The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1930
Page 6
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six iii.vriir-'.vii.i.n.. (AUK.) numfrcn NRWS IB F RSI 18 HOLES BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer King o( GoHdora in Quesl of Fourth 1930 Title OH j to Good Start at Ardmorc ARDMORE, Pa. — Bobby Jones •swung off en thj quest of lih • iourlh major golf title of 1930 ycs- '.erday in impressive style when he :ed the field in the flrsl 18 holes of 'he'twoday qualifying tot tor the 'Jnited tales Amateur clmmplon- hin over the Merlon Cricket Club .curse liero, The golfing emperor came hrough with a brilliant GO with vhich to lead the field after Docor O. F. Willing, Portland, Ore., •'enlist, and Sidney Noyes Jr. ot Mew York had posted cards of TO. •.'ones shot a 3G-33 for his card "Jhile young Noyes carded a sen- itional 32 after taking .3D on tlie -utgolht round. Fourth place In the first day's lay wsnt to George Dunlnp, nn- • 'onal intercollegiate champion, . Ith a 11 while four stars. Frauds " uimel, Johnny Goodman, Qeorgc • Yon Elm and Lawson Ijiltle v;ere .ed with 13 each. Another stroke ?hind, at 74, ware Charles D. . unUr, ex-Washington U. star, Don loe,' Walker cup ace, Sam Perry, University of Alabama captain, nd Phillip Perkins, .former Brlt- :.h titleholder. The' day's strueelc was featured ' y the almost complete collapse of : le defending titleholder, Harrison :. (Jimmy) Johnson of SI. Paul nd a hole In ono of the 215 yard ?th bah by Maurice McCarthy, Jew York champ. Johnston, his putting touch so ~'-ompletely.gonc,thal he took three ',;uts on many holes, and slinky off :he tees finished with 43-40-ai and aced the necessity of cutting per- mps 10 strokes off this score to .uatify today.- OCRS CONTRAST TV COBB, THE <SREATe€,r PLAVER, eueR, uvea SPORTED t \FEfiME QWriMG AV5P.A6E OF 3fc7 - TV PLAVeOTUE I (0 TUR5B VWORLP AERIES/ A , IN THE SERIES,HE BATrep-545 AND UAS UKiANlMOOSLV ELECTED SERIES JUESDAY,_SEPTEMBER_23, 1930 ^n the Mississippi chancery Court, east quarter of said section 15-15-11 to west line of Franklin Street i Chlckosnwba District to (he quarter section line be- thence North to point oJ beginning' [American Building and Loan As- tv;een the Northeast quarter and In the City of Blytheville. Arkansas soclallon and W. L. Deloncy, as the Southeast quarter of said are hereby, notified that a petition' Trustee, Plaintiffs section 15-15-11, thence West on has teen flled with the City Clerk vs. No. 4815 said Quarter section line to the of the City of Blytheville, purport|L. M. Ross, ct a!, Defendants. least side of nn alley running Ncrtli Ing to he signed by a majority in WAlt.MNG OltniiK und South and being the East Line value of tlie owners of real prop- 'Iho defendants Chicago Trust of the Barron-Lllly Addition to crty within said territory above <te. Company. Tuixtce, Illin?Is Standaid Blytheville, thence run south along scribed, which petition prays that Mortgage Corp:ration, Southern tlie east line (jf said alley to the a local Improvement district be S!at.?s Securities Corporation, J. C. intersection of said line with the lormed, embracing said territory I/ o r iTliurmond, Union Planters IBank line between the North half ot for the purpose of: Keep i)tep Lveil J<™1 T > U SI Company, Trustee, II. N. the Southeast Quarter and the Constructing and building a sanl- TIlOUpIl Ove Tw C TTIP<; Sary ' a ' e .* ral ''"^ lo an l jear ' n s °utli half of the Southeast Quart- tnry sewer system with the neces- Ij: iii Rear; Others Are Idle. ild ba'.tle that has marked tlie National struaul'j. Tlie Cards of S 1 . loiils l)y virtue ol tlielr win OV.T tli.- Phillies icmrsln 2% games ahead of til'. 1 Bruins v;no also V;MI ;m:l lulain their mathematical on]io:- liinliy to nose out the Birds. Tlie Red Dirds crashed the inll hard li> smash a 15 lo 1 triumph over Hie I'hlliivs. The Cariis sorted ;helr licavy hitting tactics i:i the second Inning und the I'iiiili?