Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1896
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I , I THE LOGAMSPOET JOURNAL VOL. XXI. An Extremely Interesting Bit of News For Sharp Shoppers, LOftASSPOBT, INDIA^;;:miDAFMORyi3fe : JUNE 5, 1896? Host of you know that the end of the season is four weeks away. It means more to us than to you We have taken sort of preliminary censu's of the store's stocks; here and there we find a few doz. or few pieces of goods that are the tag ends of large lots gone before. We would rather see these goods out of the way at a small loss than stored away. If you know a bargain when you see it, the lots won't go round. Here is the story plainly aud briefly told-witli every itempnr- Licularizcd, every price in plain, black letters. Maybe you trust your own j lulgmoiit more tlian our ndvertistueiittn; then make a tour <>1 investigation to the store. ' We are willlnir that you should decide. * ,~0 pii.'ces. ttntcy Dimities, all colors, ai:d ninny designs, anil nil are reduced Silver aud gold plated Shirt Waist - r > I''"*'* 1 Wool Qliallies in Freuch sees. Sue nr.rl iOc, Colorings induced to 12i/.e. Silver aud gold Silk Bolts arc now the.fnd. They hide Hint g-;ip between skirt .'ind beU'.-md .we have them iu great variety. ITS DEATH. I&W. ' "^ '* ' l ' ")•'•' House Committee Votes.-Adversely on Prohibitory Bond 1 BilJ. Another Republican Seated ,.in': the House—Agitating 'the' Adjb'iii-h- merit Question. ";'•' ' 50 Styles of ,<U.2,j Percale, Lnwti and Dimity Shirt Waists for OSe. Belt Buckles for 2,"ic, 15c, lOe & 5c. T h e Handkerchief SaJe will cou- flnue tomorrow to Close out •what re- malas. The all linen ones i worth 40c to TJC are IDc. j The embroidered Swiss ones wortl from 20c to -JOc are lOe. • Our Wash Goods stock U simply a marvel for sharp Choppers, There are goods you want mid you can buy them at a price. Every piece of the latest design SILK BELTS SILVER BELTS 2 5 c. and at prices that will make you biiy. 3CO piret-s fancy. Organdies Iti,all the new tit-signs worth 25c and 20c and but 10 cents.. . '10 pieces fancy aud plain Llnea effects, the summer fad, In stripes and clots reduced to IZc. 400-411 BROADWAY. Others at 250 and 350, worth all of 50 cents. The skilful Jap, the artful Austrian, the fashionable Parisian have all bent tlieir talents to'make our Fan stock- complete. Our buying talent has ufSced those beautiful effects within the reach of all. Austrian Fans lu silk effects, Land painted, sticks and plenty of them, worth from OOc to 7Cc, all for 23c. Japanese Fans in endless variety, 20 per cent, below- the market, up from 5c. French gauze effects, hand painted with bone sticks, worth 51, for CSt. 300 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date •Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer lln c of woolens and worsteds to select from than ours. . . , • Important Features ... In ;the make-up of our clothes work their superiority We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best.' Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 31, Market Street. Th« qu«n of h«uti in til thtit parti, If you can - ' ZINN & COMPANY. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assjrttuent of second hand bicycles which must be Call and make an offer. 303 Sixth Street. Washington, June .4. ; —.The: rhousi lys and means committee Thursday made, short work of the-sennitevbrjll-pro- libiting the farther issuahoerot 1 bonds vithout the consent of congress,; .-When- lie, committee met in the-morning" n notion .made Wcdncsdiiy by.Ma-.