The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1949
Page 6
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t SATURDAY, APRH. 23, Ifi49 BT,YTHEVH,LE (ARK.) COimiEK NEWS PAGE SEVETf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 1 M MOT SURE EVEN IN BROAD DAYLI&HT-- TH RAWHIDE ROPE HE 8RAIDED WAS VERY THICK AN' FAT, YOU KNOW.' 1 COULD BE MISTAKEN). BUT IN THE DARK GRAY OF DAWN 1 THOU&HT THAT WAS SOPA' RAWH1PE ROPE SOME o 1 YOU FUMMV FELLERS PLJ1 THEM OM MV S APPLE/ HE BRAIDEP THIS. LAST WINTER. 1 THE CLOSE RESEMBLAMCE FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEKRIIX BLOSSER Hide Him I Notice ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, t'iilleu and crippled .animals picked up free of luii'Kcd in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 01-12, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISl'OiiAL, CO. 4-21-ck-5-21 Elizobeth R. Roberts i rKinr kou.lnn Full.. Moat. np Ikr *t rcce» VEA.H? ISOPP056 WORD A A DOOO.'—~ T HOPS TWa DOi^T ClAECtiOP-*"- RIDICULOUS, iiir ^^ __ .M&lfJTOA Jo8~S6TTi'-S<3CX)T K6D THE RED f?WS VWOLO _. MV vJrtOLe neavoo.s SVSTEW/ — OPATUA.1.6ROSIS IS 1^0 jouc — x Okice HKO TO OOIT A LOCKA-VVOE POST AS AUDITOR TOR A. VJORLC T. WAS LOOK,is /BOTH!vye THIS A WltATTA \ D'O UK WAKfT /vrJiMAL VA HUNK. I OH PI AY "THE KAY! BUI FORA ZINOER- UP VooR. STORV OP f-i IVAe CHlCA&O PIPODIIOG OOT OR A BCAUJY CONTEST PurcontuiTA w me Acr :«U|MT-1 AM'J ICTODY Will, ivy IMIHISIRV BACK IO YEARS / LODGER COFVIICHT tr ciiiNiHG: nmiiHii CliTIIIUUD "T "I* «lvKt IHC. TIIK sTOHYi MI-. «nd M™. Rifc- I Hint. Rollo? W&nl lo Bit in the rrl. lalc» lo |irulili «» »• •»'" •• h.-;(rV" "Thai's a good idea," Hollo s;iid "You fi-ltuws don't in-'eil lo lielj: inc. I'll make il okay." ,, Jllli-rt liln Wanted to Buy 1 motlcin DU].-i-x--3 or 6 nn West Wnlmil. cnu-lia- n. :iml Holly strcels Phono City Properly Wanlccl! Do you linvc city prupcrty you want to soil? Small lots. small houses, vacant lots or nice homes. You may have just what \ve are looking for, so call us. Rl ALES LAND Co. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnet t ' E. E. Williams 33'J: : ! — Phones — <1K',9 BlyUieville, Ark. XIX 4 FEW days l;ilor 15en Wood^ worth, a cattle buyer friend ot ours, proposed we make up a parly and go w'tn him and his wife, Sandra, to Oswaldo, o wide 5|jol in the road situated on the shoulder of the Rockies. He wns due lo oversee a larse shipment of rattle. 1 couldn't bear to leave Rollo home in Ins unhappy stnte of mind, and so I hinted to Ben thai he invite him to no along. It Wfifn't diflicult lo sell the idea. We crowded Rollo and Sandra ami me inlo the hack seat of lien's car and Ben and Rob sat up front. Sandra and I 'did a lot ot visiting tOKClhe:-— \vn hadn't seen each other since the day before—and in our preoccupation with ourselves, we paid little heed to Rollo. He must have had a bottle in his pocket fitted with a straw, for by the time we reached Oswaldo, Hollo was listing. Since it was still early in tne afternoon, Ben suggested we bypass the hotel and take a drive lo- ward the Main RaiiRe to give Rollo time to sober up. Mr. llinky who owned and operated the hotel was a rabid teetotaler. We drove until dinnertime and still Hollo hadn't shown a nicker of interest in the mountains w'e had to offer. Back in Oswaldo, Ben said, "Food's what he needs." We drove up lo the little cafe and the men, as inconspicuously as possible, propelled Rollo in and to an out-of-the-way table. Bollo sat blinking, each blink lowering his eyelids a shade more permanently. "Fresh air's what he needs," Ben said. "How about \Y'E nlc out dinner quickly, for ' we noticed that quite a crowd had gathered on the sidewalk be- foie the restaurant and we didn't want to hold up Irade. In Oswaldo the curl) it high, two good steps up from the street, possibly to keep mud from sloshini: onto Ihe sidewalks. Hollo had gol as far as the curb. There he had evidently sal down to take the air. And Ihen lain back lo rcsl And fallen asleep. A circle of mouth-open people were qatlu'red around the peaceful younft aviulor. anil some iilllc children were amusing themselves by running the length of his «- cumbeiH form. The more venture some began al the head rmc jumpe<l from his knees to th street Lielow: Hie timid ones be^ai at his kner-s and iumped oft hi head lo the sidewalk close be nealh. "Here! Whal's the idea?" He demanded. "Can't .YOU iff th fellow's sick " He shooed tl children away like flics off a pie(- ot .pie. "lie's drunk, thill's what he is." said llinky, \vlio had joined the crowd. His voice was brimming with outrage. "He can't slay in my holel. [ run a decpnl place." "Bui he's a soldier," 1 SHid, sure as always thai thai made a difference. "1 don't keer if he's a admiral," Hinky answered angrily. "He ain'1 agunla sleep in rny hotel. It 1 lei one drunk in. pailic'larly n soldier I'd have a vhTul madhouse on my hands inslid of a decenl, law- abiding hotel." Even il Hinky rclenlcd, I wondered how, shorl ot block ant Inckle or a fireman, they could hope lo gel Ilollo up Ihal ladde of a staircase. "Let him sleep in your car," tl obdurate llinky suRKeslcn. "lie niijjhl open the dour rmrt \v;rnde-t out and gel hurl." Samiia >je<-ted. "Lock Ihe tloors. then." llinky said, giving some income of Ihi: of the intelleirl we were deal- - iny wilh. • • • I {OH and lien, reinforced hy sonic .stalwart country hoys, managed lo Ret fiollo onlo Ihe back seal of Ihe car, no inciin feal since il was a two-dciur sciian, and we all repaired lo the lek-- ione office to call the dude much. 13ut tile place was closed for the .ason. We must have looked des- eratc, for the operator look her icudphonc oil and said siic ouldn'l help overhearing Die con- ersLil'on ami knew n lourisl cimip n Ihe Olllskirls of town thai mif.hl till have a vacancy. She'd scarce- y finished Idling us this when here was a call on llu- switchboard. It was a woman to say she :ou](ln'l help overhearing Ihe con- vcrsiilion and she was calling rinhl back to tell us her husband had a place for the soldier and if wr'd jusl wait, he'd meet us at Ihc telephone ofllce. Mr. Harris appeared within a mailer of minutes. He had a litlle place over yonder in a horse lol where he could put up a man occasionally when he was in a pinch. The men bedded Rollo down In the lillle shack. "He'll be in fine shape lomor- ret," Mr. Harris assured us. '-\Von'l ulow where he is. Can't git a irop to di ink." When we culled for Rollo next morning, he had not slept 11 oil. Mr. Harris spied the boltle. ".hnnp- ng .Ichoshaplial!" he exclaimed. 'He's went and drunk up Old Everlasting." He picked up the empty botlle lying on Ihe floor beside Hollo's bed. "Yes. sir, he's went and done il." He looked al us ip bewildenncnl and surprise. "Why, I bought thai slull nigh onlo a year ago. Hi-ought il home as a present for the boys. And I ain't found a cow poke yit could git a ssvaller down." He looked at Hollo wilh awe. "Yes, sir," he' repeated, admiration tinging his voice, "he's went and done it." <To Be CuiiUnucd) "The next blessing wo ought to hope tor is a nice littlo scilnn!" 