The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 4
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t»AGE FOUR BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •THE BLYTHEYILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUR1EK NEWS CO., PUBLISHER'S O. K. DABCOCK. Editor H. W. 1LA1NES, Advertising Koio NatioiiaJ Advertising iwjrcsentatlvei: The Thomas F. Clurk Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, SI. Louis. Published Every A::ernoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post oQlce nt Blylhevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1917. Garved by the Dulled Press SUBSCRIPTION KATKS By carrier In the city of Ulythevllte, Ibc per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol 51 mUes, $3,00 per year, $1.50 for six months, S5o lor Uirca months; oy mall in poital zones two lo six.. Inclusive, 1M.50 per year, In nones seveu *:i eight, $10.00 ner year, payable In trtraca. A Good Substitute The pro|x>sal for food loans lo drouth stricken farmers of Arkansas ;nul oth:r states has bcc'n kille:! by gentlemen in Washington who sue no inconsistency in supplying it .starving man with hay and fertilizer. That menus more work for th? Red Cross ami a more difficult farm rniaiip- i;ig problem. It would he a mislake to think, however, that il leaves a liope- lesi situation. An excellent substitute for th: food loan provision of the drouth relief liil! is contained in Senator Robinson's bill to provide federal assistance in the organization of agricultural credit corporations. Such corporations can and do make loans for food as w;ll as feed, and if the government, as Senator Robinson proiwses, will loan the money for their capital slock, they can go a long way toward meeting tile present emergency. Under the agricultural credit act papers of agricultural credit corporations may be discounted -by intermediate credit banks to approximately seven times tbe capital stock. In oth'r words a §50,000 agricultural credit corporation can make loans of approximately §350,000. Senator Hobinson proiwsus a §3,000,000 appropriation to be used in supplying the capital stock of such corporations. Success 1 of his measure would make available over $20,000,000 worth of cr'dit to fanners unable lo take advantage of drouth relief loans confined to feed, seed and fertilizer. 'W;e only criticism thai we can offer is that the amount is inaduinale, but if it is the best that can be had it is a whole lot better than nothing. But '. prompt action flioukl bo taken. Every day of delay in making production credit available lo the drouth stricken agricultural HP: as prolongs and in- ax'aRes the tusk of the Red Cross, al- ovcrlnmlcncit. ready Modern Witchcraft There is a streak of curiosity in human nature, that co ; ls about $125,000,000 annually. John MulhoUand, .a professional magician, says ihnt this sum is spent every year by people who consult fake fortune-tellers, aslrologisU, phrenologists and crystal gazers, try- OUT OUR WAY ing to tear away the veils of thc future. Kvcr since lhc \ViU-h of Kiuliir lived in a cave son:.: plaa; war Jerusalem, and found mil a thinr' or two for Kim-' Solomon, people have been makiiig (!;<• same kind of pilgrimages. As a rule the falu- foiiuiie-tollu- manages to giv. sonic encouraging informal ion. Th" puwpr 'if suggestion i.* strong. People become happier, expeii- ant of something good, and since they arc in the m"'nl, prliaps good forti;:^ is caught inure easily. - The psychology «•' prophecy is v. p;>v.