The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 6
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too <:HA('TI-:i< 1 lf: iroulilp n-lili MS." ikUan-d Cinder fiercely, "k (lint ivc'io od. "1 nifslil even RO so lar an (0 Fay." slic- nrldcHl. j;iacln^ u'Uli scmic aiiiirelienslnii at ttic raisinuigfi windows where ems uiinlii ou'rlirnr, "I might CYCMI so so fur as lo : Eay." she rcpcatcii sr.flly Inii nllli . Inert-rising (IrnmcfS, "lint f we're, loo— damn— EOCK!." j "Ssnp anil valor for Gliisc-r EIW called Eddy Jiickr-pji. j 'Too." she swallowed dcciily, "too j — 'tl;imn— gond." I "Yell?" ftiMy Jnrkscm grinned "I i drmM II you coniil r,et many sul»- j st-rHiers to lliat Iheoiy aiouud Kril Thrush." "I know svliat you infuri. Gln^rr," snld Wesley Meeker sympatliL'lical- ly. "And you're darn well tootiu' — *ve aie too Rood," \Ycslcy Meeker always showed a fUiuerinK deference lo (Hirer's opinions. he betns — alln.°it a junior lu colics*. — a :neio . minister's son. while site was ilauyli- tor of ihc Dlslrlct Supcrlntoiidenl. "Bin Cilnscr." iitotesud I'aity Sears niixlously. "it doesn't do us any liurrii lo be ;;ood. does It?" "Well, it jolly well doesn't do us any good eillier!" declared (Jinijcr. "For my. part, I'm proliy well fed up with It. Why. n-e're so good vc don't even gel Into atir inlcreslliip scrauCH lo tell our children about." "Wlmt children?" inquired Eilily Jnck?on, with Interest. "\Vhon wo get tliem," she adt'/jcl - haslily. "You mliiht tell them iilimit ;ii<-' time you lockcil your sister Helen In tlip attic on her wedding d:iy." silggcslcd Eddy Jnckfon. "And - about your beliiR arrested tor uhlny the malls to dcTrainl. And illicit your stnrlllng niistnaiiiKvmi'iH «f your erstwhile Home for [l:e Itllml." "Those," said Ginger coldly. "were mere Incidents. The tour ot them sat under the ; buddin? maples hostile tlio old jiar- sonase. the very parsonage that had hpcn Cinger 1 ? own home mull ]]) on the filhle t'.ul c?iin<::>l ; , ••• •Idpo. Just lil;c tr.<v/ tfeic. Atnl in ionic-resnoctn. 1 Ihlnk Hie rcsulis in ny case were littler." "Uut svlmt iu<: yon .^olny to i!ciY" "Phil Witnls to siippuit inc." naiil Jlnyer moodily. "l.ul her! tt'e'vu ihvaya IJCCH sup ported hy sojm- loily. Mlijlii us well ho Phil as :i r.adles 1 Aid. llellor. If yuu auk me/' Uluner, liiivliiB li'jon liurii and jicd In the rliperTnt charity o( a mi-coiiage; had none of lliu leiiiper- amcnlal prejudice, iisalnsl ll.c ac- ccptnuco of era I nil Ira coinnmii in Ihoso who mo necnatonied lo slvlns nnd rccelvliig little. riiil, for her part, was ;iiore ihnn Biitlitltcil. It was wimt aim doslrc-d of nil things In the wnild. In ihu privacy of her most setrel MimiKliu lio admitted Hint her marrltiRc-in Lho mlnlslcr had been prompted moro hy a desire to set liohl <if (linger than to surrender her fu- tnro lo the kccpliiB of u linsli.iiul for Mr. Tolllver she lincl n cur- illhl nnd affectionate regard, for (Jliigcr a pnssioimio and Ray devotion. Certainly the two Toll Ivors had brought purpose nnd plan Iniu the. useless, well-ordered. cuni|il:i- cent routlno ol Uoorndee and in mistress. Ginger heyond a shadow of doiiht waa the most nniazliiK and amusing human hcliiK I'hll had ever encountered, and nlie ofien lolil herself that she would glmlly li;n.' married half n dozen iirejicltcrK H It had hcen r.ceessary lo sain Iho cliarKO of Ginger Ellu. As lonf; na she could Keep tlie girl with her, she was well conU'nt. Indeed she was Inclined slyly m cnconrnpo OliiBcr In hrr defiance ol what-was to-l)e-ex|iect«l. Phil did not want her to become like everybody clso in Fled Thviiali. i4T> El) TIIHUSI1," (Jlnger was cnn- ndlng holly lo her [Mrllculiir tntlmales on