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The Anthony Bulletin from Anthony, Kansas • Page 1

The Anthony Bulletin from Anthony, Kansas • Page 1

Anthony, Kansas
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WUteHetl SooUtf IWWl Anthony Fair, August 13, 14, and 15. Anthony Chautauqua, August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 tt. I VOLE ME XXI ANSASS. '1 3 2 TTJi? A TVTHriLI a 1 fkT -JxL. eauht 'u JL JUL A (tool MAN com: READY I OK I llil IN(.

to okoeky Two wayward youth s. after losing their money in a crap game, look to forgery to get enough to get hack into the game, and as a result are now in the Harper County jail, with long s' newspaper his character lias been Vinagotl by an article which ap-pean-l in (tic Anthony Republican nbnr 11 )jpril IMS. soon after his indue 'fin into military service. Chas. Lewisa discharged overseas soldier of tln) Attica neighborhood has filed III THEIU OUD-NOKRI A very pretty hut simple wedding occurred at the home of A.

('. Hut h- ri'nrd at high noon Tuesday August mm. when Evelyn Mae liuther-ford' of Ontario, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford was united in marriage to Arthur I'ISOl PIONEERS Anthony Supei ioiemlcnl ill Hull.

I llllimalows Near New School House In planning for bigger and better Anthony schools, Prof. Edgerton is not unmindful of one necessity, that of furnishing good homes that will induce families to come to our city Kv. N. W. iluniill Well-known In AiiiIkiii.v People, Din! Friday in Oklahoma Hey W.

Hamilton, father I-'. N. Ifji miltim of this city, and an old friend of many Anthony people, died nt nuiinimis, iiKiuuoma 1 ursua tlt 01 served overseas with Co. M. ford tamilv performed the ceremony.

7 months, and 29 days. Funeral ser- A.E.F. and has re- Thev marched down the stairs and in-vices were held in the Anthony Meth- i New Chemical Coiiihiual ic l-'ir Wagon, from Tronduoll Estate will lcciene l'ire lacs in Aiitlmny A new up-to-date combination die- mlcul and water motor fire wagon has a(1(P(1 tn thp pqUi)mP Anthony Fire Department. Tt Is a "a h.p. Reo truck, equipped with Northern fire apparatus.

No more will the old hose cart have to he drawn by human hands or Hie old hook and ladder truck by somebody's car. In this new machine all is com- binde and ready for instant use. The wagon contains hooks and will trry hose for eonnect- ing with city hydrants. It will also 1 be equipped with chemical' fire extinguishers. The whole is painted a gay red.

and has a loud gong that will announce its progress. Such apparatus has long been needed here. It will add to protection terms in the Reform school or re- formatory staring them In the. face. Out of the boys is from Indiana, a tint of iilitutt twenty, who fmnp out work in the harvest fields.

He he had worked for about live weeks saved his money and lost it all 'rap game west of Anthony last Saturday. The other Is a boy of in. whose home is in Conway Springs, "'id who it appears was at tirst only an onlooker at the gambling. After Hie older lad had gone "broke" and the younger was eager to get money get in the game, they conceived the simple method of forgery to gel some money. They came In Anthony, entered a restjfurallt.

and picked up a few Citizens National Rank counterchecks that were lying on the counter a telephone directory and selected the tirst name that came to their notice. Then they wrote four checks, signing them I. E. Wood. Luck was with heui so far as Mr.

Wood keeps tin account in the Citizens hank. They wept io several stores, made small against tire. It will stive time. The tor the convenience of the restaur-cheicjcal apparatus especially will be ant's customers. In older to (ind a of great value.

T'suallv when a home name to forge, they simply went, to Norred of Memphis. Telin. 1). i i 1.1 1 ui. uitiMi ui nit- uuui.c hengrin's wedding march was being played by Hrs.

H. G. Redding, an aunt of the bride and stood under a bite wedding hell with a background of pink and white lattice work trim- med with white hearts given the bride on her departure from Califor- nia. containing verses appropriate for the occasion from her many friends. Mrs.

