The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1934
Page 6
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i 1 AUE 8IS BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIEB NEW6 FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1934 MCDEKN HCME NEW* Conducted for thlf newspaper In the Interest of Its women readers by reeoenltrd mthorliM on aJI phatej ol. home maklnj. Florence Brobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor The Cluld'h Luncheon Tray Mrs. Thurn Advises Bright Dishes aiv'J Allraclivcly rccl Food , llnr lYir-nds in IJIythcvllle: .S^tiH' rc'-cnl refl.'.i'js'.s from you inc!::d? (ju.'silons about chiUrcn'. food, unt! especially (rciiuetil i- lhe ([I'.e.^ion: 'ilo\v shall I m:ik: my child cat t!'.e necessary fowls?" All loo olten lhe cliild who I 1 "Hi-ide" to cat, »lil no: out at all pouting at t.:e (able, throwing hi.' lood unj even Hie dishes abo'.il tn'J in e'.l'.cr ways making Ufe uiis- r-r^j!^ I:;- his mother. If lie is ignored al meal time, natural ii tile will soon mnkc him take n quiet pan i:i Hie family meal. And by noroil I menu to supply him wllh tr.c eisentJal foods, as altracUveH rorvod as possible, and ihe.ii pa; no more a'lenlion lo him. Most young children discove ' f.viy lhat bad behavior at lhe In tie makes them t.'.c center of in leresi. And being Hi? center o thlri3.s is just what they waul mosl If they are lold lo eal.and refuse they ga.n only more altenlion. um Hie en:i:ejs clinin of Iroub'.e .started and k?pt going. T.'.c child Is not properly nourished, become a nuisance lo everybody al Ibc- ta We. 15 spoiled, and the hxs tht burden of a tioss. Irritable. Kick child with whlc.i '.o coil? Attractive Wares Help If p^sible let Ihc child have Ills own table and chair, nml let, him •Save his fcod nt some ether lime lhau ir.e family meal lime. Ills own dishes, an easily grasped tum- b!er, an easily lieicl cup. small fork, knife nn.-l suoan, aitl lilui In han- dlins his food, and If the dishes tire brisf.u copied, if s:ms amusinj toy li added 10 the (able, he will Ix dherted and eniioy his food wtlh- Childrcn like to cat, from a Ir.-iy onre in a while, or from some un- U'Aiat place in the lioiusc; so to vary Ins m^altiniL 1 procedure, child have a certain amount of adventure in his eating. . Illustrated is a child's hmclieon tray, on it Is a small jug; of hot cocoa, a cup of coco.i, bnked pruur v. hip, ;ri:i a:i e™ ponc'-ico" in tullk. All easily prepared, inexpensive and npuri-o:ins. .Small slices of whole H[R[ AR[ VEGETOLES M REEKS 'Berf Miroton Is French in i Origin But Used • Many Lands in The following recipe is French In origin, bul It Is found in morjy countries! under different names 1 with sllgiitlv varied seasoning. ; , Btcf Mirolun ! One pound cooked beef; two [small onions; two loblaspooiw but tnd mined tetftw in undwkhee. Ycunger chJMwn miy hive it Iddri to t WftUble *oup or combined with their hot vegetable which hu bun mashed or put through t riwr. Another way to serve It to three-year-olds Is to forni It In little flat calces &ni broil It just a* or.« would beef pa-, lies. Liver should be used as soon ai It conies from Hie market. Wipe tt'llh n damp clolli and pul lino a sauce pan. Add boiling water to cover and simmer until tciuLr. I will take aboul HO minutes to cook calves' liver and 30 lo :<fi 111111111.1. for beer. When trnder lei cool In water in which It was cooked. Then remove all membrane and loii£h parts. I'ul through fine knlle of looJ chopper or mash wllh a fork. o?a- nii very lightly wllh salt nnd use as wanted. Tomato .Juice Ls excellent 10 use for seasoniiiij If a paste is desired. <.'lica|irr Varieties Healthful i Cal\t.i' liver .of course, is iht j londei-esl nad most delicately Ha- voml, but beef, lamb or even pi ', Is (mile as and tnuch ower In price. So if we arc eat- ng liver for the good it can do us and not because it particularly flomo Lui chron for Mother