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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 25

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1995
Page 25
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Casinos link up to launch Las Vegas monorail service Reno Gazette-Journal Thursday, June 1 5, 1 995 3C LAS Vi:(iAS(AI') A $25 million monorail linking two of the city's busiest corners is up and running, under budget and ahead of schedule. And olficials hope it is a good omen for a city approaching gridlock. (iov. Hob Miller praised the mile-long monorail system between Bully's Vegas and the MGM Grand Hotel at a VIPmedia preview Tuesday night, saying the best feature is that it was built without a single taxpayer dollar. Hob Maxey, chairman of MGM Grand, Inc., said the system was built under budget and opened ahead of schedule. , The monorail opened to the public Wednesday and is capable of carrying 1 00,000 passengers daily. The dual-lanc elevated system was completed in 1 7 months, from conception through Tuesday's formal opening. Officials hope the system will be a forerunner to others, stretching to McC'arran International Airport, the Las Vegas Convention Center and downtown. Several other resorts arc talking of linking their properties along the Strip in an effort to cut down on traffic clogging the six-lane thoroughfare and surrounding streets. Maxey said such monorails offered the opportunity to expand tourism projects in Las Vegas without impacting the quality of life for some I million local residents. iit-; -: ; is s. - U - -1 i Associated Press PEOPLE MOVER: A monorail train linking the MGM Grand Hotel and Bally's Las Vegas makes its inaugural trip. Monarch From page 1C not only be guesswork, but it may also violate the law. Monarch has also hired a new director of investor relations, John Bydalek, to "get the company's name out there," Farahi said Following the meeting, Bydalek said he is just beginning to formulate a game plan to promote the company's stock, but a likely start will be to get quarterly earnings statements into the hands of shareholders. Monarch shareholders now only receive an annual report. Monarch faces certain chal lenges with promoting its stock, however, Bydalek said, such as being one of few publicly traded gaming companies that has only one property. The Farahi family controls about 80 percent of the shares. DW. LmI Chq On. Last Che Dtv. LmI Chg I kflT l T'B Cogn V W Komag 49 1V Quantum ?3 1 IMMMMbll CwrtWirt 1?vi KuKfct Mv W QueVtrdti 10t-6 W L ' Comaw 32 M 15-16 3-16 LJoPh 3U-H 7-16 Quut 22 12W W -i . . Comcp 06 17 H Um 63 2W RdcG 3H 1-18 MMKM alocftt CptNwfc 11 v, Umm M Rackut 1?H H w , ConxKiwr 33 1 Ln 34 1 RutrOp b 23-64 DM. LMI Che Co.rn 10 H imn .42 1 27 RtnSft 12 . Vi AOCTtli W CwAt 64vi H Ltg&olu 11H H ReMRt 25H6 AfSCfl 17 W CorpCxp SM V LoH 44 V It RtQffVn 8 APSHW 26 W Cortch 3 1-32 7-32 UnlMv 33 ftoqnfn 1 32 37 3-16 AST MM H Con CD 10 11H Lncr 27 Mup 7H6 Aavntn 30 17 1.1611-16 Cvr 23 H UnMfTc 28 64 W RviMtMln 11 Acoin 1611-161-16 CrtTclW 6 - bpown 9H 3-16 Resptfnj 12 14 AdKLD 46 1QV W CfdSyi 2813-1611-16 LoJ 10 RvtrO 461 1? IWj Acptc 3?H H CurTcft 7 H Lowne '01 33" 1H Rrtii 4V It AdotwSy 20 M CytvOpt 20 1 LnaSStti 32W m RutrHd 94 49H ivy AJvC 1611.16 Cypfo 8 LonryE 511 m RnKW JH v H AirtMh V CynCp 24 15-16 H Lotus 63 H RowlSv 1.40 46 1 A S(9-16 Cyt 6H 11-16 MCI 05 19 RbtPtv 20 H AwR 361-1613-18 Cyioon 4V, Vt MFSCm 32 S3lnc 33v 2 Aihrm 3 