The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 6
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m/VTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE OOURHR NBW8 OO, , H. W,' BATHES,- Publl«J»K^ , i, BAMDEL P. NQRRIS, Editor ,\ JAMES A. OATENS, Advertising Mtnigcr Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace "Wltmer OoV New York, Chicago, Detroit .-Atlanta, Memphis. • _•••: - •' •:;-• •• •' ' " „ Published Every r Aft*mooii Except Buna»j,;, Entered ai second' class matter;»t the post- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Oon- gress, October 9, 1917. .-; ••. (: Served by the United -Piew SUBSCRIPTION HMM:n; t • : • By carrier In the city of BlytheTUle, 20o p«r week, or 85J per month. -• " -.•;«.>'•;. • •-. .' By mall, within a radius of 40 mile*; HOO per Year, $2.00 for srs months, »1.00 for three mohthi; 'jy mall outside '60 mile zone (10.00 per rear payable in advance. • • r Improve These Laws , Ciyic-mjndcd people who .value the good name of Arkansas at .last are corning around to,!i genqral realization that the stale's easy marriage and tjivorce .laws;operate, lo the detriment,.ofoiir reputation, ancl .sl|0ii)d be, changed....'. There is no better lipie, to-begin than when the 19*15 legislature gods into session. Those lawmakers have it in their power to ,do the name of Arkansas a praiseworthy service, hy moving lo smash the lucrative marriage marls which -flourish on -the ! business' of couples who ice-k lo ayoicl the marriage laws of their own states. They have an .opportunity to contribute to the state_'s dignity by putting its mnrringc and divorce, laws on a. plane comparable with .thai of neighboring states. They can put a brake on h'asly, reckless marriages; the midnight .ritiml mumbled on a doorstep without regard for age, eligibility or sobriety. They can do it with a law•rcQUirmg an interval of several days between filing of Ihe application and issuing of the^ license. Most stales require as nluch, and some stipulate that,.the applicants hi list ^mlergp. physical.,ej{aminaUo;i. ,...., ;Many citizens who arc .not cpncern- ; ed with the commercial gain resulting thereof are sick and tired of the notoriety of quick 90-day "Arkansas di•'-' vbrces,'"as inviting lo outsiders rts our . lax marriage laws. , ,. , As the Arkansas Giv/.dte .recently pointed out: "The people who really,live iii. Arkansas,. who . mate their .homes and earn their livelihood here,,do .not < need . this. law. They .can file, divorce suits at any lime, and the •grounds on which Arkansas courts 'can grant;' divorce decrees are very liberal .m ( cqm- paiison with'those'recognized.!))' many other, states." . . Of course, any; effort on the part of tlv Arkansas legislature to tighten up these marriage and divorce laws is gbV ing to meet stiff opposition. There are many finger.^ in the pie, and those.fin-, gers for some years have succeeded by clever manipulation: in stifling any proposals aimed at reform. Groups like the Little Rock Con... -ference of ithc Methodist Church which ~"~ recently adopted .resolutions asking for new f marriage and iliyor.ce legislation 'Tlijl |hav,e |lo muster, all the power of "• •• Arkansas!- citizens who .say "We 'don't want lhat kind of business or the reputation that goes with it." *,.,..>( r -ir - -,»• - '---t A Primitive Law Revised According jo dispatches from our 3rd Army front, many of (he Nazis' ouqc-arrogant..soldiers have taken to Breaking , their false, teetji and glass eyes deliberately in an effort to get out of fro.nt^line comb^ duty. .Since they know-how the world feels about Nazi arrogance,, it is not .surprising that these former .supermen prefer to extract an eye for an. ,eyc _ and ,a tooth for ii tooth. ; by. .their,, own painless meth'pd,"..rather, than leaving, it to the rougher-methods of their enemies. .