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16 PAGES THE DAILY REVIEW How often do you answer a "furnished room" ad--you who arc discontented with your present quarters? Thirty-Third Year. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 22,1911. PRICE TWO CENTS. No. 358.

Accede to All of Russia and Agree to Dismiss Morgan Schuster--He Resigns. Teheran, Dec. today yielded to the demand of Russia that Morgan Sinister, the American treasurer general, be dismissed. This action is In direct opposition to the people who have loyally supported the young American. Persia has submitted to every demand made by Russia, it is reported, although no official announcement of action has been given out.

It is believed that a new treasurer general will be secured from America or some European office. The new official cannot retain office however, until Eng land and Russia have confirmed his appointment. SHUSTER IS GRACEFUL. Shustcr did not express any astonishment over the action of parliament. He declared he was perfectly satisfied to withdraw provided the Persian parliament decided that such action was nee.

for Persia. GIVES RESIGNATION. A messenger from parliament carried the resolution to Shuster. He replied with his resignation in which he thanked the members of parliament for standing by him so loyally and only yielding when the Independence of Persia was threatened. MAY OFFEND PEOPLE.

News of Shuster's dismissal has not yet been made public. The people are ardent in their support of Shuster and rt is feared that they will be offended. It is reported that Russian troops are advancing from Kasbln. This report is unproved, however, as the Rus slan soldiers have received orders to remain at Kasbin for the present. Unless there is an outbreak following the announcement of Shuster's dismissal, the troops will be withdrawn into Russian territory.

Morgan Shuster. deposed treasurer general of Persia had had the odd experience of being dismissed from office because he did his work too well. The young American on recommendation of President Taf was secured' by Persia to take charge of her sickly financial affairs. Within a few months lie had almost $1.090,000 in the treasury that bad been empty when he took charge. GOT UNEASY.

Russia began to grow uneasy. She and England had looked upon the situation in Persia with great satisfac tion and had Intended to partition the territory as soon as the government became bankrupt. Russian financiers who had been accustomed to do about as they pleased in Persia found themselves thwarted by the American. They protested to the Czar. Persia received a polite notification that his presence was distasteful to Russia but she did not take the hint.

ULTIMATUM FOLLOWS. Then followed the famous ultimatum demanding his dismissal. The Persian cabinet which was pro-Russian In sympathy was willing: to get rid of tlie treasurer but parliament refused to fall in line. Three weeks ago Russia gave orders for occupation of Persia. Several hundred Cossacks assembled at Resht on the Caspian sea and were ordered to advance to Kasbln.

PERSIA ASSURES RUSSIA. Teheran. Dec. The Persian cabinet has given the Russian minister assurances of its intention to comply with the demands ot the Russian ultimatum. some of the older senators when they dropped Into the stationery room ot the senate to follow the annual custom of laying In a stock of Christmas presents.

For many years the stationery room ias carried. In addition to the regular stock of routine supplies, paper, pencils, pens, a complete line of leather goods, Including handbags, socketbooks, card cases, ornamental'Ink itands and many little articles that were appropriate for presents. All supplies are offered at actual cost, but nobody Is permitted to buy except senators and their clerks and the officers of the senate. Some times the privilege has been enjoyed by outsiders through the courtesy of a senator who has permitted the transactions to be charged to his stationery account, but the privilege of buying Christmas presents at cost at the senate stationery room distinctively a senator's perequislte, But the economists have abolished the privilege and for the first time this year senators are doing their Christmas shopping downtown. PREPARE WOOL SCHEDULE.

Washington, Dec. members of the ways and means committee today began preparations to revise the wool tariff schedule based on the report of tlie tariff board and Taffs message. SENATORS Bill Strikes Blow At "Finest Club In America." Washington, Dec. the perquisites of senators are being cut off until before long that body will lose Its time honored distinction of being the "finest club In America." The latest assault on senatorial comforts was made Thursday by Senator Kenyon, a progressive Republican from Iowa. In a bill he introduced he pro poses to require senators hereafter to pay for shaves and hair cuts, and other tonsorlal attention.

Heretofore these privileges have been extended to senators free of cost. FREE BATHS ABOLISHED. The bill also abolishes the free baths MUL provides that hereafter members of "the senate shall pay such service. The senator from Iowa estimates that he will save $20,000 a year to the government by requiring senators to pay for baths and barber shop service. The senate baths have accessories for free manage, and these, too, will disappear If the Kenyon bill Is passed.