and Child I ler; one tablespoon flour: one cup 'stock or bouillon; bread crumbs; ,0115 half teaspoon salt; one fourth Poached egg, prune v.hl pivml cocoa make a suitable und ntlracllve leaspocn pepper, .unchcon for llir- young child. Serve It on a iruy with sor-e amusing : Cut the be?f In toy or oilier favorite object, and lhe dishes will tn.slc teller. tickles our palates, we can choose the cheaper varieties and know we nrc deriving Just, as much good. If housewife i remove any Here Are Some Recipes for i Luncheon M tlic average thin slices nndl"* the average healthy family , mnuvc uiiy gristle. Chop fr.ei" 111 ill(;ll " le »ver m Her menu loiitas nne nnd brown them in the °» tc n «"*• sllc lvl11 . do much .01 bulter. Add Uic (lour and brown v ' nrd maintaining the health ill, then the..slock, stirring to make lu ' r f! " nil >' "S svt ' !I ns a(iltln - «"''|n thin gravy. Add salt and pepper. to her meal*. Brifht. puU'.'ry wares make lliis luncheon laljlc attractive. The cloth is gay plaids in wares hill;? with covered soup bow;s o! r.:;/.ui. The cia-M-s r.r.- icd r«-;l ;>.r,<\ (hen pour over the slices of beef I The livc-r from lhe Sunday wlilch have been laid in a baking year-old member of lhe family < Sprinkle with bread erumb"! fplendidly. It makes an ,-idec|ua':e and heat In the moderate oven, serving for him and Ls so tender " I about, 350 degrees, for half an It's easily mashed with a fork. Most of the simple dishes SUB- teaspoon sail; one fourth teaspoon ' hour. Serve in lhe baking dish i The dieting member of the fain. ' " ' Portuguese Hash' vhlls tl'e inside remr,:ns doughy o • , • • i s~\ r\ • I i , and unccoked. ! OIX ^ 1111 011 ' \) M ('-I ) Ij-11 UlHClKOllS If, on° the other hand, tin fat I 's net hoi enough the fiilter sinks | lo the to'.lom of lhe kcu'e. ub-1 Such simple luncheor.s us Uiese i -t-TVf;(l. especially m^'.U.s a:id po- -orbs loo nirc^ f.'t. and turns nut are intended for the mother and tntoes. oal?, soggy and tintempling. Tlic school children, for the house Casserole of Veyelahk-j ri'ht temperature is between MO ynrst who likes a big breaklast. and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 'A and a bi'< diner and "a snatch and hermorneler is best, but if you a nibble" at noon. If men of the ; haven't one. drop an inch cube of family come home at noon and are I brend mot crv.sO into the hot engaged in rather heavy ou'.-doorsl with ChCL-se \Vho> Wlicui 13r;-ai! nnd !!:itti'i- Ten -inr! c:oo!-:i:.s Mixc:! Vfsclaljle and Clv.<:k;n 055; one-, !f; three c; brea<3 rejoices in liver, too, because it is lacking In fat and adds com- I ively few calorie. 1 , to the K- 1 i'nt. ! < all is rivrln. it should a (roldsn brov.-n in sixty seconds. To t-H frilter tatt-r. drop a lrn r nconful Into the lint fat. If it work, additional foods should Hi'; luncheon menus, while peper; Ihree eg^s; one half Minted elsewhere on this page, arc cup sufl bread crumbs; one table-1 Oiw cur>. masr.etl i o lie found In any cook book. But spoon letnon juice or vinegar; in- cup cooked, chopped .•crlniti variations worked out by inato siiuce. fourths cup tomato "lie Cooking School lecturer have Remove all Ihc skin and bones crumbs; two tablespo: round favor with her family. For from tlic •salmon, chop lhe fish j To the chopped beef add the .nslance In lhe casserole ol vcge- finely, add the seasoning!!, butter, mashed potatoes and mix thor-! :al>!es, called for In [hi; first menu, bread crumbs, lemon juice or vine- I oiighl; ise lellover.s such as; one half cvifv Bar, und the. well lienteii eggs. Mix .ookcd siring beans; three foui'tlis'nil. thoroughly and press Into small ;up pens; one half cup .canned baking cmvs, rubbed ui;h sliorten- • baking dish rubbed wish shorten- :orn; half cup lima beans; two Ing, filling evenly full. Set ing. Pour over Hie top the remain- mashed potatoes. Pile the lhe cups in a pun of hot, water, dcr of the tomato Bailee, sprinkle i . - r •--- i - - ma-shed potatoes In the center of a allowing IhLs to come iwo-lhfrdsup ; wllh bread crumbs, dol with bul- ™L?"