The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 10, 1946
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BLYTfiEVILLE COURIER NEWS IBS DOMINANT NXW8FAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST lUSOODRI VOL. XLHI—NO. '12 Bl>thertll» Blytbcvill* Oouctv BMkld ni.YTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, KKIDAV, MAY 10, 1946 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS COAL MINERS TO RETURN TO PITS MONDAY Lewis' Royalty Demands Suffer Setback in House Sub-Committee Ready To Broaden Law Aimed At Musicians' Boss. WASHINGTON, May 10 (UP) — A House Judiciary subcommittee today agreed to approve a bill aimed at outlawing the tonnage royalty demands of United Mine Workers Chief John L. Lewis. The House subcommittee's decision came as the Senate also prepared to consider labor legislation in the heat of anger at the coal strike. When completes lefrost Police to Guard Against Rioting When Ira Hunger Striker Dies BELFAST. May 10. (UP)—Belfast iirison doctors said today the survival of David Fleming, IRA hunger striker, on the 51st day of his fast was a medical phenomenon. Dr. Frederick McSorley, a fellow of the Royal College of Physlcinns. said. "We can't understand it. He can't last much longer." Fleming wanted to die and expected to do so very soon. He lingered in a semi-comn In his prison cell, barely able to whisper greetings to his brother and sister when they visited him. Public excitement grew over the fate of Fleming and Sean McCaughy, another IRA hunger striker in Maryborough Prison near. Striking Arabs Cause Tension In Middle East Disorders Feared In Wake of Report On Palestine Issues. By WALTER COLLINS United Frrvi staff Correspondent CAIRO, May 10. 'UPI—Bombs and gunfire heightened tension throughout the Middle East todaj .„..„ „.. ..„,. while Arabs in several lands held a Dublin. Ulster police made special, Olie ~ day Rfneral strike protesting the rrangements to guard against riots Anglo-American report on Palcs- when Fleming dies. tine. work on the British loan, set foi late today, the Senate will take up anti-strike hills. House subcommittee members said their formal approval of pro posed legislation would not come before Tuesday, when they wil meet again to study a final draft of the bill. They said the subcommittee had agreed to combine the anti-royalty bill of Rep. A. Willis Robertson, D., Virginia. a:id a bill by Hep. Howard W. S\iith. D.. Virginia, which would apply the principles of the recently-passed antl-Petrlllo law to all forms of commerce, instead of just to radio. Tile subcommittee held two days of hearings on the measures earlier this week. Broad Prapnuls Studied Tlie anti-Petrillo bill, signed by President Truman last month, was aimed at the practices of James C. Petrillo, head or the American Federation of Musicians, (APL>. If .specifically outlawed collection* of a royalty by the union from- radio broadcasters for the use of phonograph records. Presumably it this will were broadened to apply to all commerce it would outlaw the collection of any royalty by any union. Similar precautions were taken in' He » VT Egyptian police reinforce- Eire. where eight men were Injured mcnts patrolled the Cairo streets yesterday when police charged a "' nfrc al1 Public We censed. Shops protesting crowd around President, wcrc cloSKl and transportation at Sean O'Kelly's automobile after flr- I R st »n<lstill. British army Jeeps cav- Coal Shortage Burns Him Up rled placards warning soldiers thnt thc city was out of bounds. British forces were alerted for possible disturbances in Palestine. | A government order in Baghdad 'banned all public meetings of more than live persons, and in Cairo the I secretary general ol thc Arab 'league appealed for a peaceful ot> • servancc. I The extent and effectiveness of the strike were difficult to determine i during thc first part of thc day. There has been some opposition to It. but apparently It was on n nation-wide scale in several countries. A