The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1951
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS W10NE8DAT, AUGUST M, 1M1 Connally to Ask Billion Dollar Slash in U.S. Foreign Aid Bill WASHINGTON, Aug. 22. (S>) — Chairman Connally (D-Tcx.) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced today he would propose » $1,000,000,000 slosh In the economic aid section of the administration's $8,500,000,000 foreign aid request. "I think it will be approved by the committees," Connally told reporters after a closed-door session of the Foreign Relations and Arm•d Services Committees. This would be a deeper slash In economic funds than made by the House when It approved a $7.493,000,000 measure, after cutting the economic timcis by $711.250,000. Connally said two tentative decisions were made by the committees. One would retain administration of the "Point ftour" program for aid to underdeveloped areas within the state department. The House had voted to put this together with all other foreign aid under a proposed Senate Group Decides on Lower Personal Income Tax Hike WASHINGTON, Aug. J2. OT— The tax-writing Senate Finance Committee tentatively has decided on a personal income tax boost $412,000,000 lower than that voted by the House. The committee threw out the House revenue-boosting plan on individuals yesterday and adopted a formula of 1U own which considerably lightens the increase in the tipper income brackets. This formula would raise personal income levies by an estimated $2,435,000.000 a year compared with $2,847,000,000 in the House measure. The committee continues its closed-door reworking of the house bill today. It has yet to act on the $2,855,000,000 in corporation tax boost* voted by the house or the tikes In many excise taxes, The tentative vote was th» first (/.S. Battleship Towed Free oi Hudson Ground NEW YORK, Aug. 22. (fl>-Thc 45,000 ton battleship W is COILS! n vent aground in the Hudson River opposite Manhattan and was towed free about two hour* later, a New York Central Railroad tug reported. . Thousands of onlookers watched effort* by a swarm of towboaUs tn pulling the big ship back Into midstream. The battleship, which came in to the Hudson yesterday on a training cruise, was moored to fore and af buoys opposite 19th Street, across from West New York, N J. First reports were that the stern line parted. Anoth'er report \vns that the great weight of the ship had dragged both moorings In heavy running-tide. The .-Navy reported the vesse "under control" but 'gave no Inime dlnte.details. taken by the senators in their re- vriting of the House-passed $7,00,000,000 measure. Predictions Home Out It bore nut advance predictions if committee members that the ciinle would whittle d o w n the louse figure rather than increase , toward the $10,000.000 asked by resident Tmman to help balance he budget and hold down influ- onary pressures. The finance committee formula j would put an tickled defense tax that portion of incomes now eft after the Individual has paid )is taxes. Thus it would lilt with progres- itvely less impact in the higher jrnckets where the p'resent levy consumes a large share of. total ncome, The tentatively-adopted formula would work this way: First the taxpayer computes his ix under existing law. Then he subtracts the amount of that tax from his surtax net Income, which his income after exemptions and deductions. Then he pays as a defense In.v three per cent of what is left up to $2,000 and four per cent of the part above $2 f OOO. The House had approved a simpler formula: each taxpayer would acid 12li per cent lo the amount of tax he pays now. Delegates Return From Legion's State Convention new mutual security administration. (Xmnaliy said about $118,000,000 of "Point Four" lunds were scattered through the economic re- for $2,197,000,000 which he wants to trim by a full billion dollars. George Offers Support Senator George (D-U;u, chairman of the Tax Writing Fmajice Committee said he would support Connolly's reduction proposal. The other committee decision is lo seek $12,000,000 /or this country's, contribution to the international children's fund as a separate bill. Senator Lodge [R-Massj said no vote was taken on hLs proposal to restore all the military lunds requested for Western Europe. The House CAIV military funds $2[>Q,UOQ f OOO when It passed the bill and Lodge wants to restore $265,000,000 ol Tor Western Europe. "False Ktunomy" "It would be the worst kind of false economy to reduce our military aid to Eur'jjiu in the lace of present world conditions," Lodge declared. H« said he also favors full military uutkiys lor Formosa and Indochina. The Home reduced the requested ^S.CCO/JOO for Asia and the Pacitio to $530,OOQ,OiH). Meanwhile, the Senate received a recommendation irotn its appropriations committee to slash funds for UJG State Department's international information