&YJwel- r'fdero., Ala.) to report thivbil! favorn-. jly to the house, was p«p.ding;;^i?cfore ction- was taken on this -motion, >fiv .,., ..-v (rep.. Me.), the (.•li'iinnfcir.of'.the.. o'nmlttee, read to -the.inomliers, nil.of, •horn ,woi-e present except .Mr.. Cri'sji '(.l.em., ,G'a.) nnrt Mr. McL,Hi'rj.n.-;;(d?m., . C.'), a r-.-port which he hud drawn-on ie'bill in anticipation of.Thursday's .meeting. This report wns n criticism of fheadministration for 1 its ' insistence 'thdi'-.tiie present turiiriaV'-wiVf furnish sufficient revenue for th" 'ne'c'i'ssitirs of the government. It contained also criticism of the senate for its failure to concur in the revenue nif-a'siH-e sent to . tbrit body rarly in the session! ,,' ' .Mr. Ding-ley's conclusions wore 1 that 'the' adoption of the bon'l bill ''by" : con- gre.s's .would result in pi'nic, ruin and b'li.ukruptcy. •'' '.,'.'• "•-.-. "..JVhen Mr. Ding-ley finished.Mr. Grosvenor (rep., 0.) moved to amend Mr. Wheeler's motion by substituting the , word "adversely" for "favorably,", and on this he demanded the yea*..nnd nays. 'Those who voted to ri-port the bill to the house adversely were. Chairman Ding-ley and Messrs. Payne' (N 1 ,. Y.), DaJ- xcU (Pa.), Hopkins (El.),-, Oosvenor O.), Russell (Conn.), DolHver (la.), Stcele (1'iid.), Johnson (X D.)','.Evans (Ky), and Tawny (Minn.), republicans, nnd Messrs. Turner (C,i.) 'and Cobb (Mo.), democrats. The two ' negative votes were cnst by Messrs. JVJieeler (clem., Ala.) and McMillin ' : "(dem., Tenn,), ; The bill will not be reported 'to't'he house until Friday, and possibly, not until Saturday. Mr. Wheeler will' p're- pn.rc a minority report. :'' In the House. Washington, June 4. — In the house Thursday Mr. Stroud (pop., N. C',), who was on record ns the only populist who voted for the passage.of the river and harbor bill over the president's veto, explained that he had been incorrectly placed, and that he had voted agains't the bill. Murray Is Sontcil. The resolution declaring Murray elected and entitled to the seat occupied by Elliott was adopted—yeas, 153; nays, 33, Mr. Murray, accompanied by; Mr. Overstreet, appeared at the bar'of the house and was sworn in by Speakej Heed, ftmidsfc appInfiSc' fronf hisfepub- lican associates. The bill providing- for the reinstatement and retirement of John N, Quatik- cnbush ns [i commander in th.fi navy was passed rind now goes to tba.presi- dent. • .' ..,:,'. ';..'" :. , Mr. Strode (rep., N T eb.),cal]e<l up the report of the committee,on,ejections No. 2, in the cose of Martin'.ys, Lockhart, from the Sixth JN'orth Carolina district.- The General Dnflulenny Jllll. r. Ifr.Cannon.(rep,, 111,) interrupted the progress of the case to present;the finaJr report .of the conferees ori..tbc|.->fr-eneral. deficiency bill. As ngre.ed .upon the bill contains the following provisions:, ;:v.>^ Increasing from JSSO.OOO to ,}l,j;i),000 the appropriation for expenses, of- collecting customs revenues. " "".'" ' • , 'The regulations regarding the'payment bl Interest to the Slsseton and ' Wrthpotor Indians,..Inserted by the. .penntc, were amended so as to provide thit.J30,QO!)ayear be retained for educational nxi'rpb'ses,and tc pay sain Hen. '.•'>'' -•!.••• ,••• • Most of the claims Inserted] byttho senat« were stricken out. u , The'bill carries a total of,jio,G3(VG21, which Is 5420,424 .less than as It pas'sed'the senate and .$5,846,031 more than asi-lt passed the house',,-.. -.. • ' .. .-..,,. -.-:••.• Messrs.. Cannon and ,Sayers .