The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 24, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTirEAST MISSOURI VOL. .XXVII—NO. 103 Blythevltle Courier, BlythevlllcHenild. Blythevllle Dolly News, Mississippi Valley Trader. BI.YTHFAMLLE, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, SRITRMBER 24, 1930 OFFEH PLi FDR "Metal Lung" Keeps Girl Alive Will Advance-9 Cents Pet- Pound Through Local Banking Houses. WASHINGTON. Sept. 24 <TJP>- hu!"'r M'' ( !" a " d "B orderly mnrkct- "K of Hi, 1930 c-.lton ,:roi) through federal intermediate credit, banks '» Cnlumbia. a. c, New Organs Houston. Wichita, si. Louis and Lmil.-ivillo wer.« aniiDunced"today by Ihe federal farm loan board Cotl n fanners were advised to applv lo a bank or agricultural credit corporation which docs buti- ness with Ihe> credit banks. Will Advance \ine frills In a letter sent to all banks and agricultural credit corporations in (lie ' collon belt, the iiHerirediate banks offered to make lonns of nine'cents a pound or 75 per cent ol the market value If the rnrctnt- as>e was avfr nine cents, for middling white cotton of. seven-eighths inch staple provided certain con- 'lilious w.ire met. "ATiy slate or national hank, trust coninauv. savings ban!; or similar institution, and any properly n-- canb.ed eredil corporation with ade .nua'e capital and competent man- ni'cmen'. which handles eligible agricultural paper and merits the re• qiiii-cmeius nf the Federal Inter- mi'dnle Credit Hank, may be granted the nrlvileg.; of dkaninling wlMi "r obtaining l<-ans from (he Fedr-/al Inlermedinte Credit bank." the letter c v »ilaincd. ""iVill Carry Notes "\Vi'h such relations established. Hie Federal Intermediate Credit bank will accept from such insti- imions, and carry, noies bearing interest rat/! 1 -, permitted bv the law and regulations and representiii'! leans to cotton (trowers on the hasis ol nine cents per pound, or V5 per cent of the market valim If. fiicli percentase exceed? nine cents, for middling white cotton of sev- en-f?i»hths inch slaple, such cott">i) being ol jcmlerable grade and sla- ple:-properlv stored and insured, and pledged as security for the loans. "Colton farmers who c'.?sife to avail themselves of this opportunity should applv to a banking inrti- tution or agricultural credit cor- IHiration in Ihcir locality wl-.ieh has or obtains [he privilege of doiiv business with the Federal Inter mediate Credit bank." The cotton stabilization corpara- lion meanwhile will maintain presEni holdings of about SI,30'O.GOO bales thr«U2liout the present coltcn season "unless the price in the ir.?finihne advances to or above the purclia.-.-- price." E. P. Creekmnre. president of (lie corporation, said in a statement issued here. Owes No Honest Debts Dee la res Movie 'It' Girl For more than a week Frances McGaan, Chicago sludent nurse, who is suffering from infantile paralysis, has been kept alive by a "metal " HOLLYWOOD, Cal.. Sept, 24 (UP)— Kxrepl for a. iMnlal lhat she lius any honest debts, Clara liow declined to discuss today charges lluil a woman posing ns her nwed $13,900 to a Nevada pnmbllng rc- sorl for losses incurred two weeks ago. The aclr-ss' statement, Issued through llie paramount studio,- denied she had nny rlehlful debts and added she paid all honest debts promptly. "If anyone In (he world feels he lia: u rightful claim againsl 'ma for any sum of money whatsoever. which I deny. I will gladly accept !he service of any legal document. i T always pay every honest lebt promptly. The matlCT of Ihc gambling debt became known when James McKay, owner of the Calneva resort, announced tliat payment -on checks had l>ccn refund. four They were given him he said, In Reuo by a red haired girl Introduced to lung." like the one shown above. Unable to breathe because her chestl lllm ** Cla ™ BoWp muscles are paralyzed, the. girl is kepi constantly in the big aluminum tank, where