dispatch from Jaffa in Pales- ing over the demonstrators' heads. Two Boys' State Entries Selected Bill Lee Wilson and Rosco Crafton. Arrn'orel Farm Laborer Faces Serious Charge Dave King, 45, faun laborer ot near Armorel, has been charged with sodomy with a 23-year-old married woman of- near , Armorel making charges- which led to arrest yesterday at his home. H c waived preliminary hearing today in Municipal Court, before Judge Graham Sudbury. on the sex charge and was held to the action of Criminal Division of Circuit Court here Oct. 28. Bond of Sl.SOO had not. bcnn made early this afternoon and he remained in Ihe county jail here. He also was found guilty of a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and fined $75 on this charge at the same court hearing. King, arrested about two hours after the crime allegedly was committed, admitted being at the woman's house but denied the crime. Sheriff Deputies Ralph Rose and E. A. Rice said. The gun with which he is said to have threatened her life and described by the woman to officers when she reported the alleged crime, was found in King's pocket. Officer Rose said. According to the story, King j went to the woman's house, in Kill- dee Bottoms, where he asked to be boarded. Tlie young wife, her mother and lister all denied knowing King, who went to that section some time ago from Kldgely, T<mn. It was said the mother and sister went lo a neighbor's house to hunt .some one who would hire out to convey King to Blytheville after declining lo have a boarder and that the act occurred while they were away. Thc young woman declared KinR pointed the gun at her and threatened her life. After thc alleged act. he left the house and thc woman went for her relatives. They immcdiatley came to Blythe- viile where th c charges were made l^> county officers, who then apprehended King at his house. Bill Lee Wixson and Rosco Oral- ton. Blytheviile High School juniors, will be sponsored by Dud Cason Post at thc annual Boys State iii Uttle Rock, to begin May 25. Three others boys are to be chosen by various civic clubs, with each club to choose one boy. Six>nsorc<! by the American Legion, tli D purpose of Boys State, which continues a week, is to teach youth the ways in which the government in Arkansas Is - operated. They are taught by lessons and actual duplications ot elections with election of governor as highlight of the week. The manner in which city" *a'nd 'county officials /are elected are taught, with the group divided into various cities to form counties, which make llic State, the entire group. Social affairs nlso are held and government leaders arc speakers at classes. Most Arkansas cities are represented by boys In High School. Quota for Legion Posts with 1,000 COUNTRY RISINESSTOO? Truce of Two Weeks Ordered By UMW Boss Who Lashes Out at "Stupidity" of Operators John Lipscomb, Washington, D. C., roal estate ninn, wants lo know, as you can see from Ihe sign lie plnslci-cd n cross his oU.ce window. A Navy veteran of two years' Jungle campaigning In the Pacific, he doesn't mind helping to conserve conl, but he's against the miners' strike making such conservation necessary. He recently bought o now neon sign anil wnnls to keep It alight. Angry Senators Point Weapons At Labor Bosses Legislation to Curb Strikers to Follow Vote on Britith Loan. By JOHN L. CUTTER United Preu BUff Corrnpandent WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP) — The Senate, in the hetit of anger ut tine said British police and Jewish defense volunteers were warned that violence might develop from an Arab mass meeting to be addressed by Jamal el Husselnl, chairman of the Arab Higher Committee. Hus- seinl was visiting Jaffa for Ihe flrjt time after nine yc«rs ol exile, recently ended. ' ' ' Two explosions and , spasmodic gunfire were heard at (he Sarona police fortress on the outskirts 'jf Tel Aviv, near Jaffa, last night. Sirens sounded and British nlshed to reinforce ithe troops police Cabinet Accepts Italy's New King Left Wing Opposition Appeased by Revising Traditional Phrase. Guardsmen Win Commendation Blythcyille Unit One Of Three Best in All of Arkansas. against. what w»s believed .to^be a Jewish extreirilsi attack; ' • : Lions - District Governor Meets With Manila Club MANILA, Ark., May 10.