Norred is an areomlished young lady in many ways, being a graduate nurse of the state univer- sity of California. She was very beautiful in her gown of white satin with an overdress of georgette trim med in white pearl trimmings and carrying a bouquet of roses. Mr. Norred is a of the church of Christ in Tennessee and is worthy of the young lady he is taken unto his care. From Anthony the happy couple will visit the- groom's parents in Crahuni.

for several days then they go to Missouri whore will hold a v. weeks meeting before miiii. to their home in Tennessee 'i'lt' i.1 about 2d present all of Th-lll being relative. the bride They rec-ived several in of onirrai ulat ion and best wishes from their friends in California and Ten-esse GT. ISKOI KKI TT KKTl ItNS Sgt Olen Rrockett, one of the tirst boys to get into the army 'i and 0t the io get out of returned Monday after about a r's service overseas.

Olen enlist lie IP. 1917 at Fort Tr. in the Quartermaster Corps first in. the clerical depart unci later transferred to the mechanical department. He served 1 mouths oi the time Fort Sam Houston most as instructor in Quarter purchases, presented the checks and'Ti look tic i hange.

Finally one wa-nt I into Dillon grocery. Inn I hey re- I for the school advantages. Nor is I'rot. Edgerton unmindful of the scarcity of houses In Anthony. Most of us talk continually about the short age of houses and what should bx done.

Prof. Edgerton is going ahead and doing. This week he let the contract to Tom Sanders lor the construction of of six-room bungalow south of hU home on North Lincoln. This new-house will be linished in about 39 davs. Mr.

Edgerton further shows his loyalty to the community by announcing that all materials will be pun based through local dealets. He will offer this house for sale as soon as it is completed. He plans the construction of four modern bungalows on the four lots he owns in block 24. These are all to be on the bungalow plan: all have east fronts, and an abundance of shade trees: all houses will be boxed, have double floors, be built of the best materials obtainable and lie the highest class throughout. -e houses will all be within a of the new high school building Prat' Edgorion savs that the pro-po-eil paving of North Lincoln led him to male this venture.

He has observed that in all towns, the prospects of paving increases the desirability of a street for the fetter elas-i residences and raises the value of tin) proprtv He has faith in Anthony, and believes that we will have a substantial Increase In population if tin housing facilities are provided. He knows the vain school houses. of property near the This venture will doubtless prove prolilable to Mr. Edgerton and will uniiuest ionably be a boost for the town. Mil.


Hrown. Mr. and Mrs. W. II.

Howell. Mrs. M. .1. Davis and doubtless oilier Anthony people are planning to attend the National (i.A.H.

encampment to be held in September ill Columbus, Ohio The governtnenl is making a rate of 1 cent a mile to the old soldiers and the wate lestroc all that tlo. ft 1' I be iucu is materials not "i'h heiuicils 1 without burned. Tl 1-' Hal hief of the Ant hon Fi that evtjncui ant tV Pre-' will l.e Hie new trueV a a l-i entailer- 'am al 1 in.leflnit.-lv. serve in A t'Mie i 1 1 is ,1... ai-s that the idd will be hold in re-case of emergencies, of the in chemical thiil il will be effective any where, which means that fires in the ci even taken to other towns in fighting big fires.

The new engine is the gift of the late Walter Treadwell. who by his it can be uintrv. or assist to ca -h it. on ntder ot tile batik. I a the meantime the bank had called Sl-erift Carver and Marshall Lett and v.

iih Mnrrisen Couch tbey set out in leareh of tile forgers. The older one. it'ier leaving Dillon's loitered around looking tor another place to get it 'ashed, with the resulting speedy ar-to He at once confessed. The younger lad had cashed a check at suit damages against the Tt' Lewis was called into service about April He had claimed de- ferrnieiit on agricultural grounds and because of dependent parents. His claims were rejected by both the ho- cal am District Hoard, and when ins turn capie Lewis left with the Harper rounty contingc lit.

"When the boys the District board arrived in Wichita ordered Lewis to return home, saying that his ease was being investigated further. This action of the District I'oaril was challenged by the local board apd on order from Washing- ton. Lewis was returned to Camp Funslon. There he was assigned to the BiiSrd Infantry, then preparing to go overseas, anil left for France with that regiment. He served overseas about 10 months.