V OMX (nc 21! V MSCrr 17 SCISy 24V AtwgPtty 17-32 3-16 OnAPI 113-16 MOo 271 1H SUuO 46 V AnPn 6 7-1613-16 OSC 3915-1619-16 MiiiBi 18 V SnKi 7 H AtnSTi 46 -2 Df Boost 6 tZVy Matiand .20 14H H Sapwnt 3 7-32 AlMOtd 1 3-32 1-32 DaiaSyit S Mathsfl 4 SoCton 719-32 7-32 Awt 4m 1-1 vi DtwTcn 7 Mami 1 SaosNov 4 v AnwOoi 38 V DchOut 10H Mlor 6 V Scortj 2? AmBtdo 18H - Ow.' 1 Maapn 32 1 Sount 16 H AGtMl 56 29 DgflU 25H H M)Cmp 41 k ShrMd 64 38H 2 MS 2 1H OgtSd 2 15-16 Medeus 09 1 10 11-16 5-16 Shiva 41 1 AOncoln 27- H Dutre 21 2 Mogatttt 13 13-16 t t-16 ShuMtt 22 H APwrCnv W OuJStn 5 MwirGr 20 17 SionUU .36 46 V AHadion 221 1 DuwStrwrt 1 1-32 Uwcr 19 - S'icnvl 33 Amow 73 EClTsl 21 a 15 7-16 MwxiDw 6 1 Sindtwn 24V 1 A"iTm 7 RDWn 61 V MflMd 81-1631-32 StMn 15 W Artec 5 7-16 ta'Hrrl 7 V MesiAr 93-16 1-16 SyWt Ofit 20 Apdua 9 atnVtn .64 33 MrxxrC 5 Sodah IS'l 4 AppwC 48 43 EfcArl 27 1 McroWr 43 3 SofTKoy 29 3 ApkJMtf 6) 3 Ertcort 1 5-32 1-32 Miochp 34 14 SftwPb 4 - '" 17 17-16 Envrgwt 1-32 Mtcrosofl 8313-16 1-16 Somlix 4 Arctcoa 74 13 EncT 75 74 3-16 1 7-18 McrtcR 6 -.3-16 Sonwlon 14V 1 Amw 64 17 7-16 EmsrHm 7 MctchSt 20 1 SoOEcjp 11h AWwrth 9 EvorMw) 23 7-16 5-16 M-ssChm 16 16H SoecHol 15 15-16 AtiCstAtr 713-1615-16 le 16 Mok 04 37 4 SfMCKMl .20 11V AflSeA 34 28 5-16 EnciTcft 4 Myftmdh 41 S1GM.C 14 Arm 51 2 FTPSK 25 1 My. 1?vt Suohni 29 H AutsSy 4H FamGoH 8 hfcrtcor 44 SUrtxAs 34 Auw ' H FttlhT 10 54 MG 23 3-16 5-16 SlainCM 13 V Amo 24 41 F,Nt 37 1 WwhS 9 StwStv 32 1 34 Atmu 11 FuBsmt 3 NF.rtvoyn 7 Stratcmt 47H 1 Atjtofot 2 rtMtchB .76b 24 twwWrto 21 StnxD 13 - 3-16 AdTcfi 36 l5-t6 Ftlwfrj 219-1615-16 Ne.ieCm 14 Strvhar 08a 36 1 BMC SI 77 1 FdLtoe .06 6 1-16 NbwO 7 SuttDrrt 8 BMCWrt 15 - FdUoA .10 8 3 16 1-16 NottaCT H -3-64 SumiTc 34V -r 1 Boon 29 H F'i 53 2 Noa0 37 5M: 49 Bac8ay 4 Gndq 7 3-16 NordU SO 42 1 Suparcut 7 v BocOanc 32r 15 Ga?000 19 NwttArl 34 SyOstTc 13 ByfSy 131-163-16 GMagtn 14 1 Sov 19 Syoase 28 -3 Bdtelt 16 1? GeNuP 35 H Novkn 67 1 Symmc 26 BTr 9 1 5-16 Oanwa 4 1-163-16 UuHoni 9 -r Symatnc 18 BayNt- 39 1 OanU 2 OPTl 23 SysrSftw 12 23 BoBm 225-16 5-16 Onym 611 40 Octal 27 - 7(ikv3s 71-165-16 BsiPd 6 13-16 - 3-16 Gaol 7 7-161-16 Ownant 124 3313 16 11 16 TacfOat 10 &ofm 20 Govwag 15 1 OyrnFn 16 TacnoiM 20 Booan 44 QoodOy 11 0cp 1 12 28 1 TeCmA 21 Bomat 15 GfQH'K) 49-16-1M6 Oactas 37 Taftabss 35 1 BociR 18 Gymbat 27 1 OaVjin 8 Tanmdn l& Bortnd 12 HftO 16 52 1 OonP 7 3-16 3Coms 62 BostChf 23 HrdgAi 5 V Chti n 19 H TnaMc 17 - BolTc 17 Kavtfty 30 9 OwTP 1.76 33 TrnnWa 29 -3 Bocstm 6 2 HttMatr 3 0WHttt 56 1 True Cm 1511-32319-32 BfOCS'l 55 2 MnCmp 32 PacPfiy 14 1 UiwoyCn 11 BuMeft 13 1-16 McftgA 16 7 M PacSun 5 USHimC 100 32 1 Surra's 26 HaiTc 44 44 PaofCB 68 IV US long 17 - CMGirrf 15 1 Mooan 10 PagtngN 29 USRotK 105 2 CNS 36 Howigar 60 8 Pay Ten 20 1 Uunetn 23 CTEC 24 1 HtywdCa 9 3-16 PurmTch 47 - ValTech 4 9-16 Cwt 6 COS 63-163-16 Parcptca 13 3-16 VMuJata 34 - 2 CQn 7 IDEC 51-16 Panrwfl 40 24' VgrdCls ?3 CAmp 10 - IMP 2 5-16 PautSon 7 Ventribi 17 CascOnt 39 imatm 11-16 Paycfixt 24 33 Vantrta 22 1 CasoJaa 36 17 miunflsp 57-16 H Paatr 16 VtdSarvn 39 1 CaaMagtc 6 15-16) 1-16 Imonmd 3 Paopstlt 54 VingOP 31 1 CaanRac 4 inFocu 24 v PatsMni 28 Vrvus 13 H Cantooof 15 -1 lntBf8 34 1 PhyCor 32 Vtal 10 Caphtn 16 25-321 3-32 WtoRas 13 1 PttysCpA 20 WRTEn 5 CnrmSn 09 5 Worn 46 1 PcTal 47 1 WausauP 25b 23 Cnackart 2 7-64-3-64 Innovaxa 16 18 Platntrgn 12 WestOoa 86 34 Cntpont 22 kiluDv 45 W PiaiTc 19 1 WiHamt 1 08 51 CrwpsTc 