The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1938 BLYTHRVII,T,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ! K ™6 ^°# an(l IfoaulifiilComiiessTo Marry Soon George Greb Finds Fai'ni- cn Anxious lo Contract Acreage For the llrsl time since he e:> tablLslied :\ canning luclorv here nine years a«o. George Orel) has too many offers to (jrow vegetables. Dr.spiip his having taken 1,515 acres in "contracts this year, Die < h<-:id of the fousitie.-s is delude:! J iilfers of contracts by fanners who are ea«er to ijro'.v vi:ijr:tjibles Although the cutton reduction !•; partly tile cause of the increase in vegelable growing il h;<s also been increased by activities of the auri- culun-al u»cnl.s who have been sponsoring si (iivpr.slflfHtfon pm- i:ram for a number Of yoarx. Tl;e fuclory will begin operations ti;<- hut of this month nnd will continue through the summer ami In'/'iinlltliigly until Christmas. There will be a maximum of nbam 350 people used with 70 per cent of them tt'OinPii. Dining the busiest .season day and night, shifts will work. It was in 1929 that Mr. C.'rc'b lirst started canning wax and green beans in Blythcvllle. Prom a small acreage of beans and a force of a maximum of 150 people, tile factory has grown until its pay roll is a very important factor in this city. "Plain and fancy" groceries are being grown this year by farmers who are cooperating with Mr. c.roa P ; in starting tieiv tilings in this section. For the first, time iii Arkansas, carrots arc being; planted for commercial sale. Godfrey While has 85 acres already up nl liis farm nort'.i of Osccola. v.'liich are under contrncl to the factory. H 1ms not. yet been decided whether all of the carrots will be canned More wilh peas or whether a part, of them will be shipped to fresh markets in northern points. "11 depends on the market", sail Mr. Greta, who will ship them 11 the market in extra good, othetnise he will can all of (hem. These will be full grown by June and July. Also, for the first time, lima beans are being grown here. There are 500 acres contracted for with these to such large farmers as Mi- While, L. C. Williams of near Eto- wiih. Jap White of Osceola. Ed Wikly and, W:' ; S. .Cochran of- nto- wuri^Vid E: Av Stacy of DelL'One- h.ilf of these beans, which are be- intr planted now, will be ready in July and the remainder in sep( ',li lifter, following a later planting jTliesc beans are to be marketed \inulcr the brand "Ark Special.' The MO acres of English pea? are already planted nnd most of them are now in blossom. These will be first vegetables to be cnn- ned ns they will be ready when the factory begins operations. This is the second year these pens hi'c been grown for the factory. There are 500 acres of green and waxed beans contracted for. which have not yet been planted. Thevc are in large nnd small acreage-, These beans, which will be canned the last of May ami in June, will be prepared whole, nnri broken with the whole beans bringing top market prices. This year's acreage is the usual amount grown. Spinach is not to be a large crop (his year as the market is flooded with the food, which has been made famous by the comic character "Pop Eye." In contrast to the t >mial 300 acres planted here. Hie >•' luclory has contracted tor only 5U yi'-res. This wns planted in Febru- 'iry and will be canned early in May. H is possible that the tac- '•. lory will sell a pail, of tlio crop on i the fresh market if the price is good. Tin's is the seventh vear spinach lias been canned here. j The -10 acres of turnip greens. I u-hicli was the first vegetable plant-' cd this spring, will be canned' nlong with the first