The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1949
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1049 ' tHE NATION TODAY Senator Taft Offers a Simple Reason for Housing Problem: Cost of New Home Is Too High By James Marlow \VASHINOTON, April 23. </!';—A simple explanation of Amciicu's housing problem and why there are shims nud how llicy eol that way has been given by Senator Taft, Oliio Republican. In Senate debate'on the public* housing bill, Tafl. who supports the bill which would supply government money to help bullci homes and wipe out slums, said what follows: In this country there arc flbout 35.000.000. married couples, some with families. Ixut 3.000.000 of them live doubled up with other families. And of (hat 3.000.000, about one and a half million want homes ol | their own. But— i Between five and six million present housing nulls are sub-standard and about half of them—possibly as many as 4.000,000—are in slums. But why haven't we provided enough decent homes for people? The cost of housing is too hlnh. Taft said. He added: "If homes could be inn-chased foi half of what they aie now brliiR purchased for. 1 do not believe we would have any slum problem or any other serious problem of housing. Xeftl ST.OOO f° r Home "Today it is very difficult to build a four-room house for less than $7,000. A family would have to have an income of approximate- Wins Book Award ly $3,000 a year In order to live in a $7.000 house." Fftrty-fivc per cent of all fnml- I lies in Hie United States—or 15.000.000 families— rmvc an Income o( less than $3.000. with some exceptions, these families arc unable to buy new homes. That makes 15.000,000 families unable to buy new homes. And— 22 per cent of all the 35.000.000 families in the nation—or more limn Baptists Plan Victory Drive Blyrhevillc Church Seeks Funds for Building Program Tomorrow will l)e observrd as nuilcilng Vktory Suiidny by members of Ihe First Baptist Cluircli which plans soon lo nwnrtl a contract for a snnelimry. which when lurnishocl will cost nn cist hunted $3Q9,f>50. H was ciisctoscil toddy. A toUil ol 5121,874 is available lo .start const rue lion uml us a result of a camtmign IrumchPd in 1944 lo provide construction funds. II WHS announced today bv church officials. Bids lor the construction of I he sanctuary were opmed April H and Ben White imri Sons, niythcvillc contractors, were low with a I>1<! of $273,550.28. With cost of equipping the siinL'tunry nddcd. it is estimated bat 5309,550 will be needed. Plans call for completion of the sanctuary by the end of 1950, On April 13. the church adopted financial plan known as (he .Special Gifts Plan which has as Its pur- josc the securing of 500 subscriptions of SI per week, or Iho equivalent thereof, over umt above ihe regular church budget conlributicms. To Export Liquor Three from Osceola Are Incorporators of Lake Village Company Jlobert E. Sherwood received the $1000 Gutcnbcrti Award for his book, "Roosevelt and Hopkins," judged the book which "most progressively influenced American thought in ID-IB." Tjie JIW.TC! was jnjuijiuraled thi? ye;u by Die Hook Ma mi foe liners' liiblitule in Ncv; Yuik. Pemiscot County To Hold Election On Health Levy Voters In pemlscot County have petitioned for a special election to vote on the establishment of a ' "Joinity Ilc.ilth Unit, and the levy- 118 or a one-mill tax on Hit 1 dollar '.or expansion of health services The petition stemmed from the urn.!-: rtOCK, A|>ril ->a. ifl'j—The organl/atlon of iliilc of ArkmiMis yesterday licensed hrcc nrms ID export liquor. Two ul Ihc penults were issued to companies at Korl Smith, on the Oklahomii border, and one \vas l.s- sni'd to u Luke Vlllnsc firm, across Mississippi Rover from (lie State ol Mississippi. Oklahoma and Mississippi are dry states. Slate lieveiiuc Commissioner Dean n. Moiley announced that wholesale export liquor permits had been runted under authority ol nn act of the 1919 Arkansas legislature, permitting Issuance of licenses (o wholesale liquor linns dealing exclusively in out-of-stalc business. A lax 01 35 cents per case is levied on exports. Licenses granted today went lo: Harris Kxporl Co.. Foil Smith, incorpmulnrs II. Dane Harris and Marcellit Harris of Hot Springs and Taft Moody, l.iltle Rack. WesUirk Li'iuors, Inc., l-'ort Smith. iiK'uYptn'Mlm's f'\ A. Kaleun- 01. BLuncho W. falconer and W. H. Bruce, all of Kurt Smith. Sun Kxporl Co., Luke Village, in- county health council n few weeks ago, atid an election hus been called (or July 26. In the past the county has sup ported a health unit, but a general fund from which the finances were taken Is :ieur depletion, and oilier provisions for health services were necessary. The past year's budgel was $9.000. wilh an equal amount In state grants, and the new tax would hike the budget to $11,000 with an Sll.OOO from the slate. Members arc still being enlistee in the health council, and Dr. S. 13 Bencher, head of Hie I'ctnisco County Health Department, stfttei thai a minimum of 250 member were needed to qualify the grouj lor operation of a County Healt" Unit. A total of 3.