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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 25, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLV—NO. 28 Bl.vthevillc Daily News Blythevillc Courier Bl.vthevillc Herald Mississippi Vulley Lender BLYT11EV1LLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 25, TEN P AG1CS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS €lay Urges UnitY AmongNationsof Western Europe Association of Free Countries Advocated By Military Governor NEW YORK. April 25—M'I—Gen Lucius D. Clay, U.S. military governor in Germany, said today "the only sure way to peace" is in the lormation of an association of the free nations of Western Europe, itl eluding Germany. "The forming of an associatioi of the free nations of Western Eu rope with Germany inte;--atc: therein will create lasting siabillt; In Europe and will not only em (he threat of Communist expan sinn hut will make it difficult fo the Communist front to keep in tact." Clay said. "It is the onl sme way to peace." Clay made the statement in t ^sa^e to members of the Assoc cd Press, worldwide news gatliei ins cooperative, at th?ir -annul luncheon in the Waldorf Astoi; Hotel. The message was read by M. Wes Gallagher AP chief of 1) l - reau in Germany. Clay's Message reviewer! the four years of military government ui Germany. He said that "by late 1047 it was certain that agreement with the Soviet government for fl unified Germany could come about only under conditions which would lie favorable to Communist-domination of its political life and economic resources." Establishment of a west German government under a more liberal occupation statute was proposed to the German Parliamentary Council by the United States, Britain and Fiance, Clay said, in the hope of a "better understanding necessary lo draw West Germany into close association with the nations of Western Eurpoe." Military government will cease with establishment of a West German government, Clay said. Association Needed "A West German government," he ^jd, "can develop In the democratic ^(dition only as it, is given the right to associate with nations which Arkansas Farm Bureau 'resident to Meet With Missco Directors Joe llimlm of dimly, president f the Arkansas Farm Bureau Fed- ation. and Walter May of Marion, ice president of the slate organiz;!- lon, will attend tonight's dinner iceting which has been arranged or the directors of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau. The meeting will be held in Hotel ble. it was announced by Harold * Ohlendorf of Osceola. president of the county bureau. The admin- stralion farm program recently out- .ined by Secretary of Agriculture Charles P. Brannan before members of Congress will be discussed. Brannan Sees No Way lo Forecast : arm Plan Cost Effect of Business Conditions too Great To Allow Estimate Expensive Health Program Offered Truman's Proposal Offered in Congress; Total Cost Unlisted By Marvin 1.. Arrowsmilh WASH1KGTON. April 25. (K Legislation to carry out I'residcn Truman's far-vcachins Ijealth pro- Brain was introduced In Consrcss :oday. The bill calls for payroll-tax insurance to provide medical, hospital and dental care for about 120.000.000 Americans at a sponsor- estimated cost of around $0.000,000,000 a year. The administration measure also would put into effect al! the other i phases of Mr. Truman's program. ' Those include federal giants for medical education, hospital construction, public health services alid research. The bill also authorizes an experimental program of federal aid to farmers' health cooperatives. Not a single Republican's name was on the sponsors list accompanying the bill. Some Republicans- as well as some Democrats — have branded the Presidents national health insurance program "socialized medicine." But the sponsors, in their joint statement, retorted that substitute "voluntary" plans backed by Senator Taft (R-Ohiot and others travel '•the sure road to socialized mcdi- Joycees from Blytheville Win Many Awards at State Meeting The BlythoviUf Jnnlur Cluimbor of Commerce IHeniUy "stole I he show" ul Die unmiiil stnlc Jiiycec convention in Llllle Uot'k Ihis weekend and came home ye.sterduy bearing (lie latest number of uwiuils ever woti at n stute convention, inchulinK two inujor UuplUe^ |>ii\sentixl the club here for the third SULTOSS!VI? your. The IJlylhovIHe Jaycce.s won Ihc4» WASHINGTON. April ''5-l/IV•notary of Agriculture lirammn :iuu (old Congress Loiluy Unit it not possible lo forecast the cost of tho administration's new farm program. HP said tlie difficulty about making estimates is tluH the cost ones- is lied so tightly to genernl business conditions. Hi ;iim;ui was testifying before the 1! He out Lined the admin 1st i ul tor new pi mi in thi? committee be f ore tlie House took its 10-d»y vacation. The members siskpd him tben to coiiu 1 brick afler the holiday with fiend's on tlie pi-cibsibto eost. Although he tiad no cos! e.sltinate of hi.s own. Hinnnan dest-i ibvd ns "reckless" estimates— sonic made by Congress members--Unit the cost iniiihi run $;i,000,OQO,OOQ to $10,000.000.000 u year. "If I understand the estimates correctly, all of them assume a severe depresMon and low fur in Income." lie suicl. "I confess that, I do not ; • the con I, H. Onuly Manning trophy for the third yonr for sponsoring the project which most publicised the slate of Arknnsu.s last year. This project was the Natlomi! Cotton Pick- inn contest. And for the third year, tl;e Hly- Ihrvlltc club won the Henry Glos- .setibicr phujtic for (•ein'tal excel- , tencr. This n \vnrti Ls piven encli year to the outstanding club In the I state. Tins was the first, time the H. Oi-ady M mining trophy has been won by one club for three consecutive years, Thc olc&icublcr award Commillee. i li;is been won three straight years by only three other clubs. Jnyiee officials said. OsceoU Stan Is Presitlenl \Ei.ssisslppi County Is the hnme of the nesvstTito Jaycce president. He is W- U. (Hilly) Nicholson ol O.MT- ola who wi\s electeti Saturday lo head the stute orunui'/iUlon. Churl DcGvaff of West Memphis \vns elected vice president for Northeast Arkansas. Mr. Nicholson appoint e<t Charles Moore of Blylhevllle to be state Jaycee secretary. Mr. Moore, who won a " Key Man" award this yea r for his club activities, lias meeting ((might In the cliibvooms i\l Fifth oiui Main. The Kcnipbooks, on which the" project awards \vpve based, will be on display In the ckibrooms tonight. Mr. Sudbuvy wn.s elected president of the state "Kxhan.sted Itoostors" ornai\l/atlon. lie sUso is iivsldent ot the Uoostcr Club hero. The Itooslers are an alumni gron]i Sec JAYl'KKS mi 1MB 11 10 Red Army Seeks to Trap 300,000 Nationalists in Drive Toward Hangchow Republicans Plan Labor Bill Debate GOP Holds Strategy Sessions to Map Battle in Congress have lone traditions of democratic government and it can form such association more readily under the guiding hands of a civilian high commission. "The *.'*• r. for oMniU'" -r?n r :i'Tr, lias endetl. Qc.xnvill and n hcliring hand are needed, not only to create the ne\v government but to make it fee! it wanti-cl hack in toe comity of tree nations as quickly ns it has i overall demonstrated its own will to be i grain. free.' 1 Called "Tested" \Viiy The backers of the President's I program called their payroll-tax j ' plan "the tried and tested cratic \vay." They added: "l>i t'jct. .>* is the, only w^y we knuw of to avoid socialised medicine x x x." Thc sponsors of the administra- iry. the whole proposal to help avoid n depression by mimuainint; reasonable I arm ncotne." Wan It! I liul Surplus It living The iLdiniiiistration plan would halt the piT.scnt practice of government buy mi; of surplus perishable products—such as meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables—for the pin-pose of keeping up prices to guaranteed levels. Instead, it would allow prices of these products to drop to levels dcl- errmned by supply and demand. If the price did not bring the fanner a predetermined return, the tjover- ment wnnltl make up the difference in a payment. Thc administration plan would keep the present method of sup- i porting prices of crops that can be I stored such us grains, cotton, to- l toaeco and oil seeds. One of the arguments made for demo- •" the new s>)'t" is thai it. would mum tower prices for consumers when there were surpluses of farm products. Brannan took the case of hogs ns an example o( how it would a depression. On ] been secretary of the BlythevMle tion hill made no estimate of the i work. cost of the Truman pro-1 He