The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1939
Page 3
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AUGUST 16, 1989 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Showcase Car 0:0 Future" H- Engines Also Forecast; Every Car Is Own Showcase BY R, C. SACKETT NKA. Service Special Correspondent • DETROIT, All?. 11 - Plastic safety glass In the automobile of 18-10 points the way to all plastic body construe tic n by 1945 us the newest development of automotlbe engineering. If the development e:ntlnucs— and Detroit gives evidence that it I will—.ycur '45 model may be n i transparent, rear-driven number with all moving parts, including, the driver, visible from the out-' aide. Plastic bodies insy be either opaque cr transparent. Without telling anybody about it, Henry Peril probably will start putting plastic trunk doors and plastic hoods on his cars before long. The experimental work has been finished. There is a German-made car In New York with the entire bcdy of plastic material. The new low- priced German car that Hitler has been talking about will have a plastic body. Much cheaper than steel. FISHER DISPLAYS TRANSPABENT CAR At the Wcrld's Pair in New York, JVner Body has a car on display- with a complete transparent plastic body. Fenders, hoot!, radiator, doors, and all sheet metal In the bcdy are transparent. The car is as strong as a steel-bodied car and can be driven. Briggs Body in Detroit has a car "with a plastic transparent roof in place of the solid steel roof. Plastics can be bent and shaped as well as steel. When they find out hov,' to harden the surface they will make windshields and window, glass o! plastics. Again it will be lighter and cheaper. Also It can be curved and bent in a way that emmet be done with glass. That would make possible a V-lype windshield without a center post. Plate glass companies already are coming part way to meet the competition of plastics with their new plastic safety glass that will be used this year. This glass-A ill bend and not break if hit hard BETTER GAS IN PROSPECT Another new development will be in motor fuels. At least one nation-wide chain or filling sta- tiais already is set up to handle a 90 octane gasoline within- the next 18 months.' : " " • • : Oil company engineers are working with car engineers toward engines designed for 110 ochine rating .gasoline. They will be standard, it is expected here, by 1043 The thing- is practically on schedule. Three years from now filling stations may'handle nothin» but 100 and 110 octane gasoline The present car engines will use the new fuel satisfactorily, but the new engines will have much higher economy and efficiency Those !043 engines will get 35 miles per gallon of gas.i Tlie first step toward transparent automobiles: Plastic top turned b> , BRUCE CATION'S AMERICAN ROUNDUP By BRUCE CATTOff Courier News Washington Correspondent PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 16 - If you want to find cut how the Republican parly alms to get back , ~~ •-..-. «, luuuura into power, ami what, it Is likely ', "ibim Slllps> unde1 ' st!lle res Pon- In place cf WPA, there Is suggested a system much like PWA— cilice wages ought to be resisted to the utmost. On relief, Ihc chances are tlmt thb group would f nTC r returning control of direct relief to counties to do with that power if It succeeds, you might pr;fltably study the group which i, bormiug Goi- Arthur n. James of Pennsylvania for the nomination. This gr:up may never-nominate Governcr James. But It has played such a very large part In the recent -• n " i--- u in i in; l«L,i;ill, Ynllnf rehnnncing and revitalizing of the „,' ., party's national machmerv thnL it i. " —' •• ••""•" "^ muun is apt