-gave and the motion-was'tie/eated—yoius, 17 nays, 3D., • • ' • • ' • The ' conference report WHS the agreed to arid n further conference wa ord.ered. --'"' ; '-. : -' ' '. The conference report on the India appropriation b'ilI:'\Vas 'then token up and. without further'discussion it wa agreed tor-yea's, '27;-'nnys, 20. The contest against it in the Renu.tr had been the provision imposing citizen ship upon, the' Indians of the live civ ilued tribes. The eflecfof the vote is a- make that provision definite and inal. ' ' '"'•" • Senator Lotlg-e (rep., Mass.) moved to eccde from the senate .amendment, vhlch allows conlrnct schools for Ininn children to be"continued until July,'1SDS. licjoctcfl—yeas, 17; nays. Hi A-further cvn'fe'rouce was ordered 011 hat subject. "" ' ' Senator Morrill (rep., Vt.), chairniai> f the finance committee, reported a oint rcsolu'titiri'to niithorixe a scientific irt.'stig-:itidn of ('he fur seal fisheries :ijic!- U])propri:it'ing:' : .$,),qoO therefor; it was considered and passed. WunU Action on JJ1U J'ostponcd. Se'nator Genr (ri;p., Lu), chairman of the Pacific railroacl.^comniittee, moved that the Pacific railroad funding- bill be taken up and postponed till the eighth legislative d;iy of .the next session. He stilted that tltcr.e^was u debt of $135,000,000 clue to'.thc. ffovemnieut by the Pacific railroads,,a portion of it falling due m'xt year;' that the Union Pacific h;is defaulted'on. its first mort- •grnjre bonds; thnt there w;>.,s a suit pending- to foreclose that mortgage, and that it WHS, therefore, incumbent on con press to lulie'ttction. ... Fillcil-.Vhottiie Bill Tnkfii Cp. Senator Teller and other senators ob jeotcti' to giving special privileges to the funding bill. jS"o decision of the mo- 'tion hiul been reached \vben the morn injr hour expired'/und. the filled cheese bill came up us the'unliuisbed business —Sejuitor Cic'iir giving. notice, however, thnt he would renewljis motion Friday morning. ':.••.'• "Senator-Vest (den'V., .M.o.) ;ichlressed •fhe stitdte in opposition to the filled cheese bill. I-ie'nrolled that it'was not, us it professed to be, (V revenue mwisnre, but was a police .•:mensu:-e, and' wns, Hic'refore, outside, -the jiowers of con- p-ress.- The fn'ited.Stntes had no jurisdiction link's--* products were intended for exportation..--.,..The n'eomiir^iiriiie law w:is the precedent for the filled cheese bill, but that law'Jiad turned out to the,.bciK-fit ol,M'essrs. Nelson, Morris and Arrnoni-fin'nd to the loss of poor people-w.ho used o'l«6margi;rine and hurt to pnv the tax upon it. Tie said'that he had been deluged with'letters saying: "Stamp out filled che'.'s.?, or we will stamp .you out."- But he did nor propose to violate the constitution by vot- .;ing:for the ;bill, even th.irp-li he might need n.few vo'tps: 1 '" '- Butchery of Innocents in Cuba by Spanish Guerrillas, INDIANA NEWs. Told in Brief by Digpatob.93 Various Localities. Croon Stories of the Slaying of Men, Women and Even Little Babes Which Pass Belief. AGITATION. Coiiflrressjiinii ITlrmblo .'to Kcurh Any Diif- . lultu Agrecmcjit. '. Washing-toi!, .Tuna 4. — The- adjournment question"-is "ogibttitig the statesmen 1 oh both sides.'bf.tlie cnpitol, nnd nothing- definite has'yct been reached with regard to' it. /'Next Monday is mentioned', but h "majority of'those who will have most 'to' say' about,adjourn'-' went ore nof'ready' tb'admit that it will be at'so early'ii ; date|.'''.Sena'tor Allison said lust Saturday 'that. adjournment could probably be rea'che^l by Monday next, but the developments'of the List few clays relative to.J.he conferences : still going on 'c'lCJiri'f jjoii.it to a later I date. 