tlio parsonage lawn llmt mild spring day, "ifeil Thrush Is fatal. I've made up my mind lo Hint. It get;! under your- skin lie- fore yon 'know H, Ilku a lien on a iloe." "I don't see how the ntlu-ra sl::;rd It," r.xrced Wrslcy ,Mc-L'l;er "\\Vre hron.uhl up on it. and sort ot used jdoue was lo make him n Ulslrict I sclher scraps and remnanls ot food '" '"'.'hn I'"" 1 b " L "' Sl "' <% "'""• : SltnnrETil^llil^nt Ini1i> nf In ' tn l-^» clvnt^lm.l l,,*n n »,, n ,,l r«- n.,« rt I rllt - " IL ll GINGKU 1'LLA TOLL1VER .. A :nT mlM-d." raid Jwk- "* eon. "lint on the whnle. irue. I you're grouping because >IHI had lo nnr^o Helen's Itahy ilu-miiili the lasl strawberry ftsll- val- | "I'd ralher nurse anybody's haby 1 (liuii atieml ilic liest Miawhfrry frstlial In the world!" cried Ginger. "1 ni'viT waul lo see another straw- fn-ny fcsllval. Tbi! next iinrson ili.-i; (ilfi-rs inv a slrawhcrry I'll — I'll--" "Yi-li. hni ynn'ro lucky." said Wisley drearily. "Look ai me. I've K"l lo to. Your father's Supor- liilcndi'iu. You can make excuses aiirl cut of/ somewhere In the car. I.V.—^e go! 10 go! We've just got Ui Ko nitiln^ away for us." "W;iEt." lliiiiier stood up suddenly. "Wall." Her eyes darkened uilh Hie slrangu far-away tnlent- iic»< Hint iron) her early childhood liail IKON a naming signal thai she was u[i lu fomelhlng. "I've—got— an--ii]ca. I.el's huve a lioiu^—" "Kur Ihc illind," suggesied Eddy JarkKou lirlgklly. <;ini;er did not smile. "For the liriri'd." slic said dreamily. "Wall." Khe siruck olf briskly across the lawn In Ihe direcilon of the street. "CiiuKcr." called Patty Sears nlalnllvcly. "are you soing tiome2 AI-CII'I yon coins lo take me willi you—yon ln-out;lit me here?" "U'ait." Oinjier to??=ed hack over her shoulder wlihout lunriag. "I'm jusl going up to Jcuky's a miciiilo." In the villaxe of Red Thrush. OlnRcr Ella Tollivcr had Iwo siunncfi and unfailing allies, poor, faliliful, blind old Uenny Brooks, and bis wife, tin; former .Miss Jenkins. Of Ihcso Iwo Ginger was more sure (linn of her very self. Her iilans might be wild, her hopes intangible, even her intentions not above reproach, hut they two saw- never a Haw in them or her. Ml5.i Jenkins had served as a doting, gratuitous companion to the 1930. THE B06BS -MERRILL co. BARD HOLLOWAY „. r>. ..V.KVUU-J \.uuj|riiuiuii \.\j LJIU . 1 t i u (our Tollivcr girls during the lice- P assloncite ^cterminallou to marry lo oal chnrses—which, preslo. was ac complishcd. Tlio lleverend Mr. Tollivcr moved onl to hoorndco. ... „ „„. •,,.,.,. ,,..^.L i ui 11* ui LI:IM t u mil in i 1001 (uH'O, her father's marriage lo 1'liil Van iilio hrautifnl cstnle of Ills wife ink- L)oor "- I Ins will, him GillKn- i:il;i. tli.! -'It was BaEter Weak, anil Wesley jrcmnlnlns daughter ot hh original Meeker was home from rollege for | four. Hie others, n.i Dlnscr often to l>e stretched into n meal for three I .... A , ,, .,,,,, ,r four, and expanded again at tl,e " ' 1C °",'- v r11cs , '= ""»""•" lust minute lo provide tor ll,o in- ! ',' , "' °'. 1 ' '" nk ''° '"?' 1.1* „>„.! 1 Llll| . v - sou weren't tliere. you illiln t sor* i;. It was the last Finns-, anil I'm a camel'. 1 * hack. S.Huniny eviiahlo unexiKclcd . There was a cook at UroiTnloe. a ., large Scolch woman, lo whom 1'lillj had tnkcn n fancy on a trip nliroad tic years of their growth from a trrmliii-il, motherless chllilliood to n romantic young maturity: had indeed, as Ulugcr Eltu stonily lie- ll'jveil. one day to ofllciate in Iilaco of a parent, as the wife ot their reverend father. 