The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DKCEAI53KK 8, 19'M BLYTHKV1LLB COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In th«| Interest of Farm Families of Thl§l Agricultural Section. NEWS-FEA1VRES PAGE I Enter th« PUmt-to-PtoBper -,.,,. t«t» •pwwv-ed, by th« Courter - - Ntwt and Commercial Appeal ions Held By 4-H Groups New Organizations Prepare To Launch ^Programs For 1945 ' Reorganization of Boys nnd Girls 4-H clubs ID Mississippi county for 1945 started this week with extension agents visiting many communities as they plan the coining year's work with the many farm BMs and boys. Meetings will continue through another week so that organizations will be complete by Jim. 1, it was announced. The Box 'Elder 4-H club held a meeting Monday with J. D. Hay- Eood presiding and 25 club members and two leaders present. Louise Richardson, song captain, led in singing. The newly elected officers were: J. D. Uaygood, president; Wilburn Fouls, . vice president; Stella Mac Hicks, secretary; Louise Richardson, reporter; Lela Davison, song leader. Members of tiie girls' and hoys' committees appointed to see ' if sponsors would serve this year were: Stella Mac Hicks, Louise Richardson, Jayno Fonts, Kenneth Westmorland, Clifton Galyeon, and Wilburn Fouls. * • • A meeting of the Redman 4-H Club was held Monday with H. C. Long presiding. There were 37 club members, two leaders, and six visitors present. Tlie group sang, led by Pauline Wane. New officers were elecled as folJpivs: president, H. C. Jang; vice president, Bobby Haggard; secrctn- V, Vernell Hoggard; reporter, Alice McCann; song leader, Miss Pauline Ware. Members of the boys' committee appointed to ask the boys' sponsor to serve were: Harold chipman Wesley Wright, Bobbie Lee Hoggnrd "ml H. 0. Long. Keith Bitbrey, agriculture agent, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, H. C. Long, and Miss Pauline Ware were on the program. Mr. Bilbrcy discussed plans for the victory dinner and Miss Coleman discussed plans for Ihe 1945 club year.; H. C. Long urged the club to try to get more members. Miss Ware gave a talk on "How I Plan to Help/'. She is a former 4-H Club member hi the Rocky Club four years. <* • » A meeting of the Boynton 4-H Club was held Monday. Davey Win- fcerry, the newly elected president, presided over : -12 member? • present* The group .snug, led by ' Dorothy FARMERS Wei Have ROOFING Wcalhcrsfrippinj: Sform Sash Insulation BRICK-TEX SIDING Wall Hoard Shcclrock Stonewall WINDOWS and DOORS WALL PAPER |AINT And Sorn.e Lumber 3 year KH A annual payment loan on new barns and tool sheds. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Bnllding Service Moore. The agriculture agent and home demonstration ngent ' were present. Newly elected officers were as follows: president, Davcy Winberry; vice president, Bobby Locney; seer rotary, Nell Denu Taylor; reporter, Cliilon Pnrker; song leader, Dorothy Moore. Members of Hie boys' committee appointed to see the boys' sponsor and would serve tills year were: Tommy Miner, pavcy Wlnijerry, Clifton Parker, arid Jimmy Ladd. Members of the boys' committee were: Dorot)iy Moore, Margie Dale Brooks, Louise Ward, and Barbara Miller. • - . . . * ••, ?-••> A meeting of the pocky 1 4-H Club was held Monday with Kenneth CogRln presiding arid 'members present. • • . New officers were elected for the club ns follows:- president, Kenneth CoRgin; vice president, Mary Alice Milligan; secretary, porls Bunn; reporter, Eudean Thomas; -song leader, Ray Gibson. The committee elected to see it the boys' sponsor would serve this year were: Kenneth coggin wil- born Pillows, j.- c .