^ v,ere called on to use four ku.rleri during tile game. The C:ircls nlled up ID iiHs including eight .dtiirtlCj. Sylvester Johnson liourle:! ci^'ht i:i c:urt wHliln Ililrty days from "or of Section 16-15-11, thence run sary laterals to serve the terrl- tlils date and answer t!ie complaint ,Wcst along said line to Hie center tra-y embraced above, of ncquir. of tlie plaintiffs, American Build-,cf Clark Street, thence 'run south tag rights of way for (he sewer In? and l/:an Association, and W. along cast line of the Holllpetc r ft !inc and of providing an adequate Shonyo Addition to Blytheville to outlet fc r the said sewerage system have here- the Southeast Corner of Block six even beyond the limits of said dis- the seal of said Holllpeter & Shonyo Addi- trict If deemed advisable by the day of (Ion, thence run west along south hoard of Improvement, the line of ->i:t., 1H30. | line of said Addition to the line the said sewerage system to begin (SEAL) running north and south through terminate, be located and construct- W. W. HOI-LIPETER, i tlie center of Section 15-15-11, ed In the places, in the manner nnd Clerk of the Abwe Court. thence north on said line to the '•! materials and with such disposal By Elizabeth Blytlie, 15. C. I Southeast, Corner of Northeast plants whether located within or Ji-ss<! Taylor, 'Quarter of the Southwest Quarter without the district, that the board Ally art Litem. Sipt. 2-0-1C-23 ,of Section 15.15-11, thence west of Improvement of said district, ~• ,, . along south line of the Northeast'hereinafter to be appointed may NOlH.h 'Quarter ot the Southwest Quarter deem for the best interest of said ... ; ~ . the East Right of Wav line of i Jistrict. All owners of real property with- lhe SL ^^ „,,,, Sm rrlmast . o [ The cost thereof in the following described terrl- Railway, thence tory lo-wit: to lx> assessed nortli along east and charged upon the real property |llne of said light of way to its'above described. the wesl line Street with I at the Intersection of ! intersection with the south line of ol North Franklin ' th5 rig)u of way of the ol(1 Jones . "°"- h homidary ; | >or0i I/ak( , c(ty aml Rail- lhe of illegally or Blylhcville.' toaa '_ lh cncc in an caster i y direc . s for lhe Cards aand lit-ll nn- thence run East along the north Ishc-cl t;:2 ninth. Ciuy 'Ih Bush held the Boston to MX Ill's anci the Chwasc; Cub'; defeated the Braves 0 to 2 liacl: Wilson smashed out his 51M homer In the first inniiii; of Hit nine \vilb a male on bus'j. 'I'll? !rf>v?.s usul three pitchers In an ff-il to halt the Biuin^' attack. The Cubs open a four i;'imc sa- •ir-s ivllh (he Iled3 at Chkneu to- l.iv which will c-iv.1 the seisin. Marberry vs. the A's It. wouldn't surprise me a bit If there should be some unpleasantness some of these days between the Athletics and Frederick Mar. terry of Strcetmarj,.- Tex. Who wiild win, i can't say, but after all there" are, some 30 mien on the A's roster.. That'may be win. I 'don't-'ICTIBW. ' Tfit • h'unihh constitution has its limitations. ..The first sign-of any impoliteness betwsen the A's and Fred became evident during a recent game in-Washington. Msrberry wos called upon for some .relief pitching which he provided with gilt edges until Al Simmons came to bat. It seems Mr. Simmons had to dodge violently to avoid poking his chin into one of Fred's fast ones, which by the way, traveled very rapidly Ircm point to point. Files Demurrer Mr. Simmons set up a shrill complaint about the matter. . didn't seem to be paying a E& d mention, however, and a few utxcds later another hard on° Ecoc Ifce button rizht off Mr. Sim- z! ^ c " i cap. Arising and brushing fiCT cis pants. Al broke forth Into scczd effects that carried what cce ==zht