The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1966
Page 5
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Dispute Develops Over Cambodian Troop Buildup •—• BryOMvffl* (Art) Owrtor ffwf - fcturtiy, Kir », 1M»- ft* Fhi By FRED S. HOFFMAN ,; WASHINTON (AP) - Re. Kntfu! military officers said '" today the Pentagon jerked the •" rug from under Army Maj. Gen. "'Stanley R. Larsen in publicly ' contradicting his statement that v up to six North Vietnamese reg- 7lmenls are massed in Cam- "''bbdia. But Larsen, a top field com- I wander on leave from South "' Viet Nam, said "I am just a " soldier" and accepted the re".' buff. II "I stand corrected." the two"star general told a reporter. '•'I'm not going to question my •uperiors about what they'say. The Defense Department has a '"' lot more information to go on 'that I have." But In Saigon, Intelligence ; reports available to military : " commanders supported Lar- '' gen's statement, ome reports OBITUARY • Normo Riggs Rites Today Services were held today at 2 p.m. at First Methodist Church of Manila for Mrs. Noma Riggs, SO, who died Thursday night in Memphis. Rev. Jack Glass officiated. Burial followed at Manila Cemetery. A resident of Manila for most of her life; Mrs. Riggs was a member of Manila Methodist Church. s he leaves her husband, Thelmer Riggs of Manila; A son, Ronald Riggs of Blythe,.ville; Two daughters, Mrs. Brenda Sue Simpson of Paragould and Mrs. Mary Atkinson of Rockford 111. Howard Funeral Service was In charge. CITY (Continued from Page One) the city's first police dog. The gun is in custody of Memphis police. Ford said he assumes it will be returned to the city following disposition of the charges. In response to a question, Ford said the department no longer gives honorary or active commissions to persons who aren't engaged in police work. "We commission our Civil Defense auxiliary police and these commissions are effective as long as the men are active in the auxiliary unit," he explained. The city doesn't loan weapons or other equipment, he said. Ford has been chief since January of 1964. Indicate as many as '12,000 North Vietnamese are massed in the Cambodian mountains. Saigon sources say two of the six regiments poised in the Chu Phong Mountains are the 32nd and 33rd of the North Vietnamese 325th Division. Both regiments fought in a big battle last November in the la Drang Valley across where the the border from North Vietnamese reportedly now are gathered. Th reports also indicate the North Vietnamese plan to move into South Viet Nam in early fall after the rainy season passes its mid-summer peak. A number of officers strongly indicated irritation at the Pentagon's action in private conversations. Secretary of State Dean Rusk said later in answer to newsmen's questions that he knew nothing about Larsen's report. But Rusk said Communist forces have been abusing Cambodia's neutrality. He added that the United States favors international action to secure neutrality and territorial integrity. On other matters relating to Viet Nam, Rusk said: — The political upheaval has had very little affect on military operations against the Commu nists apart from the region around Da Nang and Hue, center of the break between the Buddhists and the Saigon regime. — U.S. pilots "have Instructions not to intrude" into Red China's airspace. The secretary of state said pilots involved in a recent incident claimed they had not violated Chinese airspace. But Rusk said he thought there had been an instance in which a navigation error had resulted in an intrusion." Defense Department Issued a statement which flatly disputed Larsen. "While there have been unconfirmed reports for months of North Vietnamese activity in Cambodia, there exists no evidence strong enough for the commander of the U.S. Military Assistance Command Viet Nam to validate the presence of any North Vietnamese regiment in Cambodia at this time," the statement said. The Pentagon said that on several occasions in the past few months "reports have been receivd from the field indicating that North Vitnamese regiments were stationed hi Cambodia." "Investigation of these re- ports, however, has not substantiated them," the statemen added. Sen. Suart Symington, D-Mo., said in a Senate speech Monday he had it "on good authority" that Communist troops were massing in Cambodia for a major attack into South Viet Nam He didn't identify his source for the information, but added: "This brings up against what responsible military leaders emphasized to us months ago — that Cambodia continues to function as a personnel and equipment sanctuary for the Communist forces." The Cambodian government has denied repeatedly that its territory is being used for such purposes. Today In Washington WASHINGTON (AP) - A White House spokesman says Lynda Johnson's scheduled trip to Europe has been delayed temporarily, at least for the Friday the argument was a "wholly false issue" and said probably thousands of foreigners are "well advised of CIA activities in their areas, and * Larsen's re- The flap over marks developed after the gen eral appeared at a Pentagon news conference. In reviewing military operations. Larsen pointed on a map