- Hill, and Kay Gibson. .Members ,of the girls committee were Eudean' Thomas, Mary Alice Milligan and Doris Bunn: Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, and Keith j: Bilbrcy, agriculture ngent; were present. Mr. Bilbrcy discussed' plans for Ihe leader banquet to'be-spon- sored and -paid for by the. Farm Bureau anj Miss Coleman' discussed plnns for the 1945 club year. • • • '• .1 • .; '_; [''A meeting of the Recce 4-H Club' was held Tuesdiiy n-Uli' , Tlibmai Dcnton presiding. There were nine members and one leader present;' 1 . Newly elected officers were as follows; president, Thomas Dcnton; vice president, 'Harold Bunn; secretary, LXJU Ella Stallings; - reporter, Allen Stanley;- song leader, Sybil Denton. •. . -.,...;•• Sponsors ' elected • for ' this 'year were Miss Vclnia .Wilson tor .girls and Stnrlyn Young .for boys: ;'-' The committee appointed to ' see if Miss Wilson' would serve' we're Gelly Jean Stallings, Doris Darby anci Beatrice Holmes. '. •'.';.. The committee appointed to, "se'e Sir. Young Vere Harold Darby,' Bobby .woodard; nnd Harold .Biihri. • • - • ".' ' • • . ' _ A meeting" of the Clear J^ake 4^H Club was held. Tuesday with. Betty Lou Fesmirc presiding: .Tliere" were" 2S club inembers and two' leaders present. with nine new members. Neivly ejected -of fleers we're as follows: president; Betty Lou Fes mire;' vice president/Patsy Hayries; ,sec- rclaij Helen Smith, reporter, Mary Frances Hnli; tf>ng captain, 'Sfary Lee Lunsford ? ' * A meeting of the Flat Lake . 4-H Club was held Wednesday with George Wilson presiding There v,rre 2o club members',. Hie leadel's and one visitor present Newly electee!' officers were as follows president, Doris Brown vice president j D Daniels, secretary Lorme Wilson, reporter, Jane Coal ter; song captain, 'Jane Coalter. ' Mrs G L Abbott and Mr Ernest Wilson were elected ''sponsors. Members of the committees appointed to see if trie elected sponsors would serve were. Peggy, Hawkins, Jane Coalter Maxine Manlej, J. D. Daniels, Elnier-Hughcs . and Donald G. Snider. Read Courier N«wa Want Adi. The Lody Quits Outspoken, Virginia-born Lady Aslor, above, first woman to sit in British Parliament, will retire at expiration of her current term a year from now," she revealed in London on the 25th anniversary of day she first took seat. GUARANTEED ^ TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service .Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 6J CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While I Ms Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BIytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 How To Corn Bee/ For Home Consumption Corning beef is an excellent incniis. ol preserving immy good tasty pieces of meat, and a ineUi- od that improves the flavor of these pieces; according to Cora Leo Cole- marl; county lioine demonstration ogciit. In Issuing this llmely advice, slie advocated the following steps lo corn beef for home consumption(1) Use the tea tender cuts of meat which have lind the bones removed. These cuts include brisket, Plate, rump, and chuck. Hours jaKe up too much space, and arc better utilized when used for soup slock. _ (2) Cut the chunks or meat Into s-or G-poimd roasLs or similar pieces. The meat should be cut into loaves (similar to bread) Instead of squares, and the Brntn should run lengthwise of the leaf. <3) Be sure the meat has chilled put to from 33 to 38 dcyrecs F Frozen beef should never bo corned, because It may spoil before it thaws put or cures. (4) Cure In crock Jars or wooden containers, (5) The curing formula for each 100 pounds of beef Is: 8 pounds of clean salt, 2 or 3 pounds of granulated or brown sugar, 3 or 4 ounces of saltpeter, and 5 gallons of water. • <6> It is important ivliile prcunr- nig and mixing Hie curing