The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 14, 1911 · Page 16
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
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Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 16
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Page Sixteen. ?HE DECATUR REVIEW ihursday Evening, December 14, Receiver More Likely Gist of Reports. GOULDS MAY SAVE Gould Advance Money to Meet Charges. An o f f i c i a l statement in reference to the Wabash situation is expected from the reorganization committee Friday. This statement, if issued, will be eagerly read, for the Wabash is the cynosure of all eyes In the financial world today. TRIP DELAYED AGAIN. Sot the least interesting feature of thl« statement is t h a t it Is to be issued before the trip of the reorganization committee over the Wabash, for this committee has onT again set forward the date for beginning its trip. The schedule now Is: Friday, Detroit to Chicago and Chicago terminals; Saturday. Chicago to St. I/nils; Sunday, Moberly division: Monday, Hannibal to Toledo.' Tlip dale for 1cginnlng this t r i p has been so persistently set f o r ward that many a f f e c t tn believe that the trip will not be made. CHANCE TOR GOULDS. Wall street is s t i l l guessing a*oiit the J a n u a r y coupon on the refunding Is. One f a m i l i a r w i t h the Gould properties Wednesday declared that the only liopp of m a i n t e n a n c e o[ the Interest which would be necessary to pre\ e n t a receivership was t h a t the Goulds, in protection of their stockholding interest or on account of family pride, would come forward and advance thr cash necessary. I!* 1 stated a belief that the Gould holdings of Wabash stocks largely had hern sold and t h a t the f a m i l y pride in Wwbdsh was not sufficient ;tfter I h r m i l - t u r n in Western Maryland. W a b n s h - P i t t s b u r g h Terminal and Missouri Pacific a f f a i r s to b r i n g f r o m the Goulds the financial fcarrtfico necessary to preserve it. Therefore II I" awumHl. » receivership Is (i rfrtainty. thonph there has been pretly i:"od buvjnR of the binds ot late on HiPin- .iTT-es t h a t at least on* 1 more coupon will he paid. Surh a payment I 1 * t h e new interests in charKe of the prnpertv u f t u l d only in- i reuse tiy the amount of thr coupon the nnx'tint nt money \ \ h l i - h wnul» have in be rutpeci (n reorganization and would (five a l"n«er lime, to ronsider plans and methods ·if procedure." The Wabafh bnnris Wednes- rliiv regained the ' = point they lost Tues- REOEIVKU MKELY. One of the members rf the lerentty ap- potn!"d Wababh reorganization committee. .elected hy the Equitable Trust rompanv. yairl Wedn'esdaii |hnl tvhllo there had been nn change In the s t t u a l i n n . it was doubtful wheiher the 4-nrnpany would on January * 1 meet t h o interest requirements on tin- Hi .VTy.Wii o u t s t a n d i n g first and refund- inc hopfl^ If the interest is passed tlie .·onipanv will he placed in the hands of receuers ' Wabash officers have been quoted in ttall street foi the past few davs as savins t h a t the company would pav t h e .Tanuarv coupons o n the refund- ins 4** 1'nless the company defaults nn its Interest harRes. the reorganization r o m m t f t e o wil! be powerless to force a readuiMmoTit tiOVLD. DARK HORSE Kvrv one interested in the Wabash ad- nuts Thai GenrKo J. Oould represents the u n k n o w n factor In th» situation. Gould ts th largest Individual shareholder, and he has f l a t l y refused to give Ills \lews regarding w h d t should be done to relieve the t o m p a n v of Its present Financial strain. It mav he (hat at trie last m i n - ute lie will i ome forward personalty with any f u n d s needed by the Wabash to m«t its Interest charges. Th» Wabaslf" gross earnings report for the first week In December. Issued Wednesday. showed gross earnings of $S«T.1RS. a decrease. of'll' Millie J u l y I. Wabash gross earn- been SKt.29^.«r/* a decrease of division will be In extra good shape as far as motive power Is concerned. Ready by Dec. SO. Wabash coach No. 653. now being fitted up at the car shops for use as an instruction car by the Enginemen'a School'of Instruction. Is to be turned out Dec. 20." It Is to be fitted up with all sorts of Instruction appliances. By the first of the new year the work of the school should be well under way. RAILROAD GOSSIP. Fireman Earl Cloney ts with Engineer Jerry Sweeney in the Wabash south end passenger service while J. W. Kendall Is off. Engineer Edward Brannan Is relieving Harry Draper on the. Granite. City dummy rans. S, -Capita and H. Hennepin are two new firemen on the Wabash. Hennepin is from Minneapolis. Rec. H. S. Roblee of the Congregational church spoke at the noonday shop meeting, under the auspices' of the Railroad Y