Lewis claims that in reporting his case, the Republican charged him with trving to use politics with the District Hoard, also with attempting to bribe the Local Board, both of which Lewis denies. He further claims that the article has caused him Immiliaiiou and embarrassment especially when hi. was oV 'ieas and unable to defend his reputatien. Attorneys Noble. Tim ber and Hon- alibis htwvers.

Tin: i wi: come I' For some time Sheriff (la -r has had a standing invitation to tome r.v:1'i ne Sunday afternoon of the regular crap have long disturbed the gou people of that community. Last Sunday, his strenuous duties ligh ei ed a little, and the Sheriff, with Vj. Durham went to Danville. They a car filled with breakers, standing room being at a premium. The entrance and recogni- tion of the sheriff caused a sudden explosion, that scattered the crowd in every direction.

Eleven botia-fide gamblers were caught and before the local police judge, four plead guilty and paid fines of $11 each. -t lilt. IIAHIMNfi WTI.I, RECOVER Dr. W. F.

Harding pastor of the Federated chuTch this city, has been seriously ill at his home in Marion for several weeks. case was diagnosed by local physicians as complication of diseases. Mr. Arthur Harding, the Doctor's brother arrived Thursday from the East and Friday night accompanied by the physician. (nurse and Mrs.

Harding. Dr. Harding was taken to Topeka where he is receiving medical assistance at the St. Frances Hospital. The latest report il that he is a trifle improved and resting comfortably iiml Man rl'P IS i i hope or re overv 1- AS IN IU ii Tb" strike fi'ver slmrV, ihc workman 0:1 1: silui'k for a rnisf of nth nny i r-inKi i hour, I whirh WiiS grnllt I tl't-ni.

Workmen now recriviiiK i0 I (n lu jmvuifc r.Miis an hour in will left $2a(in for the city of An-1 rested as soon as he arrived at Wich-thonv to buv a combined chemical i ha. And now they are both in the tester Repair Shop 304. This was P. O. Herold.

chairman of the crime. They do not seem to be of a nie of the largest training camps for! of July Finance Committee, annoiin- urt. simply hoys of weak rhnr-M-iny mechanists. December 1H17 ces that there will probably be a acter who were led into gambling balance of nearly 4 mi after all ex-: and llien to worse crimes. igoltheir families who are attending this odist church and conducted by Rev.

Mock an intimate friend of Rev. Hamilton. Rev. Hamilton was born on the old Hamilton homestead near Colfax. Indiana December 1835.

He was one of a family of six sons and three da lighters Four of the six sons were preachers. Of this large family, but one survives him. Mrs. Rebecca Crull of Crawfordsvtlle, Ind. Ife was married to Hannah Smith.

A 2th. and to this union were born four sons and three daughters of whom are living: F. H. Hamilton of Anthony, the oldest son and E. 1 O.

Hamilton of Kllteno. the youngest son. Lulu Kounse of Kns-town. and Maude Harwood of hartlesville. Okla.

His wife died on November 17. 1 7 5 On November 5, 1S78 he was married to Mary Klwood and to this union were born two sons and three daughters. The two sons are Charles 'nil. Wilbur Hamilton of Los Angeles. California.

The two living daughters Mrs. of Stockdale. I'as Mid Mrs. Mae Norton of Ed-mond. Okla.

Rev. Hamilton made rone Mrs. Norton at Edmonds during the latter years of his The second Mrs. Hamilton died February 27. 1 0 E.

O. Hamilton was the only child from a distance for the funeral. Mrs. Quinn arrived day too tate. All of F.

H. Hamilton's family were pre; i-'red and Joe com.iH- 'oni i tooa. Kansas, nad Ponca 1 it Ok. All his life Rev. Hamilton was an intensely religious man.

He was converted at the age of fourteen. At 22 he w-s sanctified. At the age nf rj he was licensed to preach in the M. I-', church and remained an active christian worker until the end of his long life. He was born in a log cabin and his early life was spent In farm work.

Educational advantages were few and Rev. Hamilton was largely a self-educated man. From boyhood he put in all his spare time reading the Rible. His greatest pleasure was to preach the Gospel. He believed that the Old Testament was still in vogue as well as the New.

He cared for neither for wealth nor fine clothes. He re joiced to help the poor and needy. either white or colored. He would preach for a colored congregation as readily as for a white. Rev.