'Mr.'Cannon, .chairman of th coinmittee 'on-appropriations in f.Ii house, said Tuesday .that if ;i quorum was maintained congress might nc! journ next Weilfac'sdiLy',.'but he though Thursday •or. Friday _Vi inore likely date On.the senate side it.i>:as very generally believed Wednesday that acl.iournmen co«ld be effected by-next Wednesday and ihat is the date .which most of the statesmen fix upon ns tire.fin'nl one. Sew York, June 4.—The World pub- Ishes the following special correspondence from Mncagua, province of Matanzns. Cuba, dated May 10: "ReportH have reached here or a number of recent unwarranted murders and utrages l>y bands of 'pol. Louis de Oil- era's Spanish guerrillas. The guerrillas, •hilo on their way to Callmete, stopped at he house of Mateo Martinez, who had eon forced to enlist In a body of insur- rents. The officer In command Inquired rom Senora Martinez the whereabouts t her b.usband. "Indee-1, I can't tell you," she replied, "I'll make yo.u." said |] 1C Spaniard, and he proceeded to (ear off her clothing. He then, questioned lier jir-ew, and receiving ho answer from the woman, who was crying hysterically, he unsheathed his sword and fell to cuttlnp; and slashing his victim until her blood covered the floor and uhe fainted In a corner. Her shrieks and entreaties only served to provoke the brutal lauR-hter of the soldiery. "Belizurio Nodarize says he laid the facts In wrltlnj,- before Col. Molina. The chief replied by sending a squad to arrest and shoot His complainant. His brother, Bruno, a tobacconist, heard of the order In time to Inform Bellzarlo. The brothers flo-1 and Joined .the rebej force of Collide Garcia. Miirdoro.l Mother mid Child. "Col. Molina's forces a few days afterward stopped at the home of a farmer. Only a woman and ti.by were In the house. He demanded that she toll where the men were. She protested th;it she did not know. He called for a platoon of soldiers. As the platoon entered the cabin Molina pointed to her and said: " Tull jut that rebel hug and shoot her. 1 "The Mother and child were dragged some IS :'uet from the hut and a ^quad moved mvay a lew paces. " 'Will you speak now." th« colonel demanded, " 'For God's >,ake, 1 don't know! 1 cried the wom:in. • 'Then rir<' ordered Molina. 'The woman tried to slik-lcl her child with hor body, but ih« merciless bullets did their work. Ti.o baby was r.ot Killed outright, and one'of the soldiers, moved by a so.-t of barbarous pity, crushed the little one's skull with the butt of his rifle. Kelmuifd Tliulr Victims. 'In the outskirts of San Joee d« Los Ramos there is a small house occupied by •"rc-derico J^uentes. F'jentes had two large canellulJs. He complained because the Spanish soldiers destroyed his cane in- •nead of simply taking'the fodder. The 'same command a day or two later stopped at his home, having sacked' a town en route and drank heavily. The commander accused him of harboring an insurgent chief named Maza,. Fuentes- thought It uj'Clesu to defend himself. The ofllcer bade the soldiers punish him and his companions as they deserved, A score of machetes flashed, nnd In a few moments the prisoners wort a mass o* blood and rasrs. ••A drunken :'ancy seized the .murderers. Cutting ort the heads of their victims, they hung them to the grocer's door,, while the horror-stricken neighbors locked on without daring to Interfere, Only under cover of night were the ghastly remains 'removed nnd buried. , 1'ut Out pis EyOH. "A resident of the town of Cascajal says one o£ Molina's guerrilla hands, while Doc r,aw It u l--,trnc. Yvabiksb. Ind.. .Tune 4.—The Indian* dog law, so far as this city ynd county are concerned, is a farce. Jn (he corporate limits of W.