M. C. A., Friday. ~ ' - Harry W. Shores Is a new Wabash fireman. W. J. Dallcy is a new fireman on the Vandal la. Roy Koehn. who has been in Hot Springs. Ark. at the bedside ol his mother, has returned to Decatur and resumed work at the roundhouse storeroom. E. J. McCabe, night storeroom keeper at teh Wabash roundhouse, has gone to Madison to visit relatives. B. I-'. Harper Is a new Decatur division brakeman. ·Peter Perry of the Illinois Central bridge and building department has arrived here with his bunk car and fifty men. He was the foreman In charge of dismantling the old bridge over tire Hatigamon river. Latelv Mr. Perry and Ms men have been at work on the Salt Creek bridge. They will place the girders for the ne\v Sangamon river bridge. Gaylord Rattcrfleld, formerly of the L. N. is a new brakemaa on the Wabash. ing* h yr»tr*.lo«. Will Arrive Here In Private Car Friday. Charles Plunk, Overcome In His Machine. Sitting in his m a c h i n e - I n a sort oC dazed condition and said by some to be In a fit, Charles Flunk swung hi* auto from Wood street, north on to Water street -and ran Into a rig of Mrs. J. E. Gorley, standing In front of the I«eav.enworth grocery store about 10 o'clock Thursday' morning. Part of the rig was-smashed. Plunk in some way ecovered enough, to stop his machine, COLT STANDS ACCIDENT. The accident caused ho ill feeling but rather only sympathy lor Plunk, who is said to be subject to.these stup ors at times and who unfortunately was overcome by one while driving. Mrs. Gorley resides three miles north of the city. She was driving a young colt and she regretted the accident most because It might ruin the horse. The buggy was forced up on the colt's back, hut the animal' did 'not try to run away. After a w h i l e Plunk became himself and with some friends drove away. I^ater he came back to police headquar ters and notified the police that he was willing to pay for all damages done by him. For a lime, it was feared by the crowd that had collected that he was in a bad condition as he was splttini up blood. --All kinds of cheese and smoked Ish at Barr's'. 3t"'N. Main. --Photographs for Christmas. Evans Studio, 153 N. Water. Amateur Night Friday BIJOU THEATER. 5 Amaieara. 5 Prise*. Come and Boost for Your Friend*. --Lost--Light bay horse In good lesh. Has white forehead and one white hind foot. Return to 762 W. De- atur. Auto phone 3727. CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS. --Have your feet treated, then shopping will be,a pleasure. Lee, the chirop- qdlsi removes corns,-bunions, callouses and .ingrowing nails without pain. No after soreness. Private office. Rodgers Clark 'Shoe Store. John A. Shepherd, general manager of the Western Maryland, is to arrive here Friday evening for a short visit to old friends. Mr. Shepherd is to be accompanied by Mr*. .Shepherd and their son and d a u g h t e r , They are scheduled to Eft in here at 6:jn p. m , in Western M a r y l a n d private car No. l-'OO on the rear end of V a n d a l i a passenger train No. till from Terre Haute. Mr. Shepherd Brew up on the Wabash f i n d was chief dispatcher at Dec a t u r u n t i l October. 11)03. when ho followed Alexander Robertson to the Western Maryland as superintendent n( t r a n s p o r t a t i o n . When Mr. Robertson was promoted f r o m general manager In president, Mr. Shepherd stepped into the pohition of general manager. It will be remembered that Alexander Robertson paid Decatttr a visit some weeks a^o. E v i d e n t l y he was so well pleased w i t h Docatur's hospitality t h a t ho pprpuaclofl Mr. Shepherd to come and t r y i t . Mr. Shepherd w i l l remain In Decatur u n t i l 1:20 p. m. Saturday when he and family will go to Homer tn visit relatives. They will r e t u r n to Decatur Monday morning and will probably remain here a short time. PEOPLE YOU KNOW FOR Commltter of fr»«miiMi «o Tell kam Remit or Vote. Memberj. of the local c o m m i t t f e of the \Vahash Allied Craftsmen went to S p r i n g f i e l d T h n r s d n y morning, for a conference w i t h R. F*. \pedham, super- i n t e n d e n t of l o c o m f t h p and car departments. Those who went were: Charles Morris, representing the ma. h i n i s t s : John M. Hevnnr. helpprs; R. A. Trnrimow. boilprmakprs: Edward War- nn-.i. p i p e f i t t e r s ; Jesse Gingrich, car workers, and John Rlckett". blacksmiths. At .1 c o n f p r n n f p somp l i m p 'back t h p \V.,iih;ish management offered the men a - i-f-nt lncr*i(sp on thp hour, instead^ of t h f 4 , rents asked, and some- minor '·lianKes in shop mips. Thp commit- ippmen hpld out for thp 4 cpnt increase ·ithl thp niattPr was I l i p n referred to the v a r i o u s locals for decision, the o f f e r of the Wabash "bplnsr in thp nattirp of an u l t i m a t u m . A r p f o r p t i d u m vote in the maltPt w;is