assumed a years production I goal of a),Ofl0.rjOO.OOO pounds ot The sponsors did estimate the ! hogs and a price support level of Referring to the blockade of Her- : '•' lin. imposed in 1048 when the three western allies agreed to unite their zones. Clay said: ••The purpose of it!e blocks; '. was defeated by the airlift. The people of Berlin and of Germany resented this effort to use starvation for purposes of political coercion. They look to to the West for support." nuuil cost of the health insurance plan at about SQ.OOO.OOD.OQO a sear, most of which would come from a ihiep per cent tax on pay- UMW Planning Demands for Coal Contract WASHINGTON. April 25. f.'Fl John Lewis and his 200-man Union Policy Committee today be- new Mine aides discussions Ban framing demands for ; soft coal miners' contract. The bushy-browed United t rkers' chief and his top jit silent about tiiei at a morning session. Asked for comment on likely demands in forthcoming contract talks with operators. Lewis told reporters the newspapers already have been full of predictions "with wild abandon." The present bituminous agrce- me. t expires June 30. Out of the rolls, split between workers and cm- I ployeis. | Federal aid for construction of hospitals would be doubled under the bill, going from the present S7- r >,000.000 a year to S150.000.000. A program for training practical nurses would cost S15,000,000 annually, while SIO.000,000 the first year and 515,000.000 each of the next, four would be available to tanners' health cooperatives. A new child life research program would get SIO.000,000 the first year and "tlie sums necessary thereafter to carry out the program." Grants and loans totalling $35.000,000 Ihe first year would be authorized to encourage doctors and nurses to settle in rural and other shortage areas. SI6.50 for 100 pounds. He assumed that farmers actually produced 21,000,000.000 pounds—or 1,000.000.000 more than the market would buy at the support price. Under the present program, the government would have to buy the extra hops, in the form of pork, and remove it from the market supply. The cost, he said, would be about $230.000.000. Would Make I'p Difference Using the same amount of money mdcr his plan. . the government could make production payments to farmers emial to SI.10 for 100 pounds on the 1.000.000,000 pounds of surplus hogs. Such n payment would be about Germans Report Some Progress On Constitution Jnycees for the pnsl ycur nnc) n ciuuiUJiitc for n boui'd ot director's post iu the club's clevlicm ol oliU-cr.s tonight. Ulythcviltc Jaycee.s. :i(;iiit\ win- uinj; Hsu ItoD'.s stiuic t>f liomns. \\cin tlic first five places. l\vo sruoiui places niut nn honornble tncuticin in project awards. One of Itic first-plai'c project nu-iiriis most liielily pri/.ed by Hie club licre was Hint prc-sentecl tor the "project of Ihc yeur." 'I'lic Blylhcvillc Jnycees won this nward for the clubhouse now under construction on North Scconci Street. Iluililinc Wins Award nciiiR butll al nn estimated cost of s-10,000, this clnblioiise lias been j officially designated ns the first I in the nation to be built by n Jju'cce orgnniiuition. Other aunrds won by the Ulythe- ville Jaycces included'. Agriculture, first place. Amcrieimism, first. Civic Welfare Funds, first. Profit-Making Projects, first. Christmas Activities, second. Publications, second. Public Relations, honorable mention. J. T. Smibury. chairman of the Blylliuvillc club's Building Committee, accepted the award for the "project of the year." Mr. Moore ncceplcd the project award certificates and Jack Rawlinps, general chairman of Ihe National Cotton Picking Contest, accepter the H. Orady Manning trophy Jimmie Edwards, part president of the club here, accepted the dles- senbier placque. Wyatt Presents Awarils William H. Wynlt, president of tlie Blytheville club, was chairman the awards cammittee and made the presentations. Mr. Edwards was chairman of the nomination committee for the election nf state officers and Introduced Mr. Nicholson at the clasiiiK banquet. These awards will he officially turned over to the club by the t FRANKFURT. Germany, April 25 ..