program. The agency handles the world widu "Volcu of America" radio broadcast, opera Lea Information service* and libraries abroad anil promotes oilier similar activities. Truman Asked $115 Million President Truman hnd asked 5115,000,000 for the work during the year ending next June 30. The House trimmed the fund to $85,000,000 and the Senate group cu t it to $63.000,000. Actually, however, the committee left in the fund the full $25,164,655 requested for the "Voice" broadcasting opera t tons, making its reductions In other information activities. Despite President Truman's appeal on Monday for restoration of the full $115,000,000 he sought in his budget, the committee voted only the smaller amount. The President )bituaries "MO." CORN THAN IOWA—Missouri, that's where the tall corn grows, loo, :is Phyllis and Dolores Mney of Gallatin, Mo., demonstrate. The two girls are dwarfed by the [ull corn stalks on their father's farm, which has been chosen as the site of the Missouri mechanical corn picking contest. laid the "Voice" ha< Russia's iron curtat! With the Courts Circuit (Criminal): Campbell Smith, burglary. j Tom Harris, sodomy. -! Chancery: Harry Taft Watson vs. Mable Watson, suit for divorce- louts WSnberg vs. C. B. McFarland. suit to acquire title. Jack F. Jackson vs. Elsie May Jackson, suit for divorce. William Owen Sutler vs. Margar- ttLe Ann Butler, s\iit for divorce. Mary Coat* Handle Austin vs. Karlls Edward Austin, suit for divorce. American Legion and Auxiliary delegates from Blythevllle's Dud Casou Post 24 returned last night and this morning from Little Rock where they attended the Legion's state convention Sunday through yesterday. Among the Legionnaires attending from Blytheville were H. G. Partlow, Wade Jeffries, Jim Stovnll, Speck • McGregor, E. A. Rice, Ira Koonce, E, B. v/aocfeon and Chris Tompklns. Representing the Auxiliary were Mrs. M. A. MlrtcUeton. Mrs. J. H. Clune. Mrs. James Nicrslheliner, Mrs. Inez Gentry, Mrs. Paul Mahon, Mrs. Speck McGregor and Mrs. Jess M. Russell. Mrs. MklrHeton served as degelntioti chairman and Mrs. Russell served as department chairman on constitution and bylaws. Russian Genera/ Dies MOSCOW. Aug. 22. -Wt— The Army newspaper Red Star reported loday the deatli of MnJ. Gen. Ivan Chernyeshev, 49. The cause of death was given as a serious. long illness. id, helpi w nnd cd crack .d should lave money to expand its activities. The committee said In a report t appreciates "the terrible dangers 'acing this country at home and abroad," but contended that the 'horrors of inflation" nt home "will bring about, a downfall Just as surely" as mlglit come from an enemy. Missourion to Pay Own Way to Jap Peace Meet So He Can Heckle WASHINGTON. Aug. 21. W)—A congressman Is paying his own way to the Japanese peace conference for the avowed purpose of heckling the Russians if they make trouble. Rep. o. K. Armstrong (R-Mo) announced yesterday he will attend the Sept. 4 San Francisco meeting in an unofficial capacity to "take on Gromyko and company if they start any long-winded propaganda talks." "It's lime to stand up to these disturbers of world peace and tell them where to head in," the former author, newspaperman, world traveler and lecturer said. RED SPY Remington Conviction Reversed by U.S. Court NEW YORK, Aug. 22. {/Pj—The U. 8. Court of Appeals reversed today the conviction of William W. Hemington, former government economist, on charges of perjury in denying he hart ever been a member of the Communist Party. The court's decision, written by Chief Judge Thomas W. Swan, was unanimous. The case was returned to the district court lor a new trial. Eec/s Draft Germans •or Military Service BONN, Germany (AP) — West] German socialists claim that gen- ral military service will be intro- ,uced in the Soviet Zone of Germany soon. A review of East German re-arm- ment, published by the headcruar- ers of the Socialist Party here, says he "Volkspolizcl", a military cadre >f aproximately 55,000 officers and men, is ready to handle a flood of •ecrults. Paper work for the large call-up has already been~done, the'review states, under the pretext of collect- ng workers for uranium mines. Mass medical examinations were given to determine fitness for underground work. This information. :he review says, can now be used as ,he basis for the future draft. (Continued from Page I) ventlgations which over-lap at times. Eveh/as.Budena was testifying before ;tiic 'senators, the House group called in Gen. Douglrvs MncArthur'sl former intelligence chief for qyes-i UTTLE ROCK, Aug. 22. (A*i— Llonlng about a Soviet spyrnastor | Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Hutchinson to Speak At Agri Teachers Meet who operated in the Far East before World War II, MaJ. Gen. Chnrlcs A. Wilhnighby, the intelligence officer, had related some pnvls of this story to the sen- ntors earlier in their hearings, The