-. ei-fnl factor. Of course, it is a .-.ham:' to see ?12r),fl<)n,0i)(i wasted. B;il ii may be that sniue :-nudl peiveiilag;- of il comes back wilii inlere.-l. N"l because the furl iiw-tfcllcr can ivad tomorrow's i-ali miar. H»l bwaiiv be probably does bring a litlle happiness when he foiei-asls a roseate future. WUDNKSDAY, JANUARY M, 1SW1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The Windmill Cuba M. Iligdmi. you. i-li'." cc-:iu: anyone today iindei 1 (The bnlkr, announce slhc arrival caller). "A Kcntlemnn lo ™ "I nm positively no! "He says It is very important, sir—" "Important, h--l! Didn't sou just hear me sny that I was p;;slllvoly not sceln? anyouc Icday? Oct out. nov:. ami stay out." "He fays, sir. he wonts to pay Imcl: the thousand dollars which \\? bonov:ed—" "Sny, you deaf Tool. :iow nmiiy limes mils'. 1 Icll you lo show the yi'iitlciiian in? Surely yon didn't understand me to t:iy I wasn't M'C- inu anyone todny?" "All rlgi'.l, sir. lie says lie wants to pay b:i:k the llioujand dollars just ns boon as he can, but he cnn't todiiy." "Sny. If I must break your necl: to make you timi erst and Hint I an\ positively not teems anybody today, here goes." iHe makes ,\ (lying tackle for the butler's leg:, but the miller side-steps anil vanishes Eafely out the door). •V- -V- >YI reckon I nm pretty lucky. I came very near uclting myself Into n lot. of extra work yi':,;er- dny when 11 wasn't necessary nt P.M.- I liave been thinking very slroiiuly "bout appealing to lhc Red Crc-s for help, but, since I have learned (hat those receiving help must work n', imbllc Jobs, I iiccidcn'.ly discovi-rcd I air. not as bad on' us I Iliv. tliouelu with'nt recognizing th.? need of unemployment relief. .Many Appeal for Alii The admlnlstraticn hadn't ad- mltieil a real unemployment problem and Mr. Hco\er was the Red • Crcsi p:.;.sldent On the other hand, i there v,-ere those who looked forward to p real "dlsuslcr" from the drought and felt that It should, have been anticipated and prepared for as early as September. Appeals (or aid piled up with Increasing rapidity through the fall. Tsnunl farmers who hart obtained i credit lest crops nnd credit along j wilh them. Banks failed. Schools cloi'ed in some counties because laxra couldn't be raised to operate them. Peliasra increased. Chronic; Indlgents found themselves in desperate straits ns private charity became impossible. Na'.lcnal headniiarters Drained. K'nw money for food, but one ap- ' peal after another was unswei ;il | v.'hh the advice to "organize your ! Iccal resource',-" Unfortunately, j local resources In many instances: '.I'eio exhausted. j Hoover I-'avnml . Drive : After the election President, llon- ver Is said to have favored a na- j tlcnnl Red Cross driva for funds | and there was considerable senti- i i mc-nt for one. I3nt leaders uf lhe , conununily eiif;; 1 . movemcnf, with i tr,?lr own campaigns on, objcclert , and there wasn't any. The Red I Cress, however, considers Its chief' responsibility to lie in mral areas i and small towns which usually have no communiiv chests or local | welfare organizations. . j Dy the. first ol this year pressure ! on the Red Cress here had become very heavy. Local chapters which were expected to handle their situations went broke in December and hundreds are now in that. position. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP, 7/i'c HIM. OX WRAPS HIS ABOUT U\t£ A COftSOKTER.. WHILE HE SLEEPS "—What I really meant in lasl week's recipe was a pinch! if it is true that the $4,000,000 of of have tried instead of a tabli-spoonful. So if anv of vou ladies i clk " sl , er rcsOTVO i5 nowllcr ' ? nf:ar ied the recipe, I ««es« the joke's on me." ' ^^ ^'^^T^ WASHINGTON ETTER presumably ~ | have to put on a drive for funds. Both Red Crofs and administration officials liav,; opposed any federal appropriation. Cows f^K> HOK5SS CAKKV R-Y I.Y -KODSIiV UUTCIIEIt ! Payne took orders. He agreed NEA Strvicc Writer . tlmt the orfinnlzation would "standj WASHINGTON --The directing . W and make its' S5.000.CCC disas-; hcccis of the American Red Crossjter reserve available for drought! "«av v:!n r.w glory for the or^au-! r<!l:of. That was radical departurel iz-itlnn in niceting the diouiOit' Iwcause the fund had prevL-.usly | relief emergency or they may comei^cn carefully held for quick emer JIAURY'S BIRTH -.,,--.. . _. , in '4. 18GG, Mathcw Mnury out of the experience with dimtn-isency use. Tne proceeds from a : an American naval officer who was! ^ •- i p|-?i>tlgc. U 'S diivc for funds take a Ions the first'--' • • On (ion cf the Gulf Stream and to The Intter ijctsibilily Is feared by j time to come in. whereas cash on of the brst friends r:f the Red ' 1 ™«' ™s immediately available. mark out Lucclflc routes to be fcl- Crrs5 who believe that It did not, Nearly 20 millions were collected j lowed in crossing the Atlantic was anticipate and mc.H the gradually.'" !1 >e Mississippi flood drive, but born in Spottsylvania county' Vir- <!«vc!o"ing emergency with thc ef-;' 1 was c|iiite awhile before the first ginia. Hot Baths Aid Control of Mysterious Disease of Skin BY Wt. MORRIS KISH11KIX . cures, Many Arsons with pson- lulitor, Journal nf tlir Aincriciin' asis seem to improve when e.x- Mediral As>wiaUtm, iniU of My- • uosed to nltra-vlolct rays, whereas Bcla, lhe llcallli Magazine others seem to gel worr,? and far a common disease ot. lnore fi>il to respond ift any way the skin in which there aro rcvmd. : wh!Uever reddened, dry. scaly patches ol • It- is probably besv for the prrsun various siz^s. These usually ai>-' who is afflicted with vith this con- pear first en the scalp, the enrs and; dition to consult a specialist in dls- Ih?'outer furfaccs of the limbs. i eases of the skin at fairly frequent The caiiSD of psoriasis Is un-1 iiitcr\'als so that the projjress of known, although hundreds of stud- the condition may ire watched, and ies have been made in an effort: proper methods of treatment ap- cietcrmine its origin. In various plied as needed. ;es lhc disease progresses in va- liousways. Sometimes it begins in | Game Courses in High Schools a small spot and remains fairly - PRICE. Utah (UP)—If children well localized in tiiat spot. Ir.j ar ., taught ear]y in | ifD tric prkll . some cases il spreads gradually.- c j p i cs nnd objectives of game and finally tending to cover a consld- . fish conservaticn, the tattle fcr I crabte part of the surface of the ' v .. nd lifo preservation will be won. ' n ; brd l' At, least this is the belief of high I Occasionally cases u'.ear up spo:i- j school boards in Carbon and Em ficiency nnd effectiveness with i five milliens came in: the need for when 10 ho was appointed which it has ccmbatted such ills-' prompt rcl:?f had been desperate, midshipman in thc navy and asters as hurricanes and floods, \ Furnished Seed year la'i?r was made an officer Since the desperate plight of After the country liad been reas- !hc Vincenncs during her voya?c : • - - • • ,- ...... i farmer.