-ibasli the assessor*found only 40 dogs for taxation, although there arc several hundred ani- niiils running- at large. }n Xorth Manchester 02 were reported and in Lai^ro,- 33. The assessors say that it is useless to place dogs, on the assessment sheets-even where ir is hnnwn that fhe parties ivwssod own dogs, for the a-ssessed go- to the auditor's oflice and swear off their dogs and escape in that manner, while reviling' the assessors for not accepting their statements. There is a, sentiment here that either dog owners- shouid be obliged to pay the taxes or thai the dog-s should be killed. Tcmpcraiica Worker* Elect Officer*. South Bend. Im : l.. .Tune 4.—The slate convention of the Catholic Temperance association has adjourned. Indianap-' olis was chosen the next meeting place, June 3, 1S07. The folloxving officer*were elected: Spiritual director. Rev. Father P. P. Cooney. C. S. C., Notre' Dame: president; Patrick Mahoncy, Lotransport: first vice president.. Rev. Father Schncll, Torre Haute: second vice president, Rev. Father Rudolph, ConncrsvlJlc: third vice president, Miss Long, LsKro, Ind.; treasurer, John O McCaffc-ry, Lojjansport. secretary, John n.ijreity. South Bend; state organizers. Rev. James A. Burns, C. S. C. Notre Dame and William Hcffcnnan, Washington. Kututc AwuitlnK Helm. Anderson, Ind., June 4. — John Graham, a well-to-do resident of Pendleton, died la-st week, leaving property listed for.taxation at SJO.OOO; bt-sides'a good ' bank account. He was single, and when. an eftort was made to make a final disposition of the property it was found that he had left no will and not a living heir or claimant for the property. Hii life had some'mystery bnck of it. He came from Pennsylvania some years :ig-o and led a secluded life. He never ' showed .1 disposition tog-et married and never told of his past. A|red IVonmn M'unls H Divorce. 1 Valparaiso. Ind., June -!.—Susan Ensig-n lias lilrjii suit :i!>-;imst Simon 'Ensign for n divora; on tin-ground oil desertion. They were married in ISr.O, ; ,n ( ] he left her in 1SOS. About ,-i yoar aj^-o Knsipn rpiurneil to this city and told that h* had just, escaped from prison in Cuba, where he had been confined foriOycaiis on a false charge. About three months .ig-o,,he,iiladsiiit-at Washing-ton :igainst the SiJ.iuish '{rovornjnenr. 'for $200,000 damag-es.' The plointiil is Ta years old and the defendant 73years. ^ , ,tic^. that, in accordance with;custom, I Must Have Honey ^ 5o I Have Reduced my prices. Call and get 2 a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. ALYOUNQ, Tailor I .yl.wpuld prepare for publication in the record statements rcpardingfthe appropriations made a* this ,se«sion;;-ol congress,, fronra republican.and demo- era ti^ 1 standpoint, respectively.! !•••./ .,<• The : conference repor.Was. agreed .to, " ,j ..,: .-Burilnerir) of the Srnuto. ; .-i ..; >, -. ' Wjashlngton, June 4.—In-. the-senate Thursday tjie consideration of"the'res- olutiqns offered by. Senatbrr.,-Morgan (xleiny. Ala.) as to the Competitor jiri's- onerg in, Cuba was postponed; ti-11,Fri- day!,,.": .' ;'. ' ' ' ;,,;.;.., ... ;.;, .-.'.'•' ;.-'. . Xb.e conference report on^ijhe JJ»VB^ appropriation bill was take'n up, the question bcinj* on the motion of Sen- ator-XJuay (rep.,: Pa.) that the senate recede.from its amendment'-r^chicing the. number of battleships from four .to two.. ... • Senator Gorman !(dem., Md.), one of the, conferees, sold; ths.fr, in Ws : jadg-' ment it would not be wise -to-'proceed. more rapidly than heretofore inith'a cou-, struction of these great shipsi'-as improvements were being, continually made.