The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 3
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JANl'AKY 1-1, HI.YTNKVIU.I':. (AUK.) COUiUKIl NKWS PACK Tlll'KI From Klondike to Governor's Chair George White Sold Wood for $40 ;i Cord to Dance Halls of Dawson City, iiv UAL w. C-ONITHY K:iri ; ..| N'KA Sirvicf Cuny COI.UMBUS. O.—It's :i >.oi>v: way fici;; l.ibicil CrOhl liill. Mr ui> i'l :!:e Klondike coiinlry. lo llie ao.'- etna's ir irsion hfre in Columbus li'll on January '.'2. w!':.> f >••-.•;•.• While ol Marietta look office as ^-.j:i>oi" ('f Chic, ill? ".i;? '.: Iv;::.: Hi-- tsv.~ was sp.annrij. 'I3'e in v. governor's career has br-n rn'.nicu ;:!c:i;y of th. 1 llnilLs of adYCLilui.'. H: h:: li:. EiRil cl '53. alia: 1 .; wit i 1:1:1;!,- c'iu'' . anjl u In :iidn't il! 1 .;:? hir-. r!!" wealthy i» Al:y!:a lie- :a !o:>M ,-,m a;..,-!i -iitli a "s'.a!::" •focw governor. A 'Wcoclrcw WiiEon, and in !KK joined with ; iis clasbii'.al s in voli:i*i j Wilson the university's imv-i r.upu-' !ar professor. "No, It v. assi't Wilson who !!•«:> . a Ueiriicral ol me." While savs.: "I think I turned Dan;o:a! in po-i !i;ical ccunoiiiy. um:cr i'ru[3j«.:-! Daiiirls, on the tarliT hsur." nut to get back to the Klon- News oi : ih<> Blvlhwiile Schools i A Dorrh'd I louse «!!:• '.ii- do not know, and; Wi'.imr. who moved to. Govcrnor-clcci cl Cliio i» shown nr;e Whit'.' above in his thn: enable:! hup:". |;hc;ojr.ipli. Al U'-e .-i 10 '-fi ? eo'id .'irui :r li!. i s L i sirCJi rt-eue in Da\\t;on Oil"..-' Bill lhat is nol llie only inrr- ;z' M r. :-.'. li'.c imu 1 While '.vis • • ;', ".-.• MV of Onio'.- me Y'.ikc-n ciinin:; tl'.e l.oid !'»•'-!. staunch T>i;::- a::; | « cloi-U,) •_: Wiiiu ;i.. !'.-' ->.• i._:i:c'.l '..hell a 'Hi(Je:'.l of V/..J..- rov.' Wih'oi'. i.'. Preston :••> 1:1'-. i;.a taker, down w-l'li r.ui: lij cih r ( : t;l scarcJ. a liry'd. lakcn cut ab.'.u ; clu no;:' their dull" Cotton Tottering to His Fall S IUT m Blytheville ' Schools Will Open Second Malt Year Monday, January 26. The fust semi'Mor of lhe lllytlii'- I vllle I'i'.y Hi'huols will close on r'l i! (lay. January n, with lhe second i i.?incMi'r <>]>cnih|; lhe full3ss1ir( Munil.iv morning. Al llie beginning of lhe second . Icrni the (acuity of Sudbury scluxjl ' v.'lll b? reduced by (wo leachi'is. | The place [oirm-rly held by Mrs. Hoy Anderson will nol Ue llllecl next i-emcslei' nor will Ihc plnca now held by MLS. John l.nne. w;:o lins i (-styiicd flirt-live nl the civ.l of (lie semester. Several shifts hi the ;elici!ule, Inchulini; Ihc yrnrtu- ation ol a largo 6-A BLOUP lo Junior High school and the transfer of Ccnlial Wiiril cbllc'.ren frcm oiul- bury to Lance school, will viable the school lo operute with Hie ic- duced lorcc. The only clleil will be lhe limitation of the Incoming I-B claw lo 30 pupils. No new tlass will be accepted nl Central Wind school due lo Incl: IMri nl Hi- i.'i-.iv Is brok; I down I-'cr lhe f.iimly hir; moM'd iu un t. wn. <-!:ai:..-, The , r )-A room has a new book School Class lo Make Clothes for Poor Families IMS/ Unit Mr. DralclH'r built They Tl)» Ha- in ih, yard hai n.,! j '"' uvy I"'""" " ! "' li-.-cn -in. il iinii' S-A Iwys di'lraled llie Anil the wnulnw.s Hi-,- covi'ivd with . f >"'ll'»ry 'i-A buys in a K»tno ol I Tlie high school Home Eco'iomlc-i Si'r ?r Monday, the u-ure bclim 10 departniMit lias_starled a project the dut The BUI-S divides l!i.. |<"<> : , .._ ,...„ Ami one >,f ihv'hjiccs U iff l!i.' '""'liH'. u'iwrts last Friday. Tlie ElTie'i Wll's'onVchn'irninn"ol"t'ie lo"v 'Tc'liur",",^^,,, n™,, "«'. 