The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1934 BLYTHEVILL8. <ARK.V COUBIER NEWS ; Money Does Not Hold The Secret — Of 1 fanny Li vim-; 'Contl'iiv-d frn-n l'v>- 1) • II.' <• iliis yi-.v and other funds would l v ii'.=- :o IK- raisi-d to continue the ,\ v .j.( sniial chasm sti-aralt'.s MIL' u-ni:. Kile : luted thai Hie ledera- i ;L n.;i!i heine-i In Ihese twu pic- ili.n i:ii-.;t liau- CSO on hand b-.-lore Jim,; >i-l |>syi-linlnjlsls say hap- r,i'(ii!i-.i;v; .',.•••:-. •,.•;•• •'.-, ..'iin. , ; J,- ( m; i V as llki-ly i-ulne li) tin- I!:;'!:' lights of federated club ( „ ,. :ii j r , i|, t . ,ioli. «t l» Hi' 1 ^il in r^uif; of ck-p-.wiuinu i-h.iir- !«:•!:. M.r. V.'. ]•:. Hjlil, c.liitl we!!•.,:•• I-'-:L.Iin:::!, rcp-.u ud la'.l ni-(- l-:i ; c::i-^ -.iiv.ij to s'-ijt^ul ' hi!"!' 1 ' '. i-.iiL oliu-iri in Osccola Ijy Mis. V.':>!L--J- V.'oo::. '.vno K in ehiir^i- ul Uj ;-.! cvA *;t £'. ; ;j. v,hu:h '.'.'aH li-jlT.e ! v !;ti. : :r.f..s men: Mis. (.k-o. !.'e. L-liail'inan uf inlLMC. ui-^-u L:.C.J i:ii:b to iv.niii.- a C01limkl!.e l-i [u'o?ji;:U- ul;svj'v'iin(.i' of national r-ii!',i<; wi-(-i: May C :o 12; Mi?.^ fnia l.« C'ulHiian, Junto.- cluii i.luilrman, rcporti'd the orisanr/a- liu!i o; a club ol seventeen girls a; Now Liliv'i-iy wl-.o arc iminoviiij a club IIUUM.'. the u.-* of which liu.s U-i-u Bivui them !)y (J. O. Knmii i,< IJlyilil-villi': Mrs. C. K Crr^.-r arid Mrs. C. M. Hanvell made in- u-n stins rt'|ior!s on citizenship and public health ro.'-pecUv.-iy; -Mrs. Howard Proctor reported press a;:i! :r.iblicity iictivily and the report '>f Mrs. Samuel r. Norris, led- !, i-rsition reporter, recounted the ^ d!ur.<ininaiion of county fedora- r. lu 111 • j.u:,r: <&P. •%!' PAOB TITREK PIGGLY WIGGLY Mi'inpliis Commercial Appeal, i;' ille CouriLT n.s of Hie antl linn recently revealed iiiul all the ijnv's internal organs arc in rc- vcrf-ed jxxsitions. News, all weekly county, and over wi:-s of the Associated Unitc-d i'rpss ncw.s .ser- - - ™ "" \.<: ;. Aitl:'iui;h ' '.r'liliant.s are 01 '-'rrai . I;M- to man. as work animals, lhe\ llnv'^, f)rRM\s Kevt-'rsevl rr.lVAOl be ciilUd donu-scit; iininiais I'H'.LADELI'HIA iUP» —Hiivins It tak:« so long for a youivi one iiis heart on the 1 rij;!Lt side of his ID -row up thai it is cheaper to t'tdy. a::d his livi^r on ll:u lelt. c:i;:!i wild ones. I.-3H.-CS Hvi'-j-Lar-oM Morton Click - r.n di!fi::iiltie.s. A routine c-xamina- ' K'-:id coiner Ni-ivs Want AUs. PK Joy in Life Doos Nol Depend Upon rospogion ui Wealth fcB CASH GROCERY FIJI-;!