11 ul coming, nnd largely by the machinations of that same Ginger Klla, to realize the f utility of her tonil and foolish fancy, in a Dual federation m thc prospect of the dreadful ami fntilo loneliness wlilch his sprln.e; varallnn. The were just curling out Into tendrils, and the first hardy leatv . , plalnrlvcly ?!r,lrd, were showing hrlghi colors In tlic narrow heda under the hay window. The grass seemed fnlrly snrlngini; up beneath their reslless tapping t naA, In the offhanil way of lid. ilercn- people, had Imported her for prl up beneath their resiles tapping (ll( , merc 1:05SCS sIvenes S of her new fee,, for spring was In their nature nnu enviable ostalc. Rhn » n ,t ),^,, crnioil inlo a sl.ilo of tolal miir-', viitu use. Goolilna. her iinmo WAS. 'hni Ginger, her liiunlc sjilrll of ili'innerncy rcUellliiK at tlic prole- tarlan discard of a forma! prefixed to an affec- rj'ago." Tlio fiict Is (lint Olngor was Itoreil, nerlenco For a while she had ex- tarlnn discard of n for id a tingling satisfaction ln|" llc . had shortened II as ll was In'lhe naliiro of earlh. took a morbid pleasure "-In visiting the familiar old parsonage of which she had called tier- self official head for so many years. Long, lone ago [hose days scemcil now. It was her father's marriage to Thil Van Doom. Miss Philailulpliia tlonalo "Gooby." '.hrllled wilh her prelly liohie; with plNQICll had always .been a hit Isn't iniicll of .1 Country C.nb. lil Saturday night Ilirro Is iinihliu i ling about. All husbands nnd wives, with two or ihren chililio npleci;. clutlcrlnj; up Iho llnoi in .he beginning, ami sleeping nil over tlio I;e3t chairs Inward tlic pml. "Heaven knows It's not much — uul It's all we have. Mill lasl Siiinr- rtay night—Bishop Stains -was Item/ - sml<ic " so (aiber and Phil look him l» (no «Kafnst tho Inevitable rainy years slllon ot wealth with Its ncciiin- I'hil's own: with llio rich nnd I - — simple eloganco of her wardrobe j! >nll > -| "S preside liad done Mining There had licen a particular Joy inl to rcn ' Icr " cr morc-to-lic-cjpected. showing nff hnf.i™ ih* nr,,,,ni.iv'tn,. '" "'P flrst l )lncp . although it was Counliy Clnh to dinner. Well, ii's the only place to lake anybody, ami showing off hcf.iro Ihc imiiierly impressed, familiar, friemlly eyes of llcil TliriiHh nud Edily Jackson. Hut as tho novelty of possession . Van Doom, of Doorndee. wliich hail |cb!>ed. the llde of borcdcin flowed. , . effected the change In the worldly estate of Ginger Ulla Tollivcr. ami Incidentally, of her father also, Even the powers ot bis church could see Hie Inconsrully ot retain. ing as a plain minister In a moilc-M pastorate a man whose wife bad more money than the whole Southeastern Iowa Conferenco put together. Something had to bo done about it. and th« only tiling that could be . . none were the old mad merry days of scheming to make one dollar do the work of throo or four— and the wen mere desperate fc'linniai; lo ot a dollar in ihu tbst Ginger bad a bank ncconnl of her own now, founded on a check for $5C-00 given her by Phil when she was grndiiaicO from hlgli echoi't. Gone were (be days ot (lying In • panic lo the kitchen lo gather to- —-, place, although it was cerlntnly the proper thing to do, she refused to go lo college. "Cio lo college?" she queried blandly. "What for? I am neither going lo teach school nor marry a minister." "tint a lltllo cultural hack- Rr«ud," suggested ber falhcr mildly. Oinger's grin disconcerted him. "Lis-Hin. precious." sho said. "Ihe post-grailunto preachers who comprise >\ia faculty at Wesleyan are far moro lip on orthodoxy than they are on ciillnre. They know a lot more «bonl tho Discipline than about UIB Flue Arts I was hrnucht .t Ihc-Country Club! Heaven knuvs threatened her declining years. In - - - - - a smlik'ii acression o[ greal sweet courage, she lind become, tho wife— and nt nu