t a k p n last week and thp c ' l m m i t t e e n i P n go liack to Springfield to HcqiiHitit Mr. N'ppdhHm w i t h the ropiilt »*f t h i s votp. Mill tVplnhloic to End. The !05-da m a l l weighing period t-nds at m i d n i g h t Thursday. This weighing was i n a u g u r a t e d for the p u r pose of ascertaining thp percentage reduction in mall carried on passenger trains since the plan of handling certain magazines by freight has been started. D u r i n g the mall weighing period weighers have been carried on many passenger trains, but on other trains and at many stations the weighing has been done by the regular em- ployes. Extra Tramfer Clerk. Because of thp rush of Christmas mall, an extra t r a n s f e r clerk is to be put on at the locul passenger stations and the tricks of the regular men extended from eight to eleven hours. The extra man Is named Smith and comes from Rlvcrton. HP will go to work Monday and will work until Dec. 27. Hia hours are to bp from 2 a. m., to 1 p. m. The other t r a n s f e r clerks will work the)r stated periods as usual, then will work three hours on the period of tho relieving clerk, The rush of Christmas mail to foreign parts is already under way and the usual _ rush to the New England ·tates, the' Pacific coast, and other dis- tut purls of the country Is beginning. Lmjtom Promoted. Engineer W. H. Layton of thp Wa- b«sh extra board has been promoted to the pool service outh. His promotion left a vacancy on the extra board, which has been filled by the promotion of Herbert L. Adams. Three more firemen bave also taken examination for promotion to positions as extra cngln Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Bischof of Springfield have returned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs, Tom McDermott. Merl Graham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Graham, 3003 East Eldorado street, is ill with typhoid fever. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Norris of Maroa left Thursday over the \Vaba«h for Bay City, Tex., to spend the winter. Jacob JCraft of Kenney, secretary of the school board of that place, was a Decatur visitor Thursday. LIFE'S LIGHTER HOURS. Mm. folHnn Surprised. Mrs. ('. T. Collins was pleasantly surprised at her home. 613 East Leaf- and. Wednesday evening. The occasion vas thr celebration of her thirty-eighth irthday anniversarj. There weru a n u m b e r of friends and relatives In the company and the surprise was a complete one. Mrs. Collins was presented with a number of very pretty tokens of -emembrance. Big Eaclne* Conlag. The first of the. ten 2000-class freight locomotives coming to the Decatur dl trom the Detroit and Peru dlvl- IIOM K tl" Wabash are expected this w««k. These machines are to be replaced on the eastern divisions by the machines that have been borrowed from th* Western Maryland. With the ten 1000-clMS engines and the eight 600 PEOPLE EAT AT METHODIST DINNER A b o u t 600 people were served with riinner at the First Methodist church this noon. This was more than had been expected but the Ladies' Aid society which served dinner had plenty of supplies and everyone was fed. Supper w i l l be served thib evening. MEETINGS. Order of White Cross--Regular meeting. Decatur Council No, 35. this evening at 7-30 in K. ot P. hall, corner William and Main streets. Annual election of officers, Decatur Chapter No. Ill, O. E. S.--Stated meeting at 7:3U tonight. Water and William streets. Ladles' Aid to Decatur and Macoc County Hospital Association--Meeting Friday afternoon at 2:30 in Chamber of Commerce rooms. MARRIED. CUTLER-GREEN. Charles L. Cutler, a brakeman, and Miss Zora Green, both of Mattoon. were married Thursday morning at 10 o'clock by Justice J. Edward Saxton in his office on East Main street. The coupic left on a short honeymoon trip and will then return to Mattoon to reside. BORN. To Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Greenwood, 2224 Graceland avenue, Wednesday. Dec. 13. daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hill. 1652 East Clay street. Thursday. Dec. 14, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Brooks. 11US West Forrest avenue Wednesday, Dec. 13. a son. To Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Wire. «6 East Marietta street, Wednesday. Den. la. a daughter. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Diehl, 2 East Center, Monday, Dec. 11, a son. Mike Hidok Dies In St. Mary's Hospital Here. Mike Hidok. a miner, aged seventeen 'ears, was run over by a Wabash retght train at 10 o'clock Thursday morning in Blue M o u n d and died in St. ·lary's hospital here in the city at 1:30 Thursday afternoon. HIT BY CAR DOOR. Hidok, was walking along the track · the side of a moving freight t r a i n A swinging car door struck him in tho back of the head and knocked him un- Iprneath the train, the wheels passing over his body at the thigh. The car door did not Injure his head. He was the son of Mike Hidok and moved to Blue Mound from Byswell. O., ast March. He is survived by his parents and one brother. The body was )rought to Decatur right after the ac- Ident b u t the physicians could give no lope for his recovery. SEEN BY CONDUCTOR. The t r a i n was an extra south, p u l l e d by engine No 2010, in charge of Conductor J. N. Greene and Engineer John Harry. Greene was on the platform of the caboose and saw the bruised bod of the man lying along the track but did not see him struck. The inquest will be held Friday. Mew York Cuitral engines tbe Decatur lor the occasion. CAKE BAKED IN 1875 FOR .WEDDING Slayton, Minn.--At a wedding breakfast served here after the marriage of Ml8« Florence E. Dinehart. and Harvey Scott Hol't of MIsBoula, Mont., a wedding cake wan served which, was baked In 1875 for the wedding of the bride's parents. The cake was steamed over Mm. Bantu'* Father Dead. Mrs. D. J. Bowen. accompanied by Mlbs Ethel Gile, 77U West Det-atui street, left Tuesday morning for Mo- )ile. Ala., called there by tlie severe llness of Mrs. Bowen's father, Sylves- .er Agee. Mr. Agee died at 5 o'clock Wednesday evening. Mr. Bowen left :oday for Mobile to attend the funera which will be held Saturday at Mobile. Mr. Agee was connected with wholeale drug house of Mo'blle. FUNERALS. EGBERT ALLEN LUSINGER. The funeral of Robert Allen Lusinger was held at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon at the family residence, 916 North Warren street. The services were conduct ed by Rev. T. N. Ewing, pastor of the Grace Methodist church, assisted .by Rev. J. W. Van C'eve. The music was furnished by Mrb G. A. Genney and Mrs. Bertha Spencer. The flowers were in charge of Mrs. Charles Pease Mrs. H. Van Dine and Mrs. Forest File f he pallbearers · were Martin Strader Pres.ton McClelland.- Kenneth Smalley and Eddio Strongman. The tntermen was in Greenwood. FRED STERR PLEADS GUILTY TO CHARGE Flaed *10 and COB» for Selling Cor. rupt Provision*. Fred Sterr. Jr.. peadcd guilty in the county court Wednesday afternoon to selling corrupt provisions unlawfully and was fined $10 and costs and ordered committed to the county jail. till fine and costs are paid. Sterr started to walk away and Dep uty Sullivan grabbed him and brough him back Sterr said he only wanted.t( telephone to his father to bring down the money, but the officer held him un til the money for the fine was forth coming. Deputy Sullivan had to use little force in getting Sterr back Inti the court room, and considerable excite ment was caused. SPECIAL CARS FOR COUNTRY CLUB PARTY For the musical at the Country club Friday afternoon to whtch Invitation were issued by* Mesdames E. L. Pe gram. Robert I. Hunt, Adolph and Rob ert Mueller, the street car company has arranged to' have two Rlversid cars leave the transfer 'house for th Country club at'3:30 o'clock and ;tw. more at L':43 o'clock. The program wll be by Miss Hammond, a cellist from Chicago. Ethel Bronrn Bound Over. Ethel Brown, one of the colorei girls charged with stealing som plumes from Mrs. Allen's milliner store on East Eldorado' street appear ed before Justice John L. Waddell Wed nesday afternoon, waived a prellmlnar: hearing and wan bound over to th grand jury in the aum-of 500. Drpartneiit Commander Comlac. C. C. Duffy, department commands of Illinois, wl,ll visit. Dunhapr' Post, No 141, G. A. R., on-Tuesday evening Jan. 2, at which time the .post install its new officers. Arrangements for- big evening are being made by the lo cal veterans. Local Notices, --Ivers Pond piano, good condition, uffern. 2nd floor, 351 N. Water. --Always a good show at the C ystal. Admission 5c. --Found--Watch on Wabash track, louth of Decatur. DR. C. MARTIN WOOD. --Get your smoked fish at Barr's. --Order your Christmas suit now. Herman Boucher, tailor. 145 N. Main. MllllklB Student*. --CAUL LINDSEY'S FOR CABS AND BAGGAGE WAGONS, TAXICABS AND JVERY. --Lewis' Single Binder cigar Is never doped--only tobacco In Its natural state, NICKEL BIJOU TODAY. "BASEBALL BUGS.'' A baiieball romedy with Big Chief Bender, Jack Coombs, Cy Morgan, Rube Oldrlug, star, of the Philadelphia Athletic* champions of the world. Swedish cranberries at Barr's. --At the corner a comedy on HypnO' tism and Western drama. Lawyers In Personal Encounter At Opening. The case of Robinson Conn, charged v f t h gaming, was taken up in 'the :ounty court Thursday morning. This s one of tile Argenta cases, and there vas enough of the spectacular about He preliminaries to satisfy those who attended. When the opening statement to the ury was being made by J. M. Gray he made a remark concerning Attorney I. P. Fitzgerald's connection with the ase. The latter promptly said