WOULD REDUCE MILEAGE. Bat the senator from Iowa does not stop with these economies. In another bill submitted he proposes to reduce the allowance for mileage from 20 a mile to'10 cents. CHRISTMAS SUPPLIES CUT OFF. Another flMaWolntment confronted Supreme Court Reverses Decisions of Lower Courts.

Introduce Tariff War Schedules In Duma--Raise Duties 100 Per Cent Springfield, Dec. right of employes oC a railroad to eject passengers who attempt to ride upon tickets which have expired even though the date ot expirations Is not plainly stamped thereon, is upheld by the Illinois supreme court In the case of Albert C. S. Pennlngton vs. the Illinois Central Railroad company.

On Dec. 1ft, 1893, Pennlngton boarded a train at Douglas Station, after being admitted through the turnstile at the station, where he claims to have shown his ticket and was Informed that it was good. He was going to Kensington and shortly after boarding the train the conductor called for his fare. Pennington was Informed that the ticket was no good, that the time limit had expired about two weeks previously and that he would have to pay the full fare of 31 cents or get off. Pennington elected to take the latter course and alleges that as a result he froze his hands and feet and suffered permanent injuries.

He brought suit in the superior court of Cook county and secured a judgment against the railroad company for $4,500, and this decision was affirmed by the appellate court. "As there can be no recovery In this case for the reason that the conductor was within his rights in ordering Pennington to pay his fare or get off the train," says the supreme court, "the Judgment of the superior and appellate courts Is reversed without remanding the case for trial." St. Petersburg, Dec. war schedules applicable to the United States at the expiration ot the treaty of 1832 were introduced in the Duma today. The bill increases the present duties 100 per cent, and Imposes a duty of 100 cents on articles at present admitted free.

Other restrictions are also proposed. ANARCHY IN MACEDONIA Chrtatlam Organise Against Role of Murder, Pillage and Brigandage. London, Dec. dispatch from Salonlkl, European Turkey, to a London news agency reports a condition Of anarchy throughout Macedonia. Murder, pillage and brigandage are rife.

Travel In the country districts la only safe for large armed parties. Twenty-seven assassinations have taken place within the last month within two journey Salonikl, all the, victims being Greeks. The Christians, finding It impossible to obtain redress, are organizing bands with the object of killing th'e Turks. Capture $150,000 In Gold Destined for Turkey. Alexandria.

Egypt, Dec. Italian cruiber Puglla today seized the British Menzalah with $150,090 gold coin aboard for the payment of Turkish troops. WILSON CLUBS IN ILLINOIS Chicago, Dec. Wilson clubs in every county in Illinois were promised the national organization which is promoting the New Jersey man's candidacy for president on the the Demociatic ticket, by the Woodrow Wilson club of Illinois, at its meeting here yesterday. Headquarters will be opened in Chicago Jan.

1. WORKING FOR HARMON, Democratic Officials In Ohio Organize to Give Him Solid Delegation. Columbus, Dec. Judson Harmon was given a surprise party In the 'executive offices yesterday and his presidential candidacy endorsed by the meeting and organizing of Democratic state officials to actively campaign for a solid delegation from Ohio to the national Democratic convention favoring the nomination of Governor Harmon for president. Governor Harmon expressed his ap preciation of the endorsement, but told the officials that his candidacy was in the hands of his friends and that he did not want sentiment manufactured for him.

HEAR RICHESON IN DELIRIUM EvUemee Tkat He Married Avis Llnnell --Condltkm Worae. Boston, Dec. Rev. C. V.

T. Rlche'son, to be tried Jan. 1 15 for murder, is much worse today was admitted by prison officials. He passed a restless night as a result of the mutilation he inflicted in himself Wednesday morn and physicians had to be summon ed hurriedly. From a turnkey It was learned today that Richeson was de lirlous part of the time after he had been returned to his cell following thhe operation.

TAKES DOWN SHOUTED SENTENCES During the delirium, said the guard, a police Inspector and stenographer sat outside his cell door and took down whole sentences which the pastor shouted. The turnkey said Richeson often mumbled in his sleep and the arrest of Charles S. 'Pierce, an Instructor at the Newton Theological seminary and a former roommate of Richeson, was due to Rlcheson's sleeping remarks Pierce's arrest followed his refusals to answer a subpoena from the district attorney to appear In answer to certain questions regarding an unfounded report that Richeson had married the girl, performing the ceremony himself with Fierce as a witness. PRESIDENT OF Guayaqal, Ecquador, Dec. Estrada, president of Ecquador, died here suddenly at midnight.