instigation hut tier own! —nf poor, blind, sin hiking -Benuy fliuoks. During nine months of tho year elie continued her work in the kindergarten schools of Red Thrush, llius financing ihelr modest menage, and raving every possible penny Dial lay ahead. In a small, three-room apartment you've got to take a bishop son>c- nn Ihe second lloor o( the old house where. And 1 ask you —Wcs. yvii • across (he street (rom tho parsoii- wcre there—I ask yon! —Is U yur "8e, she made a happy home for Idea of a wild night when they get .... before ;i dinner dance ami call on tho llishop lo ask tlio blessing?" Eihly laisi;ln:<l. bnt after a nm- jienl lie. wlili the others, lausott Inlo a Ironhlcil nnd Hi robbing sl- the every man. while he assisted In nay possible—making bus kcts. wcavlug rugs—to further thc financial good thr.t plays so largo n part In spiritual contentment. Upon tlio support of these two Icnce. I'lainly. Red Tliiush "had Closer could unfailingly count, ami sunk pietty low. "Whin this lown needs," snld the occasions when she ref]Uiro< support were not Infrequent. In Glnscr. "is a place where its youth ''" J'oung girlhood sho had known can get away hy itselt-away from no^hilimato friendships, its fathers and mothers and nlecca '™'" ' '" '"" and nephews nnd family dogs nnd bishops—and do Its (laming without benefit ot clergy. Nothing pula a wet blanket on the Incandescent , feverish devotion to her father and Ilk** p f.imilv ronninD lu public " The boundless enthusiasm with wh^ch she. the youngest o( four bad assumed active management o the parsonage am i u s inmates; he vcrvllilue that concerned him: liei lothercd to blaze a trail for her- scir through the studied valleys ot ictail that lay between tha monn- ain peaks of inspiration. From her sudden grand concept of a Home for the Cored Youth of led Thrush, it was but one flyins ive-mile lean to an old. neglected, run-down farmhouse on a wooded curve of the Tlabbit River, a house which had bovne a For Sale sign so many years it was all but oblltcr- ited by time and weather. From oft her slslnrs as best hecanio their! separate charms and values; her eagerness to enhance the family forluncs by means either fair or almost-foul; all these interests had nulled lo occupy both all her time nd her affection. • • • ;)UT with her sisters happily mar*-* ried—albeit not entirely to her iwn best judgment; with her father lomfcrtahle in the companionship >t Phil Van Doom; and with no financial needs to egg her on, Ginger wanted a chum. It was natural that' ot all the qirls in Red Thrush, her fancy should center upon. Palty Sears, iro'ty, ambitionless and unopinion aled, a happy satellite to revolve ironnil Irrepressible Ginger. "Gin ser's central moon," Eddy Jnc'Kson called her. But Ginger had learned much. For one thing, she had discovered lhat a secret shared Is not a secret kept. And she bad found hy hitler '1'inC them together end to end ii: i4T DIDN'T l;ii»w you had n place In llio country." sain Jorik/ breathlessly, iln)|j|iii:^ the pile ol rugs In a ^rr.ii heap at IKT feet. "Well, I've practically gut n/ 1 said (iiKgpr. "A sort of iTt-iogc-llir-r sromul for iha Juuiur Cuuniry Clul)." "Why, I didn't knnw them wai a Junior Country Clulj," pru'iebleil Jcnl;y. "Oil, ot course (litre is a Junior |Country Club—or practlci'lly so. nt j.