that Jray told a lie. "Don't you call me a iar." shouted Gray and he grabbed '"itz, but Attorney J. J. Hogan pulled hem apart before any damage was done. COURT ROOM CLEARED. It was decided to exclude the witnesses on. both sides from the court room, and finally the crowd of specla- org became so dense that Judge Smith rdered all those who could not find seats to leave the room. Some of them lid not want to go and Judge Smith had to make it plain to them that if hey refused to obey the orders of the court they would be in contempt. ON THE JURY. The j u r y hearing the case is composed of: . H. Williams Charles Collins eorge Watt R. E. Boles T. M. Lipscwmb .1. Will Race William Bradley Isaac Corzine lohn Reddington Samuel Underwood . 3eorge Morgan C. E. England OTHER ARGENTA CASES. James Houston pleaded guilty to selt- ng intoxicating liquors in anti-saloon erritory and was fined $25 and costs. Harry Craig and Samuel Stewart leaded guilty to ^ming and each was 'Ined $10 and coats. The jury in the case of Rickey Griesser, charged with assault and battery and d i s t u r b i n g the peacr, returned a verdict Thursday morning f i n d i n g her guilty on both counts. A motion was made for a new trial. IL Mark Donahue Quits Police Force. An ordinance was presented to the council by the board of l^cal Improvements Thursday for the construction of .hree blocks of storm sewer on Corro ordo street from Water to Broadway. The ordinance was passed Thp two others were those p r o v i d - ing for 'the sewer on Wabash avenue from Water to Broadway and the Seventh ward sewer lateral in the a l l p a letween Church and Main and Mam and Water streets from Pugh to L"af- and and from Packard to Leafland These ordinances being just like the first one read were passed over brlet- MARK DONAHUE QUITS. Mark Donahue, who has been a member of the police force since its appointment last spring, handed in his resignation and it was accepted. Con Dougherty watt appointed in his place and the appointment c o n f i r m e d His bondsmen are J. J. Moran and Dan Sulliva'n. Mark Donahue is to tend bai again. Through the request of Commissionei R u t h r a u f f of the department of public property, Charles Morgan was named as a special police o f f i c e r w i t h o u t pa^ from the police department. His, pas comes from the electric l i g h t department, he being the man named for trouble officer in that department, lie can be reached at police headquarters from noon t i l l midnight. He gave as bondsmen, J. M. Dodd and B. A. Nichols REPORT ON DIRT. The corporation counsel reported mi thp petition of Miss Ethel Q u l n l a n and others in regard to the removal of dirt from Weil Decatur street last summei while the excavation for the new pavement was being madp. He said that the contractor could deliver the d i r t to any place w i t h i n 2,000 feet, where the city engineer m i g h t order it. He sale tho city had first call on t h i s d i r t and next came the property ownor, provided they notified- the contractor before he started the work and then if they did not claim it, the contractor could have it. He did not find out in this- casp, as to whether the property owners had formally notified the contractor and it was referred back to him to find out. A t t o r n c j s Jim Hcnson and C. C. Wai- tors begged lo advise the council tha Franklin street could easily be straightened at small cost by slmpb condemning the property for it and the matter as to whether the crossing could be a subway or a grade crossing was another matter to be settled by the court after the condemnation proceed ings were over. RED CROSS SEALS WILL ALL BE SOLD Mayor Dinneen reports the sale on Bed Cross seals as good. He sold some more Wednesday and early Thursday had sold 600, one firm taking half o these. While he was telling of the sale of these, he sold another 100. It thought that practically all sent here will be sold. Suit Agnlnnt Wabaah. In the circuit court the Decatu; Fountain company hau filed a sul against the Wabash for Jl.OOO for the loss of a shipment of goods sent ti Fender, Neb. Declared IBMBC. Mary M. Galnes was declared insani by, a jury in the county court Thursday morning, the 'evidence . showed tha she has suicidal.tendencies. NtBreM C horsed With Theft. Lena Frazler, colored, was arrestec Wednesday night by Captain Petty am Sergeant Collins on a state warran sworn out by Josle Otey, charging he with stealing $50 belonging to Harrj Albright. .. Vnllrened Peddler. A J.' Darling a^translent, was taken before Justice J. H, McCoy Wednes day 'morning on 'a charge of peddlins without a license and was fined 13 ant costa. Darling was Belling safety ra zors. , - L«dle»' Thursday night will be the regula Ladles* night'- af the - Decatur club IThere will Be a dance, with music b the