-: i)KLivi-;»v Specials for Saturday and Monday 19c Oic 15 c Some psyrhclogLsls say the'world happy you yourself will feel about I a liajfirr plitf, froci! us It is your small victories. ] npt-essit NKXT: f His ii«-essily of usins money as tlie principal inciiiurius stii-k of •uccc&s. H's this plinsi; cf human living Mary Mar-arel Mc- li.iilr, -t •»f'ip?nramalL-rp-.lnor, rc'nbinglv discusses in the fifth >l six atUclri. im "Thf. Art nf 'fapi.incss' which she has written Tor ihi t'otnier News. lie Happy in Marriage. Ml on Pemiscot Relief Rolls Must Plant Gardens CHEESE HE! No. I Full L're;ini i'oth.d Full Orcssert I'otrnd SI1CEDBACON- PG1JK ROAST I'otind I'onnd SAUSAGE I'll re .Meal i'otmd 5c 1'resh 15c K. C. Uriskel or Kill I'otmd COTTAGE CHEESE I'ojin-l 25c ^ .'Mc.^Uillin's S|ieciul. None lietterOO** l'ni!n--l fc >r'i CAHUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—Prank I Wilks. garden supervisor for Pcmi- j „„,.... Ucut. county, has announced Hint HY MARY MARGARET McBRIDfc I abmit , m ,. e , |(%[ Bnr<Ions w)n ' MIA Sfrvlct S'.-ff Corrc-spnndenl • ^ plniuc() |n , h(s couiuy lh , s If 34. NEA Service, Inr.l i son. NEW YORK—Two women were lrihiv Jiscu.^i'.i-j a man who once owned a gnat hot?l property in a certain large city. "Me L'fed to tie worth forty or fifty million dollars." said one. | , ]n ~ m "b'lt his fortur.c dwindled after ' nnv ,| ( Uir: crasA until it was down to ;c,ur cr five millions." Then she ar!d;d miitr srriously: "He simply couldn't stand the lerrit!.' loss and so he went, up has already been distributed in H community districts and special schools of instruction. will be held soon (o demonstrate how and when to plant. | Each family in the county which , been dependent in • any degree on relief orenniwilions is required to plant a garden, Wilks said. Those who refuse will find their pleas for aid frowned on next fall and whiter. Vegetables | enough for spring and summer LETTUCE Heads l-'Idi'iihi. .\lor-.l nice no,:ei-. :AULIFLC-Wi!R Sn(lw While Heads I'oumi 8c 23c lOc nil of which will be canned for use this winter. "In short, it comes down !o this." said Wilks. "Those who refuse to work this summer, witli .seeds furnished them, and £Cliouls ,lo be held to show them how to • work their gardens, will not be helped tills winter. To get help, they must help themselves." Mexico Plans Laredo Highway Completion 39cd to retain five of his original f::tv millions that he kills himself! The tiling sounds too fantastic. Yet it happened. And apparently (lie wniian discussing the fats of the deflated millionaire saw reining particularly strange in ni despairing action. Ka T bs Va'ur-s Mc*V of us v,ouUl consider ourselves rich beyond wil'd- :st dreams if we had even a tenth part of five million dollars to call our own, but. no doubt the hotel man actually thought | -,f lumculf as reduced to pitiable j poverty by tl'.e decimation of j • His fortune. And since h's hap-J EL, PA8O. Texas (UP)—M"x!co\s jinrss had b?en grounded in n;ereal new highway from Laredo cnse of importance and s:cur- • to Mexico City Ls nearin • co:ii;.U-- ly fcolr.tered by his n-L-altli. life 'ton and will' oe ready for tuuris ecined not worth livir.y wi'.h-1 traffic next full, according to cou- :ut