beans. An- j other 40 acres will be planted in i September lor harvest in NOVCIU-- bcr. TDir, is the usual acreage. I In addition lo canning (he prod-' nct.s from the 1.515 acres. Hie factory will also can black eyed and Crowder peas, which will be purchased in points of Texas and Miwissippl and shipped here, and j lice, which is also shipped into-' Hlylhevillo. I A profit has been made from | ., canning then- three producls and '! also provides more employment -''or Blytheville people. The canned rice, which was first attempted last November, has been sold (o as distant, (Mints as Diiluth, Minn.. Nebraska. West Virginia and Georgia. The rice is ready for eating when canned and may be served from Ihe can, or heated with a small amount of water. Work of canning rice will start as soon as orders for summer stocking are received. There is also a probability that I0e factory will can red beans, which will also be purchased elsewhere, if the market price is right. fona Twins Pass 9.1 PULASKI. !a. (UP)—Miss Hachel Under nnd Mrs. Jane Giles at S3 hold (indlspiited claim lo being Town's oldest twins and have gained national fame as one of the oldest pair of twins in the United SUtes. Despite their advanced age. both are enjoying fair health. They were born .'An. 15. 1845, in Plketown, O. Hr»u courier flew* W»uV Ada PAGE THREE Roosevelt Fjicountei's [)if-j fiVuliics Wilh Philoso-' pliy of Business Men nnd insure, givntcr production and employment. There may ho buns In such HginlivR, inil tho pays n miieli hoeil. In Hrhrci'n How milch or this sort of will KC| intu iiii? jiimiO|ioly in Is iiiu'erlidu. Thnl nipssaup wll veer somewhere between a red-hot f.eilps of dnisllf rrconinii>iidHlloi).s for reform nnd n m n,i siiKne.slloil inquiry In the mon- l-ove-at-first-sight can .strike kings as well as conuioners. and the proof Is the romance between Ktn» Zog of Albania and the beautiful Catholic counters Gcraldlnc Appoiiyl of Hungary, pictured above" who will be married April 27. The King met me Connies.';, whose mother WHS 11 Men- Yorker i, year ago, and is said to have fallen in love immediacy. Religions obstacles were partially eliminated when the Vatican's Os<cm.tore Romano announced luct-i.liy that the Hope would consent'to the wed- (linif if KiiiR Zof rftijjcclcd the Countess' religion and consented to rearing their children In the Catholic faith. 2o|j is 42, Hie 22. Looking for a Preacher, Mebbe? Friends predict Waltor Wanger, \i-ell-knosvn film producer, and Joan Bennett, beanleons movie star, arc about to be married. In any event, they're all dressed nj> in the picture above, and appear as though llu-y might be looking for a minister. Waiter and his wile. (lie former Justine Jolinstone. were divorced recently. Union Painters Waive Cleveland Wage CLEVELAND itJPI — Painters': Union monikers have begun work- ! iiiLf nuclei- a voluntary siispenston i of an automatic 20-cent-an-hour' wage increase which became clfc;'- tivc Jan. 1. The suspension was agreed upon as part of the Cleveland Building Trades-sponsored campaign iostiiu- idatc the building industry. The painters union is the first of the trade crafts-to join in the building stimulation program wilh :> vvajjc reduction. •'•'°" i "" b| s" as the result ' 0 ' ! " 1 "°' i " """ One expert says that the feet and ankles of American \vo:«cn NOT1CK Notice is hereby given that the Oreylioiind Lines Iras filed an application for a permit lo erect a one story brick, tile and steel building of commercial type on Lots I and 2. Block 7 of the Davis Addition to Blyllifvillc. Arkansas for the purpose of using a portion thereof as waiting room and bus depot. Permit for the erection of ?.aid building will tie issued after thirty days from the dale hereof unless protest is filed as pro\i(ted by law. JJaleri this April 13, 1933. JOE CARNEY. City Engineer. 