The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR' 13LYTHEVIWJ3, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, lfcW, HAIN.ES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Advertising Malinger ' Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas,, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at Uie post- office at Blyth.Gv.Ule, Arkaiisas, under net of Congress, October 9, 19.11. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By; carrier in (he City of Blythevllle, 15o per week, or 65c per month. By mall,'within a radius, of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for llirce inonlhs, by mail In ix>stal zones two to six inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and clglit, $10.00 per, payable in advance. That's Where the Money Goes-Even tho most cursory study of the spending authorized by Hi e ii a s t "economy" congress shows certain salient truths: 1. Despite the ''economy" name, and despite the fact that the Congress definitely checked the President on his "snlciidinR" program, the §1.3,000,000,000 appropriated, is a greater sum than ever before appropriated' in a year of peace time. 2.. Many of. the big increases arc in fields where it will be extremely hard to reduce- them without eliminating whole services and activities which are tod,ay <i part- of government, but which were not 10 years ago. 3. Interest, on the public debt is now far higher than it was in .1930—.?!,000,000,000 as against ?G60,000,000. H can no longer be said that currying a larger debt- is no more costly than carrying the former smaller one he- cause interest rates are so much lower, 'f. Without a. definite and large increase in the national income, so that more taxes, can be collected without taking a larger percentage of Unit national income, it is very hard to sec any path out of the woods. Let's have a look at some of the expenditures for 1939-40 which did not occur at .all in 1930. First; (here is $1,7,55,0.00,000 tor relief. There is nearly a billion for social security. There is nearly §300,000,000 for the CGC: Many will argue that the expenditures: for these-things ought to be reduced, but voices (leiiiaudiiig' that they be abolished are simply not heard at all in 1939, This means that while the amounts may-be reduced somewhat, they will remain as substantial item!; on the annnual budget which did not appear at all in 1930; no matter who is running the government. Defense carried appropriations of §1,528,000,000, as compared with' $698,000,000 in 1930. Nobody objects. Hut until something is done about world conditions, it is hard to see how this cost will ever be reduced; any—it is much more likely to double again in the next 10. years, as. it has in the past 10. The farmers dragged down 5,1,272,000,000. In 10 years the expenditures of- the Agriculture Department are up a billion dollars. So it goes. Every thing hinges today, just as. it always has, on business re, covery. Only business recovery will provide that will lower that relief cost, increase consumption of those farm, products, provide the added taxes that will enable the govcrn- GUTOURWAY ment to slart whittling away the billion-dollar debt charge. On that everyone, Republican and Democrat, Communist and Townseiid- ite, can agree. It is only when you ask "How shall we do it?" that disagreement begins. Peace and Harmony What the world needs, perhaps, is Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Itoose- volt, and Stalin bunched together in a compact little group and sieging "Sweet Adeline!" At least that's the suggestion of Walter Blaufuss, Chicago song-writer and musical director. Universal 'adoption of "Sweet Adeline" as a new In- ternationale or Theme Song of Die world,' 1 would get all nations in the same key, and provide a swelling chorus of conviviality in which the only swipes would be lona). If sounds like a great idea, all right, but we're afraid it won't work, after all. About the lime the chorus got going, somebody would, pipe up, ''Say, who's that; blankety-blank-blank singing tenor? He's lousy!" And off we'd go again. h Nolliing Sacred? No doubt tho biggest tempest