} ""'.'I 0 ,!^"^.!. Or ^I ...',.! i ljllk . i "?^ 1X) ' l lo ° l ' PS One or lablespooiia of tie ure add"d iked fish tn the \ loughly. Add salt, and pepper If dc-IJ;°" s ilboi ! t , sl)i ' ciil sired, nnd eiioug'.-i tomato sauce to'. 111 " 10 ™'' " ','f ls moisten the mixture. Turn Into a''°" u : °' Iler ' ipl . w liberal use of liver in treating anemia, he usually has some sugges- about siwci-.i! preparation, not combinlm ith the ircr..- ment. lhe patient usually can eat the liver cooked as he prefers il. Liver anil spinach loaf is an ex-11 hick enov.gli to (rv. II it spreads, id' 1 a little more flour. ' All excellent, standard rule for fritter bnuiT is the following: . Fritter Bailer ' Fritters of cauliflower scrvefl t with creamed carrots, a salad of chicken or fish and a fruit de.sserl oiler a suggestion for other combinations for a luncheon menu. Ho: Biscuits ;uict U(.-::'jv jj in i Hoi Cliocoliite Baked Apple, with. Crr-am fri[ . i fink-rd li'.-aiis. Pickle Hr-lir.ii | lic.-iion u.'ov.n Breit'j Apple ButU-r Tea Apricot- Pudding. Top Mill: :asscrolc rubbed with shoitenlng; tlw sides of the cups. Bake in alter and bake nbout twenty mill- ii-vnngc the other cooked vegetn- inodcratc oven, a&o degrees, about ,irtcs, in a t-.ot oven. -100 degrees, , ( "" lily .' tlccf ";' e '' , ca " . "drantage in this lashion. usccl lo , , ,, . . - , talcs around It. In separate mounds, one hnlf hour. Umnould. yanilsh | until the crumbs are golden! Liver and bpmach Loaf Cover with jusl enough cheese with parsley or celury and serve brown. aui-<; to coat Hie lo;is of all. Place hoi with Ihu tomato sauce. .n a moderate oven, 350 degrees, l To make this siiuce, add to-ev- for twenty to Uvenly-flvc minutes crv cup of medium cream sauce mlil lhe cheese .sauce is dellcn- or white sauce, onc fourlh cup Uver with VrreUhlea Onc ]X)und liver. 1 cup slale bread crumbs. 1-3 cup cream, 1 tablespoon buUev. '"atcnal. Beat cggs lmtu vcrj . ugh in milki sa it, anc i mc ite ( i added ccni P !eUl 'y covered. They are tliei: j dropped into deep hot fin und! -cooked like auv olhfr fr'ncr. Beal ." , , . .Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Chee.<c Raisin HiTLid'.vr reach anri Cr'.-am CliL'CLr> Sain Tea an-J Milk •.'.> n-'ir.'/. Mlx -,,,,1 si(l (10 ,, r an(1 taking pow- tablespoons it '* t nn d 6t j r j n t D first .ely browned. | canned, strained lotnuloeE; t^eason- and buuor. Other conibinations ui vegetables c<1 w ' Ul " l' tl ' c ' nay be used of course, but Ihese Heilt wc ' u togelhr-r,- mix and serve I particularly. good together. The cheese sauce is simply white or cream sauce having four table hot. bread, or graham crackers •make a good addition to this Here 1 ; Slow'the dishes arc prepared: Egf Poached in Milk One fourth cup milk; one egg; few grains salt. Pour ll:e milk: In a buttered casserole, indlviihia. si?.?. Drop a frosn egg into Die ccn- icr. Sprinkle with sail, cover and bike fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. 325 dcgrec-3. Baked Prune \Vliir. r Onc faurlh cup prune piilp iflve large slewed primes mashed); two tab!e?p:ons sugar; one lull leaspoon lemon juice; 0112 egg while. MLx the prune pulp, arid lemon juice. Fold in the stiffly bea'.en egg while, pile lig,:l!y In . mitlered cuslard cups. Bake fo: fifteen minutes, al 325 degrees, or a moderate oven. This makes two servings.