-or discovered; As, to receding- from the amendment 'limiting • the!contract price for aranor plate, he,thought that :he responsibility. oiig : lit"'tici{-' .to be throAvn upon the conferees,'put ought to be assumed by the sennte'.itself. ••' ''.'• Qnaj'n Motion Defeated.",: .'.'.", The vote \vas,talten on Senator Quay's motion to recede from the amendment, reducing the number oi battleships ;to '-- "ontractcd for froin four to two " SENSATION IN SPAIN. A.tteropto<l Duol Ilittwecn Gens, ^Tiirtlnen 1 . Ciinipos 'anil- JJorr«ro. •" Madrid, ,Tune 4.—;Th'e attempted duel between Gens. Martinez Campos and iBorrerp, which.,wns. prevented by the .'timely interference of the captain general" of Madrid, •vv'hb,arriyefl'"upon the .Bceaic just,as the principals were being placed in their positions by their seconds, is the sensation of the hour; : The Impurcihl.'.'publishes the text of the letter written to'Gen. Martinez Campos by'Gen. Borrero/'which brought the quarrel between'/ttie'ttvo g-cnoruls to n crisis and provoked Gen. Martinez Campos 'to^challenge the writer. . The letter concludes as follows: "For many years yon'have been my enemy. My patience is ended, and I am now ready .to do to you what the rebels ,in Cuba could not do." :The-minlsters are endeavoring to in- 'duce Gen. Burrero, to' withdraw the letr ter,.niod if he refuse*'to"do so 'lie.-will be cburt-martialed.,. "approaching Cascajal, passed .the farm of a Cuban named Garcia, whose two brothers were In the Insurfrenjt army. "When the guerrilla band arrived the Insurgents were not In the neighborhood. Garcia was alone • In hla house. " 'Where are the Insurgents encamped?" the lieutenant demanded of Garcia. " 'I really don't know,' the man replied. " 'Tie him to that chair,' the officer commanded, and the soldiers lashed Garc'a »e' curely. • ... " 'Now will you tell me where your broth- era are?' the lieutenant angrily Inquired, " 'I can't say. I have not seen them, 1 Garcia refilled. . . " 'Ha! I know they slept here last night; but since your eyes seem to bo..useless I will relieve you of them. Put them out!' the officer erica, turning to his soldiers. "The ncfgeant thrust the point of his bayonet under each of the unfortunate man's eyes and burst them out, despite the agonizing screams of the victim." SIR, WALTER WINS. Brooklyn Handicap Mew "Jim the i'ennian" at Work. New., York, June 'i-^-Xhere Js a new "Jim the- Penmna"'-ait 'work m New York, to the terror of the bankers. A number of banks jfiavei'taken in bills that tiave beeriYcleverly .raised from tr.'o..dollars to':five dpllars. It was one of 'the .neatest and most, deceptive pieces of work that has been" seen. ;" Jkleinphjs, Tcnn,, Jurie4, ; r :i 3frairi No, 3, the .Cincinnati, Louisville •& ; Memphis . canhon ball.on J the'Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern, ran 'into;(iifreight train 'on an open s"witch'..nt,'VFingo, Ky.,.at 'three o'clock Thiirsaiiy' morning. Fireman 'Ed' Bean, of the ciinrion ball, and an unknown tramp were killed Nc passengers were hurt Eesult of the Race-Time, *:08 1-4. Xew York, June 4.—The. Brooklyn handicap was run for the tenth time at Gravu'send Thursday aftei noon and was a grand contest of America's best thoroughbreds, Fully 15,000 persons were at the track at 2:30 when the bugle cit'ed the horses to the post for the first, race. Trains filled to overflowing were arriving every few minutes. It ^vas thought, 25,000 sons were present when the big race was run. . ,- ' The first race.three-fourths of a mlle.was won by The Swain, a three to one shot. Zanbnc, the western geldlngr, Was second, and Tinge, third. Time, 1:15. The second race.onomlle.and a sixteenth, was won by Septour at six to'five. Ben- mela, seven to five, was second, and Brisk, third. Time, 1:50«. . The third race was the Expectation Ptakes, tor two-year-olds, half a mile. The race was won by Uthos, an clg-ht to one shot. George Kessler, two to one a place, was second, and Winged Foot, third. Time EOJ4. . . • The big event of the day was "run under most favorable conditions and resulted in a victory for Sir Walter,,ridden by Jockey Tarel, with Clifford see- ond and St. Maxim third. Time, 2:0ay t . Dupitrt for Gray Gabion. ',; .Washington, June 4.