ever brewed in a very small teapot will arise around tho presidential decision to move Thanksgiving Day up a week. What! Change (he customary last Thursday in November! As well change the fair name of Arkansas, will try those who like (heir holidays fixed. Already there arc two Labor Days, the home grown variety in America on the first Mpiulny in September and the imported' brand on May 1. All over the British empire tho King's birthday seems to be celebrated whenever the local committee thinks it might be a good idea. Jf our information in accurate there is one federal Memorial Day hut there are four Confederate Memorial Days in different states. Alabama has a Fraternal Day, and Hawaii has its Kamahanieha Day, whatever ' that means, but these arc lixcd, likm the laws of the Modes and Persians. Probably if tho announcement of'the Thanksgiving Day change had been made without so much formality and fanfare the move-up may not have boon noticed by many citizens. As a matter of fact the only day that Mr. John Q. Citizen, Mr. Average Man or most of us at least are deeply interested in moving forward is pay duv. SO THEY SAY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1C, 1930 I SIDE GLANCES by Cajbralth I i«IM It Is not for Roosevelt to tell us lie wants a third term. if s rather for us to tell Roosevelt Hint wo want a third term.-Scimtor Josh Ice C*Ja. (Dem.). * * », 'Hie world tins always been ruled by meat caters, animals as well as mcn.-Knymovid H. OifTord. at National Association of Meat Dealers convention. * * * Thank God and Jesse Jones, \vc ii nre $,|000,COO and have been able- lo iwy o!F our bank loans.— President J. W. Fmser of re-organlzcd Willys-Overland. « SERIAL STORY WAR AND A WOMAN BY BETTY WALLACE COPYRIGHT, isae, IJEA SERVICE, INC. i *'!•*'"<]">•' Jliiiiiif \\lrc* tlinl !"• Is H>l]iK d, k< .|. I,l.n],, |j,.f,, ro rrjiuHliiK- fur sea duly. IJiiJn r.-.ill/i.x I!,:,. If is nilwlriitkm, no! liivi-, *Iu! JIM-IK f l>r Civui'Kr. Sin- n>i iV'V." K " "" " I 1 ' 1 ' 1 "" "'"'I I''"'. Ml* Iihii ,,li c will In- luiej-. CHAPTER Xt "B USY? " Gcor e e "'ted, stunned. "What could possibly—" Linda interrupted him swiflly by calling out, "Oh, Miss Ilourkc!" Her square figure had appeared for a moment in the doorway, and like ;i coward, Linda grabbed at Ilio respite her presence would offer. "How is Daddy doing?" "lie's real comfy. I'm not bulling in, am I? I declare, I've had such jusl whirl tins «ot lo sit mornin; down!" I've She "Jack, you'd bclfer go.oul and finish mowing Ihe lawn— your father lias found someone who will listen (o his stories." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson HAVE NOT ALWAYS ;CONSTRUCTED THEIR. A\ODERN TYPE HOMES/AT ONE TIME THEV /V\ADE ONLY SIMPLE HOLES IN THE &ANKS OF STREAAA& ^ . mi W IOJ, StRVJCC, JVC. T. M. SEC. D. S. PA I. Off. SUN TRAVELS' AROUND THE EARTH FROM EAST TO WEST" •PC2.ITTO •/VMSTO, A;FAVORITE DISH IN ITAL>; CONSISTS OF CHOPPED - UP \3-'6 z.H; Wrong. The sun (loos not Irnvel around ll,c c.irlii at ai.. but appears lu. do to because the cnrlh is spinning on its axis IICPI \vcbl to rasl. Actually, (he earth moves uroultd the sun. NEXT: Tlic first srccnhorns. Temple's Faculty Drawn From 23 Foreign Lands PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Temple j University, which started in 1884 with seven students learninc theol- cg.v from Dr. Russell II. Comvelt, has enlisted, learned men fr:m throughout the world to build its I faculty lo 790, who teach Ihe nni- • verslly's 12,000 stiulenls. Twenty-three foreign countries are represented in the faculty bcdy, an a(lmini5lrali:n survey showed. But while 91 members are of. foreign birth and education, all have become American citizens. Nationalities, represented include England, China, Australia. Russia, Canada. Ireland. Germany, Portugal, Polaiui. Cilcmbia, Denmark, Norway. Italy, Scotland, Lithuania, Philippines, New Zealand, France, Armenia, Hungary, Rumania, Vcn- eziiEl.'