0~».. ? na Is B o,,,s tO C ^ I .'i;. tin .... r ,. . . of rellcl worlt ' T1)e (ieparlm«nt Is l In Cfl class fM V several In- working under llie direction of Mrs. ill or. The IIUIM- !u::ks gloomy, so. •How ment llmt linve been ussd In plays and tlicte arc to be ripped ay am made iulo children's clothes.' Tlie has iled." Uinollva Robert;, Hlytlu'vlllc. Arknnsjis Ollttl^V of '- 00 " 1 ' I' 1 "* scl1 ™ 1 "«s no nml- (1tV)l 'fr™ 'V* 11 * w "!° ni '"I" UUbiey uating class at this semesle A tllc ^ lrl ? All , ll(:nc clllb 'J 3 ,™ TT •^ | limited class will be accrued ,„ ;vortlii|s lo raise mo.iey with whirl, Lnnge school. j ?. b "?' ".^^ "nil llie ehlswere , , , He<l Cross, I" II,,. i I'll 7 nT'Vhi r T;p clo >"«'«'• H'e »e«ly fromtoValoa ind s,, old -.-. [ l"' «'^'! "-'it--ihcodorc nuucvinls ami palterns. Thcro ar- An " llli ;,,;!s'^;d ,^ t r wial *"" ?"'— ...:..«i- ch «ru, ^.^ .*'.««»«!« »> ^ oc^. I l-'okcd al the derelict befmr, 'l»i' H-»|iiaio Klrls will ni/.'cl me l ;;> id. , Thursday al 11:30 lo elect new ol- ikc n Ijixl'v when the soul lin ' rs ' <: i' Hir wcond semester. , . , . . .,,.„'.".;""• ;"' •Ihc (MIA class m Miss 1'L'leis'., cal br .n lcl1 » r He .Red Cross In, icum luis had no drops In attend- }"" rc calls f01 ' "olhcs for chllurcn inn-.' "iilll UK- PUM two weeks i wr ° lo If n years of aae and tlio when Dixie Mack and Eibcrl Hry-' """" Ls clotlilns. If anyone has any cans moved nway. One new 1111-! " c ' ll> for lllls 'lepartmcnt In tills visilor before he wciu back in T. M. , : || j,.,. ry i|iurnii<.oii ciuei.M last' Project In lhe way of mateilal or I. Tu]>cln, Miss. Thomas was tor- wc( .t | pallcnis the department will b. 1 mei'ly a Jnnlur 1 i|i::h suitlcnt. > Cjrnde 5-A ll?d with Hiadc i-n'Klad to receive It. The Junior Illnh basketball tcnm | n winning the I'. 1'. A dollar foi j lias Lorn uieunlml and they mv uncndaiu-c nl the January meet- The nrst year home economic- reiKitliiiK -fov inarllcc every iitur- ins. KIX were prcsenl lor cln.w Is studying the preparation of noon after school. The propels liu: ii ( ,i n u . 5 i. ,-ocms. ; brcakfasif. There are three unit Hro very no-jd iintl llu'ic nrc li: "s Pupils nl 3-1! tnidc are milking kitchens In the department and tin of having a championship Irmn this sixrlnl I'Ifoits In silent ri'iuluig class Is of course divided Into Hire"' year. this wwk. lly the end uf lhe i^'iu- groups. First llie group learns tip The 811 Kii K ]|<!h cln«cs of Junl:n- csi.'r tlu-sp jnipils shculd be able to dlllercnl types of breakfasts anrl High arc Mudylni! Sliakespsire's j irad [aster sUcntly limn orally. i the foods served hi each and Iheir play "A Midsummer Night's Jas. Hanr.'ll Reese's mollioi 1 vis- j food values. Then Individual jobs Dream." Much interest lias bcin lied us las', l-'rlilay. | me asslened and each member of shown In Ibis work. | 'Hie ll-ll nioup played Hie (1-ISA t| lc class leiiins how to plan menus I-VM- several weeks ilic mcn.bei's of . KIUHJI In Iwo uintu-s cf soccer lusl j ,,, U [ snvc | ]ien | s he Girls Athletic clllb have bc'Jii '1'hinsdny and Krldny. 'Hie 0-UA. \ lly CLAKliSCE OUS1.KY, Texas necessary dial iiiiilllonal cla.wr.ioin [ „, lime about 80 p<r cent r.f the mt-i ary. 1898, ,a..; means, if not checked, ultimate dls- ief Sourticrn indus- of' Seattle, crowded with miners. I were ol.t of ironey and were work-1 means, n not c... tamblers. wliite-cullar men and <~.A- 1 ins for the other 20 per cciu. try-i' lslcr \ a Ulc "*'" venturers, all thiis'.in^ fur wealth! iu^ lo get grubstakes 50 they could i <rv _ and exeiteir.?nt in :!ic gold fields. : go back to prospecting a^ain. We. ' e pr .f. s '! , I'.raved Ciiilkoiit Pass At j haL 1 a decior and two lawyers, wori;- enough. With 111 situation is bad liod ending July t. 1B27. we furnished 60.2 per, cent. During the six months period ending July 1 last we furnished only 19.1 per cent, c carry-over of 4.