-.ny rale. Wlial ilo you th:i:l: cf "I'll Hl:e to finish this ru?," s:ild llcnny modestly. "Yon can linish It out In tlio counivy." said (linger. "Hiijit nut iu Iho fresh ;ilr nnd sunshine v. ith llic- hirrts ami Ijces all around." * "Where Is it?" asked Jenky "It's the ohl Mill itiisli I'a i HI out oa lih-or." saiil (i-iispi-. "Why, i didn't knuw it i, L u| ,, Vta been sulil." "\Ve-ll, It's just Ihe same ;i;i sold. To tell the truth, you've prai-lleallv bought it." fiiil Ginger, with u faint smile. "I've bought it!" gasped Die amazed woman. "yes. For mo, of convse. I w..nt you 10 go lo old Jnp Wcitbliry a::,l get it on the best terms you can an*! I'll give yon the money lo pay for ii. Tay as lillle down .13 you can and j stretch thc pnymer.ts out as long as possible. And then you can give mq hill of sale for it or a note or wliaU-rcr you call it. IVcnusc I'm not altogether sure lhat father would ho heartily in favor of my owning a roail-houso." "A roatl-lsonse!" gasppfl Jciikv. "How Icrrible! Is Mill liu=h a—a road-house?" She almost ivhisucrcd tlio horrible words. "Well, practically so." saiil Ginger. "Anyhow, it'll lie a ro-id- house as soon as we gin it lixeil np. and you ami rje:my are rnii:iing it for thc Junior Puuntry Club. Why iliui't you run nloiig uptown now and Hml out what ohl Jop wanti for it 1 ! You've 1 got ei::m:.;!i rnus ^tieil lo carpet half Hie Middle West, il'rctend yon want it for yoiirs.'U and't menlion me. Anil wliat- :hls abandoneii house on the Rail- , V oirt I'avu Idl, in another deep breath she was back tbe five miles talking it over with Ben and Jenky Brooks. as this peak was more physically accessible to her at that moment. being rij;lii across the street, she was practical enough to turn to ever he asks, you bring him down." "I will." said .lenky. who loved to transact business for other people. "I'll go this very minute. Ws to pay any rent if wo i'e out theru. will wc'i" "Not a cent! And wt'll iljy all "'"Myour living expenses, too. o'iil"m:iy- be give yon somcthiM^; to linot—if there's any money left over afier wo got it fixed uu.' first things first. Sho tore breathlessly up the stairs and bounded through the open door of their cheery sitting- room. Jenky was tearing old clothes Into long thin rags and experience that plans only halt perfected may be easily prevented. 1'atty liejrs. for all her love nnd loyally, was suscepllhlc to friendly overtures, and tho suspicious nature oJ Eddy Jackson rendered him dangerously adept at ferreting out Ginger's intentions. When sho went to Bon and Jenky Drooks, on the other hand. It was not to confide a secret, hut merely to place it in a private and practical repository all her own. Neither the sweetly sympalhellc Pntly nor the Insidiously sly Eddy Jackson could pry a secret ot Ginger's from thatinp rosy checks and backbones and a seemingly elernal chain for the small rug Benny was weaving. "Darlings" Ginger began explosively, "what in the world ave you going to do all summer wheu school is out?" "Finish this rug." said Benny, with an apologetic little con?b. "What havo you thcasht o'V" in- 'inircil Jenky. who knew (linger much hellc-r than Ileirny did. "Well," said Gi:iger Impressively, "I'll go this very minute." said Jenky excitedly. "And for goodness' sake, don't say anything about it before Edriy Jackson, or somebody'll put a slop to it before wo get started " "Are you sure you've got enough money to pity for H7" susgesteJ Benny, wiltra meek cough. "Well, practically." said Ginger. "I can mortgage Ihe Dido it 1 have to." The Dido was the saiall smait roadster Phil had given her for her birthday. 'Jcnky's hands trembled nervoa.sly as she put cr. her bat. "I've always liked the country." she said. "We'll can a lot of fruit and put up enough jelly to last all next winter. It'll he gitod for Iloa"I think yon ought to go out in the ny. He docaii't £et niiidaois c-ii'iu::b. country and get a lot of fiv.