—W. J. Wunderlich, of Blytheviile, deputy district governor of. District 7A, International Lions '.Club, .presented master keys to President M. L. Downing, E. C. Pleeman, and R. J. membership is two boys, and lor i McKinnon, members of the local less, one : boy. , • At the Legion meeting Tuesday night at The Hut. pl»ns ; for Boys I of i outstanding'work performed In State were discussed and the group interest of the organization and for ROME, May 10. (UP)—Thc Italian cabinet today accepted Humbert II as king of Italy, but only af'er iormjui* o ff thc traditional designation "by the grace of God ftnd will of the nation, 1 ; ?-. . The cabinet-sicicslcppcd a govern-* inent crisis by its comprise on the wording of the terminology to be accorded Humbert, who ascended the throne on the nbdlcntlou of his rn- ther, Victor Emmanuel III. Humbert was lo tie sworn in as king "before God and the nation" , at a private ceremony at the s ' rs " lul Blytheviile units, palace later today. ' "'"' ""- - 1 -"" Thc cabinet The nly.lhcvillc State Guard Onil was one of three In Arkansas to receive tlm hlulifst raMntr possible In n recent, annual federal Inspection; The rating of Superior WHS giv- •crf 1 liy- : H"hjder«l Inspection team after clirrkliiK the unit here, which at normal slrnngth curries 55 men and three officers. Col. Hciidrix Lackey, commandln; ntflcor ol the Slnio Guard, mad the announcement of the best ratings made by the LItlle Rock, Rog- the COR! strike, net out lodny to write labor lecliUtion. . Senate Democratic Leader Albcn W. Burktey, Ky., bowed tb utronn pressure lo have the Senate takr up »nU-3l;-lke bills immediately nftnr ! disposal of the British loan, scheduled for )»lf! today. • ' There were rumblings In the; ; House, too, where ' Rep. Btephen Pnce. D.. a«.,.demanded that rvery- Ililng except labor legislation be put aside "this minute." • ' • The scene WM'-remintacent of the lime two yearn xgo when (Jongrens enacted the SmlthrConpally antl- iitrlkc law in another burst of anger at John L. Lewi* nnd hi* United Mine Workem (AFL). Barklev c*ujto»ed the Senate against hasty or: ,111-considered nc- tion, but the (Wld-for poulble action was nrlde'ppen.,. •. .'• ., •?'• • Maor I>MlMUtiM ', Among the poulblUU.ea were:' • ' ' Cart. btll Action Allows More Time To Reach Final Agreement WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP.)—President John' U Lews of tho United. Mine Workers (AFL) today ordered soft coal miners back to work for two weeks bei?innin£ Monday. . . < Hi« only condition was' that the mine operators agree to pay retroactively any wagn increase that IB eventually negotiated. Lewis said In a telegram to all local union heads: "This action io the contribution of the UMW to our. nation's uconmy, which in-being imperiled tyy the stupidity and selfish screed of the local orators and associated financial interests and by who have tried to lash' the public mind into a stittn of hysteria rather than grant? jimticc and fair treatment to the men who mine the na- Heads Churchmen lion's coal.' 1 Lewis' announcmcnt was In session five , sn5 ' so °" hours debating the situation nro- ' favor of his unit, like others In Arkan- is lo be demobilized in club, at.the luncheon yesterday. The ' dicatl' awards : were, -given, • Iri; :rec6gnition ' t^ry e precipitated by Victor Gimnniiiicl's iib- ion nnd departure for volun- returning National decided that a girl sent, to Girls State, to be held later. obtaining IZ.menibers for the club. Key awards were given for obtain- Purposc aixl mariner in wliich Girls i ing two additional members to the States operates is much the same ' following members: I. D: shedd, R. ' as Boys