He was elested last January and inaugurated Sept. 1. He became 111 Sept. 18, and recovered his health. NOVELIST DIGS.

Chicago, Dec. Horton Potter, a novelist, died suddenly at her apartments here today of heart Washington, Dec. that the Lorlmer investigating committee has adjourned for the holidays, and Mr Lorimer is the only remaining witness to be called, senators are beginning to "take stock" ot the tituatlon in an effort to determine just how the inquiry will be finally settled. A careful canvass of the whole situation by those opposed to Mr.

Lorimer convinces them a a resolution will be adopted by a substantial majority, declaring he is not entitled to his seat. The committee on privileges and elections consists of fourteen members. Of these Senators Dillingham. Gamble, Heyburn, Bradley, Oliver. Pajnter, Johnston and Fletcher are put down an favoring the sitting, senator, while Senators Clapp, Sutherland, Kenyon, Kern and Lea arc known to be opposed.

Ths division makes the committe stand 8 to 6. There are said to be very good ground for thinking Senator Gamble, who supported Lorlmer In the previous Inquiry will change his vote because of new 1 testimony that has developed. This would make the committee a tie. CLAIMS MAJORITY OF 4 TO 12. The anti-Lorimer senators contend that the present hearing has materially strengthened the cast against the Illinois senator.

The members in the senate today who voted on the Lorimer case in the last session of the Sixty- first congress aggregate seventy, and they are equally divided on the question, based upon the vote cast March 1, last. NEW SENATORS AGAINST HIM. Of the new senators who began their terms with the special session it is said a very considerable majority are against Lorimer. Those most active against the Illinois senator in the first investigation have been quietly sounU- 'ing the sentiment the senate. It was stated yesterday by one of these senators that there is not a shadow ol doubt that the seat of Lorimer will be declared vacant.

According to this senator. It is only a question of majority. This the anti-Lorimer senators fix at anywhere from four to a dozen The "testimony of Senator Lorimer will be awaited with much Interest He did not testify before, but contented himself with an address to the senate He will be called immediately after the holiday recess and it will be the only time he has told his side ot this controversy under oath. ANOTHER BRANCH APPELLATE COURT Springfield, Dec. supreme court yesterday appointed Judge Henry B.

Freeman, Marcus Kavanaugh anc Martin M. Grtdley of the superior court of Cook county as judges of an additional branch of the appellate court of the first district. The appointment was made at the request of the judges of the appellate court, who stated thai there were 1682 cases on the docket of the appellate court for the first district on Dec. 19, 1911. MINER WHITE WINS IN OHIO Oskalooss, Dec.

received here today show that twenty- one locals In the Ohio district gave John P. White, president of the Unltec Mine Workers of America, a majority of 702-votes over his opponent. Thomas L. Lewis, for reelection to the presidency, according to an announcement fcy Mr. Yuan Refuses to Accept Republic At England's Entreaties Revolutionists Enraged.

Shanghai, Dec. peace negotiations are in an almost helpless snarl today. Premier Yuan Shai Kai who has been between the republic and monarchy has heeded the voice of Great Britain and now announces he cannot consider the 'revolutionists' demand for a Republican form. Yesterday, the premier announced he would accept a republic provided he was elected president. Instantly, England feared the bad example set for India and he was persuada to hold out for a constitutional monarchy.

WANT REGENT BEHEADED. To add to the complications, the revolutionists have Increased their demands and now insist that prince Chung, the deposed regent, be beheaded; that life Imprisonment be heted out to the Princesses Hsun, Tao and Liang, the viceroys of the provinces of Tszouchan and Hueh, where the armistice has been violated. The minister of Communications Ehong and the elder statesman, Natung. FEAR OUTBREAKS. The revolutionists are bitterly condemning England for influencing the premier to hold out for monarchy.

It rumored that anti-foreign outbreaks may result from England's action. DOES NOT BELIEVE REPORT. Shanghai, Dec. Shao Yi representing the Imperialists peace conference says Premier Yuan Shi Kai has not communicated with him his decision to repudiate the suggestion of a republic and does not believe the premier will decide against-a republic. YUAN COUNTS ON AMERICAN AID.