=h • We'll raise chielic:is. ilciiiiy." and exercise and Kunshine and build faithful pair. Ginger's mlnfl was apt to leap "Ho sure lo hta price down," canlionpil f;in^c-r. "Half ot what lie asks will he nhnnt i-i^ht. you would like to act as caretakers I And pretend you're buying it for what-havc-you. i thought maybe knngaroo-like from crcg lo crag ofl'for my lllllo place out In the couc- yourself." high accomplishment. She never I (Tr> Ho Plans Nation Wide Campaign to Extend Musical Education ."^ y ri^^ S,^*iJS : other colleges of high sUndinj. as how tis one i«r cent enroll for them BY JULIA BUNSIURD NEA Stnrice Writer : NEW YQRK.-^-Like little Tommy Tucker, who had (o sing for his sup- i per, evsry American college boy and ' girl should b3 required to riare n. certain; inowledge of mcsic as a j basis for.his B. A. degree. | That is the premise upon which ; Mrs. Elmer James Ottaway, presi-. dent ot -'the National Federation of I Music Clubs, Is launching the Federation's campaign lor bigger and better musical education in American colleges. "Music is neglected, overlooked.' Ignored "in our American institutions of; learning," Mrs Ottaway i maintains. .. "Why.^hould a cultural education , include'some knowledge "ot arl, c: i literature, of history and t'.-.en leave all knowledge of music and appreciation of it severely alone?" she asks. "In an Industrial civilization, such as ours, Individual expression is one of the biggest problems. We believe that through music many a person's life could be made richer, deeper, more mean. ingful, that either by singing or playing or appreciating other art- IsU many men and women couiri i Ottnway pointed out. "Who can , estimate the coiuiybutlm songs i made to the valiant spirit of our ' soldiers in the World War, the con- ' play the hand at hearts, but the ner's force, must rebid; bnt since 'bidding sb: hearts 01 • nl least im'it- i horses for llaymo:ul Hiauh possibilities of a slam appear his partner has denied his hearts, ln S 'he slam by bidding five hearts, i When he drivni; his wr-joti on . pi'jn:.slns. n further bid of that suit would be'• South's forcing bid of three clubs j streets here there is^a h:-:ier I Ccnsccnien'.ly South responds with dangerous. Having four clubs, how- : na s assisted materially in arriving i twcert > shafts. |a forcing bid of three chits, de- ever, tlie suit bid by his partner, ! at the maximum declaration intcl- ! volca 5Cvcra ' ww * 3 j mandlng a furtlier bid from part- North Is justified In advancing the ! lisently. ner; also guaranteeing from two contract to four clues. anil a half to three high card tricks '. Note how the information Is re- TtY EDWARD C. WOI.FF. .and *• biddable club suit. With ; ce lved by South. His worries so f solatlon to these who tcpl Ihe "nine ] Mc-mbcr of the National Clmnpitm-' Sonlh's 4-3-2 of clubs and his los- i as h , fires burning? Music lias thc sarac I ship ,\ uc ti on Team ing eight of diamonds, bidding a : i, ave ^..j. slnin in hearts at once Would have , adv^rjarlcs bidding spades and - ' , value In |*.ice times, everywhere.; j; p artnDr | li>s openod the A singing nation a nation i dln?- ^ 0 not ncsUnle to overraV bee" very poor bidding; in fact it'hUnse'lf holding the accrThc~possi- . loves and appreciates mus.c lives ; wlth ^ ( Ordrig bltl ln ano ther s:r' «'° u| d nav <> u ^n nothing but guess- j biliUes of a slam in hearts appear .more deeply and more artistically j whcn holrting (rom , wo nnd n ,.,,, i ng . exceedingly bright; consequcnily . man a prosaic nation ,hat is with-i [0 u , rcc h(gll card Mt .-^ ro ,. 