The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1930
Page 7
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ttJESbAY, .SEPTEMBER $3, 1936 ADS 'xvo ctnw a word lor flrrt In- Krtioo MX) cot cent a word lor eteb Mibicqalat itucr- tloa. Mo tdmtMetwntUkca lor leu tt*u Me. Count Uw »nd lend the Pkone 801 FOR SALE TOR SALE—Three !>OBS weighing about. 200 pounds eacli. \H. L. Cliunibcrs. 2iP—K'J5 FOR SALE—Good No. 1 and No. 2 wheat and t;ood hay. Huntcr- vlllc Development Co., Hunterville, I Mo. 22P—K27' I'OFl SALE—Cash or Trade—my C([Uily in properly at 10"J West Asli SI., priced at a great deal below value. Dr. C. A, Caldwell, I-afc, Ark. 23P—10-16 FOR RENT FOR KENT—One of .Shane aparl- nienls on West Main street, Telephone 131 and Oil. 1511. FOR RENT—Housekeeping rooms cheap. 014 Hcarn. 15pk20. FOR RENT—6 room Dougan. Phone 334. house, 232 ICcklf FOR RENT—One rcom adjoining bath. Meals If desired. Mrs. Rives, 123 North Fifth. 22P—K25 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent, white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 8- Lake St. nck-tf AT ONCE-SOUTH AMERICA Oil UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. SALARIES $25.-SlOO. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—Oiio mare mule, bay color, about 13 hands high and eight years old. White nose with P. D. on right shoulder. 'A brand on left shoulder B or 8. 'One horse mulo, bay color, about H hands high, white nose, no marks. Taken up at Ole Ridge, 3 miles northwest of Burdette. H. C. Hoover. 22P—K25 LOST—Shell-rSmmed double lens glasses. Finder return to Courier News. Reward. 23P-K25 GOOD TIMES GONE HASTINGS, Ncb.(UP)— Hasting's new city jail will have Hie effect of doinsj away with the partial pay- met -plan of paying fines. Since Hie city now has proper jail fttflli- t:os,.-.thos,i; who can't pay their flues can "enjoy the residence'' in th*e new jail building, city officers announced. Tlic law provides that Ihe payment of fines shall be- made at once, or imprisonment, but leniency had Irecu shown, oil account of the hick of jail facilities to permit, tho fines to be paid on tht; installment plan. Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS, Sept. 23 (UP)—Cottonseed closed easy today. Sept. 2C.35b; Oct. 2G.50 to 23; Nov. 27 to 28.25; Dec. 27.50 to 28.75: Jan. 2750b: Feb. 28b; Mar 28.00b'. April 29b. No sales. . Cottonseed meal closed steady today. Sept. 2-j.w to 31; Oct. .28.25 flat; Nov. 28 flat; Dec. 23 flat; Jan. WERT Me Makes 'Em Set] The GOFK 1IOTF.L wishes to announce i few vacancies'avail- able to permanent guests for full and winter occupancy. Special rates liavc • been arranged, with the a.ssurance of Ibc finest uccommodations and service In the city. NOTICE H'itti our recent partnership with Sir. Gco* Carney, we now have the best equipped, independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Tickwick Building "We know we know how" —Auto Parts— We sell used parls at one-half price and less. IACKSON AUTO PARTS Slain at 21st Call 60 DIATIIEVILLR. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS^ e txr t $M88S8* IIKUIM 1IICKE TODA* CI'I.IA HUlitKS, 17 mat Juit • Ml uf high irhcMil, huldi'iiljr brlfevcri to br 'dead IH ncluaUy ll»lii|! ii.ld • iifnllkjr/.Vcir York ln«nrr. Tke Teirlntloit l« Minde wkcu JllllX MITCH KM,, ike In. tticr, t-;ill» ill Ike HuniLle up.'LTl- lu«rii( tu HplUmore "ferre CHIa Jlvf* ullk ker iiinlbkT, MAll- <;A|<|:T UCKiKltS. Mnr^iirtl trIU tin- ulrl ftir l!u> Srat time lluit Olln IA Ike dtmclitfr uf H firai murrhiKe. Tlte wrmid hin,li:iiid, 11011 KO<;l:ilK, kn> IKVH ilrnil (or JTnr., Mr,. Itourra nn<l Crlla knvr had MO Jncojue but Ihe walker'*; cnrnlncji UK u henm- •1rn«, ikmicl. llir Klrl hn« Jn»t wt-rurfd a luihltlun Ilk Mcunura- ii.mxiiY suir.r.DS, you ME nevVKi'JUirr libnlUKruiilirr, t* U Invn ullb Cflhi nwd M*vrnr» thi'y vlll lie iu:irrlcd konu. day. Hllrk- i-ll iir.iiin,,.. t,, dike CVlhi to Xnv York l.i miike krr Ii f, offering t<i fthimrr her vlth ILIX- «i-ll In ' fni-ril'VIfil »r'rl..i,"< "ilhief,. • nd l.i.i «I tvork. lirr«un<)e» Cilhi In urrt-iU. TJir Rlrl KIIPK to dln- HIT ivllk ber fn1Eii>r. He nlvi-N Iivr ti jeivrTcri \\rlnl iMLlrk. Lnlrr lie tHFK JiL'r ku htix u reiiui-Kt to itiuke. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOHX CHAVTEIl X pEF,IA wnlted for Mitchell to con^ linuo. He looked so Eorions f=be \s'as frightened. Ifer two hands met and clasncd lightly beneath the cdgo of tho table. John Mitchell was clearing his voice. "I wonder If you could call me— falher?" "Why, of course." Somehow the words caught In Celia's throat. It was hard for her to get them out. "I'll fry to remember—father," she said. The word had never really held meaning to Cclia before. Oilier girla, of course, had falhcra. Hut Margaret Rogers had been both father and mother to her child. Margaret was everyiliing. Again Celia hnd the feeling that John Milchcll was an interloper. It was "Y our moter jays youre going was fio expensive toutght. All through dinner tlini'o nil 1 could difficult pretending going to ho otherwise. "It's time to go now, Isn't lt?' J s!;o asked In u low voice. "Nearly 8:30." slio announced. ".Mother will be expecting me." Neither ot them had much to say as they rode to the apartment. \Vhcii the driver stopped the cab and held the door back John .Mtt- cbell followed Ills daughter up the steps to the entrance of tlio build- inj. Ho hchl out li!s band: "Good nielli." he said formally. "I shall see you again tomorrow, ! hope." "Gcod night— father," slio said as she disappeared behind the closing door. •JVTAIIGAIIET ROCJEHS was bend-'-'• lug over her mending basket c*JCeliatcntercd the Hat n few sec- think about. It isn't rl:-;!it. I don't ECO why hc-idoeau't lakp you too. Then everything would 'lij perfect." "Sit down, Celia/' Margaret Hogers drew the girl down lieside her on tho davenport. Her great eyes wcro grave. "I shall have plcnly of cverylhing I need while you nro away. You are never to worry about me for a minute. Remember that. And yon must promise me never to suggest—what you Lave just eaid—to your'father. It is completely out of the micstion! You must understand that." "But, mother — " "You will have to accept my judgment, Cclia. Do you promise'.'" The girl hesitated. "I will," she said slowly, "hut I don't seo why things have to be tills way." Margaret put her arm about her daughter closely.' She touched the Sbo looked up girl's waving hair tender 20.73 to 30; Feb. 30 to 30.50; Mar. 30.50 flat; April, 31 flat. Sales: 4,800 tons. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone SZ Ingram BIdg. BlytiievilJe, Ark V. R. WASHAM-Truufer Dally trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special r »tcs on carload lots. • Local Phone 651 Memphis Phone 3-931' ouds later, anxiously. "Well, you're home early! I hope yon had a nice time." Tile girl nodded her head. "Look!" she demanded, holding out .the arm on which gleamed the wrtst watch. "Oh! How beautiful! Come nearer aud let mo look at it!" Celia presented the wrist at close range. Tlio fire of tho diamonds clashed with the rubies' radiauce under tho electricity. "He said I sliould take it. molhcr, 1 didn't think I ought to—" Cclla began. "But, my child, why nol? Of course you should take it. I hope yon didn't hurt your father's feelings. It's a beautiful gift!" "Of course It is. I know that but—mother, don't you see? How tan 1 havo lovely things like this aud go away to New York and spend lots of money when you're living here like tblsT Evcrythinn fingers. The conversation WSB not reopened. • A day and. a. hall of furious energy .was ahead. It had been agreed that Celia nnd her "father vrere to depart Saturday afternoon The lime was'short for the dozens of tasks which Margaret Roger insisted must be accomplished. Sho had gained permission, I stay away from her work for tvvi days. There was shopping, clean ing, mending and packing' to b doue. TTOYV tho woman contrived al she did was n. mystery. • Eh worked tirelessly, amazing-thos who had taken note of her il health. Money Ecciiied lo"appea from nowhere. "Let me do thai, mother! Yoi need to rest." Cellfi made tlio same..plea ovc and over but Margaret would' no listen. Only Margaret Rogers hci self kr.ew she did not dare slnckc pace. Time enough' for rcstlD lalcr on! They bought a silk creyc trave Ing costume. It was brown, of shade which suited Celia's dar eyes, and the frock had a.molehill . jacket. "When Margaret's Itching and pressing the outfit It ad (be lino Hues nud grace of the armenli* which bovo tho. Btnull ..bel "original model" In tho show ases of Xhireot's shop. Celia felt riulto grown, up when lie tried on the now, dress. It •as not BO pretty, Klio thought, as lio light-colored prints mid Eiug- ams sho wore at homo but it ookcd more like the pictures iu ashlon magazines. They chopped for kid slippers vliich exactly matched llio tihudc f the brawn suit nnd two pair of loso that wcro like cobweb. Mrs. (ogers bought glovea which completed the symphony ot bronze ones. When all of tho purchases' vcre assembled they hurried home o moro work pvesslng and packing. Cella was becoming excited. -Her >yes were shining, and unnatural ;olor fehc-d her checks. Slio fol owed her mother nhout, taking asks as they were handed to 'her. At six o'clock uho nindo lea, isot 'ood from the cupboard aud set out dishes. "Como on, now, niotlier. You must stop and cat." "Alt right. I'll he there." Neither of the pair had an ap petite. They drank tho 'tea uud pretended to cat. i"Iiarney will ho hero at eight, 1 fargaret • reminded her daughter "Jiiriicy? Oh, yes, ot course—: forgot!" . Tho rtidlanco faded from Cclla'i face. Margaret Rogers, 'preoccu pied, did not notice ibis chango. It was not yet eight when then was a knock at tho door. Mrs Rogers admitted Barney Shields. "Celia's expecting you." slip said Tlio young man entered the room shifted his lint about in his luiiiil: and (hen sat down in a chair. • • • isryi. Celia," Mrs. Rogers called " "JJarney's here!" "I'll bo there iu a minute. Hello Barney." A few seconds later she appcarei Shields rose. . "I thought mayho you'd Hko t come, for n liltlc drive," ho sal to-Celia. "Since you're going awa; I sncss it'll be about tbo las chauco." Tho Klrl laughed nervously. IVIiy, yes. Yes, I'd like to. Yo )UR BOARDING HOUSE on'L mind, do you, mother?" " " Nargurot Hosers shook lier head. "iNo, but you mustn't bo gone IIR. I'll want to try tlilH on you gatit aflcr Itio bastings aro In. 1 "I'll brine her homo early, Mrs loners," Shields promised. "All