Peking, Dec. is believed Yuan Shi Kai means what he says and will uphold the monarchy. However, a new situation has arisen. Great BHtain, which has been supporting the pro mier's monarchlal program for several weeks, is strengthened by Japan, and Is endeavoring to obtain the support of the United States and other countries. Great Britain believes the.

separation of the dependencies. Manchuria, Mongolia and Thibet, and the serious disintegration of China proper, would result from the establishment of a republic, whereas tlie republicans have ubtained In a material way everything they desired. Only the name of the monarchy is left. It is said the American group, if not the American state- department, supports the British Idea and are ready, with two if not three- of the others of the "four nation group" of financiers, to lend Yuan Shi Hal's government money. Negotiations to this end hai'e been proceeding for some days.

It Is pointed out that British interference is not directed against China's interests, but against the sentimental Idea in such eases where the practical interests of the entire nation are being jeopardized. Chicago, Dec. jpry which will try the ten packers for alleged raud to dominate the packing Indus- ry heard more of the defenses' side oday. Attorney M. W.

Borders painted an enthusiastic picture of the benefit of the packing house combination and repudiated the government charge that the participants In trust ought to go to jail. Borders appeared particularly for the Morris route of packers and Incidentally for Lewis H. H. Eyman, manager 'or the Morris company. PICK UP HERE APPEALS FROM PREJUDICE.

Borders appealed to the jury not to base their final judgment on the guilt or innocence of the packers because of popular prejudice. DENIAL IS GENERAL. Attorney for Makes Opening Statement In the Chicago Trial. Chicago, Dec. every material allegation made by the government against the ten Chicago pack- rs on trial before United States District Judge Carpenter for violation of the criminal sections of the Sherman anti-trust law, Attorney George T.

Buckingham yesterday outlined the case of the defendants in the opening statement to the jury. BUSINESS OF UNUSUAL NATURE. Attorney Buckingham described the method of buying, selling and account- ng used by the packers and declared that the unusual nature of the business made some such system absolutely nec- In outlining the packers defense, Attorney Buckingham made salient statements in reply to the charges of the government, among which were: That the business operations of the packers do not constitute an undue and unreasonable restraint to trade under the Sherman act recently Interpreted by the United States supreme court In the cases of the Standard Oil and the American Tobacco companies. That the public has been benefited rather than injured by the operations of the packers. That the profits of the packers do not exceed 10 per cent on the actual money Invested.

Thai the profits on sales of meat do not exceed 3 per cent. That there arc nearly 300 independent concerns in daily competition with the Indicted packers. That the high cost of meat Is the result of the variety of economic causes not due to any combination among packers. That the National Packing Company was organized in good faith to transact a legitimate business and not to perpetuate any system for. the fixing of prices or the control of the product.

Reduction This Year Is 30 Per Cent. Over 1910. New York, Dec. thousand fewer immigrants landed here this year than in 1910, according to the official report, the reduction being 30 per cent, or more. BEATS CHANGED TO INFORM OFFICERS Chlet Wants Them Acquainted In All Parts of In order that the officers may become better acquainted all over the city, Chief Koeppe has changed the beats of several members of the department, as follows.

Officer Royce from the Transfer house to the levee. Officer Brummit from Franklin and South Park streets to the passenger stations. Officer Kossieck from the passenger station to North Water street. Officer Lewschinskl from the Levee to Franklin street and South Park street. Officer Dougherty from North Water street to the Transfer house.

Officer Pound from the west side residence district to 'the vicinity of St Mary's hospital. MOTHER DYING OF BROKEN HEART Thin the Opinion of the Factor Who Vtalto the Mother ot Mcltiamarm. Cincinnati, Dec. Mary McNamara, mother of John J. anc James R.

McNamara, convicted dynamiters, Is In a bad condition In her home here. She had planned to leave for California soon to see her boys, bu' the thought of their confession and' their conviction has so preyed upon her mind that she has been obliged to postpone her trip. In the opinion of Rev. John Hlckey her pastor, who visits her cowsUntly she Is slowly dying of a Defense Attorney Enthusiastic On His Subject OFFICERS RELEASED FROM BLAME RelponilbllKy of Explonlon ot Liberte fiat Fixed by Court. Toulon, France.

Dec. court- martial to fix responsibility for the ex- ilosion on the French battleship Li- erte, which occurred in Toulon harbor Sept. 25, yesterday acquitted all the of" irs. -ifter the decision was announced the president of the court called Lleu- enants Gamier and Bignon and con- cratulated them on their splendid behavior. Lieutenant Garnler was tem- lorarlly in command of the Llberte at time of the explosion, which resulted in the death of 235 men and serious njury of nearly 100.