10 3-16 ISSI rt 48 Ptayar&a 20 Winstar 65-16 9-16 Owon 60 inw 24 112 1 PaCasn 53-i6'15-16 Wortngtn 44 ( 23 1 Ck)co 31 Intatwt 47 11-169-16 PraMaka 49 3 XOMA 2H CmnFm 1366 56 Intgpn 12 PncaCsi 15 Xitmi 90 -2 C"us 59 kiWsiv 21 7-16 Pfoima 20 1 7-16 Xytogica 25 Cco 4715-163-16 mtvoca 15 PunlBan 12 37 15-16 3-16 rwowCp 94 17 CratBfcg .93 27 mturt 70 2 Pyxis - 25 2xa 50 -1 CCdg 23-16 1-16 lomegas 20 1 OuadLg 5 Zycad 3 1-16 Condom 17 5-16 1 1-16 KLA 72 -1 Quaicom 32 Cotxat 29 KndrLr 14 QutiSem 12 Nevada From page 1C steadily the percentage of such expenses that businesses can deduct. Increase the availability of capital for small business by expanding and strengthening Small Business Administration programs and Small Business Development Centers to help small businesses gain knowledge. Regulatory reform to reduce paper work. If Congress proposes legislation, it should look at the impact of the legislation on small businesses. Environmental issues. Delegates looked at a number of issues involving such things as the costs ol environmental cleanups. "After about the first day when you stand up for what you and your state want, you realize you have to compromise," Larsen said. "But you want to maintain the integrity of the issue. So you stay up all night and rewrite and Conference From page 1 C dition of the economy. Business is "good" for 51 percent of the companies and excellent for 1 8 percent. Only 4 percent say business is poor. The past year, 49 percent added jobs and 38 percent held employment steady. Also, 80 percent say the odds of a recession the next 12 months are no greater than 50-50. Why do small business owners get agitated about the government? "What happens is it's so complicated, nobody's going to want to run a business," says Guerra, president of Jubilee Restaurant and Entertainment Complex, Pensaco-la Beach, Fla. negotiate. In the months before the Washington conference, state delegations were chosen by participants in state meetings and by elected officials. The delegates then created a slate of issues and met regionally to further define their goals. At the national meeting, all delegations presented the issues that were most important to them and the entire group set about narrowing the field. "I think what we found is that there are 20 to 30 to 40 issues that were real common to all small businesses across the country," Larsen said. Today, the participants will spend time setting up a group to work on how to draft the issues into bill forms, submit them to Congress and make sure the issues go beyond rhetoric, Larsen said. "In the prior two conventions, there was never a system set up to push these things through and monitor them," Larsen said. Mi Pencood Sovkct, will nictate its lecood lutioml Dtventty Day oa Friday, June 16. Dfvenitj Day will be obtcrved in more thin 200 of comptrty'i offices throughout the U.S.. Stiff, employee!, temporanei and cUenti will participate in activitiei focusing on divenhy iatuea. The Reno ofllce will be boftjn aa Open Home. Adii invites anyone with ideas & suggestions about how it can better save the community. 294LMoana6 ADIA Reno, 828-5300 THtEMPtOVWNIKOM IBS n! J06E f -r f"fir 47 fn"! 0 ttfcasf - SILVER DOLLARS DIAMONDS - GOLD & SILVER BOUILLON SCRAP GOLD - CARSON CITY DOLLARS SILVER BARS - BAGS OF SILVER COINS GOLD COINS PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE liick In Offict, ChW. AMENDED NOTICE OF HEARING Cau No. 107 If IN THE DISTRICT COURT Of THE THIRO JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF I0AHO. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PAYETTE JAMES WADE HARLAN. Plaintiff. vs PAULA A. HARLAN, Defendant. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Defendant herein, will call hef Motion lo Modify. Motion To Find Plaintiff In Contempt And Motion For Award of Fees And Costs for hearini on the 18th day of July, 1995, at the hour ol 9 30 o'clock a.m., or as soon thereafter as counsel may be heard, at the Courtroom of the above-entitled Court it 1130 3rd Ave. North, Payette, Idaho. Dated this 7th day of June, 1995. sBruce H. Birch Attorney for Defendant BIRCH LAW OFFICE, CHID. 39 South Main St. P.O. Bo 157 Payette, Idaho telephone: (208) 642-9071 No 2543 June 15,22, 1995 Patrkt 0. Delia, In,. D. t. MendMtli, Ally. NOTICE OF HEARING No. CY95-0365 Oopt No. 10 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE In the Mattel of the Estite of DIANA JOAN VINCENT, Deceased. NOTICE IS HFRFBY GIVEN that, ALBERT A. VINCENT, hiving tiled in the ibove-releienced Court I Petition lor Issuance ol letters Testamentary, a hearing has been set for Tuesday, the 18th day of luly, 1995, at 9:00 o'clock a.m., it the Courthouse in Reno, Nevada. All persons interested in said Estate are notified to appear and show cause why said Petition should not be (ranted. DATED: This 7th day of lune, 1995 CLERK OF THE COURT By: B Stewart Deputy Clerk iu. ' 0. G. MENCHETTI, LI PO Bon 7100 Incline Village, NV 89452 (702) 8310326 No 2545 June 15,21,26. 1995 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. CV95 03305 Dept. Ne. IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MARY MARLETA COURVILLE, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified by the above entitled Court on the 7th day ol lune, 1995, as Executor of the Estate of MARY MARLETA COURVILLE, Deceased. All creditors having claims against said Estate are required to file the same, with the proper vouchers attached, with the Clerk of the Court within siity (60) days after the first publication ol this notice. Dated: June 8, 1995. sIAMES RANDALL COURVILLE PATRICK 0. DOLAN, ESQ. 4600 Kietike Lane, Bldg. 0 Reno, Nevada 89502 (702) 826-3656 No. 2544 June 15,21,26, 195 NOTICE OF SALE OF MOTOR VEHICLES Notice is hereby given to the last Registered and legal owner ol: I 1979 HONDA, Serial SBC7005394, License wNONE, Reg. Owner: Joe Hardmlohn Jones, Legal Owner: Carlson Carnage Co. I 1978 BMW, 3201, Seriil 5479346, license N0NE, Reg. Owner: Tracy Michelle Rhamy and Danny Stewart, Legal 0wn: Great Western Motors, Inc. I 1979 CHEVROLET PICKUP, Semi CKL1492157802, License N0NE, Reg. Owner: Robert H. Peterson, Legal Owner: Robert H. Peterson I 1987 SHL BOAT TRAILER, Seriil IYR00I082JG000305, License N0NE, Reg. Owner: James W. or Beverly Powell, Legal Owner: Loren and Sally Streeter I 1987 STARCRAFT 14' Boat, Serial STRU0345K687, License NV3252KG, Reg. Ownei: Loren Streeter, Legal Owner: Loren Streeter now in storage at SUN VALLEY STOR IT, that the same will be sold to the highest bidder at 10:00 A.M. o'clock on JULY 8, 1995, to satisfy a towing, repair, or storage charge as provided in the Nevada Revised Statutes Article Nos. 108.270 -106 300 Location of sill is 5225 Sun Valley Boulevard, Sun Valley, Nevada 89433 No 2551 June 15,22,29, 1995 PUBLIC NOTICE Guild, Russell, Gallagher i feller, Attys. SUMMONS No. IC73.3254 Dept. No. 3 IN THE JUSTICE COURT OF RENO TOWNSHIP. COUNTY OF