the whole of it. [struction contractors h:r?. This ridiculous individual cs- i Tli!r Mexican government li imate of the value of millions tuildlng the road with a bond Is;n: d-rivcd .of course, from the sue of 20,009.000 pctos. •Uiturie of our pre-crasli civil-' The highway is passable now. Nation towards money. Dollars official said, lint somcwhnt nil- 'lad hf-come so entirely ilr sym- jCcmfortacle to rid: ui-r. bol of achievement that whrnl Many miles of Ihc road are cou- hey were lost, the loser felt I cretc. however. Some parts at nui his placj In society wa.-i \ Present will not penult traflic d TAMAIES Wilson's Certified No. 2 Can 22c TOILET SOAP Ihrs GOLD DUST \VASUI.\(; I'OWDKU l.iirgo i:n.i \\'ASI!I,\(; J'OWDKl 2 l.'nvil! Hoxcs 18c 17c (KJlDDUSTOfANSHl 14c i SOAP" Sunnv Monday. \Vhife Laundry in 15ars ' 23c jinj rniny weather. ! Approximat-ly G2 miles of tlie ' load up and over the mountain: between Tamazunchale and Jacn- ..''»• with a perfect lava rock s:ir- doiiiiiialicn Jacc . Is only 10 lect wide, with i and women chasm at the side that d.numl one. Sprrd \Visely One fortunate thing atcat tho two or three trying year.-: just past has been a tendency ;ct away from tho )f possessions. Men a.j c,.ui. to .see that wiiile tl! e most careful driving, nrnuy is desirable as furnish- II is eenerally agreed tlie .vjcn 1 -A-curity against worry noout cr >' cflercd in this slvctch of Hi he rent, one may still live anil ro;l1 ls as nn " "s may bo see. be happy without this cozy r-!-.' rom nriv mountain high..'ay o. assurance. ! llls coniine.M. Tile way lo start being happy' KROGER STOEE Prices for Saturday DRESSED HENS F "* [ :L Pound Ills Bacon I'am'y Sliced !'011 nil 17!c Cheese CO'lTAdK, In (ilas-. I'iacli - - - WiS. CUKAM, 1'i.liiid Veal ('Imps or Utust I'ound lOc to tlu rcof one day and jumped | consu ° rlpt | on nnc , 50mc | eft ovpr to | °^- . lean for fall and winter ttsc are Ji Think of it—a man is so mis- 1 . . 'II rrn!)le b cri:s- he Ins only man- to be cultivated. Tic is himself planting 12 norcs on his own land, I six of beairs and six of tomatoes. 11 "If CONSTIPATED Knil sliiffy. clu),w<!-iip feeling, splillii nrndaolit, anrl »thrrrt'n;li[nliiin ill<»it!i I IIH mon- com 11 let f , ,,,nr,. iWn u K h n i • I i,«. friends' «rliciinn Kn-n-a-minl. tlio climini; glim Uxativc. l-'mi-a-inint acts nmn- Ihornuithl.v. Infills.' c-hrwin^ di-!riliiltr- thclns.lllreiiiirrr.lii i,l uniformlv llin«lcli- nnl Ihc inMi,,,..* (r . pro a "fiill." in,,n- natural aclioH !\-cii-a-mint never shocks the jyitem not iku.cj tlw bowels. It is gentle safe. . Prompt]) nnd thorwighlyit CAiiscs the Imiv.-N Ic. rrjnlj' tlicir w^nlc anil po:wi«. It help- ri:l vnu (if lopcino^ anil lirlm mat,- yr,u f,,-| hlure cnfrfr .|i,.. », E .,„......™ u v. ,„,.. ' ln .' 1 fr «''- IMi'iuns recn-a-mint eon...., to spoil her pleasure. It's la ™ ":|" X *' 1V * in?mli«il regular]v p:c- Iruer than you know that you' SCT "'« I A V Physicwns. 