The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 14
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6 SECTION A BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ; Years Since 1900 Have • l Seen Little Village Become Modern City Its population 303 In 1900, Blytheville today has more than 11,000 'citizens. From ii few muddy streets and crude, unpatnted dwellings and store buildings, Blytheville' has become a modem litttls clty^with practically 'all the conveniences of a large city. This wns ccecmpllshed by its citizens-lhc flis|[ settlers and their sons and daughters and many others who hare come since 1900. Although It has never expcri- enqgd n boom, Blylheville was : for>.- a time the fastest growing I town of the Mississippi valley, Us population having Increased to 3,649 in 1910, to S.W1 in 1920, to .10,098 in 1D30 With this rapid Increase in population there were many needs to be fulfilled if Bly- tliEUllc. was to bceoni" a goodi town. Houses, store buildings, churches and schools were needed The people wanted newspaper.*, eleclric. lights, telephones, then good drinking water, then auto- .moblle.s, sidewalks, sewerage systems, street paying They got them—by the . old • timers heartily cooperating with lhe newcomers, the yankees and the southerners the Jews and the gentile';, the .Catholics and the protestants. First Paper in 1898 Apparently Bljllic\llle's first clti/ens had a desire to know what was going on In the world lOC'he first Issue of n newspaper, ' "The Plain Dealer," was Issued -Ocjpber 29, 1898, with Will B. 1 Davis as editor and publisher This was followed by the "Herald," in Febiuary, 1900, with H. C. Lawhom as cdlloi and owner. B E Vail became editor of Ihls weekly after he came Micro in 1908 Along about 1901 the few hundred citizens were given tho opportunity of rcnnlng a llilrd Weekly paper when the ' Courier 1 ' calne Into cMstence with Del i Longreai at Its helm. He was followed by Hendeibon C Hall and later L M ROSS, veteran ncwspapei man hcre foi manv years It was In 1910 (hat Bljlhcvlllo hadilts first dally newspaper which I lasted two years This was thei "Dally News," edited by Ben Eastoh At the same time lhe ,"Herald" and the "Courier' were stllh opera line The "Herald" purchased the "Dally News" in 1013 and (here were two weeklies until 1923 when-Mr Ross purchased the "Herald News,' consolidated the_ two papers and stalled ' the 'Courier News" as a daily. An old timci iihen Blythcville became a town was L. W aos- nell, who "hart his first store'in 1877 with a Mr TIssernnd as his partner Aftei * Mi Tisserantl's ccath ho mo\ed to ' Chlckosawba " Where he lived until 1906 Mr Gasnell organized the first bank tlie 7 Bank of BlytheUlle, of which hejwasahe first president Among 1 his. civic interests was the St Francis Levee Board, of which he was one of the first directors. Mr. Gosnell began to have moie competition in the mercantile business Another early , merchant was A M Winer, who first,visited BIjthcAllle about 1890 with his stock of goods on his back A native of Germany, he had come to the United Slates a short time before and had set out to seek his fortune as a peddler He was so Impressed • with the rapidity with which Blytheville grew that he started a store here in 1898 His store for a time was the home of Elytheville's pos toff Ice The Winers were Blytheville's first Jewish family. With reluctance Mrs Winer left here In 1923, after Mr Wmor's death to go to New York so that the elder son, Russell, might study iiolm Now, both Russell and his brother, Marvin, are in the druz business there ' The First Railroad With Lie coming O f ths railroad in J900 there came also new faces J. iW Bader rode the Fnsco to Yarbro, but ths rails had not b««n i laid to Bljthevilie, so wagons I brought his,stock of general merchandise file rest of the way. in 19.03 he disposed of his general JWclc and, opened Blylheville's first / exclusive Je*eJry store, which he operated for ten years before coin" • Into the real estate business The railroad brought p. E Coolcv from Osceola , He wns the firs't agent here He later took a biofc- keeping job and did a large amount , ot community work, especially in religious circles. For a number of ( years he has been county auditor A G Little came here from p^m- Iscot county, Missouri, in 1900, and took up farming, practicing )aw and later banking, after having' . been In politics as mayor and later as state legislator Mr Little's u?^' °- "?