to have n great deal lo say ^fif'i' O1 ',- ft , business revlral - 1 —•• -- • • ' wn " 1 ' 1 immcdmlDly be touched off direct contracts for any ccnstruc- tlon work the government does, with full prevailing wages paid. This, it Is admitted, would be an expensive way to handle the work relief program—theoretically. Actu-"" " ' argued, it would bo much about who is .nominated and "what he decs afterward. Dcminant figure In the group is Joseph N. Pew Jr., of Philadelphia, wealthy vice president of the Sun Oil Co. Teamed with him is Col. Carl Bites of Texas, another oil man. James, Estes, and Pew recently returned from a 10-day Canadian ffthing trip. The-.--following day Estes announced at Harrlsburg that he by this system and the relief rolls wculd dwindle rapidly. Here, rather roughly outlined, are seme ot the leading viewpoints within this group. A°ul whether Governor James becomes the nominee or not, it Is extremely likely that this group will have a great deal to say absut both the nomination and the ensuing: campaign. . - rg a e n , „, thought James-"an ideal candidate," liOSDel lent Meeting and Jnmes lemnrk^H timf T,I.,-I« K^ . * Tiiat engine be much lighter, with higher They will liave to smaller, nnd compression. go back to the cadmium bearings of four cr five years ago. Oil company engineers now are running exhaustive . tests with the new 110 octane fuels' and with engines equipped with the new bearings thai are necessary to withstand the extra force and pounding exerted by the new gas. LIGHTER ENGINES OI'EN' WAY TO CHANGE These lighter and smalier engines of possibly three years hence are what it will take to make the rear- cngmcd car practicable. So. give the car manufacturers an additional wo years afler the introduction of the smaller engine and the new rue] to perfect the first rear-en- gmed large-scale production car That, shculd be about 1945. To get closer home and the 1940 cars. Many cars will have the new- plastic safety glass. Biggest Innovation be Ihe new sealed headlamps, which the industry has gene for 100 per cent G. R. developed it in co-operation with the car engineers. They have been working years. on it over three 7n (lie G. E. lamp the reflector and lens are sealed tight and form the lamp bulb in which a vacuum Is created and in which the filament is placed. There is no other bulb. Other lamp manufacturers will use a regular bulb, but their reflectors and lenses -will be sealed tight. All units of all different makes will be the same size and Interchangeable. Dealers and service stations will carry only one size. and James remarked tlmt while lie was not actively seeking the iiomi- natitn, "no man could refuse" the nomination if it were offered. Neither Pew nor Estes does much talking, it is possible, however, (o make a fair summary of the general p;litical belieis held in this These rest largely on a firm belief that a thumping business revival is just nround the corner, but that it will stay around the corner until Franklin Roosevelt leaves the White House. It is the President's eeneral pers:nal altitude toward business and busines's needs which is chiefly objected to, rather than any specific New Deal measure BELIEVE COUNTRY RIPE FOR CHANGE FROM NEW DEAI, Next there comes a firm belief that the country is ripe for a change —tlmt the people are fed up with the New Deal and sorely disillusioned, that platforms will ml matter very much, Hurt the American people generally vote against someone rather than for someone and that right now they arc g c ttj,,g their mouths fixed to vote against Mr. Roosevelt. The group also tends to feel that t is time for the eld system of party responsibility to be revived- that It should be the party, rather than (he individual office holder who shapes policies, the party to' wh:m the voter's loyalty should be directed. Depend in on your point of view. yen could pr:bably say cither that this means a leaning toward "weak" presidents or that it represents a reaction against one-man control. But if this is a business group, which Is inclined to see perils in too much democracy, it is not a low-wage group. Quite the contrary, in fact Not long ago a well-known - - pirant for the Republican nomination suggested to a member of the group that there could be 113 recovery until rates had been Preparatorj- to singing marathon at the New York World's Fair, Ge:rge Glidden and Francis Rittel tested their endurance by playing for 47 hours and 15 minutes. They played 634 racks In 1,544 Innings, Glidden winning 4,629 to 4,142. tlriven down, as high wages caused high prices and high prices delayed recovery. HIGH WAGES HELD NECESSAKY TO KETUKN OF PROSPERITY He got n scorching answer. High n »«o '•" —-' told, are essential -. j. Prices must come — i down, yes; but any attempt to re- billiards TERMINIX TERMINATES . TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS PHONE 205 FORYOUK POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers & other poultry at all times. IVE DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STrCKLER-GOODWIN CO. 406 E. Attendance Increasing The largest crowd to attend the meetings that are being held at the Gospel Tent at the corners of Seventh and Main streets were present last night when an estimated crcwd of 250 heard the Rev A. D. MIL™, cf Memphis, speak. A solo by Mrs. Harry Pritzlus, a half hour of evangelistic gospel singing of old style songs and" new chcruses led by the Rev. Prank K. Stamps, cf Memphis, preceded the sermon. Miss Marjorie Vanier Miss Dorothy Aycock and Jiiss Luna B. Wilhclm played the three pianos. The Rev. Mr. Muse is distinctly Will Hold Trachoma Clinic On August 24 *; PAGE THREE Demonstration Club News Notes ocs 111 20 dips, which IB u heavy yield for this type, Adult, mosciul loos, Ktlicl Wrullhmell, Ih Famous Force Swamped By Mysteries And I.R.A. Iworisls < LONDON, Aug. To (UP)-Scol- '»"l ^rd hits so many unsolved murders on Its linnils, together with he Irish Heplibllciin Army terrorist campaign, Him i (s f,i mails <tl ,. found battered to drain neur cmi- 1 tci bury. ovw .(| t ,, e C0|1 . tCCllVl's tli.uously, Nominiiy ScMn m \ YlU(1 can i 'low n io w into miy illstrlct In lie cmintiy so tlmt no possible clew Is left uni'xnmlucd, thus following if famous Scotland Vurd dictum iiiat "it's tiiorouBhness that docs Now, liowor, scores of its meiu- ''s arc cnsiigcd In chasing f.i{.A. n rtifisi' ihiit oricn •(.'an- Blly _WcSl Of Town And I lelc) Breeding Ditches Areas A survey made by tlu> Mississippi County llenlth Unit ( 0 deU'r- inine tho source ot mosquitoes which lire molesting residents of Miuilln has ui'rn i-ompli'lcd, II was . . , -' '""i- unuu tun- iiiinuunei'd toduy by I)r U l<' MSIS ui keeping imromlUlnff wiilch Si'lilrintr, illrcdor. ' ' " - . , • - .• '«» unylhiiig ,sus- Manila l,lou,s Club which (,s spon- „,!! 11™. tlml Yuril '"'"'orllles ™>'i»'l, r » iiiovi'menl. („ cuu'llnitu a ; u .able o devote ,,l| l h ,lr oner- Ihe Insect* II,,. survey provWl W ,.