to an area of Cambodia just across the border from one of the most fought-over sections of South Viet Nam's central highlands. "There Is plenty of evidence lhat there are up to six regiments in there," Larsen said, clearly indicating he meant North Vietnamese forces. This would represent 10,000 or more Communist troops in position to strike at South Viet Nam's midsection. The subject of possible North Vietnamese troop concentra. tions in Cambodia is diplomatically sensitive. For that reason, some reporters noted with interest that a top Pentagon information official lisened to Larsen's remarks without attempting to intervene. But about five hours later, the I Missing Links ACROSS 36 Gossip (dial) ' KAlike « *•« SfiSSSSL, • "<»»•—-SSEff* 41Jewel 42 Unclouded •45 Gift 49 Pardon 51 Correlative «t neither 52 Mine entrance SS Shield bearing M Three-parted (comb, form) 59 Armed conflicts S8 Vegetable S7 Masculine nickname DOWN 1- barrel- 2 Heavy blow S Foreordain 4 Defect 5 Against 6 Strong-scented Answer to Previous Puzzfo 14" to* I music'* 8"Dont talk .11 "IH foe tto money" 18 Anatomy (ah) 14 Fork prong 15 Rot lax 16 Articulatioa 18 Moscow's .citadel 20 Command Zr'Likea — in a trap" 32 small island i.mate 33 Nostrils 38 Tower 40 Walks 41 Civetlike iirimal 42 "Sticks in my 37 43 Tyndareut' wife (myth.) M Attended 32 Bridge holdi« herb for felines MMiB Myenon TSumroer (Ft.) 31Senion 10 One time 11 Equal 17 coaster 19 Billiard stroke 23 Glutted 24 recorder IS Ancient country 44 Prince 2« Assault 4« Stage part 87 Roors bdow 47 Feminine (round lem 'appellation 58 tea " hat SO Connil gvetfeii time being. "Lynda wants a breather for » couple of weeks before she formalizes plans for the summer,": Elizabeth Carpenter, Mrs. Johnson's press secretary, said Friday. After her graduation June 4 from the University of Texas President Johnson's 22-year-old daughter had planned to visil six European countries with a Washington friend. Lynda returned to the White House Thursday after finishing her last exam. The trip was to be a graduation present from her parents. She took a lengthy summer vacation last year in the western areas of the United States. know more than the foreign relations committee knows about these matters." The Foreign Relations Com- MISSCO (Continued iron Page One) unabashedly says federal aid must accompany progress in establishment of industrial facilities. The report cites a high rate of unemployment in Mississippi County, a fact compounded both by industrial stagnation and the dehiring process on the county's farms. There are 1,756 families, or about 10 per cent of the county's population, with annual incomes under $1,000, the report says, and all of 5,834, or 41 per cent of the population, have incomes below the arbitrary poverty-line income of $3000. A consequently high percentage of them are eligible for welfare assistance, but apparently only a portion of them are receiving it. Extension of welfare benefits is hardly a satisfactory answer or at best a poor one, the authors cay. * * * They advocate another remedy, one geared very closely to the potential b e n e i i t f of the Economic Development Act. The report puts it this way: "New jobs must be created or developed to take care of the increased population that will naturally occur or Mississippi County will be exporting its most valuable crop through out- migration to jobs." Other needs are mentioned by the report, including the development of recreational facilities and utilities and the d r a s t i c 460-540 to Die During Holiday mittee has proposed that three | need for an adequate medical WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Wayne Morse disagrees with the argument that an enlarged com' mittee to oversee the Cntral Intlligence Agency's operations would endanger CIA secrets, to Oregon Democrat said Daily Record Weather Yesterday's high—fl8 Overnight low—C3 Precipitation previous 34 hours (to T a.m. today)—none Precipitation Jan. 1 to date—2S.1J Sunset today—7:05 Sunrise tomorrow—4:49 This Date A Year Ago Yesterday's high—83 Overnight low—63 Preciuitation Jan. 1 t« date—21.08 Traffic Accidents Cars driven by Frank B. Tale of 305 Walker and Van B. Bearden of 1405 W. Ash were involved in an accident this morning at W. Ash and S. 7fii. No charges were placed. World Deaths By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SOMMA LOMBARDO, Italy (AP) — Ludovico Benvenuti, 67 _ leading member of the Italian Christian Democratic party and r ormer secretary-general of the Council of Europe, died Friday after an automobile accident. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Lt. Col. Calvin P. Titus, USA (Ret.) 85, winner of the Medal of Honor for bravery during the Boxer rebellion in China, died Friday. MONTCLAIR, N.J. (AP) Dallas S. Townsend, 77, director of alien property under President Dwight D. Eisenhower in .953 and a former assistant U. attorney general, lied Friday. of its members be added to the small Senate supervisory CIA panel. The panel chairman, Sen. Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., con-tends membership should be limited to ranking members of the Appropriations and Armed Services committees. Morse said the CIA is 'much more an operating arm of American foreign policy than it is of American military policy," adding that "its operations are almost entirely political." WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department has reduced by nearly one-third its special draft call for doctors. A Pentagon spokesman said Friday the February call for 2,496 physicians beginning in July has been trimmed to 1,713 "due to a reduction in the casualty rate estimates for Southeast Asia." The spokesman also said more doctors are volunteering for active duty than was anticipated. CAPITAL FOOTNOTES By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Social Security Adminis tration says its district offices will be open Monday — Memorial Day — to permit persons over 65 to sign up for the doctor bill insurance coverage under medicare before the deadline at midnight Tuesday. The Atomic Energy Commission says it set off a low-yield nuclear test with a blast equivalent of less than 20,000 tons of TNT Friday at its Nevada test site. The Labor Department says 'increased activity in a wide variety of industries" was responsible for the drop in new unemployment insurance claims to a 13-year low of 146,700 last week. CAPITAL QUOTE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 'We have indicated that our 'orces will remain (in West Germany) as long as they are needed and wanted. And we have also indicated to the NATO Council that we do not anticipate withdrawing major units ;rom Nato" — Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Picky Corn Crop Puzzles Farmers EAST LANSIN, Mich., (AP) —Scientists are trying to do something about an extra-sweet type of corn that is fussy about its neighbors. The special variety contains extra sugar, but if it is grown ing and the automate pilot pos- w jthin 408 feet of either field HARLOTTESVILLE, Va. AP) — John F. O'Hagan, 74, a onetime secretary to inventor Thomas A. Edison, died Thursday. YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio AP) - Constantin D. Bardeul- co, 78, a native of Romania who s generally credited with the >asic patents to make blind fly sible, died Thursday, Bardules- co, emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Antioch, College, joined the college's faculty in 1927. Two nine Train Wreck Kills Two SEOUL, South Korea (AP) persons were killed and seriously injured today when two commuter trains collided Inside the railroad yard of Masan, 160 miles south of Seoul, the National Railroad. Hid. I corn or ordinary sweet corn, its special taste is ruined, and it turns starchy and hard. Dr. Deran Markarian, a Michigan State University hotieultur- 1st, and other scientists are trying to develop varieties of he sweet corn that will mature at various times throughout the season. "In his way," he explained, "growers could have this corn ready for pollination at times when pollen from no other corn was in the area." service. (If present standards hold, the report says, by 1970 there will be one physician for each 2,962 perspns, asagainsta recommended ratio of one to 1,000). But the big story is in the tough social and economic problems encountered by the county because of what is, ironically, "progress." It is "progress," after all, that has so improved agricultural methods that farm hands are becoming superfluous. * * * It is "progress" in the name of efficiency that has forced combination of smaller farms in to large ones. (In 1929 there were 10,583 farms in the county, j accounting for $14,209,000 in agricultural income. In 1959 2,904 farms produced $56,394,000 in income.) It is "progress," likewise, that has given synthetics such a march on cotton fiber. And the presence in such cities as Osceola and Blytheville of a large supply of unemployed laborers is both "progress" in this ironical sense and potential actual progress as they are trained. Lest Mississippi Countians feel that the OEDP report is unduly pessimistic, it must be remembered that the basis of this report is to state the county's needs, not to celebrate its virtues. After all, the report was prepared for the eyes of federal men whose job it is to help. There is undeniably much that requires help, and, with the publication of the OEDP, the county legally becomes eligible for it. Preparation of the OEDP report was not accompanied by the sort of blatant fanfare that often heralds lesser publications This one, though, deserves it. For, fanfare or not, its reverberations will be heard here — and in Washington — for a long time. Promoted Twice In Same Day MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) — The U.S. Marine Corps thinks so much of Viet Nam veteran Rudolf D. Heyse that it promoted him twice in the same day. Heyse, 35, began the day Friday as a gunnery sergeant. Then, in a rapid-fire ceremony, he found himself first a master sergeant, then a second lieutn- ant. A Marine spokesman said the rare double elevation came about because Heyse applied for a career officer program. His application was approved on the same day he won a promotion to top sergeant far his service in Viet Nam. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The first extended holiday of the warm months drew millions of motorists to the highways today. The weather was warm in most sections, with rain over portions of the country. The National Safety Council estimated earlier that between 460 and 540 persons would die in motor vehicle accidents during the Memorial Day holiday. For tabulating purposes, the holday began at 6 p.m. local time Friday and will end at midnight Monday. The council also estimated that most of the nation's 87 million vehicles would take to the roads some time during the holiday and that collectively, the motorists would travel 9.4 billion miles. * * + Traffic deaths las' year totaled 49,000 and during the first three months of 1966 totaled 10,710 — an increase of 7 per cent over the same period last year. The Memorial Day holiday of 1965, a three-day observance, had a record number of fatalities, 474. But the all-time high for a Memorial Day holiday was Cobb FUNERAL HOMI 109 Safe After Crash ATLANTA, la. (AP) - All four tires on the landing gear of a Delta ir Lines DCS jet — with 102 passengers and 7 crewmen aboard — blew out Friday during what was described as a precautionary landing. The plane had just taken off for New York, authorities said, when the pilot radioed that his cockpit instruments indicated a malfunction in the hydraulic brake system and he was returning to the Atlanta airport. Half a dozen emergency vehicles poured foam on the underside of the plane. There were no injuries. Passengers were placed on other flights after a delay of about 3& hours. a four-day observance in IMS when 525 persons died on the highways. The greatest holiday traffic toll occurred during the Christmas period last year when 720 persons died. The lowest three-day Memorial Day holiday traffic fatality list occurred in 1948 when 204 persons died. For comparative purposes, The Associated Press made a survey of traffic deaths during a nonholiday weekend from 6 p.m. Friday May 13 to midnight Monday May 16 — covering the same hours of the current Memorial Day weekend. The total was 376. SALMON TAGGING GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) Scottish scientists are tagging young salmon on four Scottish rivers in an effort to find out how many migrate to Greenland. An attempt to find out something about the return journey of salmon from Greenland to their rivers of Origin here was started last fall, when Scottish and Danish workers tagged salmon on the Greenland coast. None of these tagged fish has yet been recaptured, but anglers and netsmen have been asked to watch out for any salmon bearing yellow plastic tags. Twelve scientists from the freshwater fisheries laboratory at Pithochry, Perthshire, are working on the rivers Tweed, Tay, North Esk and Conon. PUNKIN'BY PLUNK TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Work as a professional guitar player is planned by one sophomore student at Catalina High School. Those who hear him say he's good. His name is appropriate —Don Plunk. Remember Pay Your Paper Boy IIIIIIIHUl Special Week Ends Sunday A week of special activity for the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses comes to a climax tomorrow when a representative of group'j world headquarters addresses the congregation. D. S. Conley, traveling representative of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, will speak at Kingdom Hall, 801 W. Moultrie, on, "How Practical is the Search for Wealth?" .:.:-.'.' Conley, a frequent visitor to Blytheville, said local Witnesses have been using this week for an intensified house-to-hous* ministry. : "As always we have been hospitably received by Blytheville residents as we call to encourage home Bible study and I think most persons will be interested in my discusion Sunday." Chan Kills Policeman HAZEN/Ark. (A) - Polici officer Sammie McSpadden, 32, was killed here early today when his cruiser collided with a car during the chase of a third auto. State Trooper Bill Davidson said McSpadden's car collided with one driven by Paul Matthews of Mabelvale after Matthews' auto pulled onto U.S. 71 from a cafe. Fellow officers here said the identity "of the driver McSpadden was chasing was riot learned. Matthew was not seriously hurt, they said. ":'~ 11-Year-Old Held For Murder-Rape of Tot PITTSBURH (AP) - An It ^ear-old suburban Pittsburgh x>y was in police custody today in connection with the strangulation-rape of a 4-year-old girl. Bruce Kelly of Braddock was arrested Friday night, a few: lours after the nude body - of ittle Cassandra Scott was found on,.a wooded hillside near a playground. '•''• He is to be arraigned today before the Allegheny County coroner on a charge of murder. •!••«• ••••*••*•**••»•» You Could Peddle It Yourself... Or... You eon p/oct an inexpensive ad in Tne Courier New* c/assi/iecf pages and reach approximately 34,000 readers daily. It would take a lot of HORSEPOWER to reach that many potential customers. •UIIIHIIIIIIHIIHliniliinillll IlinNIIIIIIIHIiBlllilllllllllllilll™ Let The Classified Ads Work For You! •in linn iiiiuiHiiiiiiiiiiiHiiniiuiiiiiiiuiniiiHini i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM^ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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