- | By the measure of average for lasl August (morei.more than ten years and by the 000.000 Mies. To this excess of 5.- lhe dread Chilkoot Pass, with ils they had lo work to get it. snow and ice and bitter cold, where I "Then we sold out lo the Ougsc-n- OCO.OOO tales we must add another hundreds died and thousands, dis- i Iicin'.E," White savs. "We though:: 1,500,000 bales of American cotm id dihcouraged. turned [we'd get aboul all we could. But' held in foreign lands. According Ic They cair- 1 in and sluiced our. the most reliable estimates and t'.'e- hcavtenrd an back. Andrews and White didn't turn >.ack. Each packing .50 pounds of ^-roviEions en his back—mostly Hour, bacon and b?ans—they fouyht their way'over-the'pass, through drnru'.: cnrt got gold our crude: most trustworthy indications of mcllicds had niL'Tcd. Tim • trade trends, we will go out of thii C ™i5 impcntliiig. King Cotlon Is greatly rtecreasinj our costs by greatly increasing the acre-yield nnd without vastly Improving qu>lity. The immediate cotton crisis is trilling co:npnrcd with the greater won 5 to 10 In the lasl game. < H( , nrt courier News Want Ads 'loin Simon was absenl Iroin ----- ------- ' school three days In the lust week' • on accoimo of sickness. Tlie 2-A vom aurnged 70 per' cent on mi "Iowa Spelling Scale. J ___ Test." One hundred words were | An W— MATUirt KIMIBT j given Lcrllne While made u per-\ '•M«!-«lils>rcmi>tlr«Urt f.^cl score, witn .lolm Hainplon, , «"«1«J bow« and Mary 1-miise Waters »«l in 1 ^S Older, llie slnnilard grade WHE 50 telkf >t onc« Th. m! Headach program g[ tlucsdtiy was sii]i?i vl.sed by Mis: space be provided. This may iiltl- ., 1 T™ lly " as .""»•> V s " u - v A " 5: niately rcdi:ee Central Ward fromi 1 ?™,, V r "" ""' " T C '" S ' five teachers to four. !' fi " lm 'L, ° ...,"^"" lle ^: " lc The enrollment in the hL B U school i st1 '"! 8 - ; ™* 1 - vl » l1 - »""" "'«" I'"will be slightly reduced d.Ie lo the c , llssl( |! L , Af !''' ll!e 1 » sl "»™»^ wer. ,,. iilcicrliied, thrrc was nn Illustration graduation of a small class at rakl- tcrm. lell I picked up a $15 nugget on cotton year nexl August with some- ''ottering to his fall and they: who cne dun— j that had eono throm;n . thing like 6,500,01)0 bales of Ameri- i P?-y oteisance to him are worshlp- - - -- - ist. i t'.ie sluice. W: weren't using quick-, can cotton, or nearly half of the m % " fellsh.—Southern Agrlcultur- rnow and ice. with the lemperalure | silver, you see, and a lot of soli: ; world's need for our product. ' kf 40 below zero and a biting wind i washed rifht through the boxes." j There are those who vainly 0:1- liiinibing their bcdies. ' ~ "The Latin and Greek I'd sludird j e al Princeton didn't help me much back for "the stairs." millions of psojile without adequate ' there." White grinnec!. as he told "For one thing. I had enough of : c i othjl , s - an j household fabric- t about that, trip. [ the cultf." While said. "Wlien it. T1)at ^ true enough . fclll how cnn j 11TTLE ROCK. Ark.; (UP)-It's Junior High The 8-B1 group was sorry to lose one of their classmates, Mary Dal- llc Kinnlngham, who moved to Steele, Mo. Three new pupils have entered school. Ella Rose Starkcy. Heruice Aklns, and Joan Urocshaw. The home room program this week was on willpower, planned by Marie Collier: "Why. We Have Willpower"—B. uium-u iisui iii:ui( S n me UU.MS. mere are tnose wno vainly oa- < rl . . —-Ry 19CO Wl-.ite had his stake, nnd i tcll j that ttKK js „,,„,) for a)1 (-,,,, j S^swei' Driver Loses enougl! of Alaska. So he sUrOd' co it an we have because th?re are] P , „ n,. T _ net Wuh Copi "EvEry rr..on woitin? for him. a cold mine j c^ts Gl Eo it wns every i kr.