inijre- dients- to use one gallon of warm water to dissolve the mixture- then add the other 4 gallons of water. m Boil the curing mixture so •Ihat bacteria will be killed, and skim the top when foam appears ; (8) Cooltthc mixture to 38 dc- •grees Fahrenheit before placlnc it on the meat. , • . (9) Cure in ii cool place nnd watch .'for ropy brine. If ropy, boll again, skim again and wash the meat • , (10) Cure 20 days. -The meat, may «£, ,i '•!' " IC , brinc Iongcr ' bllt CTre should be taken to prevent the oc- cureiice of ropy brine. The curing .temperature should be kept below W degrees Fahrenheit to prevent spoilage. On The Farm Front •- BONHAM. Tex. (U.P.)-Farmer Ernest Cliaffin | s exhibiting the King of Sweet Potatoes,." The yam weighs seven pounds and four .ounces, and measuring 21 1-2 jnch- 6.5 around the short way and 20 inches the long way. Hy l.KB IIANNITV United I' J'jinn Kdllor We've mentioned before Hint city folks wonder how come "they cannot have butter." They've rend about (his year's record crop and— not knowing too much about farm production — Iliink this ought lo mean more dairy products. Including ' biiUer. unt when (lie city housewife goes shopping for butter she's often loid by her grocer. "Sorry Mrs. McGllllcuddy, but we're out of it." Mrs. McGfllluiddy doesn't understand that the present, price relationship between butter and other dairy products is probably the root of her trouble. However, that seems to be tiie trouble. in order to straighten Ihlngs out, it may be necessary for WPA lo rnisc the buller fnt subsidy. H's understood thai the food agency would rallier establish n higher ceiling on Hie product being balked in tills by Hie OPA. Whatever federal agency move Is necessity to provlilc 11— Mrs. Mc- Gllllcuddy wants more butter. • • • Many corn-htg farmers arc prob- al% wondering about, what to do In response to the government's request for more pigs. Their uncertainly is easy lo uiulcrslund when you remember the "beating they look during last, winter's period of Slutted markets and depressed prices. Recent market activlly might indlcale Hint more of the same is in store. However agriculture economists nt Purdue University don't see it that way. Their view is thai demand for pork and lard will probably be strong enough to keep lioK prices In a strong position. And they believe Iliac position can be held until October of nest year. There may be periods of depressed hog prices, but the Purdue men don't expect them lo extend over so long a period as they were last winter. They base their optimistic survey on the shnrp decline In hog production which occurred since last winter In , lh c western part of the corn belt. Whether they op- crate in the western part of the corn belt, or elsewhere, hog growers unhappily recall that results from growing too many piggs, and so itmay take considerable "doing" Published By The Delta Implement Co., BIytheville Vol.3 Friday, l>cc. 8 No. 15 will UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: We close each afternoon at 5:30 - DI - . As (he Sixth-War Loan .rolls almi^ through .•;.il|s Vi third -. weck.v intlicittions are thai .tht Chtckasawba •Dfsit'id will 'again- ovcrsiib-'' scribe its quota ... If y ml haven't bouglil' ,yet, do so (he next time you're in (own A few extra dollars might help save some boy s life— and it'li certainly help out when you begin lo replace equipment after the war. -DI- Fred Flocman lias the following llsc{ i equipment for sale: ,3 wagons, a steel wheel trailer, a walking cultivator, walking plows, middle busters, section harrows, 2 'horse drawn stalk cutters, and 6 sots of leather harness can see Mr. Pleeman at the Fleemaii Maml "' or Cil11 llim in BIytheville at -- DI - . We arc now taking applications for heavy duty K-Internalional Trucks to !