-1't—Western Germany's top UMW demands may come a 1949 i |i™' lenders have settled differences bargaining pattern for other labor | blcckins Ihe way to Ihe draftm, unions. These may stress improved ,-orking conditions and more benc- seven percent of the support price. If this seven per cent reduction could be carried all the way to the retail level. Brannan said, it would bn possible to reduce '"\cl consumer's price of pork by the same percentage. Similarly. Brnnnnn said, the consumers might save four cents a dozen on eggs, one cent a quart on milk, nnd SI n bushel on potatoes from government payments of S172.- 000.000 on egps, S150.000.000 on milk, and $225,000.000 on potatoes. These payments nnd saving were convention delegates nt the Jaycce Blytheville Man To Be Principal Of Osceola School lly Howard Dnhsim WASHINGTON. April '25. </l'j— House llepnblicai; leaders called n :buil strategy Mission iH'hind doors toduy to get reudy for tht kiekolV of Congress' labor law de bate. Thc debate is scheduled to star tomorrow, and it may last the res of the we<-k. The. House bus sched uied no other inujor bills. Backers of the ndmlntstratlon bi In repeal the Tafi-Hartley Acl wei also moblli/Ing their forces, hut th Republicans mapped onL Ihe. busk schedule. Plans developed nt tl OOP leadership meeting were to I outlined to a later gathering of u House Republicans. Many promlnenl Republicans pro dieted the party's support. oEVicia! or unoflkhilly, will be centered 1) hind a bill introduced 10 days by Rep, Wood t D-Ou>, a memb of the House Labor Committee, has considerable backing umo Southern Dernoi.-rats. The Wood bill would repeal t i'nfl-Hnrtley Inw, but nt the sai imc wijnld re-enact most of It. The present light goes back cist July In Philadelphia. Democratic National Convenll dopted a platform siclvoi )enl of the Rcpubllcan-spon.soi T-H law. I'mnmiUcps Okay Hill Thc administration sent Us bill to Capitol Hltl late in Jnnui year, with Congress back nn Democratic control, and tin* Senate and llcnise Labor Commit tecs held lengthy public hearings on Hit; measure. Both approved It lust month without, changing a line. The new Wood bill was introduced the day the House left town for its Raster recess, which lias now ended. Wood did not introduce it personally, but a statement issued in his name explained It was Intended lo meet object tons of labor unions to hi.s origlmil bill. lu New York yesterday, President William Green of the American Fcd- crntion of Lnbor snld organized labor's patience "will not last iudcfl- niLely." He snld "We are gntng to get Action out of tills Congress or we are going to know the reason why. 1 ' George Mcnny, API., secretary- treasurer, in n week-end speech described the Wood hill ns "n transparent disguise for Tafl-IIai'Meylsm at Its worst." He called (t "vicious arid malicious x x x against organized labor." Thc CfO has denounced it similarly. Panicky Chinese Fight to Board Departing Planes SI1ANC1IIAT. April 25—(/I 1 )—A bl^ airliner rolled np lo the Lun- t;hwu Ah'iKMl loadlc^ upron In I t» slanting ruhi. I'anli'-slricken Chinese rushed i 1 Ihe ship. In a flash It was !Hled. Ttu' door slammed and thu ane rrmrrd away. All tiny long it tuts been thai 11 y, Commercial planes—iiny- itnn that will fly—linvc lu-i-n .kins off with UIR H'KU- t lly ol war Unu> bombers, Hut Ihe crowd ne\ r er thins. As isl as one plunt 1 l°^'l deparls for ;ii H on or Formosa, enough peo- le for two more plane loads ur- ivp. One initn. bent en in the foftt ice for a plane door, sunk ilmvn u his batritniif. lH.s wife burst In i I ears, In his i:oat lapel wns n mall button tndienllng ho was a M>vi'rnmrnl "ffleluK Looking al me he .suld: "Vnu urn a foreigner. For yov t't mnlter. l^r u.s It Is b:ul If wi gel ciiught." One iiMiiRee dlsiilayed a leller vlnn him a high priority. Hut he hud no ilrkel. Tho plane's n'. relLised to let him ubo:ml. The n-iin plendtrd lo be allowed to sit on the baggage. Hut the tigcnt rxiilalned Ihe danger of overload- Ing a plane. "An overloaded plane Is not HA imsiifc for me a.s .•slnyliiK lit 1 re," lie i>iuinblc{l. That'.s Ihe leellng of thon.sunds of Shan^lm! Chinese. To them. an> fair is belter limn falling into lh<* hands of the Communists. Nominating Committee Is Appointed J. L>. Giiun. Icmpornry chiilmm for Rlyllicvllle's Community Serv ice Council, today announced 11 membership ot a nominating con inlLlcc to .submit n list of perma ncnt officers for the new organization. 