-., .3»i!zerlnnd. By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING-HOUSE with Major Hoople SEDiJAWN BV RECUEST OASOSi HC\V : D MiSTAH BUSTER /OR. ? THOT CA.TSXILU STORS' WAS UNDER TH 1 \tJ\- POS.niOKl VQU AM' MISTAH CUYP'e AVI AMSTAH \\ACK WAS PLAM CLip OVER -TriERE, BUT t>oVT P5EP TO HIM, VVILU VA? .A COUPLA SUCKS TW HOT5L MASWT FOUJUD OUT I'VE (SOT -~~~. I'VE SSSM H1DIVJQ IT ' FC5X5T kiOVJ, MUM'S TH! ',VO«O.' THE ^V^CTOR.IS LOCATED IU ATEKlT ARCUU' TH' THAT UQT£L"?AN'T IT *\V)FUL SPeUSIVE ? plumped herself into a wins chair, as Linda had known she would, George's slcrn race reddened. "No doubt \ve can discuss this mailer some oilier time," he said slifl'ly, rising. "Don't go on account ot me," Hourkc told him in an offended lone. "I can {jet HVJ anil go right out again." She stood up. The tension between them was evident to her now. ''Miss Jiourke!" Linda clutched her. "Really, we— i — Do stay." She had invited her in. H George wanted (o leave, wasn't that exactly v.'Imt she had planned on? She loathed herself. 'Professor Cameron is a sort.of. doctor," she babbled, trying lo put Miss Ilourkc al case. "He's a scientist. His research with microbes fonal interest in my patients. Your daddy's no fooil He's up (hero with his eyes closed, bill ho knows something's going on. Alt, there, colleen, now don't cry. Nothing's so bad that gelling it ore your chest won't make it better." "I can't let Daddy know," Linda choked. "He mustn't have any shocks and if—if he guessed thai I—lhat I don't love George—it would kill him." Rourka pursed her lips In a soundless whistle. "So lhat's il! And (here's another man, I'll be bound!" "Yes," Linda admitted miserably. "He's coming tomorrow. Oh, what shall I do? What shall I do?" Rourke smoothed her slnrched white skirt. "Honey, when I was your age I was in love with a doctor. Me was poor and I was poor and we couldn't get married." Her face took on a . . , remembering' look. "Five years we waited. Then lie cut himself in the operating room and— and I lost him. All I can tell you is, if I iiatl it lo do over again, I wouldn't let anything slop me from Inking my happiness \yjien I could." "But Daddy—" "Yes. You've got lo wait, ot course." The tinkle of Daddy's bedside bell sounded. Rourkc jumped to her feet, instantly professional. - Linda thought, dully, that Boiirke didn't know the most im-. porlant part; She didn't know 'that Jimmy was one of Ihose aviators In the handsome uniforms. She. didn't- know that he was Marcia's betrothed-. ' ------ — ---------- ...... .... — ,„_„ and your work with llicm in the sickroom are rather dose if you T INDA stood on the flat windv • Lj slop and Ihink about it." George broke in impatiently, "I've got fo get back to the lab. Some cultures in the refrigerator." Linda walked willi him lo Ihe door, lie was loo proud to question her again about what was keeping her busy tomorrow. "I'll ECC you Monday," he said, s « t CHE went wearily back lo the living room. Why had she put- off the inevitable moment? Miss Rourko's shrewd eyes .searched her face. "You two were lighting, weren't yon?" she asked outright. "He's kind of an uppity guy, in my opinion. Puts me in mind of these young internes who know all the answers and. think old nurses like me ought to be retired. They're not so smart, those- young ones! They know Ihings out of books, but I know 'em out of life." "Yes," Linda murmured. "Maybe this is none of my business, honey, but I do lake a per- field and watched a silver air- linev swoop gracefully down for a landing; This was the one from Washington. Tha only one Jimmy could have, taken. She had sneaked out this morning, right after reading-Daddy.-the highlights o£- the Sunday paper. Eoui kc was on hand, understand ing and sym- paUielic, to divert his mind if Linda stayed away too long. Jimmy mustn't come to the house. That had been her first thought. But now, as the- porter rolled- up the stairs for the passengers to alight, she found; herself trembling. Her heart was singing. In another inslnnl she'd sec him again! She hadn't expected to bo happy. But she was "Linda!" "Jimmy! 