The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, Al'JUL 22, 1938 BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Big Girl Now HIRER'S STRENGTH LIES Film Moguls Fear Sudden LJpsliooting One Thing They Can'l Stop 11V I'AUI. HAKK1SON NKA Service Staff Correspomlrnt HOLLYWOOD. Alliil 21, -Almost every day SImlpy Temnle begs somebody in [lie household lo inriisiirc her ugaiusL (he murks lliat have teen made on Ihe cloov frame i>l her bedroom. Miss Temple is lui- pallcnl to grow up and be an act- rr.'ss. II doesn't do a bit of goo;l to w'Mire Mis;; Temple Unit .she al- rcvKly is ;ui aclrcss, and (hat I'aiM George Temple :rid Mama Gertrude Temple an:! Mr Darryl Zanuclt and 100,COO,OCO movie tan;; ilo not want, her to hurry about giwiny; up. She's growing, the ?;aine. The last, mark they nuich nn the door, after getting !:cr down nil her tipties. was. fttl inches i'rojn (lie floor. That's nn even '1 inches mere than a mnrl: made a year and a half ago. and 10 inches more than her height when .she made hiT screen debut in I9;r.i. Her weight on the dales mentione jumped from 37 (o 63 to 73 'i pounds. Her birthday cake, on April 23, will have nine candles. Incidentally, she now has nine baby teeth still to lose. For her age. the Box- office queen of the movies might be considerably taller thnn she is. and she is expected to begin growing a lot fasier at any time now. Much as it dreads this einerijL'iicy, the studio is prepared for il, No Snipping Already there arc portents. In (lie current, "Little Miss Broadway" the ooh-ers and ah-crs will see the Temple cm-Is all over the Temple licacl for the last time. In the same picture, lo show the fans what's happening, two new hiiirtiresses are being introduce;!. Twentieth Century-Fox is making allowances for Shirley's growth In its preparation of stories. "Snu- nysiclc Up," ready for the camera now. giver, her only a little more to do. allows her to look only a little older. Bui "Suzannah of the Moimtics," after that, will represent n more definite age step. If there arc any fairy stories or j Mrs. Temple, telling of Shirlev's fantasies in the movie market I growth..; said her diction, dancinc 'within the -nest year or .so. Miss i and singing voice all have iinnrov- Tcniple is going to be bidding foricd,.. them. The-greatesl. disappointment, )• '"She liad by far her must ctifli- uf hcv brief and eminently grief- cult dance routines in "Little Miss less career Is that she will not be I Broadway,' Everyone notices ho\v ..... ~ " • ' Shirley steps out.. Miss Temple is o years old. Beginning lo show her age, too, don't you Uiink? volvcs aboul one w?ck of preparation — wardrobe and tests — and about, five weeks of ^tooting. Besides Sundays. has occasional day* off, and three hours of each working day are spent in school. Even while not working before the camera, .she goss to school daily in her private bungalow on the lot. She is In 5-B now, struggling with long division and irac- lions. She likes big words, par- ticulurly a phrase (Hat Jimmy Durante taught her—"immemorial and irrelephant." able to play Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." Now and again (here was lalk of Mr. Zanuck buying Uie slory from Samuel Gol:l- wyn. who had got it from the Bainn hell's. But, it now has gone lo Metro, and the role lo Judy .Garland. ISo Tour An unfounded report .still is bomiciJiB around the country that Shirley soon Is to embark on an extensive personal appearance tour. Olfer:; from theaters arc pouring in. together with invitations to play a benefit for (his or (hat American Legion post which is trying lo xaiac money lo paint, the bandstand in flic park. Tiie cash offers, which all have been declined, total $374.000 at (.his, writing. Also turned down has been \ ;i VMS-week radio contract at $12.000 ' much more assurance she has developed in acting. If another player misses his lines and ad li'o.s a little, Chirley doesn't. miss her cue or look surprised. She used to stop when thnt happened." Recently, though, she did stop and right, in i.