'I'he election Is Lo lie liclrl nt a meeting scheduled for 4:45 p.m. Tluirsdliy to be nUemlncI by rc|)rr- scntnUvc.s of cneli of tile :I4 t:ivlc niui oilier oi-BiinlMttons In Hlytlie- vllle. Appolntnl lo serve on tlic noml- nntlng comjnittec were: Mrs. J. C. I.owc. Mrs. Georue Wivntl. J. W. Adnlll.s niul .Inme.s T,. Vcrlini'tf. Tlie committee will meet tomorrow afternoon with World n. Holder, scc- relnry of the Blylhcvlllc Clinmbcr of Commerce. In tlie C. of C. olflcc. Mr. Holder i.s temporary sccrelnry or the new «rour>. wliicll wns set «l> n corrclntlllB uKCiicy for nil comtniinily projpct.s in tbc city Tlic tempornry nrRiinlznlion wn.i s:t ll|) Inst week nt n mcctliig nt- tcnrlccl by represcninllvc.'; of nljout hnlr of tlie orRnnlzntlmis In Blylhc- villc nnd nn effort will be mnrtc to oljlnin full reprcKcnlntlon nt the .session scheduled for 'I'bursdny at- iernoon. K. of C. to Elect Officers Today Blythevillo is Host To State Mooting; 185 Members Register Approximately Iflli hud ronlsterei! iy noun loiliiy [ur Hie .list annual stale conveniton of Ihc Hnl|;hl.s of Columbus, which enlivened in Illy- evllle yi'stcrduy, mid IK sehCMlulcd lo close lit R p. in. today, following all-diiy business session und rlcrllnii of stute ntllcer.s. The convention KOI underway unofficially Saturday nlKht with n »i't-iif(|iinlnted [iicetliiK during registration from 7 lo 1(| p. in. at the hole), mid was In se.sslon yesterday and tuday . Muss al I) a. in. yesterday opened the convention at, the Church of Iininucnlatc Conception, and a rdrmnnnlon al Ihc K. C, Cluhrooms ill lite Catholic school, preceded the conferrliiR of decrees j or 19 members. , I!) Mcmbcri liilll..l f il | AimniK the It) lieliiB conferred de- recs wore- seven from Ihe Illylho- llc Council. Thny were: Julius inlet, Connie ModiliKcr, Jr.. Moyd Vise. Jr.. Kdwlii Ullcy of Osceolu. IcoiRe Green, Sinn Rosslc nnd Villlani Avis. Olhcr new meinbers 'ere from Councils nl Pocahon- n ;. rur^^ould, Jonesboro and 1'or- inevllle, MCI, The ['ortaiiuvllle Council wa{, nol ne of the participating couhetla or tlic convention, anil look part only In the InltliilLon of the now m^tbei.s ul noon yesturdiiy. A b<inr]ticl nl the llotrl Noblo last nli;!il cloned the first day's convention iicflvilles, and they wore rc- ipencd at- H n.m. today with Re- u'ltn Mass In memory o[ dcccasec einbers nt the chnrch )f Imnuicu- Inlc Conception. After Mass Ihc uroup ndjonrned to the I.cBlon lin for the business M-.ssipns, nnd Dutch liiiuili nt Vio'un.* ' Klrollon I,II(R Toltlljr Offlcer.i tvrrc sehcdulcd to b elected lute this afternoon. There arc several vlsltlnt! clery- men at tlit; conv(rntlon, and the slflti- officers present Include: State Deputy A. H. Jone.s of Joncsboro, Harry K. KlllK, stale setrrctnry; John V. fialt/, treasurer; Thomas llro- KIIII, advocate; Louis E. Thomas, warden; and the Rev. Francis Mc- Dcvlll. chaplain. A. II. Welenkamp Is worthy grand knliUll of the Illythevtlle Council. The convnnllrm here is sponsored Jointly by the councils nt filythc- vlllc, I'licaliontas. Jonc-shoro, and ParaKould. Special Kiicsts Included Mayor nnd Mrs. Doyle Henderson, roscciilini? Attorney and Mrs. M. G. Pnrtlow and Sheriff and Mrs. William Dmyman. Nanking Falls And Shanghai May Be Next By Fred Hampson SHANGHAI, .April 25. (AP)—Red armies aimed a liKlilniiig blow toward the sea al HiuiKchow totlny hoping to trap IJOO.OOO Nationalist troops below Shanghai. Other Communist forces, wliicli took Nanking yester- ilny without effort, wore reported junl 19 miles from KimiiKiiai. Residents of this, tho world's fourth largest city, wailed in a steady rain blcckiii; of a constitntion. tt was announccri tonight. Dr K'Hirnd Adenauer, head of tile Parliamentary Council, which is 'Iraflin? tbf constitution, made the anl,<niiiceilicnt after n meeting with the thvr-c Wr.stcrn military nor.s Aclen.iiiei predicted enactment of all theoretical but based on experi- P° 1} - cnce under the present price support program. fits rather than wage boosts. Lewis spent two hours with the j policy committee in the morning. [ Tlien he left UMW headquarters j and said he hart to "keep an out- i side en^aRemcnt." He said there! were little prospects for a state-' ment concerning the committee's the constitution by a large majority