1 * She was folded close in his arms. How tall he was. Taller even than she had remembered. She looked shyly up at him. The uirve of his lips,, the way his 'nose was straight and-his cheek lean. . . . She wanted lo touch lis fqce with her hands. The hot jlood surged upward, and she :)roke away from him, confused. [;i. (heir.grecting, she had forgot!en what she must say to him. Now it would be doubly hard.. We—we can't go home," sho explained. "Daddy docsn'l know. His condition is sn precarious lhat any lilllc shock may h-hurt him." "Here's a cab. We can drive around, 1 haven't very long, Linda." They got into the laxl, Jimmy Lold the driver, "Just ride." Then he said, "The Hanger's on the West Coast. I'm to join her day after tomorrow. I'm going in a naval ship Unit's beitig flown ncross the continent. I had a heck of a lime {felting ihc tniiii-fer, but I got it. What I want you lo do is join me in San Diego." "It isn't as easy as lhat, Jimmy," she said sadly. "We can't shove evcrylhing else aside." "Linda, I didn't come all this «vay lo hear Hie same arnumenls over and over." His smile look the sting out ot his words. "You love me. You can't deny it. I love you. We didn't nsk for it, but here it is. I know you've been all taken up with your father's sickness. Only tell me Ibis—have you I) r ok en your engagement lo George Cameron yet 1 ;" "No," she confessed faintly. ; No." "Why didn't you?" "Why didn't you loll Marcia straight out, instead of having yourself ordered away before the wedding?" she asked desperately. "It's Ihe same thing. I—t just couldn't tell him." "I know," he said quietly. "II lakes a lot of courage. But with Marcia—she's a girt. I'd be jilling her. I thought if 1 let it fall oil— if I didn't write, and she—" "Thai's, slill cowardly," Linda told him honestly. "Marcia's more wrapped, up in Bill Brooks than she thinks she is. I've seen them together and he's head over heels in love with her. Only he knows she's engaged." "You want that to happen. It would make it easier for you. and me." That quality OL. relentless honesty in her didn'l permit her to fool herself; or him. "Linda, we haven't much lime. I don'f know when I'll be able to come back here, once I retjoi-t for duty on Ihe Hanger. Promise me that you'll marry me! Promise me, Linda! 1 ' Carried outside himself by the strength of his love, Jimmy gathered her inlo.his arms unmindful ot Ihe cab driver's eyes in the .lillle mirror. "Promise me, darling. We must be. married. We must be!" (To Be Continued.! THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. **+. M. Ik f«T. Hol Weather Is Infautile Paralysis Season, but U. S. Is Lucky Thus Far i:v IMS. MOHKIS FISHIiEIN , the determining factor in the ex- lidllar, .Iciirnal ol Ihe American i tent, to which the child will be in- Association, and of I capacitntcrt after recovery. Ifygftj, the Health Magazine | ---------Thus far fortunately the United States has not had a severe epidemic of infantile paralysis. For the week ending July 8, 1939, there were only 8-1 cases on record, as compared with SO fur Uic week previously. During the week ending July 8, there were only eight stales which had more than four cases and only three states with more than six cases. Early in the season there was i slight Hurry in infantile paralysis in the Caroiinas, but for tho first, week in July the Soutii Carolina rate dropped from 29 to 20 cases. There was a slight increase in North Carolina; namely, from ihree to six cases. In California, there; was a rise from 16 lo 18 cases. These figures, however, do not indicate any widespread prevalence Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge cf- correct srciai usage by answering the following questions, then checking Down P'emory Lane in Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hale, ami family left this morning for St. Louis where liiey will make their homo . . . fcuon Kirby of I'ara- Soiild was a Btytheville visitor yesterday . . . Spencer Seinriies spent yesterday in Leachville . . . Local Rolarians were told of interesting Incidents in Ihe trip.of 300 young men of lliis country to Norway last, year by William Satleriicld, employee of the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation, at their regular noon luncheon yesterday. Five Years Ago. Re-election of. Zal B. Harrison, seeking his third term as county judge, was assured this morning against Inc'Tuihortt'iitJre "answers I after thc c ™> mitt ee hart counted heloiv: j Ihe absentee ballots. 