The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY,- APRIL 14, 1847 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Ua< 1 time uar 3 llnjcs ,, « tttios ner ll.< per d»J ~ ------ ?£ U limes (icr Utie pur day . ic Noutl. pur HUB, _____ one Laiint five average wordi"tVtiio"ltoe , ^ V> ° accou.iiaultd liy caali. Hales eas " y cow " ule <l fi-oa "be ibove ir*!?*."} 1 * 1 " 1 ! ordpr for '"eiulir Inser- loas lakes tlio ouo (Irao rate J>o resiiouslblllty will bo Ukea for "' " lcu ' rm """ l ""' °' •"" For Sale f . i iT",.." 1 ' IODr korae - 1( - °,";" 1 i 1 '"-. ' Ii0 "» <*« — 2930. Offko l-'O Honlh Kccun.l. 1012 rk-ll HAHY CHICKS A Sia/75 ccr kundrej Jim »'•'«'> Slow. 315-cV-lt fai'lHlli's for :n:>tlii|> uiiil ' fli.'riim '•r.-ain. l.nri:,. ,|iin1a of milk. Reason- »l'l>-. Karl Carter. Manila. Ark. H'lM' sorn, lliini.. you don't need! Trailu "r s.-t] il ,,l S»-ai> Slum. '101 K. Main. '"" »W- ;il20-rk-l|20 MKltOHANTS 'IniiUi- ilnly m-i<l ,-.-,«,.» [i, nn>- I'-iiBllis. Also t,av ui'vcrniio <-no!i-rs v-alk-jn rt'friHiTat.irs nmi dupp fr,-07i i-riliit,,-ts. llnt.-lii'r Gii'jiptii's. Also Mill- r<Jiii]iruss<irs. I'luiuo l>i-ll Si-ult. 22f,0. , ii i f ,-i ]>.iw,'r llfl. a Ijutlum l)ri'«ker« ami «illii-«lor, 1 A Jolin lj,.,>ri> •' Imklors l>ow,. f lifl. and ciihivulur •> mil,,; *;imli liljjliwny lil :,| Boxwood Hj,l r ,.. l'l°"l^i 7 : J ! IH.k- 17 <IA Tested Chicks. l>oiillo- ff.-.l. '',,,>ijs l'<iul|r.\ 'IllliinJ 'M9. -IIO E. Main. •-Hlo-Vli-li Chllil's iilnyliiiuii- veil tmlli. Ka<1ly iiiiivi.'!. Ji,.:^,,!,.-,!,!,. M f( p i- ,, . !> »'•'• «'. ""am. ' 1 .||l|. l ,tin POWER LAWN MOWKRR. Sec the last word in a power lawn mower—(he Pathfinder—the one thai cute <o any height and undor any ronclilions. Hlytlu'ville Maoliine S Ororrry »lr,ri> unit tixlurix Imu- I,...,. miiii ini-aiinn ami livii,,. ^ u .., r i,r,, ,',,, c ; ilpk-nii irlicl;. \Viil« hux M"\ '•' RABY CHICKS Ki'"'l laV'-r^. l'it-<finii ]i:u<-liin^. IJr.lor m>». JJIalrjrl; Mnt.lmry, Voilli IH ^mj;(nYn>-. I'lii>iu> :||72. " l'LI-cJ;-lf Urn''- (,*"""'** ''""^ <;'''-."" X |t<'J!'l'i'r'i l ,'ii For Rent )!»'Jrooin. FRYRJJS St. Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. 01 3-2S-ck-tf J'n^-li swings an-1 chain lurrcnvs llonrj- Ul-iilUriiiik «lio]>. (urinorly Don Slnnt • 4l3-i>k-l7 I ^I'L 1-1 onn ypar lr<ini brf.'il* IT. ?u pi>r Imtnlrod. lllylfic-x-itli' Ufn _ c _°- alio-ct-u 1 C. .tnlm llrpri- Irai-lur «-i1li •> ro\v" "iltivalor. M. .1. Km-M.T. ]>,.]!. 1'Ucnii' 7H. ,1-V-tj)i-?l Th. ^- InK nrc- tli.- nic,>^l ilk <own. Strrrt I'll. H.^trirh-<l 1n L'S liy'^l Kizo lunl^p. I'.ri.-l: ,1,-nn f !i!iu!i. Apl.c-lns shinclo. llarli ^t fmm> Mnnltrii'H Drivn. nn N. IHvision f>r. 0. K. HollinMi. (Or, liron.l- bait again available :il 1'lanlcrs Hardware. When buying goldfish register ;it this store for (he Arkansas fishing contest. §1000.00 in cash and 100 other valuable prizes. 4-3-ck-tf I.nuibrr — Sii.-ritil p:iltoriis nil al mill jlisl insl:[l!i,l ml Xortli lillli \V|'<I i.f Cninii Miiullrio. 1'horla :):!nO. O. W. ItuHi.Jon. O-ck-23 River Catfish. Phone ,'i:iji5p. Hob l)21*LiUy. O.:dnii S.iV']''Hn» r.'c!,-aiii.d anil sirl.'dl. A. 1,. \VliMri-. H,,s,-lanil. AfV llll-l.k-21 in; ntal. (>\Micr li-avinu' tnvv-n, ^?fi Inn i.ickc.l up. C'all 2,^07 i:iCM \V Asli. lloitronms. Hlylhi'villc Holi'l "nio y Muln. I'honc OSS. Mrs'. C'liiiiiiiins. __^ Ili-ilrooin, clone in. S10 , 4|2-|iV-17 Priuit luMrnnm. llusincss vvniiinn me- fnrt.l, inn Waliuil. I'lioiu- ".