&'.v degrres below ?.ero, you | vvc se]1 to 1)eop!e ° ur , a b!e or un- : Job to keep- pace with the , c p e ope lnae or un- p- pace w e n- ..... = •- ........ — ..... ---- • . ------- -- -- I saw it that one?. I willing to buy? The chatter about I < IJ "t3 lint Bobbie Hnlromb's flivver man for himself. Yon couldn't hire a:ici resisteKd 0:1 a government : undcr-consumullon is the sheer^t | demonstrntcd its ability to hold its anybody to cany provisions lor you, llicimomctcr. because every man was carrying his; own supplies." The trip over Chilkcot was mide to White, in February. White was within a ir'i- of death on that journey, for thrre us in n let of clher camps.' ainowslide caught 60 nvn nnrt car-| he said. "Mori of the ! nonsense a; rawron at the time he was there i adjustment was reasonably crdsrly, aceordin:'! .... matter of practical ovv "' ' Kcbble "(l-.ere v.-.-sn't as much shooting |S!mp reduct ! 0n of llcxi ricd then to des'.ruclioa a line afler White and his cciii-jthe Novlhwsst Jiountcd Police k?pt panion had passed along Ihr toriu- |an ey en things. s'lorl .places were r:n-t l There is bul one way oul of the present dilemma, and that is a i sup- It is quite certain that seme farmers who produced cotton in made a flal-bo'.lomed scow. They obtained additional supplies, "mosl- ° n x!!!Lf?"''^, i ^ :; ?." 5 .? i I93 ° v;i11 not Prcduca cotton in 1031 because they will not te able to . _,.. , „ ,„ „ , command -the necrssary credit, but r n- I * "'"•• n Bl:U? v ' "£ „ a ' M reduction of output is nol liki- rin a u-,| s;i ..,,cd n,t v:ith a /,2 caliber Coll ' ly to bl . ins p^^tion with!,, the limits of world demand for thf ronEDii lhat many other farmers will foolishly increase production oils trail. White and Andr reached Lake Beimel, which forms i at my teli. But at a c.Mr.'j jiibt the heoowacers of the Yukon River. Uic'ore we went ever C lilkoa; 1 met There they cut down tre:s and, nn old topper who called mo ras hurryins along - a 'conny'.. "He said lo IP.?: 'I see you have . in.the hope ol recovering this year':. We had a cargo of perhaps 1200 "I said that was my intention, if it became necessary. Then the old street here a little too spryly, ac- i- rf'm -o cffic.irs. He was clocked at 42 miles an hour.. Officers Pate ais'i Hiiston drew up alongside Bobble's decrepit machine'and asked him where he was going so last. HoScomb denied Iv was going 42 milcsan hoiir and wagered that . hi', flivver wouldn't make 30 miles an hour. Bcbbie said' if ' his flivver would make more than 30. they ! could have it. The poliMinen took him on. Officer Pate drove ' Holcomb's flivver and Huslon followed In a police car- Bobble's car shoWcij heels and made the spr?do- climb to 42. lose," said Bobble. "She's of them given. Wednesday. .Inn. H will be hobby day for l!,« Junir.r Illjjii P. T. A. -Various tilings will bs on .exhibit. Some of ilusc are dnivvlngs. ships, carpentry, cmbro'.ilery. cnrto;ii5. stamps, coins mid fancy work. Suflbury School The 3-A grad" is sorry to Ic... U«ty Sue Sudbury and Junior Yeakey who have moved away. The 3-A boys and girls have enjoyed the new s'.ovy banks added