-I55 sinned the pcli lion seeking the special election. Sudbury's Third Grade Pupils Show Interest In War Memorial Project Mrs. Poy Leo KirXfcy's third lade students at Swlbury School 7,000,000—have Incomes of no more than S2,000. The amount of rent they can pay Is so low that by the time they get apartments, their rent Is hnrdly sufficient to keep up the houses. So those houses deteriorate. The slums are occupied by people who can't afford to pay even a "reasonable" rent nnd. said Tuft. "Ihe rent which Is paid is so low that no landlord, even 11 using all the rent. Is nblc to pay the taxes and keep the buildings In reasonably good condition. So they deteriorate Into slums. 4 Million Fay low Rent There you have the picture. The low income families live in houses that deteriorate. And the lowest income families live In the houses that have deteriorated most. More than 4.000.000 families pay less than S20 a month rent. And, Taft explained, "the 4,000.000 lowest Income families have gradually gravitated lo (he 4.000.000 least desirable; sub-standard dwellings." If there were 4.000,000 houses watting for them to move into and they continued paying $20 a month rent for them for any length of time, those house also would deteriorate Into slums. In short, the history of American housing shows that over a period of time on shim has been replaced This plan Iwcame effective last Sunday and will continue through December 31. 1D50. Although the promotion of the plan Is si ill In Its initial stapes. 232 subscriptions have been secured on the goal of 500. \va.~ncd windows, swept side walks and even sold old comic book.s to earn $3 85. The $3.BS wns inKcn lo the Chamber of Commerce office yesterday as thr class' contribution to tlv; MU-si.v.sipi) 1 County Memorial Find M-u-vin Zellner and Purnoll li>'- ncs delivered Ihe zipper-purse full of coins [or Ihe class, and with Just, u hill" lie.sitaiicy Marvin tnld. 111 a brief piepaied oration, how It was v.-ilh croat pride tlutt they add| ed tlinii bit to Ihe iiind lo honor tho.-c- who died in Woiid Wars I corjxn'iitors Hale Jackson, former Mississippi County sheriff, Helen Jiickson and ICdjiiir You tig, all ol Osceola. Representative 1 .* of the three cum- panics told M or ley they expected Lo begin operations within a. few: days. Falconer nnd Hrucc. now engaged in retail liquor business in Fort Smith, were given 30 days to misc retail operaiions. They already have a warehouse. We stark representatives said they may build a warehouse Inter SIute regulations governing export dealers require them to operate between the hours of ft a.m. and 5 pm on weekdays and 8 a.m. and noon on Saturdays. Other regulations now are )n the process ol be- j i ing prepared by the revenue oil ice. I first Negro to Attend U. of A. School Dies SPRfNGFIUI.D. Mo.. April 23. (I —The first Negro to attend the Un vcrsity of Arkansas died at a Vc emus hospital here yesterday. Silas Tl. Hunt of Tcxarkana bf came ill while a student at the un versily's law school at Fayettcvil He entered the school in mid-tcr l!34!i after university trustees rul that qualified Negroes could be uc niiltctl for graduate instruction if they could not receive it elsewhere in the stale. Closing the Gate With Israel's gales open to tH Homeless and displaced persons, til ;ates lo DP *:amps arc being close in parts of trie world (nbovel. Th gates of Xylotomnu camp on Gyp us are closed lollowinn evacunlio of 11.000 Jews to Israel. It is UirouRh Ihe Unilod Jewish Appeal for $250.000.000 tlml this homecoming Is being made possible. The drive is now in progress in Blylhe- ville. Walter rtoscntlml is solicilii- tions chairman. The wood of the willow tree Is more durable in water lhan any other common timber. l-'ur K I'UKSCRll'TlON • SMUViCIC SHEET METAL WORK Dud M'ork, blowpipes, gutter , . . all types. For expert work call Taylor Layton, 828. 112 Norlh First. -even lean MOW tie LAM by another. pm-tuntty of subscribing to the Special Gifls Plan. The Sunday School organization has adopted a Roal of j 100 in attendance, and building fund 1 pledge cards will be iniulc available to all the Sunday School classes and again to the people attending the morning worship service. Special workers will be served lunch in the church dining reran immediately following the morning worship service and then will go out to enlist church members who have not already signed one of the Special Gifts Pledge Cards. 