| lc middle of a speech' Director Irving Ciiminings was astonished. He said. "Why, One-Take Ttinple! Wbat'.s the miitlcr?" Miss Temple took something from her month and put in into a pocket. "I'm so sorry." she said "but I just lost, another tooth." Bruin Eleven May Surprise Pacific Coast 10H ANGELES iUI'i~Onc of lln •'•"rest ways to lire n football n week. Of course there have bcenjlt a "> is to attack il.s ccach. Wil- many radio offers, but that wasp' 11111 'Bill' Spauldiug of Univer- tlir best. 1 if she \vrrr- jMty of California at" Los ....„, lo assume any such I believes (lie .system will work in activities. Shirley would have I 0 j his case pay »IinosL all l);e promts to th'!- Epaultliiijr several months ago government. Slic already pays, in i signed an agreement to retire at federal and stale taxes, aboul $350.- H" 1 cud of (lie l!)38 Ciiniiiainn and I'OO. This still leaves a tidy sum out • become athletic director. A ncu- "I .salaries, bonuses, and coninns- \ coach then will br signed and the sions on clothes ami toys—even iijertalrd vclcran will have no voice Ciravlic McCarthy dolls did outsell' in the choice of his successor. Shirley Temple dolls last! Already Ihe agreement lias mas. i Li-ought results from the (ram. Shirley now is making M>mclhini,'': Liast ' SCils011 ll >e Bruins ended in more (ban $500.000 a year from all Mi" _ cellar of the I'acilic cons sources, but actually .she sees only a very Miull part of her incoinr. Ti'at. part is Ihc few dollars a week lirr mother gives her as an allowance, which Shirley very carclnlly apportions to entertainment, swccl.s and Uie Sunday school collection box .Nearly all of Ihc money i.s being :.aV(_d for her. Hollywood hears that Mrs. George Temple now rrccivc.s SICIO a week from 20111-1'ox for •Shirley's care and (raining. And Mr, Temple himself i.s prospering in (lie agency and management business. Vacation S<icu Conlcrcncc. • llllc oi 1 nrj team was t True, they posscwed Ihir, but 'mainly the sluggish. This- spring The Millionth .'Pupil' of WPA frAGE The Marines Have Landed Miller lintcrs 50lh Year; Pushes Self As Champion ol Youll) KV Mfl.TON ItnONNKU | Nl'.\ Service StnlT Correspondent 1.ONDCN, April 22. — Though 1 Adoll Hitler no.v enters llio fiftieth) year of his turbulent life and the j lines of late middle ngc furrow his countenance, It. still Is wllh the; youth or Germany that his political > strength lies, | 1'i'oni the swastika - Haunting toy Niuds of licrlln iinrt the iliw- nlcil. "hcilliiB" younr, iJeasaut inulds of liavnria lo those knlckerbock- erc<l slripllngs who actually tvcre the ones lo seize llic Chancellorj 1 In Vienna during Hitler's recent Austrian coup, Gcrinnn youth is the mainstay ol Hltlerlsm. | From the cradle through kin- 1 ilcrgurlcn and Into high schools and labor camps, a Naal brand ol molds yonnij Ocrnians into the Hitler inu.nn. The lluuiini! patriotism and Ihc n pslitlrai dreams of Adolf Hltler'B m ™ hcmc ;1 E» f " own youth arc held up by Nazi " s <»<•>' Coca-Cola Company Offers Handy Carton Aiiiiguncetnent h»E been umda of tlio Introduction ot a new spj- cial ofler to the m»ny Ihousamla of friends of the popular beverage, Coca-Cola. Now, Instead 61 haying to "lug 1 ' home, or have delivered, their- (nvorlte soft drink in an Inconvenient manner, a, new slx-bottld carton container is belug oflere.d nt local stores at the bargain price of 25 cent*, plus a noniliial deposit on the bottles. ". . •' The Coca-Cola Bottling; company reports that the new handy six- Iwtlte carlon la being stocked. »t pmctlcnlly all UK- stor«5 and thai, Ihc demand is expected to grow rnpldly as the hot diyi approach. WE ARE NOW SHOWJNa OUR NKW 1938 AUTO SEAT COVERS hud onre been Ihuught weak , ... ^-" ••^"•« on,b IIIHJ i-ii;».