The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1951
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1951 BLYTHEVILT,?!, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAGE THIRTEEN *HUT,MlSTArt BOS'? LAk AUSTAH MA3OE. GOT HlSSELF MISPLACED IN DEM WOODS AIOM6 WITH A^isrAH Twi<36S.' HOW you HE KIU SIT LOST, BEIM- SICH A BIS-SAME HUhiTER ASS'ALL-ROOMD JOK1SL6 V HAW -TA1WT OFTEN 1OU FINPANICE 810 FAT OWE LIKE THAT HAMfB HlSSELF UP ALL R6APY PER YOU TO KWOCK OW TH' HEAP AN' PACK HOME PER SUPPER' HIS WOODS HAS RUSTED AROOK1O THE ir T: :cr;c AW OVJU CLUB CHftPTER WITH 5PIWACH MQ TVKH1 TH' WHeRe To LOOK:— THE ' OMLY BIT GAM6 HE'S BEEN ABOUND (.ftTELV IS TTIMG FULL OF LOST PEOPLE JR.WU.UAM5 SWEET RAZZBERRIE Most- species of sturgeon [resh water only to spawn. The Gulf Stream makes Iceland warmer than usually supposed. Says— Some men always prefer ft blonde, Others don't give a hoot, But when you serve them Meyer's Bread, They think all gals are cutel THE GILA MURDER BY JULIUS LONG camion mi IT >Ju stsvrct INC 9 Check Your Speedometer! [I Will B*v« Monry « "e you sure you: speedomet*: ids correctly? It's no excuse tot Deeding Come in tomorrow mo day service tor all cars and iniclcs, : T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler- Ply month Dealer m E. Main Phone mz IX "jyjAICE it bnei," Johnnie Me- Adams said as soon as ne entered Chief Mitchell's olfice "I picked up Pat Colton on the way and we're going oui of town, where nobody knows her If she doesn't gel away from that house, she'll go crazy. She's waiting in my car." "Paul wants to ask you a question." the police chief said. McAdams impatiently regarded the prosecuting attorney. "Okay then. Paul. Let's hear what you've got on your.mind. But L don't think 1 can throw much 'ight on Mrs. Colton's death." Paul Haker asked: "I just want o know, McAdams, what you were 'oing at Laura Colton's car at the Community Center lot last night?" Slowly the lawyer's (ace reddened. "Who says I was there?" "Two small boys who came to me with the information this afternoon. They saw you, McAdams. 3o make,it easy for yourself and explain what you were doing Laura's car—if you can." McAdams glared angrily, then •eemed to wilt. "All right, 1 was there. I was leaving a docvimenl in her glove box. If the kids ac- Adams almost screamed "I mere- y left a document there as 1 was upposecl to. 1 can't lell you what t was. for it was of a strictly con- "dentiat nature That's why .aura's .car was parked in back so could leave it there without any member of her family seeing me." "So some member of tier family was interested?" Hakcr demanded. 'Who? Lawrence?" Mi-Adams glared at him. "1 reuse to answer." tually saw Lhat's all I me, they'll put there. 1 tell you A doubt "Baker, if you've assailed him. ricked me •"So you admit you were there ind left something in the glove •MX!". Chief Mitchell leaned tor- ward as he spoke. "Why didn't you tell me, Paul, that those kids had cotne to you?" "Because ihey didn't. I decided that McAdams was the one whc probably left whatever it wa: Laura Colton expected to find it her glove box." "Maybe he Jeft the Gila Monster!" Chief Mitchell snapped "Maybe he's the guy that took ou the glove box light, toot" "I did nothing of the kind!" Me "Then." said Mitchell, "HI have o hold you. If you had nothing 0 do with that Gi)a Monster, it's ime you came clean.'' | » * • VTcAUAMS writhed miserably: " A Then, "AH right, HI tell you.: .aura had me draw a new will yesterday afternoon. She set up another trust fund, this time for .awrenre Pat was named trustee. She was lo have complete control of Lawrence's share of the inheri- ,ance. Laura was convinced that the boy was going insane. 1 suppose she was right. Dr. Creviston here thinks so. a n y w a y." He glanced at the doctor. "Lawrence found out what she was up to and had a fit. He stormed into my office and made vague threats as to what he'd do if I wrote such a will. Of course 1 had no alternative but to draw it. But the kid 'kspt a check on Laura's whereabouts, and to save trouble I was to deliver the will by putting it in her glove box. She wai to sign it in the presence of two servants/ put it back into her glove box, and I was to pick it up when she parked her car downtown today. I'll swear that's all 1 know about what happened. The will turned up missing, of course I think you can understand.why ] kept my mouth shut." "I think so," said the chief, staring at McAdams. "You've jus about slipped a noose over Lawrence Colton's neck." "They electrocute in this state; said Baker coldly. [ Dr Creviston said: "Lawrence won t hang, and he won't go lo the electric chair He'll go to the nns- piial tor the criminally insane' Chief Mitch.cU started as he heard a sound in the outer otlice. He listened, heard