1. Is a woman cf good- breeding I . At ««ar regular ^ mooting last considerate ;f the rights, and feelings of a servant in her home? 2, Is it good manners for a, wo- correct a servant hefrre man it others? 3: Should a \vo m aiv overlook carelessness on the irar.t, .1 a. servant? 4. Is it important that a ivcman not interfere with a. maid's Urns the disease, because even South Carolina where the rate \va.s< highest, ihcre were only 55 cases I for every 100,000 people; in Cal- j ifornia, only 15 cases (or every I ICO.OOO people, Wyoming and Ari-1 zona had ,only one case. 1 As everyone should now know, infantile paralysis i:, distinctly a. iiot weather disease, and it is not safe to predict that Ihcre \vlll not be an outbreak laler in Hie summer, because in many instances the co.'idilion appears first iu epidemic form as late as Ihe end of August or the first part of Sfp- tcinber. Unfortunately, we do not know? any definite method of prevention of the disease, but we do know that, it is passed from one person. to another either directly or through nu intermediate agent, and that in tho presence of n ^ in I ° night, the city council unanimously voted to oppose, in every way possible, the staging of a "walkathon" in Blytheville. The "walknthon" was described as disgusting, revolting and absurd. One Year A(;n The first Police Combat, Cross- of the stale department of the American Legion for valor under fire to go to B. A. Rice, chief of 5. Is it necessary for one to say "please" aurt "thank jou" lo his ! >oncc '" tl>ls cR X- f ° r Ws bravery own servants? What vv.ulti yon do if— You are a uoman wlio employs maid wh: "lives. In." in thp recent capture of Lelanci Crabtrce, who held up the Piggly Wlggly store liere. (a) Forb:ci her to have visitors? • Bishop ToUfS DlOCCSC (W Allow her to have visitors? I n , cofl nr . n c »i-i Oi 620,000 Sq, Miles Answers 1. Yes. 2. No. she should- wait to c:rrect DARWIN. Australia <U1') — The her when she can talk to her. alone, i Right Rev. S. K. Davies, Bishop of 3. No. Not if-she v,ishcs the sen-- Carpentaria, has. started on a sev- ice in her hcuse to bo gcod. 4. Yes. 5. Certainly. Best, "What Would You Do" so- lution—ib). St. Louis. Home Owners. Urged to Buy Trees ST. LOUIS (UP>—Property owii- Sreat collections of children may assemble. Hemember also lhat the fir^t s of infaiilils paralysis are like these of any other infectious cils- with a slight fever, slight headache, nausea, general aches and pains. Jf the. child develops symptoms of Ihis type, i! is obvious t lint soic throat, vomiting;, nnrt the city. City Forester Ludwlg Biuunaim says that unless 5,000 property owners agree to help, however, the current program to plant 150,000 trees in the city through. Tho tree- en months lour of his diocese in an effort to establish personal contact with his entire Hock. His diocese embraces 620,000 square miles in Norlh Australia and. Is the largest Anglican ciiocc-se in the world. I), extonds from his headquarters at Thursday to. with in three miles ol Nev; Guinea. ' (iown through Cape .York Peninsula and over the whole of the Northern Territory. It also embraces 15 islands in the Torres strait. He is always accompanied each year on the tour by his wife and almost every means of transportation is used, including crude lug- gers with no passenger accommodations, motor launch, steamer, ,' will- not go mo '- or Iftick. Irain, motor car anci ------- = ........... „- would be. sold to 1 li :' ail 'the properly owners by : the city,! He estimates- that his congregn- whicli would buy them in whole- 1 tlcu "umbers 50.rLO souls, Includ- alc lots. bed and have doctor. The kind o! treatment given during Ihe earliest stages mty be itt«, !•„ r i ""- ••"••"bi H-foot trees would attention of a, bc p| anlc( , , n<t . CWA (m by wpA , "'8 '0,000 whites and 35,000 abo- . workmen, Read Courier News wajit arts. Grain niii^ in Kansas City grind b£t\ve£i> 00,000,000' apd 90,000,000 bushels el Kansas wheat annually.

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