meeting. j of th" council soon. The UMW convention in Cincin- j ,\' c - >v ui[ficult;c.s between the Soc- nati last October adopted n scale! j 3l Democrats and the Christian committee report which recom- tjemorratic Union, the two leading mended that the policy pvuup seek a new contract, embodying 10 general proposals. Police Probe Attempt To Assassinate Mayor EVARTS, Ky.. April 'Jfi. (,Vi—Stole •over- i P 0 "^ today were investisallns an, \ apparent attempt to kill Mayor E. U. Bailey. i Officers said a bundle of 20 : slicks of dynamite wrapped in black friction tape was found under the C. Franklin Sanders, supcrintcnd- ! cut of schools in Osccoln. announced totlav that Omar Stevens, principal of tiie Junior High School in Bly- thevillo, has been elected principal of the Senior High School ill Osceola. He will succeed Mrs. C. L. Moore, who has been principal in O.sccola for the past 25 years. Mrs. Moore will remain with the Osceola school faculty as head of the English Department. Mr. Sanders said. W. B. Nicholson, sui>crinlendenL of the Blytbcvillc schools, today expressed regret at the loss ot Mr. Stevens from Die faculty here. His successor lias not been selected. He assume his new duties in Oscc- Weather Gcriuai- parties, had cropped up as late as today, but apparently these now been cleared away. Murder Warrant Issued In Rail Worker's Death DUPO. 111.. April 25. del' Arkansas forecast : Partly cloudy. a few showers Tuesday ami in West pr'tion this afternoon or tonight. Warrner in northeast and extreme north portions tonight. ; ^.lissouri forrrasl: Clear tn partly Inlidy tonight and Tuesday, warmer except extreme west portion; low tonight 58-65 west. 5S-60 east: high j found yesterday in Tuesday 80-88 except upper TO's shot, four times. extreme southeast. Minimum this mornine -4.5. Maximum yesterday 78. Minimum Sun. morning— 62. Maximum Saturday— 86. Sunset today— 0:40. Sunrise tomorrow— 5:16. Precipitation 48 hours to 7 loci ay— none. Total since Jan. 1—22.13. Mean temperature 'midway tween Inch and low*— 61,5. Normal mean for April— 61. This Dale l.nsl Year Minimum this morning — 65. Maximum \esterday---7(>. I - A mur- had burned almost to the cap be- 1 fore, it was extinguished, they added. Police said they had been unable to learn what extinguished the fuse or when the dynamite was placed there. Tlie mayor could not be reached immeduitelv for comment. Mayor Bailey took ofiicc in January, 1048, under a pledge to clean Mr. Stevens is a veteran of World | War II and obtained his master's j Nashville. Tciin. His home is in I DeenUirville. Tcnn. He Is married and the father of two children. Arkansas Should Have Its Own Dental School, Gov. McMath Dec/ores LITTLE ROCK. April 25. i/!V- warrant was issued today ! liquor and gambling i:'.crests from against a Farms. Mo. man in the ' tllis Marian County mining com- Arkansas should have its own den- fatal shooting o.' a railroad brake- j niunity of 2.100 population. Harlan tn ] CO || C6C , Governor McMath said man. j County is legally dry. Gilbert W. Tavcrbaugh, 49. was Unified Program On Cotton Sought To Aid Congress MEMI-HIS. April 25 I,T\ — The BeluntJe Cotton Conference met here amiin today to draw up a unified program on cotton acreage control, price sup|x>rts, minimum acreage, restrictions and extra staple nliov rau'C.s The two-clay conference ends a series of meeting throughout the South during the pnst week. H's beinp attended by representative* of all cotton producing states. The [:iupose is to map a program for presentation to for trse in consideration of any future farm bill. Senator Thomas rD-Okla), chairman o' ihc Senate Committee on 1 Acnculture nnd Forestry, wired the conference yesterday (hat Cou^ couldn'. t:ct for the cotton farmers If thi'y rEor.'t apree on .1 program. ••Tli? Senate Agriculture Committee." he said, ''will be ready and anxiour to serve yon when you have a pro-ram lo present." Dell Negro Fined $300 for Selling Untaxed Liquor Pink Young. Negro, of 'nenr Dell, wi.s fined a total of S30:) and costs in Municipal Court Ihis morning on n cliarpe o! |xrorss!nx and sell- Ing untnxcd liquor and selling liquor n:: Sunday, ami McLain Phillips of Dn!l w : n.s fined $50 ami costs on a charge of posscs-slnn untaxrd liquor. The ;wrf men wore arrested ye.s- terlny by Stale