numerous out- of-town guests, attending. Hostesses for the occasion were Misses Betlye Presnell, Tommye Robinson, Rena Bailey,. Anne Boney, Alice Priest and Mrs. Kalherine Sweeney. For the occasion, which is an annual affair, the entertaining rooms were decorated with a Christmas motif. Aid Jungle Fighters . KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya Ten American IQ-seatcr helicopters being diverted to Malaya from Brit ain will be" used to sharpen tin offensive against the Comrnunis guerrillas. An army spokesman say the helicopters, allocated to Britain under the Mutual Defense Assist ance Program, will lift tired pa trols from the jungle, replacin them with new men. By ALICIA HART, NEA Beauty Editor j If a controversy rages in your amily over" proper footwear for teen-agers, settle it with a remark hat those against, loafers and those against "high" heels are both wrong. The main consideration, regardless of heels, is a firm but lexible sole to protect your feet and uppers that support the bones without constriction. • Your flats should fit as well as four other shoes. Don't be a sloppy loe with torn moccasins run down at the heels. This dates you as a teen-ager of five years ago. The coming thing Is neatness and smartness. Keep your loafers polished and in good repair. A one-Inch heel, ns compared to ground-hugger, gives your feet the best support when tramping fields or pounding pavements. High heels — well under three inches — will not Injure your feet If you save them for occasions when you heed not do much walk- Ing. Worn (or walking any length of time, they will ruin posture nnd cause fatigue. Look for pumps and sandals"" that have graceful Louis heels broadening out slightly at Uie base lot safety. They look much higher than they actually are, thus giving th& nnkle and leg the slimming effect of a high heel without the disco/nfor,t that. a_ threerlucJt 1 .elevation may cause. It is good for your feet to change heel heights often. Your calf muscles become shortened if high heels nre worn too long, and they cannot stretch out without acute discomfort when you return suddenly to flats. ' A short girl can Increase her height with a heel but if it is too high it will only emphasize her shortness by contrast. A less obtrusive lift will give her' height more in .keeping with her leg length. Tall girls, at the other extreme, need' not avoid heels because of their height, but can keep in mind that tallness is considered very chic. Hunter Not So Happy INDIAN HEAD, Canada (.T) — A district farmer got a scare when a hunter's bullet struck nnd kitied the horse he was leading. The trigger-' happy hunter protested in court he WHS not to blame because the farmer was not wearing at red jacket. The court ordered the hunter to make restitution. Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. At All Times .Admission Me & 39c Tonite & Saturda Double Feature gRGNCp„ BUSTER TUSSY WIND AND WEATHER LOTION *< ROSEMARY Dt C»MP • TOMMY LVD AUMVHRSM INIERNMIONAlflCIURf SEHIA1.: Dick Tracy vs. 1'hantom Empire Also Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature Handy [omily corlon — Six $1 size boltlet now only $3 At ihis S|Kcial price put a way a year's supply! Use it u an all over lotion! Piul, fragrant, creamy ... it helps protect against wcalhcr irritation . . . males hands, elbows, heels, legs feel silken smooth. Wonderful tu a toe! SPECIAL SAU- TUSSY WIND AND WEATHER HAND CREAM $ _ I Regularly $2, now only Especially crcaled for those vho prefer hand crfiam . . . with all the ivonderful ekin-heautifying propertied of the lolion. WOODS DRUG lso Metro News AFTER CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE All Ladies 7 & Children's Suits—Coats—Dresses and Skirts LAST TIMES TODAY ^m * . *^i«ii %^ /I PRICE HATS Choice of Any Winter Hot in our house $ 3 )AMOM RUN VOW'S BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY TECH^ICOLOtt MITZI 6AYNOR • SCOTT BRADY Paramount News Highland Sports Cruise Cat LADIES SWEATERS Many Other Items Drastically Reduced! 1/3 OFF! RITZ GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Webb and family Air. and Mrs. Hugh WhilsiU and family Mr. George Muir Jr. Miss Mary Sue Wright SATURDAY ONLY —PLUS— "KARTOON KARNIVAL" IICH»M NMtTIN • )OIW OOTN 45 Minutes of Cartoons Also Serial: Son of Geronimo and Carioon SUNDAY & MONDAY HEADED FOR HEADLINES! DANA ANDREWS, MAXTA TOREN GEOICI SANDERS AUDREY TOTTER Red-Hal Excitement— ' Filmed In Red-Hot Paris! Paramount News & Shorls: "I Won't Play" and "Super Snooper" RITZ GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Cecjl Karls and family Sir. and Mrs. Don Lutz and family Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Thompson and family '' Mr. and Mrs. R. F Maxwell

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