an electric pump alternately creates air pressure and \acuum. fordiiB her lungs to function. The tank photographed here is known as the Drinker Apparatus. TOHEIT1 Breathes for a Few Days Without Artificial Lungs Which Kept Her Alive. CFITCAGO. Sept. 24. (UP)—Miss Frances McGann. student nurse who is being kept, alive by a mechanical lung, virtually *.vas assured of recovery today when she was able to breathe without the use of the respirator. She was taken from the Drinker machine, the steel • chamber In which she has been confined for 12 clays, lo regain her strength. The musculgr tension which .••hnRv .MricteH. the aclion .of her ln since she was stricken with infantile paralysis was found to have relaxed slightly She was able to breathe for intervals as long as five minutes outside the machine, thus convincing physicians that she will recover. However, it may be twc weeks before the use of the respirator can be abandoned entirely America ?s Dry as Ever Says Senator Sheppard WASItlNOTON. Sent. 2-i. (UP)— Prohibition sentiment is Just a' strong in this country lodov as i! . "ver -was and victories of anti-prohibitionists in recent mimnris< "don't mean a thing." .Senator Mor- ijs Sheppard. Democrat of Texa r . co-antlior of the 13lh amendment said today. "This country is pennanentlv dry," Sheppard said. '"Them >- aeoui as lunch chnnce lo the I8th nniciiiTiiient as there is for c \ hours of Irce sitliiig~aiid follow' Construction Underway On Jonesboro Rice Mill Slow in Friendly Scuffle Kills Boy 1IAMUURC. Ark., Sept. 24, HJP)—Hit over the heart by a friend in a schoolyard scuffle, Willard Nobles, 16, collapsed and d ! ?d,shortly afterward. The Iwo were boxing when the friend struck Nobles. She was accompanied by a man and a woman who said they were Will Rogers and Marie Dressier. Will Rogers and Louise Dresser I were in the vicinily at that time . j filming "Lightning," 'but Miss Dressier denied visitinc the resort and said she did not believe Rogers had. Most of thc explaining was done in Reno by McKay who wasn't quite sure what he was Roln<$ lo do abou* 11. Attorneys were of thc opinion gambling debts couldn't be collected if the loser decided he didn't i want to pay. SINGLE COPIES PlVB-CENTS' .'-I. St. Louis Youths, Her Companions on Trip lo Tennessee, in Pemiscot Jail. IIAYTI, Mo.—Jewel llaney, 18- year-old school Rlrl who went to a 1'K-al movie theater with Hoy Man- ifer and Edward Sandol, two 61. Louis youths, Sunday night, am" lulled to return to her home, was bmiiulu back here early this mom- mi; by her father, James llnncy. ralliqad employe, from Jiu.-k.soii. 'IViin., where officers took Ihe i-lrl into custody and arrested her two companions. Sandol and Manlier have been rt'iurncd and lodged In the Pcnii';- ciil county Jail at Cariuheisvlllc ulthoiit bond and arc scheduled to appear before Justice J. H. John- soti of this city for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 1st. Miss Hancy, It'Ls understood, 1? leliccnt about discussing the affair l:ul claims that she was not threatened or molested by (he two men mid that she accompanied llicm of lirr own accord. The two men in company with Miss llnncr nnd two oilier local :irls attended n local theater Su inv n'snt nnd attcr the show was •ver Miss Ilancy left, the city wllh '.lie two St. Louis youths, U Is .taicd. Boy Kills Father Who Forced Mother to Make Whiskey to Support Family MTLWAUKEE, Wls., Sept. S-l. (UP)— William Phillips. ID, lay in "'nil fov his father Joseph Inr.l iMit and killed him with a shot- sun because "he forced mother lo nake moonshine and abused us," he youth told police lodny from ils cell In Ihe couiUy jail. Thc elder Phillips came home arly In thc evening, the son said, nnd announced he was going "lo i wedding where there will he plenty of liquor." "Yon had bettor be ready In shoot because when 1 come home 'm going to clean you all out," William said the father