Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on December 15, 1972 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1972
Page 2
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Hijacker surrenders in Montrael to authorities DAILY FACTS, Redlands, Calif. EB and FLO Friday, December 15,1972- 2 \ T •• TWTH •• Tf By Paul seiie re meter raps White House news MONTREAL (UPI) -An unemployed construction worker hoping "someone will realize now that I need help" hijacked a jet with 62 persons aboard Thursday but surrendered 10 hours later to his father and a psychiatrist. The hijacker, dressed in an olive drab jacket and slacks against 22-degree below zero temperature, took over the Quebecair plane at the Wabush, Labrador, airport as it prepared to take off with its 57 passengers and crew of five. Corp. Earl McLeod of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the hijacker, identified as Larry M. Stanford, 21, Saint John, N.B., came to the terminal carrying only a box. "We don't search people at an airport this size," McLeod said. He said the hijacker took a rifle from the box, ran aboard the plane, and took a stewardess hostage. He ordered the jet flown to Montreal, its scheduled destination, where he allowed the passengers and a stewardess to get off. The skyjacker then ordered the plane to Ottawa, made a 20- minute stop, and returned to Montreal. There, his father John Stanford—brought to Montreal from Wabush in a government jet—and Montreal psychiatrist, Dr. Bruno Cormier, climbed to the top of the boarding stairs and persuaded Stanford to give up his gun and release the four HELD IN MONTREAL — Larry Maxwell Stanford, 21, of Saint John. New Brunswick, (L) in custody at a Montreal police station, is accused of hijacking a Quebecair flight yesterday and holding four crewmembers hostage for nine hours. (UPI) Testimony shows ITT files held from probe WASHINGTON (UPI) - The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and his assistant have testified the White House advised them not to give a House subcommittee sensitive files regarding the ITT case. The chairman, William Casey, who has been appointed undersecretary of state, said a White House counsel told him that because the ITT case was under investigation by the Justice Department and the SEC, the files should be withheld from Congress. Also in testimony before the House Commerce Investigations subcommitte, Charles S. Whitman, Casey's executive assistant, said the files contained "politically sensitive" information. He did not say what the information was. In 1970 ITT settled out o£ court with the Justice Department in a huge antitrust case, 10 days after an ITT subsidiary pledged to underwrite much of the cost of the Republican National Convention. The ITT-Justice Department relationship later became the subject of Senate investigation. Whitman testified that he decided to reject a request by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass., for the files because he felt Kennedy wanted them "to reveal their contents for political scandal" before the November presidential election. Casey said on Oct. 3, one month before the election, he went to the White House for a meeting with Presidential Counsel John Dean to discuss what to do about a request by the House subcommittee for access to the material. Dean, he said, "confirmed my views that the matter was under investigation (by the Justice Department) and we should not turn the files over to the subcommittee". The files were later shipped by SEC to the Justice Department, a move which put them out of the reach of a congressional subpoena. The Justice Department has refused to turn any of the material over to Congress on grounds that it contains information bearing on the department's own investigation of ITT's relationship with the government. Wexler arrested for conduct on airliner SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — New York playwright and screen writer Norman S. Wexler, whose next movie is "Paranoia, Here I Come," was in jail today after the FBI gave bad reviews to the debut of his "theater in the air." Wexler, 46, •award-winning screen writer of the 1970 hit movie "Joe," was arrested Thursday and charged with interfering with an airline crew and being abusive to a stewardess. The FBI said Wexler created a disturbance aboard American Airlines flight 59 from New York to San Francisco Thursday afternoon. When he was told to stop, he insulted the stewardess. "I admit having a fine time aboard," Wexler told a newsman in a jail interview. "You've heard of street thea- COUPON Car Wash PURCHASE NECESSARY C WITH ANY GAS FILLUP Coupon expires December 22 1 Most Credit Cards Honored MISSION 315 Orange St. Downtown Redlonds OPEN »: 30 to * Mon. thru Sat. - Son. ? to 4 I THOUGHT "WE EVENING WENT PRETTY WELL, PIPNT TWJ ? YES, EXCEPT FOR ONE "THING... IN FUTURE. IP BE GRATEFUL IF T©0 WOJLPNT REFER T<?A\E AS A BARREL Of FUN l WHY? WHAT£ WRONG WITH THATf WELL, IT WASNT ALL THAT LONG AGO WHEN SAY I HAP Jz>)) DOLLAR FIGURE When he first saw his son, Stanford said they shook hands and the son said only "Hello, Dad." He said his son has been under psychiatric care for "a long time." "I think he really made a mess of himself this time," he said. Stewardess Lise Merrier Kazmerchuk, 27, who convinced the hijacker he needed medical care, said he told her he seized the plane "because he needed help." "He thought his psychiatrist was laughing at him. He said 'at least someonewill realize now that I need help'" she said. Stanford also gave her a handwritten note on which was scrawled: "Please help me. I need help," Miss Kazmerchuk said. In Saint John, Stanford's pregnant estranged wife Heather, 20, said, it "sounds like something he'd do. If he takes a notion to do something he doesn't think twice about it—he just does it." She added however, "I don't think he'd harm anybody." Thailand's king may restore constitution BANGKOK (UPI) -Government sources said today King Bhumiphol Adulyadej may shortly