Hamilton's passing was most peaceful. He had worked all day in I the field. It was his custom to retire! to a certain place at a certain time; tor evening prayer. Neighbors no-, ticed that they did not hear him as i usual and wondered. In the morn- i ing he was found dead in bed.

Him passed away as he had wished, simply c-oin; ti. sleep and a waken i ng i Heaven. Wis remains v. re Anthony by his son K. (..

and his grand- son. J. N. Hamilton. At the funer- al service.

Rev Mock told of his long acquaintance with Rev. Hamilton and the saintly life that had cdosed Pall hearers were S. P. Bevinglon, C. D.

Carrithers, W. Cary. A V. Howard, G. H.

Arnett. V. S. Parr. Rev Hamilton loved the old hymns ami at his request the following were sung at the services by the choir "Jesus.

Lover of My Soul" "Rock of and "Jesus. Saviour. Pilot Me." He wtis was laid to rest in the Forest Park Cemetery, Rev. Hamilton was well known to Anthony people, as he often visited here with his son. and the Frost, Mean.

Kilborn. Mock. Hoath and other families. His visits to Anthony were always a source of great pleasure to him. The following lines express llev.

Hamilton's Ideas on life and death: i know as my life grows older. And my eyes have clearer sight That under each rank wrong some where There lies the root of right; Thai each sorrow has its purpose, -lie sorrowing oft unguessed. Hut as sure as the sun brings shade And as sure as the sun brings morning, best. 'bat eaci: sinful action. As sure as the night, brings shade iiel sometiuie nuuishe winch Met oimeil of 'he Missonri-ncific depot, and was ion his way to Wichita, lb' was ar 1 County jail much sadoer and some wiser.

Nell her of the boys seems to I be much experienced in the ways of the world. I hey stated that they had (little idea of what they were getting by committing this serious MII'HOIUST DM lt( II licv. Tlioniiis Miiifhitul. who held revival meetings here few yi iwill nreurh for us next Sundstv uiorn- ins lie hits hceu in Kran-e doiun yMrA W()rk Mm ns wjU ad tin The pastor will start for Denver nexl Monday noon, here lie will attend a school for pastors for three weeks. The hoard decided to not fill the pulpit during his absence.

They reiiiest all who can pay on their budget subscript ion to bring it to tsntiday school or leave it at the stole with Mr. Edward P. hrown. our 1 lie pu! pi 1 during his absence month. The paster-; of Ihe other churches invite onr people to worship with them dining our ahsenci give vim an upport nnii uood sermons.

will Al. till Hell Church School al 10 a. in. Morning worship at 11. Sermon subject: "Men as Conductors of Divine Light." On acount of the Chautaiiiiun there Iwill be no evening service.

L. D. Harding, formerly editor of the Attica Independent and at one lime county printer, was culling on friends around the court house Wednesday. Mr. Harding is one of two purl ners owning and editing the He-publican paper at Pryor.

Ok. To all nlenls and purposes the loom crop, most of which is about the roasting ear stage, is cooked. There has only been one liglu rain the hole of this month. Sowed crops jure stllTering fully as had. -Manches ter Journal.

Mrs. c. A. Miller sold her property on South Kansas lasl Monday to Mrs. 1 Wed.

line ItelK Will ting unounce-Jeweirv I your invitations and engraved by Wood' in A'lvcl'l and hose cart, and $4,000 additional 1 by the codicil for the pdrchase nf fire a una rat iw The new wagon cost about $3,000. HALAVCK Til ll.l.Mi 1 peases are paid. Many parties were jslow about presenting hills, especial-1 ly prize-winners in races. Hut now they are nearly all in. Il was agreed before the Fourth by the committees that I 1 would he turned over to the Anthony Rand fund.

The band is in need of money, and a caiiipaign is putnneu 10; proceeds from the Kourth will mstke a fine start. 1 1 -x S. SM II TV IHSS(OM Il The Christian Srieioe Society announces lhai their services will he disi 011? inueii I'm- the time heinp; until a not tier lot 1 ion ca 11 he seen red. The huildini; on North has heen used by the a Mr. inner.

who ill NO LOCAL EMItAKOO Km Anllioiiy Kiiilioad Ollices not Accepting l-'rcigjit for Long Shipment The big national strike of railway 'mechanics has not directly affected local lines, except that this (Thursday! morning they are not accepting freight hut will be transferred to lines affected by the strike. Wednesday an embargo was laid on the Rock island line, but Thursday it was lifted. Todav the Anthony agents are accepting freight lor local lines only. CHRISTIAN liritt'll ti ail a. m.