„> m T r ms ' s " ll>t slm ''<••- I I)C ur > ll '»ost Impoilmiiv i) o l./comtT! ' U V """ US SMllons n lB I"""" 0 wns lorau ' cl '"»»»>' '" st, °, . L ' 1>ny wost uf Mnntl " ""< I" CM Ir „ ' m ' s N " <:U ' W ?"" in " ltclu ' s lu ' lvr "» ! "''Her "f LIIIII or the murder ciisi'S nt Ihe (own mid not (rom (he over- Et l! i 'I'" 1 Ol Mrs - Ml >''Burot " ow of 'lit city water well as Newton Jackson, who wns found w«s Bern-rally believed 1 stianijlcd in Her home nt Sholdcn, In mmomicliiB results or the ma. Deal, Kent, She was the wife of ii raillery employe, nnd although Scotland Yard 1ms had Us best men extensive .survey mnde Ijy Stanley J. Cnrpentrr, director of the 1JI- vlslon of Mnhu-la hivMtlgiitloir Cleorge ['. Slmmlln, sanltiirlini oi , •• — •-•.i« ^.». tllD county hei.llh nnll. mid Dr. AH they know Is (hut sometime Sehlrmor. It wns pointed out Ihiil B:lo A. M. and 11:30 A. M. the county and slate department slipped Into Mrs. Jack- of health will render nny nsslsl- sll',mJ l<m !f ( ' st ™"B lK ' , 11B '-. '"»' " llce ''i ilclcrmlnliiis H.e nature mul snppoil otit ngaln without bctni; —' - «« «io case for Hays, they wlhmit a concrctq clew, An experimental step In the Held of work with cnscs of trachoma and blindness will be taken by the so "»*oily stnte department of public welfare In cooperation with tho state S11 1'! J «1 out ngaln without being Important urco'dYm; m-cns of "iron board of heiilth on Thursday, An?. scc "' »»hoi«fli the house Is on the blesome mosm.lloes niul wavs ol 24 when n trachoma clinic will be mni11 ''<""' ami hundreds of people elliiihmllng such brecilliiH nlnce* held^from 10 n.m. through 4 p.m.! l )nssc <' H during Hint time. •' "-- • - I but that lms "° f the department The clinic will be an mental one lo determine whether or not, similar ones can be held for the benefit of trachoma cases throughout the stale. Known trachoma cases not now under observation or medical treatment and persons suffering from what are commonly called "red, sore eyes" or "granulated lids" are requested to come to the clinic for diagnostic examination on that date, members of the stale welfare department Mid. This clinic Is to be especially for people in Crnig- head, Cireene, Lawrence, Jackson, Poinsett and Mississippi counties. Dr. K. W. Cosgrove, slate supervising ophthalmologist for the welfare department, and Dr. A ivr. Washburn, director of the division of communicable diseases for the state board of health, will be assisted by Dr. W. B. Knrrcll, director of the Craighead coimly 1 health unit; Dr. M. E. Blanton and Dr. O. T. Cohen, both of Joncs- boro nnd both district ophtlmlmol- ogsts for the Welfare Department. In attendance will be John It. Thompson, stnte welfare commissioner, nnd Roy Kiimpe, director of rehabilitation for the blind for tile welfare department. 'The-main purpose of this clinic," Mr. Thompson emphasized, "is to begin research among trachoma patients In the stale and to determine -whether or not some lorin Slapleton. Just the village of Pillion In expert- Bedfordshire. He wns followed by the murderer nnd killed by blow's of a heavy willow stake." lie hnd of medical attention can be given them for their benefit. "\Ve kno«' that Arkansas is in n TMhip'YflnWTv" "•~" •- ««"•""-"/ Hie so-called 'trachoma belt.' and nlMml rn.,M -^ Preaching we feel that anything that the almost entirely expository it was welfare department cnn ilo lo al- R " "'"" Icviale the effects of this disease should be given a place In oi>r well rounded social program. For staled tcday. There- is a service In the form of a Bible lecture nt the tent, on , n Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Sunday the be "Angels." lecture subject Runs to Fireplaces CLEVELAND, O. (UP) — Charles E. Rush, new head of the Cleveland public library, has as a hobby, the collecting of chimney and fireplace descriptions. After 20 years, Rush has a collection of 1,000 fireplace figures. AH are represented by n catalogue system, with pictures and detailed descriptions. There are approximately 4,000,300 tennis players in the United States. BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! FIRES, TUBES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PJione 