call nasty implicalions. Jir. Jizrf>«T7, who is even-tern- 2 person as you would care i JK*t. «uB showed no perturbs- Tfc« nfit ball he pitched, ?, singed Mr. Simmons' r.alr *A fin one of the sluU, jiist where Mr. gmnvms doesn't, care about 2ja7iEg it mussed. Mr. Simmons made remarks tha'. ^ciuld have sounded impolite al a banquet of the Stevedores' Union. Mr. Marb^rry, who cairic; his Texas honor Upon hi: sleeve, could do nothing about it, of course, but start pushing people around. He had almost reached Simmons when Muddy Ruel and Fred Bieuge tack- kd him on his own ten-yard line and Eat on his head until the fever subsided. Meanwhile, some bold brute in the stands cast adrift a pep bottle. There was miich noiss from the customers, some of it downright ongry, with gestures. Don't Admire Him Now ; , .As a _rcsult the A's are very .much put.out with Mr. Marberry. It seems, 'to make matters worse. that Fred made some kind of remark about taking on ''any one of youse guys," which Is not only poor grammar ^ut positively belligerent. "That big'slob had no intention of coming to our benth," said Mr. Simmons, a day later, by'the way. In Detroit. "And don't think I didn't tell him plenty when ho made thaV fake move to corac to our , bench. 'You're one ot those guys that are brave as hell with a mob behind him. ain't you? 1 I yjjled at him. 'We'll £ce r you again-' " Mickey Cochrane expressed regrets also, in this wise: "Boy, 1 wish he came. Wp'd 'a' tossed that big heifer out of the dugout » pound at a Urn.?—the big ikttll." . . Which just seems to pretend just a' bit of unpleasantness one of ''th<*« day* between the A's nnd ' Prt* JUrhirry. • Southern League Champs Whipped by Lopsided Count, Cats win 5th Title - .-, Fort Worth I'nnlhers, following in the .'DOtprinls of their predecessor.;, :ant; up another Dixie title series yesterday by defeating tlie Memphis Chicks 13 (o 0 and coppln-j the series four games to on;. The Cats by'virtue of Ihsir triumph thtr. year have won the Dixie ssrlss six ilmes in eleven ye.irs. The old ball game was a nip ami tuck affair at La Grave field yas- tsrrday until the seventh inning nr- :lved with the count knotted si\ and six. The Piuilhers suddenly unleashed an attack of hits Inriiul- mg three doubli-s. n triple and n home run Hint blasted six run. across the plate and insured llir Illlc for (he Texan.*,. The C:iU counted mwlh'jr in lhe elglith but i; was not needed Eiich learn .scored two runs in the first 111111113 niiil the Cats im- mertin'.ely wont Into (lie lead by counting three times In the yccond. Tlie Chicks smashed I heir way back to the load when Joe Hutclisson crashed a home:- with the Lanr.s drunk. Tlie Cut?, tied it with a run In tli? fiflh nnti then c.itno the (iolnsi> in ,the seventh. Whltwortli, till I'.virler, gvcsv li:tlcr us til! 1 gntnc Yesterday's Games Chicago G, Boston 2. HI. Lcuis IS, Philadelphin 7. Only games Echcdulcri. VILLA GUOVL', III., I UP) brother whom shi; haci no; seen for •15 years and whom she hud thought dead, communicated with Mrs. Taylor noblmou here rcccul- ly, from Pert Smith, Ark II was tlie first message Mrs. Robinson hnil received from him since lit loll home In 1885. DIG MYSTERY PITTSBURGH, (UP)—There are enough (llffieiilli.5s in driving an automobile with four wheels but Pitts- burh police are looking for a driver clever enouuh to escape In In Ills wrecked car after losing one wheel of his machine in a collision. IN THE CHANCEUY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWUA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. American Building ,t Loan Asso cialion, et al.. Plaintllfs, vs. Trances Baker, el nl.. Defendants. f ! .WAKNING O!tl>EK. '^rht> defendants, Ffaiices Baker, Hillie Joe Baker, Toluca Baker and :Jim Bnker are warned to npp<v.r I in this court within thirty days from (ills date and