>. 11 UltV tICC of conslIU Inn. proved himself so cut, it l» roped wltli a 'lariat. Iniinliitlmr^ I t^nt \\n ,.,,ni,i ....... . ' though Hitler was 49 on April 'JO. ths crusading .spirit o[ llic boy Hitler who eutne out of the -ob- scurily ol an Austrian village lo who become the undisputed miiMcr ol T5,OCG,UOO Germans still guides Inc actions ol the mature lllllcr ol 1938. The iion of n dominating falser and a highly neurotic mother, 1L Is recalled lliat the hlghslrum;, nervous boy did not get along \vell wllh his fellow pupils. 7n liis studies only geography and" liisloi-y interested him—a fovelaslc of his future. The adolescent Adolf was st> weak in hcallh that, he loafed from the age of 13 to IS. Austrian authorities did not I hint him slroiig'. A) i • n „ . enough lor military service. AnfCC KatCS DODcal With the death of bis parails. he drifted lo Vienna. Here, ng-.iin he was lonely. But. he soon grew — rich in hales—aversions which were . AUSTIN. Tex. . to last him the. rest of his life. US' in S ls I" 101 MKirl, 1 hatcc! Ibe Jews br :;;uv liiere. He, - - - » •• hated the. Socialist workmen. He" Lolcal cr inomilain lion. Gov. haled the Tlapsburg rule. •( •lames V. Allrcd of Texas trlioves. "You gel Ihe sninc thrill of the Allied, "und the add- ' ifghl months' patrol duly iuwar-torn Shanghai are these U. s Marines "shown ihifllo I..-IH., down Ihe gnngplaiik of the demilllnrl/.eU cruiser U. S. a. Ulnh ut Sail Dicp,o. oi' maneuvers In (ho Pacific. Comparative quiet hns beon restroed in Inc. Shanghai w ca ! where the. marines were rent to guard American Interests. ' fang and claw*. If they tree Ilie'latcd fibre that he could cum puigii tlnys and ))ighls ' O n end. using his booming voice hours ciid- If.ssly. Ills party grew until It be- cninc Uie slronge'iiL In the stale and in Die lieldislng. Finally on January 'JO. 1933. tlui senile lliudenburg, President of the republic, mtide him Clianccllor. And In live s'rort years. Miller hn.s tKOinn Uie most powerful, and most-feared individual In Unropc. large ones battle It out wllh die [IOJ3 Chase Over Fox Hunt lUPi —fox hunt- "Now they can't cheat me nny more," says Walter Donaldson, above, the millionth adult who lias !>een taught to read and write Ly the Adult Education Divis.'cn ol WPA. Donaldson lives with his "wife and eight children in a log cabin in Die mountains .near Orlando, W. Va. WPA employs aboul 5000 teachers in adult educalion work, concluding classes all over Ibe nation to reduce Ihc ranks of the '1,250,000 lolal illiterates registered jn the ' l J930 census, lie drifted In 1912 to Munich where he chcd out a living, palm-.. hip houses and, on Ihe side, water j coIoi's/'Wlicn war caiiic. he' jDihcctY 14 *" " Ihc IGlh Bnvarian Deserve.'! and rtci>ulcdly was in Ihc nrst balllc of Ynrcs. He hil ' s lld(lcl> nrlc1 ' •rued all through the war and receive:! Ihc Iron Cross and other decorations, even though he never lose beyond Lance Corporal! The war over, he eked out an existence in Munich as a painter. One night, he stumbled upon .such clinic;,-. a linrd-foiiglil ball).'