>e maiuifac- ttircri in 1<M5. If you're going to need one, come in and we'll help you fill mi t V onr application. - DI New equipment deliveries of the past week include: cultivators for Karmall M's for Gene Bradbury, of Lost Cain, and Rex Warren, farming on Highway 18 West of Bly- thevillle; a heavy duty tractor harrow to Otto Koehler, of Doll; a light bush and bog disc harrow and plow for a Farmall B lo Kyle Ball, of Promised Land; and a '1-row cultivator and 3-row buster for a Farmall M-to C. C. Langston, of Number Nine - DI If you're having trouble with your car or truck or fraclor battery now "(he chances arcjt won't last through the cold weather. Were a good slock of nationally advertised, batteries on hand al Ihis lime. Let tis know what you need. - DI In our shops this week: a D-30 International Iruck for general repairs ami overhaul for the Saunder-s Alfalfa Mill, of Steeie; a Kit-mail H for overhaul for Stanlon Pepper, ol Huffman; and an International C-l truck .for a motor rebore job for Jeff White, of Half Moon. TANK OP YOUR ALBUM OOM'f , f HALFWAY * *• e iMrf TOOAYI on (lie iiart of WFA lo gel them lo slcj) up prwluollou to tiie Icvt-l <leslr«l by our food inannuois: •rvnupis who siii-cialla- In nvo- (luction ol rniv furs m,d ix-lis are In for n roll-buck in prices. An order is on DIP OPA boots (lint fur iirlc- es must t o buck lo Hie nvcrnxc Icv*' . tllc >' '"Pitt betiTOil Oclobrr of 1941 niirt April 1D«. The price n S eu- «>' ntlds Hint mnkcrs of. fn,. conts aiui oilier earniMits will I'liloy no advnntauo from, this 1 ordei-. .run prices they diai^c urn'' also lo be rolled back. New ceillnc prices will effect Uic fins of Hie' iiHiskmi, fox, raccoon, skunk, wolf nnd squirrel- • MX n cffcct ° r lllls wln be relt ciiUMly by profes-slonnl urowrrG of lur louring nnlmuls, Uut It'll ,ilso He fell, soniewliat by ordlnnry fiir- iticis ami ranchers, and their youni!stt>rs. Also iiffccletl will bi- tiie people of (he picturesque buy on w.\- ers of ixiiilslnnii l)m i oilier iiarts of Ilio south, Skins luken from wiUI animals rcprcsenl Ilio innjor cnsh liieoiiie of nmny of people of «lint Is often referral to us "The EvniiBclliie Colinlty." . ranks eluhlli, nmongsl Tlicrc Is no rnllwuy In Iccluncl, nlllioiiBh u i ws „ nonnnl jjopiil,.- tlon «f 120,000 Prepare Salted Nuts At Home For Holiday Use Tlie record mil crop this full Is renewing Hie nomilmlty of hiinur willed nuts, Recording to Miss Corn l.ce Colonial), county home di'm- onsti-nlhw flcc'ul, who MiKid'sls Incur us a comparatively inexpensive .substitute to umke up for shortage.'*. of other holldity season di'llrndivs this year. lipmovlnu DID skin from wnooih sliifnced imliticuis l.v not necessary before rousting such tender sklinii'<| mils us IICCHIW, hickory nuts, mid wiilnuls, |h u Hgcjiil. explains, 'l'i> blimcli almonds, her directions nix- lo pour boiling wnlnv over Iliem »nd hold ni, slininci'lnn Iriniwiiluru HU5 degrees p.) for 3 nilinilr.s llicn drain, Tim . s klns should come off 1'iislly wlien pressed with tlnuiib nnd roicfltiKcr. Spri'inl Hie blnni'h- i'd kernels on ubsoibnit pupor nnd dry overnight, m ordliuiry room leiniieuiiuio, she advises. llcr recipe for "frylim pun ronsl- HI! culls for. 2 teaspoons of cook- lug oil or melted vegetable'or inble fiu—"Jusl oiiouidi to cover (lie kernels," she explains—and oiui len- M'Mii of suit for tw\\ cup of nut- mcnt Imlves with Ihci oil or nirlled f«l !» H frying par.. Pliicco\er low hnil, stirring coiistiinlly, until liot throiiuh. Avoid overcook'lng, she liK'ciiiillons. Mill men IA-, patUailni- ly pwiins, diivken a Illllc more after being removed from Ilia heat, mid liecoine