The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 5
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)03i ni.YTHMVII.LB, (AUK.) COUUIER NErt'S CLASSIFIED ADS Tfco ceiils ft word /or llrsl i!;.crlion and one cent a wurd for each subsequent Ir.a-rtion. Ko advertisement liken for less than SOe. Count the words and send (lie cash. 300 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Timothy or Soy Bean Hav, Eav Corn or Eoy Beans Writi- .1. K. Cox or F. W. Vi'.'.i Horn, Slki'ito!!. Me. 12P-K10 If Kilmer Horse Cops Western Classic He'll ,Top Gallant Fox's Winnings. Used IVz Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor J'or 2 1 /; to 5 horsepower load. Needs one now beiirini,'- Will sell cheap- GOURIER-NEWS 3 MULES rsi- Saie--Fcr cas Write "!I". Courier Kev.s. PC!' KENT FOR KENT—Four mc:it. H10 West A FOR RENT — Bedroom in strain heated house. .Men preferred. Phone Ko. !, Mrs. J. G. Smlhtiiy. 7I>-KM FOR RENT — Kicciy furnished apartment, wilh garage, modern, new house, so cheap thai you cannot alford To own your furniture. Phone 091-.I. Mrs. Wcr! at 22! Uougan. BY CI.AHIE BIUICKV NT.-\ Service Spcrls V.'ri('.-r Frcm a window In a &;m-i3t:*> : : building on Arthur B. Ili!i-j3j"s>: '• : Ca lit 11 rn Stud Kami, in murb ;'.>.: i county, Kentucky, ecu be he.'rJ t'.:. 1 • ICUK npigii c! a bis red CD!". !:'.- ' | a fjmtliar nound, yet iill d:::5::': Isccm as it should be; there is n:'.. ; apparent note of worry in the ;.!'.'.i: 1 • whinny. ; i Investigation would di^cl^se tiur. i | Hie nelsh belongs lo GaUint I':::.' i Greatest money-wimiinj horse cf j 'all time. An interpreter of ihor- |ci]ghbrcd nelghin^s wouhl gh,e y •'.; . , Ihe low-down: j i "Yes, B!(! Red is a Irifle concer::- j ! ed. You see, his ears have;;l j -1 up rumors Unit, Sun Beau lias (!?ii-i signs on his all-lime money -,v!u- ining record. ^ i -Big Red's father. Sir Giia'.-.ari " i ITT, whose quarters are r i u h ; (iiext door, has frequently tried to -allay the ycunoster's fears wi^. rcora c;i:'.rt-' nickers of assurance lhat Siui Beau ,h. Call rilO. 'will not dethrone him. 'FAcn if ru 5C-TT ,does.' reasons Sir Gii'.ahad nvirsj record will lack Ir.e lusler of yours, j You campaigned only two sho:t seasons while he has t3cn at I: • four years. 1 Sllil, It is apparent that Sun Bean is something of :. nighlniiire lo Big Ked." PAGE FIVE Expert, dope dees say that Gal-jnetl third. It looks like a top notch lain Fox has cause to worry. Al: i outfit. 1'P-KlDi -i.. i this tips point, to Sun Bcau in the A?ui P-il-ente Handicap M.irch 22 -anil iripit: of f.e fact that the Not, much Is doing In the of the Phils, so far. Of i there is' Chuck Klein. cair.p ccur.