Roberts, orchestra. Luncheon wll be served. BANK CLEARINGS. Bank clearings for the week ending Thursday amounted to $572,148.11. Last week they were $525,917.36. Last year they were $502,662.12. PUBLIC INVITED Invitations have been Issued by the Schumacher Art company to an inspection of its collection of water color and c h i n a paintings at 338 West Decatur street Friday afternoon. The hours are from 2 to 9 p. m. 40 PRICES IN THE PUBLIC MARKET In the public 1 m a r k e t this morning prices were quoted as follows: Packed ' j ggfi -- 25 cents a dozen. S t r i c t l y fresh country eggs-- 35, and 4't rents, a dozen Butter -- country 3') and 35 cents lound. Spring chickens -- lu, 11 and 1 e n t p a pound. Chickens, not springs -- 35 cents each. Full dressed chickens -- 40 cents each. Old chickens -- S cents a pound Ducks on foot -- 9 cents a pound and cents each. Lard -- 11 c r n t s a p o u n d and two pounds for 'JO cents. Country yau.Srigc -- Vl^ rind 15 cents a pound. TWO LETTERS ABOUT NEW INDUSTRIES Maynr Dlnaeen Tliron Them Over tn f. ot C. M a o r Dan Dmncen lias received two c o m m u n i c a t i o n s in regard to new factories which he has turned over to C. M. Hurst g£ the Chamber ot Com merce. The one IB froni » Sprlngfielc f a c t o r y employing f i f t y K k t l l e d m e - chanics and said to have prospects of increasing to 100. It asks what inducements the city will offer. Another letter is f r o m tlie Cemen Tile Machine Co., which suggests that Decatur would be J. good location for the m a n u f a c t u r e of cement tile and t h a t a factory could be started here for abaut $15,000. SCRAPS OF NEWS, SEE TIE Alexander Crossing Laid In Champaign. The Alexander Jointless Hail Crossing company is planning a grand opening for the new crossing at Champaign next week to which are to he invited all of the stockholders of the company. This is something out of the ordinary in social events, probably the first of its kind. About all that most of the stockholders have seen ot this crossing has been a working- model which the stock salesman carried in his grip. This opening is to give them an opportunity to see the real crossing In operation. There are fifteen or twenty stockholders in Decatur and most of these will attend the opening. CHANCE FOR CROSSING. The new crossing was shipped to Champaign Tuesday and will be installed this week if the weather permits. The date 'of the opening can not be determined till the completion of the installation is In sight. This crossing is being put at the Intersection of the Illinois Centra! and the Big Four tracks at Champaign. This is one of the busiest railway crossings in Illinois and the promoters of the company are greatly elated over the opportunity to try put their appliance at this' point. This Is a double track crossing much used by heavy and fast trains on both roads. Opposite this on the other track has j u s t been installed a brand new crossing of the ordinary type. Both crossings are of manganese steel w i t h e i g h t y - f i v e pound rails and therefore start on an equal footing. It is up to the Alexander crossing to show that it can do the work without the custom ary bump and therefore without wear. Attack of Negro Result of Old Grudge. DR. T. W. GALLOWAY AT MEN'S MEETING Dr T. W. Galloway of the J. M. U speaks on "The I m p r o v e m e n t of the Stiiiicards of Men" at the regular Sunday afternoon Men's meeting at the Y: M. C. A. next Sunday. His talk will be of especial value to fathers of boys as well as to young m e n , the talk really i l l u s t r a t i n g t h e t h i n g that t h e boys' work b r a n c h of t h e men and religion f o r w a r d movement will try to do. K l m e r bons will sing at the meeting. CHRISTMAS PARTY ARRANGEMENTS MADE Arrangements for a Christmas party were nittdc by tlie board of directors of the Y W. C. A. at its monthly meeting Thursday morning. The parts- will be held on the afternoon of Christmas day and it w i l l be for the club girls of the association. The association building will be open only in the afternoon on Christmas day. The building will be open as usua4 on New Year's day. The resignation of Mrs. Marv Augustine as a member of the board, was leceived this morning, Mrs. Augustine has gone to Denver to make her home. The vacancy caused by her resignation was not filled NEW MEMBERS. A number of new members were ·voted into the association. The ubiiat reports were given. Theie was some discussion of the trip to Champaign Saturday io hear John R. Mott. The devotions at the meeting this morning were in charge of Mits Jessie Peasley. M i l l i n e r y , sewing and gymnasium classes win close this week until after the holidays. Miss Jessie Spore, the pli steal director, will leave Saturday fd her home in Oberlin. O., to fcpend Christmas She will be gone two weeks. The next candy malting demonstration at the association building w i l l be given next week. The night win be announced later. DEEDS RECORDED. Nellie Llvesey to Grace P. Young, lot 8. block 3. J. K. Warren Co.'s ninth addition; 83,000. John Henneberry to Islah Weldon. the east y^.40 acres of southwest \' t , southeast U. 10. 