-,*$ '•;. - -- ------ ... ... (hb «|BBO «l tdittdalt tNH to M th» *»*<*« What! Plow Under Hens '-'';-,• *' r : - ' \, '''-'' '' ' ' .-f Tlie\ Government Is trading .precariously on tin egg iprqblem.-fJcws (jut. ot Washington there lire 50,000,000 too ninny 'inylnif hens in the 'country'., mid. llie '.War l-\>od Administration- is anxious to hnvc^t'licm killed, oft. H had even proposed - n'Federal bounty.-of : $1 per hen-for every cncklor.ciu'Ied Jroui the flock this fnll and winter, bill th'e Office of Economic Stabilization, seiulne n .iipssiblo furore siintlar to "plow-iindcr- tlit-littie-|ili'^''. Incident, 1 ,objected. . .....',•,With almost 4,'lbo,000,00() (to^en eggs pn-xluccd this year, far-too iniiny according, to tiie Government, housewives arc iinylng under loud protest .70 to 15 cenis 'a dozen,. ,It, wwild take.n Solbmon t.-)..convince- these, irate consiimens thnt II isn't, possible to lei down,the bars, ami: permit cgjr prices, to drop to wlmt they consider n ICKS. outrageous., level. ; . "Tlic Iruc-goiil of n • support or subsidy prrf- Biani is to cuqourake ,lhc producliou of needed coininbdltlcs hi,wartime..When, however, a price .floor Is put under,eggs and a price celling over .chickens,:!!,,Is not Imrd W^foresec nn outpouring of cues thnl must stump the experts. 'Die WFA snys.there's a shortage, of cooking .chlckcns^ln the big cities and a.surplus of laying chickens In the country. Its answer, then, Is lo get farmers lo sell 50,000,000 of the lutter as broilers A ml .friers,' cut:,down next year's output of egg.s to about...3,02^,000,000,dozen. _, ,Tlic. WFA tins spent nearly 5290,000,000 lllis yenr lo keep egg .prices lo a level ordered by Congress, namely 90 per cent ot parity. Wlmt happened was that henneries and hatcheries operated > nt capacity to benejll by the high price level. With the-production goal over-shot, Ihe WFA faces this dilemma: Keep et'E prices up while dltcourJaB'ing egg output: ,, '•''.'',".? Today's., prices aru welcome to the farmer. But wlmt about the consumer, in whose broader Interest legislation L'i primarily |>resuined lo operate? His only recourse ii Congress. Could it be that HID answer ..Is lo .let Ihe celling on chickens rbe to penult a..drop in'the support price for eggs—get back, nearer the free.opera- tion of supply and demand? —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONlTOr?. i ' , '. "I'm (>Iad to do my duly as a juror, but I hope Ihe judge '. won't mind if I tune in ijuidly on a good radio program if 1 the testimony .^cls dull!" ' • ,. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Fergtnon 6IRO-W/IN6ED BUTTCRFLY, FOUND IN NEW GUINEA, HAS A SPREAD OF TEN INCHES AND IS THE LAR6£SrMVOWH ijIRLS TAN THEIR HIDE IN SLISWER, .AND HIDE THEIR TAN IN WINTER/ C. M. CARLETON, '' SOMETIMES APPEAR SUDDENLV, . SHINE BRI&HTLV FOR A SHORT PERIOD, THEN FADE Our. ; • THEYARE KNO\W AS TE.VPORARY • STARS, AND ARE THOUSHT1O RESULT ' FRO,tt CELESTIAL COLLISIONS. ' 1. M- DEC. U. S. I'M, Off. * •s, J[<^ ^c^'re tKeBest Assistpnt rye^Ever Had' SIDI GLANCES iEI,F-INDin.GENCE Andy Hk-kox^ busln 'tir niany stars, won't.let'any of his clients have. money to buy boats. !iit ' lit lias one of the snappiest on Balboa Bay. • .