.' and cat lit the Im- thc Teaiis governor Ihe hoimds on c fni- the dogs . run clc'.vn only bobcats. He hopes by persisting lo tc In on a ehns'.' for n mountain lion. Not Unit Ihe bobcat ehii^cs :ue lame affaii-s. Cats grew as large as a mountain lion. On Alfred's nn the ground, uMinlly a cnuliiti Ihitkrt for Young Pitcher of Boys T,own Gets Tryout l:liI.LEVIW.K, III. <UI'>—Ltciry; Kennedy Is the police commissioner ami rx-miiyoi' of ' Hoys 'Town, Neb., but' ho'd railicr 'piny tn|l. Consequr.ntly. hlr, pollllcnl ob- ligiilk-ns miller n-hlle lie's attempting lo Hurt a pluce on Ihe Springfield club ol Ihe Three 1 League. I.arry is a 180-pomid,»r- r.ld ;:outh|>nw pitcher. He altiilncd Ills (,'Oi'ernmciilal offices at Midi- Boys' Home In Hoys Town, where lie bus lived the past nine ycnrs. 'Jhe home hns n JMIIII- latlon of ^00 boys and they clcc.1 their own inunlclim! officials. ; lurry played on the football baskcttall and baseball teams 'n Ihc home, mennwhlle fuidln? lime lo fulfill the duties ol mayor aiui police cojiimlt.sloncr. in bnseball he pitched and won 15 consecutive names in 1030. ills Icnm slnrlcd oil Ihe IKi? season with nine before meeting defeat, and wound up the campaign 17 victories anil Ihrec lotscs on a. new- basis, wllh payment-i to Ihe, penny lualead of Hip nearest sixpence below llio calciitnted amount. The lincecoiii'sc Belling Control Board decided to mike (he changes lo Improve Ihc snml] • dividends-pntd on popular fancies. Htullsllcs reveal llinl women's feet urc (jrowllig Inruei' in England. Cnly one Engllshwomnn • In ovory len can lake u sl?,c 3 shoe, while more llinn 25 per cent .lake New Styles & 1'atlerng New Ix>w Prices $1.95 up Export Installation Ht No Bx<ra Cost A COMPLETE STOC^ FOR ALL MAKE CARS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters Vne Auto Seal Covers Before You liuy. TOM LITTLE CHEVROtET CO. 301 W, Walnut si, I'h. <;:« o)' over. >THJS FEED, PUTS MILK (N THE.Pftftf- ^.n; iiigm. nc. Kiumciccl upon a "" " """'"""n nu", un nnrcos with 17 victories anil Ihrec lotscs tin\ meeting of a liny purty—the 1 l;lsl " llnl - 12 <'"8S i»» <lown a cut in 20 games Oennan Workers Part'y. He Joined I ? 01la !"Kr tIl ; a il lcfllwi1 I" bp|rc:d Along wltii '/ other candidate.'! it. hrcomluc! member No. 7. In that ""}•. battled them In Ihe open. I Kennedy worked out :U the club's Immhle lITrrlinm Tiitlti,. r*,,i,,,t l,{... Jr.'Ulied df)?;; lirr tttrrl in (l,n^ ....,.:— > . . _ New Kiigitirs, N'u i-'ireiiini I'AWTUfJKEr. II. I. HJI'i-When humble medium Hitler Jotincl lilin- Edl. lie learned that lie had the cinalilicti of a spell-binder, lie began ID lie Ihe sonp-ljoxcV . to (lie most superlative degree. He recreated (he partv id gave ft a new name which was shortened In parlance to "Nazi." By 1821 It had 3COO members in and around Munich and a paper—the Voelklschcr Beohachtcr. • • • Hilfer began to dream great dreams and see visions. He halcil everything he saw In ge'rmany— the. reckless republic, Ihc pariics of the Left in iKwer. Ihe siibniis- tilon lo the Allies, the Inferiority complex of (he nation alter its crushing defeat. Ihc obedience, to the. Versailles Treaty. In his .speeches Hitler (jegan to mould the inasiKs ;K If they were wax In his hands. He wing his hymn ol hate. He told Uie crowds that Ihc German army liad never hern beaten. Germany liad been stubbed in the back by Ihc Jews, Socialists and republicans. He gave the mob plenty of scapegoats. Ho Trained dogs nre used in these chases. Luihcr Snow of liayinon:!