Revenue Agent Bob Penny F.IK! sheriff's deputies nt Dell. Bolh entered pleas of guilty to the charges. Yourv was charged with selling a pint r,t untaxed whiskey to Phillips at. 111.". nlRlil club near Dell yesterday. Officers raided his club later and found several other bottles of liquor. A liUle more than a month ago Young »a.s convicted and fined $100 on a -similar charge. his automobile, Precipitation Jan. —20.02, 1 lo this date U. oc.irgc Cox of Ihe Illinois ' Ktate Police identified the man as J. Allen Sellers, jr.. 23. Negro. Lieutenant Cox said Missouri Highway patrolmen were holding Sellers al Parma. The warrant, will be served If Kellers waives extradition, police ' said. A suitcase, found near the parked I car, contained papers bearing the ; Missouri man's name, police said. Also he was seen by a couple near the scene or the shooting. Missouri Highway Patrolmen said Sellers had a .38 c^bb'er pistol Ricks' Rank Official LITTLE ROCK. April 2.i "Pi— Arkansas' adjutant general. Earl Ricks, was notified by the National Guard Bureau today that he now is "federally rccogtii/cd" as a brigadier general. Ricks, former mayor ' of Hot Springs, was an Air Force colonel during World War Two. Soybeans .him vlilcli had been firerl recently. 1 Sellers denied the shooting. (F.O.B. Chicago) Hill) Low Close May 22.Vi 222-\ 223',-23 July ami 215V4 215^-Vi today. The Idea promptly was endorsed by the president of the American Dental Association. Governor Mr Math made the statement at the opening of the Arkansas State Dental Association's annual convention here. Dr. Clyde E. Minges. Rocky Mount, N. C.. president of the American Dental Association, who addressed the Arkansas dentists at a luncheon, lauded the governor for "his farsightedness." McMath said the regional school idea was not sufficient to meet Arkansas' denta 1 needs. Dr. Mingcs said President Truman's proposal for a nationwide system of compulsory health Insurance was not Hie solution to the nation's dental health problem. New York Stocks ins; Quotations) Motors Hirvtf.ter 'Cl Am. T .<nd T Am. T;-bacco Beth E're! Chrysler ... Coc,> C',4-1 Gen l-'lec Gen Int Mont. Ward Sear: Horliiu k ., Nntionr.l Distillers J. C Pcrnry Radio Rcpi'Wie Stl Socony • Vacuum Sid. O:'. N J. ... Southern Pacific . Texr.s Co. U, S. Steel State Tribunal Starts Study of Highway Bonds LITTLE ROCK, April 25. M'l-The Arkansas .Supremo Court todny l>c Ran IU study or Governor Me Math's tiew highway bunds. 'I'he test suit, brought In the nam of P. ,1. Plckens of I.lltle Rock wn Inken under submission Ihis morn Ing. but the court announced thn its decision would not be hande down for two or three weeks Under an act of Ihc 19!9 leglsla turc. approved at a special Feb. election, the Htale Fiscal Conlro Hoard Is uuthori/rcl to Issue vip t S7.000.000 of additional highwa bonds annually for the next foi years. The test suit Is based (in the flsc. board's proposal lo sell the fir $7.000,000 nf bond ; on June 0. Tl lest suit principally questions effe of the new Ixmds on the 1041 higl wny refunding bonds nnd validity of the special election at which the proposed bond issues were approved. In its opinions loduy. Ihc court afTinnrd luwcr court decrees in three drainage district cases, two of them originating in the Phillips Chancery Court. t» 5-8 29 3-4 50 1-8 133 1-2 37 1-B 57 1-4 23 7-8 53 !-4 Gov. McMath to Ask Arkansas River Funds LITTLE ROCK. April 25. Wl— Governor McMnlh will fly lo Washington next week to urge CoiiRtoss to increase a proposed appropriation for making the Arkansas River navigable. Tlic governor said at bis news conference Ihis mornlns that be would be In Wnshlmlon May 5 and 6 to np]x?ar at a committee hearing on the Arkansas Hivcr project for deepening the channel between Pine Bluff nnd Little Uock. He U.S. Envoy to China Is Ordered to Return for Hie Reds, but none had showrul up nt dusk. Slmnghnl seemingly wns being by-pusscd. Hut iiono could say for snrc. Even military .s]Wkcsnicn ad- milted they did not know Just wher« tlie Red armies were. The leclmn grew among Shftng- , hal's 5,000.000 uihnbllnnls that tin A.s.ntlc commercial center 'ould no over tlie Communists with- ut a right, just, 115 Nanking did Sunday morning. Serymom Topping, Associated rew correspondent In Nanking re- xirlcd the former Nationalist capl- nl received the Communists quietly it U'20 a iu. Sunday, Nanking time. One of Ihc Communist fioldlcrs* lask>: was to put out a flr« Hint vanclnls hnd started In th« Judicial Yiiim building. The buildup WL-S a lolnl lass. The Communist.! look their iln- tlom bi'fnrc some foreign embasulc* nnd nil government buildings »nd utilities In Nanking, No guards *JSr» placed before tho American embassy, howcvei. Industrial Center Falls Duvlnc Ihe nftcrnoon Due* goy- . (^prrinl' ohiUCf.