answer the complaint, of lhe plaintiffs, American Building & Loan Association and W. L. Dclouey. Trustee. icundary line of the City to Oe lion along the south line of the All the owners of real properly within said territory are advised that said petition will be heard at the meeting of the City Council to be held at the hour of seven- said J. L. C. A E. R. R. right of .thirty P. M., on the 14th day of Northeast Corner of the Southwest | way to (he Northeast corner of! October, 1930, and that at said quarter of the southeast quarter! Lot 1, Block "F", Barron.Lilly meeting said Council will determine LT Section Ten, Twp. Fifteen north': Addition, thence north along the whether those signing the same anil n.'inse Eleven East, thence j vest line of alley between Lake constitute the majority in value ot run south along East line of said j street and Lilly Street to inter- such owners of real property and bWU of tlie SE'i Section 10-15-11 ^cation with south line of Main what majority; and at said meet- to (lie Intersection with the north j street, thence west along south lug all owners of real property hue of Section 15-15-11, thence .line ol Main Street lo the west within said territory who desire contlnmns along line between the line of Lake Street, thence North will be heard upon the question. East half of tlie Northeast Quarter line between aforesaid Sections 10 and the West half of the North- and 15, tliencc west on said line S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. National ].e:i£uc St. Louis . Chluiyu ... Brooklyn . New York Pittsburgh K8 8G 84 84 78 lioslon ' C9 Cincinnati 57 Philadelphia 51 Gl G4 U5 01 CO 82 110 OD .550 .5111 .457 .M .340 In the Mississippi Chancery .Courtj Chlckasawba District American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Money, as Trustee. PIMntilTs vs. No. 4814 L. M. Ross, el al. Defendants. WARNING OIU>FR The defendants J. C. Thurmond H. N. Essary and Union Planters liank and Trust Company. Trustee arc warned to appear in this court within thirly days from this date and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs. American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony. as Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the above court (his 2 day of In witness whereof, I have here- Sept., 1930 unto set my hand and the seal of Hie above court, t'lis 22nci day of September, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. fl-23—n-30—10-7—10-14 (SEAL) W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk of the Above Court. By Elizabeth Blythc, D. C. jesso Taylor, Ally ad Litem. S:pt. 2-n-lfi-23 ne will always standout . Of Abyssinia, is the only lnd*ptivlmt lutlon on the contin- Afctaa, ney CHESTERFIELD CIGARETTES ore manufactured by LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO CO, DE LUXE, STAN SEIB HERE-AT OU LO PRICE 5 For- 29x4.40 <;i]nrniitenl for T. nnti^kril trr.iil n ttrrpfr Ifcnn a l-Hne (Ire In 1 I Regular 4 and 6-Ply Standard SeiberJi.jgi Size Ply Price •1.40-21 (29x4.40) 4 $ 5.55 4.50-21 (30.t4.50) 4 G.35 •I.75-1S) (28x4.75) 4 7.55 • :.75-20 (29.v4.75) 4 7.65 4.75-21 (30»4.7S> 4 7.95 5.00-19 (2Dx5.00) 4 7.!>S 5.00-20 (30x5.00) 4 8.15 5.25-18 (28x5.25) 4 8.9S 5.2S-20 (30x5.25) 4 9.40 5.25-21 (31x5.25) 4 9.75 S.50-19 (29x5.50) 4 9.95 5.50-20 (30x5.50) 4 10.20 CMIIV Pv\jM» Ck.AM> IUL*ML Four Grades From wtiich to Choosi Second Guaranteed Tires .')fl.\.'i[/2 .. -i. i ,1 29x4.50 S5.30 ., :if)x-l.50 S(i.35 ^ * 28x-1.75 S<) ISO Sue Ply 4.50-21 (30*4.50) 6 $ 4.75-19 (28x4.75) 6 5.00-lfl (2SxS.OO) fi 5.25-20 (30x5.25) 6 5.25-21 (31x5.25) £ 5.50-19 (2Sx5.EO) 6 6.00-20 (32x6.00) 6 G.00-2] (33x6.00) 6 Convenient Doferre Payments PrI;.- $ a.:;; '.}.-. 3 10.u io.r.5 12.:.-, i^.-o 13.-.3 We buy direct from the Sefeeriing factory IN SOLID CARLOADS. 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