to their library since Ih;- first Tlirunjh the kindness of Mrs. 2r:ilH, the 'J-A room will have a llano until scliccil Is out In Ihu ^irlnu. '['ivj ehildron enjoy II veiy mucli. Tilt All. Vtittatlt Laxalim rtcad Courier News Want J. Sanford; "Ttie Test"— Pauline of the year. Hires; "Willpower Over Our Hab- An Interesting book "The Over- its''-^. W. Pin-tie; "The Plea"- all Boys", is being read to "(he 1-A Luclle Tyrone: "Willpower- Over boys and girls. It. wns prcrem?cl Associates"— Marie Collier; "The to the room library by Tom IJtcil- Little Things"— Berntce Aklns. , cr. Each section Is submitting a code ! The 5-B room was happy to for Junior high school. The 8-B3 have had New Year's Greetings hove given theirs for examination, i from their former teacher Miss Eleven girls and three boys have Anderson. reported for Junior basketball. "I yours. "Never mind," Officer Pate re- The followlns program was given in assembly by music pupils ol 8-B1 and 8-B2. The subject was •History and Orchestra Tnslru ments." Life of Stradlvarius—Hershell Nfosley; History of Violln--j. W. Purlle; Life of Ycbudl Menuhcn— W. M. Fnughl: Violin selection— Victrola; History ol Clarinet—Eflle Moore; History of Cornet—Frankie Booker; Cornet seleclion—Victrola; History of Drums—James Guard. The Scouts of Junior High had a program Monday morning, Jan. 5th, as follows: 1. Scout Oath and Law—all Scouts. 2. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp- song by all. 3. Scripture reading- High school Tl-o 5-13 room has a new pic- i lure of The Blue Boy lot'of others (iiciii't. tin«:r wanted tV Imcr.- how fast T - o»rs£!vss about the voluntary ac-iUs" pounds. through. Mcny men lost th?ir lives in I'.ie jtciiiri 'pull.' He su-?c'-teri ihot v.-e _c:mvon." i b'.'h ccmit three and then draw % Finally they reached Indian I mi'- ristols. just as r. test. River, atom 30 miles south of Daw-! "We did. Something went v^rone. son City. They were in th3 30^. My gun arirod to stick, but mere persua-1 plied. "I wouldn't have It as a sion. There is no use for us to foe! | precious gift. Come along with is." Holcomb was turned loose upon lion of the cotton farmer. 23rd Psalm. -1. Lives of gr A. Robert Baden Johnston; B. Dan Rogers. C. James E. West— Jame.s Guard. D. Charles A. Lindbergh— This room is sirry to lose two of its members who have moved nw:iy. They are Marvin Sudbury, whose Run-Down, Weak, Nervous? To have plenty of lirm flesh and the abilily to do a big day's work and feel "like a two-year old" a', night, you must cat three good meals a day, rclisli your fowl and proncrly digest it. If you can't eat, c; t sleep, san't work, juat give Tunloc the chance to do for you what it lias done for millions, reading- Mra - ^^ Westin, of 3S7 E. 57th eat Scouls ^'- Nottli, I'ortlrmd, Ore., Enys: well—Dc-k "Tnnlac cured my stomach trouble completely after three years suf- Pow Beard— E. B. Thc best hope of adequate redur- j his own recognizance. t'.on lies in (he stern measures of: .. .. _ . credit limitation which;rsar^: Kl'VEHE, NEW YEAR'S BABY Scout Oath—Woodrow Ilugln fering. It built me up to perfect health, with a gain of 27 Ibs. That was two years ago. and J still en- N. B. Xfenard. E. Kit Canon-Bill f^ ^ bit if KiltW' McKcnzie. 5. The meanlns of (he i country then. "I had mv first haul- I now discussing. Even that measure | BOSTON, (UP) — Almost any The Scout Lawc—Hal Moore. 