'Delay' 1 is danger=011-1 have to own beauty to en-; ^"TJ: |ir ">-«-mi."» *«' ronstijnti™. 'oy It. If you can't have paint- TC ** ° r "«g'-" *vcryw|icrc. .1 «ic1ri? you -.vill not p.r-' nit dollars or the lack of them • o tc your measuring rod. Lrarn i o spcr.d wisely wlial you have. Avoid Envy ! Abnv? all. never forego in; '• happiness of accepting hospitality a^d oilerin^ your own. Give your guests the simple entertainment yon can aflord and don't apologize. Enjoy their parties, tut don't strain yo'.ir bud- jet to return them in kind. If Susan for instance gets the new fur coal you were longing for. admire il sincerely; don't >llow the wormwood of your of old masters In your ihcnic. you may enjoy them tree nher.c\er you like at public mu- .ci nif. If you cannol buy the '"•e;l rood tool:, a car.! 'vill admit you to full fellowship 111 the nearest public library. I IX> net be pc.hamcu ' f yo'ir I hcine, your clothes or your cir- ctimtlanres ar.d you will te surprised to ECC how much respect ethers wjll have for your. pluck i and courage, how proiid and| RING Farmer's for Anvthini in Frrd and 127 Steaks It. C 1 . Ifoef I'd ti nil Pni*l( Roast, Lb,. Pickles Mi veil 20c Lard Salt Meat Roast Roast Franks Shoulder Lb. Chuck Lb, Brisket Lb. Uo'lcil Kil) K. C. linuuli lieel' I'ounil And I'oinul Spare Ribs APPLFS 1 CORN (: " 11111 N'L 10 r Vanilla. :', O/.. Klc >'-.i ; h. s ft-,. 2:t- ,M'\I' Ken 1,!). GRAPE K SL Ur S. 6' HCfflY xiT^n • 7° CRACKERS M c .;. c . ™«^ : Sil() c LFMdlNWAFFRS.nllO c Kach (2 Well Hlcaclicd Kiich CELERY^_ _ __ PEAS Mbw "- N "- Vt 15 r I.l..r>. linUI:' COFFEE Jewel. 3 Llis. - SSc fl. C.. I.I'. - - - 27i- nch. Lli. - - 23;• .Icwol, Lb. 19c HEDd^^^HEHEDi^DE. Baking Powder K. C. or Uiul'.or (iirl l.arfjc 1 Can - - - 1 i)t Mfd.iim Can - - S,: Bananas I'Vy .l 15c Potatoes Clean. Tahlc Triumpli 1'tck :inc I'otind 2c Strawberries ~ 12Jc tm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmr ' Cabbage Now Green H'j;itis 1'ouiul 2c LARD f'!!n . . su.ns f-\b. fin-ton - (I7c •1-1, li. Cur I on - .lie Compound LAPD -!."-[.I). Can Ca-lon - 57e •!-!.!:. Carton - 2!)c HI FiiANUl BROflMS ' mm VM \ .... CrtlylliVt ;h«m 10^ Can LU M lNAKh'i bpiiKhelii, MM- "j-jv- aioni or iMindies. .'! i<>r U Sleilmuiul SOAP (>old l!;tnd iiind 10< 5 fur SJ JO Kach PEAS lilack-Kyi'd *'o. 1 f»" 1U SALAD l)KriSh «ffi rrinoi ]}7 Sfinimile. CnJUia 1 1 T ^ B I ;1 o I Ii^XjUi^ MI (. :i KiJiis N;t\ v or (i. Nor. RKE _ [;1 " SAPDINE? Pmeapple JH 19c Butter I'nund COl'NTHV Beans Mis;co. Cann• o-i in nivthc- ville. No. 2 Can. 2 for 15c Sugar Fine (iranuliilcd in I'ntinds 47c Mustard H lOc Peaches .\ v ,,r,l;-U l.ri'. 21'; Cin Corn No. 2 Can •> (rr Pork & B ^•flnmsESKS Meal Milk fits 1 Cream 21-I.h. Sack Country Cluh 3 Tall or li Small (.'ans

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