* * •Maj. Gone Raymond's brother, t. Robert .Marlon 1 ,..bomber pilot, as been flying the blockbusters ov- r Nazi targets for the'last month. * * * The eigaret girl is-mLssing at one night club, but. her, stnud has n ilijn: :"Holy Smokes: No Smokes. Another vacation, pretty soft, eh?" One species of- African locust catches-mice; 1 A specimen of this insect Ls preserved 'at the British Museum of Natural History. FARMERS SVe have plenty of Iron Ttuof- Ing and Rongb Cypress for bains and sheds. '" 3 Year FHA terms '•-••:_- « desired. E. C. Robinson clumber GO.J Recapping and Vulcanizing * > ADD LIFE TO YOUR TIHES MODIN6ER-POETZ TIRE CO. Hwj. «! North Phone Z291 COLD WEATHER SERVICE —We install-AUTO GLASS, new FLOOR MATS anil SEAT COVERS, and REPAIR and REPLACE WORN TOPS! Corner Second & Ash Sis. B. J'QYNER SERVICE STATION Phone 2011 NEXT: The whitman's first view of a bison. |io..tlriir New Definition The Gaines. Dog Research Center of • New York feels that the average dog is laigely.whal..its master makes it, and so has proposed thai the owners, rather lhan their pets, henceforth be licensed. t All city editors \yill. please revise the famous journalistic, adage to read as r follows: "When postman bites housewife, that's news." ' Tlic rather general Impression thnl Tokyo .is .a,, Under -Vox.. city whicli could be ih-slrpyi'tl ,Uy ' Inceiullary boin\ one of the mosL Innccurnle of lipnulac ftillnclei, the, Aimy...rc|)6rU.,. Metro,- - polltnn Tokyo '. . . { h:is been •prepared, for years for L'.irtlKumkes and fire. 1 !.— OWI report; *• ?• • • : • Some, ol these boys arc hurt so baclly I. don't kriow liow ihcy. ever .vyili get well, .put they lire nhvays.- tliinkinu of some ill ing luniiy io,i'say.— I.t. Julia Blandford, Bth Array nurse in Geimnny. • ' - • ( ', »'• '•.••» , If they (Americans) had keu.t to. their Uar- gnins instead p( backing out. and leaving the League ot Nations, ..things would have gone cilf- fercnlly— David Lloyd George.. • •. . • v . •.. While the mailer of screw tlncads may, seem like a miner simple and workaday matter to the. average man, the fact is that our . whole machine age economy is ; actually held together by screw, threads. Do yon realize that in many eases.. British and American sun parts .. are , not Intel changeable even though the complete products themsehes are of identical design?— WPB ...Vice- ..Chairman. William L. Ball ....... In Hollywood BY.KRSKINE JOHNSON , NBA Staff Correspondent 1 EXCLUSIVELY YOURS: Any ..r- ! semblance between Unit gcnern! iu the book-"A Dell for Ada no" niul "Blood nml- Guts" Pntton will be. strictly coincidental in'the film j version. If there wiis vi resemblance , nnd an of cake. inch and a hall DescribiiiLi himself for an interviewer the other day. Pelcr Lorrc said; "I'm a gruesome creep." -Marie Donlium, clnuglilcrnf Merle ' EGAO,MR.P|K£.' MOU'VE URKEY irA ROYAL FEKST?—UM/ WELL T'M GOIIOS OUT TO 60V FE£0 AMD ' 1 FlMD tM FOMDS LOVO — : K-W^K;—\MtLi_ you LEWD : ME RvJE UhJTlLTUE with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J, R. Williams \ ,. LOOKlKSG AT A COOKIE 3^-TtAW'S DOVJM TO < CRUMBS/-- HOW ABOUT *2."?5 ?-^-AMD HOWS ABOUT ME T/XK(KSG ^\ PEEK. AT YOUR, UOTCL STOCK ? in.the book, Hollywood is making Obcron's sccrctiniy and a protesc ot sure by. <le(t re-writing that, yon lllc '•Hliess. "ill scon lie seen a; will never recognize it in the' mo- . covcl '»°del on four national mag- vie. • • .1 "FI.YIXCS COI'TINSV After two years' preparation, tin Rickenbackcr picture "First. Las ami Always" has finally gone inti Fred MncMurray play the flying ace. Paul Mantz will all the trick flying in 23 airplanes vintnse 1911. John I'nyne and Olori -de Ha veil ur-re n twosome at the Biltinor Bowl. lll:i I.upino wilt wean one of HIOF new *horl nightgowns for a seen in her tmv movie "I'ilUr In Post A ini'lc n:eltibcr of tbe cast ask her. "\Vha('s THAT you're wear 1115?" when Ida explains, the gen says. "Well, I daresay Ilicy do yon mure freedom." IdA icplie- "\Vell. that's what we're fighlin for, isr.'t it?" After six months in Hollywood, singer Georgia Gibus returns lo New York — nt double her former salary. Uonel liarrymore. who composes when he isn't acting, has been elected to