1.1931 finally pol it cut. The 'old man requires concert, !n:k-(l at me comm:s?!ngly. country b3iikcrs because: are as Tanlnc is wonderful for 'Indlees- | tion and constipation—gns, pains, i nausea, dizziness and headaches. It man i \ schoolboy or girl can tell you the I Seeming Outlook for Blythevlue— Krino-a i^v-wi nntwitiT wi ",; co:t S r.!d S te of Paul Revere', ride. Prob- RllRS cii:Blair. 8. Show M ^ lhe Wav \ S^^^^Al& • . M v dear boy.' h, raid, 'if you've ™«<^ « the typical ,',a,e-crop- ***^ ^\Z"™ "" tw ^ °^~^ ^ '"• " ! llMteht/fu'jl^rX^ — and will -advise increr.^,-1 p--! . n .' p . , s . . thl . c ttas ". N "M Tlie 7A2 clnss k glad lo have two ' ' ' in 1 -' on ;i Ihi? there." said While. .. __. "Like one of tho?e Vnlgn bo:'.im^n. i-.^ct rj ?rip. put thr.t gun in it rig'.il P er Onlv we rtidn'l sin^. \Ve swore, in-" stead." U there was gold B!O:J~ the In-. „. .... .. .._.. dian River. While didn't find it. I "T loci: hii nrlvic" n:v.I v.i rid nl lhe ban.:eis of Uic South. Iliroujh Tvrning back, ho wen' proipcctins | i]:e g:m. I fnu:>ri out afterwards it j Hieir Severn! .slate as?r,ri,U:cn-,. can away. Thty'ri have a monument Auction by their customers if they t'uiit over you before you could lmve reason to believe there will drnw ll-al pm, if yen n:edo:l it: ^ seneral reduction. among the cvceks Dial flowed inln the Yukon oml the Klondike rivers. Xcucomcrs Fnunri Tifst Claims Already Taken "Most of tl:<? good ground alon^ the creeks was already Et'e.kcd out and r.ll the best w. re ;akc;i." While said. "The :q:iannv:n. n'- reF,dy on the ground. . , VV .IR gcod alvicr. bcc.iu<;e * bccn absenl ^"^ ot a "rofcen I lor tho sick. The cost is less than 2 nnrni nh ,, noted each year by a small group shoulder and Jerome Hawkins who ! cents a dose. Get n bottle from ct historically-minded residents. I adequate reduction It re- '^0^ miners' juries up thtrc wore pretty' mains to be seen whclhir they will, i em|)loycd ,,; cn wlth '' miick to ftrin? np a Siller who shot'M«anwhile it is plain to be seen k ,, ep down food bills w, an unarmed man. Bul If the other | Die farmer who undertakes tc < uc<rc <s[,ii dmjng the cl-.ap had a gun in h:«. b;lt, it wjs I support his family and pay his generally selt-drffiife." debts in 1531 by the production of GOOD HUNTKKS Mont., (UP)— Unreal desire to ere the mosl ing the big game hunting season in the West Fork district, according to a record kept comss [rom MJESM , ri . dru(rgist . Y our money L Thomas Eskridge was a welcome . doesn't help. rom your ack if it THE NEW FORD Everything you want or need in a motor ear THE more yon sec of the new Ford, the more yon rciili/c llint it brings you everything you want or need in n motor car. . . . And al an unusually low price. Its substantial beauty of line and color is ap- phrcnt at a glance. Long, continuous service emphasizes the value of its simplicity of design and the high quality that lias been built into every part. The new Ford accelerates quickly and it will do 55 to 65 miles an hour. It is an easy-riding car because of its specially designed springs and four Houdnille double-acting hydraulic shock absorb- ere. Il has fully, enclosed four-wheel brakes and thi> added safety of a Triplex shatter-proof glass- windshield. Operation and up-keep coats are low a'.id it has the stamina and reliability that mean thousands of miles of uninterrupted service. Sec the nearest dealer and have him give you a demonstration ride in the new Ford. Check up cvcr) r point thai goes lo make a good automobile ;<iid you will know it is a value far above the price. White likes to recall his nsscci-j cotton alone is a mcr- g.imKcr !