-e 'ourtli St. WANTED - Pa:nily Washings, j frcilll Sml B:;uu - s 129 |nun j s dov . u Washed and Ironed by compo-| to Ba p 01mds lv v,| C |, f m , r ] lor _,c, 5 I have l>22n assigned. Willis Sharp? Kilmer's horse must carry 13 buy poultry anv' pound's more tlian Mike Hall, Eas- j talented son of Sun Briar-Beautiful I years in ti'.e majors has dan? 111:1. WANTED tLady must shoulder 129 pounds,and |notable work Ihan mcsi players de. — — i pcssibiy more, .in llieir cnlire careers. His tat- \ POULTRY V.'AETED—Market pri-j Seveniy-L\iO are eligible for the tine average is .370. He Is luininj : cos, any rn:ar.!ity. Marilyn Hat- second renewal of the Agua Call-1 ol| t to be a dandy outfielder, te.3.. ente event and the weights rame I even ii you can catch r. fly in IhH "" " ;' right field an:! slip 0:1 first fcr a double p!ay. A nmnber. of young pit:hers will (jet a trial. • and pitching is what Burt Shottor, needs. tent white woman. 104 S. Lake St. 17CK-T WANTED — amount, market price. 1 ;. J. Fisher at C. L Bennett Co. Feed Store. 210 \. R. R. CC-KJO WANTED — To rent, owner. Apply 211 road. home from South rail- 10P-K15 ...LOST. 1 AND .FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Plr.ce, 213 South First St. ter stockings. Crack Brigade and Challenger 11, an invader fro:n Enyland. Three additional pounds will be fastened ta Sun Beau's saddle if he attends Ihe New Orleans Handicap and wins. However, those c!cs3iy associated w'.th his handlers say he v.-ill remain aw;ay fio:n Ncv; Orleans ancl concentrate Aaua Caliente. have questioned Owner Vic'-TF' Kihnci's wisticm in mining Sun ." j Usau for Ihe Baja California cias- LOST—Ladies stcrr hide pune ron-isie. They s^c in an undisputed raining coir.pact. Reward. Gal! cham;;ic:i di.ring Ihe TJ31 slimmer 735-J. nr 120 nmisati. 1HC-X15, and fall caniiiaigus. Kilmer .should 1 allcv,- him to rest up during ths -cj 1 fi 14 wint:r, they contend. lOi'K LOltOn But bun Bea;l is crK ii;ea with inning S2o5,319—and there's -.vhcre it- rub c-jines. A victory ui Acjua Caliente's S140.000 nffair. ferosGijr; NEW YORK, Jan. Cotton r!c-cd steady. cpen 'li^h Jan (n) 9Ki 1CW Jan 10'" Mar 1CI3 1022 May 1031 104i: July 1057 1035 Oct. 1070 1032 Sijots closed quiet and at "l003. :ov: 035 close nan 10?,.? 1015 1039 1050 1074 1083 lover $100,000 for the v.inner, will [bring Sun Beau's winnings tc sonie- jthiua lil-.c S366.0C-0 Kilmer wants to : see his thcronglibred overshadov: jthe records of S34I.3S5 won by Cial- j l:'.:it fox: S335,3iO won by Kssr, I French wonder horse o; several paigns. Not a Roseate Vls'a Staying near the bo'_: y,i*. for a \vhile, r.ow atout tile R::; Sox? Shono Coliins' job is not tr/ be envied. The outlook is no brighter than it has been for s.vera'. seasons past, it seems. B r ,sic:n h:;.- some pitchers, a hitter or iv.j and that's al!. They are coin? to ketp fon tryin;; with the rooki's. The Robins? Well, they have :aken 0:1 Lefty O'Doul. Then .here's that ho^-caMer Fea Ridj? lay. who may pitch when he's no: calling. A little circus a:mcs?:err has tsen added, but lhi> Robii:, They inny be away nut in front by Ju'.y 4. Bui. if a team car. bo aw.'