1>RISC1L1,A'S I'OI 15y Al. VURMEER DHEIFIS MEp.l fheiuis man(t< '.Ill, \\l5V\l\i\ is forbidden, nnd it is recommended (hnl no gltls be accepted, "even of small value." American Teachers Are Unpaid in Japan TOKYO —til'i — Orcupatloii personnel nl>cl dependents may give tree lessons in oral English In Japanese schools, but mon gel military ROV- onnenl approval to address parcnl- U'.ichcr associnUons or otHcr Japanese educational organizations, the military government has decided. Payment of any kind for teaching D.P.L. No. 15 COTTON SEED Delinted, Treated And Sacked fti% Germination 1 Year from Station A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For Sale Magcrs & Gill Dell. Ark. Phone Constant growth of our business has made it necessary to increase oil! telephone facilities. This neuessilaled ehaujjiiitf our number. Our (deplume number is 812 / ate one too.' Think of An Apple KI'TECTIVK AI'HIl, 12, 1019 liNITED INSlIKANt.E AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingram Building We Insure Everything WE Make All Typt LOANS COTTON FARMERS Chemically dtlintc* cotlon «ecl germinate quicker, plant and plow tht sumt week. Rtducr chopping expense and produce more cotlon per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D. A e. L. No. 11, per M) Lb. Bat u t !•. L, No. 15, I'er 50 Lb. Ba[ Stoneville t B, Per 50 Lb. Bag Sloneville 2 C, Per 51) Lb. Ktf Rowdcn 41-B. ftr 5« Lb. Bax Hall * Hall Illlhred). Per 50 Lb. B»x Coker's 100 Wilt KenlsUnt. P«r S» Lb. B»f... Paul*. Per -iO Lb. BaR. Kmiiire. Per 50 Lb H^lt Come in anil (ilarc tour order nr crl rnnr s^ BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP Phone 856 Blylhevllle. Ark. Brincuw: Leacliville, Ark., llomersvillr. Mi>. mnd SenAth. Mo. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH .STUDEBAKER I'hone 888 CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 19-17 Studebakcr Land Cruisvr . . . hcnuliful blue, an ideal family car. ]912 Buick -l-door . . . drive (his car for K bargain price 1910 I'lymouih -l-door . . . gi.od tires, new naiul . . . and offered at a real price. 19.'!9 Chevrolet 2-door . . equipped wilh radio & heater. 19^7 Studcbaker I'/j-Ton Truck willi new puinf and a good body. 1917 Studcbaker I 1 /* -Ton Cab and Chassis . . . Rood tires and healer . . low .nilcage. 1912 Dodge I'/i-Ton . . . new paint, nesv motor, and a good Army body. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer Railroad & Ash •STUDEBAKER AN CAU't VOU Bi: LIKU . WILUKfcH'i CHILDREN? I'HEV'Rt WEAL CLOSE PALS." CARLVUE.' PRISCILLA! CUT OUT THAV BICKERING THtV COULDN'T Gl-T MUCH CLOSER THAN WF_ WERE JUST THEN I lly M1CUAKL O'MAI.I.HY aiul RALl'H LANE \ Itiul Sliol fuc putu UP ay THIS BRIDGE OJG5, AND GET OUT OF R055UM Will BE AION6 ANY MINUTE Ill FIND OUT TROW THE POUCE WHO THE OWNER 15. YOU LOOK AROUND ~IO StE If ANYTHING 15 DISTURBED. By LESLIE TURNER , WASH TUIHiS E'D IOMIID PROP- X UNLESS SOMEONE WHO Hi'5&Ml\ PRtHV/ GIG'S MIWD StEMS MUCH PING &&CK TO WHAT \ FUUV UNDERSTAND* ne WAS to PASF- «ao 1 WHV IHAT HAPPENS 0' HIE HME.JMJ. \ GKOVVIWG MORE ATTACHED . .VC! HE'S (\PI IO ftHV/CAM UtlP HIW CIEAR pftV, UMLF5S-^>> THOSE HUROIES...SOME " KURD HARM AN, BUGS BUNNY 1 OVER. TH' POPCORN AND CANDY Y^ / i SUPPOSE YOU / i WN'T WHIRE YA 1 ELMER'S G-GOT \ SEE MV \f DOC.,, BUT TELEVISION K STEP WIDE... SET, TOO .V I/-/)!!- SET... S-SOIN6 TO CALL OM jii ' " vxrV-Xx- f, -) rp VW, \^\ \i - ^— *— /-rv / liv V. T. HAMLUS NOW \VXW \\ -iou RUN ALONG rco. MN'T SONNA BE NO PLA.CE . IF WANT TO 6ET TOLJSH. MOLP EVEEVTHING A MINUTE: SAVIN 1 ? / HEAIZD *3«W - '•' fl, , jT— \ '\ n IL' »y EDGAR MARTIN What. Did You S:iv7 HOOTS AND HER HUDD1ES R88

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