right then. Sea tlmt yea i\" The lioy anil girl went ilown t!ic faira. In (rout ot the m.iiirimon' .'as Shields' cherished roadster 'lu'y cltinlieil iu and liarney Blnrt d llic engine. Tho night was n cool one. Cell mltcil her Bwcatcr closely niton ier and looked up at Uiirney. Ill :ye.i woro on tlio road uliciul an iin fnco looked stern. No cncour agemcnt tliero to sungglo llio lens ill closer! "1'vo IKOII wanting to BCD you, Danicy," slio said softly. "Have yen? Your mother saya •ou'rc golw; away tomorrow." "Yes. That's the reason 1 want, oil to BCO yon—especially. 1 ' Ho gave her a sldewlso Blanco. 'Guess j'oii'll liiiva a lino time In New York all right. I ex licet fon'ro iirclly ajixlciis to get there!" ".\'o, I'm not." Cclia'B lips wera troubling. What?" '.'Barney—1 thluk you'ro li-h hori'ldl" She liail tnrncil her head away ami was clubbing at her eyes with handkerchief. ShlelilH understood in one horrified Bianco. ''Listen, Cclia, don't pry!" lio cxrlnlnied. "Gosh, you mustn't do \. I—I'm sorry. 1 ' liero was no reply. The youth looked about wildly. They wcro In tho nililst o[ a steady stream o( WE CAni GST" A Meui owu 7 5 Of UOilCa OF eLOQM /Cup' WoiJ(-P BeftlE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES W|1*|Ml ? - •'! •*,-; By Martin THE EYES HAVE IT! WUXJM. yrftU.fRN»WS ! •*>>*"'*-•** '"•"' WAV TO A Jinnies' thought quickly. At tho next block ho turned a corner, driving directly north. Ten niliinles later they liatl reacbeil op/en country. Barney drovo slowly and then brought tho car to a lialt. "Celia—you darling!" Shields ssvciit tlio girl Into his arms, found hor lips. Over and over again ho kissed them. Cclia clung to him. At that Instant sho was sure sho would never go away and leave Darucy! (To lio Continued) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 23 (UP) — 'otlon closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Oct. -(old) 1063 1011 1060 1060 Oct. (new) 1000 IOCS 1037 Dec (old) 1001 1005 1085 Dec (new) 1082 1038 1071 Jan (old) 1)05 11CS -005 Jnn (new) :092 I008 1089 Mar 1110 111C 1114 May 1123 1131 1123 Jtl! 1H5 1150 1138 Snots closed quiet at 1005, off 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 23 <UP>- Cottoii cl:sed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1055 1077 105! 1058 Dec 1077 IBM 1017 1080 Jan 1087 iOW 108G 1000 Mar 1107 1118 1104 HOC Mar 112C 1135 1123 1123 Jill 1142 1149 H40 1140 Spots closed steady at 1040, off 5. Closing Stock Prices A- T. and T. ............ 211 1-8 Aviation ................ 5'i Chrysler ................ 273-4 Cities Service .......... 251-8 Ccca Cola .............. 181 Fox .................... 47 1-4 General Electric ........ 68 General Motors ......... 42!; Grigsby Otunovv ........ 77-8 I. T. and T ............. 38 5-8 Montgomery Wnvd Packard Radio Simmons . Stewart Warner United Goi U. S. Ste:l FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 6DOO eye TO TUiS PLACE.... LOOkS UIkE TVS SHOOTlN'....yi/.vi... D1DNT LOOKS LIKE HE GOT HIS MAN! HE'S It) TKOUBL6 SOSH.... INE GOT To CLEAC. OF UECe Wtl OB. Kf-Y NAME'LU BE tf.UD-.-.l-Mc GOT To START GOIM' PLACES !! GEE. VJOOLCXJT IT Q£ LUCK )F t HIT HIM*.... WHY, IT LOOKS LlkE H6S THXT wo's POMCTORP.O "me 'OASTANk...TU£ DBOPPIMG Fw£ 6AU-dhJS A »[NOT£ I'LL FIX HIM* FOB. " MOM'N POP \tJJO s. BCWHG'S uousc TO at POUTe. MD NOT f\CT LVKf. VOU D\D THP- LfV3T TU1C. ORANGE AID GOOi) row vou,WAY'.! VM1CH HKND WILL XOU Tf\Kt? 33 12'i 3-13-4 26 24 1-4 35 162 3-8

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