State. Choice of a girl to be sponsored has been turned over to thc Legion Auxiliary. : Housing Report ^uhmitted • John Johnson, in charge of rental of civilian housing units to veterans. legion-sponsored project, announced, that 140 units had been rented with only a units remaining. few efficiency Nick Shivley made a brief report on the Junior American Legion baseball team, announcing that the field was now in good shape. Plans were made for a "Welcome Home" day for all Blytheviile veterans of World War II and a committee appointed to have charge was James Neirstimer. Mr. shlvley, E. A. Rice and Fred Stedman. New members introduced were Robert Ray Love, Jack Caldwell. exile in Egypt. The Communists objected violently to the abdication at this Unit.', threatening the overthrow of Premier Alcide dc Gaspcri's conlltltm cabinet. Lffl Wingers Quieted Huml>ert gave de Gasperi n lot- ter for what promised lo be a stormy cabinet meeting, asking Ihr? pro- J. McKinnon, Rlle'y B ; Jones. E. C. Fleeman. Bill Bsllard, Alvin Tipton, Jack Tipton arid Bill Brown. Lion :Wunderllcti said the lical club , recognized - all over the state-as onrf of" the largest small-' 2'"refor~cndu'm"on' rejection of"the town clubs in Arkansas ~ and'hadmonarchy. Guard with all members of Stale Guard Unit to be given nn opportunity lo Join the National Guard, It has been announced. Firicon other unite in the stale received excellent ratings, eight were rnted very satisfactory and tllc reinniniiig two were satisfactory. Betails of thc demobilization arc which would'require a 30-day "cool- Ing off" period before any strike nr lockout; em)sower federal courts to xrant retraining order* in labor disputes; outlaw strike violence, boycotts and 'foremep's' vmjoh; and make unions liable to suit Tor violation of collective, bargaining contracts. . • ; - • •. 2. A Senate labor committee substitute setting up In the: Labor Department « new five-member "federal mediation board'- as a last-resort conciliation and mediation service but without power to as-, sumc Jurisdiction unless asked by i both parties to a'dispute.,- ' , 3. A series of Republlcah-snon-1 sored amendments to, the Ben at n Rev. R. • • • .The Rev. R.,.Scott Balrd, pastor of Tlrst Christian Church. THUMB stunnwaeir the mine tead«r and a representative- or the operators to'ncei with him In th« White Home at 4 p. m.'. today. Both aides aceepld the IH- TiUUon. " . Lewis e»ve copies' of the t«ie- gram to reporters In the presence of the 200-man I*nllcy Committee, which he said had approved the; truce. "n he' ewil to be mined during this two-week, period can be utilized tor conkumpUon by essential f Ml lilies; and th« nation's he»JUi and security > thus safeguarded while efforts to negotiate a win- tract continue,! 1 . Lewis, said, in his telegram. - fLet eTery'mlrief he assured that the members of'the NaUonaL P«*-- I Icy" Committee; are"-'d*ttrntlned - fo< ' accept no" contract that will not live to n»lne workers the essential protectibn • which' Is imperatively required. Let' each member cooperate with this policy." 1 -l«wta:'directed Qua the local union'presidents and mine committees advise local manace- • nent Immediately of the workers' wilHntness to retain to work for the Mar Hr*5 period, "provided. > the . comimtijr -will acrce.lo pay the refctilar wires," plus any • Increases that may be later nego^iatM, retroactive, to corer this temporary b work pe-- Thr telegram said that when companies agree, local unions arc to direct the men to go back to ize the president to appoint faot- cxpectc-rt lo be announced at the Tll idlng boards in public ulllftv dis- } <™\ in;«• meeting hern tonight by putcs , B make unions liable -Ui suit committee bill. They would Impose ; elected president of the Arkansas . _ . a 60-day cooling off period, author- Convention of Christian churches tnclr jobs for the two weeks end yesterday Iri Little Rock. , ln B Saturday, May 25. Ho succeeds Ward Murtln nf| '.'Day, men and ; cutting crew, Rock. ,7. O. Murphy of FOIL :men return Immediately 'arid vol- . I.HUIIU.