duclurcd. Wllllmn (old police he K«', the family shotgun, loaded It nnd HI the front porch for hours wall- Ing for his fnther to return. ;Tn> golnj; to kill father when hi- conies home,". Ihc boy' nnnuunced o his' mother when she ijiicslloiu-i' him anxiously iilxnit the gun. "I' will be better for us till It he IE dead," mother to a neighbor's to spare Her (he- ordeal but she returned shortly before the shooting About 10 o'clock Ihe elder Phil- lilis came home, "Me stepped from the automobile," William suld, "and stood for an Insiniit In [he Blare of llie headlights, i alined for a spot between his licnil and shoulders and fired," Wllllmn recounted lodny wllhmr. emotion. "Dad wns lying llinre on the Rromid. I went, over nnd took his hand. It fell limp. '"Goodbye, dad; 1 told him, and llien called thc police." Mrs. Mary Phillips, the mother, verified the story. She said her husband hud quit his Job Severn mouths ago and forced her lo make Ikiuor to piovldc for family Three olher children told Ihc same 3101 y Mrs. Phillips said her liu.shuml wns Intoxicated yesterday and made the threat he was (jolng to "clean yon nil oul. .so von had belter ly "Doc" Brinkley Quits Medicine for Politics LLul TO OFFER LOTSJGin Second Street Property Will Be Available- for Park, Playground..-..-.-.. Dud Cason Post. American Lc- ,.-.„ „. ~...... ......,. n . .w- cion. will offer Ihe city of Ely-1 nublican candidate for governor, theville several le-ls on North Sec-1 viewed Brinkley's announcement ond Street on condition that the with mild alarm. TOPEKA, Kans., Sent. 24. (UPi —Dr. John H. lirinkley, "goal j gland rejuvenation specialist." whose I medical license was revoked recently, will seek to auuly his rejuvenation powers to Kansas gov r ernu'.ent, he has announced. • Brinkley. whose license was taken from him and efforts made to "'nsc the ™din .station over which he gave prescriptions to unseen po- tienls, announced he would be aii independent candidate for gov nor, seeking "vindication fo shameful way T was treated." Followers of "Chief" Hauck. Re- goverl- ir : thf small citv equip ond maintain a park or playground. Injures Arm When far Terms of the offer, to be draft- '"- 1ures ftrm " nen *- ar ed by a coiiiinitle.'! headed by R. N. Ware, will probably be submitted tc the city council at the October meeting. Hits Wire Near Mill Andrew Jackson, 25. had his right arm severely cut late ye;!er- The uroperly cost the post. $1,500 dav evening when his ear struck a JONESBORO, Ark., Sepl. 24 (AP) —Construction has started on Jonesboro's new 5125,000 rice mill. The main milliiv; building will be 'f four stories, and will contain the latest milling machinery. The Jonesboro Rice Milling Company, composed principally of Memphis men, recently was organized- ' The company has announced that U will enter the rice markets im- nirdlnMv nmchasini? 'this season's rice which will be slnivel until the mill gets into Deration. Completion of the-mill is expected about November 1. lunnmina bird to lly t'i Mars <viM> I'le Wellington monument, lied to ils tall." WANTED A CRACKER MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. (UP) _ "Tony." pet parr-t wanted a cracker. so badly £h.? qavc up her six ve;! it down to hands of a fireman below when Ihe bait was raised on a fishing p"'.». Well Trained and Stable Teaching Corps Is Vital when it was acquired several years j guide wire on a telephone nnle. Aft- ago. At that time it was planned to erect a post hall, but since Blythevllle has been given a na- 'innal auard armory building this idea has been abandoned for the present. E A. Rice, presiding last night his first business meeting .since taking ijffice as prst commander, t announced a duck supper some i time in November, to which all i post members with a record of fifty ' per cent attendance at the weekly meetings • will be invited. er receiving emergency treatment nt the Blytheville hospital he returned to ills home. In • an attempt to turn around Jackson lest control of his machine, arid Hie windshield struck Ihe wire. The accident occurred near the Chicago mill. j Draws SI 00 Fine for Californian identified as Another by Nev/spaper PARIS. srnsalionul (UP)— Following thr arrest of Charles Hart- Fdilnr't \nfi-: This is NIC ninU- r a series of ardrlrs prfj-jred In iri n "<: phases nf Ilif Inral selior.l siliialitin. P-V CRAWFORD OKEEVE Snp^rmlcnilcilt P t Srhr.nls One of M-.