.v out in front July 4 and still loathe flag, Brcckiyn will do it. How aLou: the Cubs under Horns-. by? Maybe 20 p; DID vou KNOW THAT— The sio'.Uh of horse racing since t!ie w:;r Is shown in Chl- riiijo's tentative lift cf purser, for Ui'il. whicli totp.l in I r. c neighborhood cl S2.5iiO,000 . . . mef.niGi will I:D held ut Wash- ingtcii Paik in June; at Arllng- (::i in July; IIa»-thcrne in Au:i:.:. and L-ir.L'Dln Fields in ;\i.,:. inb:r . . . the season '^ill rp:n .'.I Aurora Mr.y 1 ... Ar- iiii-'.eu has boosted the value c. iirv.ily every s'.tike . . . the Cr,«!c will carry 570.030 added ;r.;:-, ; -y. -.vhie'.-. is 820,003 better ,::?.!'. 15 cilercd in the Kentucky D^iby c: ciie l j rcain:cs> .... l:-jv.'t!i;;-no will probably offer $:i.-).03Q in rdded money, instead -A 525,0^0 as heretofore, in the Cole! Cup event . . . which :r.ey in- i^ken KS r.n encourag- :r.;< si/ri :r. iho face of the mill r:.ip'.Lyi:;cni situation you have ij been hearing about. New NtW Cotton ORLEANS. Jan.. ']-! (UP) — closed steady. j Gun lieuu'ci training workou'.s at | the Fair Grounds in C^'imbn. fi. , C.. are encouragiii;* to W. A. (Dee) Cr?.',v!ord. his Irainer. Doc has advised th? horse t.ial Owner Kilmer .plans to retire hi-i to the stud r.t jhis Kew Market. Va.. farm, fo'.lcv.-- •ini; his linal dash Iron) the barrier ! March 22. ft wculd appear, then. :it whatever plans Sun Beau '.ins Cooler Basketball Teams Trim Loca .High School Teams The Cooler bo;* and girls woi a double header from the Blythe vl'.:e high boys and girls nt Cooler last night. The Ccoicr girls, unilelraloti fa far this season, had an easy lime with the Blylhjvllle aggregation, snowing the local lassies under • wilh n 53 to 4 d?feat. | The boy's gnme was harder : fought with the Cooler Icnm • ir.'.irling lo the front for a 10 lo ! 13 triumph. j Slippery roads and Kiib-i-.ero : the- delayed Ihe arrival of the . Biythcville teams and Ihe slurt ol 1 the games '- 1 -' 11 ' but at second is il? would v.hica seems a coed sf en which to cor.eludL' EVANSTON, 111. (UPI—Answer lo Ihe question "da coUcge athletes make good in other lines" is con- taincd in a report tin :i survey of ccllCKC and university presidents recently compiled by Charles W. Ward, executive secretary of the j General Ahimu! AssocltUion ol " |'.ern University. In a fccttall game between fern; Ward's report revealed that more and Uruguay tile oilier- day, six {than sixty former college athletes cent better, on -, O ie killed whrn the specr.itors j wiio were awarded letters in t'r.cir p.-.pfr. over list year. I'irlnp n:she:l onto the field and started undo graduate days are now occu- they'll have the added pu:i;!i u rbtinj. How's that for ovcrcmpha- i pying the presidential chair ol a in. Ed Bacch! and Lenuie neke are expected (v^ be vahinb'^ additions to the mo-.nxi s!::i: Bae~ht won 26 and lost 12 for thr igeis last yrar. Montague, a jiU:li- er from the University c; Michijai'.. is 6 feet 3 inches tail and wcn'is 212. ' And tl'.e Yanks? change ns yet under Another Laxzcri is tein;; /.uiile.i. without much succesj. T:K- infie^-: is Ihe problem. A nirr Kvers-Tu:k- ilS? You con'L even have to be a pi.iy- er t-j die fcr dear ohi Uruguay. Exiier's \viio are picking the All- Eoulh American lOD'.ball team arc Nnt niucli • in a quandary, Several Pentvi.ins Marse J-.