—Mrs. Cleveland and her three little girls, Ruth, Esther and Marion, and her maid left by a special car. attached,,to the 7:30 regular Pcnnsly,rani« railroad train Thursdjjj' morning, for the president's summer cottage, ."Gray Gables," at Buzzard's Bay, Mass. They were accompanied by Mrs. Olney, wife-of the secretary of state, her. daughter,-Mrs. Minot, and Mrs. Minot's children, ,wJio will pass the summe'r at Falmouth, Maes. Rochester,. Ind-., June 4,—Dr. Frank M Hector'dud here, aged 38 He was formerlj president of the Indiana 1'clectic association Fcclinjr A£alnnt Allen Growlnp. Lebanon. Ind., .Time 4.—The remain* of Wallace Kiley, n-ho wns killed in the Lebanon post office lobby by Thomait jVllcn Monday niorninpf, tvcrc buried Wednesday afternoon. Sentiment has changed to a great extent during'tha past 24 hours, and Allen's cause is rapidly losing ground, The murderer's past record is being unfavorably discussed, and it is claimed he has always been of a sullen, quarrelsome disposition. Two Women lawyer*. Valparaiso, Ind., June 4.—The 15th annual commencement exercises of the Northern Indiana law school closed here with a graduating class of 50, among them being Mrs. Grace Banks Griffith, of Gas City, and Miss Sarah McCurdy, of, Mnrissa, 111., who are the first lady graduntesW any law school in Indiana, and are the first to be admitted to practice before the Indian* supreme court. Widow Commit! Suicide. Wabash, Ind., June +.—Katharine Ollibaugh, aged 65, a widow, took her life by drowning in her cistern. She had been in ill health for a long time, and a year ago tried to drown herself in the cistern, but was pulled out. While her family was away she jumped into the cistei-n, and upon the return of her' daughter the black- and swollen body- was discovered flouting on the water. ' • A Prijr.e Fight. South Bend,. Ind., June 4.—James Murphy, of Cincinnati, and Vernon W. Had en brook, of Walkerton, this county, heavyweight champion of Indiana, fought a finish fight in a born five miles south of Wolkerton. In the third round Hadenbrook scored a clean knock-out and won a purse of $200, Accld(mt»Uj Hlllo nil Mother. Sh'eJbyville, Ind., June 4.—Clarenca Craig, aged 15 years, was handling his father's shotgun when it was accidentally discharged, the load of shot taking effect in his mother's breasl; killing her instantly. The boy has become a raving maniac. New Oil Field. Portland, Ind., June 4.—The Northern Indiana Oil company struck a monster' oil. well one mile east of Bryant The well opens up a new field. It is estimated at 500 • barrels n day, and oil men are greatly excited over the strike. Cloiei Salooni. Vincennes, Ind., June 4.—In compliance with remonstrances the board of commissioners rejected seven applications for saloon license, making 1* saloons closed in this county on account of the Nicholson law. To HUT* a Race Track. Butler, lud., June 4.—The.money.ham been subscribed for a driving park, and: a fast track will be built at once in connection with the baseball park. Bacea : will be. run-here in September, ,

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