13. 3 east: J7.138 L W. Stuckey to F K. Eagleton. lot 5, block 2. J. T. Brlgg's subdivision: $1.200. W. C. Dodds to Floyd Stanley, lot 10. block 1, Kim Park; 1100. E F. Drobiech to E. F. Reveal, lot 8. block 11, Allen. McReynolds Co.'s addition; 110.000. Spnnlih War V«. to Elect. The United Spanish War veterans. Soott Wilson camp, will meet Friday night in the G. A. R. hall and elect officers. Tus-cola, Dei-. 14.--James Lynch, a nephew of T. M. Lynch ot Mattoon and a former resident ol t h a t city was shot and serio ly wounded here latt evening by Adrian Young colored. The ball struck Lynch in the (K* and langed downward lodging In th* rteck. LyiK-h went to Mattoon last nignt to nave an X - i a y examination and to ha-Vfi the b u l l e t removed. The ball, fortunately, die not t-trike any \ I t a l parts and the vouud w ill not prove fatal unless blood poisoning should ensue, OLD GRUDGE. Tlie shooting is believed to h a \ e b e e n t t h e result of an old grudge. The men had some trouMr a lew months ago, but un.ri| today t h f i c had been no signs of a revjval ot the fued. HITS BYSTANDER. L nch uas sitting in a pool room lasi evening when Young entered and without a word drew his revolver and began firing at Lynch. One of the bullets struck Lynch in t h e lace, another went through his clothing and a t h i t d struck a bystander. The U t t e r uas not injured. Youns was arrested toon after the shooting unrl is now m jail to await a preliml nary hearing. SWAT THE MAN WHY PERMITS THE FLY \ Washington, Dec. H.--"Don't swa the fly, swat the man who permits the fly to breed." was the blogan to mee the contention of people who claln the house, or typhoid fly is a bcnefi- cient scavenger and which Professor C. F. Hodge, of Clark university. Worcester. Mass., sitggester to the delegates u t the American Civic Association's convention here today. TEN CENTS A QUART. Professor Hodge summarized the re suits accomplished since the association last year adopted plans for its campaign to exterminate the house fly He described the "fly swatting contests" inaugurated ,in Worcester am Baltimore last sun/mer and used then to illustrate the most active phase o: the work of the past year. In Baltimore, he said', the Woman's Civic League paid ten cents a quart for fl and it was estimated 1,000 quarts were slain. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Charles L. Cutler. Mattoon..: 2! Zora, Green. Mat'toon . . . . . . . . 3 George H. Clark. Rockport. Ind 2: Zenlbla luls Bunner. Salem. Mo. 2 Jatnee A. C'rum. Decaiur Margaret E, Newrotb. Philadelphia. Board Appoints Committee to Investigate. BOTH ARE REELECTED Fitzpatrick Physician and Gepford Stewart' At the meeting of the board of super« visors Thursday morning the semi-an- n u a l ' r e p o i t of County Clerk M. Penwell was read, showing that more money has been turned In from that office than during a like period In any previous year. This is also true of the semi-annual report of Circuit Clerk John Allen. Supervisor Scott was appointed _ committee to confer with the chalr» man of the board of supervisors of Christian county with regard to repainting and repairing the bridge In Mosquito township between Macon and Christian counties. SALARY INCREASED. On recommendation of the fees and salaries committee the salary of the county physician was Increased from [1.000 to fl,200 a year. The salary of the steward of the county Infirmary was fixed at 11,400, the same as at present. SHERIFF ASKS HELP. Sheriff J. P. Nicholson was before) the board with figures showing that It was impossible for him to make the earnings of his office pay the expenses. Including »1 each for every prisoner placed in the jail and for every one taken out, and including everything else that he could charge for, he would still run about $1.800 short 1n a year. He said that he did not Intend to be checked up short In his accounts, and to avoid that he would discharge all but one deputy, unless the board could make some arrangements so that he could get enough money to pay all tho deputies he now has. The board realized that It would he impossible lo do the work with, one deputy, and on motion of Supervisor N i h a r t a committee was appointed tu try to devise some legal means whereby the sheriff would be enabled to retain his f u l l force of deputies and pay them. The committee is composed of Supervisors Holman, Jokleh and Faith, and they are to report Friday afternoon. At noon the board attended a banquet