-.. iiiufuiiu. nsKiiiB nit- pre- ";L., ui, '""""'K »=>' M,,,, K ,H „! ut mB|(e 1(n;ons Ilab | e ;to su , t uttlc-Rock. .7. O Murphy of Foil cn " rculrn immediately ana vpi- rmer to remain in power and prom- Capt. Oliver W. Coppcdee who has , or brcltcn of con t ra cts. outlaw sec- Smith wus elected vice president «™ production start Monday, May Using to respect resulls of Ihc- Jimn .served as commander of the com- „„„„ bovcolts . strike violent artd nnii Mrs. JohA Thomas «r Ru^cll- "•" ***** 8Rld .' Jjm ^ rnes _ Elmcr gtonC| Shaneyfelt. Virgil Shaneyfclt Lloyd Koonce. and Woman Arrested Here On Charge of Robbery Gfrtio Mac Rster. 25, has been returned to Lake County, Term., to face a charge of robbery alter having been arrested here. Thc woman, arrested by city police on a charge of public drunkenness, was fined In Municipal court. Shortly aft«r paying her line, she was taken In custody hy Deputy Sheriff Ralph Rose who had been informed by Lake County officers, that she was wanted there. She waived extradition and accompanied the officers who carnc for her. Watson Submits Annual District Rotary Report HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. May 10 (UP)—A spirited election contest loomed at today's Rotary meeting in Hot Springs, with Rev. Conrad M. Glover of Sheridan and Harold Thurston of El Dorado as chief candidates for district governor. District Governor Carroll Watson of Osceola told Rotarians of the 138th District holding their a nual conference here, that for 11 of the 12 months of his term the district was among "thc big ten of Rotary, with Lcpauto. McCrory and Osceola clubs leading in attendance." He reported that his administration started with 59 clubs and a membership of 2.322, and that there were now 61 clubs with a me bcrship of 2,738. Justice Ed McFaddin of the Arkansas Supreme Court introduced two distinguished gXicsts at thc banquet last night, Dr. Lloyd C Douglas, author of "Thc Robe" an: "Thc Magnificent Obsession," a no A. M. Showwalter, past district governor from Chrlstianburg, Va. been praised in several clubs for the •'ability and reputation of getting "things done" The local club has 85 members. Fifty attended Ihe lunch-, con. Lion Roy Kampc of Little Rock, state chairman of committee f'jr "Rehabilitation of the Blind," also spoke. He said there were 5.000 blind persons in Arkansas. 1.126 of which receive aid through this organization. The vocational rehabili- atlon training is open to any dis- .bled person in the state. Mr. Kampc said. President M. L. Downing up- ointed a permanent committee rom this club to assist any disabled person in the area, with the Arkansas Employment Agency for he Blind. They are W. W. Fowler. chairman. Bill Horncr and Alvin Tipton. B. F. Woodruff and Eddie Asha- pany slncn its formation in November, 1042. ondnry boycotts, strike' violence artil foremen's unions, . ;'..''' ami Mrs. John Thomas of RusscU- vllle, secretary ' and treasurer. May July 266 146 ii 267 urn; 262% 14815 14B'.» j Chicago Wheat July 183',-i 183'.i 183',; 183'i 18?)!* Ifi3'.i 183U- I83'i uranncr were admitted to membership in the club. Communists, scninllsts and action Other officers or thc company ' party members went to the cabinet nrc First Lieut. Bennlc Hessle and , session solidly lined up ngnlnst nny Second Limit. Wade Jcffcries. official recognition of King Victor Th^ Emmanuel's abdication. They con- weekly _.