• Llttle ' joined nim hc « in 1901. His first business venture ««s a restaurant C. J. Little became captain of the local national gudtA company. By 1916 when trouble ;broke out on the .Mexican border, he jras major in comjnand of the, third battalion, nrsl Arkansas regiment. He;serv- •< ed on lhe border t with -this outfit,' -, *? tcn we "t to France In the World war as the 153rd Infantry. .j n -France he was detached for ser- 1 ,,vlce *t & brigade headquarters.'He _ ha? held:various county offices and i.served one term In the general w- Modern Blytheville a City of Attractive Homes who us n Umber man cleared much of Hie land. Ed Hnrdln had come here n few years before from Kentucky to take up farming. C. E, Crigger lived at Armorcl but later moved Into town for a period of years. A grocery, which crew to be one of the Inreest In this section, was f founded by Herman Cross, now I irastmn.ster, when he came here from Union City. Term.. In 1903. Farmer and Jurist • W. M. Taylor came over from Henderson county. Tcnn.. in 1(104 to practice law. nut ihe soil In- tcrcslcd him also and he took up fnrmino. too. hut became interested In politics and was county judge fo<- four years. It was In 1905, when there were but few houses west of t'iic Frisco railroad, tliat J. E. Bell came from noils coimtv. Mo., to become secretary and treasurer of the Mahan Store Co. ail'! lo farm. H. A. Lyncii came to Blvlhcvllle- from Para?outd In 1905. Like most of the early residents he bought land and began farmhw aton« ivifh other activities 'which included work in such enterprise as Draina"C District 17 and Hie chamber of Commerce. The first modern liolcl. tlw Glencoe. was erected by a company 'neaded by A. Ci. Lnngc, who came hei-e in 1905. The hotel was built •In 1910 after local citizens had purchased $10.000 in stock an-1 the Chicago Mill liad bought bonds to cover t'he rest of the cost of construction. A man best known for doing tilings In a quiet manner was Allen Walton, who came here from Jonesboro in 1907 when he became vice- president and manager of the Arkansas Wholesale Grocery company and later president and manage" of the Walton Grocery company. It was W. M. Pyles' Idea to have a wholesale grocery when he came here the same year from Osceola and he was In charge of the selling end of the Arkansas Grocery Co. Later he became head of the firm W^j®*®** '* *£?l^ ';,^m*^'^>\>j,' and remained in Ulis blu , f many years. with church wo7k as his chief community activity E. J. Browne camc m .,.'' Memphis to be mmjsr o t" 8 °h company, " " 3 " 1 ' S. S. SlernlMr* came here In 1903 He was for many ys ar , ce01 ",A^ wit i the Bertlg slow Comp ^„ which he was a member of ], ",',,." and later established th» hr 'I"; Kin In this section, His Sal hobbies were community ncllvli IT- fml his work wifh the ne<l cross during; the war was his "pel" [,„ was esbeclallv proud of tho f at , t that Blvthevfile sent 352 men to Ihe service. With JVvtheville rapidlv growln- J. H. Eikins realized file oppw- tunlty for making money in the retail lumber business and he came here In 1909 to establish such -i business. In 1910, two more Jews came here and soon had estalishcd Iwid- Inif business firms. These men bor» •ne same name but were nn t r .I Htcd. For years f. Rosenthal had the largest store in town He was also president of the First Nalioim Bank, waller "Sammy" Rosonllial has continued In business at tlii> same location since he first run" here. These men were amon? the early leader., i,, the enterprises which made Blythcville what it k to'lav Workln,, with them, of course, wero many others. TORONTO. Onl. (OP) ._ Tlie world War is still coslhi" Canada $150,000,000 a year [1,,. League Ol/ Naljoni: Society of Canada estimates. It is calculated that the war has cost Canada 54.300.000,000 lo date. Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALT, NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777 - 810 FOWLER DRUG CO. For more Hum n decade we have ik'voleel our trninin»- am! facilities to lhe business of com pound ing prescriptions ami sellimr drills in Bly- thcvillc. We lire proud lo have witnessed a small par! of Hie growth of this community and feel (hat (lie future will Kee even greater progress liore. J. M. FOWLER, Registered Pharmacist Phone Ml The straggling village of the nrst nec«:c of the present ccntrrv. a town for the oflrrn "V' 111 l10 "- «'«« »«««« h-b-dcep In mud. has b«Ie a c aJe most Twnf """" ^ """ " tal « PnVCti Strcels - Tllc "Brno, pictured frmn le" to 1 R "'\ OCC , l " >lc<l by tllcir ™»^ «™ those of: top row/reading irom eft to right. R. L. Banister,. Dr. I. R. Johnson, C. II Wilson R D HiiRhcs- second row. Ray Jwtaon> Jnmes . „„, jr „„, Q Q ^^ ^ ^^Hughes, row, C. G. Smith. J. p. Pride. W. U- x Homer. Dr. M. o. Usrey; fovrtli row A P. Dietrich, S. J. Cohen, J. L. Nabcrs; fifth row, Cecil Shane, W. J. Pcllard L L I Ward, Rupert Crafton; sixth