-Servo with whipped cream and a cherry on top.. Cocoa On? hall teaspoon cocoa; • leasp:on sugar; few grains sail: one fourth cup boiling water; one cup milk. Mix the cocoa, sugar and fall logelher. Add f-e boiling water and boil two minutes; add thr milk and heal until the milk i: scalded. Serve on a tray in a small easily handled jug. O.ilineal Itre-id This recipe makes two medium f.iied loaves, use two leaspooiiF Jalt; L-.VO cups boiling water; one cup rolle:! outs: one tablespoon shortening; one cake compressed yeast; or.e tsaspoon sugar; onc •" fcurlh ci:p lukewarm water: one half cup L.own sugar; 011= ^alf cu Uikewarn -water; five c«|» flour. Add salt to the boiling water, stir in the relied oats and shortening I/ct stand about one hour or mill lukewarm. Crumble the yeast cak in a large mixing howl, add r" teaspoon sugar and lhe one fourlh poons of grated American cheese Milled to rafn cup o! medium .hick sauce, '-uitt heated together mill lhe cheese Is melted. .Vcprtahle :mtl Chicken Salad To mnkc' the vegetable and. :hicken salad, use leftover chlck- .'11, culling off every scrap of meat' from lhe bones and culling U into -T-. , r ' »i I ' iinati pieces. DO not mince how-, Ihey Are t&sy \o IVlakej ever. For cac:i cup of chicken ~' ' iienf. have mixed one half- of IT TOO teaspoon pepper, 2 cups cooked spinach, 2 hard cooked eggs. Wiiw liver with damp cloth and situmer in boiling water until tender. Put through food chopper, by rinsing in cold water and r^- ,, sin Ill1c knite So;lk brend ln moving any obvious veins. Dredge mam . C ook onion in bulter 1111- each piece tnlckly with Hour, lav ul tem!pr nn(1 slightly browned, m a hot frying pan with the same AM to cnoppf , ( , i lve r wilh sofiened small carrots; six small onions: on?, half teaspoon salt; one lo-.irth teaspoon pepper. Prepare the liver bread cnimbs, salt, and pepper, number of bacon slices, and brown well." Add the carrots, onions, stock Mix thoroughly Put, a lay£ of and simmer gently for two hours. ea ,; S cllt j,, s ii a , s ] ni n n well- uutil lhe meat is tender. Serve bultered mold. Arid liver mixture garnished with tile vegetables. | a , 1(I rovcr wj!l , ., | avcr 0( S p inflc ), Thicken gravy . littte I browned flour nnd ]>our over the meal. Garnish chopped vegetables, such as cel- . cucumber, lomalo. ajitl cab-' Bill Have Festivf An-1 When serving roast bsef. mak? m . ' IUUC rt:5 ' 1VL . rt " jtlUs earnis' sauce for U: Three'pi, i firmly and cover ::iold with buttered paper. Put into a larje pan of hot, water and bake in a moderate oven fnr forty minutes until firm. Turn out onto a hot When I add the ma- adrted mst-erial s such that, more flour will be necessary as in the case of canned ir It-fL-ovtr creamed corn. The milk used in the first serving terlal wanted. Sometimes the butler. | BREAKFAST - Hewed prunes cereal, cream, plain omclei. nisi: loast. milk coilec. LL'NCIitO-N — Cram of c-lr-r;. soup wiih oystt:-;.. toas'.rd crackers, bcc-t and Ipituce salad, brow; t bread, lemonade. j DINKIiR — Boned and stuffec shoulder of fr:sh cork. scallopoJ j | coin, Icn-minulc cahba^e. Head let- i 01 I luce with chilloiiad:' dressing, pine- Lhe vcgclable thins Die batter. apple iritltrs witii fr;sh mnpt. Baked Onicii Soup Toast Tuna Fish and Celery Saliul 'If-a Apple 'i'iL:-un\'rr, C-.' Sciimcn Pn"->. Toii'iflio SIUCG \Valdoit Saiad Hot Rolls Tea Milk to D.-in:; Chocolate Pudding. Top ililk . pearance and Taste dmner chill in the refrigerator. Whcii ready to serve, combine the vege- ;ables nnd chicken, mix wllh a little mayonnaise, arrange in icltuce leaf nnd serve. The naked Aroie When baking the apple. sugar in |he center from sliced. |K?eled orange; one large; , r f.anlsh onion sliced; one half cup slock cr bouillon. Heal all logeth- plattcr and serve \\iih cream sauce or mushroom sauce. a too simple desert. These des- ! cr until the fruit, and vegetables flsn sens are simple yet they look' and: arc well cooked, mashed and blend- »„<• tnsle tike festive" ones. For in- ed together. Season wltr. a a stance: I Apple McrindK .' Cook apples thinly ' sliced, in enough sngnr and water to make little sail, pepper and su«ar. Add gravy, just 'enough to .thin u Htllc and serve very hot with the mea!. .