^ moM iinivtttnnt. fnr- "srs In s-s'-m h Ik hriR n I'm- capable froun of iMch- r ": Tlironeh a series of ye"r, n n ••'fflclenl cnr"- lias b°"'i eathere'* '''"ellier. mokin^ a rtednlt" rnn- Irihuilon lo th* life ^f the win'l. Of the 4!) vhiif. to-irii^r^. 35 main- 'i'n n pormanont resident in wiv- "icvilic. Ihe ptlir-rs lioardinij here di"incr (|,A school term. T hr> tf-ncher Hn-nov,->r in Blv-i'^- v 'lle is verv small each v«ar. FII- 'lie Current lerm Iliero were fmlv '••>'o rhnngrs whil/: last v«ar. tli"rfi M-f. rn f| v( , iirtrtiilons t" l>ie fac."liv T 'n in th c keiinntnt of th" current ^fliiwi year Ihe local tenehers had 'evve-l !!•,» Blvthevlllc schools for fl" avorairo of S.7 venr?. Tho. 41 wi'ltc teachers represent a ftal ct *T >'ears teaching experience, or ai> average of 9.7 years. Tt Is thus ."MI that 'the teachers' -sre, on the whr,Je, an exnerlenccd Jroup- Have Tralnin? Abo<-« The Blvtheville tenehers nre Die average In training. Four hold master's degrees while 19 oth;rs 1 bachelnr's desrecs renrrsrnt- ng four years of College work, S^v- fral of thc latter have graduate vork on master's degrees to their credit, one lacking only- six wx-ks f comnletlns her advanced work. Six of the teachers have between hrce nnd four vc.irs* work, twelve between two and three years' work, while onlv nine have less than two •ears work and must take ;Ix hours of work each year. All rf the teachers are required to attend school ever} 1 third summer. The development of a well trained faculty, enjoying permanent lemire nnd a satisfactory salary schedule Is one of the m--st Important factors In thc progress of an efficient system. Such teachers givo stability to the system and contribute much to the welfare of the Community. They also pro-vide a beller field for thc training of young (eachers than systems In which there Is a large turnover cacl year. The local system has no rcgula tloiib apnlnsl married women at do many cities A check of the mar ital status of the 38 women teachers shows 13 ar,» married or are widows. There U no ruling against the hcinc town tocher as the ratio of 25 to 24 thows.- The present administration, however, adheres to a policy of not taking young homo (Continued on page three) maim of Bakcrsfield, California, his unlive Alsathn village on the charge of being a war-time spy condemned to derith, the 'Sair". of Brussels began an investigation which has revealed the man so condemned actually was Charles Klempner, who has yet to b? brought to justice. It is believed that Klempner remained in France until after th:- irrcsl of Bolo Pacha and Mita rliirl, and that he managed lo re- nrn on a number of occasions prior lo the close of the war. Tni 'Solr" stales that a woman. Marie Slempel. of Oermano - Belgian origin, wns responsible for Ihc Identification. Mixing Gas and Rum Roy Stone was fined $100 bv Judge W. D. Gravette In police court this morning on a charge of driving while Intoxicated. Stone entered a plea of guilty to the charge. One man was Vmed $15 on a charge of public, drunkenness'. Will Probe Cottonseed Price Scale LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 24 (UP)— Investigators of the department o justice will come lo Arkansas immediately: to Investigate an alleged combination existing betiveci: colfn oil companies resulting in r low price for cotton seed, according to word received here, from Senator Cnraway. '• - ..' .