tendered them by Chairman W. A. Holman at the G. A. R. hall. BOTH BE-ELECTE.D Stetvird Gepford and Dr. FltiiMtrlrk R«re No Opposition. J K Gepford was re-elected steward of !he' poor tarm. without opposition. Dr. M. W. Fllzpatrick si as re-elected county physician \vilhout opposition. GRAND JURY. The members of the grand jury are: Decatur--Webb C Kobter. William H. Car. mean. Henry Schlle. R. J. Moore, A. M, Danley. Elmer Morthland. Frank FahrnkopC. Austin--Robert Johnson. Blue Mound--WIHIam Pistorloul. Friend's Cieek--Reverdy Miller. Harrlstown--Edward Leonard. Hickory Point--Samuel Bear. Illinl--T. J. Enttll. Long Creek--George M. Carmcan. Maroa--C. C. Hanks. Mllam--W. M. Shaddock. Mt. Zlon--Louis KlnMr. Mantle--P. p. Btck. Oaklpy--John McF»rl»nd. Pleasant View--Oeorft Low*. south Macon--1. J. C»rr. south Wheatl«»4--JH. H. Stlmellnf. Whumore--Harry Thompson. TRUCK FARMER'S VIEWS ON ASPARAGUS Bloomlngton.--D. W. Buck of near Eureka can not see where asparagus can be made to pay, especially when the farm is at a considerable distance from the market. It is very likely to freeze, and last year it froze fifteen times at his farm. This year he had $1.450 worth of strawberries from two and Ihree-fouths acres. A good acre ought to produce five or six hundred dollars' worth of f r u i t if well sold, and he thinks this last qualification is important. RASPBERRIES' TABOOED. Raspberries are tabooed among hib list of profit makers. He says not oftener than one year in four should one expect a crop; moreover, after two crops the vines need to be changed any in any event the yield is small. One row of strawberries or of blackberries will produce as much as six of raspberries; and another objection is that it is d i f f i c u l t to get pickers The price of raspberries this year was 25 cents a box while that of blackberries was but halt that.price, and yet, for reasons above given the former fruit was much less profitable. Apples don't keep well this year, probably because they ripened so early. New York Wheat . New york. Dec. 11.--May wheat, $1.01 7-8. St. Louis Grain. .St. 1-oulB Dec. U.--Wheat. May, 07/jCi com, tiJ'/sc; oats. -lU'/tc. HOLMAN'S BANQUET. Board Chairman Make* Hit With Wlttr Speech. The banquet Rendered the members of the board oj supervisors and the county officials was a great success. Ex-Sheriff B. A. McGorray was toastmaster, and after the-excellent repast had been disproved of and cigars were lighted he called on Deputr County Clerk C. H. Patterson, who responded with a neat address in which he incidentally mentioned that the work of Supervisor J. K. Nientker and U. G. Gile as clerks of the board of review was the best that had ever come f r the board of review . to the · county clerk's office since the board of review was organized. Attorney Alexander Mclntosh made an Interesting talk on the Injustice and burden of the steady increase tn direct taxation. PAROLE OFFICER. He was followed by Senator James A. Henson, who reminded tne board that the legislature had recently enacted a law authorizing the circuit judo in each district to appoint a parole officer, to be paid by the county, and that such officer could collect the wages of men who failed to support their families and the officer could turn the wages of the husband over to the wife and family if the man would not properly provide for them. Such a man could not collect his own wages and he. would soon find that It was far better for him to providefor his family instead of squandering his money. udge O. W. Smith made a brief address In support of w h a t Senator Henson had already said, and recommending that the board arrange for the appointment of such an officer. . HOLMAN'S CLEVER RESPONSE. Toastmasler McGorray said that lie always saved his pie for the last. Then he called on Chairman W. A. liolman. who responded in his usual witty m a ner. He said he had been called almost everything else, but that was the flr-t time he had ever been called a pie. At the conclusion of his remarks he said that while his remarks had not been clothen with dignity or graced with oratory. It should be remembered t h a t while tlie peacock is the most beautiful ot birds, it is the btork that delivers the goods. LATEST. JURY DISCHARGED. Kansas City, Dec. 11--Tin- j'irv was discharged this afternoon. A new t r i a Is set for Jan. . Poricrfleld believes that Waldron Is Insane. BILL MAY CARRY M1L.LIO.V. Washington. Dec. 11.--The liouso committee on public building.-, todjy decided,to leport the n m l n l b u s public building's bill which may carry a mil. ·lion dollars. SUBMITS M A I K REPORT. Washington, Dec. 11.--President Taft in a message today submitted tl)« Maine board's report w h i i h found tho battleship to be blown up by » nal explosion.

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