WASHOE, STATE OF NEVADA 201 South Virginia Street Reno. NV 89502 702 785-4232 BILL PEARCE MOTORS, INC., a Nevada corporation, dba BILL PEARCE OLDS-BMW-VOLVO, Plaintiff vs. SANDRA L DURR, and DOES 1 thro 10, inclusive. Defendant You are summoned to appear in this use by filing in inswer or other pleading within 20 days after service of this summons. Do not count the day of service. There is an $1800 filing fee. If you don't, default may be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. This summons does not set a court date. For Ihe first court date you will receive a separate notice. File your answer with the Court and serve it on the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney, if there is one. Monies Owed GARY M. FULLER, ESQ. Guild, Russell, Gallagher I Fuller, Ltd. Attorney for Plaintiff 100 W liberty St. 800 P0 Boi 2838, Reno, NV 89505 702-786-2366 DATED March 9, 1995 JOHN J. KADLIC JUSTICE OF THE PEACE RENO TOWNSHIP By: sDona Jeppson Clerk No 2170 May 26: June 1,8,15, 1995 ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE AAR0AN RENTS, INC. For trie Year Ending 033195 Location of Principal otttce: 309 L Pices Ferry Rd., NE Atlanta, GA 30305-2377 Location or locatHMS of business in Nevidi: 4345 S. Industrial Road 1 Las Vegas, NV 89103-4122 Cash on hand $2,944,000 Oite 033194 Assets $160,902,000 Liabilities $75,951,000 Income $228,892,221 Eipenditures $217,567,304 Profit or Loss $11,324,917 I, Keith C. Groen, Secretary (Name) Official Position do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accuriti statement of the business transacted by said corporition during FYE 033195 ! Keith C. Groen Signature No 2 June 13. 15, 1995 PUBLIC NOTICE Stephens, Knight ft Edwiida, Attys. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION TO REOPEN ESTATE No. 262051 Dipt No. 4 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL 0ISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LUELLA A. R0SENKRANT2, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that TERRY OLIVIA (OLD) CROSBY and MICHAEL MONTROSE OLD, the Petitioners and proposed Co-Administrators herein, having tiled their Petition to Reopen Estate of the ESTATE of LUELLA A ROSEN KRANT2, deceased, and the hearing of the same has been fixed by the said Court for Thursday, the 15th day of lune, 1995, it 9:00 o'clock a.m. of said day at the Washoe County Courthouse in the City of Reno, County of Washoe, State of Nevada, and ill persons interested in said Estate are hereby notified then and there to appear and show cause why, if my they may have, said Petition should not be ratified, approved and allowed by this Court. For further particulars, reference is hereby made to said Petition to Reopen Estate, which is on file herein. DATED: This 2nd day of May, 1995. JUDI BAILEY CLERK OF THE COURT BY: V. Stewart Deputy Clerk STEPHENS. KNIGHT ft EDWARDS 401 Ryland St , Ste. 330 Reno. NV 89502 (702) 786-5776 No. 2172 May 25: June 1.8,15, 1995 ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE FIND THE CHILDREN For the Year Ending 083194 Location ol Principal office: 11811 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 Location or locations of business in Nevada: Cash on hand $74,202 Date..., - 083194 Assets $74,779 Liabilities $4,512 Income $725,062 Eipendilures - $744,391 Profit or Loss $(19,329) I, Linda Olto, President (Name) Official Position do hereby certify that the foregoing is i true and accurate statement of the business