1r(l . , Nor th, in response to hli parl-] South is amply Jusllflcd in either 0111 muslc ' jlcss of support for your pamer's I Thc National Federation cf Mu- | dccbrnlion. This forcins bid o!ten I •••^^^^^^•^••••••^^••••^••••••••rnwFrim sic Clubs, with lis 5000 musical or- ' provides Ihc necessary Informs', en ganiratlons and its -100.000 mem- • for an eventual slam declarauon.! bcrs. which includes mnsician^. as shown in thc following Inns, j composers and individuals interest- is "small clubs are concerned trar y thc wr 't« r " im s to convey the i 9rge | y d'sappcare!! With th- .............. is. Elmer James Ollaway make collcRuns minted. find real expression ol Uiemselves. would If our colleges are to prepare our boyt and girls for useful and pleasant lives, they certainly should in- '"8 colleges and universities in ::i elude among college requirements United States. At the Institution* some courses ui muster ; which have the largest percentage lead t~he"world t"n miislcl Prior lo launching this drive for of students registering for music, move music in our colleges, Mrs. only one-fifth of the ed in music, ia working to got col- • leges to require a certain number • 01 ?rcdlts in music as part of the ' work necessary for a B. A. de-jroe. i "We are working. fimul'.a:i?onr,- '• ly. to develop musical appreclntion i In our'elementary sehjols. espe-' dally In rural distrlcls." Mrs. ot- i taway explnlned. "But we ,r.o concentrating ou the colleges fcccansr I , that Is the Inst place where today's '•' generation cnn really be taugv.t i . any appreciation of wliat may be i ' thc saving grace of their adult! i years. I "If \ve can get American col- j 'leges and universities to recognize- Strcnd roundi^N'orth tour clnbs ' the need there is today for mor? East pass. South five- hearts ilnvl-'i music In American lives an:! tc re- tatlcn). West pssj. ! • quire that students co:ue in con-1 liurd round: North six hc.iv;= i tact with music, then we can work ' This exnmp'.e presents a'very m- from the colleges down lo kinder- .terming problem In the o-)p!lcati-n garten and eventually America of the forcing bid. H arWwif may become a singing nation, and South as to whether he shou'.J im. mediately raise his partner's on" I heart to four hearts. NORTH— DEALER A 1ST S-10-8(. K-i 4-3 o— a-io- 6-3-2 C— 10-8 First S— 9 H— A-K-5-5-2 0— K-l-9 C— Q-9-7-6 SOUTH S-A-3-2 Vi— 0-3-3-7 o— a C-A-K-43.2 Thc Ridding round: North East on" spade. South (forcing i. Wcs'. pass. E*ST S-K-0- J-7-34 i H— 10 0— A-75-4 C-15 one heart. three cliibs Landreth Tomato Seed , . he.entirr- student j WANTED-Nice clean, soft ,1*5 , « a survey o! 25 lead- body- take musical courses. In I fre* of buttons. Courier Ne»" ' >.., „ Insist on your Canncr supplying you with Tomato seeds in cardboard lithographed packages of V4 and Vz pounds, grown by (he old reliable House of Lnndrcth on their Bloomsdalc Farm at Bristol, Pa. Plant "The Landreth" for an early variety, "The Delaware Beauty" for a little later.orthe famous "Landreth Red Rock" or "Thc Eloomsdile" if you desire a late variety. We have certified Mirglobe, Greater Baltimore and Bonny Best. All certified Tomato seed scaled with the Government seal of Pennsylvania. Wise growers sow Landreth's SEEDS which Succeed because clicy ! realize (hat every pound is grown by a reliable House which has led the seed industry for 147 years. Write for our illustrated catalog. Growers of all Varieties of Garden seeds. D. LANDRETH SEED CO. iSTABLISHED 17M in YEAHS :N SEED BUSINESS BRISTOL, PA. The lesson in this hand is no'. whether North nnd South bid an:! made a slam in hearts; on the con intellieent information derived means of forcing bids and rcs;v>:>s- HEIFEK HAULS WACOX WOODSTOCK, VI., (UP> — NO Kentuck Kentucky Lump Zeigler - » Empire - . MoiitavalloGcnmm* 12.00 BILLINGS §; S6.25 87.50 New Blytheviiie Feed & Goal Co. IDG

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