--' A charge was'made nRainst'sev- eral cottfii oil companies of "prhv fixing," it was said. The price o' cottonseed was said to be lowei than any time In the las.t twelve years. William attempted to send hlsrcady Story of Lone, Hatred arid; Jealousy Revealed by Murder and Suicide. •{; BALTIMORE, Md., Sept.'24..(UP) —The story of hatred nnd jealous rivalry which cmultlcred the;Aves of Dudley'Ci.' Gray and-Maxwell G. • ' Byers, wealthy executes -of'-'trle- -.. Weslern Maryland- railroad, un- . folded today before Investlgatira. seeking hidden delnlls of Ihe, mur- (ier-siilcldn tragedy. . ; ' President Byers was shot eight limes ond killed by Gray, the-flrst'.. vlec-prcsldent, who took his 'own life yesterday. But It was in' the -27-year backgrouhO of the feud as revealed by relatives an'd close 'as- Pretty "Prof of tlic men thst't There were a few details so f»u unknown that the vlce;i>resldent's wife was expected to supply. on her ! arrival loday from Columbus, /O, -/ Known As Encrofat . • •• Those who worked .with them knew Hyers ond Gray were enemies. They seldom spoke except In their necessary business contacts.: I They were known to be opposed ' on mutters of policy. The strain between them revealed Itself in dl- . rectors' meetings. • j Gray was 62 «ml had been with the road since 1913. Byers was ten I years his junior, had gone over to Fire which broke oul about 111 | the Western Maryland from : the p'clock last night on the loading i Great Northern at about the samft platform, of Ihe Tucker gin, two time, and; had been promoled over, and a half miles east of this city, Gray. They never worked well .to 1 seriously damaged approximately I gethcr afler that, Y 10 bales of collon before gin workers nnd city firemen, who were called to the scene, succeeded in gaining control of the blaze. Ohio and Byers; was division engi-' , The blaze swept suddenly ncros.- neer.'As new opportunities came to City Department Answers Call; Several Bales of Col ton Damaged. Their acquaintance extended back ^ to 1904 when .Gray . was division freight agent lor the Baltimore and Uic baled collon on the loading platform nnd appeared to be gain- Ing rapid headway when C. P Tucker, owner of the gin, sent In an emergency call lo Chiel Roy Head of tire Blythevllle fire, department. A city fire truck, cn.ulpp«l with.ah extra supply of chemical fire fight- Ing fluid, was hurried to the gin and firemen plnyed'.a Hrci»tn._pt dioniical oii the blazing' aficfsrSoS-* Ing bales lhat were dragged from the platform by gin employes nnd firemen. Mr. Tucker could not be reached loday for an estimate of his loss. Beaullful bul decidedly not dumb Is Senorlta Estcla Argrainonte. above. The faculty of the Unl- vcrsily of Havana has chosen her to occupy the chair of History of Spanish Colonisation and History of Cuba. She Is a daughter of Dr. „ ut ... „, ,..,„ , 11KttllJnc , Aristldes Argramonle, who was a c'rcdlt' asso":lalton"'nt""the"ci^in?' 1mclnllcr °' tilc Unltccl sta - tes Ye '- Fort Smith Man Heads Arkansas Credit Ass'n • FORT SMITH. Sept. 24 (UP) — J.- B: Hnbemr of Fort Smith was elected president of the Arkansas session here late yesterday. Oitr;r officers elected were M. C. Cagel. pine Bluff, vlce-preslden'- Miss Lucille Gethera. Camden, s" retnry treasurer; William R.Arend' Little Rock, and H. J. Bryant. T ' Dorado, members 'of the execullv committee. Tlie 1931 convention will be hel:' in Pine Bluff- • low Fever Commission in llie Cuban capital 30 years ngo. t HURLEY, Wis. ((IP)-Six legf. two of which are shorter and do n't roach the ground, are on a kitlen born on a farm near here. HE KNEW HOW TO DIE LAWRENCEVILLE, Ind., (UP)- Arthnr Hnrivr knows how a man should die and when he felt his end was near he forgave policeman whom lie .believed had wounded him. Examination showed Harper hhd cut his knee on concrete curbing when he fell. The warm blood trickling down his leg gave him the idea that lie