tiansacied by said corporation dunng FYE 083194 HI Linda Otto Signature No 23 lune 13, 15, 1995 V GAMING & TOURISM liGHvlllflCK "1 B Brew pub proposal coming to a head. D Assembly fails to override governor's regulations veto. B Bill introductions available after 2 p.m. daily. Your business connection to the Legislature. Subscribe to LeglTrack by calling (702) 788-6206 Gaughan planning 2 new L.V. projects Saying"now is the time," gaming veteran Michael Gaughan plans to spend $250 million to build two new resorts and double the size of his Barbary Coast Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Gaughan joins a growing list of gamers who plan to spend more than $2 billion on new properties that will include more than 1 4,000 new rooms. Gaughan said he hoped to break ground this month on The Orleans, a 22-story, 81 0-room hotel on the city's southwest side. The hotel-casino will have "the flairand flavor of the French Quarter." He projected the cost at Si 25 million. He said he plans to break ground about six months from now on The Chateau, a Mcditcrrancan-themcd 400-room hotel in the rapidly-growing Summerlin area of northwest Las Vegas. The cost is expected to run about $ 1 00 million. Gaughan said he plans to add four stories to the Barbary Coast "and freshen the place up a little." The expansion would double the number of rooms to 400, increase the height to 1 2 stories, and cost about S25 million. Some high-roller suites would be added at the Strip property. La. governor to veto contribution bill Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards said Thursday that he will veto a bill that bars the gambling industry from contributing to political campaigns because the ban extends to lawyers and judicial races. "I will not sign the bill because it prohibits lawyers in Louisiana from contributing to judicial candidates while the chemical industry, PACs, big business and out-of-state lawyers can make such contributions," Edwards said. "I think that it's patently unfair." The governor said he would "gladly" sign a bill that would solely ban the gambling industry from contributing to political campaigns although he didn't understand why that's necessary. Lundgren: Casinos turning violent California Attorney General Dan Lungren's office says gambling at North Coast Indian casinos is turning violent, and wants the state to step into the industry. Two confrontations were S reported since the weekend on Lake and Mendocino County reservations, and money was the central issue. Since March, violent disputes have flared at three of five Indian casinos. Promustospinoff gaming side June 30 The Promus Companies Inc. has met the final conditions to spin-off its gaming and hotel operations into two new companies on June 30, officials announced Wednesday. The gaming company, Harrah's Entertainment, will own and operate all of the company's casino properties, including all of its Nevada operations. The hotel company, Promus Hotels, will own and operate the company's non-gaming holdings, including Embassy Suites and Hampton Inn. However, Harrah's Reno will ; own and operate the new Hampton Inn being constructed next door and simply pay " Promus to use the Hampton name. Stockholders will receive one share of the Promus Hotels company for each two shares of The Promus Companies owned on June 2 1 , the record date for the dividend. They will also receive one share of Harrah's ; Entertainment stock for each share