-I--"*., oii^iu ui ine ccnier irom ., . . ^- -vl.lch the core has be", cm an »,"»'"="<'«•. For two cups of ap- tuff It full if r«1sl,« and chop- ""' ^ ^0 cg s 'whites stiff, add Arrange in a shallow baking dish, pour in a few tablespoons of hoi ivalcr. just enough to. cover the, ootloni of lhe dish, and bnkc In! .1 hot oven. 400 degrees until the ! apple Ls tender; biisle a few limes with the juices from the bottom' >f the dish. Tuna Fish and Celery Salad A salad of lima fish and celery ' this meringue on top of lhe lightly in lhe H chill and serve cold. Apple Whip Cul apples Inio thin slices, cook • ' wilh as little \vnter as |iosslble. ' i Mash nnd .sweeten, making n ! thick apple sauce. For one and oiu: i fourth cups of apple sauce, beat I I to" stiffness the whites of three | eggs. Fold into Ihc apple sauce. BREAKFAST: Grape fruit sections, cereal, cream, toasted cod- rye bread. loa.sled milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: English monkey, radishes, brown bread and butler sandwiches, slewed rhubarb, molasses bars, milk, tea. DINNER: Liver and spinach loaf with mushroom snucc. buttered r.ew beets, jellied fruit salad, poor j man's rice pudding, milk, coffee. lyjft-ovcr vegetables, meats and fruils are altraciivc worked up in flitters. Apple flitters served with--fresh maple syrup make a •Jclicious (lessen. Cut Fniit Thin I Whenever fresh fruit is used in frilter, it should be cut in paper- j thin slices that it. may bs Iho: 1 -; cughly cooked by the time the but- : er is done. Canned fruit should i ]C drained from its -juice before j iddnig it to the batter. The juice j can be thickened and used as a Meal fritters usually are served ith a piquanl vegetable sauce such as tomato or celery. Fish fritlcrs are improved by the addition of minced pimento. milk, coflfre. <;ilAHK A Raw Milk Phone 14 ) Craig's Dairy j onion, parsley or green l*Pl>ev. i KITCHEN cup lukewarm water. Let one hour. Add L:c brcwn tand sugar in enough water to melt heal slowly in (be oven syrup. Poiir this into In Mauve Decade days of seven or cighl rich, elaborate courses that sent stalwart partakers away frcm a party dinner slce[>ed in fomnolcnt content, or. if dige.s- Ilions were on th; weaker side, 'bent double with old-fashioned i.'.tomach-ache. skillful cooks usen lo make n point of their meat and fish fritters served as an entree. Then several courses were BY SISTER MARY NEA Strvicc Staff Writer "How shall I serve liver to my dropped in the interest of simpiic- until children?" one of my corves]>orui- 'Hy, friitirs with the rest. Now ould, 'ents asks. "I know all about the they are coming back in a new READY WITH THE NEW GRUNOW is especially ajipelizlng at. this ,,, . , . , season, it is easily made. Use n' V **°™ onc , llal( c " p of brown , ,. J •«i.»«v.. v.,1, 11 nmtlr M. ,.»I\,.(T|* n-ntn.. .A :>• ood quality canned luna fish rain off the oil. and flake the ieces apart. Do not cut in small ieces aparl. Do not cut in small ieces or mince. Leave in, rathe" "!' s!(les ftre contcd wllh thc syrup, .and yet falhcr wants his liver fried .Ihey are made of fruil. they and turn the mould about until evils of fried foods for small folks j role— two new roles really, for If ' lhe apple mixture i «"ilh bacon under- be a delectable dessert., nnch chopix-d apple as cekry" Tw ° tnbl "l )oo ' ls granulated gel- of the day to take (he place of Ihey are not too difficult to digest Jlend with n little mayonnaise ar illinc; lwo antl " onc half cups Ihe grated hard-cooked egg yolk if properly cooked— that is. fried range in a lettuce and serve"' Str °" g ' hot Ia ' sl1 ' 5 ' madc coffee; or beef juice which usually sup. i In. dap fat at thc right tempera- One pound can salmon; one Jlespoon mellcd butler; one fourth OIlc cup £troll «- colti coffee; one Piles iron grams. Spread on eris.