had been shot- Pcrsliiiitf Is Escort to War Mothers Clerget Family Slicks to French Town 662 Years PARIS. (UP)—Spurred on by- Swedish boasts of loyalty to the land, French newspapers started a canvass of this country, triumphantly producing the family Ole*?". which for 662 years has lived In the same town, Volnay, the au- c-ient seat of a branch of the Btarn family, located in the pic- j turcsque Co!e d'Or. The archives show that, in 1268 a certain Jacques Cl?rttct, winj grower, was prevost of the couni.v. In HGO Phlllippe Clerget was pre-. vost, and from 1R14 to 1813 Etlenne ' was mayor of Volnay. Arsiue CIcrgct. Ihe Incumbent in that nost. has three sons, "all of whom." he says, "are expecting to remain !n. the city of their fathers." TAKF FIFE TO WATER FtSHKILL, N. Y, (UP)—When an automobile cnught fire here, no extinguishers were available. M> U was lowed to a garage where Ih: flames were subdued. Gold Star Mothers of Missouri, on a three-day pilgrimage to the nation's capital, are pictured here as they were accompanied to Arlington National Cemetery by a fellow • Missouri™, General John J Pershlng. As war-time commander of t^ielr sons who died In service General Pershlng officiated at cerem:nles which the war mothers conducted at the Tomb oi the Unknown Soldier. Chnrles Sleadman of NwlK Carolina Fought With Confederate Armies. WASHINGTON, Sepl !M. iUP)-- Mineral services tor Rep. Charles Sleadmnn, Democrat, toorth Caro- Ina. whose death here yes!erda>- removed thc Inst surviving clvi! war veteran in congress, will h? icld tomorrow In Fayetteyille, N. C Members of the Fayellevllle llpht nfantry, Ihc organlrallon with which the 83-year-old lezlslator served throughout the conflict of 861-65. will serve as a guard nf lonor at the funeral. A congressional committee named to attend the rites Included Senator Robinson, Republican, of Indiana, ami five of Stendman's colleagues In he house, In nddllion to Ihe enllr"- Norlh Carolina congressional dele- :at1on. Oklahomans Only Have Until October 15 to Fly OKLAHOMA CITY. Sept. 24. (UP)—Bennett Griffin and Roy Hunt, attempting a new refueling endurance flight record above municipal airport here, dropped notes today that they were keeping in perfect physical condition. Their cabin plane continued to function well ns the flyers passed Ihe 225 hour msrk. They will hre.ik the record of Jackson and O'Brln? on October 15 If they succeed in remaining aloft that long. FAILS IX A PINCH SUGAR CREEK. N. Y. (UP)Atter lying idle for more lhan a year, the local fire department's lone truck failed in the ance of Its duty. With siren shriek Ing It left ths fire house, but a short distance away it ran out ol gatollne anil bad to be towed to the rcenc of the fire by a motorist Two tins blew cut while Ihc truck was returning hnm«. them they separated and each followed' his carrcr successfully with first one road nnd then'-another until finally thc year .before, thc . war they found themselves In the same office once more.': 1 ':'. . ' '.-" > Employes ; Fln* Them i Some, tune "ago'-there-Ms a pro- \-. : . posal to .amalgamate the Western ".-: i MarylBnd^ro«d : •*}th';'6ne; of t b n ' fered on flie pi((er,.'Thto.,contra-''•".' vefsy was the last known byT'asip-r--" r elates to have arisen between, the men. ''. - . ..''.'• '•••. The shooting occurred behind the locked doors of.Byers' office where thc two had been In .conference. Employes forced thpir way into the; -. )liio Man Teaches Bible fla*« for AH Yearci"™ an<1 foulld -Byer*; dead and uass ior ou lears Gniy dvlng . - By<!rB was j,, ot e i ?h t CHARUOri. 