crlspcr us thcj> cool. iJiiiln on absorbent paper mid sprinkle with sail. lilanclii'd iiimoiKls or Munched r«w poiinuls may be roaslcd elmi- •»•>', bill they must be licnkdni little lon«cr until light bi<wn H t'tilrir (about M to 30 mlmitci, <!c- D.MwlliiK un llio Miie of mill ntut de KIW of brownness doslicd),, Miss Colfiimn explained, vot "re<lskln 1 pramils, follow Mils .yimo method slle ndvlses, but ILSO unbliuiclujc raw iioanutii. : It yon want 10 nay Homis 8KI.L UH TIIK TOO ARK NOT USIMG, h, hl Aha liberal trade-in illowuoc for old furniture on n«w. Alvin Hurdy Furn. Co. 3 B. Malu Phone «<tt M*M.^M. Try Our "Own Mndc" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn! Across From IIlRli School When you take your John Decrc Tractor out in tiie field after our factory-trained experts have given it a "going-over," you'll say it performs good as new. Our shop- men are experts. They know exactly what your tractor should do ... »nd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for a breakdown. A check up now nnJ a few simple adjustments may save you the expense: and delay o( more serious complications later on. When you tiring your tractor in, bring in your icrap .. . Keep bulb in the fgbt. Missco Implement Co. UI.YTJIF.VIU.B OSCEOM. .'• PLEASE don't puc off this important job any longer. You're going to want all of your equipment in good shape'tvhcn field work starts. It's our job to put it in condition. We'il handle your repair jobs the way you want them handled it" you'll let us know in advance.' /• Stop in now, or phone us, and get your work on our schedule. Then you're sure to have the ma chines when you need them. You know our reputation for repairing farm equipment. That's our business. We mechanics and a wcll- ccjuippcd shop. And our bins are loaded with genuine IHC parts-the same parts that arc built into the machines at the factory-arid you can't beat them. ^ • Take one day nnd go "• over every nil-, chine on your place. Tag each one with the things that need to be done. You can count on the same service in our shop that you get from McCorrnick-Decriflg equipment in the field. Say when and we'll get busy. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. BIytheville, Ark. BE WISE-BC AN Early Bird-ORDER NOW Rlgcl is one of the hottest stars In the heavens. Its surface" tern-* *"' pcraturc has boon calculated at" , rf 29,000 degrees Fahrenheit 1 - ' *™. « CHICKASAW Weci Mala Keu Hit 81 t.¥ l4ii Stto - Nlfht CtpttaBom «howi 8»t ud Bu. Friday antj Saturday "PARDON MY GUN" with T ' t'Ji.irks btjrrttl mill '"LUCKY LEGS" with Jinx I'reUcw' Jt Urst Ch niter of "The HA'I'MAN" i , C'Diticdy Sunday and Monday' "WHAT'S BUZZIN, COUSIN?",, wllb Ann Miller * J'rnlille Martin and' Ills Bund Alii) "Mountain Fluhiers" in Technicolor New Theater Manila's Finest What hiwo you done today that some hiothcr'H son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No wailing. We are issuing agents.' Friday JUNGLf WOMAN"- ,„ n yn Ankers .t J, Carrol Hcrlil & Short , / '"Saturday ". <'^CHEROKEE'STRIP" fi with I)l(k>ri)rih ' '^- \ HKIUAI, ,4 BIIOHT , Saturday ' ^ ,' S OWL SHOW ; "DEAD MAN'S EYES Wllli Ion Chiincj and Je.m Parker Shorts • .' / \ , Sunday^nd l^onday , ,. I'ov News *, Short ," , ^' Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Friday and Saturday' v , 'Marshall of Gunsmoke' wlh ' ,Tex Killer & Itusscll lUyden Serb!: "Aclvcnlurcs >ot- (lie Flying C.i ilc Is.' Short Saturday. SHOW 'STARTS 11 P. M 'Drums of Fu I Manchu' TSlth Henry Brandon & Gloria Franklin Selected,Sl>orls« Sunday and Monday > 'Tender , Comrade' ' t nilh' * ' A Ginger Rogers, Hobcrt Kyart & Ruth Husscy *' ^ Paramount Ncws- v - '

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