promulgate a draft interim constitution, ending 13 months of military rule by decree. The country now is ruled by the National Executive Council, a body under the control of military officers who seized power and dissolved parliament in 1971. The draft constitution was presented to the king Thursday by Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn. Sweden gives soldier US furlough UMEAA, SWEDEN (UPI) A Swedish army private has been given a free trip to California to visit his family, the Swedish army announced today. It said it was paying the bill. Karl-Gustav Burlin, 28, is doing his 10 months of national service in an infantry regiment here and his wife and daughter live in Hollywood, Calif. All Swedish servicement are given a number of free trips to their home towns each year, and the army spokesman said it was only fair that Burlin should enjoy the same privilege. He said Burlin had been given a $500 airline ticket to visit his family during the Christmas holidays. Burlin, a former Swedish polevault record holder, moved to the United States nine years ago for university studies. He met his wife Lucy there and decided to stay. But he kept his Swedish citizenship and that meant he had to do his national service here. Burlin and his family live at 2008 Vestal Ave., Los Angeles. Chile crowd welcomes Allende home SANTIAGO, Chile (UPI) Thousands of persons waving Communist banners and Chilean flags cheered President Salvador Allende when he returned Thursday night from a 14-day visit that took him to three continents with stops in Moscow and Havana. Coast Guard reports rescue of 21 men MIAMI (UPI) - The Coast Guard reported the rescue today of 21 men who abandoned the sinking freighter Lincoln Express off the coast of Puerto Rico Thursday.. Five of the crewmen were rescued from a life boat shortly after the 383-foot vessel broke in two and went down. The 16 others, wearing life jackets, were picked up from the water during the night. A Coast Guard spokesman said the search was continuing because there was confusion over how many persons were aboard. Earlier reports indicated the ship was manned by 22 or 24 men, but the ship's owner, Bahama Lines of Miami, said today it believed all aboard had now been rescued. "That's what we understand, they're all OK. All we know is they had trouble and got off the boat fast," the lines office manager, Mike Truyao, said. ter, well, this is airplane theater," he said. "Why not theater in the air?" asked the long-haired and barefoot writer. Wexler said he marched up the aisle screaming about the coming of fascism in 1984. Wexler said he waved a red signal flag while moving down the aisle and sang "just a few bars of the Communist marching song." Wexler said he wanted to test the passengers' reactions to a cover story article in Sundance Magazine, a San Francisco publication, that alleged President Nixon had ties with the Mafia. He said he waved the magazine to find out if "anyone cared about such accusations." The FBI said if Wexler is convicted he could face a fine of $10,000 or 20 years in prison. National Weather Forecast NATION*! Wf AINM SttVICI KMtCASI » 7M 111 B-* - 71 3000 3000 3«77/ IM Ml _ ' MJ5 5 ' \ •AN MANCI LOt> ANMttS •am nuiuiMii r-llGMO- IWfAMttOWCASI* < now Saturday will fintfsnow falling across many parts of the Northeast except changing to rain near the coastal regions. Snow is also indicated for the upper Plains and mid Mississippi valley. Fair to partly cloudy skies should rule elsewhere. . WASHINGTON (UPI) Terming the White House press corps "only a mimeograph machine" for President Nixon's pronouncements, critic Ralph Nader today urged the media "to send investigative reporter teams" to the White House. As it now operates, the White House press corps, Nader said, "is like a mirror—what the President declares, the press reports. There is absolutely no news judgment." In an interview with United Press International, Nader said White House reporters should not cover the White House beat on a permanent basis but should be rotated. He claimed this would prevent the White House from using its "carrot-and stick routine on newsmen—favoring some with interviews and leaks, and freezing out any newsman who becomes critical." According to Nader, the system has allowed the White House to develop newsmen who become "presidential valets," used "to distribute self-serving propaganda." To stop this practice, which Nader said has led the White House reporters "to act like sheep," newsmen should be assigned to cover the White House only on a short term basis. The short tenure could allow the newsmen "to be more critical, and help put an end to White House favoritism," Nader said. Citing the White House news conference as an example of how the White House press corps is manipulated, Nader said the President "decides who will be recognized, and when the conferences will be scheduled." As one alternative, Nader suggested that the newsmen could use a lottery to decide by whom and in what order questions will be asked. He also urged the news media to bring pressure on the White House "to give them a voice in establishing news coverage rules for the White House." Part of the problem, however, is "that publishers like to have dinner once in a while with the President, and many of them also feel that the President is a symbol of the nation, and should not be directly criticized," Nader claimed. One way to open up the White House to public scrutiny, Nader said, would be to make use of investigative reporters. "Nobody can contend that the White House and its Executive Office staff is not a fertile field for investigation," he said. "The public doesn't realize the size of these two offices, plus the Office of Management and Budget. There are hundreds of persons working in this complex, but the news media have made no real effort to apply the investigative reporting technique," he said. Nader was equally critical of news media coverage of politics. 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