ISSUE CATALOG New Ulysses, Dec. of marriageable young women In Grant county, Kansas, has caused the bachelors of the county, which is thirty-five miles from a railroad, to band together to obtain wives. The catalog of the organization, the "Grant County Bachelors' gives the name and qualifications of each of the thirty-five members. The catalog says; "The purpose Is to present a list good, honest men for the women tired of single blessedness to look over and pick from, assuring them that only prizes will be drawn." Self Imprisoned Governor Will Urge Reforms. Nashville, Dec.

mediate and stringent prison reforms in Tennessee are forecasted today as a result of the "imprisonment" of Governor B. W. Hooper, who sentenced himself to two days in the state penitentiary that he might study conditions first hand. The governor "pardoned" himself after one day. When the legislature meets again, the governor oald today, he will urge the abolition of stripes.

He will ask for a school of Juvenile prisoners and demand that pardon lawyers be barred from appealing to the governor. He will recommend the adoption of the "indeterminate sentence" law and ask that a portion of the prisoner's earnings be paid to his family while he is In TWO MORE RETURN TO "WET" SIDE Fourteen In Ohio Vot to Do Away With Prohibition. Columbus, Dec. more counties which have been "dry" for the last three years, voted yesterday to re turn to the "wet" column. Fourteen counties which voted county prohibition three years ago have recently voted to return to open saloons.

Four counties reiterated their anti-saloon stand. WORRIED, ACTOR KILLS SELF New York, Dec. Lorimer a well known actor, commuted suicide today by Inhaling gas. Lorlmer's body was fqund lying on the kitchen floor with his head stuffed in an oven and-pressed against the open gas jets Financial troubles are believed to have been tile cause. Only Cure, Says Commission, for Vice Condition.

Chicago, Dec. police department of the city of Chicago, an organization comprising more than men has been tried and found wanting the city civil service commission. evening the commission issued a preliminary report of its findings since was commanded by Mayor Harrison ast September to investigate protected vice. The report finds, firbt, that vice ex- sts; second, that it flourishes under Lhe protection of the police department; third, that it pays huge sums for this protection; fourth, that the only cure-so far as the commission can ascertain --is to rip the department apart and rebuild It on a semi-military basis. FINDS FORCE AIDS CRIME.

The commission's document, which fills seventy-five closely typewritten pages, is nothing more or less than an arraignment. finds the policing body, primarily designed to protect Chicago from the inroads of crime and criminals, has been so distorted as to become an actual protection for crime and criminals against the law. It fails to find even departmental administration. It recommends that a staff of captains be created to support the chief of police in administering the departmental business. It finds there is no adequate system for the recording of arrests, the classification of criminals, or the keeping of reports, and makes recommendations for such a system.

For the various conditions it holds responsible not only the police but unscrupulous politicians, business men and the denizens of the levee. CRIMINALS' HEADQUARTERS. So closely is the vicious element of the city united with the police, according to the report, that lawless saloons are used as the iieadquarters for well known criminals with perfect acquiescence on the part of the officers of the taw. It' is shown the most vicious dives, ranging from demoralizing resorts to police protected hovels, where the illicit drug sales are carried on openly, are permitted to flourish In the vice district. It is clearly indicated that no honest effort has been made by the police to carry out the police rules and regulations concerning gambling, resorts and saloons.

The Investigation so far, however, has shown the commissioners, accord- Ing to their report, that the city can be cleaned up and that the police force can be reorganized into an efficient body of public guardians who can suppress vice in all its forms. WOULD ELIMINATE POLITICS. In connection with the reorganization of the force, the commission states that it must be separated from politics and also that the system of examinations must be made more stringent, closer attention paid to the efficiency of the men and schools of instruction established. Commission Defines Limits of Transportation. Washington, Dec.

interstate commerce commission today, without referring to the alleged dynamite conspiracy npw being investigated by the department of justice, Issued a new and more stringent regulations for the transportation of explosives and inflammable material, effective March 31, next. The commission prescribed the exact wording that must appear on every package of explosives shipped interstate commerce, together with colors of the label to be used, and set a definite limit of weight for the packages. NITROGLYCERINE FORBIDDEN. Among the explosives forbidden shipment are liquid nitroglycerine and over 60 per cent, dynamite of glycerine except gelatine dynamite. Most high explosives must havered labels.

TELLS OF DYNAMITE FINDS. Indianapolis. Dec. E. Myers, chief of police of Tiffen, where 450 pounds of dynamite and other explosives were found hidden in a barn the day after the arrest of J.