\ are proficirut. wi;ii C.:c machine! basketball, yiiii. while iJiuguaynns are s.iici tit held (he aig.- in blocking with l:i;ht artillery. AW THAT OLD HECV.IT CHEEKS TRVIMs ~K> :1R V/AY COT..-TCO BAD THEY MAO TO \-JAVT SO UON3 K>a. Sow.EBODV To CO.S\E To THE1C, n '^^ '• •«' \ hii-h 1001 1W2 1019 1CE3 1033 I WAS JUOf O^ER TO TAG S -,JAS T W.E At 1 - ABOUT V/AS BESCUSO IM THAT ruviHEl ItWlb'. made wilh reaard lo otistiiij; Gal- Spots closed steady at 073. up 5. Main Fox as Ihe leading money w;n- ncr of ali time miist be carried cul that day al Asua Cahcnle. Rcari Courier Mews Hctl Hall .linrlior Shop 318 W. Main Williams <fc Damnn, I'rnii. I-Vlix Kyle. Fieii Fioyett. rif. Virgil Williams Ear] Dntnen. Cash IViil oi Late Jlodi-i LVnl Car.s eague robters ave ' lo pour in. They offer . i sips fcr itcrirs. \ will Cii:cinrali d.i? Bin,;;:: and hclt?r Ihin^: are en the licwley i- '..-' rei'.ii'.rlinj. Hi i actually is builii"):-'. starling a'.n-.Oi frcm scvatfh. Kifiht nt\v faces art scutli With liie ficds. O:^ ol [these is U:)'> A.-.l).:crr.?en. hit .331 lr,r :.';";:v.'iile lp-.i Thcn t'nrrc'i Mirk":-' l!er.;!i. ;;:A first Iroir. Hoilywrcd. H: .:«3 fcr iKillywocd las; ye:,-.-. f.iys he feel- sure ol Mickey Then there 's another lad named E;tcl Crabtrce. my soodnjss! \V. T. KAHNKTT 111-119 Ean I.lnin SI. Phone 338 or B37 and Itm;; disl:ir.c^ rates on carload Team for local hauling. i NE\l£R f . I1ISVPJI.. F.*T R08BERV!! HOLPUP! V. R. 1VASHAJI TRANSFER 1403 ChicrWawi'.a Vhcllc X51 TOiVO 1 . tCT Et^Too .Save ynit money Auto Cilass Ti:i!:a:is Arc Hoi! Tho;e Indiaiii Ic^k siro:v.; on paper. S'.ICIIT ri-piaceineuls I'.ave b-;cr. made in the pi!;'.:irn i-Ui[. cf •••, i '.!:.-'i AL'TO PARTS I'hone lifi JACKSON 2020 Main !I.\V a train load. sh;:rk on, ti'c h;:. e per b;i., in car Oisc KAt! COKN Sliurk cif. Sales Co.. fllviheviile. Ask. Phunc 174 or LU 1EOG. liked by Uilly Evans. Hur- _^inoncid may play short, end. Bu:- OUR BOARDING HOUSE iVe stoop \\x\\\\\\r \^ or "(Ills AMP SUAPPIMc-y VOU iWp PARLOR BEARS so HERE GOES afeCk'£R , GAWK I/J QMS. •BIO SWEEPING AS MY Pi-AY , WIM ' BOOTS AND HER BUJ3DIES By Mai-tin OMV< soitvj "WKV 1 B t«OU6V\ TO ^KVft OR. vjow ! wtu, OL' TO \T ^^ VEG u. vpATorr SAY 1 . 'I MJCXJ^D Rescue D Fa£c^Les IF To THS CAMcvl AH'- sesrr OM KOTHKK KNEJIV ! \ ts SHALL J >'OLl v:tl'H We. 00? 'i ? 8ULLET HOLH TUPJ NOW NOU'Ut CONE ITi HIM TO FALL FOW Tn,\T 6LOWING IIP FORTS HE A H£ PR.ESIOEMT 'STORMS QOT OF Ti't ROOM W A TWRIftLE i Survey Shows College 1 Athletes Make Good university or college. Questi3:inairC5 were sent by iward to 411 colleges and universities and 2W replies uere received. Thrf.e showed that the favorite spun of the proxies during their student days, in which they were awarded their letter, was foclbr, B.i;eball ran a close second, wll 1 .* track, rowing, wrestlins; and tennis bruising up the rear. Head Courier News "Wan!. Am.

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