membership in ASCAP, giving him recognition as a stand- Comedian • Eddie Bracken, who bet on bewey, bet the stork would bring him » boy. It was n girl. Paramount Is threatening to star, him in "I'd Rather Be Wrong." * • » Hollywcod's' unofficial "caste" system-has hecn caniril lo Us logical conclusion. Kn route In I^ikc Alrou-heiKl for Columbia's "One Against Seven, 1 ' a I!OK in the cast rotle in a Inis uith tbc rest (if ihc aclcrs. But the hound's standin had to riile in the rear nf a tnirk! » » 4 - The screen's fnt man. Sidney Grcenstrect, hopes to be the thin man soon. He's on a slrtct daily diet of two pieces of lonst. two slices of bacon, as much lea ;is he [Work shoe rc- lairs are made here with tbe same mcllcu- care used for most expensive shoes. Our leathers are • long wearing and the best available for this character work. If you want wear and comfort try us. TO PROPERTY Termites msy.b* ruining your projicrtv. C»" check-up without cost or obligation. HATS MICE AND ROACIT CONTSOS. . GUARANTEED WORK IC3 C. H. C. BLANKEN5H1P DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS US N. 3nd STREET PHONE 3382 User}- Transaollnn Must lie Satisfactory) y<Ctl GCTT/t I CfK PTL3A Scrricc, Inc. 1'U. BET HE'D JUST" Y IT -NVUST BE \ AS SOOM BE B\CK I M!CE- TO H.\VE TO-THE CUBBVHOLE / A CHAMCETHO PAYS-FEFiByTH' \ - I'VE BUILT TIME VOU'VE BUICT UPFRCMTH'.COEBy- HOLE YOU'VE BUH-T UP RHEUMATISM, WHUT DOES rr 'iOU THIMK .REAUZETHtS'' LITTLE CUBBVhlOLE USED TO BE YOUR OFFICE, FROM WHICH THIS GREAT GROWN? ALL THEM \ OTHER THIM65 UP, TCO, BUT I'M STILL IM A CUBBY- aril American composei'. If ll'ey can't sell 'cm in English they can sell 'em in Swedish and llnnj;ari.iii. Speaking Swedish, In- giiil I)ersin;in sclrt SGOCO worth of War Hnnds to 300 war workers in Jliuiifsnl.i. SreakinK Hungarian, V?n1 U'kas sold S800.COO worth in Cleveland. One ot tlie main characters In M-G-M's "Weekend at the Waldorf." laid against the background of the swank Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Is a goal. The animal will be a fancy one—owned by the Bey ol Aribajan, a sues! at the hotel. Another metaphysical ynrn for the movies: Twentieth Ce.Hury- Fox has rmrclinsed playwright Sidney Ktugslcy's "But for the Grace of John," story or a slain soldier ' who rises from the dead and explains whal would have happenod •XXXIV. i T ATEH, after'having hail a hitc i to eat. I lit the fire and we i stretched out side by side on the familiar rug. It's funny about the idea that i came to n.c then. How it had gci- i minnted in her mind lo take shape j in mine. I wasn't consciously giv- I ing the matter any thought then. I but suddenly it hit mo. 1 "Mickey! You were right! Why shouldn't I go a step farther? Why wait for my freedom?" She turned to me, qucstioningiy. "I was going to let Boggio hc- • lieve i he T d won. I was going to '• pretend I was ready to pick up where I'd left off—and wail for a more favorable lime before striking at him. But I don't have to Wait! "What makes you think that now? After what you said before? "You see, "Mickey, 1 all these years there's one thing that kepi me under Boggio's thumb. Fear! First the iear of never getting the break that would enable nip. study; then the fear that ho mighl use the confcsstori I'd signed; anc J,'If he had not died to stem'the finally the tear Of what lieViiruglil do if I refused lo stay in line righj now... • . : - /.•.