-, nnd their families in] sm - c d with the promise of S50CO - arr.imd the world. Crippled fol -: commg more and more severe. Spe- alu game conservation con: i rti-ought-strlekcn states has been ! COO. the Red Cross in the fall' fur-! ! ir <= »S' frcclnrinj his leu in 1839 .! "alists in diseaw of the ,s.-:m class-j high school students. Crcibly demcnsirated lo tlie roiin_-; n isi:.?rt seed in drought commnni " "" " ' """ , tar.eously. but again they recur, be-1 ery Counties who plan to inaugur- Mnury was nppointed to the tiaval ify various types of eruption, de- Dorothy [!r.;:ks the inilnuil ri!iir,!.;.\iu.i- llon In thc cast should serve to strengthen lies.. "There's n catch here somewhere." wrestler confidently said. Die by tlw ncar-rio: nt England,' ii,.. slv i: rrc fall crops had been lost Observatory and'Hydrotrraphic O ' f . | jwndiiig on the nature rf the crup- Ari:.. (inri threats of similar dl;-; n ud where a quick fall crop was flc = "> Wasiington. Therj he pic-: lln " llWlf nncl on lhe oxtenl an(1 !".:i;-inc'.-s elsewhere, lhc Great re- p ss ;' 0 | t .. Even small fall Bavtlens', P 1 """' ™ ri '- s !hat Pr-vcd of mnnl ' or "' sprearl. ' lief ngcncy hns loosened its purse- iifii^d because they lurnishrd! benefit to navigators. The cxpcnrce of a few spcc'ial- s'.ii'.ias and lnten.<iin.:d iu cflorls. (octi. ijut prices were very low nndi At the outbreak of the Civil \Var!'- ls u ' i; ' ! various methods 01 trent- \V!in-»Ma!-v.UInn is thicalrnett H | this relief applied to a very lim- he offered his services to th? Ccn- lnent is nn "'-dicalicn of the fact 1 to make larger giants than i'.ed section in Arkansas, Kentucky. federacy. and war, sent on a mis-! that no single treatment is cfn- These are the days when a culleje i;:ad woiiltl just as .noon have something tUe on his sloir.'ach Ihan a tralcvnky key. l-U;n,IU3IO]l UI [|?11CL. 11C ..S"^^". ;t--"t.n. 113 in uikii-.ill.v iv]i to Mexi-j.j and was ap- i investigators of this disease that emigration commissioner I the icmova! «f the scales by ire-; A fight crowd is funny, observes lhe oliicc ;.age. Tiiey'll razx. n fighter's bathrobe but go \vl]d over his socks. It has just occurred to the "Him saue '.hat the back wlm ran toward llir nm} tnnk tun much to heart the saying. "'1'ini about is • fair play." George Bernard Shaw says the RtusMnnr. mai:c thc best movie films. The manner In \ihich they carried out their conspiracy trial wwiUl imiic.ite they arc at least capable of putting acros.i a good show. (lv,e which Rave destitute persons: Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma sion to Europe, where he remained j cnt '" n11 ca - cs - II is generally; ! i nly nfcont 11 dollar n incnlli for' and Texns. . | until the conclusion of p?ace. He nsreed. however. !>y practically all |fsi'l.-:ico. hnwcver, whether lhe re-1 i> A \ nc told the Senate appropri-| " 1 ?" n ' oiu Kii:iinin<; S-l.OQO.OCO of tlie Red Cross .itions committee that, SS^SCOB was P 31nte<l I (iisii'.ter fund Is nnywlirr? near K , ma f m - the seed nrrurn-n sup- by Em l )cli r Maximilian. Upon the. nucnt iiot taths irntl the applica- I ndoqunlc for thc big'job. ; ' r V, c ,| (o be ,-ff-clctl bv rlrau°ht - overthrow of the imperial regime | "en of .suitable remedies tends to : I Pledged Ilcservc Fmirt ; plus $521.COo'for food and other! %?""* '•Huvncd lo tl-.e UnUeel' keep the skin in fairly gocd con-; I TI-? emergency crept ii|i on lhe items in 338 counties in n states! S ' ; "e5 nnd bscnme professor of.d«--n. ;cn:i:try alter assurance hail been up to Dec. 31. Most of the fceKlj POysics at Virgmm Military !nsli-j !t is well known that certain: 1 that ndcpunto prcpnratiM'.s rnme from local chapters rather i tlltc - ; foods tend 1110:5 than others lo be wiw beiiii! marlo. Tlie Red Cross.'than lhe national organization. 