13-15-20-22-27-29-Mny 4-G WASH & GRBASB 51.00 Wash, Grease, Polish and II. R. SCHMUCK "Kssn" Slalion Stain and Division BUY O.K. USED CARS FROM YOUR i CHKVROI.KT DKAMCR I93C Chevrolet Cnncli Only inSS ford V-8 DC- lu.vo Sedan ........ 193G Kord V-8 ne- 1934 Chevrolet Cirarh 19.16 Foril V-8 Trurk | Many others to choose, from Knsy (!MAC Payment Plnn Tom Little Chevrolet Co, Phone 633 Rev. L. T. Lawrence Is Called By Osceola Presbyterian Church CSCEOLA, Ark.. Apr. 22.—The rtev. L. T. Lnwrcnce, pastor of the Presbyterian church tit Lebanon, [lenn., has iiecu called to the uns- ] torate of the OsDcola Pi-csbyterlnn church, it was announce:! today by i (lie church officials. I Hav. Lawrence was reared in I Ohio and is a graduate ol Ohio 1 Slate Unlroixlly. He received liis theological traiuini; at Clilcayo Scnitnary, Chicago. III. His former pa.stoi-ales lini'ir been at C'ookcvlllf and McMinnville, Tcnn. lie 1ms served his present church at I/;b- anon for the past three jeans. He and Mrs. Lawrence with their two sons. Carey atid Paul, will move io OMenln tin: hitler part of July. The church litre has been rns- lorless for Die past eighteen months but dnriny that, lime have erected a modern cluircli plum costlny aroiiml sevfnli'cn thousand dollnrx, practically all if which is paid. O/licials of the church are, elders: George Doyle. Joe Cronicr A W Uowcn, A. I-'. Spicse, E. s. chiles and H. C. IJryaii. Joe Cromcr is .siipeniitirndeni ol the Sunday school, and Mrs. A F Sjiiesc is president of the Woni'cn's Auxiliary. Hnnk llorron-ci! ZO Years I I'OTSDAM. N. Y. (UP)-A lx»k borrowed 20 years ago has Ijecn I returned to Biirnlinm Santera. I Santbixl saiit he had "forgotten all ! nbout" lending the book to H for-1 mcr higli scliool classmate. NPWS WiisliliiBliiu ('(jrrcspoiulcnl ON, April 22.-Oii.-c •>l!-vin rri'sldi'iil. lloH.sevcIl Is Imvlnij IroiiWc iiiljustliiB his own political P lIlltMlJjhy |o H,,, ixjIJlloil) |))t|)OM)- |)h.v <il most business men, '•'"<• linnWi! nrisc.s us lie coiui'in- liluli-:; HIP mfssniji! nit nionojjDly mid fjdr coih])clitlon which he jiromtod nnd us ho dirldt's the cxt.-iit in which ln> will fop svill- 11114 lo Iliilit lor ii wnuo-hmir Ml) ia tills w.viuj) of COH^I-1'.Vi. iy mill confusion In the mind n>ll«:t Iho oiiln- Inn-i or his jji.vcroj ijioiii).-, <,[ »,|. visw-.s. H is of, lm|iurtiinc» Unit llii' new siH'ndlntHi'iuiinu |),-o- Ijriini uivo sump. Inipi'lus (o bu.suwss ""id ill ill till' mxjvi-r.v psychology 11 K (Ic.sinni'd to iironiolc' shall not UP diinnK'ik'd iinni'cc.sMiril)' ))>• ui- Ici'anccs which would rinn sour In lhi> biwiiip.vs' cflrs. f'» the ollu.r liund tho iidinln- wi'silKin seeks .sonic iissumncc tluit KOVci-iiMipiK. will }„• ,,i,|c („ (,,j lci . off ps|)pn<||(iirc.s uguln wlllioia a siilKoiiiicnt ilciircsslon slmtlai- i 0 Hie |)ic-M'iii one, which U holds wns auiscd in-hnnrily by tcrlnln tail buslnpM pmcllccs. it must nnd sonic wny (o ninki: prlvnle buslnpss self-adjusting O i- Hint (wnoiutc life is to becflmo! nn "Hennaing sctjucnce of iio- liresslons iind cnuM-jjcncy s[iendini' , |)i-ogranis. No ri:m.s To (late iliere r\ro no pinns In lilgh places to use nsidnst ih| s i dllc-ninm. lint ii. j s insisted by icn,' wiiiu White House ndvlspis, wlio In general have found Hie I'resideiu ccccptlng their t)0 i u t. O f view, that the ciilef rpqulsltc for such nn ud- Jiistmciu Is iin attack on aince.n- li'nlton of \venltli. rirlce, rleldltlcs nnd economic controls which prevent free