- vlllc ha.'i a pack that will follow only a cut trail, nibblts. coyotes or oilier animals fail lodraw Ilicm from (he cat trail. In pursuit they >«y like Foxhounds. At the linish Ihcy fight courageously against .spring training ciini|i at nellcvillc. fcpiinjiticld. Browns' Three 1 farm tca.'ion of Ihe si. clubs, opens May I. it-s O tm s. Chow SPKC;IAI. C<iw iow ration puts extra milk in [he pail at every milking.'it's the bcsfmilk- makin|> feed in tor/n—and inc. price is 'way "Tutc" Pays on Now liasis LONDON i UP)—"Tote" dividends, In England arc now bsiirg calcu- I ,• liaby Chix V'or Sale L K. ASHCRAFT CO. '.'10.1 K. Main St. Ki'.vslonc Field iinrl Bulk Gurdcii ,Sce(i.s If you're looking for the low down the besi low-priced car k> buy * «&_ on If.tin \\,i;, MllggJ.sll, Jllf.s .S|>nilg.> .yv^L*^,,. i k . ,. , w i-j-,rntii however, they drilled with a vcn-l" '"' w '"'" f>lllli()l1 Wii: ' completed gccuicr. There are more than one! 1 '"' 0 l ' l;lt Novr ' 1 ""' 1 ' <'Hy officials or 'two fans on Ihc weslwoo-l 1 b " u -" lwo rcvv Illel ' cs " f a l'l raral115 campus who wouldn't be Mirpris- - cd lo liml Dieir .squad in (he »•>•:•• Bc\\l J - of Year's duy. SturzcncBccr. one -. „„ cronicj, will Icll alii who are willing to listen that Ihcj 1 , current group of Bruin recruits are j' working harder than any youths! to wear Ihc Blue and Geld mil-1 fcims. Ray Richards. Ihc- a.s«isi-i I nul coach ol the professiomd Ncilhcr .studio nor parents want • cJla '"P ic " tos Angeles Bulldogs.! work hard or lose many ' Iias 1>cc " '"red lo tutor the line. and he reports excellent success in just the fniv weeks lie has been' engaged. Everywhere the attitude' Is the same—show up the administration with n winning year. ] U.C.L.A.'hcs a wealth of back- fieM men. The line i.s more of a fcr $25.03!). Mcitlicr ever has been 'I ile city fathers forgot to • provide liremen to man the appar-! FARM LOANS •"•• UM knd Cr Arbnsu and Mbi""rl Oowesl rates—lowest eipcnsf Also city properties DON H. KASSERMAN Thonus Land Co. Office P. 0. Box 410, Phone 527. ."•Mrlc.v to , of her ]irivilcgcs of normal child f.ood. The trip cast in ti coi/ple of months, if it can bR accomplished v.'it'n reasonable privacy, will be a vacation jaunt for Shirley to see some if the thing:; she has been studying" In American history. There arc three Shirley Temple pitkncs a year. Each of these in- ans a^ailat.'e problem, but there are 10 vclcr-; Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEE flute, tart and with les« dlsccmtort. All diJcajfj »nd contUtlonx at ntrratt origin, foot ailment] end lUn c*D<:cri tietied »nd cured »t our cUnla DRS. NIES & NIES Osltopathlc Fhjslcl»ji« 511 Main Phone 98 Bljlhtflllt, Ark, ON USED CARS ALL * 1931 Chevrolet Coupe .................................... ....$99.00 r;i:ns good— Good Tires 1935 Plymouth Sedan .................................... $199.00 Good Shape ... Mo Trade 1937 G. M, C. i/ 2 ion Pick-Up ....... .......... .$575,00 Clean, Low mileage. IB" Wheels. ton truck ..................... $175.00 A Bargain ton Truck ..... ................. $395.00 Long \v. B. Slake body. Real buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 1935 Chevrolet - - 1936G.M. C. G.M.C. Trucks 307 li. main - and Service OldsmoWles MOTORS VAl-'Jtt ONLY LOW-PRICED CAR WITH SAFETY SHIFT r, ;'VK uvtu IIACI.II ilirouglr" llic gears vith Safety Shift* . ; \ lotu-Iicd 1 into action llial wjiispcring giant of an engine ; ; i and fell llic lungLcbl roads become level as A ballroom . lloor —you know -lual- 1'oiiiiac i= unc of-'tlic vsorlit's greal cars, Yini may not know that il H unc uf iKc lowcil-priccit cars as well! Thai's the low duwn, V( Iial du yon think — isn't I'ontiac's new six, ibe low-priced car to buy? , . • NEW LOW-PRICED PONTIAG SIX BA13COCK J\IOTOR CO.

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