The Hible school It lor all and all are invited. 11 a. m. The morning period with sei inou on: "Witnessing for Christ" The Endeavor service. Topic! h.

Wi-e and I'nwise" There will be no preaching at on accDiint ot tlie lilauiauiiua Endoavurers will meet al he Tl all II i ip on this Friday evening tor a hi i io Ernes! Mosher's home for Endeavor social. All the young people of Ihe II invited. Tiles' wel -tart froll tlie ihurch 1 i'ec tuee! illl's has been leased open a cleaning am! pressing eslab- Mishiueut there. Air. McC edl is all oliieer, having; seen El moiithV service in France with tin jA.lvF.

as a lieutenant. 1 tfjpw; 4 4 4 Dijon After a few weeks in the Di- ium 1 naumoni regions tney were transferred to Langres, where they remained until the armistice. Fpon ving in France, the entire unit was transferred to ihe Motor Trans- l)ol't Corps anil saw lots of service. As a member of the M.T.C. Olen -aw (much of Frame.

He was taken ser iously sick while in France, and spent some time in the hospital. Olen is mighty glad to be home and Iwill be associated as of yore with his 1 brother Clyde in the Jewelry and Optical business. UOKI.INO ON' THE MKiH SCHOOL This week, the eycava'ii hool building. progr new Stn it li Fh. and her tie-' iUl 1 Joe Davis has returned from lvaH Promoted to the rank of Serin rep months' visit at his old home injiieanl.

In September mix the entire Nw York state. Mr. Davis said that I'nit 304 was sent overseas, when he arrived there, be found landed in Liverpool, spent two youngest sister, whom he had notWPi'ks HiiRland. and then sailed seen for forty years helpless and in Southampton tor La Havre, frail health. Consequently he did Vvnm 1'" Harve they entrained for year.

Tickets can be. bought any route and have all stop-over privileges. Mr. and Mrs. Hrown are plau-ninf Io visit some of the old battle fields on their trip.

Several weeks ago it was stated in Ihe daily papers thai members of organized posts of the American Legion, composed of veterans of the late war. would be granted a one-cent-a-mile rate to state and national meetings. IS to.ollll A NT HO NY "Anthony can increase to ten thou-iinil population in tt years," remarked W. 'I'. Vi.ils of Wellington I ho with his wife and daughter were I idling Mr.

and M. A. Ptirdy We hiesilay hen you get your pamg. new store liamts and new buildings you ought to see a big in- "crease in population" Mr. Yoils also I remarked that he thought a union depot would be one of the best things for Anthony.

Mr. Yoils. who is a Wellington miller, is a third owner of the Tattle Mercantile Company of this city. liRIt; OPEN' NEW STOKE NEXT WEEK Earl Nossaman is hard at work getting his drug store in order for opening next Monday. It will be known as the Palace Drug store, and is located in the Treadwell building.

Mr Xossa man had planned to be open Saturday but Ihe difficulty of getting help made it impossible for him to gel it in shape until Monday. The room has been repainted, repapered and remodeled and now makes a neat attractive store room on a busy corner. .1. Joseph, ha ling the hou just finished renio-nit North Jennings recent born. pur based by Crant Kil- Mvrtle Hudson left Wed uesday evening for Hutchinson to attend a convent ion of Roll Telephone employees h-s Kilaor in Wichita mil iet to visit manv of his relatives and old friend as he snent most of his time at Iter bed-side.

Mr. Davis is making the rounds with the Kan sas City Post, the agencv for the Wichita Eagle having been trans- ll'erred In I'om lioddard while Job John Clinton and family left Wed sday in their nir for Colorado. nt Tho the hour be long delayed I know that the soul is aided. Sometime by heart's unrest. And to grow means often to suffer Hut whatever is.

is best. know there are no errors. In the great eternal plan. all tilings work together For the good of man. And I know when tny soul i ward.

ihe L-r eiernal as i b.ou is. j- 1.

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