-,111. ^_^ 7-ck-tf l!t'flrnoni lo\vn. Two rt-,T. I'll. 20R7. Help Wanted Iiilt slrnn|ir.i|iliir wort. -Musi hi' E<""l- Stall! »«.- ami wpcri-m-e. Wrii,. |,ux I. J. «.'a Courier Ni-iv-s. 4llt-rt-ir ^ .-titrpKs— Mtift (TO nont, I'fpn^ant work- iiil^ comlilioiiH. fiouil salary. Call :'.r;sr,. 4iio-ct-ir HOOP "PLATES" In 1800, clfshcs were an nlmost unknown luxury in Newfoundland. Ten-Inch iron hoops were fastened to the tabies in public restaurants nntl the food placed within the hoops. ^ -^™*- -~-"^~~*v-wv^^^^,,^^^^^^^ RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Delivcv FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 South First St. Whether you pnll i,, | 0 Phillips' (o KC( ,„-,. {l( yo , )r tires, water Cor your radiator—or complete over- haulinff, you will lind our service prom|il and expert, with satisfaction and «„„,) value guaranteed. Now that summer heal is in (he »(Tiii£< . . rt , ;u j v V our Hiv with our excellent facilities and workmanship. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Elytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Oklnhoma's average elevation Is 1300 rcct. CALL " "fOR Good. -1-ronm house, acre of Kvo'iind, fruit trees. Adjoins city limits. Immediate possession. Price §3150. II. C. Camphell, Realtor, I 'hone 'Mf. or 2MO. 1 .r.ilm Hr-r-1-r, Irai-lnr imidc! II !.1|^ mo ,I•I "ii u ..... I rnWii-r. 1 Cultivator. I, '"" '"'V," 1 "' '"•••^i"» >i». 12 I.I..W. 1 'Ji-i-. nlj in pdinl s.h."i|M'. [ on,- roiv Illivi-r I'ljinl.T. mill,, driiivn, 1 iv.alk- ln£ .-.illiYalni-. 1 Hrinlv.v iniddlo lins- 1,-r. t Muling linslcr liurl) Xn 1 n (•, K. (lillilnml. <'iinl..r.' il.i. -I'-O-pk-lci •'ff<l l.-vvl. fi.rlil- lr>n,l nn.l n l.i^nii- r..l iiia,-.- ti> liiiiH r.-.iilrnri- nr li.uu- rVi> I.UTllr.K C1HAY t^* IIKI.'T 'llrix'™ Offjro wllli Miiri.'ii William.; !,' -, So. riv,l. I'lionr "TM ll-pk-1.'. KEYS MADE < Locks Opened and Repair-;' ed. Door Checks or Over- I hauls. For Service Call: JIMMY "SPECK" BROCK at Chisum's Bike Shop 123 So. Third St. Phone 596 rudrafia! FARM LOANS . _. . . Geologists read "the record o\ Ih^oclis". reconslruct (he ifq-i'lory of a mountain. \ Consumers read "(he rec- jrd" of producls from (heir srand names. The brand lame of a responsible man- ifaclurer stands for good quality and value, backed by experience and research. . PLANTERS HAK1>WAUF, CO., Jnc fi W. Main Phone 515 RAY WORTHINGTON Tune In Pmdtntlal Program Snnday a t « p.n. OTM . WRKO Btrrlng This Section for Zl Yean 115 S». Jrt BtjtheTDle, Ark. { We Guarantee • \ RECAPPING | i with • j Hawkinson Treads I r J | Let Your Next Tires Be J GENERALS j J Cost More — Worth More | • MODINGER TIRE CO. j everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. r. DIETRICH, Mgr. Famous Neolite heels by Goodyear Step on It, friend ... if you want real comfort from llmsc old shors. Hrlng them lo us :uiil save the [iricc of ;i new p;i(r at high prices! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CAMERAS F.OR RENT Free 5x7 Enlargement with each Roll ot film developed. Home ot Bounce Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. IIS R. Main Phone 22*1 J I THE STRIKE... IS STILL ON! BUT—YOU CAN STILL CALL FOR Langston-Wroren and that "naturally better" CK SERVICE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL MONRY '1X> LOAN » you rtwd • loan to r«Mir or remodel? No down pay. jnent, no mortgage, no ml t«W. FHA .pprored r.te 5 y ". Ask foif dHalb. MAX J^K«n, K«altor, phone 2034. Lynch H%., Ulytherille. . 