J. McNamara In Indianapolis on April 22, was the chief witness before the federal grand Jury in the Investigation of (he dynamiting conspiracy yesterday. In connection with Chief Myers' appearance it was learned the district attorney's office had accumulated important Jata relative to local conditions In the scote of cities where structures were blown up in the last five years. PROSECUTOR IS FINED. County Prosecutor Frank P.

Baker albo before the grand jury. Baker earlier (lie day had been fined $60 for contempt fornausc he interrupted i i I ,11 the countv court by arigglng In a detective who was work i i ii.i i i investigation and who Baker was shadowing him. MOTHER OF REV. C. GALEENER DEAD Son Was Oner Superintendent of Decatur Methoillnt Eplncopnl District.

Springfield, Dec. Mary Galeener, mother Rev. Chris Galeener ot near Paris, died at the home of her son, Gilbert, Wednesday night at the age of ninety-five. Mrs. Galeener was the mother of the Rev.

Chris Galeener, district superintendent of the Springfield district of the Methodist Episcopal church, 1330 Lowel avenue, and upon the death of her husband several years ago moved to this city from Chrisman, and made her home with the Rev. Mr. Gdleenei. She left to visit her son at Paris, and to visit another of her sons. Becoming ill she was unable to return to Springfield and continued to grow worse until her death.

The Rev. Mr. Galeener left for Paris at 1 o'clock yesterday morning to attend the funeral, which will be held The decedent is survived by four sons, Albert Galeener of Paris. Harvey Galeener ef Buffalo; the Rev. Chris Galeener of this city and Joseph Galeener of Portland, and one daughter, Mrs.

Charity 13oland of Kansas City, Mo. SKYSCRAPERS SEARCHED FOR CHILD Chicago, Dec. thorough search of every room in every nine story office building in the Chicago loop was be gun today by the police in search for Violet Beuhler, fifteen years old, who disappeared Nov. 25. The basis for the search was a note found in a mall box of a skyscraper appealing to the mail man to kelp in the release of a prisoner In room 917.

The note was not discovered until the mall collector arrived at the postoffice, so that the trace of the building is lost. It Is the police theory that the prisoner whom they bejleve may be Violet Beuhler threw the note out of the window and that a passerby noticing that it was addressed "Mailman" deposited It in a box in the building. Man Springfield, Dec. Satley of Illlopolis and Miss Bessie -Davy of Lanesvllle, were married Tuesday last at the court house here by Judge C. H.

Jenkins. THROWS BRICK AT BOYS; HITS WINDOW J. C. Freenun Finally Br Paying for DaraaKe. J.

C. Freeman, a stationary engineer, was, arrested by Captain Petty Thursday night on a charge of destroying properly. In company with a girl and another couple, Freeman was going along William street between Main and Water streets when some boys across the street began yelling at them. Freeman picked up a brick and threw It at the hoys and the brick went through tlie window at the elevator entrance to the Wait building. The men and girls ran down the alley to Prairie street and there Freeman left the others and ran on, winding up at the Mentis pool hall.

The boys at whom he the brick a owed him and they told Captain Petty where he went. The case was finally settled by his paying Mr. Wait for the broken window. CARVER AGAIN HEAD OF LABOR ASSEMBLY Organization Will Glte Annual Ball Jan. 25.

The Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly held the annual election at the meeting Thursday night. Ater the officers were elected they were installed. The new officers are: Prsident--George B. Garver. Vice president--Walter B.

Long. Secretary-treasurer Charles A. Wright. Organizer--George Ellis. Conductor--J.

F. Jones. Sergeant at arms--William Gordon. The Trades and Labor assembly will give its a a public ball Jan. 25 in the Pierce-Caldwell hall.

BRING CHRISTMAS GREENS WITH THEM Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Morton, 14SS West Decatur street, have returned from southwestern Arkansas, where they were for five weeks.

They brought home a considerable amount of Christmas greens, which grow abundantly there. A holly Christmas tree was among this lot of Christmas greens. Evergreen trees are too common In that country for Christmas trees, and holly Is used instead. WEATHER FORECAST. Chicago, Dec.

28. --Followlns are the weather Indication for Illinois for thirty lix hours- Cload and tonlKBti Saturday centrally fair. Local The following is the range of temperatures as recorded by Prof, J. H. Cocnradt, United States weather observer: 7 a.

35 Noon 41 Highest Thursday 49 Lowest Friday 35 Sun rises (Standard Time) Sun sets 4:33 iNEWSPAPEr SFAPERl.

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