0., Sepl. 24 (UP) — E. Whllney, 85, has been teaching a Sunday school class for CO years ind declares he Is good for many nore. His friends claim his long iervice as a teacher of a Blbl» clots Is a record. Whitney always has taught In icauga county. His denomination s Methodist. Besides (calling Sunday school, he hns tnught for 35 years In the public schools and c arved ns a correspondent for county newspapers, . limes, once through the heart/ Gray was shot twice, a bullet near the heart causing his death. At- Gray's side was found an auto- matlc-pistol. Another was found in his clothing after he had been re- . moved to a hospital. Doubt Sanity of Junk Man Who Admits Crime SOUTH BEND, Ind.. Sept. 24. (UP)— George Sherman Myers, ,40, ' who cniifeised he killed 8-year^old- St. Louis Computes Cost Of Soot Fall Annually j^ 1 i Marvcrlnc Appel and then repu- dialed his confession, was under" observation today by officials whj>* "e mentally __, ! Myers, a Junk dealer, wns taken ., °, 0 ,' '"™!rT!.l D " s L pCr ' to tllc Michigan City prison and.: family In St. Louis for expenses due to Ihe soot full here each winter has been estimated by lh° authorities continued Investigation of his confession, checking it with' thc known facts in the ease in thci Smoke Abatement League at 5350 j behef lt vvas n prot ,, lct of ' hls lm : & ypflr. Through publicity and enforcement of cily by-laws the league i hopes to cut the fall of soot from 800 Ions per square mile to 400. ^conclusion that Myers 1 slory was. false | e(t , authorities without n clue to thc Wc ntiiy of the man who kidnaped the child on Aujust ' . J. L. Hamilton, dlreclor of Ihe I 27t cr i m inally atVckcd *'r, gar- league, temized as follows Ihe ex- ; rote d her with a niece of wire, and peuses incurred by each family i OMcd hcr body inlo an alley. here due lo (he smoke nuisance: ! _ '. __ ies i ii • /*!.:.» M'l! ns, j Hearing OH UlKagO IHlU J ax Action Opened . laundry, $100; cleaning draperies i and rugs. {25; wall decorations, j $50; palnllng. $25; house clcanine.: $1SO. • j ! LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—TH> Ar- Swedish Air I HIM Havo • k:lnsas Tax Comml «'°» yesterday oweaisn rtir Line* nave :bcgim a hearlng on lhc app ii ca tion Fine Record Of Safety ' of lll(! s[ate attorney general for. '__ : authority to bring a back tax stilt'- STOCKHOLM. (UP)—Being the sgninst tlle Ch1c °50 Mi!1 aRd ^^-' 75.0001U pawenger on the Swedish . berCorpr ration, operator of large air lines. Torstcn Lenncrthson • ; " mber mills '" eastern Ark « r «'S''. young Stockholm architect, was Thc hearing Mas adjourned until to Paris aVi'd back ! ^' nfl " a " Jarl of thc testimony by sir would be free. Last year the Swedish Aero- J llnd bccn ' n 'f<"t««d. transport carried about 7.000 pas-lAutO Wheel Fractures Skull of Hayti Child sengers and this year the figure is j already more than twice that Hum- | bcr. On thc Stockholm line to i Finland the Increase has been 00 i Hownrd Staffer, four-year-old son P«f cent. ] of Mr. -and Mrs. 0. E. Staffer of By the middle of this year the i Haytl, hss a fractured skull ra- Swedish civilian machines hao tcelved last night when he was run traveled over S.OOQ.OCO kllom:!ers or about 50 times the earth's circumference with 100 per cent safety. No air transport passenger has been kkilled or Injured In Sweden, all the accidents belnf confined os far to militar yarin- lion. WIIATS IN A NAME? CROOKSTON. Minn. (UP) — Crookston is in danger of having Ils name taken seriously. A deputy Jailer captured Ihree men on charges Canada. He look them to Jail «nd walked away, forgetting lo lock the door. The • prisoners followed, suit. The trio ii still going, . over by his father's automobile. He Is resting very well at the Blythe- Tille hospital today. The child caught on the car as his father was backing out of the garage and when he fell off I wheel passed over his head- WEATHER ARKANSAS'.—cloudy with ioc»i showers tonight »nd Thursd»y. According; to the., crucial we*ther -unlawful entry from ! obesrver, . Francis Carpenter, the maximum terAperiture here yesterday was U degrees «nd the mint- mum 75. degrees; cloudy with .32 inch of r«in, • '.-.... ; '•;•;,

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