9-28-ck-tt See us for an estimate before you luive your tractor overhauled. We specialize in stenm cleaning and painting. Klcrlrlc and acetylene welding. llussell I'hilhiw Tractor Co. Hiway Cl South. I'hone 2171. '-'-l-ck-tC et us sharpen nnd rcpntr .vnnr lim-ii mower, rcKimt- IPS.S of land or size, (ict yours ready now, and avoid nn, r ,,.sh. We piok ii|i and deliver, lilylhevillc Machine S!mi>, 211 S. Und St., nliono 2828. -l-.l-ck-tf C "KiMi ! fii' iv'i, 1 !-' 1 ' *'"' • lr ' 1|rl "'' 1 Kt- movinjj, foiuuliition repairs. Experienced. Have all equipment. Call 4!)2 or -see I'Ysnfj C'l'Ocla-lf, :!()() R ^_ 4-8-pk.n-S Wonted to Boy Cash for wrecked of junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway <n. _Photic 3785. 3-27-0^-4-27 Some ijlwls tire larger ouiiis t!:an they nn- nftcr Local 4 Lant Distance Moving OomjelMl H.lp »d •«><»»<. At*. •nttcly Imurod Ooolr.ct Himlln. •nd Ulio. 8«iTk«s. VOHI BarrlcA A Blormi* •<), I'kone 2S01 CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel We ciirry it in jilork In 12", IBIS" ;inii 24" sizes. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. lilflliiivllle, Ark. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Bltt T. L. MABRY j MISSOURI ST. pu. sen Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'lionc 2043 KM-1 Chichasawba CITY CAB 924 We urn liiklnir orders for Attic Fans to lie installed In-fore hot weather. Call us for estimates MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone 415 Nuts Raising and LaweringThem — Thcy^Say^It A muses i the l Baby f Our "station ' attendant* -get callS^rT to do many ( tiling* t to please/ our v , customer*— *nd Wr« always glad to be of service: ctpecUQy' . lli» lilni) of service that .helps yoi«r ««r rWe and note ecdn6ialc*Br.< . .. .-. _... - ^ _ —*-tj.\ LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 't Wrecker* Teincn Protects Phono 578 24 Hr. Service . BeibcMInc-Tlrn Ir yon lived nn tlin nmoa, you'd .we Ilio cni-lli 40 times brli-hlc Ihmi yon now ace the moon. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Hesl. Prices Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOYAI/, SMITH, CORONA »nd REMINGTON FORTABLK 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 338J (Every Tran3»ctlon MUST BE 8ATISPAOTORY) Flowers - - For Every Occasion T ± FLOWER SHOP (Mac) FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. JCCOHEN Oontractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. P/iotze 3646awl2525 FRECKLES ANT) HIS — , - APPAOVEO SERVICE LI.SEAY MOW'COMPANY i • .. i Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail^ Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes "-..:.;' Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. p|, one 2122 . fUNK AHENUON FARMERS!^ ;We have received our shipment of HoojIeT-CroJfr' and.Super-Crosf Hybrids for immediate delivery!?! Arrange now fo call for the corn you ordered. W«* 'suggest you purchase a sufficient quytijy of 1**"' ^corn as the supply is limited. ( ~~^""^ ^~~ SEE US AT ONCE.- Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main / Phone 836 or 857 on i CAN f .Y.UOIM SOM MISSIMG A CHURCH SUPPER.. WAr BOYS UP It) SOM6IHINS/ BY MBRRHL BLOSSB7 CDUBSE\ THAT ME" K! \ WAS DID«(J CLOSE EVE3. I THERE^j KNOW HI\\ I MK. WHEM HE /STUFFIE WA?MT? /6E*M AT ' -_,~sVWBACK -^'•itiiyk CXXK, \jj Vfe^ NOW/ IX 1'I.L BE 6V RRSr THING- IM TJ4H MORNIKkJ —

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