633 Always Open our program is designed lo meet as many of those In need in Arkansas as possible whether need be social, mental or /Itinnclnl." I-OS ANGELES GETS STEIN- LOS ANGELES, Aug. IS. —Max Stein has left Belleville, 111., for Los Angeles, where the tcnpi" sport is booming. He won the nil- events championship nt the American Bowling congress of 1937 in LIVER BILE- Witiool Cilomel—And You'll Ju rap On I«[ Bti ia Ihe KM iiii-ij K.t!!i' li, Go lln M*|''7 C V B . h ° Ul ' 1 I 0 "' ° Ul ' W0 "°" nj ' »' liquid bite Inlo yourLoircls dally. If this lilla l»tiolflowln e rnM!ly,i-ourfoodiJo«n't<llr It ju.t Jccny. (n Iho towel.. C»s u >our slcmnch. \ui) Kct ronsllpntcd. Votir whole lyilctn U polwiml nnd you reel sour, sunk mil! the worlj looks punk. A raero WT! rnmemcnt doesn't set 11?,? 1 ",*?- ''i^ 11 """" Row1 ' °' J C "'= i S '•'«"• Pl«» <o Crt then: two t.on of bib nc, 1 7ln i . rn-cly „„,! mrt) . ,,„„ UP and „»." HortolcM. B cnl!e. yet nm «z- Inc tn ranklnc Wlo now (reclj. A»k for Carter',, I title I.lvcr I'lll, by „,„',.. 2S Stubbornly rctuac onythinu else health to curr The control of brccdlnc Is left up to in u eomiiiimll itself, That the surveys are vllnlly hn porlant Is cxemplllled In (he lias been wasted as the breeding places were not there as had been assumed. The Inspection!! showed tlmt most, of tliu mosritillo problem consisted of common house mosquitoes (Cm- lex qiiliHiiiernsccalns) which were breeding principally In smnll dllch- i!S near the center of town. the . survey of the overflow municipal well showed from that been paid his wages of U-l jihllllngs of Mu.ill.i where work dune jm the a few mlnulcs before. Of that in clt -S' well's ovcrllow would huv shillings, the murderer left 10s. '""" A similar murder look place In Plasmont, 17-room mansion of William Alfred Lewis ,iu 1'only- poo), Monmouthshire. lie had been killed uy blows from an Iron pipe in Ills home. Once ngaln the motive for the crime apparently wns robbery, although the murderer left a bos containing tlOO behind. Two liallll.ijj discs One murderer had killed for n few shillings; the other for real mfihcy. but. in neither case can the Yard flml a clew (hut. will enable detectives lo touch a suspect, on the shoulder and say the usual formula of nrresl. Other cnscs tho Yard 1ms not yet abandoned, nnd which have occurred over the past 12 months Include: William Murlltl, Norfolk farmer who ivns i»lsoned. Pnineln Coventry, the 0-ycnr-old ....... foci west of this (he entire Ilia "pond. From loivn cnn be molested, It wns pointed mil. Vnrbro Club Alcels —. ."... i Mrs. Robert, Thompson presented tne report urged that the pond Ihe devotional ut the meeting of .' (irulnnl if possible and if , 10 t Hi" Yarbrb Ifome Demonstration ) use n weekly application of <-'lub at thu Thompson home Tucs- itrts (rrci-n dust liirvneldu uver'duy when Mrs. Vlvlim McUuIre tin! entire IIK>U throughout the en- <»Hl Mrs. Zoa Thompson were cu- llro summer ami fall. This pond Is. hostesses with Mrs. Thompson ii serious mnlnrliv problem, Dr. I Mrs, Lee Stiles "read a poem ftohtrmer snlcl. "Things That Count," after which Mnlnrla-ccirryiiig mosquitoes wore Mrs> Elza Wliccler discussed "Menu found breeding In a street ditch Planning". Ice box rolls were dem- nciir Ihr school building and ndult. °"sl™t«l by Mrs. «»•>«•«•• o,.«~u moiQulloes were plciitfful In a I ' rvl " 1 '"" •••-">•"shower room nc these dlk'hi's at The survey also showed number or lioinis hnd pliiees In cans and inln The ilcatroylng of tin cnns by -• in<;iiiinii in a 1 ' rivc ' v<! '"embers and one visitor •nrliy. Clonnini! of c "i°>' c(l U<e «'•«!