of Promus. Company officials anticipate ; that Promus Hotel stock and Harrah's Entertainment stock ; will each begin trading on a "when-issued" basis on the New York Stock Exchange on or before June 19, 1995. ;: Alliance Ameristar Aztar Bally Gaming Bally Enter. Boomtown Boyd Gaming Casino Data Sys. Circus Circus Grand Casinos Harveys Hilton Hotels IGT ITT Jackpot Ent. MGM Grand Mikohn Gaming Mirage Monarch Primadonna Promus Cos. Rio Hotel Sahara Gaming Sands Regent Showboat Sodak Gaming Index 5 8Va 9Va 8V2 -Vs 10 -v 13 14 -V 14 33 33Vj 2V 21 -m 66Vi 16 Vj 117 2V 9 27 6 -Vs 30V 5 24Vi -Vi 42 14 -Vi 5 -Vs 5 - 17Vi 15V2 -y4 te 166.42 2.22 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PrUCATION F0I PERMISSION TO APPROPRIATE THE PUBLIC WATERS OF THE STATE OF NEVADA ApaliutHM Ne. EU05 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on the 7th day of April, 1995, David M. Rumsey, Jennifer S. Culp and Michael S. Moore of GerlKh, State of Nevada, made application to tfw State Engineer of Nevada for permission to appropriate 0 04456 c.f s. of the public maters of the State of Nevada. Diversion is to be made from an underground source at a point located within the SW14 NE14 Section 34. T.33N., R.21E., MDM, or at a point from which the SE cornel of said Section 34, bears S. 19 13' 59" E., a distance of 4324.27 feet (12 miles WNW ol Gerlach). Water will be used for domestic purposes from January 1st to December 31st of each year Signed R. Michael Twnipseed P.E State Engineei No. 2361 lune 1,8,15,22,29, 1995 ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE PAINTING CONTRACTORS, INC. For the Year Ending 033195 Location of Principal office: 903 Eloise Ave. So. Lake Tata, CA 96150 Location or locations of business in Nevada: 2208 Glenn Dr Carson City. NV Cask on hand -. (11,482.00 Date 033195 Assets .. tt.558 00 Liabilities $9,074.00 Income 1147.25600 Eipenditures $137,181.00 Profit or loss $10,075.00 I, Michael J. Schneeweis. President (Name) Official Position do hereby certify that the lwefwn is a true and accurate) statement of the business transacted by said corporatKM during 040195 033195 HI Michael J. Schneewers Signature No. 22 June 13, 15, 1995 ANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE FIRE ENGINEERING CO. INC. For the tear Ending 123194 Location ol Principal office: 4717 S. 500 West Salt Lake City. UT 84123 location locations of business in Nevada Venous construction sites Cash on hand 1102 140 Dete.. Assets... $2,422,987 liabilities $816,737 Income $5,606,348 Eipendilures $5,553,791 Profit or loss $52,557 I, Bart Leeilang, SecTreasuiei (Nam) Official Position do hereby certify thai tlx foregoing is a true and accurate statement of the business tiansacied by laid corporation during 1994 M Bart leeflani Signature No 5 June 13, 15. 1995 B fi ? CD- GO Father's Day : Nl Mix i-riii - .r , !Ti( i f -v f if ' IT A'f ,Mf ' ""I ."r- 1 : ' if. vv ir fZf ' . m jNft, , " "-aa -pj' .fmm ' ii,ii : n ny ""T.",J3 'Vvv""' i r", M - 'muMm3uummiime .' 1 f aT fik. , - . Tail 'i ttulT r-'M-iiiiiiiiiiieim i Because Dad cant always be reached at the office. Dad's a busy guy. But that's not to say he's always at work. There's racquetball, his buddy's new boat and those long "lunches" with Mom. But with AirTouch Cellular, no matter where Dad is, he's right at your fingertips. AirTouch will bring you and Dad closer together this Father's Day for just $59.99. 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