competition. The ambitious Uaosevoll |;oul is to nn factories operntliiB and to keep diem o|iemtlnji ],y oljinliilnu n. niniiaBement or busliiew which will insist on innlntnliilnij roiiiinc of in-oductlou even nt the expense of profits ]ip.r unit. The While House hns stocks of ngni'pji Indlcntlng thnt pi-ices have Iieen.kerit unneeessniily |il|[h during? depression periods at. the. ex- pnnse or production volume and employment. Typlcnt among such llRures arc Uic city Bank's report Unit profits of. 1020 indus- li'inl coi-|ioratioiis avei-aucil 10.1 per cent profit in 1931} nnd 10.7 in i837 despite ttmt ycnrs several bad inoniJis. It Is argued within ihc administration, for instance, thai the. luiloniDbllc indusli-y's piollls of 27 per cent on net worth in 19M nnd 20 per cent In 1937 indicated nn ability to cm prices to incrftisi; nn ndinliil.strnlloii the- Mtlnii n Hour io wnges would rnlso anil helji ninlntuln t)mt muss inn-ehnslnis power which Is n Jiiusl IniiMt'innt factor In recovery, For Hint reason, if [or none. olh?r, il is pi-nimble, idibinnjh still not inilrcly I'ecliiln. Uiiil, Koo.wvelt will battle as hard "S lie luiows liow for a wuiie-liniir ,, ( a nl ||,| s session despllp much npjithy on C'npltol Society — Personal nl Women's Clulw, 1»lng held at the Boiliwell irolel In (lint city. They will return Sunday evening. Mrs. Albert WnlKcr nnd Miss Helen Orecn sttejiL Tiiesdny In Memphis, Trim,, where they vlslt- eil wilh Mrs. I^on Rcotl, u pii- llejil In Ri. Joseph llospltnl there. 'I'liey returned home tlmt evpnliiij nnd report lluil Mrs. Rrolt Is making Mills/nctory progress. Mr, find Mrs. J. E. Lawrence end ion nnd Miss Frnnklc Ootf left Wednesdny uiornlng for Tunlcii, Miss., where they will spend several dnys as BuestK of Mrs. l.nw- rencc HIM MI.M Kolf's [iiirents, 11. ('. May Is exiwcted home Thursday, from Chlc.nijo, 111, wheifi lie has been since Friday of week lookliiK nfter business, mai- tcrs. Mrs. VV. I). Italian! spout Tbnr.s- j day In Memphis. Sho visited with Mrs. lieinietl lieniard mid young son. Ultle llobliln floodln, son of Mr. nnd Mrs-. Hiilph Cjoodln liris bpi-ir 111 this week. Marllui IxiuLse 7,nrP<:or, daiijdiler uf Mr. inn] Mrs. Murray Karecor Is n patlciil In |he llapllsl, !los|iltal In Memphis. 8.iie5t. Mrs. Clinrles Prlte and small son, Billy of Chicago, 111., spent Thursday In Blythp.viUe with relatives. • . Hnrbfiin Joyce Ctiulfleld, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cnuineld, hns been out o (school llil« wee!: due to Illness, Mr. nnd MrB. Bennett ncrnarrl an; nnnoimclng Uie arrival of n not}, bom In a Memplils iiospltol,. Mrs. Lois Baker spent Wednesday In Braggadocio ns the guest o: her sister, Mrs. 1,. K. lilngen- lielmer oiul family. Rend Conner Mews Want Ad*. ljili'j|.il;is Club Miv Claru 1'ankty was hostess lo HIP Jolly Matrons Club Wednesday nflm-noon. There iveiX! |,KO liibles of pluyers. Mrs. liuford •fhtt'catt held iii,,|i M -ore ond wus Blvpii hosiery. M,- S . Wayne Ulmer was second hl|;h and received a linen luncheon cloth and Mrs. Clyde lialloy cm. f 0r ronsolnlion and was niven wash clollis. Misses Jewel Willlums, loollye. Uoblnson. Nellie McClnnnhnn nnd I.orcnc Drytlcji left Thursday, for Sedalla, Mo., where (hey will nl- tend sessions of the .seventeenth niiminl meeting of Hie Stnle Ked- ei-iillon of liiiKlness nnd Professlon- Mr.s, lllll mid GRAND DADS Peaberry COFFEE Always Fre»h Buyia Package Today SAVE AS MUCH AS 90C ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE \W>% Peim.s.vlviinlii Oil, Scaled Container* 25c SAVEON GAS CO. <l iVfiles No. of Slate Line H. W. 61 HOLLAND, WO. 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