row. George Hubbnrd, E. M. Terry B A Lynch-' seventh row. w. D. Chamblln,. Dr. L. H. Moore. W. J. Pollard. C." A. Cumiin°ham'- eijhth row, J. A. Leech, J. E. Hasson, Milton Stcrnberg; bottcm row Harry Kirbv' j W. T. Barnctt. sembly. Both A. G. and C. J LUtle arc natives of Indiana. "Captain" A. M. Butt first farmed at clear Lake, after haviii" como here from Holly Springs, Miss, but ho had already moved to town before 1900. n e started a store with W. u Smith as his partner, in 1902 he boug'iil a house- on Lafce street, then the "Fifth Avenue" of Blythcville, for his Then the alley behind G C .Hawks, fruit stand was fhc main business section of the town with Lake street as the principal residential street, but a new part of town was springing up at the present, corner ,of Main and Second streets. Two brick buildings were be ins erected! The Rev. H. T, Blythe had a gin and sawmill on East •. walnut : street, where the J •H. Roney house now stands. Mr Butts farming interests expanded he held various county ofllces at various times, took up ginnlnjr, for \ _ many years was leader in an In' surance business and various other I business projects, as well as in civic and church activities. Hank Is Established With Ihe opening of the bank In 1900 came J. G. Sudbury, who was fne first cashier. M r . Sudbury became widely known a s a banker and farmer with education as his chief side Interest. One of the elementary schools Is named m his honor. , At this time there were several physicians here who spent most of their lime attempting to cure n:A- larla and tuberculosis, lhe greatest Illnesses here in those days. One of the first was Dr. w. H. Oglesby, from Slaughtcrsville. Ky who came, in 1878. He rode horseback day and nlgftt through all of northern Mississippi county and even into Missouri for 20 years before he died of tubersulosts. Dr. E. D. mica camc here in 1889, from Fulton county, Ark., after the War Between the states, in which . he 'nad served as a surgeon. He j practiced medicine for 25 years and. like Dr. Oglesby, died from overwork. Another prominent physician oi 25 years ago was Dr. John F. Sanders, who is said to have more name- sakcs than any man in Hie coun- i try. His reputation was widespread and he was honored by being unanimously chosen president of the Tri-Stales Medical association. The first automobile dealer, W. T. Oberst, came from Memphis to Blytheville In 1901. He was then a hardware salesman and he continued In this busi- j ness for the remainder of 50 i years, stopping long enough to I operate the first car agency, for the "Maxwell." here in 1913. He had the best tires available- guaranteed for 2,500 mllcsl It was in 1902 that T. J, Ma- han. often called j First Citizen," moved his stock ' of goods in from Ba['field and ! begun a career ns merchant, farni- jcr. ginncr, banker and community | builder. Upon his death all busi- ncss firms and schools of the city closed for his funeral. The ground adjoining the court house has been laid out as "Mahan Park" in his memory. Another merchant who came here in 1902 was Joe Isaacs who Is still In business. He was among i the first of many Jewish families to settle here and has been interested hi many civic movements. The "daddy" of the light plant r the man who dug the first artcs- j Ian well and who was president ?,, l'! e , firsl pavi "£ district was W. W. Hollipeter, who came here from Memphis in 1902. Ills first business enterprises were a cooperage mill, sawmill mid stave mill. This was followed by the power plant. Later his firm sunk tlw well for the first city water, taking stock In the company for the work. It was during the World War that the first paving district was organized and Main, Walnut j and Ash Strcels were paved after the sewers were laid for the second time as the first work wai unsuccessful. Plans for the first paving called for streets eight feet wider but the price of materials Increased so rapidly that the district had to cut the width of the strccls. Among other citizens who came here in the first years of the 20th century were C. J. Evrard, long In the insurance business, I. o. Westbrook and C. H. Windt, with the cooperage plant, J. D. Woodburn, farmer and timber man, W. B. Williams, who was one of lhe (list cotton buyers to establish his home here, coming from Ken- netl, Mo., Robert E; tee King, ^7Vi_ Good Feed Means More Profit From Your Fnrtn ANIMALS- Purina Feed For the Dairy Herd Purina Feed For lhe Potiliry Flock Purina Feed For More Pork I'urina Kecd will liold your work stock up heller and enable them lo do harder work. PURINA - - THE SAFE FEED CASH FEED STORE 112 E. Main SI.

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