-•••• "But things have changed sinc< this evening. I'm no longer nfraitf of. what the law may do lo me and so the only arlvanlage Boggio holds is the continued threat o! torture. "Now supposing 1 fnrn the ta• bles? SupposinR I say to him : 'Boggio, j'ou'vo brought matters FO ; far that I'm ready to take m; i share of the rap in court it I liavi i to. And now I'm not afraid of yoi j an}' longer. Neither of yon nor o ] your stooges, gunmen and lortnr ers. You want things to keep on as they nlwnys were. You want t continue piling up more doug' with'your rackets.: It's' okay wit' me. But I warn you, Boggio, thn if any of your men so much a lay a finger on me, I'll turn you i right away. 1 "'"•'•"•' ~~~*™'~ "That'll give him the choice bo- ween the vague possibility of de- unciation and the certainty of it. tell you, Mickey, he'll back clown n Ihe end'ond then I'll dictate my erms. Not only will he have to let nc go but he'll also fire Don." I leaned over And kissed licr gain. "You know what, Mickey? I'll io it tomorrow!" * + * T'HE moment 1 came in I saw the triumphant, unholy leer. He motioned me to sit down, then cd himself into Ihe chair at the lesk and leaned back, pressing he tips of his pudgy fingers together. "Well, well, Kabalcck!- M> cramps have been bothering me lain, but your visit already makes me feel boiler." His voice, whicli had been lov ind crtntrollcd at first, began ti "ise in exultation. 'So .you were going to quil Kobatcck? So you were going t> w.ilk out on me, ch?" I didn't answer. I wauled him to get through before I started. I ivould be interesting to hear al lie had on his mind. "You want lo know something Itabatcclc? I misjudged you thought you were a smart boj And lough. That's what I though the first time we met. and that* what I continued to think durin all the years 1 was building yo up. But I've lenrncrl something You're a wcnk sister! A very wca sister!" It look a certain effort on m part to remain silent, but I man aged. now on, KabatecK x tilings are poing to be a lo different. The day you .waltca out, you annulled the agreemcn between us. I'm not bound to any more. I've decided upon ne' terms that are in effect as ,of to day, No more percentage of th ke. And a very nominal salary. I bout enough to keep you going.'] 'hat d : you say lo that?" He had begun to shout, and the I cins on hts temples were standing | lit against the sallow skin. 'And you know whnt else? I 'ou'rc through as a lawyer. I'm! oing to yet myself a new one. j "ou've retired from the bar, | Cabaleck! But I'll find work,, on all right. I'll keep you bi. o busy that you won't hav* time j o cook up more double-crossing] chcmcs. Now get out!" This abrupt ending surprised! ne. He hadn't been as prolix asj isual. 1 remained scaled. "Well!" he snapped. "What you] vailing for?" "Just this, Boggio. If you're I hrough f have something to tell [ rou." "Not interested!" "You'll hear it just the same. I Lasl night 1 told Perez I was ickcd. I've changed my mind ibout that. This new job you want 0 give me—well, you know what | •ou can do with it. . . That was only the ber;inning.; I 3oggio had no monopoly on his-, I trionies. I could also talk with;' >assion when I got wound up. I don't think he'd ever been so; I imazcd in his life. But that. didn't last long. From amazement'| 10 switched to anger, and fronvi anger to a speechless rage that I was all the more terrible to bc-|| hold because I believe he knewj] right then lhat he was licked. He was like some cornered with bloodshot eyes and a frotnil mouth. . It was no longer rage alone. The, tremendous nervous jolt had brought about one of his attacks, 1 more acute than «ny I'd over wilnessed before. Automatically I walked over to the kitchen lo get a glass of watex- like I'd done so many times. When! 1 camo back with it I suddenly realized what n dope I was. For I a moment I stood there with the. | glass, watching him as he wrilhedJ about in his chair, frantically! stretching out his hand for the! water. So I gave it to him. Right in his face! (To Be

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