> box, proceeds once WHS urged fl ' on> wl'lcli will be given to the -- ' ' evangelist who has conducted services there recently. Hotrcshmunts ol fruit salad with cookies, sandwiches and iceO tea . (hut a - , V .., D „, tlll v tn is uy burying ur punching holes in them the covering or oiling of all vnln bunds niul the draining or oiling of nil pools or standing water premises will eliminate ' breeding , places In Mnnllii, Dr. jUchlnner sll ld. At The Hospitals Wnlls Hospital Simmon ThomiiH, city, admitted Mrs. W. M. lituksdnli), liram- City, ndnilllcd. l.m-lle a lover, Hell, admitted. Hob Smith, Iteimawlnlo nilmll- lod. Dnnlel <jO|io Jr., Slccle, admitted. Dlyllievllli' Hospital Slnnlcy inijniiii, city, admitted. Miss 1-ols Miller, Forrest C'ltv admitted. Mrs. W. C. lllgglnson, city ml- mltted. Rudolph led, Mrs. John Thomas Scnuloii nnd daughter, city, dismissed • Billy Calfcy, city, dismissed. 1 Memphis SI. Joseph's Hospital Kiigene Bibbs, cooler, admitted. Memphis iMi-llioitlsl Hospital Horn lo Mr, mid Mrs II K Milslck, llassull, a K on. Memphis llujitlst llns|)llul liddlc li, Uuvld, dly. admilU'd 1'uul Crump Jr., Wilson, admitted fiend Courier News want ads. wore scrvcil by the hostesses. The next meeting will be August 22 when all members will go to Walker Park for a picnic. Bryant, city, mlmlt- Rend Courier News want au» GOBTOR MALARIA! — And Malaria Chills and 'Fever! Here's what you want for Malaria, folks! Here's whr>l you want for (lie awful chills and fevor. H's Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! A real Malaria .medicine, Mnde especially for the purpose. Con- tnms tasteless iiuiuidino and iron. Grove's Taslelcss Chill Tonic actually combats Ihc Malaria infec- lion In the blood. It-relieves-Uic- freezing chills, tiie burning fever. Jt helps you feel belter fast. Thousands lake Grove's Tnsleless Chill Tonic for Malm-la and swear by It. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't suller! At first sign of Sln- Inria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy the Jarfie she ns It gives you mucu more for your money. only two Anopliellne. or Mularln- carrying mosquitoes were lakcn in •IS dips, which was a very light EXPKI{T ELECTRIC WIRING nKAUTiriil, LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Klcctrlu and \Valcr Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 Si>. 2nd Phone 318 New York. — HOTEL PEABODY— Air Conditioned For Tour ComCort Lowest Kates HI E. Main St. — lllythcvlllc YOU BUI RULMGNEY DON'T WAITI SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! GET YOURS NOW! FINAL J9Ji*A ON1V ONI OF MANY VALUE-SPECIAIS! OTHER MODUS AT WEN GRIATK INDUCTIONS! C HA LLE N G ER -6-bullon tuning —8-Inch dynamic apeaksr— haid- wood cabinet. TABLE JUNIO.. S-luka AC-DC - four push-butloni - auto- malic and convoniional tuning - lull 5-inch dynamic speaker — walnut balcelile cm*. LOOK! SPECIAL ALLOWANCE OF $ That's not just a claim. 1939 CMC owner records prove it. Check CMC gas savings on a demonstration of your own Tlrat pO|,iTnnfl Uro flan at lowtlt ti our o»n VMAC atlaM* toltt SmuP ,$!£ £ A SAVMASAND SAVETIMl _ WITH GMM GREATER POWER LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main ,, honc ro« you* OlD JGOODYEAR'S FAMOUS -1 BATTERY A better badcry than matt cari require/ Guaranteed 15 rnonlhi O r 15,000 milej. SPECIALS! For This Event Only "AU-SEASON" SMI Cor.r, $1,99 "PlioleV Sol ?tli ... 7Q * «/ 3 Aulo dubious ,, Oft Gortlti ".19 1.88 SAVE UP TO $6 ON NEW 1939 GOODYEAR BICYCLES AUGUST TRADE-SN SALE A REAL CHANCE TO SAVE! We gin you a liberal trade-in allowance on your old tires for farand-new Goodyearsat our regularlowpricos) Come in and gel our iigures today. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES 410 West Main P hon e 898

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