„ sldercd It n violation of the inon- since it was organized and during F/.hcville unit has met fit the Armory for training archy "truce" nnd an effort lo gain support in the referendum. If dc Gnspcri was unable It) overcome the opposition, his government might mil. | Victor Emmanuel, meanwhile, was sailing into voluntary exile in Kgypl. Hc sailed for Port Said n board an Italian cruiser from Naples Ins'. to Humbert. Humbert bade Ills father ,ind (ar- Elcna thc three and a half years has mmle many outstanding records. Each ycnr the unit members have attended thn annual Summer encampment at Cnmp Robinson where they made recortls, both as Individuals ami as a unit. Prepared at nil times for emergencies In which they could be 1 A 1g i'. t . a " e ''. sl8n " 16 ovcr tllc 'I"™ 0 1 of assistance, the unit twice was alerted for riot and flood dutv. with llic entire company ready mer Queen Elena farewell. Mirn' W |i nin a v ery short time for such made a night drive to Rome, nrriv- dmtes ing at 2 a. m. De Gaspcri ftillcrt on I Mc inbcrs of the State Guard Un- him at 8:30 n. m. tr> map tactics in the Browing cabinet storm. . Its have served without pay dnr- _ .ing the war emergency while the The people of Rome reacted culm- r c g ,,i ni . , )a i,t members of National _ ly to thc news. There was only a ' single street scuffle last night. Sheriffs of Nation Learn New Idea in Preventing Crime Guard Units wore in nct.nal service. Eighth Grade Pupils To Present Comedies LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 10. (UP)—Juvenile crime is not prevented by forms of punishment we now have, Sheriff Tom Wiseman of, Lynchburg. Tenn., told delegates of the National Sheriffs' Association meeting here yesterday. In an address to the group galh- ered from the four corners of the United States, he outlined the plan of the youthfiil Tfcputy Ciutt he set up in Tennessee as "teaching children the rudiments of good citizenship." He blamed youthful crimes on parental negligence, indifference and ignorance. Wiseman suggested.that the only remedy lies in organizing youngsters Into Junior deputy leagues. "It is a tremendous task, but if we can get parents to co-operate, we will have a valuable ally," he pointed out. Sheriff Edward Slavin of New Haven, Conn., echoed Wiseman's rs- marks, and Introduced the possibility that this county Is moving townrd what he termed "Communism. He asserted that stole police tlieviUe High two one-act oradr class of Bly- School will present romrdics Moiidav continue to infronce on thc richls night. 8 o'clock, in the High School of the sheriff, and foresaw thnt 'hr auditorium, students nnd parents federal government, might decide to move In on thc state. "And when that sort of thing happens, and the county government will make tip the audience. The first play lo be presented is ",Mafl Order Money" with the following taking part: Kenneth starts breaking up, thc nation L Hood. Shirley King. Alan Berry. S!».vln Jerry Jo Lewis. Patsy Lou Pope, I Bob Kirshner. Jimmy Reintniller moves tow r ard Communism,' said. Lt. Col. Rex Sayes of the Arkan-jnnd patsy Haynes. sas win? of the Civil Mr Patrol | Lois Lovelady has served as suggested close co-operation between chairman of the properties com- th« patrol and the proposed junior mlltce. with deputy organization, both on a na- and Billy Priv tional scope and In the states. tec members. Sheriff William L. Rochlcr ot In thc' second play, "So Early Fairmont, Minn., president of the In tho Morning," characters arc Minnesota Sheriffs' Association, ovil-1 Jacqueline Estcs, Robert Crafton, lined organized children's programs'r-srolvn llntzenich. Nancy Damon. in his state that have eliminated Bonita Slankarct, Nancy Shlvley, Conservation Of Soil Given New Emphasis Roll conservation Is needid In Mississippi county, although »ome- timcs not recognized, Rotariaa-; were told at their weekly luncheon meeting yesterday at Hotel Noble through a tnbtlpn picture "This Land Is Ours." Thc film disclosed what can he don c to eradicate erosion, which is prevalent In some parts of this county. Russell Barham. head of Red Top Gin. presented the moving picture with Jlmmle Lowe, high school stii- (tcni, a guest, as operator of the machine. Tl) 0 "Drug Store Cowboj's" and Vee Eights" ore running "neck nnd neck" In an attendance contest, it w»s announced this week. Distribution ot copies of (tie United Nations booklet "From Here On" Is being made by Secretary U. S. Branson, who pointed out. In a letter to members, that the booklet Includes thc United National Charter with comments and pointed questions designed to fltimulalo thought. Also present at today's me*liriK werc I. A Lclmbrook, of Chicago, and Floyd gherrod, of Memphis. Accused Slayer Held lor Trial Herman Smith Waives Preliminary Hearing In Death of Wife. Herman W. fimlth. 