^ trlfd to d*$,t£py Rasollno arid ammunition-dumpiCikt Hie Nanking airport. Commurtat spokiNiiiicii snld they overshot their mink and their machlncgun bullets Injured some Nanking children at piny. A welcome to the Communists by Nankins icsidcnls wns planned later. At Ihe lime Nanking fell, the Com- unlst rndlo at Pelping announced ,e capture of .Tnlyuan, Shansl prone? capital and Industrial center 00 mlle-s northwest of Nanking, ralyunn had been under siege for lonllls. The radio snid all of til* Ity's 160.000 defenders were wiped ul. Pilots who Hew over Taiyuati atcr reported It In limning ruins. No one knows what to expect to Shanghai. i There wns no Indication of where Gen. Tung En-Po hnd his 300,000 government troops—or If he still id them under his control. Tnne, Nationalist defense com- nauder of the glgnntlc Shanghal- Nanking-Hangchow triangle, reportedly hnd fled Shanghai (or th» south. So had Premier Ho Ylng- Clilu and other top government officials, i Acting President LI Esung-Jen reportedly hnd gone to Kweilln and retired President Chlnng Kai-Shek to Amoy. V S. Consul Warns Amerlcani Obviously the time was get'In? snort foi an evacuation by sea from Shanghai. Uut> as yet there wns no large movunent of government forces fnlliui! back on Shanghai. U. f> Consul General John Cabot warned Americans In Shanghai that any wishing haven aboard U. S. nnvnl sht]is here should report to the consulate Immediately . Ailhough his announcement did not say so. it was construed ns the first step in emergency evacuation. Because of the Communist shelling of British ships on Ihe Yangtze last vcck, U. S. naval authorities said heir ships would be pulled out ot hanchn' smd anchored In the lower Yar.Rtze Tills would put them out >I lied sun range . A' !hc same time. British Consul Genera! R W. Urquhart said evacuation of Britons was not justified by prc.-enl developments: Virginian Recommends Liberalized Parole Law i 37 3 -' t | said that Governor Turner of Okla- 17 3-41 homa also would appear al the 45 1-8 i hearing to urge nn increase In the 12 proposed $50.000.000 appropriation 22 3-3 While in Washington, McMath 16 3-8 said he also would discuss a pro- WASHINCiTON. April 25. r/F)— The 'ate Department snld today J. Lefghlon Stuart. U. S. ambassador to China, has been ordered hnme for consultations. Stunrt :s now in Connnunist- seized banking, the former capital of Nationalist Chlnn. Stuart Is to make 111.; trip lo Washington whc'" he "considers It advisable." Of'ic-lals here assume there will be no restrictions on his deparlure, presumably by air, to Shanghai and thence by plane nc r os, the Pacific New York Cotton 67 5-8 4" 1-4 S3 3-8 71 3-1 posal that Camp Chaffec be made a permanent Installation nnd federal education aid with various iif- llclali. LITTLE ROCK, April 25. Liberalized parole laws were advocated todav by the superintendent of Virginia's penitentiary. Supt. W. Prank Smytlie, Jr., Richmond, spoke at the Joint conven- liou here or the Southern State* Probation and Parole conference and the Southern Stales Prison Conference. Smytlie expressed opposition to a practice of waiting 35 years for • lire-termed to become eligible for parole, explaining: ir a man hasn't straightened out In U or IS years, there is not much hope for him because by then he has become inslltutionallzed to such an extent that he more or less de- ponds on others." He said Virginia's liberal parota law has oblained good results. He said about the only value of a habitual criminal law is that • NEW ORLEANS, April 25. (.<P>— Closing cotton quotalions: High tx>\v Close May 332o 3299 3324--2S July 3252 323 3248-50 Oct 0895 2886 2889-9 - Dcc J871 2865 5864-68 I repeater can be coiiJlued for longer Mcti. V. 2859 2852 285J terms.

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