=. ! by Ranger S. M. Uikens. r.tion nitli Wocdrow Wihor. at whom there shouid L? :io sympathy j if he loses his bet. j But if we get arirnuate reduction I THE NCTP FORD TUDOR SEDAM Princeton. The late co:r.ers featured into the I ••[ ] ln d ierliirrs of twc hours lii'lf.. I week under him .-..< a senior. i:i and succeed in obtaining a pr;fll- j "We didn't have any luck in goid | jurisprudence." he says. "I wasn't; able price I'or ncxl year's crj;i, c:r , hunting, so my partner ami I went jr. Detrocrat then, but I sair.ed the] troubles are by no meins ended i losing our command ol the I cotton trade. We have al) j ! pol'.ilff.." [heard the beast that God gave th; South a monopoly of cotton; fro:r, time Immemorial we have furnished the greater pirl of lhe world' minting, so m> p.ui.n. imi i v.en. r Detrocrat then, but I gair.ea tne | irouoies into the wcort bufincfs. We go', a I Impression Ihr.t he was frcm. his We are 1 ccnctssion from t'.ie Carai!i?n nov-; irciurcr. nlthouoh hr :i:d no! la!!: world's c crument. We hr.rt to pay SI n cord; poetic. 1 -." " heard th for wcort frcm our coi-.ccf-lcn. aVwiit i -with his Konrt:rfui diction. lie'Rniith o 40 from Dav son on the Klon- | cidn't need to press the boys to dike River. "We had to pay men S3 a cord to cut the nr ar.d pine when we icuii;! Wilson h'r- men who needed a grubstake, -tar.-fiillv ( cnme to his lectures." 'ic "H!-. I could cut and pile (hree cords a . white, 'and was "always di' (lay, myself, preen as 1 was. That • i,; manner. was aiwa;s neatly and dtes.sed. according to dignified" , In the fail of our wood, down to Dawson. ;the students." lie cxp'-ained. "You "We so:d the voo:l a! an avi'rsje: ki\ av -_ he a r.-al] cn- price cf SW a corct . lo '^ *!? K: ~ tlr.isiosl and con.-r.xi al one lim, halls and dens in Biw- : es wcic r.lwnys v ;!i-atteml:-d."| supply of thh Important prc.lurl Wise men have known all abn; that the South has no monopoly c. the soil and riiuute r.ece.'s.iry fc: colton production. There is a natural cotton belt all around the earth on both sides of the equator. Now the discerning are togln- ning to realize it. Other lands a:- \\e raflrd' • ^c cniried wtijlit among "He was always vsrv nice to ir.:. i producing cotton in increasing vol- I wns a student .indlumc. and for the most part they . That was better than wed both when . ' ;i cloini? minms" I Inter when ho was president ami ! are employing cheaper labor than soon Whltr. w:nt back to go):.- I was a member of Con E rc=s. Hejis tolerated from Ihc point of view 'intiiig. I said he remembered me as one of American standards of living 'There was a lot of scurvy atnons jnf his s l,,,lent s ." I Notfi these cmimnis facts: 'Dnr- No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If rou with to be perrainently r«- ' Jleved o[ gut In itom«ch and bowel*. • tfiVe Baalminn's Cai Tftbleti. which ; me prepared e.-.pcc!<tily for itarntcli and all the bad effetta. rciultlnf gas preiture. That empty, gnawin* fcellnt •* of tHe Uomnch will disip&eaii th«t »nt!ou». nervous feeling with pitatioTi will van:ih f and you will again { be able lo take a <W.I breath without discomfort That drowsy, ilet^y feellnf after dinner vi|| be replaced by ft deilre for enle i la la tiloatinc v,lll , YOUT limb* arms and longer feel eo!H and "RO lo ileep c v,lll fin gen Qxalmnnn'i Gti Tublctt pre 1 rai frftm Imerfettn? vnh (he <"rr i'^-i r.-' IX- r.'-'Vnc ii Ihc yellow pacV »r ' • *oie Always on hand at (J1TY DRUG STORE > cnrf Jetttrry. Samffri «nd ipos* ttrr t*trm kmit « Tord om ft+*»t*)cml trrm Flout of tA« L'fllnrMl Crn/lt Cem &eaii heart

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