House committee sought more details on operations of Rlclnrd Sorge, the alleged Soviet spy executed by the in 1944. Knox T. Hutchinson wilt speak al the 33rd annual conference of Arkansas vocational agriculture slritctors here. The meeting opens Aug. 28 ant ends on the 31st. Other speakers scheduled to ap pear include M. D. Mobley. exccu live secretary of tha American Vo rational Association. lite* Conducted ; or J. W Skaggs Services for James Washington Itaggs, who died Saturday at Malla were conducted Monday mom- ig at the Pentacostal Church with .Irs. D. R. Hammond officiating. He was born Dec. 24,1811. at Cliat- .anooga, Term. SurvJvors Include hLs wile, Sally kaggs. two daughters, Mrs. Mildred ackson and Mrs. Mai-ie Webster; our sons, Jesse, Hershel, J. D. and ~rover, all oj Manila. Burial was in Manila Cemeter) with Howard Funeral Home i harge. • + * Dormer Blytheville Man Dies in Poplar BluH Services for B. D. Holmon, 78 )f poplar Bluff, formerly of Ely heville, were conducted yesterday n Poplar Bluff. He died at his home in Popla Bluff FYiday. He is survived by fou brothers and one sister. • * • Handley Infant Dies Graveside rites for Glendo Jo Handley, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie O. Handley of Rt. 1, Gideon, Mo., were conducted at 11 a.m. today at Blmwood Cemetery here. The one-day-old infant died yesterday at Gideon. In addition to her parents, she is survived by two sisters, Joyce and Shirley Ann; and four brothers, Robert, Billy, Jerry and Sterling. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge. tussio Offers J.S. More Money On War Debts WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. (*>— Russia has Indicated ft Is willing go higher than its last offer of $240,000.000 In settlement of U* end-lease account wilh the U.S. The Soviet received $11,000,000,000 worth of U. S. -goods din-ing the war, but this government has been willing to settle for $800,000,000 or ess, on the basis that most ot the total amount of goods had no peacetime value. The State Department, after set tlement talks were resumed yesterday, said Moscow's negotiators had agreed to up their previous "final offer" but did not say lia\v much. Talks will resume Friday. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page 1) bushed in the neutral xone anc ics leader killed. Joy acknowledgec receipts of Nam's blistering charge said preliminary investigation die "not substantiate the charges," anc added lie would reply after he had studied full reports of investigators. .ouisionan Fined $21 'or Leaving Injured Wife Lying in Rood Clcve Bailey ot Huston, 1*., WM fined $26 and costs In Manila y«*- tcrday for leaving the scent of an accident thai happened to h!l •nifc. Chief of Police Lee Baker (tatted that Bailey and hie wife wen traveling down the highway when an argument started between th« two. Mrs. Bailey fell out of th» car and Bailey continued down the road, leaving' his wife Ijiaf on the highway. Mrs. Bailey waa taken to Rattan's CJInle whet* she It being treated for maB bruises and shock. ~ Chief Baker arrested Bailey five hours later and placed him in Jail In Manila. WAR (Continued from Pag* H ed fire. When the ROKs stormed the fl- nal crest just before noon Wednesday, only one Red platoon remained. McArthur said. The South Koreans had moved ahead steadily behind/ the slowly advancing curtain of-'artillery fire since the attack started Saturday morning. In some bunker positions they counted more than 50 dead Communists. Nfcrvy Aslcs Wore Carriers WASHINGTON. Aug. 22, (AP) — Secretary Kimball said today the Navy will ask for more giant aircraft carriers after model tests are completed for the first time, probably within six or eight months. Russian Papers Assail Truman MOSCOW, Aug. 22. (AP)— Russian papers said today President Truman's congressional message concerning the Soviet Union's peace proposals consisted, "in a spirit cus- | tomary for Truman, of attacks on 1 1 the U.S.S.R." I It was the first Soviet press com- ' ment on the President's message transmitting to Congress the peace resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the accompanying letter of President Nikolai Shvernik. The Presidium Is the body which acts for the Soviet, or parliament, when it is not In session. We Finance AUTO & TRUCK REPAIRS Complete Service on All Mokes FREE ESTIMATES= COME IN TODAY! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Walnut & First Phone 4422 YOU CAN HAVE COOKff^ BIG VALUE OF THE BIG FIELD ! A FULL-SIZE GENERAL ELECTRIC RANGE AT AN ECONOMY PRICE! $3.10 PER ofl«r down payment '''tt 9 ' -r RfG ... in siz.c! flfC . . . in power 1 IUG ... in all-around value! Thai's ihc leader of Olilsmobile'a famous "Rocket" Bed—the glamorous "Rocket 98"J Interiors arc ultra-smart and spacious . . , tailored for your driving comfort and riiliny tnvnry. 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