35, confessed 13." Lewis The truce, . ruinored 'yesterday, came shortly after joint negotiator! had recessed their morn Imj s«s - ston at the Labor Department with reports that no progress, had been made. . > i :,^ J ;- wife, Mrs. Olivia 23. waived prelim- slayer or Ills Duncan -Smith. Inary In Municipal Court yesterday to a charge of first degree murder. Bound over to Circuit Court, which has its Criminal Division here Oct. 28, no bond was s«t Judge Oraham Sudbury. Tic Is charurd with thc brutal attack upon his wife which caused her death Wednesday morning at Walls Hospital. Tlie attack occurred early on Ihe morning of April 29 at thrtr Good T.tick Cafe In Manila. M miles west of Blythevmc. Caruthersville Kiwanians Entertained A delegation from Caruthersville, Mo.. Klwanls club, headed by Johnnie white, lieutenant governor • of division 15, were present Wednesday at the weekly Klvanls luncheon at Hotel Noble. For the program, G. O. Poetz. head of Magnolia Petroleum Company, showed a movie of farm machinery and th« part it plays on th e farm. Roy Woods resumed membership in the club and a guest, other than Caruth«rsviUe attendants, was Bobby CuUison of Blytheviile .High Echool. Funeral Tomorrow For Mrs. Lenoro W. Cudd Weather , , _ , . ARKANSAS— Mostly cloudy, show- mlltce. will, Martha Jane Wallace Crs Rnrt lnunrte rstorms today and !TJ ~}y Pnvc s C ° mmit " . tonight. Cooler tonight and In northwest portion today. Saturday delinquency problems. Thc group adjourned at noon for luncheon and an address by John M. Goldsmith of Radford, Va. on "The Effect of Supreme Court Dc- sions on Ihc Sheriff." He pointed out that "today's sheriff musl substitute brains for the force and pressure used in the early days." Harry Prllzuis. Donald Stone, Nancy Hamilton and Gladys Yowell. Serving on Ihc properties com- mltlee hav c been Jane Ooforth, chairman, J. E. Krech and Nelll* Flowers. The. play is directed by Mrs. •lames Rowlcs of thc English department. clrtlldy coolcr irl eas t and l|on ,,. N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 10. (U.P.) —Cotton closed steady. Mar 2S02 200* May 2735 2744 July Oct. Dec. 2761 2783 27M 2764 21W> 17M 27«S 2713 278* 3774 aro 2739 2753 277* no Percussion Caps Used To Set OH Dynamite, Wound Two Negro Boys I Mrs. Lenora Walker Cudd died yesterday noon at her home, 407 South Liny, she was 71. runerml aerrlces *i!l be held tomorrow morning. 9:30 o'clock, at AsscmWy of God Church on West Ash street, by the paitor, the Rev. Two Negro youths almost lost U C. Ramsey. their lives because of some one | PWioiring services h*re. the cor- carelessly ;le»vlng dynamite caps . ttge wiU go to Rive», T*nh., for unguarded. . ; • • burial khere tomorrow 'afWrnoon- Samuel Battle* and Robert Lee MI'S. Cudd, long a resident of .Howell, of Oobler, -Mo., were In- Blytheville, resided Vtth her son. jured when they caused the per-!<-:i»r, r»*iW.?n «nd f.miiv she jured when they caused the per .cushion caps to explode near thslr home. The explosives had been left by workmen after dynamiting stumps, It was understood. Robert Lee. 11, suffered stomach wounds in th, explosion which also NEW YORK, May M. (DJ>.)— causey amputation of four fingers cotton cloned barety on his right hand. | xar. ., ... 27»7 3 Glen Casttanan, and family. She nlso leaves another son, K. W. CuoV.- Cobb Funeral Home Is tn charge. N. Y His companion, who r«ceiv«d less ^ serious Injuries, was removed to July his home on the J. A. Hemphlll pet: (arm near Kennett, Mo., after Dec. treated here where Robert 'L« re-| mained. His condition is acrious. 97» ZTH 37Mi mi sm .•t 27V2 m*

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