'Hie church will continue to receive substantial amounts from the budget for the building fund. Tills, together with the Sp.'Ciill Gifts Plan, will enable the church to proceed with the letting of a contract in the very near future. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has .ilcd with Ihe Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas -for perml* to sell and dispense beer nt retail on Ihe prc- The collection of the funds from the students was volunteered. Farmer Found Dead JONKSHOUO. Ark.. April 'I'l. liVi —The body uf 63-ycar-okl Bill Cow- j man. u faviner of the nearby How- nuin community, was found iu his home yesterday. Coroner W. C. Crais said Jiowman Services for Umnie Klrkwood. 04, \ d'"' «'o»e al liume of natural causes will be conducted at 2 |>. in. tomor- while his wife wns hospitahwd in Neqro Deaths CAMERAS FOR RENT I'liisli or H(>.\ Type Ciiintras. Also ;i cumplctc shirk cit Hash Inilhs in all sixes. Barney's Drug Store 2()()(i West Main 1'liime 3(M7 See the MASTER MOWER today at BSytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor row at the Caston Funeral Chapel Rock with broken hip. In Blytheville. by Rev. W. J. Cnruth- j Neighbors discovered the body. He ers. He died at his home nn South had been dcnri several days. Scout Board of Review To Meet Monday Night Lake, Street, Thursday. His wife, Ida j Kirkwood, lour sons and daughters, survive him. Burial will be in the Ml. Zion Cemetery. [ sentries civil through the ; "All's well. Remember Am- ] old Wiiikrlrird." Winkrlried i* a | lEgendury Swiss hero who went to j his death to breach the Austria!* lines in Ihe Battle of Scmpach. miscs described as 512 Locusl St..! Blylhevllle. Mississippi Comity. The undersigned states that lie Is a citizen o- Arkansas, of good moral character, that he i.ns ncvei been convicted of a felony or other crime .The board of review !or tin | Involving moral turpitude: thn' nn North Mississippi District of Boy license to sell beer by the under- Scouts will meet with all scouts . signed has been revoked within five to be ».nv?nccd at the Firs! Christ- [years last past; and that Ihe un- ian Church at 7:30 p.m. Monday. Cecil Lowe, district advancement chairman, announced today. Mr". Lowe explained that all scout.s to be awarded merit, badges, and advancements of any rank not covered in the troop board of review would be reviewed at Ihe Monday meeting, and the actual advancements made at the court of honor. May 6. Mr. Lowe pointed out that all scouts have passed their tests for Worth D. Holder. J. M. Cleveland. R. A. Porter. Ross Stevens and Percy Wright, comprise the board of review. dersigneci hits never been convicteo of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is tor permit lo be issued for operation beg'nning on 1 Ihe 1st day of July. 1949, and to ex- | pire on the 30 day of June. 1950. C. A. Bakes, Applicant. I Subscribed and swor •> to bclorc | me this 22 day of April. 19-19. (SEAL) Notary; Put FARMERS LOANS K ;i lYuc'rirs 1 riiclis & Cars and Farm lM|iii]>nient ID responsible pi'nplc. Also Itniil H.sliuc Loans :uul on Farm Lands UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Kirsl A Main—litiiriiin llldB "Friendly Service" ^ Oui Insurance UaLes Are Low BABY CHICKS 4A Quality • Order \ ours Now • L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Ctierr> <V llailruad 1'lione 44 ( J3 How About Your Brakes? S3.SOO Killed— VlSO.OOO Inju,t<! iil Teat by Aulo Accidents. Dtf«ctiv« b'iVt* i>t the ch tf caui« of highway *t.cid*nti ^.nrf, br^V.« trouble comei on »Lthoul ujroing. Kydtaulic b'aVeicannol fufKtion vtilhoul good b'i^C ITV- «r%g or vvilhoiit fluid in iht Unet A STiiH l«iV v.,11 cau^e sudden lt><.t o( braVe poue». \Ve arc equipped 10 do brake Jd^UlTing jrxl leaning *T Iov« COiT. LtAVE YOUR BRAKE \VORRIESTO us FREE: BRAKS INSPECTION ANY TIWE Phone 578 Sullivan- Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 30 } West Walnut RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'OUTLAW COUNTRY" with L.ish I/.illuc niu^ Fn/7.y SI. John C'artorm * Hh ClKiptcr of "Lost JnnRlc" Saliirday Nile Owl Show "NEWS HOUNDS" SAT. MTK OWI« SHOW with (iorcr.v ami U^c Wowcr.v IU»ys Also C:irloon ULYTMEVILLES ONLV ALL Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Siilurday and Sunday: Cuiitinunus j showing from 1:00 p.m. RADIO REPAIR 1 and !-l>:i.v Service nn Any Make.' ur MniicI j Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 \Vc ('illI For and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. 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