nothing more and turned back to Johnnie McAdams. "1 suppose you'll represent the kid ifou'ci cellar turn mm in. I'm going to arrest him lor (tie murder oi his mother if you don i." McAdams shrugged, "Sam and Pal may be mad because 1 talked. Bui 1 had to. Hesides. it's wrong to lei that kid go loose. I'll to go out now and face Pat." He teft. and Chief Mitchell saia. "Well, there you are. Paul. There t The National Geographic Society says the sturgeon Is becoming a rarity except In Russian waters. WANTED MEN and WOMEN See United Insurance Agency Everything in Insurance At Lower Rales HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! Vt't Accept I'MA Purchase Orders Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone — 6856 — 6857 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for jcms, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing op lo Vi inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 What Don't You Need? Old rickety furniture, worn E clothes, .fishing equipment. I Anylhlnit on earth lhai jon 1 don't want t> worth mom; In I trades and awap* at H * M I Salw Co. Brlnj It down— 1 ron'll find nmelhini jon DO H"&M Sales Co. 117 E. Main Phone 6859 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEH A Quick Trip THE 06STW3JE RACE IS ABOUT TO 6EOIM / MAY THff BEST . EMERGE TjEIUMWANri JOIMIMO OUR IMCXAN FRI6M3S WILL Be WONG OTHER THAU LARD SMITH , STAR ATHLETE FROM SKAOYSIDE/ "Wish I had back all those Sunday school pennies I gave fur the heathen Chinese when I was a littla girl!" PHlSCM.l.A'S POP BY AL VERMEEB WE NEVER GO ANY PLACE ANV MORE N'T \T EXCnlNG? WE'RE GOING O A DINNER-DANC£ WITH THE SIT AT HOME NIGHT RY MK'HARl. O'MAU.RY and RALPH LANE DO i-OMETHINS. LEFTYf JOCK HIM. CAPTAIN EASY Keys of Mystery RY LESLIE TUHNKR 1AZES, OME Of THE KEYS Y GOSH! MAH8E VANCEV M EMMETTS RIUG DOES ( 6WE IT TO HIU LAST NIGHT. IT YAWCEV'6 DOORl WHV VHE WOULDW'T NEED IT MJV WOULD H6 HWE KEY* TO BOTHV MORE PI&CES F THE BROTHERS HAD EEW E&TRANGED SO UHI6? HOTIF EMMETT DROVE HEViMMBE V0U V OH.MR. HIM DOWN WOO UTER SOT SUMPTHIk)'. / TUBBSl'IP HID THE CftR 1 . HE'D HAVE /EWU lETt* GO WOITO 60*1* VAD LOTS MORE TIME/OUT TO McTlG<J5 SEE W..TI06 TO HIDE nSO—^/ AW SEE WOT ME MMBE VOUH sws toTHMl THIS ITS POSSIBLE, \voii ^^E^^J VMJCEV AWD THAT MI&HT \ GAVE 'IH HIS? BUT EXPLMW IHie 01)6. I HE WD TD DR1UE IT'S A CWt KEV. /OOVJM 10 CMCK TH AMD EttMEir HAS/ CIRCUS TRNM! HE STILL NEEDED IT! BUGS BUNNY Nothing (o Worrv About HUBS?-* UP, V //N S FELINE...IT'S PUL.LIN'OUT.' POESN'T FOR SEVERAL MINUTES 1 HOPE we PON -ree TRAIN/ NICE OF •you TO see ME OFF ON MV VACATION, GUVNOR. THERE o>oe* TH' WHI&TLE LE*KVIN'/ THERE'S REALLY FOR P.I-ARM... BY V. T. HAMLIN WEUL.BUB, LOOKS ) I'M ASKING TH' \ SEEMS YDU'I^ UIKE SCHOOLS /SPECTATOKS TO I DO BETTER OUT! WHAT'S TK \ RAISE THEIR /ASKIN' ME.' IT'S DEAOF TH' TWO ) THUMBS THAT ( MY FOOT TXW'S . RMGCRS? /VOU MAY S«\R6 1 ON YOUR - MY LIFE' .A) NECK' \OU HAVK NO UA1 ONEY. CHOICE; SEE... \ i TH'THUMBSGO^-, DOIT OO\VN/YOU MUST FINISH ME OFF THENTHEY'LLTURW IN TH'IIONSTO FINISH TH' BOTH OF US! your case. Do you think the dor here can prove insanity?" Baker eyed the police chie! si- ently. shrugged and got up. He vent outside to find McAdams itandinp, puz./led by ins car. "Pat's ivalk-cd out on me." he said "! didn't think I was in there hatr long." "Maybe she just went to the drug store across the street to make a oiie call or something." McAdams shook his head. "No. -Tor handbag is gone — one of those big satchel-sized things built square with hard walls. .t with her." E got under the wheel of his car and drove awa> Baker went around back to thp city hall owe car. He inside, then parking lot to started to clitnt lie heard a woman's voice "Hello." said Tat Colton. have a- passenger. drive me to Seneca Lake Baker got under the wheel. Seneca Lake was 10 miles from Col- tonville. "Ts the trip urgent?" "Very. I suppose you're dering why I didn't ask Johnnie to take me." She was seated beside him, Although he could not sec her in the dark, he sensed that she was not smiling. Baker turned on his dash lights and regarded the girl. She held the big square handbag in her lap. "YeSj I am wondering why." (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch la 48 •inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Rlncki cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call as for frr« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. MAMA GET REAL-KILL Nothing, No Nothing) C OOK CHEMICAL IBs f v^^ +9 -- V^ ^^^^ JI^B ^A ^k A ^^ A A ^ft ' A ^ '^"-^''''-.^ Kills like I REAL'KIU. BOS KIU£. • '.F^f^f Kills MOTHS SIlVERflSH ROACHES ANTS CARPET BEETLES FUES SPIDERS WASPS REAS PREVENTS MOLD AND MILDEW GROWTH, TOO f. *2.95 gol

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