«, ' lure. If lhe fat is loo hoi n hard. li ' ' lalf c " p sllgar: °" e half P 0 " 1 ^ 1 dry toast or for children two and crust Is formed which nets as a h l cllol>I)cd "'mends. Soak the gela- .one-half years older combine with r.on-conductor of heat and the lllnc In Ihe cold coffee for fifteen grated raw carrot or grated onion outside gets darker and harder minutes. Add the boiling coffee' dissolved in lhe one half cup Hike warm water to the yeast mixture Stir one half of tnc flour Inio th yeast mixture. Beat until smootl Add remaining flour and rolled oats mixture to make a moderately stl dough. Knead tie dough lightly on a floured board until it l s smoolh. I*t It, rise In a greased bowl until double in bulk. Then punch it down and divide Into Iwo parts. ly-'t stand, covered on a lightly floured board about fifteen minutes. Form each portion into a loaf and place In bread pans rubbed with shortening. Let rise until double in bulk. Then bako in a hot oien, 425 degrees for fifteen inin- < utes. Tr.en reduce the heat to mod' erate tnd finish baking for twen- ly-flve to thirty minutes. Cherry Cobbler One and one hal! cups flour; two teaspoon* .baking powder; one half leaspoon salt; one half cup sugar; one tablespoon quick cooking tapioca; one quirtcr cup shortening; . one third cup milk; one egg: oncjEir.rl slir until the gelatine Is dls- Rke DeaaeH One cup rice, washed then boiled. Drain and reheat cup milk and a small with one piece of Pint cherries. j solved. Add thc sugar and cook Sift ire flour before measuring; ,lo a thick syrup, add the almonds sm nrsl lour Ingredients together, j nnd pour into o mould. Chill and out in thc shortening. Add milk I scree cold, with whipped cream, to beaten eg ? and stir in dry in- or plain cream jrcd'.cnts. Pour canned cherries In baking dish: sprinkle tapioca over the top. Drop bailer In six mounds over the cherries. Bake In a shallow cblong dish one and onc hall hours at 325 degrees P.. moderate oven, serve with hard sauce. Sc»How4 ToUtots «Uh Bicon Throe cups raw potatoes, sliced thin: one lablVP*on butler- onc leaspoon s.ill; one eighth leaspoon pepper: one and one hair cups milk; six slices of bacon. Line a one and cue half quarts baking dish with three slices ol bacon. Place sliced raw potatoes stasonlngs and bite of bulter in layers in biking dish. Pour milk over the potatoes. place three slices of bacon OH top. BaVe uncovered for one hour at 350 de- lemon peel. Let It cool, then add one fourth leaspoon salt; one halt i cup sugar; four whole eggs: the | yolks of four others. Beat the | whites of the last four until stiff and fold them gradually into the rice. Pour the mould rubbed cook one half hour In a nioderalc oven. 350 degrees, turn oul of the mould and serve It with lemon sauce, or crtani. mixture Into a with shortening, grees F. —MRS. OEOROE THURN. CItr UtfcB re»t KANSAS CITY, MO. 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Por iuicriur or exterior \ijr, \\'ill fiOl tuni while. Dries fail- WALLPAPER CLEANER Each 10c CALCIMINE, Ail Colors, Per Lb I2c in your hand. Yet this is the thing thatmikesevcryGRUNOW refrigerator efficient in operation—that helps to cut down your light bill. SIKU-SW WWttJWTOR PARKHURST 105-109 K. Main St. LADDER S G T^P DE BRUSHES'Stcel Wool Pare bristles, setin rubber ' cleans pots & 1H' Enamel . 20c ; pans eafif r! 1* IVill Krush . . . (ia L - i S' Calcimine Brush . SI.5!> i ScPIig. Strong. 5-fl. size with shelf $1.25 PURE TUi/.PENTlNE . . Bring can. Gjl. . . $1.00 WALL HIDE brings One-day Painting Knils d*/3 rif incM? Y-rji^-r.s pr- lures c.l:i 1>C lui: - ^t!;o jiriif \'.i'.!j ^:ul arc |wini.-(i \\illi ^^':li"^i^^i» Cli:e coat isUiiutly cinn::!i. 1 "i wj.' m|i.:.>. QUART UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL . . . Quart... 70c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL . .. Gal. .. 51.15 White SHELLAC Gallon i Quick-dfying, cleat ' i n n-iar> WATERSPAH VARNISH I ^ jar ' PAIL 30c Each f <"<. Extra dmalilc. Fi.r Hc r . \Vi.l Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH TAINT PROHUCTS AGENCY

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