1 ; associated with eruption on the, !>i-.\'.ev.-.-r. shelved considernble ro- fc-«nt-,] C nt among Red Cross! MOXTANA n.ASS ROAD WORK : skin, and ninny persons with risori- • I to formulate any large | ,., [!: ft -. ls divided ns to the nd- 1 "ELENA. Mont.. ilJPj—A ?a.-; "sis have been iiniiroved by avoid- ii:n.i;ram Ihrough lhc lust part of vi-ab ! 'itv of a large program Some' 5 <W.OCO highway improvement pr:.- . il] g -'''ell fr&is. strawberries, red ,1030. held tlial the emergency was nn> ernm vvil1 1)c launched by llir stale. meats. coff.?e. tea and alcohol. i I:i A'.iKiiFl. PrCMdcnl Hoove:- <ci.iiomic situation and not really} 'lighway commission authorizes the' The faci that some cases clear | siii:in:i)i-.?rt Chairiiiiin Jol-.n Barltm iu thc disaster class. Asa nation-' i-uancc of anticipatory -.van-ants'up spontaneously hns made it pos; rnyne ol lhe Red Cross I!-,over'ls :il ori;anlziuioii. it felt that itiagains: gasoline tax collection, tlie sible fcr quacks of all tyiKS to i president of (h? Red Crc.-,s and couldn't coneentratc on drought i prcsram may to double:!. : announce that tlicy have specific the Classified for By Williams' STRAIGHT EIGHTS DUAL HIGH PERFORMANCE The smart Onyslcr Str.ifglit Eights have an exclusive Mu' 4-spccd tnns mi-is ton providing D:tjl High^ and n quiet, quick gear snift. One "high 11 is lor sprinting in tt-iHic and for flisr, c.isy hill-climbing „ the cthcc fot tlic open LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY An extrcnicly lou-center of gravity, besides attriiMite of 5;-.-..ntncsi, is .1 f.iccor of sjfcty because of belter balance — resulting in out- iMnJinj; pcrfoniMnCf, ro.icl-clinging steadinrs?, t ;rc.ucr riding cov.ifott .inJ security .it all speeds. SAFETY BODIES OF STEEL Tl-.c Ciirj-sler S:r.ii'pjit Miglits ire :-.o;ei; for tiuir <tr,v.^ st;cl Ux!y <cnstn-ction — wcldfd solid w.:!ls of onc-j-ic.x stren^ili; completely insnl.iteJ for silciKo; :KI j.iints to Ci-.ise rattles cr ^vcaVs. Lab. ARKANSAS STATE BOARD OF HEALTH UURKAU OF SANITATION Little Rock RKPOHT OF BACTKIUOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF WATER SAMPLES COLLECTED ON 1-G-;U BY Dr. J. R. Johnson KXAMlNliD ON 1-3-31 BY Hygienic Ljibalory j Presumptive Tust V SOUUCE I'ublic water and liydnii T()\VN Blythevillu I Point of Collection 'lOrc FCWLER MOTOR COMPANY Arkanssiy i il 10 11 12 l; 1 . i-i Tlii- ahove — Hytlraiit — Frisco Passenger Station 2— Hydrant— Cotton Belt Passenger Station— hydrant. 3 — Pnlilic water supply — Nabors Grocery Co. — 10,3 S. Division St. •1 — Public water supply — Central \Vard School. 5— Public water supply — Alnyor Reed's, resident — oOO Kasi Kentucky Avc. C — I'tiliiic watfi- supply — Sudbury School — South Lake Street. 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 rcsulis >l:i.\-,- li-.u \\-al;r lo lj e frto fn,Mi contaniinalion and therefore snt'o fur livinkin;; iiun>o-i.>, ; ( i (}ic linn' <>!' ^amplinjr. cc I'C (.•i R : Or. I. IJ . Johusim : Dr. A. AI. Wasliljunt : Mv. ilarry Hill lOiAKKS: Noti>: Dononiinator of !'r.i"lioii indicat'S inimlii-r 01' cxaininations m:«lo. aii'i^UMi'.- i'1'ittor niiRi'ccr of times !!. C:>ii tost was positiv:; oN;ini]>lo: 2-5 moans test for I'- Coli p wilive in '2 out oi' o I'xaminationb. Signed M. Z. BAIK. Clmf Kngin- :v j ASSOCIATED UTILITIES, Inc.

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